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Star Atlas DAO  


POLIS Price:
$341.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$7.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #POLIS today is $0.35 USD.

The lowest POLIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.351, and the current live price for one POLIS coin is $0.35070.

The all-time high POLIS coin price was $18.83.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of POLIS with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Star Atlas DAO crypto currency is #POLIS.

Star Atlas DAO is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Star Atlas DAO is $7,575,096.

Star Atlas DAO is ranked #621 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #POLIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Star Atlas DAO is $341,817.


The circulating supply of POLIS is 21,600,000 coins, which is 6% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Star Atlas DAO coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


POLIS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #POLIS, and you can view them on our POLIS disambiguation page.



The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #14 — Special Edition: 2022 in Review

The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #14 — Special Edition: 2022 in Review - A tale about building a new world… a look back at the road traveled before stepping into the third year of Star AtlasThe MUD continues to build… and the galaxy moves. /// A Metaverse in expansion in The Showroom /// We Are Star Atlas Happy new beginning to the valiant members of the factions of the Council of Peace — MUD, ONI and Ustur alike! A new cycle of development begins, and Star Atlas is looking towards the many new exciting developments that await in 2023. So, to start out this solar year, we have this special edition of the metaverse publication of record ready for your viewing pleasure. In this Atlas Star ✧, we look in the rear view mirror at everything we’ve zoomed by, recapping everything of note that happened in the Star Atlas galaxy in 2022. This edition will give you a sense of how far we’ve come over the last 12 months. As we march into our third year, we prepare for the new milestones within our reach. In this walkthrough, you will learn about every notable product, partnership, and event that Star Atlas participated in 2022. If you weren’t able to follow it closely, this is the time to catch up with the vibrant development of our ecosystem. Another spotlight of this edition is the Joni Awards, our community celebration that took place at the end of last year, introducing the winners of the awards. As in every regul...

Lift-off! Star Atlas Launches Pre-Season with an All-new Version of Showroom

The fully revamped Unreal Engine 5 environment of Release V2.0 (R2) adds a multiplayer preview, dogfighting in space and air track racingThe Fimbul Packlite in Volant Station /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experience Attention, Galactic Explorers! Today, ATMTA, Inc., the lead developer of Star Atlas, announced the release of ‘Pre-Season’ or ‘R2’, a new and updated version of the Volant Station, signifying a massive growth of the MUD complex from a Studio. With it, the shared dream of explorers across the galaxy — in which they get behind the controls and pilot a magnificent spaceship off the tarmac and beyond the clouds to the deep black beauty of space — has arrived! If you are itching to experience the new R2 version of the Showroom without further delay, head to and, if needed, click on the bars on the right side. Skip to the middle of this article to get more info on how to access Showroom, connect a wallet, create a wallet, get a game key, and much more. Upon arrival to the new Showroom, you will find that all that can be done in and around Volant Station has been transformed with a long list of upgrades and enhanced functionality. To get a better understanding of all novelties, let’s take a look at some of the key added features.The Volant Station’s New Layout /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experie...

Cosmic Overture Begins: Land and Claim Stakes Up for Grabs in Phase 2 of SAGE Start Sequence

The second phase of the Golden Era Start Sequence begins on December 20, 2022 when explorers from every corner of the galaxy will be able to acquire exclusive habitats and mining claim stakes for conquering planetsYour New Home Among the Stars Awaits /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experience Galactic Explorers and Adventurers! The race for space in Star Atlas has begun, and the pieces are already in motion. The release of Showroom R2 and the SAGE game manual are historic milestones, and another galaxy-shaking event is on the horizon. The launch of SAGE Start Sequence Phase 2 on December 20th at 12PM (EST) bears the name Cosmic Overture and is critically important to your odds of future success in Star Atlas. In the same way that individuals and guilds have bolstered their fleets in the past few weeks by purchasing ships at jaw-dropping discounts of up to 80%, another rare opportunity presents itself now. — Land plots - This will mark the first time in its history that ATMTA, Inc., lead developer of Star Atlas, offers land gameplay structures on the Marketplace. This will allow anyone to acquire their own residence in the prestigious residential areas in one of the three main factions’ (Ustur, MUD and ONI) Central Space Stations. Explorers will be able to purchase up to six different tiers of land plots from one of the three faction Central Space Stations (CSS) in the Star Atlas...

Star Atlas Golden Era Game Manual Vol. II — The Game Structure

Star Atlas Golden Era Game Manual Vol. II — The Game Structure - Change is coming to the galaxy and with it many questions; take a deep dive into the vault of answers with Vol. II of the SAGE Game ManualThe MUD Central Space Station /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// WebGL SAGE asset The frisson is tangible in the air. A Mierese astrobard described the current state of affairs in our galaxy as if reality itself was holding its breath in anticipation of what is to come. MUDs, ONIs and Ustur have answered the call of the Council of Peace and now prepare themselves to leave the safety of their home systems and set out for the outer ring of the Medium Zone, a movement that last happened more than one hundred years ago and culminated in the Convergence War and the Years of Strife Era. Nevertheless, as a Sogmian saying teaches, repetition is the mother of learning. While the factions are moving, their enemies, outside and within, are also preparing for the biggest clash of this age. In a scenario where nothing is certain, a group of adventurers drawn from all corners of the galaxy, led by the Ustur explorers’ Mochi.soul and Chyp.bod, have prepared the second installment of the full SAGE manual, focused on the gameplay mechanics of the game, to integrate with Volume I — The SAGE Economics Manual, to help you on your adventure into the deadly environment of the medium zone of our Galia expanse. In this manu...

The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #13

A glimpse into the world of alien sentientology, the best galactic rumors, updates on the Showroom and beyond, community activities and much more…The Gate Awaiting Those Daring Enough to Pass Through /// Immersive Intergalactic Experience /// We Are Star Atlas Welcome back, Explorers! Today your Atlas Star, the iconic Star Atlas newsletter, where all adventures begin and end, has been hijacked by academics from every corner of the Galaxy! We have economists, sentientologists, and archeologists coming to share with you their knowledge about the current state of affairs in the Star Atlas galaxy and beyond. In fact, the main article for this edition is a summary of the latest book of one such academic superstar, Professor Argadal, from the Council of Peace Biological Research Academy (COPBRA). This recently released hallmark of sentient species research is a deep dive into the secretive members of the ONI Consortium, the Mierese. If you are an enthusiast of the many civilizations of our galaxy and their secrets, this is a must-read for you! As you probably know by now, the Atlas Star is home to a wide range of content related to the Star Atlas metaverse, including the latest updates on project development and much more! In this edition, you’ll find: The latest roadmap updates for all Star Atlas Products — SAGE, Showroom, the DAO, and more., A deep dive into the Showroom R2 release coming later this year., All t...

Start Sequence Continues: From Claim Stakes to Space Crops with New Solarpunk Poster Series

Terrafarming equipment manufacturer steps in to support deep space expansion and mining claim stake balancing, rewarding ReBirth Pioneers For the prequel to this story, read The Path Towards Tomorrow Part II.Claim Stakes and Deep Space Crops / Solarpunk — CARY Farm Poster Set / Player-Owned Assets The CEO took a deep breath and began: Today is a unique day in the history of CARY Farm. What started as a dream shared by a small group of concerned MUDs and Miereseans has now become an industry that spans the safe havens of our homeworlds and beyond to the far reaches of civilization where the ghost of famine still haunts hopeless families. (Since the Mierese are not big fans of written language, we kindly ask their MUD friends to read this document aloud to their Mierese brethren.) You, the first farmers — and allies of those first farmers — joined together to make this enterprise possible, allowing the Calico Agricultural Research and Yield Farming company, our CARY Farm, to put food on the table for the forgotten and vulnerable, to push away the terrorists of ECOS who would rather see entire planets succumb to hunger than to embrace the science of sustainable food production. You, your efforts, your faith, and your diligence allowed the new framework proposed by CARY to spread across huge swaths of the galaxy. As a token of our support and appreciation, we have prepared an exclusive series of unique assets ...

The Path Towards Tomorrow: Phase 2 — CSS Land Plot and Claim Stake Sales

The Path Towards Tomorrow: Phase 2 — CSS Land Plot and Claim Stake Sales - As a successful first week of the Golden Era Start Sequence draws to a close, two experts share all the information for participating in Part II of the plan involving mining claim stakes and Central Space Station habitatsYour New Home Among the Stars Awaits /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experience Welcome Galactic Explorers! After a brief introduction, this article discloses the necessary information for our players regarding two special offers: The sale of land plots on each main faction-specific Central Space Station (CSS), The sale of claim stakes for mining activities, — Introduction - As a huge crowd gathers in the Great Hall of the Council of Peace Assembly, a well-dressed Sogmian ascends to the podium. A glance at the assembled audience would note a wide range of individuals, from members of the Gotti family to face-scarred captains who share more than a passing resemblance to the bounty posters that flood the Most Wanted list on the galaxy news channels. All are here for the same reason. With the first phase of the Path Towards Tomorrow program already a success, this next phase is focused on two of the galaxy’s most desired economic segments, real estate and mining operations. The excitement in the room is palpable. Solo explorers and members of every faction and guild want to know ho...

Flight of The Titans — Manifesto for The Golden Era

Flight of The Titans — Manifesto for The Golden Era - The beginning of a new age — Flight of the Titans. — Starts Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 12 PM (EST). Three Titan class ships begin at $1,000,000 each (80% off list price, price increases 10% after every 7 days). All sales are concurrent. Pearce T1 (MUD) | Busan The Last Stand Mk. VIII (ONI) | Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix (ECOS) The 24-hour Countdown starts November 22 at 12 PM (EST).Pearce T1 (MUD) Detail | Titan Class Spaceship | Star Atlas Fighter ShipFimbul ECOS Superphoenix (ECOS) in Orbit | Titan Class Spaceship | Star Atlas Bomber ShipBusan The Last Stand Mk. VIII (ONI) in Deep Space | Titan Class Spaceship | Star Atlas Fighter Ship Narrentos, celebrated journalist and the pawn behind the widely read Punaab Whisper, listened to the announcement by the Secretary and could barely believe what his furry ears were hearing. For the first time in a century, 3 Titan ships would be offered for sale on the open market. On the one hand, this was concerning, as their destructive power remained unmatched. But the young Punaab inside him had always wanted to stand next to a Titan and experience their epic size and magnificence firsthand. Now he could potentially get that chance. He raced back to the meeting hall where is friends and relatives were gathered. “Does anyone want to hear what the Secretary just announced?” He looked around, expecting cur...

Star Atlas Presents Golden Era Start Sequence — Our Path Towards Tomorrow

Star Atlas Presents Golden Era Start Sequence — Our Path Towards Tomorrow - The weeks ahead mark a historic moment when players can do much to prepare themselves for the game with a Game Manual while contributing to the development of Star Atlas — and even impact the fate of the galaxyStar Atlas is calling /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experience Dear Star Atlas Community, Friends and Fans, The team developing Star Atlas presents you with a new plan, Our Path Towards Tomorrow — a critical initiative that takes strategy to the next level and secures sound footing for you in a quickly developing field of play while offering a path for you to support the very foundation of our universe. This is the primary purpose of all Star Atlas initiatives at present. Along with this plan, we are also keeping everyone up to date on the state of external funding initiatives and inviting the community to an upcoming DAO Community Consultation. We are also releasing the first part of the Game Manual for the upcoming in-browser game module, Star Atlas Golden Era, focused on the game’s economic aspects. — Table of contents - — I. Golden Era: Start Sequence. — 1. Titan Ship Sales* — A mint of three titan ships, The Pearce T1, Busan — The Last Stand mk. VIII, and the Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix, under a limited-time decreasing discount program, ...

Thrilling to the CORE — Star Atlas Releases Epic Graphic Novel

Thrilling to the CORE — Star Atlas Releases Epic Graphic Novel - Explorers are now able to immerse themselves in this comic adventure set in the vast universe of Star Atlas. Members of the Star Atlas community, prepare to meet a team of fellow adventurers! CORE, the new, episodic graphic novel from ATMTA, Inc., has everything you’d expect from an interplanetary saga, including mysterious worlds, ruthless villains and heart pounding action. The story, which brings to life the Star Atlas universe for the first time, is being released to the community in individual chapters. The first chapter was made available to the public on November 7th. The narrative of CORE is set just before the start of the Convergence War and focuses on Gyun, a MUD protagonist still reeling after a visit to a planet in the High Risk Zone ends with a catastrophic blow to his team. It’s a tale of heroism, heartbreak, plot twists and epic adventure. The award-winning creative team is pulled from the best illustrators, world builders, and authors in the space. Tim McBurnie, the lead artist and author on the project, is an award-winning illustrator and author who has worked for Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, and Blur Studios. Matt Medney is the Head Writer at Star Atlas and the CEO of the legendary and recently revived comic/media powerhouse Heavy Metal. “This is a story that builds upon what continues to make Star Atlas successful — a ...

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