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Native Utility Token  


NUT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$18.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NUT today is $1.88 USD.

The lowest NUT price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.88, and the exact current price of one NUT crypto coin is $1.88142.

The all-time high NUT coin price was $6.10.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NUT with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Native Utility Token crypto currency is #NUT.

Native Utility Token is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Native Utility Token is $18,352,238.

Native Utility Token is ranked #1089 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #NUT.


The circulating supply of NUT is 9,754,438 coins, which is 98% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Native Utility Token is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


NUT has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #NUT, and you can view them on our NUT disambiguation page.



Introducing Q Token and Enhancing Equilibrium’s Ecosystem

Abstract: This proposal outlines a strategic shift in Equilibrium’s tokenomics by introducing a new token, Q, and a corresponding substitution mechanism for EQ and Q tokens. The initiative addresses current challenges and positions Equilibrium as a leader in the Polkadot ecosystem’s liquid staking derivatives space. Introduction: Ever since the inception of Equilibrium, our vision has been to establish it as the premier DeFi platform within the Polkadot ecosystem. However, despite our technological advancements and unique offerings, the current Polkadot environment prompted a reevaluation. The Polkadot ecosystem’s focus on application chains and the growing popularity of Liquid Staking Derivatives has shifted priorities, leading us to propose a token swap and introduce Q tokens. Rationale for Token Substitution: The substitution of EQ with the Q token is suggested because of changes in the Polkadot ecosystem and shifting our focus to servicing the market of Liquid Staking Derivatives. Polkadot has one of the highest inflation rates among all DPoS chains, currently at around 18% APR and over 40% of the DOT supply staked. This alone provides the basis for Liquid Staking Derivatives in the Polkadot ecosystem. Various protocols are involved in providing derivatives on users’ staked DOT. Acala, Bifrost, Parallel, Equilibrium, Taiga, and most recently, Stellaswap on Moonbeam offer different versions of Liquid Staked Dots wi...

Equilibrium 35th Community Call Recap

For our 35th community call, Alex Melikhov (our CEO), sat down with Peter Sergeev (our product manager and business analyst) to shed more light on our LSD portal and its impact on liquid DOT staking in Polkadot and beyond. There were lots of interesting takeaways. Let’s get into it. — Ultimate LSD portal for Polkadot. — In our last community call, we outlined our roadmap for rolling out the liquid-staked DOT (LSD) app. We thought of introducing interesting use cases for DOT wrappers so they’re more useful for their holders on Polkadot. An example is creating several DOT staking opportunities in which users can stake their DOT and get a DOT wrapper in return (like eqDOT: Equilibrium’s DOT wrapper) without waiting for 28 days to pull out the staked DOT. Initially, when you stake your DOT, you lose access to its liquidity because it’s locked within the staking mechanism. This is the same with liquid staking, except that you could swap your LSD for DOT. But that was just it: there were not many prominent use cases for LSD on Polkadot. We’re changing the game by allowing you to mint EQD stablecoin while maintaining access to your DOT liquidity. You can generate EQD stablecoin using your liquid DOT wrappers as collateral and use the stablecoins within the Polkadot ecosystem. In November, we will begin third-party integrations. We’ve already teased our airdrop campaigns with our partners, so follow us close...

Presentamos el centro de LSD definitivo de Equilibrium

Por qué los LSD son importantes. — Como todo el mundo sabe, los LSD son tokens que representan activos en juego. Como prueba de participación, los usuarios de blockchains deben bloquear sus tokens para proteger la cadena de bloques y recibir recompensas por hacerlo. Ahí es donde entran los LSD: ofrecen una manera conveniente para que los usuarios obtengan recompensas por apostar y al mismo tiempo puedan canjear el valor del activo subyacente en forma de un derivado líquido apostado o LSD. Una ventaja clave de los LSD es que se pueden usar libremente en DeFi y, al mismo tiempo, obtener rendimiento por apuesta. Esto permite estrategias avanzadas para ganar recompensas adicionales. Por ejemplo, los usuarios pueden maximizar las recompensas de la apuesta creando un bucle en el que los LSD se utilizan para prestar más activos y los activos prestados se apuestan de forma líquida para acuñar más tokens de LSD. Otros casos de uso notables incluyen: Usar LSD como garantía para acuñar/tomar prestadas monedas estables, Uso de LSD en pools de seguros para proteger sistemas como Equilibrium., Proporcionar LSD para que otros usuarios los tomen prestados., Agricultura en fondos de liquidez para permitir intercambios entre un activo y su LSD, Todos estos casos de uso se muestran en nuestro nuevo centro LSD llamado Comenzando con el ecosistema de Polkadot y expandiéndose a otros más adelante, permite a los af...

Introducing Equilibrium’s Ultimate LSD Hub

Why LSDs are important. — As everyone knows, LSDs are tokens that represent staked assets. In proof of stake blockchains users are required to lock up their tokens to secure the blockchain and receive staking rewards for doing so. That’s where LSDs come in: they offer a convenient way for users to earn staking rewards while being able to redeem the value of the underlying asset in a form of a liquid staked derivative or LSD. A key advantage of LSDs is they can be freely used in DeFi while simultaneously earning staking yield. This enables advanced strategies to earn additional rewards. For example, users can maximize staking rewards by creating a loop where LSDs are used to loan more assets, and loaned assets are liquid staked to mint more LSD tokens. Other notable use cases include: using LSDs as collateral to mint/borrow stablecoins, using LSDs in insurance pools to secure systems like Equilibrium, providing LSDs to be borrowed by other users, farming in liquidity pools to enable swaps between an asset and its LSD, All of these use cases are on display in our brand-new LSD hub called Starting with the Polkadot ecosystem and expanding to others later on, it empowers DeFi aficionados to use their LSDs and get access to instant dollar liquidity. — is our new LSD hub. — Yes, Equilibrium launches its ultimate LSD hub under a brand-new domain name,, and it opens a new ch...

Equilibrium 34th Community Call Recap

It’s almost 2 years now we’ve been holding these community calls with you, but it feels just like yesterday: the feeling is so surreal. We appreciate all the support you’re showing us. Thank you! In September’s edition, we discussed our LSD (liquid staked DOT) roadmap, the Polkadot Asset Hub integration, announced the 300 EQD giveaway with Beamswap and much more! Without further ado about anything, let’s get right into it. — Equilibrium is the first parachain to join the Polkadot Asset Hub. — In our previous community call, we talked about joining Polkadot’s Asset Hub (formerly called Statemint). Today, we are excited to inform you that we are the first parachain in the ecosystem to integrate our tokens in the Asset Hub! We’re so over the moon. You can find our assets (EQ and EQD) by navigating to the Foreign Assets pallet on the Polkadot js. They are two of the only three foreign assets currently on the hub. Now we can’t wait for the release of Statemint’s (now Asset Hub) Uniswap DEX v2, which we believe will be released in a few months. This development will see most of our assets traded on the platform. It will also help the different exchanges integrate with the Asset Hub’s interface and API as opposed to individually connecting all the parachains all over again. — EQD will be available via Banxa fiat on-ramp. — If you haven’t already heard of Banxa, they’re one of th...

Mercados de predicción en Genshiro: por qué ahora y cómo afecta a GENS

¡Buenas noticias, genshirianos! Hemos estado trabajando en un nuevo producto para Genshiro y lo lanzamos a finales de agosto. Esta idea ha estado en proceso durante bastante tiempo y no hemos tenido la oportunidad de compartir todos los detalles hasta ahora. Como ya sabrá, el producto es “Mercados de predicción”. Para dejar salir al gato de la bolsa, fue diseñado para desbloquear la utilidad GENS y sus características incluso mejoran la tokenómica de GENS. El término “Mercados de Predicción” puede incluso parecer un término sacado de un libro de texto de economía; este artículo le dirá de qué se trata y cómo puede beneficiarse de él. ¡Vamos a sumergirnos! — ¿Qué son los mercados de predicción?. — Un contrato de Prediction Markets es un concepto tomado de las finanzas tradicionales. En pocas palabras, se trata de apostar por uno de los dos resultados de una operación, que podría ser un “sí” o un “no”. En esencia, el producto le permite apostar a un resultado fijo de un evento: al igual que apostar a que su equipo favorito gane un partido deportivo. Otra característica interesante de Prediction Markets es que el resultado de cada operación está predeterminado, por lo que ya conoce sus posibles pagos o pérdidas antes de apostar en una operación. — ¿Por qué los mercados de predicción?. — Anteriormente, habíamos construido una extensa infraestructura DeFi en G...

Prediction Markets on Genshiro: Why Now and How It Impacts GENS

Big news, Genshirians! We’ve been working on a new product for Genshiro and launched it at the end of August. This idea has been in the works for quite some time, and we didn’t have a chance to share full details of it until now. As you may already know, the product is ‘Prediction Markets’. To let the cat out of the bag, it was designed to unlock GENS utility and its features even improve GENS tokenomics. The term ‘Prediction Markets’ can even sound like a term picked out from an economics textbook, this article will tell you what it is about and how you can benefit from it. Let’s dive in! — What Are Prediction Markets?. — A Prediction Markets contract is a concept picked up from traditional finance. Simply put, it is betting on one of two outcomes of a trade, which could be either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. In essence, the product allows you to bet on a fixed outcome of an event: just like betting on your favorite team to win a sports game. Another interesting feature of Prediction Markets is that every trade’s outcome is predetermined, so you already know your potential payout or losses before you bet on a trade. — Why Prediction Markets?. — Previously we had built out an extensive DeFi infrastructure on Genshiro: there was a dex, a stablecoin, lending and borrowing, insurance to name just a few key products. Unfortunately, this unique blend of innovative products was not enough t...

Beamswap DEX Lists Equilibrium’s Polkadot-native EQD Stablecoin

Equilibrium is thrilled to announce its long-awaited integration with Beamswap, a DeFi hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring an AMM DEX. Moreover, users are able to add liquidity, conduct peer-to-peer transactions, exchange fungible tokens, and generate passive earnings from staking and yield farming. The integration unlocks a bunch of new opportunities for EQD holders. Upon being supported on the Beamswap DEX, users can seamlessly trade their assets, farm yield in the EQD-xcUSDT pool, and enjoy EQD and GLINT rewards! The EQD-xcUSDT pool contains two stablecoins, meaning there is no impermanent loss for yield farmers. This makes it a great place to earn yield. Dual farming rewards result in higher APRs and greater flexibility in taking profits. Stablecoin rewards are particularly nice for farmers, as they provide utility and convenience out of the box (no need for extra swaps). 👉Get EQD in the Equilibrium app: 👉Learn how to start earning rewards in the EQD-USDT farm from this step-by-step guide: Another incentivized campaign with Beamswap is on the way, so stay tuned! — EQD Stablecoin. — EQD is a Polkadot-native asset-backed stablecoin with a 1:1 peg to USD. EQD can be minted against a well-diversified portfolio of assets, thereby significantly reducing a borrower’s collateral risks. EQD use cases extend beyond Equilibrium through its extensive connections with other ...

Resumen de la 33ª convocatoria comunitaria de Equilibrium

Ya es nuestra llamada comunitaria número 33 y estamos agradecidos de que haya estado con nosotros desde el primer día. Durante esta llamada, el equipo de Equilibrium cubrió muchos temas importantes, a saber, la resolución del problema de Multichain, nuestra integración Beamswap, el lanzamiento de nuestro nuevo producto en Genshiro y muchos otros. Sin más preámbulos, profundicemos. — Hoja de ruta del portal LSD de Polkadot. — Si acaba de oír hablar de nuestro programa LSD, significa Liquid Stake Derivatives. Y esperamos dos grandes anuncios este octubre: la expiración del primer lote de parachains y el desbloqueo de 100.000.000 DOT (cien millones). Creemos que esta subasta de parachain es una oportunidad fantástica para que los proyectos DeFi, específicamente aquellos que ejecutan staking líquido, atraigan liquidez con este DOT desbloqueado. Prevemos que se avecinan tiempos emocionantes, ya que esto también podría brindarnos la oportunidad de ser un emisor de moneda estable EQD, ya que tenemos un montón de wrappedDOT líquidos potenciales. Acuñar moneda estable contra su DOT apostado en su billetera le brinda acceso instantáneo a la liquidez del DOT. La hoja de ruta para este desarrollo es la siguiente: Actualmente estamos finalizando la creación de prototipos de las interfaces de usuario del portal LSD y comunicándonos con socios sobre posibles colaboraciones., Septiembre: trabajando en el có...

Equilibrium 33rd Community Call Recap

It’s already our 33rd Community Call, and we’re thankful you stuck with us from day one. During this call, the Equilibrium team covered many important topics, namely the Multichain issue resolution, our Beamswap integration, the launch of our new product on Genshiro, and several others. Without further ado, let’s dive in. — Polkadot’s LSD portal roadmap. — If you’re just hearing about LSD, it stands for Liquid Staking Derivatives. And we’re expecting two big announcements this October: the expiration of the first batch of parachains and the unlocking of DOT 100,000,000 (one hundred million). We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for DeFi projects, specifically those running liquid staking, to attract liquidity with unlocked DOT. We envisage exciting times ahead as this could also give us the opportunity to be an emitter of EQD stablecoin since we have a bunch of potential liquid DOT wrappers. Minting your stablecoin against your staked DOT in your wallet gives you instant access to DOT liquidity. The roadmap for this development is thus; We’re currently finalizing prototyping the LSD portal’s user interfaces and liaising with partners on possible collaborations., September: working on the codebase and integrations. We plan to open up more liquidity pools for the EQD stablecoin and introduce more use cases so it can be easily swapped, redeemed, or off-ramped to cash., October: planned mainn...

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