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OXY Price:
$7.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OXY today is $0.046 USD.

The lowest OXY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.046, and the current live price for one OXY coin is $0.04573.

The all-time high OXY coin price was $4.02.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of OXY with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Oxygen crypto currency is #OXY.

Oxygen is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Oxygen is $2,296,241.

Oxygen is ranked #861 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small today for #OXY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Oxygen is $7,650.


The circulating supply of OXY is 50,213,107 coins, which is 1% of the maximum coin supply.


OXY is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #OXY, and you can view them on our OXY disambiguation page.



Statement Re: FTX Group

The MAPS.ME and Oxygen teams are shocked by events relating to FTX Group’s bankruptcy proceedings. Whilst FTX Group did not hold any equity [in the MAPS.ME or Oxygen businesses], it did hold a significant proportion of MAPS/Oxy tokens. It also acted as custodian for over 95% of the overall supply of our ecosystem tokens — both locked and unlocked. At this stage, like everyone else, unfortunately we have to rely entirely on information that is publicly available. We are considering all options on how to protect the MAPS & Oxy ecosystems and have retained legal advisors to assist with this ongoing process. This is a dynamic situation that impacts the entire crypto ecosystem. We will communicate next steps as soon as we have a meaningful update.

Oxygen_Staking is now Live. Generate up to 15% pa passive income on OXY

OXY holders can now start earning staking rewards through the click of a button! The OXY Staking Programme is launching with two ways to generate rewards — on-chain staking via and off-chain staking via AscendEX. We look to evolve and grow the programme over time to reward long-term supporters of OXY Ecosystem. On-Chain Staking of OXY OXY token holders can access staking directly via or Oxygen Light.Figure 1: Start earning yield on OXY now via on-chain staking Key features:Earn up to 15% APYCommitment period a minimum of 7 days, and maximum of 2 yearsStake from 100 OXYRewards paid out as 50:50 unlocked and locked tokensLocked tokens will unlock in a linear fashion until the end of 2026 (so equal rewards unlocked daily), in line with the lock-up schedule in the whitepaperOption to withdraw by giving up accrued interest (7 days notice period applies)Option to withdraw (unstake) tokens immediately for a 5% feeFigure 2: Generate passive income of up to 15% pa on OXY via on-chain staking Off-Chain Staking. Earn 10% on OXY via AscendEx We’re working to make OXY staking available on a number of CEXs and through custodians. To start with, we offer all OXY token holders the opportunity to earn 10% APY via our early exchange partner AscendEx. Key features:Earn 10% APYNo lock-up period, unbundling period of 7 daysStake from 100 OXYOption to withdraw (unstake) tokens immediately for a fee Asce...

Oxygen_Light: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3

Introducing Oxygen_Light: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3 Meet Oxygen_Light — a simpler, faster and cheaper way to borrow digital assets to trade with leverage or get liquidity, and generate passive income on Solana. It is a non-custodial algorithmic liquidity protocol, where borrow rate and yield are deterministic. They change real time depending only on the utilisation rate of a deposited asset type and pre-specified parameters of the protocol. Key benefits of the approach are its simplicity and relative familiarity of the algorithmic rate-setting as well as the fact that all depositors get some yield. This is in contrast to the orderbook-based borrowing-lending where interest rates and asset utilisation depend on the market-clearing levels.Figure 1: Borrow assets and generate passive income in 1–2–3 We start with 6 most popular assets that you can generate yield on and use as collateral at the same time: USDC, USDT, SOL, BTC, ETH, SRM. We will expand to other assets over time. We are finalising the design of our liquidity programme to drive adoption of Oxygen_Light and will release details in due course. Ecosystem will reward longer-term borrowers-lenders through Oxygen_Light as well as give preferential rates to OXY holders. We thank our key partners for their commitment to providing liquidity and risk management support. To date, we have worked closely with 2 security partners includin...

OXY Staking Programme. Coming 22/04/2022.

OXY staking programme will launch on 22/04/2022 (22nd April 2022)! Staking is a way to earn rewards by committing to holding your OXY tokens for a certain period of time. It involves “locking up” tokens, ie taking them out of circulation, and getting additional tokens as a reward. OXY Ecosystem will reward its committed supporters from the OXY Community Fund. Let’s talk about some of the key points of the Oxygen staking programme. How long do you need to stake my OXY for? A minimum of 7 calendar days, a maximum of 2 years, or anything in between. After the staked period has finished, you can unstake your tokens any time with a 7-day notice period. Rewards for staking Staked tokens will receive a base of 6% staking rewards per year. 3% will be paid out as unlocked OXY, and 3% as locked OXY (in line with the unlock schedule in Oxygen Whitepaper). Boost rewards by committing for longer OXY Ecosystem will reward more its long-term supporters through “duration boost”. The welcome staking reward rates will be as per below:7 days > 6% per annum (base)3 months > 7%6 months > 8%9 months > 9%12 months > 10%18 months > 12.5%2 years > 15% per annum (max boost) It’s important to note that offered rewards are subject to change at any time by OXY token holders. The “welcome” parameters only reflect how things are right now. How to participate in staking There will be a number of ways to par...

Introducing Nitrogen: the only Solana wallet you need

Staking: progress update Today, we are expanding the Oxygen ecosystem with the official launch of Nitrogen, a non-custodial mobile wallet for the Solana ecosystem that is available now on iOS and Android. Nitrogen connects everyone with opportunities to play, earn, hold, stake, collect and trade on Solana. It’s the only Solana wallet you’ll ever need — and it’s on your mobile. A new generation of games like Star Atlas and Genopets will bring millions of new users into the Solana ecosystem. According to DappRadar, the number of active games across blockchains doubled in 2021 to 398. There are over two billion gamers globally who have experience with collecting digital items. As Web 3 continues to evolve, it is clear that the link between crypto-enabled playing, owning and earning is the future. Nitrogen’s intuitive wallet provides users with ability to participate in the evolution of DeFi and GameFi on Solana and will be an important entry point to the ecosystem as a whole, including Oxygen Protocol. Nitrogen will seamlessly connect with DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces. And it will have native integration with Oxygen, allowing users to access passive income generation with one click, as well as to borrow and trade with leverage. It will also integrate with NFT marketplaces and other DeFi protocols through a generalised Web 3 adaptor. In addition, it will help Nitrogen users swap assets at best prices throu...

OXY Retains DeFi Cybersecurity Experts BTblock to Accelerate Development

FROM ALEX GREBNEV, CO-FOUNDER, OXYGEN.ORG At our AMA earlier this month, I promised to provide regular updates to our community on developments, so I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with DeFi cybersecurity specialists BTblock. This will see the BTblock team, who are closely familiar with Serum DEX and the initial Oxygen Protocol, joining us to finalise Oxygen Beta as well as Oxygen Light — a simplified version of the protocol. They will also work on the enhanced architecture that will be seen in Oxygen 2.0. There has been a tsunami of headlines recently highlighting the risks of exploitation and financial loss that can arise from a mistake in DeFi coding. By bringing the BTblock team into our development team, we desire to demonstrate that Oxygen is prepared to go the distance to maximise security through working with the best experts in the field to ensure the security and proper functioning of our protocol. The Oxygen ecosystem is an alternative financial infrastructure that is one of the few DeFi protocols live on the Solana mainnet to have been audited by Kudelski Security and BTblock. Oxygen’s on-chain prime brokerage protocol enables sophisticated institutional investors to finance their portfolios, borrow and lend assets to generate yield, and ultimately to create complex structured financial products using DeFi principles. As a DeFi protocol, it can be embedded into and composed with other projects ma...

Oxygen and AMA

[ In case you missed it ] Thanks to everyone who joined the Oxygen and Maps AMA on 1 February. You can see the replay here (and full transcript here) but below is a brief summary of the key points. Co-Founder Alex Grebnev hosted the AMA and was joined by Scott Carlson, Head of Digital Asset Security at Kudelski Security and Simon Jones, Head of Strategy for the Oxygen and Maps projects. So what’s the status with Oxygen and Maps? Oxygen and its sister project have an exciting future. Alex Grebnev will now be the sole leader of the two projects’ development. Oxygen and Maps have approximately 50 people working on them, and we will shortly be enhancing the team by partnering with BTBlock, specialist blockchain engineers with deep knowledge of Solana blockchain and protocols on it, including Serum.. What have the projects achieved so far? Our vision is to develop a new DeFi-based financial system that makes exchanging value much easier wherever you are. With Oxygen, we are delivering on our promise of building finance without Wall Street. Our vision for Maps is to give equal access to financial services to people globally by embedding DeFi-based financial services for tens of millions of users. Oxygen is one of the few DeFi projects live on the Solana mainnet. It is also one of the few to have been audited, by Kudelski Security, which we believe is critical to building trust with institutional and individual users...

OXY/MAPS: Team Update

Alex Grebnev assumes sole leadership of and projects as co-founder Viktor Mangazeev departs ● Viktor Mangazeev steps down to pursue other interests ● wallet set to roll-out in Q2 2022, providing access to DeFi services including Oxygen to 100m+ users 1 February 2022 — Zug, Switzerland — and today confirmed that Co-Founders Alex Grebnev and Viktor Mangazeev have decided to part ways. Alex Grebnev has assumed sole leadership of both projects, as Viktor Mangazeev ends his involvement to pursue other opportunities. Alex said: “Viktor has played a key role in developing the Maps and Oxygen projects and leaves with the group’s best wishes. Oxygen is one of the few DeFi projects live on Solana mainnet and is delivering on its promise of ‘Finance without Wall Street’ by providing anyone with access to an institutional-grade decentralised prime brokerage. It has also just been through an audit by Kudelski Security. has phenomenal growth potential as we get closer to offering access to financial services to its 100+ million users.” Viktor said: “I wish Alex and the team all the best in their continued efforts to build the Oxygen and Maps projects.” Looking ahead, both Oxygen and Maps have concrete development plans for 2022 and beyond. Oxygen in 2022: ● Launch of Nitrogen, a new mobile non-custodial wallet for Solana assets designed to make DeFi, N...


Our supporters and even casual observers are aware of our protocol’s tagline and introduction:Oxygen Protocol is an on-chain prime brokerage built on the growing and liquid Serum ecosystem, running on the scalable Solana blockchain , and seeded by’s 140 million users. Users have expressed enthusiasm over our decision to build our borrow-lending protocol on Serum, leveraging an on-chain orderbook to match borrowers and lenders to provide fair rates. A project like Oxygen would not be possible without Solana blockchain’s massive throughput and ultra-low costs. The idea of integration with has been met with excitement and wonder. What do we mean when we say’s users ‘seed’ or ‘provide liquidity’ to Oxygen? And how does this fit into Oxygen’s greater plans for establishing robust liquidity at the outset and building strategic partnerships that will cement Oxygen’s place as a cornerstone of the DeFi world? What is Many Oxygen supporters are surprised when they hear about while discussing our protocol. A lot of them turn out to be existing users themselves. is the world’s leading navigation and offline mapping app with nine years of history and 140 million registered users. users download offline maps to guide their travels. This is a concrete, ‘real world’ application with a well-known success story and established use case. What does Oxyge...

Oxygen Protocol — Circulating Supply

Oxygen Protocol — Circulating Supply (Updated) Oxygen is part of a movement to replicate the financial constructs of traditional finance, without centralized control and intermediaries, and to make them accessible to everyone. Excitement and interest from the DeFi community is booming and we are more than happy with the amount of feedback and community engagement we’ve been receiving. All of our partners, builders, supporters, and investors — along with the DeFi community — are ready to breathe new life into the financial systems. We’re excited to announce our expansions on our commitments to the long-term success of Oxygen. Our team and early contributors agreed to additional token lock-ups to reduce the initial circulating supply of OXY. The circulating supply will have a hard cap of 250m for the first year. The team has agreed to the initial circulating supply and to release further tokens only if and when they are necessary to provide liquidity and meet extraordinary demand. More specifically, the hard cap of 250m includes IEO’s and auctions, liquidity (AMMs, DEXes, CEXs, etc), and the Oxygen,, and Serum ecosystems to drive the community and encourage app usage (airdrops, staking, farming, grants, in-app purchases, etc). It’s important to reiterate that all presale and team tokens are fully locked for the first year with linear vesting for the five years after that. The team and investors...


Mat Collishaw Claims Heterosis NFT Art Project is Unmatched by Any Other...

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Compelling Arguments in Favor of Grayscale's Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval b...

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US Markets Tumble as Real Estate Weakens, Putin Suspends Nuclear Treaty,...

    On Tuesday, all four major U.S. benchmark stock indexes fell as real estate data showed home sales dropped by 0.7% last month and Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended the nuclear arms control treaty with the United States. Additionally, the chief U.S. equity strategist at Morgan Stanley said the stock market is in a 'death zone' and could drop another 26%.Investor Fears of a Prolonged Recession Swell, U.S. Tensions With Russia Further Disrupt Global Markets On Tuesday, markets traded lower compared to the previous day as investors have been shaken by the current macroeconomic backdrop. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) published a report on Tuesday showing the U.S. real estate market weakening, with home sales slipping 0.7% in January. The price of gold and silver as well as the crypto economy dropped, with the latter shedding 1.37% over the last 24 hours, down to $1.11 trillion. Stocks followed the same pattern, with all four major stock indexes (DJI, GSPC, IXIC, RUT) dipping 1.9% to 2.79% lower. The NAR report, coupled with the continued elevated inflation, has investors worried that the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue to hike rates, and some think it could crush the U.S. economy. Moreover, tensions between the United States and Russia rose significantly on Tuesday, and many believe we are on the brink of a third World War. Russian president Vladimir Putin suspended the New START Nuclear Treaty and put missiles on combat readiness. Putin said that the We... read More

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