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Alien Worlds Trilium  


TLM Price:
$3.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$17.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TLM today is $0.014 USD.

The lowest TLM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.014, and the current live price for one TLM coin is $0.01377.

The all-time high TLM coin price was $7.20.

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The code for Alien Worlds Trilium crypto currency is #TLM.

Alien Worlds Trilium is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Alien Worlds Trilium is $17,082,336.

Alien Worlds Trilium is ranked #464 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #TLM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Alien Worlds Trilium is $3,257,506.


The circulating supply of TLM is 1,240,473,079 coins, which is 12% of the maximum coin supply.


TLM is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TLM, and you can view them on our TLM disambiguation page.



Galactic Hubs — Season 2

Galactic Hubs — Season 2 - — April Update. — We’re thrilled to share the latest developments from the Galactic Hubs grant program as Season 2 heats up. Our mission at gHubs is to support creators and builders, drive innovation and expand the Alien Worlds metaverse, and we have some exciting projects to update you on. So far this season, Galactic Hubs has approved six game applications; all are under development with plans to be released within the calendar year. By doing so, we aim to create a more diverse and exciting ecosystem of games that can appeal to a broader range of players. These games give Alien Worlds Explorers new ways to compete, using their NFTs and Trilium across the metaverse. Another focus of this season is to encourage community-generated content that can enrich our lore and foster discussions among members of the metaverse. Our community’s creativity and imagination will animate and expand the backstory of Alien Worlds. We’re also committed to promoting long-format discussions amongst community members, providing a place for open conversation and fresh perspectives. Finally, a thriving metaverse requires a strong foundation of tools and infrastructure, which is why we continue to support tooling development. — Season Two — Projects now in development - — Pioneer Grants. — — Battledome Syndicate Toolset. — Restack.AI is set to enhance the Battledo...

All Tooled Up This month we’re celebrating the advent of the new orbital trilium-detecting sensory networks that are now active for all six frontier planets. For any Explorer who didn’t get the interstellar memo, here’s the official explanation of what that means: “These networks provide locational and trilium pocket density information that more sophisticated (i.e. rarer) mining tools automatically analyse in order to more efficiently mine trilium on a given tract of land. This adds a new strategic incentive for Explorers to utilise rarer mining tools, as increasing rarity means more precise analysis of the network’s trilium-related data, and consequently more effective trilium mining capabilities.” — In short:. — Plenty of Explorers are already seeing great results from utilizing their rarer mining tools, and to spread the love across our amazing community we’ve got a veritable torrent of tools up for grabs throughout the month! We’ve also got something extra special happening throughout the season: Every 37 hours one of our mining tools will be redeemable for ONE HOUR with a HUGE 75% discount. If you’ve been saving up your NFT reward points then now’s the time to use them and vivify your mining experience with a new tool or three. Check out the table below for the timing of each Happy Hour so you can prepare yourselves accordingly — because you don’t want to miss out on this chance to ...

Rarer Tools, More Rewards

Alien Worlds Tool Balancing is Live!. — Based on community input, the Federation has just completed the installation of a new orbital Trilium-detection sensory network, which is now operational for all six planets. This network provides Trilium locational and pocket density information that more sophisticated (i.e. rarer) mining tools automatically analyze in order to more efficiently mine on a given tract of land. In other words, mining pools have been revamped to take tool rarity into greater account. This has been achieved by creating dedicated pools of Trilium rewards that can only be accessed by tools of a certain rarity. The rarer the tool the more Trilium it can potentially mine! You can also mine across these pools with multiple tools. For example if your build consists of one rare, one epic, and one legendary tool, then 1/3 of your mine will come from each of the three pools. There is nothing that Explorers need to do to access this new feature except to mine with the best tools you have available![The distribution of TLM across rarity pools] The Federation will continue to make Tool balancing adjustments as needed in the near term so please expect specific rates to adjust over time in order to find the best balance for the community. The new values are reflected in the above graphic. Alien Worlds continues to evolve thanks to Explorer feedback! This update is the result of community collaboration, and is b...

Cascade of Commons

01/03/23 — 31/03/23. — Greetings Explorers, a new month brings a fresh set of offerings to the NFT Outpost! This month we’ve decided to pay homage to the common Explorer, the demographic that constitutes the backbone of the Alien Worlds community. As such, we’re offering a veritable cascade of common rarity NFTs for the entire month, from ExoGloves that are great for the speedy and attentive miner, to a variety of Weapons, Avatars and Minions perfect for fleshing out a new Battledome team. Why pay homage to the common Explorer, you may ask? Alien Worlds is a community-driven endeavour, and your journey in the Alien Worlds metaverse — both as individuals and as members of Explorer communities & the Alien Worlds community as a whole — is an integral part of our existence. Our common NFT selection is a great way of spending your NFT points to grow your collection and either take your first steps into, or further immerse yourself in the various aspects of our metaverse, from improving your mining setup, to participating in community creations like the gHubs-funded Battledome. So why delay? Get yourself a new NFT (or three!) to show off to your friends and make use of today! That’s not all: Drill Days is back again for a limited time from March 29th-31st. If you missed out last time, this will be your chance to grab one of the most sought-after tools in the metaverse! — Watch the latest vid...

Syndicate Underground

Issue #7. — — Table of Contents. — Eyeke news, Kavian news, Magor news, Neri news, Veles news, Naron news, Community spotlight, Community feedback, Final thoughts, The Syndicate Underground is back and this issue is packed with the most information to date. Syndicate defense, a new 2D game, Zombie Outbreak Survival news and more are featured in this edition. Before we dive into the content, please remember that the Syndicates are independently operated by innovative people like you! Get involved with your favorite planet today! — Eyeke - Eyeke’s custodians have really embraced the everyday hardworking Explorer. The Miner’s Union is the name of the initiative that was officially launched on March 1st and this platform provides an opportunity for Explorers to band together and vote as a bloc. The Miner’s Union allows Explorers to use their accumulated NFT points after joining as proxy votes for candidates. Using your NFT points as votes does not remove the NFT points from your account. The funding from several of the proposals is used as vote power and applied in accordance with each member’s wishes. It is worth noting that a total of three Syndicates are participating in this endeavor. The TLM contributions are listed in the table below. To get involved visit the Miners Union site or join the Telegram Group. — Eyeke’s Current Custodians - — Kavian - Kavian recently approved ...

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.3.0

Alien Worlds release 1.3.0 includes player experience improvements and bug fixes across Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport and Landowner’s Allocation. — Feature Improvements - — Syndicates. — Removed Planetary Token balance from Become Candidate page: To reduce potential confusion, we removed the player’s planetary token balance from the Become Candidate page. Add Member Terms Checkmark to Candidates/Custodian members: This new box will indicate whether the user has signed the member terms. Updated Planet Selector button in Syndicates sidebar: To make changing planets within the Syndicate dashboard easier, we added clickable images of each planet to the sidebar within the Syndicate dashboard. Display the status of Custodian Proposals in the Candidate Profile page: To make Syndicate activity easier to understand for Custodians, we added a status column to each proposal. (See image below) Updated Claim Token Button to only show when the user has met their release time: The button to claim staked planetary tokens will only appear if the staking time has passed and the tokens are claimable. — Missions. — Supported Browsers will not show login UI message: We removed the warning message that users used to see when logging in from supported browsers. — Miscellaneous. — Removed all hash marks in background images: These gray diagonal lines were removed to improve overall aesthetics. ...

Syndicate Underground Issue #6

What a couple of weeks it’s been for the Syndicates. Billboards, conferences, events and one planet’s available treasury has been transferred in its entirety under controversial circumstances since the last issue. In this edition we will take a closer look at recent activity, highlight upcoming initiatives and dive into what’s happening on Kavian. Before we do please remember that the Syndicates are independently operated by awesome people like you! Swap your tokens and get involved today! Alien Worlds February 12, 2023 is the day Syndicate safety came to the fore across dozens of Alien Worlds communities. Kavian custodians Biff, Jose and Afhe transferred all available tokens out of the treasury account without much context. There are several theories floating around as to why the planet’s custodians would do this. Are the custodians moving the tokens for safe keeping? Are the custodians draining the treasury for personal gain? As of the writing of this publication the three custodians in question have yet to speak up for their actions or reveal themselves publicly. The two above proposals have raised serious concerns among Explorers. Who is responsible for the security of the Syndicates? The planets are decentralized autonomous organizations and the Federation has limited power to intervene in Syndicate activities. The Federation wants to encourage Custodians to protect their treasuries by allocating their available ...

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.2.3 & 1.2.4

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.2.3 & 1.2.4 The primary objective of release 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 is to enhance user experience and repair a couple of known bugs. We will continue to update the user interface and repair known issues in hopes of providing Explorers with an enjoyable and reliable experience. — Release 1.2.3. — Recently the IPFS image hosting stopped working. This resulted in Alien Worlds NFTs not being viewable inside the Mining game. We resolved this issue by redirecting the application to our own server for the NFT images. — Release 1.2.4. — Recently the IPFS image hosting stopped working. This resulted in Alien Worlds NFTs not being viewable inside the Missions game. We resolved this issue by redirecting the application to our own server for the NFT images. We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Please stay tuned for future product release updates. — Alien Worlds Offers the Social Metaverse to Play, Create, Share and Thrive! - With more than 8.3 million lifetime players and more than 10 million plays per day, Alien Worlds is consistently one of the top blockchain games on DappRadar ranking charts. Alien Worlds has inspired players to create, share and thrive in the social Metaverse. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible. — About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse - What would you do if you could create an...

Syndicate Underground Issue #5

Syndicate Underground Issue #5 The Syndicates are starting to find their groove and loads of new products and initiatives are being proposed and debated. Miners Unions, Quarterly Community Audits, CPU resources for Miners and more are featured in this edition. We also have a fun interview with Martine from FGL games where we discuss the Outlaw Troopers Trilium tournament that was funded by a Syndicate proposal. Let’s dive into the content! Veles’ Custodians are all in on the Miners union and are proposing to fund CPU for legit Alien Worlds Miners. The custodians are requesting 350,000 Trilium to convert to WAX for honest Miners to use for resources. The Custodians from Eyeke are busy trying to unify the planet’s Miners. This proposal will provide 450,000 Trilium to fund frontend development with smart contract interoperability. This will allow all Miners to have a voice and even put forth proposals. The initiative will also provide additional CPU resources for Miners in need. Custodial accountability is on the mind of Kavian’s Custodians. One of their recent proposals is for a quarterly report that will publicly audit grants funded via proposals. According to the website “EOS support performs training and testing, scam prevention, operation control, learning center, the Giveaway Show, social media outreach, Antelope release platform support, and the EOS support squad program.” For more information please visit: ...

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.1.0 & 1.2.0

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.1.0 & 1.2.0 — The primary objective of release 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 is to enhance user experience and repair several known bugs. We will continue to update the user interface and repair known issues in hopes of providing Explorers with an enjoyable and reliable product.. — — Release 1.1.0 Feature Enhancements - Added a loading state for the voting process: When Explorers vote for custodians it takes a few moments for the Blockchain to reflect the changes. Now voters will notice that a loading icon will appear for a few moments after voting to allow the Blockchain/UI time to process the information and accurately reflect voting data. Added a warning that informs Explorers that data submitted to the blockchain will be publicly visible in perpetuity: The below warning will appear when Explorers become a candidate, manage candidacy and in the custodian center. Added direct navigation to Candidate Profile view: Explorers can now navigate directly to Candidates profiles from the Planetary Governance Center. Added Planetary Badges to the Planet Select page: Each planet now has a badge that displays in the corner of the planet select page within the Governance center. Custodian Proposals Cleanup: To reduce clutter, Custodians can now clear expired and executed proposals within the UI. Planet Details with Proposal List, Score, Placement: We added a list of current proposals...

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