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TOP Price:
$1.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$991.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TOP today is $0.000254 USD.

The lowest TOP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000254, and the exact current price of one TOP crypto coin is $0.00025360.

The all-time high TOP coin price was $0.036.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TOP with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for TOP crypto currency is also #TOP.

TOP is 6.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for TOP is $991,139.

TOP is ranking upwards to #1530 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #TOP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for TOP is $1,207,776.


The circulating supply of TOP is 3,908,271,105 coins, which is 20% of the maximum coin supply.


TOP has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TOP, and you can view them on our TOP disambiguation page.



TOP Network Biweekly Report: April 5, 2023 — April 18, 2023

TOP Network Biweekly Report: April 5, 2023 — April 18, 2023 - — Technical Progress - TOP ID, the account system for managing digital assets using Web2, has completed a technical demonstration of the Ethereum Abstract Accounts Standard EIP-4337. It is expected to officially enter development in Q2 from v1.13.0., TOP Mainnet and MEXC have been connected and successfully launched., TOP Mainnet 1.12.0 has completed all tests and acceptance and is ready to be released in a timely manner., TOP Mainnet 1.13.0 focuses on meeting the basic needs of TOP ecology applications and is expected to enter development after two new tasks are completed. The two tasks are mainly to improve the display of the block browser and Docker networking., — Product Update - TOP Staking has officially launched the Chinese Traditional version and will continue to provide convenient and effective services to more voters! At the same time, on the staking page, we launched the revenue forecast function. You can choose any node, enter the number of votes, and get estimated revenue. ❗Please note that if your votes are equal to or greater than the number of votes for the current node, the revenue cannot be estimated. — News Roundup: - 1. $TOP officially launches MEXC, opening more trading possibilities. For more information, please visit: Crypto Trading Platform | Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, NFT, DeFi | MEXC Global 2. TOP Chain ...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: March 22— April 4, 2023

Technology Progress - TOP ID has completed its first stage of pre-research, determining the use of zero-knowledge proofs and the Ethereum Abstract Account Standard EIP-4337. TOP ID uses a Web2 account system to manage digital assets. This task has been scheduled to be included in the Q2 target plan., TOP NFR (NFT+ Equity) Specification and TOP DEX integration have been functionally implemented. During the internal code audit, areas for improvement have been identified and a comprehensive review and security reinforcement is required. It is expected to be completed in version 1.13.0., The stability and performance of the TOP Mainnet v1.12.0 have been significantly improved and have been accepted. It is expected to be released in mid-April., TOP Mainnet 1.13.0 version’s product and requirements have been confirmed and the development resources are in place. It is expected to officially enter the development phase at the beginning of April. This version focuses on meeting the needs of the TOP ecosystem applications., — Important Notice - $TOP is about to launch on MEXC and start the voting airdrop activity. Expected trading time: April 7th 16:00 (UTC+8). Deposit: Now open. Withdrawal: April 8th 16:00 (UTC+8). ❤Rewards: 96150000 TOP❤ See more: — Updates on Swapping ERC20 TOP or Native TOP - Most users who have staked ERC20 TOP and reached their expiration date have already submitted thei...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: March 08 — March 21, 2023

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: March 08 — March 21, 2023 - — Technology Progress - 1. The core functions of TOP ID are web2 multi-factor authentication, which mainly involves using email, password, and other methods to log in and manage accounts, and the integration of Ethereum EIP-4337. It is expected that the technical implementation of this integration will take 2–3 weeks. 2. The integration of the TOP NFR (NFT+rights) specification and TOP DEX is expected to be completed in 3 weeks. Currently, the DEX contract code needs to be modified to support NFR transactions. 3. The integration of the overall structure mainly refers to TOP DEX, TOP NFR, NFT, TOP cross-chain, and TOP ID. It is expected that this integration will be completed successfully in the middle of Q2. 4. TOP Mainnet 1.11.0, which includes security and functional enhancements, has been released, and most nodes have been successfully upgraded. The Mainnet is currently functioning normally. 5. The stability and performance of TOP Mainnet 1.12.0 have been significantly improved. The development work has been completed, and final acceptance is currently being carried out. It is expected to be released in mid-April. — Updates on Swapping BSC or HECO TOP for Native TOP - The conversion of BSC/HECO TOP to Native TOP is currently in progress. If you meet the conditions, please register using the form, and we will process the requests in order. doc...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: February 22— March 07, 2023

Technology Progress - 1. The definition of TOP ID and the TOP Payment API Specification have been completed. TOP ID is used to unify the account system of applications within the ecosystem and the mainnet, while the TOP Payment API unifies the method of TOP Payment and purchase within the ecosystem. 2. The preparation of the TOP NFR RFC3721 Specification and sample code has been completed and is expected to be officially submitted to the Ethereum community for review by mid-March. 3. Security hardening and function enhancement of the TOP Mainnet version 1.11.0 have been completed and preparations for deployment are expected to be finished by mid-March. 4. The TOP Mainnet version 1.12.0 demo has verified an improvement in TPS of more than 20%, and it is expected that all development work will be completed by the end of March. — Updates on Swapping BSC or HECO TOP for Native TOP - We have started the work successively in the past week; please check your email or Telegram for updates in a timely manner. The following are the qualifications for the swap: 1. All TOP users who purchased from MDEX before August 6, 2022, will be eligible for a 1:1 swap of their TOP native token. Purchases of TOP made after this date will not be eligible to participate in this swap. 2. Buyback is still available for users who purchased between 8/6–8/13. Please fill out your information in the form: If you are involved with...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: February 8— February 21, 2023

Technology Progress - 1. The NFR equity trading products in the TOP ecosystem have completed phased results: the App has completed the communication work with the TOP cross-chain bridge. 2. The transformation design of the TOP DEX economic model has reached an agreement, and this transformation is aimed at the needs of ecological applications. The relevant tasks are expected to be completed in Q1. 3. The security and function enhancement version of TOP mainnet 1.11.0 has been developed and accepted. Deployment is expected to be completed by mid-March. 4. The TOP mainnet version 1.12.0 has been developed. This version will achieve more than 20% optimization of TPS. — 🙌Updates on Natvie TOP Staking - — TOP Mainnet staking is available now!. — Staking, voting, withdrawing, redemption, and claiming the earnings are all working fine in HiWallet or Topia wallet now. TOP voters can freely choose advance nodes to vote on the mainnet and receive rewards from mainnet. 👉Get HiWallet Android version from: ✔Topia supports mainnet staking in the Chrome browser on the computer, and you can visit the TOP mainnet staking on a computer via: 👉Get Topia wallet from: — 📣Swap BSC or HECO TOP for Native TOP - The native TOP can now be traded on Huobi Global. Based on TOP ecological development needs, we prefer all TOP users to have native ones. Hereby...

TOP Network Updates: January 11- February 07, 2023

We apologize for not delivering the bi-weekly report on time last month. And we will ensure that information is delivered on time in 2023. — Technology Progress: - 1. The TOP mainnet version 1.9.0 performance optimization has been released and most nodes have been successfully upgraded. The mainnet is operating normally. 2. The TOP mainnet version 1.10.0 infrastructure iteration has completed testing and acceptance and will be released along with version 1.11.0, as the release window was missed due to the holiday. 3. The security and functional improvement of the TOP mainnet version 1.11.0 is expected to be developed on February 15th and will be released with version 1.10.0 at the end of the month. 4. The transformation and iteration of the TOP DEX and related economic models will commence next week after resource reallocation. — Information Update - The TOP team is currently strengthening the security of the Dapp interface which affects the earning withdrawal and vote withdrawal on the ERC20 staking Dapp. Earning withdrawal and staking in HiWallet and Topia wallets are also partially affected. However, native TOP that has been staked in the mainnet can vote and withdraw freely. The TOP team will complete the security reinforcement of the Dapp side as soon as possible and make it available. Thank you for your understanding!, The roadmap of 2023 depends on several cooperated teams, and the TOP team is making pro...

How to Use Topia Wallet to Stake Native TOP on a PC

Topia officially supports TOP mainnet Staking! First of all, the Topia wallet is a decentralized plug-in wallet. You can use it through the Chrome browser, and it can also be found directly in the Chrome web store. Like Metamask, your assets are under your control, so please remember your mnemonic phrase! The first step is to install the Topia wallet in the Chrome browser. Search Topia in the Chrome web store. Then click it to finish the installation. After the installation is complete, it will appear in the upper right corner of the browser. Topia In the second part, click the Topia wallet, and you can choose to create or import the wallet address. If you already have the address, you can click log in button to import the TOP address; If the address has not been generated, a new TOP address can be generated in the Topia wallet. Remind again, please remember your mnemonic phrases! The third step is to click on the link: to enter TOP Network native staking page. The Topia and TOP Network Staking pages will be automatically connected. We will find that there are different advance nodes on the interface, and you can choose different nodes to participate in voting to obtain mainnet rewards. Finally, you can click the stake button in the middle to participate in the operation. You can select the suitable staking amount and staking period. Generally speaking, the longer the staking pe...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: December 27, 2022 — January 10, 2023

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: December 27, 2022 — January 10, 2023 - — Technology Progress - 1. The TOP mainnet version 1.9.0 has completed all tests. This version is mainly a performance-optimized version. It’s now officially launched. 2. TOP mainnet 1.10.0 plans to complete the code Freeze milestone in mid-January, and complete the deployment by the end of January. This version is an iterative version of the infrastructure. 3. The core part of the NFT cross-chain infrastructure has been developed, and the official version of the corresponding DApp is under development and is planned to be released with version 1.11.0. 4. The transformation and iteration of TOP DEX and related economic models have stagnated due to resource issues and are planned to be restarted in February. — Important Notice - Topia Wallet officially supports TOP Mainnet Staking! TOP holders can use the Topia plug-in wallet in Chrome on the PC to join TOP Staking. Topia Wallet is a decentralized plug-in wallet. Like Metamask, crypto assets are controlled by users themselves. Topia currently supports the TOP chain and the Filecoin chain, and users can manage the assets of these two chains on a computer. As one of TOP Network’s ecological wallets, Topia will provide more support for TOP ecology and users in the future. To join TOP Staking on PC, please visit TOP Staking — Mainnet Updates - The version of TOP mainnet 1.9.0 has l...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: December 7- December 20, 2022

Technology Progress - 1. The TOP mainnet version 1.9.0 has completed the scheduled performance optimization goals, and all functions have been tested; however, due to the impact of COVID-19, testing and development have encountered bottlenecks. It is expected that the release of version 1.9.0 will be delayed by 1–2 weeks. 2. The third phase of the development of the NFT cross-chain infrastructure has been completed, and the self-test of the overall function has been completed. The acceptance is expected to be completed around January 23, including functional and safety acceptance. 3. TOP main network ecological infrastructure version 1.10.0, most tasks are carried out according to the scheduled schedule. Due to resource constraints, the progress of TOP DEX is delayed, and the release of the version is expected to be postponed to around February 2023. — TOP Swap supporting: - TOP supports swap to the mainnet on mobile and computer. Participate in the main network to become a node or a voter and enjoy benefits more easily. The almost negligible gas fee on the mainnet helps you freely vote and withdraw votes. 1. Please use HiWallet on the mobile terminal. Find the application “TOP Swap” in HiWallet, and follow the prompts for corresponding mapping. 2. Please use MetaMask on the computer side. 👆 and link the Little Fox wallet address for corresponding mapping. Remarks: Please prepare the TOP m...

TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: November 23- December 6, 2022

Technology Progress - 1. The TOP mainnet version 1.8.0 has been released. This version is not a mandatory upgrade version, and the mainnet is operating normally. Version 1.8.0 mainly enhances network security. 2. The technical docking between the TOP main network and Huobi Global has been completed, and the integration test, stress test and security verification of both parties have been completed. Huobi has officially supported the TOP Native Token. 3. The second phase of the development of NFT cross-chain infrastructure has been completed. The second stage mainly includes the review and rectification of security and test cases. The next step is to improve all functions and logic based on security guidelines. 4. The version 1.9.0 of the TOP mainnet is a performance-enhanced version, which has achieved phased optimization results in terms of real-time performance and TPS, but there is still a gap from the expected results. The release time of version 1.9.0 is expected to be delayed by about 1 week than originally planned. — Important activity - Huobi will be launching the TOP Trading Contest. Trade TOP in our event to win awesome rewards! Join TOP Trading Contest to Share 42,600,000 TOP Event period: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 5, 2022–12:00 (UTC) on Dec 12, 2022 More details: Trade to share 42,600,000 TOP! Huobi to launch TOP(TOP Network) Trading Contest on Dec 5-Huobi-Official Huobi Website — TOP Swap supporting: -...


These Are This Week's Top Performers as Bitcoin (BTC) Price Maintains $6...

    Bitcoin, alongside the rest of the market, had a highly beneficial week driven by the hype and the actual approval of spot Ethereum ETFs in the United States. The weekly scale shows that UNI, PEPE, LDO, and ETH are among the leaders in terms of gains from the larger-cap alts. BTC's Weekly Surge It was last Sunday when the primary cryptocurrency struggled to remain above $66,000 and slipped beneath that level on a few occasions. Monday started on a similar note but its end was nothing short than spectacular. Amid reports that the US SEC might approve eight spot Ethereum ETFs that week, BTC skyrocketed by over five grand and neared $72,000 for the first time in six weeks. Nevertheless, the asset failed to maintain its run and started losing value in the following days. The worst price drop came just hours before the US securities regulator indeed greenlighted those financial products on Thursday and BTC decreased to $66,400. Yet, it bounced off and soared to $69,000 by Friday. The weekend has gone quite calmly but bitcoin has managed to defend the $69,000 level. Its market cap stands close to $1.370 trillion, while its dominance over the alts is at 50.3%. Bitcoin/Price/Chart 26.05.2024. Source: TradingView PEPE's Week Somewhat expected, the news mentioned above impacted Ethereum's native token a lot. ETH went on a roll and shot up from $3,100 to over $3,900, which became its highest price tag since the start of April. The second-largest crypto also went on a volatile ride amid ... read More

Best AI Crypto Coins in 2024: Top 8 Projects to Watch

    Cryptocurrencies that have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) or plan to do so have been soaring in popularity. The fast-paced expansion and development of AI have generated considerable interest, controversy, and fear among the public, especially tech enthusiasts, investors, and even government officials and politicians. Projects like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as well as its numerous alternatives, have been making headlines left and right, and this has inevitably impacted the crypto industry. This can be reminiscent of Bitcoin and the early creation of the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. But as with the broader cryptocurrency market, AI-focused projects have also increased in their numbers and identifying the legitimate and promising ones can be a bit challenging. That’s why, in this guide, we take a closer look at the top AI-based crypto protocols that you should have on your watch list. Quick Navigation What is AI Crypto? Best AI Crypto Projects to Watch This Year Fetch.AI (FET) Render Network (RNDR) The Graph (GRT) BitTensor (TAO) Akash Network (AKT) AIOZ Network (AIOZ) SingularityNET (AGIX) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Is AI Good for Crypto? How to Buy AI Cryptos? Best AI Crypto Projects: Conclusion What is AI Crypto? Before proceeding, let’s briefly explain AI crypto and why this sector has blossomed in the last few years. At the forefront of crypto, AI crypto projects appreciated substantially, especially in the first quarter of 2024. The reason is ... read More

Breakthrough for Solv Protocol: $1 Billion TVL, Now a Top 32 DeFi Player

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York City, May 22nd, 2024] Solv Protocol, a unified yield and liquidity layer for major digital assets, has surpassed $1 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), cementing its position as the 32nd largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol according to DeFiLlama rankings. 'Reaching this significant milestone is a testament to the strong demand for Solv's suite of products and the growing adoption of our flagship SolvBTC offering,' said Ryan, founder of Solv Protocol. 'As the largest protocol in the BTCFi space by TVL, we are excited to continue driving innovation and unlocking new opportunities for Bitcoin holders and DeFi participants alike.' SolvBTC is a liquid yield token that tokenizes the best CeFi and DeFi yields in the industry, providing Bitcoin holders with a stable source of high-quality returns. The protocol's multi-chain integration also enables SolvBTC to boost liquidity in emerging BTCFi ecosystems across Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. Solv has launched SolvBTC on Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Merlin Chain. The protocol is building an ecosystem where users can bridge SolvBTC to farm points in new chains' points programs, such as a 1.5x multiplier in zkLinkNova's Aggregation Parade. Additionally, Solv has also introduced the Solv Point System, where users can exchange points for SOLV token airdrops to incentivize engagement. About Solv Solv Protocol is backed by strong investors, including Binance Labs, Blockchain Capital, Laser Digital, and other r... read More

Top Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions to Watch Following Recent Surge

    TL;DR Ripple's XRP surged 6%, nearing $0.55, with analysts predicting significant gains, including targets up to $15-$20 based on bullish indicators and RSI patterns. The outcome of Ripple's lawsuit with the US SEC could also significantly impact the token's value, potentially triggering substantial volatility. Where is XRP Headed? The cryptocurrency market has been booming lately amid increased chances that the US Securities and Exchange Commission might approve a spot Ethereum ETF as early as this week. Somewhat expectedly, ETH is among the best performers in the sector, but it is not the only one well in the green. Ripple's XRP jumped by 6% daily yesterday, inching toward the $0.55 mark for the first time since the beginning of May. The asset's uptrend caught the eye of multiple analysts who believe impressive peaks might be on the horizon. The most optimistic forecast came from the X user JAVON MARKS, who claimed that a bullish breakout is in the cards due to XRP nearing 'a major converging point' and 'an RSI Pattern that is currently indicating underlying momentum in prices.'  The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a metric used in technical analysis to measure the speed and change of price movements. An RSI above 70 suggests the token might be overbought and could be due for a price correction. Data shows the ratio has predominantly hovered below the aforementioned figure during the ongoing month. Based on these con... read More

Crypto Market Liquidations Top $330 Million In 24 Hours With Ethereum In...

    As the Bitcoin and Ethereum prices hav barreled toward a new all-time high, short-term traders have been suffering the brunt of the liquidations. In the last day alone, over $330 million was liquidated from the crypto market and the majority of this has been from short traders who expect prices to fall once again. Over 78,000 Traders Liquidated For $330 Million Coinglass data shows that the last 24 hours have been brutal for crypto traders. In this short time, more than 78,000 crypto traders have seen their positions liquidated, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. In total, there have been $330 million in liquidations. Out of this figure, 81.42% were positions belonging to short traders, meaning they made up $268.76 million of the total figure. Long traders only made up $61.31 million in the liquidations. Contrary to the established trend, Bitcoin did not lead liquidations this time around, instead falling behind Ethereum. This is understandable as the Ethereum price had risen over 20% in the 24-hour period, whereas the Bitcoin price maintained gains of around 6%. Ethereum liquidations accounted for around 32% of the total figure, coming out to $105.13 million at the time of writing. The largest single liquidation event also happened on an ETH-USDT pair on the Huobi exchange, costing the trader $3.11 million. In constrast, Bitcoin liquidations came out to $96.53 million, but just like Ethereum, the figure was made up by a majority of short traders. Followi... read More

Can Ethereum (ETH) Top $4,000 This Week if ETFs Are Approved?

    ETH prices topped $3,700 in an intraday high in early trading in Asia on Tuesday, May 21. It is the highest the asset has been since early April when it spiked to similar levels before dumping below $3,000 a week later. The massive 20% move has been triggered by renewed hopes that the US Securities and Exchange Commission will approve the first spot ETH ETF from VanEck on May 23. It is the largest 24-hour move for ETH for more than a year and it has pulled the rest of the crypto market up with it. Total market cap is up 8.6% on the day to $2.74 trillion with bitcoin closing in on its all-time high tapping $71,600 during trading in Asia on Tuesday morning. ETH Spot ETF Hopium In a post on X on May 21, Bitcoin pioneer Anthony Pompliano said: “If they approve the Ethereum ETF, they are approving the entire industry. This is the last dam to be broken.” The big move follows commentary from Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas, who increased their approval odds from 25% to 75% on May 20. Balchunas reported that the SEC wants revised 19b-4 forms returned to them by 10 am on May 21 “for likely approval as soon as Wednesday.” There are ten issuers vying for America’s first spot Ethereum ETF, including BlackRock, Fidelity, and Grayscale which is aiming to convert its ETHE fund. The Eethness Stakes is pretty good. Nice look at all the entrants dealing w this fire drill. Hearing the SEC wants revised 19b-4s returned to them by 10am tmrw ... read More

Bitcoin 'Profit-Taking Has Completed,' Top Analyst Reveals

    An analyst has explained how profit-taking looks to have finished for Bitcoin in what has been a 'very healthy reset' for the market. Bitcoin SOPR Suggests Profit-Taking From Investors Has Cooled Off In a new post on X, analyst Willy Woo has discussed about the latest trend occurring in the Bitcoin Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR). The SOPR is an on-chain indicator that basically tells us about whether the Bitcoin investors as a whole are selling their coins at a profit or loss right now. When the value of this metric is greater than 1, it means that the average holder in the sector could be assumed to be moving coins at some net profit currently. On the other hand, the indicator being negative implies loss realization is the dominant mode of selling in the market. Naturally, the SOPR being exactly equal to 1 suggests the total profits being realized are exactly equal to the losses at the moment and thus, the investors are just breaking-even on their selling. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin SOPR over the last few years: As is visible in the above graph, the Bitcoin SOPR had spiked to highly positive levels earlier when the cryptocurrency's price had observed its rally towards a new all-time high (ATH). This would suggest that the investors had been participating in some aggressive profit-taking during this run. From the chart, it's visible that such a trend was also observed around the start of the 2021 bull run. With the consolidation, the asset h... read More

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch if the US Federal Reserve Cuts Rates

    TL;DR The COVID-19 pandemic led to massive economic disruptions, prompting the US government to print trillions of dollars, which resulted in high inflation. To counter this, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 5.25%- 5.50%. Lowering rates, on the other hand, could boost investment in numerous cryptocurrencies, with the Fed previously hinting at such a pivot. Apart from the numerous victims and pressure on the health sector, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2020 resulted in vacated jobs, uncertainty, isolation, financial instability, and many other setbacks. Amid those gruesome conditions, the US government printed trillions of dollars to support the crippled economy. However, the increased money supply resulted in surging inflation rates and further problems for America's fiscal policy. The US Federal Reserve stepped in by enforcing multiple anti-inflationary measures, such as raising interest rates. Between March 2022 and July 2023, the central bank lifted the benchmark 11 consecutive times, with the current level standing at 5.25%-5.50%. The latest data shows that inflation in the US has cooled off, meaning the Fed might soon pivot from its aggressive regime. In the following lines, we will observe how such a measure might impact the prices of some of the leading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) The largest digital asset in terms of market capitalization may significantly benefit once the Fed lowers interest rates. The move ... read More

25 Fastest Blockchain Networks Revealed, Bitcoin and Ethereum Not in Top...

    By examining the processing speed of the largest blockchain networks in terms of total value locked on DeFiLlama, CoinGecko outlined the fastest based on the actual and realized transactions-per-speed (TPS) metric. The report concluded that Solana leads the way, followed by Sui and the Binance Smart Chain. Interestingly, Ethereum and Bitcoin are not even in the top 15. Solana's World Despite its several outages in the past few years, the Solana blockchain has emerged as the fastest on CoinGecko's list. The average daily TPS stands at 1,053.7, while the network marked a record on April 6 at just over 1,500. According to the report, this makes Solana '46 times faster than Ethereum, and more than 5 times faster than Polygon, which has the highest TPS among Ethereum scaling solutions.' Still, CoinGecko said that Solana's average TPS is still far away from the theoretical maximum speed claimed by the developers of 65,000 TPS. 1/ Which blockchains are the fastest? Our study shows that @solana has proven to be the fastest blockchain, with its actual daily average transactions per second (TPS) reaching a record high of 1,504 on April 6. Read the full study: — CoinGecko (@coingecko) May 17, 2024 Perhaps due to its speed and the relatively low transaction fees, Solana became the home to numerous meme coins that popped up during this cycle, such as WIF, BONK, BOME, POPCAT, MEW, and others. CoinGecko's top 3 list is concluded by ... read More

Top 10 NFT-Related Cryptocurrencies by Development Activity: Details

    TL;DR Santiment reports that Decentraland (MANA) leads in development activity among NFT-linked tokens. Although interest is returning, assets like Axie Infinity (AXS) remain well below their historical peak values, highlighting the ongoing volatility in the NFT market. Here are the Leaders Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies related to them were a huge trend a few years ago. During the 2022-2023 bear market, their popularity declined, but recently, they started capturing the attention of industry participants again. The crypto market intelligence platform - Santiment - outlined the top 10 NFT-linked tokens in terms of development activity in the last 30 days. Decentraland (MANA) leads the ranking with a ratio of 267.57. The second place belongs to Flow (FLOW) with 234.7, while Metaplex (MPLX) is third with 40.43. Enjin Coin (ENJ), which witnessed a substantial trading volume increase in the past 24 hours, follows next with 14.97, whereas The Sandbox (SAND) rounds up the top 5 club with 14.9. The Bottom of the List While the sixth spot is held by a lesser-known cryptocurrency, Aavegotchi (GHST), this is not the case when observing the asset placed at number seven. This is Axie Infinity (AXS), the governance token of the eponymous gaming universe.  It is among the most-popular coins in the niche, with a current market capitalization of nearly $1 billion. Still, AXS is far from its glory days in November 2021 when its market cap surpass... read More

ChatGPT Analyzes Which AI Coin Will Be Top Performer in 2024

    TL;DR ChatGPT predicts these two AI cryptocurrencies have the best chance to emerge as top performers due to their strong growth potential and advanced technology. Despite its current leadership, Internet Computer (ICP) was not ranked among the top 5 list. The chatbot emphasized that its future performance depends on integrating AI functionalities, investment levels, and regulatory changes. Observing the Chances Artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to advance rapidly in the past several months. Earlier this month, OpenAI - an American AI research organization - introduced a new ChatGPT model with an improved voice assistant. The upgrade can even read body motion, such as how heavy a user breathes.  Somewhat expected, cryptocurrencies related to that evolving technology have experienced an uptick as of late, with the niche's total market capitalization surpassing the $30 billion mark. We decided to ask ChatGPT which of those assets will be the top performer this year. The chatbot started its prediction with a disclaimer that topping that ranking depends on various essential factors such as market potential, technology innovation, and recent price increases. It labeled Bittensor (TAO) as a main contender for the leading position, highlighting its surging market cap and 'strong growth potential.' The asset currently trades at around $380 (per CoinGecko's data), representing a 725% spike compared to the figure observed in May 2... read More

Bitcoin Still Has 'A Lot Of Room To Run Before Reversal,' Says Top Analy...

    An analyst has explained how the data of an oscillator for Bitcoin could suggest the cryptocurrency still has plenty of room to run in this rally. Bitcoin VWAP Oscillator Could Imply Potential For Further Upside In a new post on X, analyst Willy Woo discussed what the latest trend in the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Oscillator for BTC might suggest regarding what could be next for the cryptocurrency. The VWAP is an indicator that calculates the average price for any asset by taking into account the price fluctuations themselves and weighing the values against the trading volume. This means that the prices of the assets where there was a higher volume of trading have a higher weightage in the average than those with only a low amount of volume. Traditionally, the VWAP is a technical analysis indicator that considers the information available through spot exchanges. In the context of the current topic, the VWAP uses the on-chain volume of Bitcoin instead, which is readily viewable by anyone thanks to the blockchain's transparency. The indicator of interest here isn't the VWAP but rather the VWAP Oscillator, as mentioned earlier. This metric keeps track of the ratio between the BTC spot price and the VWAP and presents it as an oscillator of around zero. The chart below shows the trend of this Bitcoin indicator over the past couple of years. The above graph shows that the Bitcoin VWAP Oscillator has been in negative territory for the past couple of months. However, the ... read More

Is Bitcoin's Rally Over? Top Analysts Predict Imminent Price Corrections

    As Bitcoin navigates through significant price changes, varying analyses from crypto analysts have painted a diverse picture of its short-term trajectory. A prominent crypto analyst, Ali, identified a sell signal on Bitcoin's short-term charts using the TD Sequential indicator. According to Ali's analysis, the TD Sequential indicator suggested that Bitcoin's current uptrend might be losing momentum. This could potentially lead to a correction over the next one to four candlesticks, particularly noticeable on the four-hour chart. The TD Sequential presents a sell signal on the #Bitcoin 4-hour chart, anticipating a one to four candlesticks correction for $BTC. — Ali (@ali_charts) May 16, 2024 Diverging Bitcoin Views From Top Crypto Analysts Contrasting this perspective, another prominent analyst, Rekt Capital, recently provided a more optimistic view. According to Rekt Capital, Bitcoin ended its downtrend in mid-April, breaking into an uptrend with its price surpassing previous resistance levels. This change has been marked by Bitcoin forming its first higher high since its drop to $56,000, as highlighted by Rekt Capital. This indicates a possible continuation of the bull market despite periodic market attempts to unsettle investors. The TD Sequential indicator's sell signal comes as Bitcoin has shown a 7.6% increase over the past seven days, reaching a 24-hour high of $66,567 before retracing slightly to $65,592. Rekt Capital noted the ... read More

Catwifhat, Book of Meme Among Top Meme Coin Gainers As WienerAI Nears $2...

    After a brief dip in April, meme coins are rallying with the overall market cap up almost 10% since yesterday. Some tokens like catwifhat are up over 30% in the past 24 hours, proving that meme coins are still the clear winners of this bull run. Book of Meme is also drawing attention with a 20% price increase this week and a 50% increase this month. It’s clear that meme coins can still attract huge amounts of investor interest even this far into the season. Ethereum-based meme coin WienerAI is breaking records with a presale that is nearing $2 million. The token combines two of the leading narratives — AI and memes — in its new innovative AI-trading bot. catwifhat Trending After 33% Jump Overnight catwifhat ($CWIF) has been one of the breakout stars of this bull run. Perfectly positioned to ride the wave of meme coin mania, the token launched in December 2023. As the market began to pick up steam truly, the token pumped more than 10,000%. One unique feature of catwifhat is its aggressive burning mechanism. 4% of every transaction is burnt which has led to more than half of the initial 78 trillion tokens being burned already. This supply-reducing feature has helped drive demand for the token which, in turn, has led to more tokens being burnt. The token is currently priced at $0.0000007837, up 13,769% since its launch. BOOK OF MEME Solidifies Place in Top 10 Meme Coins BOOK OF MEME continues to make waves since its now-infamous launch in March. Within 48 hour... read More

Crypto Analyst Shares Top AI Altcoin Investments This Month

    In an analysis of the current landscape at the nexus of artificial intelligence and altcoins, crypto analyst Prithvir (@Prithvir12) recently shared insights via X that highlight both the opportunities and pitfalls in the AI coin market this month. His analysis covers upcoming AI catalysts, their impact on specific tokens, and personal investment recommendations, shedding light on the nuanced strategies required in this volatile segment. In-Depth Look At The AI Crypto Market Prithvir underlines a series of significant events in the AI space that are anticipated to directly impact the crypto markets. He first points to NVIDIA's earnings announcement scheduled for May 22nd, emphasizing NVIDIA's pivotal role in AI technology, which could have cascading effects on AI-centric cryptocurrencies. Further stirring the market is the buzz around OpenAI's GPT-4oT. Moreover, Prithvir discusses the influence of major tech conferences focused on AI advancements, notably Google’s I/O conference and Apple's emphasis on AI at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). He predicts these events are poised to introduce new AI initiatives that could impact crypto markets. In his post, Prithvir also analyzes several tokens that have responded differently to these AI catalysts. He describes WLD, associated with OpenAI through Sam Altman, which experienced a 20% drop in price last week, a typical 'sell the news' reaction post the GPT-4o announcement. He expresses concerns about WLD's ... read More

XRP Set For Major Upswing: Top Analyst Reveals Timing For $10-$20 Price ...

    XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple, has been locked in a lengthy period of consolidation, trading between $0.300 and $0.600 for the past seven years.  Despite a brief surge during the 2021 bull run that saw XRP reach a three-year high of $1.9 in April, the token has since returned to its range, lacking the bullish momentum to overcome upper resistance levels.  However, some crypto analysts are now predicting a major uptrend for XRP in the coming months, potentially propelling it to new heights. Analysts Anticipate XRP Breakout A technical analyst using the pseudonym 'U-COPY' on the social media site X (formerly Twitter) suggests that XRP could experience significant movement between May 15 and August.  U-COPY points out that XRP has been slowly moving up from its previous low at $0.46 and is nearing the end of a long triangle formation, which has been in accumulation since 2018.  The analyst believes that XRP's real potential will be revealed in the fully formed bull cycle, with the token possibly experiencing substantial growth by the end of the year. Supporting this bullish outlook, another analyst, Armando Pantoja, proposes that the crypto bull run could begin in September or October 2025, with XRP potentially reaching a price of $0.75.  Pantoja further suggests that if former US President Trump wins the election and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) eases its stance on cryptocurrencies, XRP could be propelled to higher leve... read More

This Crypto Expert Called The Bitcoin Top in 2021, Now He's Calling The ...

    As the Bitcoin price continues to fluctuate wildly, the question in every investor’s mouth right now is when the digital asset will find its bottom. For some, the bottom has already been met, while for others, there are still more price crashes to come. However, one analyst’s prediction in particular stands out and this is due to his track record of accurately calling the top of the market back in the 2021 bull market. Crypto Expert Says Bitcoin Bottom Is In Crypto expert Dave the Wave first came into prominence back in 2021 when he had accurately predicted the Bitcoin top. One of these is the MACD which the analyst reveals is still far off from the levels from the last bull market. In addition to the MACD still trending below this level, the crypto expert points out that the crypto market is more mature than it was. Given this maturing market, Dave the Wave stated: “It wouldn't at all surprise me to see something different develop, pattern-wise, over the longer time frame.” The analyst suggests that the Bitcoin low is actually in, and given that the price had fallen to $57,000 a couple of weeks ago, Dave’s analysis suggests that that is as low as the price will go. If this holds, then it is possible that the Bitcoin price will not fall below $60,000 before it resumes its bull rally. BTC Price Expectations Still Bullish Despite the slow momentum that has plagued the Bitcoin price, investors continue to be bullish on the cryptocurrency. Rekt Capit... read More

No Ties To OpenAI: Worldcoin Drops 9% As Top Trader Issues Warning

    Worldcoin (WLD) has seen its value plummet by nearly 9% in just 24 hours, with the price settling at around $5.20. This decline aligns with a critical analysis issued by DeFi^2 (@DefiSquared), the current top trader on the crypt exchange Bybit, who has raised concerns about the potential for substantial inflationary pressures and misleading marketing associated with Worldcoin. Notably, the WLD plunge comes just after OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, announced on Monday its plans to unveil a cutting-edge AI model named GPT-4o. This advanced model boasts the ability to engage in lifelike voice conversations and seamlessly interact across text and images. Worldcoin is usually a beneficiary of OpenAI announcements, but this time WLD price plunged. Why Worldcoin Is Plummeting In his analysis shared on X, DeFi^2 expounded on the mechanics behind the rapid devaluation of Worldcoin, emphasizing that the token is suffering from significant daily depreciation due to both emissions and strategic sales maneuvers by the Worldcoin Foundation. Specifically, the token's value is deteriorating at a rate of 0.6% each day, driven by the emissions related to grant and operator claims. These tokens, as per DeFi^2's observation of on-chain analytics, are predominantly sold off almost immediately upon issuance, adding to the downward pressure on Worldcoin's price. Adding to the supply concerns, the Worldcoin Foundation recently declared its intention to offload $200 million worth of Worldcoin to tr... read More

Top 7 Best Tether (USDT) Wallets to Consider in 2024

    USDT is one of the oldest and most popular stablecoins. It is a household name that has expanded the functionalities of DeFi and other branches of the crypto industry. Tether Limited created USDT as a fiat-collateralized stablecoin backed primarily by US Dollar reserves, which include cash, short-term US Treasury Bills, commercial paper, and other cash-equivalents. If you think about it, stablecoins are the main form of real-world assets ever to exist: a tokenized version of a fiat currency, like the US Dollar. But what can you do, exactly, with a stablecoin like USDT? Here’s a quick breakdown: The primary and most important use of USDT is to hedge against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies or to quickly move in and out of crypto positions without converting back to fiat currency. For example, in times of extreme volatility, crypto investors tend to readjust their portfolios by converting a percentage of their funds into stablecoins, leaving a smaller amount of traditional crypto assets for exposure. You can pay vendors, institutions, individuals, and anyone with a blockchain address through a cryptocurrency network. You can transfer stablecoins with 24/7 availability and lower transaction fees than bank transfers. USDT can be used as a trading pair in cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to gauge the value of a given asset in USD, or take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. USDT is also helpful for international remittances, as collateral in lending and b... read More

Top Polkadot (DOT) Price Predictions for 2024

    TL;DR Despite its recent 14% decline to around $7, some analysts think Polkadot (DOT) has a huge potential to rally in the near future. A potential bull run depends on technical advancements and overcoming certain support zones. Is DOT a 'Sleeping Giant?' The blockchain protocol - Polkadot - has passed through numerous developments as of late, capturing the eye of many industry participants. Despite those advancements, though, its native cryptocurrency - DOT - has underperformed in the past month, registering a 14% decline and currently trading at around $7 (per CoinGecko's data). One person who praised Polkadot's recent progress and outlined a bullish prediction for the token is the X user Dippy.eth.  'They are constantly building and delivering new updates - last months we see new highs on the Polkadot blockchain, which gives us a sign of what is coming,' the analyst stated. The X user went further, describing DOT as 'the sleeping giant' that is ready to explode by 60% in the short term and much more substantially in the long run: 'For price targets short term min 60% higher. But for bull run targets they are much higher (couple of Xs). Accumulating on dips is a good strategy as DOT could be seeing new highs when the altseason fully commences.' Previous DOT Predictions Other analysts who foresee a bright future for DOT's valuation include CRYPTOWZRD and Jake Gagain. The former thinks the asset is poised for a 'volcani... read More

AI Coins Pumping: Turbo, The Graph, WienerAI Among Top Gainers

    Crypto traders can’t get enough of AI coins lately. Several tokens focused on artificial intelligence have been pumping hard this week, with price movements that have turned heads. From indexing protocols to AI-powered meme coins, these projects are clearly striking a chord with investors. Turbo – The Viral Meme Coin Project Created by AI The first AI coin that’s been supercharged this week is the aptly named Turbo (TURBO). This meme coin has crypto traders buzzing, with its price rocketing by 38% in the past 24 hours to hit $0.00107. However, that’s just a fraction of TURBO’s epic run. Zooming out to the daily chart, TURBO has more than doubled in value, racking up a 100%+ gain in the last seven days. The buying pressure has also caused 24-hour spot trading volumes to surge - up 153% to $37.1 million at the time of writing. For a token that started as an experiment by GPT-4 to “create the next great meme coin,” Turbo is quickly becoming more than just another joke crypto. With a capped supply of 69 billion tokens and a growing list of CEX listings, Turbo is again proving that no-utility meme coins can be highly profitable for early backers. The Graph Rallies as AI Token Hype Builds Another AI crypto that’s been making moves is The Graph (GRT). This blockchain data indexing protocol has seen its price surge over 13% in the past day to $0.306 Moreover, the GRT token is up 22% in the past week alone. GRT is now in the top 50 mos... read More

Ethereum Foundation Moves 1,000 ETH – Is The Top In?

    The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the Ethereum ecosystem, recently transferred a significant amount of ETH. Given what this transaction could imply, it has drawn the crypto community's attention, which is already speculating about whether the market top might be in.  Ethereum Foundation Moves 1,000 ETH On-chain analytics platform SpotOnChain revealed in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the Ethereum Foundation transferred 1,000 ETH ($3 million) to a middle multi-signature wallet (0xbc9) on May 8. This development is more concerning as SpotOnChain revealed that the Foundation has made other transactions since the start of 2024. According to the platform, the Ethereum Foundation has sold 1,766 ETH for 4.81 million DAI at an average price of $2,725 for each ETH. These transactions are said to have occurred in “several small batches via the same multi-signature wallet. Interestingly, SpotOnChain noted that these transactions often occur ahead of a price drop.   It is worth mentioning that the Ethereum Foundation already has a reputation for selling at the top, suggesting that their selling ahead of a drop might not be a coincidence. In 2022, NewsBTC reported that Ethereum dropped by 40% after the Foundation sold off 20,000 ETH. Meanwhile, in 2021, ETH experienced a downtrend for months after the organization sold off 35,000 ETH.  Journalist Colin Wu also revealed back then that Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, ... read More

Top Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions: Renewed Bull Run or a Plunge Below $55K?

    TL;DR Bitcoin has rebounded past $63,000 with predictions suggesting it might reach near $110,000 by the end of the year, influenced by factors like the recent halving which typically precede major rallies. While some analysts expect potential drops, prominent figures project extremely optimistic long-term values for Bitcoin, with forecasts up to $1 million. BTC's Next Possible Move? After trading in the red for a few days, the primary cryptocurrency headed north on May 10, surpassing the $63,000 mark. Many analysts believe the uptick will continue in the following months and lead to unseen peaks. One person supporting that thesis is the popular X user Titan of Crypto. The trader observed the Fibonacci circles on BTC's price chart, assuming that the cycle's top of almost $110,000 may occur by the end of this year.  'It's a conservative price prediction. I think it'll exceed it,' the analyst added. Captain Faibik and Mikybull Crypto were also bullish. The former claimed that BTC is still in a consolidation phase and a breakout 'is just a matter of time.' The trader predicted that the next green wave will push the asset's value to $78,000. Mikybull Crypto suggested that Bitcoin is in 'final preparation for a post-halving massive rally.' Recall that the asset's latest halving (which slashed the rewards to miners for validating blocks on the blockchain in half) occurred less than a month ago.  The event has historically res... read More

Top Shiba Inu Price Predictions to Watch as These SHIB Metrics Take off

    TL;DR Despite a recent 20% weekly decline, analysts forecast a significant rally for Shiba Inu, driven by positive technical indicators. A sharp increase in SHIB's burn rate, enhancements to its Shibarium layer-2 platform, and other elements are seen as bullish signals for its future price. Where is SHIB Headed? The popular meme coin - Shiba Inu (SHIB) - has underperformed lately, with its price plunging by 20% on a monthly scale. For its part, the market capitalization has retraced below $13.5 billion. However, the negative trends don't seem a big concern for many analysts who believe SHIB is poised for a bull run.  One example is the X user with almost 100,000 followers – Del Crxpto. He claimed to know 'what's coming' in the future and as such, jumping on the SHIB bandwagon as an investor: 'I know the future, I know what's coming for SHIB. I will not share this information, as I do not want to tarnish my SHIB relationships. However, I will tell you this: I am accumulating $SHIB.' Another popular analyst who entered Shiba Inu's ecosystem is Ali Martinez. He argued that the asset's price trajectory has been 'forming a bull flag' on a daily chart, raising hopes for a 300% rally. Rekt Capital and CRYPTO SHERIFF chipped in, too. The former noted that SHIB's value has reached the same level as the one from early 2022. The trader assumed that the price might skyrocket b... read More

Latest Bitcoin Top Is Different From 2021 Peak, Analyst Explains Why

    An analyst has explained why the recent high in Bitcoin has experienced different market conditions than those observed during the 2021 bull run peak. Bitcoin Liquidations Have Been Short-Dominated In Recent Market High In a new post on X, on-chain analyst Checkmate pointed out how the latest 2024 high achieved following the spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) inflows has a major difference when compared to the 2021 peak. The difference lies in the trend registered on derivatives markets. Below is the chart shared by the analyst that shows the trend in the dominance of long liquidations in the sector over the last few years. 'Liquidation' here naturally refers to the act of forceful closure that any derivatives market contract undergoes on an exchange when it accumulates losses of a certain degree. The risk of a contract getting liquidated becomes higher, and the more volatile the asset price gets. During sharp rallies and crashes, huge amounts of liquidation can pile up in the market. From the chart, it's visible that as the rally in the cryptocurrency had occurred this year, the short holders had been taking a beating. This was only natural as surges pile up losses for these investors betting on a decline, so price growth as rapid as the one witnessed would have pushed many of these contracts toward liquidation. Interestingly, the scale of the short dominance maintained throughout the run, implying that the investors didn't quite believe the run would continue any further at... read More

Bitcoin Could Crash Below $55,000, Top Analyst Sounds The Alarm

    Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has recently been scrutinized by several analysts and traders as it struggles to maintain its market position. Michaël van de Poppe, a recognized figure in the crypto analysis sector, has recently expressed his concerns regarding Bitcoin's current price trajectory. Bitcoin Risks Dropping to $52,000, Why? Taking to Elon Musk's social media platform X, Van de Poppe pointed out that Bitcoin is at the lower end of its current range, a crucial area for maintaining upward momentum. Van de Poppe warned that if Bitcoin fails to hold this level, the market could see a downturn, with prices potentially falling as low as $52,000 to $55,000. This prediction comes as Bitcoin attempts to stabilize above the $61,000 mark. Despite efforts to sustain this level, recent market behavior suggests a bearish trend could be looming. Van de Poppe’s analysis indicates that failing to maintain the lower range could lead to significant corrections, affecting investor sentiment and market dynamics. #Bitcoin is at the range low. This is technically the area where you'd prefer to see it hold, so the upward momentum continues, and the range holds. If this doesn't hold, then we might expect $52-55K as a potential low on this correction. — Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) May 9, 2024 Meanwhile, recent data from the analytics firm IntoTheBlock reveals a noticeable decline in BTC whale accumulation volumes over the pas... read More

Top 10 RWA Cryptocurrencies by Development Activity: Details

    TL;DR The leading token in the real-world asset (RWA) category shows higher development activity compared to its rivals. Despite a recent dip in value, analysts are optimistic about a potential significant price rally for this asset in the near future. This is the Winner Real-world assets (RWA) represent certain physical assets, such as objects, properties, and others, and function on the blockchain through smart contracts. They have become quite popular lately, with a market capitalization equal to billions of dollars. According to the market intelligence platform Sentiment, the token of that type that leads with the most development activity recorded in the past 30 days is Chainlink (LINK).  'Chainlink currently produces 2.49x more daily activity than the next most active project, Synthetix, in the RWA sector,' the entity claimed. Centrifuge (CFG), Dusk (DUSK), and Orai Chain (ORAI) rounded up the top 5 list. 'Santiment pulls notable github activity from project repositories via a back tested process to ensure only the team's significant efforts to innovate and improve are included,' the platform explained. LINK Price Predictions Despite being down 10% on a two-week scale, multiple analysts remain optimistic that LINK's value will experience a bull run in the near future.  The popular X user Ali Martinez claimed that the TD (Tom DeMark) Sequential 'is flashing buy signal on the Chainlink 12-hour chart.' He assumed&nbs... read More

This Week's Crypto Watchlist: Top Coins Poised For Gains

    In a post on X, crypto analyst Miles Deutscher laid out his strategic predictions for high-performing cryptocurrencies in the upcoming week to his 501,700 followers. His analysis delved deep into Bitcoin's trading patterns, the surging AI-driven altcoin sector, and specific tokens that are displaying considerable potential due to recent developments and broader market dynamics. Bitcoin And AI Crypto Tokens Are Set To Dominate This Week At the forefront of Deutscher's analysis, Bitcoin has recently returned to its previous trading range between $60,000 and $69,400 after experiencing a sharp drop. This movement was characterized as a significant deviation, suggesting manipulation or a shakeout of weak hands before a potential rally. 'Bitcoin is at the top of my watchlist for this week. Had a big fakeout/deviation to the downside, and now back within the range,' Deutscher stated. He pointed out that the key factor to watch is whether the current range's lower boundary will hold, which could serve as a strong foundation for an upward trajectory. Moreover, the AI sector has been particularly resilient and robust recently, bouncing back significantly amidst broader market recoveries. Deutscher highlighted the sector's potential for outperformance, driven by several upcoming major events. These include Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), NVIDIA's earnings announcement, and the anticipated release of ChatGPT 5. 'AI is one of those unique narratives that retains constant ... read More

These Are the Top Performing Altcoins as Bitcoin (BTC) Jumps to 12-Day P...

    After last week's massacre that drove bitcoin to a multi-month low, the asset's recovery attempts continue in full force as it jumped above $65,000 for the first time since April 24. Several altcoins have produced even more impressive gains over the past day, with TON, SOL, and AVAX standing out from the larger caps. BTC Goes Above $65K It was less than a week ago, at the start of May, when the primary cryptocurrency was dumping hard and fell to a two-month low of $56,500. This came amid growing ETF outflows and fears about what the US Fed might do during its FOMC meeting. The central bank's decision not to pivot from its current monetary policy resulted in immediate volatility, but it wasn't until last Friday that BTC actually recovered some ground and jumped to just under $60,000. Another leg up followed later that day and during the weekend that drove bitcoin to $64,000. It was a bit shaky there this morning, but the bulls stepped up on the gas pedal and pushed the cryptocurrency to a 12-day high of almost $65,500. This means that its market cap has neared $1.3 trillion, while its dominance over the alts stands tall at 50.5%. Bitcoin/Price/Chart. 06.05.2024. Source: TradingView Alts in Green Although BTC has maintained its dominance over the alts, many of them have outperformed the largest cryptocurrency. The most notable examples from the larger-cap alts come from SOL (6%), TON (9%), and AVAX (7%). Ethereum is up by 3% and has exceeded $3,200, while BNB has tapped $600 af... read More

Top Analyst Predicts Bitcoin To Reach $125,000 In 2025 – Here's Wh...

    In the last week, Bitcoin has shown much resilience bouncing back above the $60,000 zone after a significant decline to below the $57,000 price zone. As Bitcoin bulls gather momentum to possibly initiate the crypto bull run, top analyst and market expert Peter Brandt has backed BTC to attain a particular six-figure digit value by 2025. No Other Market Like Bitcoin, Brandt Says In a blog post on May 3, Peter Brandt shared some insights on Bitcoin in celebration of his 50th anniversary in future markets trading. The veteran analyst described his experience with the maiden cryptocurrency as a “once-in-a-lifetime trade, never to be equaled”. Bitcoin — the trade of a lifetime There has never been and never again will be another asset like Bitcoin $BTC Here is the perspective from my 50-year career as a professional trader — Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) May 3, 2024 Brandt states that Bitcoin is a unique asset in comparison to commodities such as gold, cattle, iron ore, copper,  and even other cryptocurrencies such as altcoins and meme coins. He claims that BTC owes this uniqueness to its operational nature as well as its price behavior. Analyzing BTC price history, Brandt notes that the coin has repeatedly produced exponential gains in the past not seen with any other trading asset. And while these gains are followed by significant corrections, the overall price performance sets BTC apart from other a... read More

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