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OXY Price:
$295.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OXY today is $0.049 USD.

The lowest OXY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.049, and the current live price for one OXY coin is $0.04928.

The all-time high OXY coin price was $4.02.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of OXY with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Oxygen crypto currency is #OXY.

Oxygen is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Oxygen is $2,474,696.

Oxygen is ranking upwards to #734 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #OXY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Oxygen is $295,132.


The circulating supply of OXY is 50,213,107 coins, which is 1% of the maximum coin supply.


OXY is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #OXY, and you can view them on our OXY disambiguation page.



Oxygen_Staking is now Live. Generate up to 15% pa passive income on OXY

OXY holders can now start earning staking rewards through the click of a button! The OXY Staking Programme is launching with two ways to generate rewards — on-chain staking via and off-chain staking via AscendEX. We look to evolve and grow the programme over time to reward long-term supporters of OXY Ecosystem. On-Chain Staking of OXY OXY token holders can access staking directly via or Oxygen Light.Figure 1: Start earning yield on OXY now via on-chain staking Key features:Earn up to 15% APYCommitment period a minimum of 7 days, and maximum of 2 yearsStake from 100 OXYRewards paid out as 50:50 unlocked and locked tokensLocked tokens will unlock in a linear fashion until the end of 2026 (so equal rewards unlocked daily), in line with the lock-up schedule in the whitepaperOption to withdraw by giving up accrued interest (7 days notice period applies)Option to withdraw (unstake) tokens immediately for a 5% feeFigure 2: Generate passive income of up to 15% pa on OXY via on-chain staking Off-Chain Staking. Earn 10% on OXY via AscendEx We’re working to make OXY staking available on a number of CEXs and through custodians. To start with, we offer all OXY token holders the opportunity to earn 10% APY via our early exchange partner AscendEx. Key features:Earn 10% APYNo lock-up period, unbundling period of 7 daysStake from 100 OXYOption to withdraw (unstake) tokens immediately for a fee AscendEx are also working on integrating OXY on-chain staking. Once implemented, AscendEx OXY staking terms will align with the on-chain ones.Figure 3: Earn 10% passive yield on OXY via off-chain staking with AscendEx Secure and Self-Insured The OXY staking program has undergone peer review. We are working with leading security auditors Kudelski towards a full audit of the staking system. We want our users to have confidence in the system, so we have decided that we will be self-insuring all funds staked into the contract up until the security audit has been fully completed. Another Step Forward for the OXY Ecosystem The launch of the OXY Staking Programme is another milestone in the development of the OXY Ecosystem, and will provide holders with long-term incentives and rewards for holding OXY tokens.

Oxygen_Light: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3

Introducing Oxygen_Light: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3 Meet Oxygen_Light — a simpler, faster and cheaper way to borrow digital assets to trade with leverage or get liquidity, and generate passive income on Solana. It is a non-custodial algorithmic liquidity protocol, where borrow rate and yield are deterministic. They change real time depending only on the utilisation rate of a deposited asset type and pre-specified parameters of the protocol. Key benefits of the approach are its simplicity and relative familiarity of the algorithmic rate-setting as well as the fact that all depositors get some yield. This is in contrast to the orderbook-based borrowing-lending where interest rates and asset utilisation depend on the market-clearing levels.Figure 1: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3 We start with 6 most popular assets that you can generate yield on and use as collateral at the same time: USDC, USDT, SOL, BTC, ETH, SRM. We will expand to other assets over time. We are finalising the design of our liquidity programme to drive adoption of Oxygen_Light and will release details in due course. Ecosystem will reward longer-term borrowers-lenders through Oxygen_Light as well as give preferential rates to OXY holders. We thank our key partners for their commitment to providing liquidity and risk management support. To date, we have worked closely with 2 security partners including Kudelski to ensure the protocol is safe and reliable. We will go through a formal security audit for Oxygen_Light in the next 2 months. We also offer bug bounty up to $1,000,000 to cover Oxygen smart contracts, with a focus on protecting users against theft and freezing of funds. The mission of Oxygen is to create finance without Wall Street. We started by developing DeFi prime brokerage, a highly sophisticated product, aimed at institutional traders and power users. Oxygen_Light is designed to be accessible to all users, with minimal Crypto knowledge. Stay tuned for further updates, and in the meantime, happy trading! Try out Oxygen_Light now on and let us know what you think on Telegram.

OXY Staking Programme. Coming 22/04/2022.

OXY staking programme will launch on 22/04/2022 (22nd April 2022)! Staking is a way to earn rewards by committing to holding your OXY tokens for a certain period of time. It involves “locking up” tokens, ie taking them out of circulation, and getting additional tokens as a reward. OXY Ecosystem will reward its committed supporters from the OXY Community Fund. Let’s talk about some of the key points of the Oxygen staking programme. How long do you need to stake my OXY for? A minimum of 7 calendar days, a maximum of 2 years, or anything in between. After the staked period has finished, you can unstake your tokens any time with a 7-day notice period. Rewards for staking Staked tokens will receive a base of 6% staking rewards per year. 3% will be paid out as unlocked OXY, and 3% as locked OXY (in line with the unlock schedule in Oxygen Whitepaper). Boost rewards by committing for longer OXY Ecosystem will reward more its long-term supporters through “duration boost”. The welcome staking reward rates will be as per below:7 days > 6% per annum (base)3 months > 7%6 months > 8%9 months > 9%12 months > 10%18 months > 12.5%2 years > 15% per annum (max boost) It’s important to note that offered rewards are subject to change at any time by OXY token holders. The “welcome” parameters only reflect how things are right now. How to participate in staking There will be a number of ways to participate in this overtime, on and off-chain. We are working with a number of exchanges and custodians on making it available. We are also cooperating with Kudelski on the on-chain staking implementation and security audit. We will provide more detailed instructions regarding what to do closer to the launch date.

Introducing Nitrogen: the only Solana wallet you need

Staking: progress update Today, we are expanding the Oxygen ecosystem with the official launch of Nitrogen, a non-custodial mobile wallet for the Solana ecosystem that is available now on iOS and Android. Nitrogen connects everyone with opportunities to play, earn, hold, stake, collect and trade on Solana. It’s the only Solana wallet you’ll ever need — and it’s on your mobile. A new generation of games like Star Atlas and Genopets will bring millions of new users into the Solana ecosystem. According to DappRadar, the number of active games across blockchains doubled in 2021 to 398. There are over two billion gamers globally who have experience with collecting digital items. As Web 3 continues to evolve, it is clear that the link between crypto-enabled playing, owning and earning is the future. Nitrogen’s intuitive wallet provides users with ability to participate in the evolution of DeFi and GameFi on Solana and will be an important entry point to the ecosystem as a whole, including Oxygen Protocol. Nitrogen will seamlessly connect with DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces. And it will have native integration with Oxygen, allowing users to access passive income generation with one click, as well as to borrow and trade with leverage. It will also integrate with NFT marketplaces and other DeFi protocols through a generalised Web 3 adaptor. In addition, it will help Nitrogen users swap assets at best prices through optimised trade routing from Jupiter. You can download and start using Nitrogen today on iOS and Android here. Staking and Liquidity Update As we said during our AMA, we are working on our staking program. Thanks for your patience on this — we are finalising details now and look forward to confirming these on 06.03.22. As always, we welcome ongoing dialogue with the Oxy community and encourage people to continue engaging on our Telegram channel.

OXY Retains DeFi Cybersecurity Experts BTblock to Accelerate Development

FROM ALEX GREBNEV, CO-FOUNDER, OXYGEN.ORG At our AMA earlier this month, I promised to provide regular updates to our community on developments, so I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with DeFi cybersecurity specialists BTblock. This will see the BTblock team, who are closely familiar with Serum DEX and the initial Oxygen Protocol, joining us to finalise Oxygen Beta as well as Oxygen Light — a simplified version of the protocol. They will also work on the enhanced architecture that will be seen in Oxygen 2.0. There has been a tsunami of headlines recently highlighting the risks of exploitation and financial loss that can arise from a mistake in DeFi coding. By bringing the BTblock team into our development team, we desire to demonstrate that Oxygen is prepared to go the distance to maximise security through working with the best experts in the field to ensure the security and proper functioning of our protocol. The Oxygen ecosystem is an alternative financial infrastructure that is one of the few DeFi protocols live on the Solana mainnet to have been audited by Kudelski Security and BTblock. Oxygen’s on-chain prime brokerage protocol enables sophisticated institutional investors to finance their portfolios, borrow and lend assets to generate yield, and ultimately to create complex structured financial products using DeFi principles. As a DeFi protocol, it can be embedded into and composed with other projects making the capability more accessible and open to all. Beginning immediately, BTblock technologists will be working alongside the Oxygen development team. In addition to their immediate work on the development of Oxygen, the teams will also collaborate on integrating Oxygen with and other embedded finance applications. Tammy Kahn, co-founder at BTblock had this to say about the partnership with Oxygen: “Our team, led by Mikael Björn, has extensive experience reviewing Oxygen, Serum and Solana blockchain and other projects based on it. It is critical these projects do all in their power to put security and reliability first, building the foundation of trust needed to scale successfully. Our decision to team with Oxygen is a testament to their focus on safely delivering on their promise.” I’m proud of Oxygen’s achievements to date as we create an alternative financial infrastructure platform, but I’m also extremely conscious that our community wants to see further rapid progress. Through our partnership with BTblock we can deliver both exceptional security and enhanced development speed. Stay tuned for further updates. About BTblock BTblock is a technology and cybersecurity consultancy specialized in providing end-to-end security and auditing solutions, with a focus on servicing clients in the blockchain & cryptocurrency, financial and IoT sectors. BTblock has performed end-to-end security reviews for major Layer 1 & DeFi blockchain protocols including Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkdadot, and multiple NFT marketplaces. BTblock’s cybersecurity practice has some of the best DeFi logic experts in the world to test and analyze your system for potential vulnerabilities including comprehensive logic review, code review, and functionality review when advanced cryptographic or ledger solutions are used. Also, BTblock has developed FYEO, the only crypto-focused identity management and threat monitoring platform that secures and empowers enterprises and individuals on the journey to Web 3.0. For more information, visit

Oxygen and AMA

[ In case you missed it ] Thanks to everyone who joined the Oxygen and Maps AMA on 1 February. You can see the replay here (and full transcript here) but below is a brief summary of the key points. Co-Founder Alex Grebnev hosted the AMA and was joined by Scott Carlson, Head of Digital Asset Security at Kudelski Security and Simon Jones, Head of Strategy for the Oxygen and Maps projects. So what’s the status with Oxygen and Maps? Oxygen and its sister project have an exciting future. Alex Grebnev will now be the sole leader of the two projects’ development. Oxygen and Maps have approximately 50 people working on them, and we will shortly be enhancing the team by partnering with BTBlock, specialist blockchain engineers with deep knowledge of Solana blockchain and protocols on it, including Serum.. What have the projects achieved so far? Our vision is to develop a new DeFi-based financial system that makes exchanging value much easier wherever you are. With Oxygen, we are delivering on our promise of building finance without Wall Street. Our vision for Maps is to give equal access to financial services to people globally by embedding DeFi-based financial services for tens of millions of users. Oxygen is one of the few DeFi projects live on the Solana mainnet. It is also one of the few to have been audited, by Kudelski Security, which we believe is critical to building trust with institutional and individual users — and to driving liquidity. What’s coming up in 2022?The launch of Nitrogen in February, our mobile wallet for Web 3 with a focus on DeFi and GameFi. It’s a mobile, non-custodial wallet for Solana assets including NFTs.The launch of Oxygen_Light in the coming month, a streamlined version of the DeFi borrowing lending protocol that is simpler, faster and cheaper. It follows the simpler algorithmic rate setting approach for interest rates.Transitioning Oxygen to Beta post successful security audit by Kudelski to give a full DeFi prime brokerage experience.Launching Oxygen 2.0, which will take into account experience gathered so far, be built for much deeper integration with strategic partners, and provide cross-asset class support.The rollout of the Maps Wallet, planned for Q2 2022. The wallet already has a waiting list of 550,000 people, demonstrating that there is already significant demand for DeFi financial services among MapsMe retail users.Creating a Metaverse on the basis of and its 140 million existing user base. Why the radio silence until now? We recognise the need to improve engagement with our community. We are in the process of bringing on a community management team and will make sure that team is available for our users. We will do better in this area and hold more of these types of sessions and improve Medium post output to keep the community updated. Will you burn tokens? We confirmed our commitment to burning tokens. As outlined in the whitepaper, OXY token holders will have governance over what happens to net revenue generated by Oxygen. This can include burning tokens. Our key focus is to drive protocol usage to generate net revenue at this stage. How about staking and increasing liquidity? We plan to announce a program for staking and liquidity mining by the end of February. We have a multi-layered strategy, and are focused on creating a liquidity program and embedding Oxygen into different platforms with highly relevant audiences. We continue to work on a number of strategic partnerships to make Maps and Oxygen part of people’s daily lives. We’ve signed a program partnership with one of the major card companies that will be announced shortly. How are you positioned for the metaverse and GameFi? We believe that the Oxygen and Maps ecosystems are a great fit with the rise of the metaverse. GameFi is basically where DeFi was a year or year-and-a-half ago. We believe Nitrogen can be a simple, intuitive wallet for people to use as they begin their journey into play-to-earn and NFTs. A mobile wallet is one of the first points of entry for people into digital assets, and can be used naturally as an entry point into DeFi protocols such as Oxygen. Maps’ large and loyal user base is a great asset on which to launch its own metaverse, which will make it more fun and engaging for existing and new users alike. What’s next then? We’re focused on delivering on our long-term vision and the roadmap to get us there, which will generate the net revenue that powers our tokenomics. We are focused on continuing to build an alternative financial infrastructure, or finance without Wall Street, and embedding it in as much of the real world as possible. Thank you for your support — and don’t hesitate to get in touch on Telegram (

OXY/MAPS: Team Update

Alex Grebnev assumes sole leadership of and projects as co-founder Viktor Mangazeev departs ● Viktor Mangazeev steps down to pursue other interests ● wallet set to roll-out in Q2 2022, providing access to DeFi services including Oxygen to 100m+ users 1 February 2022 — Zug, Switzerland — and today confirmed that Co-Founders Alex Grebnev and Viktor Mangazeev have decided to part ways. Alex Grebnev has assumed sole leadership of both projects, as Viktor Mangazeev ends his involvement to pursue other opportunities. Alex said: “Viktor has played a key role in developing the Maps and Oxygen projects and leaves with the group’s best wishes. Oxygen is one of the few DeFi projects live on Solana mainnet and is delivering on its promise of ‘Finance without Wall Street’ by providing anyone with access to an institutional-grade decentralised prime brokerage. It has also just been through an audit by Kudelski Security. has phenomenal growth potential as we get closer to offering access to financial services to its 100+ million users.” Viktor said: “I wish Alex and the team all the best in their continued efforts to build the Oxygen and Maps projects.” Looking ahead, both Oxygen and Maps have concrete development plans for 2022 and beyond. Oxygen in 2022: ● Launch of Nitrogen, a new mobile non-custodial wallet for Solana assets designed to make DeFi, NFTs and GameFi accessible to anyone. ● Launch of Oxygen Lite ● Integration into MapsMe and other ecosystems ● Move of Oxygen to Beta in 2022 ● Rollout of the wallet in Q2 2022 ● Integration with Oxygen and other protocols, bringing access to financial services to Maps userbase, making it potentially one of the largest fintech apps in the world. ● wallet already has 550,000 waitlisted users, underlining the demand for its DeFi financial services platform Alex concluded, “2022 is going to be a critical year for both projects and the team is working flat out to deliver on the roadmap we have set out. We also fully recognise that we need to be more active in our communication with the Oxygen/Maps community and are committed to achieving this.” About Oxygen is an alternative market infrastructure ecosystem, built on the fast-growing and liquid Serum ecosystem and running on Solana’s scalable blockchain. As a DeFi protocol, Oxygen is part of a movement to create a more efficient and open financial system — or ‘Finance without Wall Street’ — that replicates the constructs of traditional finance without centralized control and intermediaries. AG is based in Switzerland, which is recognized as an advanced jurisdiction for distributed ledger technology. Oxygen works with a Big Four audit firm, with Kudelski Security (a leading independent provider of tailored cybersecurity solutions for large enterprise and public sector clients) and with international legal advisers to ensure asset safety and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit About is the world’s leading off-line mapping application for travelers. Launched in 2011 it has been downloaded more than 140 million times. More than 60 million users worldwide were active in 2021, using the app to plan and navigate journeys in 195 countries. is integrating financial services including payments, foreign exchange and passive income generation, becoming part of a new generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms that use smart contracts to allow users to transact directly with each other, rather than via a financial institution. Through the Wallet, users will also enjoy a range of exciting rewards including eSIM connectivity, cashback opportunities and discounts. For more information, visit Media Enquiries: Adam Harper (Hong Kong) Scott Krady (USA)


Our supporters and even casual observers are aware of our protocol’s tagline and introduction:Oxygen Protocol is an on-chain prime brokerage built on the growing and liquid Serum ecosystem, running on the scalable Solana blockchain , and seeded by’s 140 million users. Users have expressed enthusiasm over our decision to build our borrow-lending protocol on Serum, leveraging an on-chain orderbook to match borrowers and lenders to provide fair rates. A project like Oxygen would not be possible without Solana blockchain’s massive throughput and ultra-low costs. The idea of integration with has been met with excitement and wonder. What do we mean when we say’s users ‘seed’ or ‘provide liquidity’ to Oxygen? And how does this fit into Oxygen’s greater plans for establishing robust liquidity at the outset and building strategic partnerships that will cement Oxygen’s place as a cornerstone of the DeFi world? What is Many Oxygen supporters are surprised when they hear about while discussing our protocol. A lot of them turn out to be existing users themselves. is the world’s leading navigation and offline mapping app with nine years of history and 140 million registered users. users download offline maps to guide their travels. This is a concrete, ‘real world’ application with a well-known success story and established use case. What does Oxygen and DeFi have to do with this? To summarize, is undergoing a pivotal evolution. seeks to become the ultimate travel companion by empowering travellers with powerful and convenient financial tools and enhanced travel and mapping experiences. More specifically, 2.0 will offer a new, embedded digital wallet. The wallet will work with 35 different fiat currencies (and is, notably, not a crypto wallet). Wallet features will include convenient payment options, FX conversions at affordable rates, cross-border transfers, and a savings account whereby travellers can store excess funds and generate passive income. These are all fiat-related features that are familiar to everyone, including crypto and non-crypto audiences alike. It is important to take a closer look, however, at the passive income (yield generation) function. This is where Oxygen and DeFi get involved. That function is powered by Oxygen Protocol , which will act as a financial backend. users will interact with a highly intuitive and simple UX to enjoy their wallets earning them an APR of 8% (as an example). In fact, the user is lent digital USD to participate in Oxygen in the backend; they do not ‘see’ Oxygen’s operations or anything beyond the interface. The lent digital USD is pooled for use on Oxygen, where the protocol matches borrowers to that liquidity through the Serum DEX. It is worth noting that the provision of this valuable service to users provide liquidity for Oxygen from the lending-side. is the first major application to build on Oxygen, allowing its users to earn passive income on their embedded DeFi wallets. In this use case, users benefit from a familiar retail banking-like function without needing to know the complexities behind how it is powered. users will form a critical mass and bring liquidity and credibility to Oxygen, jump-starting our protocol as one of the largest fintech applications. Partnerships and Ecosystems Oxygen is built on Serum and Solana to base the borrow-lending protocol on a completely on-chain orderbook. Hence, Oxygen will rely on Serum DEX prices for order execution, market data, pricing, and risk management. And naturally, players in the diverse Serum ecosystem can integrate and expand on Oxygen’s functionality thanks to the composability of DeFi. As Oxygen leverages Serum and its vibrant ecosystem, we expect projects interested in integrating with or expanding on Oxygen’s functionality to take advantage of DeFi’s composability and build with us. Just as there is a burgeoning Solana and Serum ecosystem, there is also a budding Oxygen ecosystem. That said, we will need to work with Serum and Solana to get more people to develop and build on these ecosystems. Solana and Serum would also be tested in terms of concurrent transactions from individual users. These are crucial objectives to account for when rolling out a platform like ours to millions of users, and we are proud to partner with incredibly talented project leaders who have demonstrated their abilities to overcome the unique, technologically demanding issues of today. We are also finalizing details on a wide variety of incentives programs to continue attracting developers to build on the Oxygen protocol. We launched our alpha UI to allow users to create and invest via their own pools. And as is natural in DeFi, we expect the Oxygen community to develop UI interfaces that will ultimately become the primary interface to Oxygen Protocol and become new points of engagement with worldwide users. Liquidity provision partners will also be in place to bootstrap liquidity starting on day one and we continue to engage with and plan out more exciting things with those wishing to build on Oxygen, Serum, and Solana. We are just getting started. Website: Twitter: Telegram community:

Oxygen Protocol — Circulating Supply

Oxygen Protocol — Circulating Supply (Updated) Oxygen is part of a movement to replicate the financial constructs of traditional finance, without centralized control and intermediaries, and to make them accessible to everyone. Excitement and interest from the DeFi community is booming and we are more than happy with the amount of feedback and community engagement we’ve been receiving. All of our partners, builders, supporters, and investors — along with the DeFi community — are ready to breathe new life into the financial systems. We’re excited to announce our expansions on our commitments to the long-term success of Oxygen. Our team and early contributors agreed to additional token lock-ups to reduce the initial circulating supply of OXY. The circulating supply will have a hard cap of 250m for the first year. The team has agreed to the initial circulating supply and to release further tokens only if and when they are necessary to provide liquidity and meet extraordinary demand. More specifically, the hard cap of 250m includes IEO’s and auctions, liquidity (AMMs, DEXes, CEXs, etc), and the Oxygen,, and Serum ecosystems to drive the community and encourage app usage (airdrops, staking, farming, grants, in-app purchases, etc). It’s important to reiterate that all presale and team tokens are fully locked for the first year with linear vesting for the five years after that. The team and investors are committed to the long-term — and hopefully booming — success of Oxygen. Thank you again for all your interest in the OXY token ecosystem: we can proudly say that we have dedicated participants looking out for the success of the Oxygen, Serum, and Solana ecosystems. And this gives us pride in the initial growth conditions for Oxygen and its community. Update (March 10): We would like to add that out of the 250M initial circulating supply for the first year, 125M will be for liquidity provision (AMM’s, DEX’s, CEX’s), IEO’s, and auctions, and the remaining 125M will be for the Oxygen, and Serum ecosystems (including airdrops, staking, farming, and other ecosystem incentives which will be announced in due course). Please also note that after the IEO, the team will not sell circulating tokens below the IEO price. Future supply adjustments may take place in buy-back or buy-and-burn or similar programs. Website: Twitter: Telegram community:

Prime Brokerages and DeFi — Part 3

Prime Brokerages and DeFi — Part 3Our Case for Oxygen Our series has covered the various offerings of prime brokerages and DeFi’s role in making these services accessible to everyday citizens. We’ve proposed Oxygen as a champion for this cause, and many of our readers have given positive feedback. The ball is back in our court. What puts Oxygen at the forefront of the DeFi prime brokerage movement? Can we make a case for Oxygen’s effectiveness, seamlessness, and stickiness as a Decentralized App? What is our end goal? Propelling DeFi to its Robinhood Moment We’ve made bold claims about DeFi’s potential. Yet even with a blockchain like Solana to finally support massive decentralized transaction systems, DeFi remains a niche market: compare DeFi’s 1 million users with Robinhood’s 13 million. It’s an uphill battle. We see DeFi as the underdog disruptor of global financial accessibility, and not purely out of sentiment. A brief look at history reveals a number of world-changing innovations which the public initially decried as impractical hype — and rightly so. These innovations would not catch on, let alone transform the world, until improvements in costs, ease of use, and seamless integration into our daily habits made them essential. Consider the bicycle. The original bicycle’s cartoonish penny-farthing wheels, bone-shaking instability, and difficulty in mounting made them more of a trendy fad than a realistic option for commute. The introduction of normalized wheels for stability, a remodelled frame for easier mounting, and a cheaper price tag — all in the backdrop of rapidly improving pavement infrastructure — made bicycles all the rage starting the late 19th century and transformed the modern city design. Hindsight makes it easy to overlook the bicycle’s winning features: that it was inexpensive, easy to learn, and immediately usable in one’s own environment. Fast-forward to the 21st century. Just a couple of decades before Y2K, commentators were predicting the death of the laptop — a niche, burdensome, and overly costly method of mobile computing. You can guess how the story goes. Continuous improvements in affordability, slimmer form factor, and the advent of WiFi made laptops crucial for everyday life. Wireless internet connectivity spurred demand for mobile laptop designs commensurate with everyday habits. Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a world without cheap notebooks, simple OS interfaces, and a universe of applications to solve everyday problems. We believe that Oxygen represents a similar paradigm shift for DeFi. Oxygen is already a cheap and scalable prime brokerage alternative. Equally important are Oxygen’s intuitive UI and composability with current and upcoming platforms. Ease of use has been our priority since day one. Oxygen is open source, meaning anyone can use Oxygen as is and integrate it into their products or create their own UI/APIs. We have built a native, intuitive UI and supporting documentation to allow others to visualize and build on Oxygen. We also launched our alpha UI in early December, wherein users can create and invest via their own pools, and we are onboarding constructive feedback on design. Users can also connect to Oxygen protocol via API and Smart Contracts on the Solana network, meaning users can choose from a multitude of visual platforms to tap into Oxygen’s power. Graphical intuitiveness is only part of the picture. If Oxygen and the DeFi ecosystem are to blend into our lives, they must also meet the whole range of our financial service needs. Unique synergies emerge from Oxygen’s interaction with ecosystem players like Serum and Solana, making essential and powerful tools, previously inaccessible to the DeFi market, now possible. Oxygen: Version 1 Oxygen Protocol’s first phase captures the fundamental prime brokerage service set: borrowing, leveraged trading, and yield generation. As you know, Oxygen’s private pools will give users the flexibility to borrow and lend against a portfolio of assets, all composing directly with the Serum ecosystem thanks to DeFi’s permissionless. Oxygen will give rise to the following use cases: Yield generation. Users can deposit their funds and lend them out according to a number of parameters the user can choose from, including maturity and desired yield (based on a choice of market rate or limit order). Assets lent are guaranteed by the borrowers pool, allowing users to maintain borrowing power for more capital efficiency. Borrowing. Users can borrow assets against the weighted average LTV ratio of their portfolio. LP tokens can be used as collateral to borrow assets, whether you are borrowing for liquidity or going short. Cross-collateralization allows users to better manage their liquidation risk by pooling multiple types of collateral with varying LTV’s. Trading. Users can trade directly out of the pool, allowing for collective action and efficient capital usage. Readers will naturally ask where our initial liquidity originates from. We set in place a number of liquidity initiatives to accompany Oxygen’s scaling, including sourcing from the Serum DEX and another popular upcoming protocol, More specifically, the alpha version of Oxygen relies on the Serum DEX prices for order execution, market data, pricing, and risk management. We also note that any ERC-20 can be wrapped as an SPL token and can be supported on Serum DEX and Oxygen. Following the prime brokerage phase of Oxygen, we plan to create volatility trading protocols and structured product constructors and enable users to create their own structured products for themselves or their clients. The possibilities are endless, and will depend on how things proceed from here. Oxygen’s Ultimate Vision We’ve hopefully made a case for how Oxygen will recreate marketplace-type business units traditionally found in investment banks and why Oxygen (D)App will prove popular. Our ultimate vision for Oxygen is a widely adopted, completely on-chain, peer to peer prime brokerage protocol powering a sophisticated ecosystem of financial services which previously were inaccessible to a majority of the world. Fulfilling users’ essential borrow-lending and trading needs and granting multiple forms of intuitive access, directly and through other ecosystem services, is just a first step. As Oxygen leverages the Serum DEX and its vibrant ecosystem, we expect other projects interested in integrating or expanding Oxygen’s functionality to take advantage of DeFi’s composability and build with us. As we continue to build out today’s financial primitives, we welcome you to participate and help flesh out tomorrow’s ecosystem of interoperable financial services. Oxygen is an essential cornerstone on which our ecosystem players can build much bigger projects on Serum and Solana without reinventing the prime brokerage wheel. There’s much to explore. Go back to Part 2 Go back to Part 1 Website: Twitter: Telegram community:

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