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NOS Price:
$93.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$620.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NOS today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest NOS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the exact current price of one NOS crypto coin is $0.01902.

The all-time high NOS coin price was $0.52.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NOS with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Nosana crypto currency is #NOS.

Nosana is a newer coin by our records, at least 10.3 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Nosana is $620,206.

Nosana is ranking upwards to #870 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #NOS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nosana is $93,416.


The circulating supply of NOS is 32,609,668 coins, which is 33% of the maximum coin supply.


NOS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #NOS, and you can view them on our NOS disambiguation page.



Our Updated Roadmap

Nosana’s Development is Steadily Progressing. — — A quick re-cap of the developments and a new roadmap reveal - We can all agree that the past few months have been exciting for both the team and our community. Our recent progress has been swift, and you can expect the same momentum going forward. Before we get into the updated roadmap, let’s briefly go over just some of the things that we’ve accomplished so far. Staking & Rewards Our staking and rewards system passed its third-party audit, was deployed, and has been a great success. Users are able to stake NOS tokens for a variable amount of time. A user stake has two values attached to it: Staked NOS and xNOS. The staked NOS represents the number of tokens that the vault actually holds for the user that can be slashed or unstaked, while xNOS is a value indicating a user’s rank for purposes like giveaways and voting. One of the primary advantages of staking is the ability to receive token rewards. The reward pool is derived from future network usage in the form of network fees. Because the network is still in its early stages, the current rewards pool is derived from the mining pool. The Nosana Network has reserved 20 million tokens for network participants, with a portion of these being released daily into the reward pool during the first year. The rewards system also gives stakers chances to win mint passes for our NFT drops. Nosana Application L...

Burner Phones Festival

Ten days of gifts for Burner Phone NFT The Burner Phone Festival is a 10-day event that is only available to Burner Phone NFT holders. With fewer than 50 burner phones minted to date, owners stand a good chance of winning a prize during the event. — Daily Events. — Two announcements will be made each day for the next ten days. The prize of the day will be announced at 10:00 CET. The winner of the day’s prize will then be announced at 20:00 CET. — Event Calendar. — The Burner Phone Festival page is your HQ for the event. The calendar shows which type of prize drop occurs on any given day. You’ll see four different kinds of loot box drops on the calendar. Regular, Rare, and Special drop loot boxes contain tangible prizes like Xbox, Apple, and Sony products. NOS loot boxes contain bags of NOS tokens. — The Next Burner Phone NFT Mint. — Do you want to get your hands on a Burner Phone NFT? Our next mint is just around the corner. Make sure to stake your NOS tokens and Subscribe for info on the next free mint on the Nosana Network. Can’t wait? Check out Solana marketplaces like Magic Eden or OpenSea to try to buy one on the secondary market. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the daily prizes and winners during the festival. Also, visit the festival page at to see the festival calendar, daily prizes, and winner announcements. Thanks for...

Casino Night Games and Rule Play

We’ll have four tables of ten players each. There are two blackjack tables and two Texas Hold’em Poker tables. Seating for each game is first come, first served to registered participants. — When and where is Casino Night? - Tuesday 25th October 20:30 CET at a private Nosana Game Room in Gather.Town. — What games will be available? - Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker. — Where can I register? - Note: once registration is full, a confirmation email will go out to all registered participants letting them know they’re set for the event. — What if I want to play both games? - Because we know that poker games take much longer to play than blackjack, we’re playing 20 rounds at each blackjack table. When they’re done, we’ll check to see if any of the poker games have ended and give you the option to move tables. It is also possible, depending on how long each game takes, that you won’t be able to switch tables. This is because we’ve allocated 1 hour in total for the Casino Night event, so if the poker games don’t finish in time to begin a new one, the possibility of changing tables (for both blackjack and poker) won’t be there. We suggest arriving early and grabbing a seat at the table with the game you want to play the most. — Where is my table? - The two tables on your left will be blackjack tables, and the two on your right will be for Texas Hold’em Poker....

Nosana’s Casino Night for a chance to win a Mint Pass!

Your destiny awaits, play for a chance to get a Mint Pass!. — Casino night will be a chance for anyone to win a Mint Pass that can be used in our Vending Machine for a Burner Phone NFT, all while having a lot of fun! — Where: Gather Town. — The event will be held at, a metaverse events venue with a particularly cool set up for our Casino Night. You’ll be able to pick your avatar and view the room from above. You‘ll be able to see, hear and talk to the people that are near you. — The Games:. — We’ll host eight different tables with different games (They’re not all card games) for six people each, plus one main poker table for 12 people. A total of 60 people will be allowed in for our first Casino Night! There will be 4 rounds of games where you can either stay at the same table or try your luck at a new one. In the end, the 4 people with the most winnings in total for the night will win a Mint Pass each! — When:. — The date is still being determined, but it’s very soon! Make sure you register to participate, as there are limited spots. (See registration link below.) — Winners announcement:. — After the night is over, we’ll take a day to announce the final winners and show their scores. — Register:. — Quick! Go and register →

Here Come the Boosts!

Individual Burner Phone NFTs can hold special network boosts. Let’s explore! — Burner Phones - Burner Phones are the official NFT collection by Nosana. Holding a burner phone is required to access the Nosana Mainnet and gives you access to dedicated community channels. Next to that, individual burner phones can hold special boosts. Let’s explore! — Burner Phone NFT Boosts - A boost is a special ability that you get when holding a specific burner phone. Boosts can have various levels and correspond to a visual element of your NFT. Priority Queue, This boost allows nodes to skip places in the nodes queue. This means your node will be able to get jobs quicker. This may sound a bit unfair, and that’s why this boost will be rare. Wait less and earn more $NOS! Discount, With the discount boost, you will pay less $NOS fees for posting a new job. This boost will be very valuable for power users that need a lot of compute. A lifetime discount to the Nosana platform. Think of it. Wow! Extra Tickets, Holding this boost will give you more tickets in all future raffles that use the ticket system. Time to get lucky! 🍀 Discord: Twitter: Instagram:

Nosana Network Introduces Burner Phone NFT Collection

This week - Nosana CI, the first decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions platform, is launching its Burner Phone NFT collection this week. Holders will get pipeline discounts, increased NOS rewards for providing CPU, access to private events, a fast track into upcoming governance, and more. — First Drop - The Burner Phone NFT collection consists of 850 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, with 50 on the first drop. Holders who have staked at least 1k NOS on the Nosana Dashboard have entered into the staking leaderboard tier system. The higher the level, the better the incentives. The Burner Phone NFT drop is the first use case of the staking tier system. — Mint Passes sent - Each of the top 20 stakers has won an NFT mint pass instantly. Another 30 mint passes were raffled off to stakers in Tiers 2–5. A total of 50 mint passes have been sent to the winner’s wallets, which they can use in the Nosana NFT Vending Machine to mint their NFT from the first burner phone collection. Click here for more information on the mint pass lottery. — Burner Phone Festival - One of the first perks Burner Phone NFT owners will have access to is the Burner Phone Festival in October. A loot box will be dropped daily for 20 days, and selected NFT holders will be able to open it. Gifts inside these loot boxes will range from digital assets to tangible goods such as Apple merchandise. More information to come this Fr...

Nosana Mint Pass Lottery

At last, the Nosana Mint Pass Lottery date is set! The lottery will take place on Monday, September 26, 2022, at 1 PM UTC. This article will describe exactly how the lottery works, what you can do with a mint pass, and how to get your hands on one of these rarities. — What is a Mint Pass?. — Every mint pass can be swapped one-to-one for a Burner Phone NFT in the Nosana Vending Machine. It will be completely random which phone you receive for your pass. The vending machine will be stocked with burner phones several days after the distribution of Mint Passes, but you can have a look at the machine here: — Participating in the Lottery. — Mint passes will be distributed to users that have staked their NOS tokens. To participate, you just have to stake tokens at After staking, you will see your tier and the number of your lottery tickets on the dashboard. Staking more tokens can get you into a higher tier, giving you more tickets. The top 20 stakers are guaranteed to receive a mint pass. After that, 30 mint passes will be raffled off to the remaining ticket-holding stakers, where each staker can only win once. — A Fair Lottery. — Nosana’s guiding principles are: public, verifiable computations, and open source. It is important to us that this lottery happens in a completely fair and transparent way, which unfortunately is not a common thing in the NFT space. Ou...

Our staking system is about to be deployed!

Staking is almost here! This is a very important feature of the Nosana Network so make sure to read the details in this post carefully. When you stake your $NOS tokens they will be locked for a period of time in order to secure the network. In return, stakers will receive network benefits for their commitment. Staking your tokens is a requirement to make use of the Nosana Network but it will also provide you with many other rewards, like climbing in the Nosana Tier system and participating in the Burner Phone NFT drop. Rewards Receiving token rewards is one of the major benefits of staking. The reward pool comes from future usage of the network in the form of network fees. As the network is still very much in development, the current rewards pool will come from the mining pool. The Nosana Network has 20 million tokens reserved for network participants. In the first year, a portion of these will be released to the reward pool. How it works First, you have to stake your $NOS tokens. The amount of tokens that you stake and the time that you lock these tokens decide your xNOS value. By staking $NOS for a longer period of time, you get a higher xNOS value (multiplier system). Your NOS rewards are calculated by looking at the number of xNOS that you have compared to the total amount of xNOS built up with our network. You can see your expected daily NOS rewards in our dashboard. If you don’t claim your NOS rewards, they’re auto...

Summer is in full swing and so is development at Nosana HQ!

The Metaverse Will Require 1000x More Computing Power - Helping businesses gain access to compute capacity that is always “on” will become a pressing necessity over the next few years as the amount of processing power needed continues to rise in both traditional and web3 metaverse communities. Nosana brings decentralized crowd computing to the metaverse at its most critical time of need. — The Nosana Solution for Decentralized DevOps - The maintenance of a metaverse requires a significant investment of resources. When you operate around the clock, you don’t want any downtime. The Nosana Network can make sure that the development, bug fixing, and other processes run smoothly every time you need it. Almost all projects need to release new content on a consistent basis in order to maintain community interest. Maintaining a consistent update schedule requires a reliable test and deployment setup. Nosana’s CICD tooling makes it possible for developers to run fully automated DevOps pipelines. This makes development easier, reduces the number of software bugs introduced in updates, and removes user error. Because Nosana is decentralized, the automation will also be transparent to users and thus increases the communication and trust with your user base. — Nosana Partners with WEYU to Power WEYU WORLD - WEYU has been working on the development of its own web3 virtual environment, known as WEYU World. Our crowd c...

Should we rely on current cloud solutions?

Today’s cloud computing infrastructure cannot keep up with the demands of our technology-driven society. Our current internet infrastructure — based on centralized services provided by cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services AWS — may be subject to downtime and leaving users of platforms that rely on it completely stranded and at the mercy of tech giants. As a result of cryptocurrencies being provided as a form of decentralized finance, blockchain made its first step into the mainstream. Beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is having a significant impact on a wide range of sectors, including property investment, production lines, valuable metals, and art. In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is increasingly gaining the respect it deserves as a disruptive force of epic proportions in the IT world. For cloud computing companies, blockchain technology is beginning to change the game by providing a solution for accessing computing resources without actually owning those resources, much in the same way that Lyft and Vrbo’s business models allow access to transportation and assets without actually owning those assets. Nosana, a blockchain-based decentralized crowd computing platform, aims to bring the disruptive power of blockchain technology to the field of application development for all types of apps. We recently announced that ChainSafe will be joining our testnet. We are a...

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