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Public Mint  


MINT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$509.5 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MINT today is $0.00428 USD.

The lowest MINT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00428, and the current live price for one MINT coin is $0.00428143.

The all-time high MINT coin price was $1.93.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MINT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Public Mint crypto currency is #MINT.

Public Mint is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Public Mint is $509,489.

Public Mint is ranking upwards to #1629 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #MINT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Public Mint is $406.


The circulating supply of MINT is 119,000,000 coins, which is 48% of the maximum coin supply.


MINT has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MINT, and you can view them on our MINT disambiguation page.



Public Mint unveils new in-house DeFi stablecoin protocol

Opening with the ETH blockchain and USDC, more chains and stablecoins to follow.. — 🚨 WARNING 🚨This implementation means there will be new addresses for stablecoin deposits for EVERYONE.⚠️ DO NOT send stablecoins to your previously used wallet address. Public Mint can not guarantee it will be possible to retrieve them, should you send them to your old address. As a means to adapt with more agility to market demands, Public Mint decided to strengthen its in-house capabilities and lessen the dependence on third-party service providers when it comes to stablecoin support. So, as of today, Public Mint will no longer be relying on Circle’s services, but will instead be leveraging its own solution. — Stable foundations - For all of you out there already familiar with depositing or withdrawing stablecoins via Public Mint, you’ll be right at home — while a whole lot of changes happened under the hood, the interface remains exactly the same! All of the architecture of this new stablecoin solution was designed and crafted in-house, strictly following the market standards set by Gnosis, guaranteeing a fully functional protocol with no external dependencies. In order to ensure security and decentralization, all deposited funds will be held in a MultiSig wallet, held by Public Mint. — A base to build upon - During these first times, Ethereum will be the only supported network. However, the ground...

Public Mint mobile app — more secure, more intuitive

Public Mint mobile app — more secure, more intuitive - — Focus on safety and UI/UX in the latest mobile app update. V.1.4.0 available for download now. — Privacy and usability are the name of the game in this latest app update — along with the usual bug fixes, of course 🪲 So, what’s new? — Safety first - We don’t have to tell you: security and privacy in crypto are kind of a big deal. This has been a central tenet guiding all things Public Mint, and this update is no different. For starters, now you can use biometrics data, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to login and unlock your Public Mint mobile wallet. No huss, no fuss. However, if you’d rather keep it old school and rely on your own memory and not your phone’s, no problem — simply set a PIN code of your choice, and use that to login and unlock instead. Which brings us to… — Enhanced usability options - Speaking of memory, afraid you might forget your private key? Or even worse — to lose that tiny piece of paper where you have it written down? Well, besides downloading it as a .json file, which you could already do, this new update introduces the “reveal private key” screen, which you can check out anytime you like. You’ll find this option in the bottom of the screen when viewing the wallet QR code and address. Just make sure no one’s looking over your shoulder while you do it 👀 Keepi...

Public Mint links up with Multichain

Partnership with the bridging platform opens connectivity to a host of new networks — and opportunities. — Remember the ramp thing we were talking about? This is pretty much it! After going through all appropriate due diligence, Multichain and Public Mint have established an official partnership. Mutually aiming to further advance decentralization, the routing platform will operate as the go-to mechanism for cross-chain communications and interoperability, while the newfound connectivity strengthens Public Mint’s stance as the ideal doorway for fiat funds in and out of the cryptoverse. — Techs and specs - For those unfamiliar with Multichain, they are a cross-chain router protocol with routing channels on more than 25 blockchains, including EVM chains such as Polygon, Layer 2 such as Arbitrum and Bitcoin-like such as Litecoin. Here’s the full list of supported networks. To connect and move the different assets across the different blockchains, Multichain rely on a tool of their own invention: anyCall. The anyCall protocol allows cross-chain messages and contract calling from chain A to chain B, and is supported by the Multichain SMPC network nodes — which are already being used to secure billions of assets. After both teams working closely together on testing and integration, Public Mint now has its own fastMPC node up and running. Want to find out more about the anyCall protocol and MPC nodes? C...

Public Mint “Lite” Governance kicks off via Snapshot

MINT holders can now decide on EARN key features. First proposals will define new EARN program partners.. — We’re elated to announce that, in line with our roadmap, the first version of Public Mint’s governance protocol is live! This is obviously a big step towards consolidating the whole ecosystem — and what better way to do it than to start by expanding the EARN program? — Got MINT? - Although this is still an early, “lite” version of the governance process, all MINT holders can participate, analyze and vote on the different proposals — as was promised. To that end, we’ve set up a number of tools and platforms, to which MINT tokens will act as the gatekeeper. For starters, we’ve opened up a new #mint-governance channel on our Discord server, where Community members can engage in healthy discussion on any governance proposal or potential proposal. This channel is restricted to MINT holders and Community members who wish to take part in it must first verify their personal wallets via Metamask, through the #mint-hodler-verify channel. After verification is done, you’re free to join the governance channel and join the conversation.⚠️NOTE: as of now, Collab.Land (the platform used for verification) can only connect to the Ethereum network, so you’ll need to keep some MINT tokens in your Ethereum wallet (even if only residual amounts). Steps are already being taken to connect Collab.La...

#CommunityAMA recap, August 10th 2022

Read the transcript of the third installment of our Community AMA, with CTO Jorge Pereira and Community Manager and Business Development lead Alvaro Nadal, hosted on Aug 10, 2022.. — Date: August 10th, 2022 | 4:00pm UTC Hosted by: Public Mint / Nuno Venda (host) Speakers: Jorge Pereira, Alvaro NadalNOTE: edited for brevity and readability. Nuno Venda: Hello everyone, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for all the questions you sent us, that really helped us make this AMA more meaningful. Let me start by introducing who will enlighten us on all the questions: Jorge, who is Public Mint’s CTO, and Alvaro, responsible for Community and Business Development. So, hi guys! Jorge Pereira: Hello, you! Alvaro Nadal: Hello, great to be here and thank you all for joining us! Nuno Venda: There’s a ton of questions and a lot of matters to cover, so we’ll start with the topic that’s been more discussed over the last two months: the EARN program and the impact that the Celsius situation had on it. I don’t know, Jorge, if you want to address the subject and then we’ll jump onto the questions, or if we’ll just start with the questions and go from there. Jorge Pereira: Just start with the questions and go from there, then I’ll build on top of it. Nuno Venda: We tried to curate the questions to the best of our abilities, some questions will overlap so we won’t go through every question, but all subjects w...

Public Mint Community Updates #13

Aug 5, 2022 | EARN program back on track; USDC rails to and from other networks live, and more. — The Sunday of Summer is upon us, and as everyone suits up for a deserved beachy holiday, let’s look back at what Public Mint was up to this last month. — Public Mint EARN back on track - After a month-long hiatus, the EARN Program is just about ready to resume standard operations. It will be reactivated with the launch of the Public Mint’s mobile application newest build. There will be some caveats, though, that only apply to the funds directly affected by the Celsius situation. All assets assigned to Celsius are now, for all intents and purposes, frozen. They are not locked, nor lost — they are temporarily inaccessible, so they cannot be withdrawn or moved and are not bearing yield. From the moment the company’s collapse was made public, we have not allocated any more funds to Celsius, and have ceased our collaboration with them. All other funds allocated to Public Mint EARN will be fully available. The latest version of the app is currently undergoing the last steps for validation from Google Play and the Apple App Store, and should be available by the beginning of next week. For more info on EARN reactivation and future plans, check out the full article. — USDC from other chains - In an effort to expand Public Mint’s connectivity and facilitate network access (as well as aiming to bypass r...

Public Mint EARN is back on track

High-yield program resumes service, with some limitations. Assets allocated to Celsius frozen until further development.. — It’s no news that the recent downfall of some of the industry’s giants have shifted the sands for all that dwell in the crypto space. The levels of distrust, fear, uncertainty and doubt are higher than ever, and many projects had to scale back to weather the storm. Public Mint was no exception. Some of the funds in Public Mint’s EARN program were exposed to the Celsius situation. However, while some may look at this as a shortcoming, we’d argue that, from the perspective of the EARN Program, it was actually a confirmation of success. — Public Mint EARN back on track - First things first: the EARN program is going live once again over the next few days, albeit with some caveats. Essentially, everything will resume its normal levels of service — rewards, depositing, withdrawing and sending funds to and from EARN — aside from the funds allocated to Celsius. Why is this? As is common knowledge, Celsius has filed for chapter 11 and are currently restructuring the company, in an effort to avoid bankruptcy. While we are following the proceedings very closely, at this time we still do not have any clear information regarding the payback of funds invested with Celsius — the best possible outcome would obviously be having all those funds available for withdrawal, but we do ...

All roads lead home — Public Mint as a natural crypto ramp

All roads lead home — Public Mint as a natural crypto ramp - — The fiat-native blockchain is the ideal doorway in and out of the cryptoverse. Read more.. — Despite the obvious advances made so far within the crypto space in terms of UI/UX and overall accessibility, the barrier of entry for the less tech inclined remains significantly high. Going through that first song and dance of piecing together chains, wallets, tokens, DApps, DEXs, CEXs, NFTs, along with everything else out there and how they relate to one another can be quite overwhelming — as many of us well know. Public Mint was founded with the clear purpose to make the cryptoverse accessible to anyone. It stands to reason, then, that there’s something to be said about Public Mint as a possibility to easily on-ramp and off-ramp into and out of the cryptoverse. — What’s a ramp, and what does it do? - First, let’s focus on the difference between on-ramps and off-ramps — and this is an easy one: an on-ramp allows you to to transform fiat money (like Dollars and Euros) into any crypto asset, whereas off-ramps allow you to transform those same crypto assets back into traditional currency. To those that work both ways, allowing you to get in and out of the cryptoverse, we simply call ramps. Ramps are an essential tool in bridging the gap between the traditional financial systems, or TradFi, and all things crypto. They even have ...

The more, the merrier — Public Mint open to stablecoins from other networks

The more, the merrier — Public Mint open to stablecoins from other networks - — Introducing stablecoin rails to and from other blockchains; transfers available for USDC, other assets to be added in the future.. — There are many different profiles of crypto investors. But they all have one thing in common: a strong opinion on insanely high gas fees. If that’s your case (and we’re pretty sure it is), we have good news for you. Public Mint now supports Circle’s USDC to and from several different networks. That’s right, no more sky high rates when moving your stablecoins in or out of the Public Mint ecosystem — provided you’re using anything other than the Ethereum network. Here’s the full list of stablecoin blockchains supported by Public Mint (new additions in bold): Ethereum (ETH), Algorand (ALGO), Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL), TRON (TRX), Stellar (XLM), This update was rolled out on the mobile app last week and today made it full circle, with web wallet integration up and running. Up to this point, Public Mint supports Circle’s USDC, and even though it will remain so for the time being, work is underway to include a wider range of stablecoins in the near future. Thank you, and see you on the other side 🟢 — About Public Mint - Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, ...

Video Tutorials — Depositing and withdrawing with the Public Mint app

Video Tutorials — Depositing and withdrawing with the Public Mint app - — Discover all the ways to add funds and cash out, to and from both your wallet and EARN Program.. — Things can get a bit confusing when you’re starting to explore the cryptoverse. But when it comes to Public Mint, you can rest assured we have your back. We prepared a couple of videos (three, to be exact) to guide you through the process of funding your Public Mint wallet and turning those funds back into US Dollars. Let’s dive in!NOTE: Since the making of these videos, Public Mint implemented support for USDC to and from different blockchains. This adds an extra step to all stablecoin movements, in which you must choose the network you wish to move funds to or from.We’ll release an updated version of the videos soon. — Adding funds on Public Mint - With the new version of the Public Mint app, you can add funds to your wallet or straight into your EARN account — our high-yield earning program. You can choose to bring in funds directly from your bank account (via a wire or international wire transfer), or using supported stablecoins from any other wallet or exchange. We’d advise you to make a first deposit to your wallet, or at least to leave a small amount there ($1~$10), since all gas costs will be paid using USD. — Withdrawing funds from your wallet - As you can see in the video, c...


BASED VITALIK: Public Mint Now Live for Art101 IOS Newest NFT Collection

    [PRESS RELEASE - Sheridan, United States / Wyoming, 23rd February 2022] Today Art101 launched their newest NFT Collection BASED VITALIK. Inspired by and based on the ever eccentric creator of Ethereum. A traditional portrait turned generative NFT, BASED VITALIK is a high-effort collection developed entirely in-house by the creators of Non-Fungible Soup. BASED VITALIK is now available to be minted for just 0.06 Ξ on the official website There is a final supply of 4962, with asset reveal beginning roughly 72 hours after mint (specific time to be announced in coming days). BASED VITALIK is also available on the secondhand market with marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible, and Mintable, where Art101 is an officially Verified Creator with Verified Collections. All NFT mints take place on an in-house developed ERC-721A contract, saving users significant gas fees, particularly on multi-asset transactions. Provenance documentation will be provided post-reveal, with the website and provenance documentation mirrored on decentralized IPFS nodes. Like prior Art101 NFT Collections, BASED VITALIK will receive top-of-the-line product support and development post-mint, including 3rd party tools, rankings, and verifications. Data analytics is already in place from top data providers such as DappRadar and Additionally, planning is in place for Rarity Rankings to be provided upon reveal by RankNFT, TraitSniper, RarityCow, and RaritySniffer. Marketplace collection V... read More

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