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OCC Price:
$29.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$6.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OCC today is $0.18 USD.

The lowest OCC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.182, and the exact current price of one OCC crypto coin is $0.18219.

The all-time high OCC coin price was $19.17.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of OCC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for OccamFi crypto currency is #OCC.

OccamFi is 5.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for OccamFi is $6,929,085.

OccamFi is ranked #741, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #OCC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for OccamFi is $29,623.


The circulating supply of OCC is 38,032,705 coins, which is 38% of the total coin supply.


OCC has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #OCC, and you can view them on our OCC disambiguation page.



Humanode, incubated by the Occam DAO, to Launch IDO on OccamRazer

March 9, 2023 — Zug, Switzerland — The Occam DAO is pleased to announce that Humanode, a project incubated by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in November 2022, will launch its initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) on the OccamRazer platform. The HMND token IDO will take place on March 17, 2023. After more than two years of development, Humanode has created a unique blockchain ecosystem with the mantra of “One human, One vote, One node.” Its technology stack is designed to support the concept of consensus and Sybil resistance, eliminating issues related to centralization and plutocracy that are common in proof-of-stake and proof-of-work networks. Humanode’s advanced biometric authentication technology provides both “proof-of-uniqueness” and “proof-of-existence,” making it more secure and transparent. At the application level, Humanode’s biometric tech ensures Sybil resistance to identities in DAOs, public goods, decentralized finance (DeFi) and GameFi on any blockchain. Following a DAO-led vote, the Occam DAO integrated with Humanode; the strategic partnership provided the Occam DAO with a new ecosystem to help build from the ground up and offered the Humanode team the DAO’s expertise and strength as an incubation layer. The Occam DAO will lend its launchpad, OccamRazer, for the sale of the HMND token on March 17, 2023. HMND is a digital asset that has value and utility wit...

Occam DAO x NEARStarter

Two DeFi giants coming together. - Following a successful strategic partnership formed in the summer of 2022, the Occam DAO and NEARStarter are collaborating again to strengthen each other’s ecosystems. As part of this partnership, both projects will perform a token swap of $5000 in their native tokens. NEARStarter will add the $OCC tokens received to their NEARIA index pool, with the Occam DAO adding the value of their $NSTART tokens to their ‘Chakra’ pool for the benefit of their members. These two DeFi powerhouses work together to provide thousands of users with decentralized funding infrastructure, and early-stage investment opportunities. Collaborating in this way, they can each have a remarkable material effect on each other’s ecosystems and communities, with this token swap only being the start of their collaboration this year. — The Occam DAO. — The Occam DAO is a community-governed interchain incubator that helps young and seasoned projects achieve their full potential in the Web3 space. The DAO is active across multiple top-tier chains, and has over 30,000 staking members. The Occam DAO is helping to make DeFi, and early-stage Web3 investment accessible to all. Learn more about the Occam DAO: Telegram — Discord — Twitter — Blog — Website — NEARStarter. — NEARStarter is a next-generation launchpad and tokenized incubator with the full capability and resources...

Wavelength and Occam DAO Join Forces

Occam DAO x Wavelength: The people’s DEX - The Occam DAO, an interchain DAO-governed incubator, and Wavelength, a next-generation Automated Market Maker, are proud to announce a new partnership to bring their combined expertise and resources to the Velas DeFi ecosystem. Much like the Occam DAO, Wavelength is aiming for full community governance and ownership of their protocol, and utilizes highly efficient customizable liquidity pools built upon BalancerV2’s ingenious system to allow low-slippage trading on Velas blockchain. Together with the Occam DAO, the two projects aim to revolutionize the DeFi landscape on Velas and modernize its ecosystem. — The Occam DAO’s role - The Occam DAO will work with the Wavelength team to create and execute marketing campaigns that will help increase awareness and adoption of the exchange. This will include a range of tactics such as social media marketing, content creation, and community building. All of this will be achieved using the Occam DAO’s existing incubation infrastructure, in addition to its thriving ambassador program. With the aid of the Occam DAO, Wavelength will cement its place as the premier DEX on the Velas network and leverage the interchain nature of the Occam DAO to discover new opportunities in the future. Wavelength will also be contributing to the Chakra pool; the weighted-basket of tokens backing its new rewards system. With this contribution, Waveleng...

Occam the Monk: The Aspects Within

Meditations at the summit - Occam had scaled the very tallest peak of the mountains in his search for DeFi enlightenment, and smiled wistfully at the sight before him… Ancient mountains topped with snow, soaring from the bedrock of the earth like jagged teeth, and splitting the very clouds with their immensity. In his mind, the great peaks of DeFi kept an ever-watchful presence over the natural flow of life in the valleys and rivers at their feet — ensuring balance, and strong flows of liquidity to the world beyond. “Yes. This place is perfect for my meditations, I can feel the very essence of DeFi here… No controls, and no boundaries — just freedom and the natural course of the world toward a better future.” It was here then, atop DeFi’s greatest peak — that Occam the Monk took a sitting stance and closed his eyes; taking this last sight of the natural majesty before him into his meditative trance, and allowing himself to drift into a higher plane of mental clarity. Nature, however — can be both beautiful and cruel, and Occam had not considered that he may not be alone in this remote, rocky wilderness… — Ferocity and hunger, the beast approaches! - It lurched forwards with each step, almost lazy in its movements; each footfall of its massive paws dislodging loose rock from the mountainside; it had been on the move for months, and its inexorable progress had already devoured count...

A new era for the Occam DAO

The Occam DAO is moving forward rapidly, and as we described in the ‘Temple Path’ series of OIPs back in July of 2022 — the subject of governance is one of the most important to the future success of the DAO. Our vision of governance is simple in theory, but like many good things, it is exceedingly tricky to implement properly. The goal is to provide a system that is, above all else, easy to use — as proper democratic governance of the Occam DAO can only be achieved through maximum participation and engagement from our members. We have been saying for a few months now that the ‘Occam DAO is moving to Discord’, which is not without reason. Discord allows us to concentrate our community, governance, and reputation systems on a single platform we use daily. This concentration is a primary driver of the participation we wish to achieve. When you can take part in on-chain governance using the communications platform already utilized by the DAO, the barriers to entry for our members reduce significantly. The Occam DAO is building something exceptional; an innovation accelerator that follows a robust set of principles and attention to detail that allows us to go beyond what others in the space are capable of — especially in decentralized governance. Our ultimate goal has always been to offer an equitable, inclusive governance model for our community that allows a meaningful level of participation for all m...

Occam DAO and Velas Blockchain Officially Partner

Occam DAO x Velas Blockchain - Velas Network launched its Mainnet in July of 2019, and it is the first and fastest EVM/eBPF Hybrid blockchain that allows decentralized applications and smart contracts to be built on its mainnet. Velas is highly scalable and capable of validating over 50,000 transactions per second. The network offers ideal foundations for web3 builders to implement dApps and decentralized projects that boast market-defining speed, and equal convenience of use. Last month (October 2022), Occam DAO’s ambassadors had the unique opportunity to interview the CEO of Wavelength, a project building on the Velas Network. This offered a glimpse into what it is like to work with the network, and discover more about it through a Discord Soapbox session — a channel on Discord intended for project teams to present their ideas, technology, and themselves to the entire Occam DAO. You can find the original chat here. Following the Soapbox session, the Velas team submitted an Occam Improvement Proposal (OIP) where they expressed their desire to partner with the Occam DAO in order to further grow the Velas ecosystem. In the meantime, we learned more about the project via an insightful Twitter Space AMA with the Velas team. The Velas team has also pledged a contribution to the CHAKRA pool, so when the $CHAKRA token goes live its value will be backed by $VLX, Velas Network’s native token. — Velas Blockchain OIP...

Occam DAO <> Galactica Network

In pursuit of (zero) knowledge - The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that in previous months, zero knowledge cryptography has become a key part of our on-going research efforts. The bear market has proven itself time and again to be the ideal time to allow oneself to focus on the completion of such research, and as of 2022, ZKC certainly qualifies as a stand-out technology in this regard. We have been actively searching for promising ecosystems and projects in the ZK space, and believe that we have found one that deserves the attention of the OccamDAO community in the form of our friends at Galactica Network. — Privacy and compliance on-chain - Galactica Network is being built by a team working on the frontiers of what is possible in contemporary Web3, and is designed to deliver the compliance so sorely needed in the post FTX crypto world, while maintaining full privacy for users via ZKC. Galactica Network features the concept of reputation, a critical societal primitive, which, when modeled on-chain through their zk-based tech stack, enables true meritocracy, the foundation of DeSoc, and the future of Web3. DeFi currently has several drawbacks, such as the lack of capital efficiency due to the prevalence of Sybil attacks — lenders simply can’t trust an anonymous account with anything other than massive overcollateralization as addresses are too easy to manipulate and duplicate. The reputation-augmented D...

The ZKC Industry Investment Theses

The Value Chain of ZK-everything - Zero Knowledge Cryptography (ZKC) is among the most vital innovations in computer science over the last half century. Recent advances in ZKC research and technological stack have been instrumental in making the foundation of the future industry forming around the demand for computational integrity loom in bold outlines to any observer daring to stare into the abyss of its mathematical complexity. While the full extent of implications of wide adoption of ZKC primitives are yet not well understood, it is all but certain that it will produce innumerable advances in industries, such as cybersecurity [1], ML and AI [2], and, of course, the wider blockchain space [3]. As any industry, ZKC revolves around the market for its core product, the computational integrity, and thus can be decomposed into the elements of its value chain. Every nexus of the value chain and their derivatives power the ZKC-powered products and hence understanding it is instrumental in assessing the ultimate profit generating potential and flows of residual value of and within this emerging industry. The focus of this memo is applications of ZKC in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). From this vantage point we have the following view of the investable segments of ZKC value chain: — 1. Mathematical Research. — The mathematical research on optimization of algorithmic complexity makes the generation and verificatio...

The Occam DAO integrates with

Occam DAO x Humanode - Humanode is an ambitious layer one chain that has been in development for over two years, whose primary mantra and tech stack revolves around the unique concept of ‘One human, One vote, One node’. The Humanode team are taking advantage of some of the most advanced biometric authentication available to provide consensus and sybil resistance in the form of both ‘proof-of-uniqueness’, and ‘proof-of-existence’ — with their system removing many of the centralisation-via-plutocracy issues that plague PoS and PoW networks. On the application level Humanode private biometric tech brings Sybil resistance to Identites inside DAOs, public goods, DeFi and Gamefi on any chain. Following a wonderful introduction by their team on the Occam DAO Discord server, the Humanode team agreed to take part as the first participant in the new ‘Soapbox’ talk concept — a channel on Discord intended for project teams to present their ideas, technology, and themselves to the entire Occam DAO. If you were to head on over to the Soapbox channel now (located here) you would find the full session, and some incredibly valuable information on Humanode’s plans. Following this session of questioning by the Occam ambassadors and the core DAO contributors, we just knew wehad found a potential gem of a partner; a brand new, high-quality, and above-all innovative layer one protocol which had multiple synergistic ...

OCX Distribution & Staking

The time has come - The much awaited launch and distribution of OCX tokens has arrived! We’d like to start off this announcement with a big thank you for your patience during this time, and for the support and understanding you have given us. As promised, the launch of $OCX will be accompanied by the introduction of the OCX Staking function — but before we get into that, let’s briefly review the overall $OCX token campaign: The OccamX DEX is powered by the $OCX token, which, during the campaign, users could earn by contributing to the ecosystem in a multitude of different ways; specifically 5 unique ways of getting involved were available: Staking your $OCC tokens on the OccamRazer platform, Liquidity mining the OCC/ETH pair on Uniswap, or OCC/BNB on Pancakeswap, Delegating to the pOCC Cardano stake pool, Holding the CNT variant of the OCC token in a Cardano wallet, Providing liquidity to the OccamX DEX, The total amount of OCX allocated to items 1–4 of the campaign is 30,000,000 OCX. Tokens for 1–3 are vested. The final OCX campaign calculation per address can be found here. Item 5 on our list — Liquidity provision for the OccamX DEX — has its own, separate allocation of 15,000,000 $OCX, and any tokens earned this way are not subject to a vesting schedule. Now that we have a basic overview, let’s dive a little deeper into the details. — OCX Distribution - There are several di...


Bitrue Announces Support For Cardano (ADA) As Base Pair On Exchange

    Crypto exchange Bitrue has announced the addition of Cardano (ADA) as a base pair on the platform. Starting February 24th, users of the platform will be able to trade its wide variety of crypto options using the digital asset as a base pair. Initial coin pairs for ADA will be ETH, SOL, LTC, ICP, XDC, SHIB, GALA, AVAX, MATIC, and MANA, and Bitrue will continue to add more trading pairs on a weekly basis. Bitrue has continuously supported the Cardano blockchain and this is the latest step in that streak. From being the first exchange to provide support for Cardano native assets in June 2021 with the launch of OccamFi to being the only exchange to support community stake pools with over 2 million ADA in contributions delegated to pools run by trusted community members, Bitrue continues to stand by the network. 'Bitrue has shown a long-term commitment to the Cardano community and the numerous teams that are building within it, gradually integrating ADA into every single product or service that we offer on our exchange,” Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue. “The addition of an ADA base pair re-affirms our commitment to this coin.” Cardano (ADA) has continued to grow rapidly earning the number 3 spot for the most developed cryptocurrencies in the space. Bitrue is committed to supporting the digital asset in its journey through continuous integrations on its platform. O’Neill continued on to say; 'The ADA community has been growing fast thro... read More

Bitrue To List SundaeSwap As Cardano's DEX Gets Off To A Rocky Sta...

    PRESS RELEASE. SundaeSwap (SUNDAE) has been added to the list of tradable assets supported by leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue. This development comes at a time when the launch of SundaeSwap on Cardano (ADA) was met with many technical issues such as congestion which still continue even now. Still, Cardano developers have stated that fixes are being made and regular operations shall continue as soon as possible. SundaeSwap may best be understood as a decentralized trading protocol, token-staking platform and DEX powered by the Cardano network that has grown in popularity since its initial release in January of this year. In the week leading up to its introduction, the price of ADA, the native token of the Cardano blockchain, increased by about 50%. Bitrue's relationship with Cardano Bitrue has a long history of working with Cardano projects. With the debut of OccamFi in June 2021, they were the inaugural exchange to enable trading for Cardano native assets, and they were also the first exchange to support community stake pools with contributions of 2,000,000 ADA delegated to pools operated by trustworthy community members. 'We are excited to promote Cardano as one of the industry's top chains, as we envision a tremendous number of interesting new tokens using the outstanding speeds and throughput that Cardano is able to handle,' stated Adam O'Neill, Bitrue's Chief Marketing Officer. Listing SUNDAE SUNDAE, in particular, is a token that Bitrue is delighted to support. Su... read More

SundaeSwap Token SUNDAE Debuts On Bitrue Crypto Exchange

    SundaeSwap’s native token SUNDAE is set to go live on the Bitrue crypto exchange. Decentralized trading protocol SundaeSwap had been launched to much fanfare from the community, seeing the price of ADA rally 50% in its wake. It has since grown in popularity and is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain. Bitrue which has been a strong supporter of Cardano projects announced that SUNDAE will be added to the list of tradeable assets on the platform. Bitrue was the first crypto exchange to support trading for OccamFi, a native asset on the Cardano network. It is also the only crypto exchange with support for community stake pools of over 2 million ADA in contributes. All of the ADA are delegated to pools run by trusted community members of the platform. Bitrue will introduce a SUNDAE/USDT pair that will be open to trading for all platform users. Trading on SUNDAE will begin on February 14th, 2022 (PST). The addition of SUNDAE to Bitrue’s suite of assets provides a unique opportunity for Cardano community members to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Bitrue, while simultaneously showing support for the foremost DEX on the network. Adam O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, expressed support for the blockchain, saying, “We are looking forward to supporting Cardano through 2022 as one of the industry’s leading chains, as we are seeing a huge number of promising new coins leveraging the impressive speeds and throug... read More

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