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MONA Price:
$50.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MONA today is $428 USD.

The lowest MONA price for this period was $0, the highest was $428, and the current live price for one MONA coin is $427.58057.

The all-time high MONA coin price was $2,841.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MONA with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Monavale crypto currency is #MONA.

Monavale is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Monavale is $4,458,810.

Monavale is ranking downwards to #686 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #MONA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Monavale is $50,741.


The circulating supply of MONA is 10,428 coins, which is 92% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Monavale is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


MONA is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MONA, and you can view them on our MONA disambiguation page.



Ecosystem Epistemology

The network society is under attack. What is a network, and why does it matter — from the point of view of the attackers first. By knowing how they see it, and knowing how we all know what we know, we can get to the heart of what’s really going on here. Do you have integrity? Are you sure? How do you even know? And how do you go about verifying the integrity of the networks you belong to, co-operate, or co-own? These are the questions we have in common. Attackers and beneficiaries of networks alike. With web3, these questions take on a new significance. We are incentivized to DYOR, and risk losing more than our status, reputation, and bags if we don’t take this epistemological exercise into our own hands. Epistemology is the study of knowledge, including its nature, sources, and limitations. It asks questions like: What does it mean to know something or someone? How well do you really know them? What happened between you to give you that knowing? Can we ever trust each other enough to trade money, power, influence, culture, and all the other things that make us enjoy or dread who we are? Again, and again, it asks: how do we know? At the beginning of Daft Punk’s track, “The Grid”, Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn describes how he sees the circuit boards, microchips, transistors, and electrons that make up the network: “The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as t...

The All In One Creative Editor

“Language is the technology from which all others spread, and you’ve already got it for free.”— How To Invent Everything — A Survival Guide for the Standard Time Traveler This language is strikingly visual, at first look. 6 short months is all it took to obliterate the distance between self-directed creativity and commercial reality. On August 22nd, 2022, Stable Diffusion made its public debut. Even more recently, on November 30th, 2022, joined the fray. In the short time since our worlds have changed in deep and profound ways most of us haven’t grappled with yet. The common thread isn’t obvious. It describes where we’ve been. How far we’ve come. How we got here. Where we are now… It even gives a glimpse of what happens next, and why human input, economic independence, and self-determination remain required, now more than ever. Connecting all at once through encrypted, decentralized communication at a distance, persistent interfaces, new social platforms, creative AI synth models, and, while it’s early still, the start of a global restructuring of where manufacturing takes place — along with how it’s done, who has access, and who owns and operates the means of creation, consumption, production, distribution and commerce. These are technologies that give our words more tangible power than thoughts and intentions alone. Not far away, at unapproachable scale, or theoretical any longer. It s...

Why Do You Create? (Or: Why It’s Ok To Admit You’re A Commercial Artist)

Using AI In The New Social Web — A Mini-Series Recap of the Decline of Signals in 2022 and Building for a Bullish 2023 PART 2: Creative commerce, after copyright Click farming never quickened anyone’s pulse, but it clearly worked well enough to take its share of screen real estate and mindspace in the only web we’ve ever really known. Thing is, engagement is dead now. A consequence of the decline of signal quality and deliverability. Maybe not predictable enough, but it should have been. All across the old social web, inflated stats and status games have gone down the value drain alongside ad spend, tanking stocks, and influencer reputations. The decline of signals is one reason engagement is having a recession nostalgia moment. But there is another. It is in this great expansion brought about by creative synthesis AI, that we can see a parallel reason for both the sharp fall off of meaningful engagement metrics on the social web, and the transformative promise of a way up and out. The decline side, as usual, is easier to catch first. The main reason for the drop off is mass confusion over what makes one creative work any more valuable than any other. As much as many very online artists are uncomfortable with it, what stirs up interest and conflict over creative works is wrapped up entirely in the scarcity of value. If all we cared about was the emotion a work of art evokes in a viewer, or the write up of a cr...

Using AI in the New Social Web

From User Generated Content to Creative Commerce — A Mini-Series Recap of the Decline of Signals in 2022 and Building for a Bullish 2023 PART 1: The Decline of Signals But first, a word from the end of the 2022 timeline. It’s been quite a year. Hard to imagine after the previous few, just what 2022 had in store for us. With war, inflation, CeFi pretending to be DeFi market mayhem, the Scooby Doo unmasking of an SBF + GG & the gang regulatory-friendly fraud implosion, continuing economic aftershocks from everything this bizarro world version of the roaring 20’s has brought to the forefront so far… It’s a wonder anyone has the stamina left to go through a full list. Didn’t quite count on mass de-platforming, or general social account reset for all users not named Elon, happening in the blink of an eye because of the petulant whims of a sad tyrant exposed as far more ordinary, and less brilliant, or even less clever and entertaining, than we once would have guessed. Have you used social media at any point in the past 20 years? Then you too can have all of the work you have put in building a following, sharing messages and content with friends, or saving your memories from the internet in public, wiped out before you can say Masto… What do they say about situations like this, again? Nobody thinks they need decentralization… until they do. Somehow, there’s a bigger story still happening this year in...

DIGIFIZZY Volume 2: 24/7 Latent LoFi Synth Streams

The internet is always on, and here so are we. DIGIFIZZY has returned, with the release of Vol. 2 as a series of 24/7 latent lo-fi streams + accompanying IRL drops, NFT collections, and lens posts to collect. First up is a fresh look at web3 fashion croquis, behind the scenes, new collections and more. In the coming days, parallel AI synth x synth wave channels will join the airwaves. Missed us live? Never fear. Replays are on loop from time to time. And, new programming hits all channels daily, giving you the best of all worldlines. — Welcome to the launch of DIGIFIZZY Vol. 2 · 24/7 lo-fi radio, exploring the latent waves of the infinite record store. - As we build for public memory and move to ever more decentralized interfaces, issues from Vol. 1 will be republished on arweave, soon to be found on the new DIGIFIZZY site. Feeling restless? Tune in to the soothing sounds of Vol. 2 here, now deployed for all to enjoy. — Stay Up to Date with Web3 Fashion: - Lens, Github, Twitter, Flagship, Docs,

From DeFi to LoFi | Dial in to AI interfaces for the infinite record store

Will what comes next look much like what we’ve long grown to expect? At the rate of change brought on by AI creative tools and interconnected seismic economic shifts, it seems very unlikely. We’re dialed in for an exponential climb. And, despite how rough 2022 has been for the old big tech platforms and centralized finance, it’s still very clear we’re in the early part of this curve. Where we store records of our messages and content, whether we self-custody, even how we communicate day to day — it’s all on the cusp. Collapse, jump ship, or change. If the CeFi masquerading as DeFi farce has taught users much, it’s that creation is infinitely better than AUM + speculation. Social is the new social, user owned this time. Everyone is leaving twitter, Mastodon isn’t interesting enough, and we’re all looking for something better than just another Instagram clone. A way to be more real about the process behind what we create. We number in the billions now. is a new decentralised social media platform launching within the DIGITALAX ecosystem. A public, private, and personal social canvas where you can save inspiration and notes from your timeline / graph, use AI to publish more interesting text, images, and textiles, collect and evolve creative drafts to earn GPU credits and grow your audience funnel, You can think of it as a streamlined mix between the best features of Figma, Evernote, an...

Recession Nostalgia

We are now reaching that point in the hypercycle where you look back, see the signs covering the glass, and think… Is this what the Summer of ’77 felt like, now with attention addiction machines in every pocket? It seemed easy. Decentralize all of it. Every platform, app, and device we’ve learned to depend on in the mobile web era. Do it quick. Build on the narrative arc given crisp poetic-mathematical voice by Satoshi, to pick up the pieces post-GFC… before the next one comes along. Do it for everything. Don’t just stop and spectate at open source money. What connects SBF to Musk to the rest of the recent rogues gallery, and a reminder of why we’re here, isn’t so clear. But, should it be? Maybe it’s too obvious that ads + algorithms run the internet. It hides in its glare the why and the how of chaos ladder climbers buying humanity’s “town square”, only to tear it all down before anyone in web3 has had the chance to replace it entirely. Information quality, discoverability, the human connection, how algorithms drive and limit reach, confidence your archives will be available after the next downtime adventure — it all gets noticeably worse by the day. Meanwhile those not yet laid off struggle to remember which microservice keeps the closet lights on. It leads directly to how SBF can perpetuate the largest false flag banking fraud in history, while we’re all too busy chasing distractions. And ...

Development Updates for Interface Decentralization and Aggregate Curations

In a step towards more modular interface resources and greater decentralization of content delivery in general, this release brings another batch of updates for ecosystem themes. Following on the integration of newly detailed views of NFT metadata, synth graph info, and seamless purchase on collection pages in the F3M realm theme, the DIGITALAX flagship interface now sports a matching new set of features with an integrated market and enhanced search functionality. The DIGITALAX interface gallery now serves as a visual aggregator for realm’s collections and related curations, and is equipped to showcase select designs as they arrive throughout each season. And, as we continue to move towards greater interface decentralization, both the DIGITALAX and F3M sites are now hosted on IPFS through Spheron, alongside still being fully available through Vercel. The F3M and DIGITALAX sites mirrored on IPFS can be accessed at and, and are also linked in both site’s footers. The pre-decentralized deployments will be maintained for as long as needed, as browser and ISP support for IPFS based content delivery is still in its early stages. There have also been reports of US based overzealous blocking of IPFS links by a number of ISPs which we, alongside the Spheron team, are looking into. Long term, censorship resistance for creative, commercial, and political free expression are as much a part o...

Feature Updates for New Realm Interfaces + Collection Drop

As we move closer to an all in one open source synth crafting fabric materialisation solution, there are a few new exciting updates to share this week. First, a new collection. West Side Grammar showcases refashioned looks made to walk glamorously through overflow crowds in great city parks as colorful leaves fall everywhere around us. Which brings us to the next update for realm interfaces building off of the Simulacra theme. Now you can examine in more detail and buy pieces from this realm’s collections directly from within the custom F3M interface, with rich information and greater interaction enhancing NFT metadata and synth graph. Scan the gallery, choose what you like and dress wisely! 👉 Upcoming, we can look forward to custom reformatted DIGITALAX realm market contracts deployed on ETH and also a ZK alternative. These will include novel features that provide more persistent access to decentralised social media and local GPU synth crafting resources. — Developer’s log:. — Known bugs: Approved modal position stays fixed behind footer on rare edge case scroll. Intermittent of load of "insufficient funds" error message when user is a bit too enthusiastic about click rate. sparse replication: RainbowKit Wallet account modal occasionally fails to close. Bug has been reported to the team, hoping for a quick fix. — Stay Up to Date with Web3 Fashion: - Lens, Github, Twitt...

New Interfaces for Worlds Run By Prompts, & Lens Integration

Another contribution to a greater collection of resources of Realms and broader ecosystem interface development— the new DIGITALAX flagship is live! — - Refactored to be lightweight, fast, responsive, and targeted to the most essential information out of the box. Infused with a vast showcase of latent synths and custom designs for a sneak peek of a more intensive engineering endeavor currently underway. This release shows the way to full integration of stable diffusion and tailored ML segmentation with Blender, for the ultimate replacement of CLO-3D and other closed sourced digital fabric manipulation tools. We are moving fast towards an all in one open source fabric crafting solution. As always, the repo for this interface is 100% open source & CC0. You can fork and use the code today to further the development of DIY / decentralize-it-yourself interfaces tailor made for more modular use cases. The new DIGITALAX site builds off of the simulacra theme alongside the latest F3M interface released a few days ago. Like everything else being revamped and refreshed in a methodical process, just because you haven’t seen your favorite corner of the ecosystem get a hot new look and infusion of code, don’t worry, it’s time will come soon. — In related other exciting developments… we’re now on lens! You can follow the ecosystem @ digitalax.lens!. — Custom realm collections are on t...

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