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Non-Fungible TOKE  


TOKE Price:
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The last known price of #TOKE is $0.000349 USD.

Please note that the price of #TOKE was last updated over 470 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #TOKE statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest TOKE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000349, and the exact last price of TOKE was $0.00034949.

The all-time high TOKE coin price was $0.019.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TOKE with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Non-Fungible TOKE crypto currency is #TOKE.

Non-Fungible TOKE is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Non-Fungible TOKE is not available at this time.

Non-Fungible TOKE is ranking downwards to #10362 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #TOKE.


The total supply of TOKE is 420,000,000 coins.


TOKE exchange data is not currently available.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TOKE, and you can view them on our TOKE disambiguation page.



CLONE WARS: Ape Guide to TOKE Clone Flipping

Ape Guide - 1 — Go to 2 — “Grow” (mint) your favorite Toke Clone NFT 3 — When Clone prices go up, “Burn” (sell) into the Liquidity Engine — How TOKE is Different - Firstly, You can always sell your Toke Clone NFT. There is always liquidity locked into the Liquidity Engine contract. There is a real price floor. Secondly, Toke Clone NFTs prices increase on a bonding curve. Just like on Uniswap, the price of each Clone goes up exponentially. The full TOKE Ape Guide is here — Make ETH Flipping TOKE Clones - Anyone can mint a Clone on Like what you got? Keep it! Generate a Clone with unsatisfactory traits? Burn it and receive 90% of the current mint price! Burning minimizes risk, enables value capture, and encourages speculation. If you are here now, you are early. Only the First Harvest of OG Genesis Toke NFTs has been released. Celebrity & brand partnership Harvests are in the works. These are just the first Seeds — watch the Tokeverse grow. — Important Links - Website: Non-Fungible Tokes on OpenSea: Join the VIP Grow Room Join the TOKE Community Telegram, Acquire 420K+ TOKE to join the VIP Grow Room, 3) Verify Your Membership to join the VIP Grow Room Twitter: Telegram: Discord: Token Contract: Uniswap Link: Dextools: www.dexto...

TOKE BURN: First Harvest, First Burn

All 18.4 million Toke from the Master Seed auction have been burned!BURN BABY BURN! — 🔥ALL 18.4 MILLION TOKE HAS BEEN BURNED!🔥 - 18.4 million Toke were spent on the auction to acquire highly prized Toke Master Seeds. That’s 56 ETH or $183,000 worth. It was all burned to: 0xdead000000000000000042069420694206942069 That’s over 4.20% of Toke. Burned. 🔥 — Future Harvests - This was just the First Harvest. All future harvests for Master Seeds will see similar burns, drastically reducing the supply of Toke. It is the entryway into Future Harvests. Expect Toke to become scarcer & scarcer. Toke is the Utility Token to sacrifice for Master Seeds. The Second Harvest has not been officially announced yet, but we can tell you that it will feature artwork of rappers. We’re pumped to welcome these celebrities into the Tokeverse — details coming shortly. Future Harvests will be open to collaborations with major NFT artists who are aligned with Toke’s high values. We also recognize that the NFT world is small and we aspire to bring in partnerships and influencers from popular culture, beyond the still small cryptoverse. Think bigger, get higher.What’s Your Favorite Strain? MASTER SEED AUCTION ☘️ All TOKE Master Seeds were won through a competitive auctions. Average price was 1.3 Million TOKE and was saw 56 ETH worth of volume. Master Seeds are like gold — congratulations...

TOKE— Ape Guide

TOKE’s mission is to blaze a new path model for NFTs, businesses and influencers. This is achieved by introducing a novel mechanism that incentivizes early adopters and communities to form, turning them all into marketers for free. — tl;dr Ape Guide: - 1 — Buy TOKE 2 — Bid to get one of the 21Master Seeds (3 Day Auction in $Toke) 3 — If you own a Master Seed, you get 8% of all profits from Clone sales 4 — Mint Clones on Bonding Curve 5 — Profit? TOKE MASTER SEEDS AUCTION:  — 3 DAY AUCTION ON OPENSEA  — ALL 21 MASTER SEEDS WILL BE AUCTIONED EXCLUSIVELY FOR $TOKE  — ALL $TOKE FROM AUCTION WILL BE BURNED — The Current NFT Landscape - Unfortunately, the current NFT landscape uses just one model: First Come, First Served to mint and list on Open Sea. This causes very expensive gas wars and false price listings in the beginning as minters are hoping newcomers will buy whatever price they set. Furthermore, there is a lot of false advertising in NFT land whether it be wash trading or listing sky high prices with little to no volume or a false rising floor price which is calculated by listing price instead of BID price. And finally, the current NFT market does not reflect the true demand and liquidity. If no one buys, you cannot sell no matter what your price is. $Toke solves these problems by introducing the equivalent of an AMM to NFTs, creating a rising floor price ...

Welcome to The TOKEverse — Dope NFT Ecosystem & Roadmap

Welcome to The TOKEverse — Dope NFT Ecosystem & Roadmap - Hold a Master Seed NFT & earn perpetual commissions on all Clones grown from your Seed plus enjoy offline perks with dispensaries and hot cannabis brands!Sneak peek at the Non-Fungible TOKE platform…TOKE: A blend of the highest digital artworks, 420-friendly celebs, dankest memes, and an NFT Factory with sweet STRAINS of Non-Fungible goodness! 420: In a haze of inspirational memes & code, TOKE was cultivated. The 420,000,000 TOKE were distributed fairly on Uniswap. But that was just the beginning! What may initially appear to be yet another meme coin, is in fact the beginning of a Dank Generative NFT Machine, and the future of cannabis finance. Let’s break it down… — The Non-Fungible TOKE Market - First Gen NFTs were manually crafted artworks. While often beautiful, they generally lack liquidity depth for trading. TOKE brings a new era of NFT liquidity that fixes this. Much like EulerBeats does for music, Non-Fungible TOKEs are issued on a bonding curve. It’s like Uniswap but the TOKE platform acts as an Automated Market Maker for NFTs. — SEEDS, CLONES, & STRAINS - Okay, get ready to get into the weeds… All the Non-Fungible TOKEs (AKA NFTs) are generated by MASTER SEEDS It’s not me, Henry getting high & making digital art — but you the community owning SEEDS that generate new Non-Fungible TOKEs. And if yo...

Non-Fungible TOKE: The Dopest Strains on a Bonding Curve

Hello, my name is Herbal Henry and I will be your host today. On the greatest of all universal holidaze, we introduce you to the future of non-fungible herbal finance: TOKE. This is an experimental protocol that consists of two parts — first is the TOKE token , which has a fixed and max lifetime supply of 420,000,000 “TOKE”. Second are the Master Seed NFTs — which are released to along a bonding curve. There are 21 Master Seeds — 1 for every dope STRAIN. First though, you will want to acquire 420,000 of TOKE in order to join the “Grow Room” which is a permissioned telegram group (we use Collabland). This allows you early access to mint the Non-Fungible TOKE collection. The way STRAINs work is very similar to how the original EulerBeats genesis contract worked. To summarize: there will over time be a total of 420 STRAINS released. These will be things like StarDog, Gorilla Glue and Acapulco Gold… Each STRAIN of TOKE NFT’s will have unique properties like Sativa or Indica, THC % and how it alters your mood. And there’s a unique NFT CLONE for each combination of properties: immutably living on the blockchain. Each CLONE originates from a SEED… 🌱 Each SEED grows a different CLONE of NFTs on a Bonding Curve 🌱 And there will be just 420 SEEDsA Non-Fungible Toke from the Gorilla Glue CLONE Now you likely have experienced NFT’s to a certain point, but where STRAIN NFTs evolve is that t...

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