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Metagame Arena  


MGA Price:
$31.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$41.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MGA today is $0.00306 USD.

The lowest MGA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00306, and the current live price for one MGA coin is $0.00305940.

The all-time high MGA coin price was $0.70.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MGA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Metagame Arena crypto currency is #MGA.

Metagame Arena is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Metagame Arena is $41,273.

Metagame Arena is ranked #1023 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #MGA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Metagame Arena is $31,150.


The circulating supply of MGA is 13,490,566 coins, which is 45% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Metagame Arena coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


MGA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.



A letter From MetagameArena and Prometheus team

The Prometheus game has gained a lot of attention in the GameFi field since it was released last year. It has been 5 months since MGA was released on November 30 last year. Last month, the beta version was launched. The total number of players participating in the beta has reached 5,000. We are very grateful to the community for your strong support since the establishment of the project. The iteration of web3.0 products is pretty fast. And the competition is very fierce. In 2022, hundreds of 3A games has raised capital from Investment institutions, and nearly 1,000 3A games will be launched in the next five years. The team will operate Prometheus for a long time and meet the expectations of the community. After careful consideration, we will reposition the development of Prometheus and seek a new stimulus for MGA. Since the establishment of the project, Metagame Arena has been committed to becoming a game studio integrating production and research. MGA is the only platform governance token of the project. We will have 2 sub-projects which will be incorporated into Metagame Arena in the near future. The first metaverse ecological project plan will be released at the end of this month. Please pay attention to the updates on our official website and community. At the same time, we will continue to keep Prometheus updated and optimized. At the end of this year, we will also incorporate an information platform which is related to...

WP Token is live on PancakeSwap

Hello Prometheus community, we have some exciting news to share with you today! Time to announce that our in-game token WP is live! Now you can exchange WP on PancakeSwap on the pair WP/BUSD. Contract: 0x4DaDE1D257548c1A1C5E8cE4880F8041F9f91341It’s important to mention that the WP token is a game token, and had no pre-mining, pre-sale, or distribution from our side. This token is for the community, and we hope you can all benefit from this update.Understanding how the WP Token works Prometheus has a dual token system (governance and game token). While MGA is Prometheus’ governance token, WP is the token you earn while playing the game as a reward. — WP Generation:. — Although the overall quantity of WP is limitless, the daily production is manageable. The maximum number of WP generated daily will be determined. The awards earned by PVE and PVP matches are primarily responsible for the rise in WP generation. PVE activity is projected to account for 30% of overall generation, whereas PVP activity is predicted to account for 70% of total generation. — WP consumption:. — The spending of WP comes from the synthesis of new battle cards, card breeding, the expansion of future player guilds and other significant in-game actions. WP is the most crucial source of revenue for the P2E aspects of Prometheus. In the current Beta Test version, the PvP mode is not yet available, so maximum earnings with WP wi...

Prometheus Video Contest

Hello Prometheus community, as many of you may already know, our Beta Test is active! You can already play the game and show your abilities against various enemies in different levels. Time for you to make a video showing your skills! In this event, you are invited to be a content creator for the game. To join its very simple, you just need to follow the rules below: — How to participate. — 1 — Follow our Twitter and RT the promotion post (here). 2 — Make a creative video about the game, it can be gameplay showing your strategy to easily defeat an enemy in battle, it can be you assembling your team, etc. Be creative and surprise us, we want to see what you have. 3 — Upload the video on YouTube with the title: Prometheus — Beta Test Gameplay. 4 — Share the link on the #video-contest channel on Discord For this contest, we will award the 3 best videos sent. — The prizes:. — 1st place — 1 Rare God Card + 10 battle cards 2nd place — 1 Common God Card + 5 Battle cards 3rd place — 1 Common God Card. Contest starts 4/04 12:00 and will end on 4/09 12:00 (GMT +8)How to play Prometheus Metagame 1 — To play Prometheus is simple, buy at least 3 battle cards in our NFT marketplace. You can buy or spawn a battle card from a God Card. 🌐 2 — With your NFTs, go to the game page, assemble your team and start ...

The NFT Staking is live — Read how it work

The NFT Staking is live — How does it work? We are delighted to announce the launch of the Prometheus NFT Staking function. Now all Diamond Hand Holders will be able to benefit from the rewards generated by each NFT they hold. Below we have an explanatory tutorial teaching how to operate.TutorialUsers will see tasks in the interface of NFT Staking. After you click “Get tasks”, you will gain a mission. You can get a mission every 12 hours. The task list can store up to 5 tasks. If there is a status of 5/5, it means you have 5 tasks in the task list. So, you need to delete one of tasks if you want to get a new one. 2. After getting tasks, the task’s name , task status, task time, task reward and The current magnification of the task will be seen. And task rewards and the magnification of tasks will be seen after pledging NFT. Each task will have advanced conditions. When you complete requirements, the final returns will be increased. NFT staking tasks will be generated randomly. The time required to complete tasks and the corresponding rewards will be different for each task. Basic requirement for NFT staking: Stake 3 battle cards. You will receive basic rewards after completing the task. Advanced Requirement 1: Staked a Greek God card. According to the rarity of God cards, the extra multiplier added to the reward will be different. Advanced Requirement 2: task will be randomly generated, extra x2 multipl...

Transfer your Prometheus NFTs to the BitKeep wallet

We are very happy to announce another event resulting from the partnership between Prometheus and BitKeep. See below the tutorial on how to deposit your Prometheus NFT in BitKeep wallet.Deposit your Prometheus NFT to BitKeep wallet for 10 $BKB per address.Tutorial Export your private key of your wallet address that holds your Prometheus NFT. Import your private key into BitKeep wallet to access your wallet account in the BitKeep wallet. We will use MetaMask as an example to explain in details.For Metamask Browser Extension Users: 1. Click on the identicon 2. Select the account you’d like to export 3. On the Account page, click on the menu (three dots) at the upper right corner: 4. Click on the “Account Details” button 5. Click “Export Private Key”: 6. Enter your password and click “Confirm” 7. Your private key is revealed. Click to copy it, and save it somewhere safe. 8. Click “Done” to close the screen:For Metamask Mobile App Users:Click on the account button: 2) Go to Settings: 3) Select Security & Privacy: 4) Scroll down and then click on Show private key: 5) Enter your Password: 6) Copy your Private Key: Please make sure to never share this key with anyone as you can compromise your account in doing so. After you get your wallet’s private key, you can move to BitKeep wallet and import your private key into BitKeep wallet so you can manage your account in the BitKeep wallet. 1. Creat...

Greek Good — Sales details

Greek Gods — Sales details Prometheus reaches a new stage in its development, after having had several successful events, such as sales on BinanceNFT, launch of the NFT marketplace, launch of the staking platform, launch of Alpha Test, now it’s time to start selling NFTs of the Greek Gods.The sale will take place on some partner platforms, such as Formless, Altura NFT and, below we will bring more details about each platform.Greek Gods sales on AlturaNFT Altura NFT is our partner on this journey, so we are making the first batch of Prometheus Greek Gods available on their platform marketplace. Sales began 25th at 1AM UTC, where individual cards can be purchased. You can access the platform here: Altura NFT Marketplace | Best NFT Markeplace on BSC The NFTs available will be: Izanagi N : 10 Izanami N: 8 Tsukuyomi N: 5 Hinokagutsuchi : 10 Ookuninushi N: 11 Ooyamatsuminokami N: 11 Zeus N: 9 Hera N: 9 Hestia N: 9 Poseidon N: 10 Zeus R: 2 Hera R: 2 Izanagi R: 3 Izanami R: 2 Amaterasu R: 2 KonohananoSakuyaHime SR: 1 N = Normal, R = Rare, SR = Super RareMystery Boxes sales on Whoever misses the opportunity to buy a Mystery Box on Formless will have one last opportunity to purchase one on Galler’s NFT marketplace, each Mystery Box will cost 0.32BNB. There will only be 615 Mystery Boxes, so stay tuned so you don’t miss out. You can access the platform here: | Galler NFT MarketplaceGreek Gods sale...

Prometheus Ambassador Program — Details

Prometheus Ambassador Program — Details We shared an ambassador registration form some time ago and its time to share the details of the program. We are very thankful for the hundreds of submissions we got, and already selected the first batch of ambassadors. Our program is centered on 4 lines: Education, Leaders, Creators and Connectors. For more details about each one of them please check blow:BE AN EDUCATOR We understand that being a good educator is not just about imparting knowledge, but also providing guidance and motivation. As an educator, we expect you to:Introduce newbies in your community to the game Prometheus and educate them on how they have fun and get rewards in the game;Answer the questions of the novice audience;Educate beginners about security and how to protect their funds, helping them to get rid of scams;Share legitimate facts, guides and information about the game.Help us to share the latest game developments, announcements and important information about the game.BE A LEADER A true leader always guides others and takes responsibility for empowering them. As a leader we expect you to do one of the tasks below:Organize meetings, online/offline, in your local communities;Participate and represent Prometheus in events;Lead your community in Prometheus guilds and events;BECOME A CONTENT CREATOR A savvy content creator can make a dynamic impact and add value to the reader’s life. As an in...

Prometheus Alpha Test — Gameplay Experience

Prometheus Alpha Test — Gameplay Experience During the period from 02/24 to 03/01 the Prometheus Alpha Test was available, during these days 100 lucky players had the opportunity to experience the game first hand and discover how the dynamics of Prometheus work, some players were even awarded Whitelist tickets and Battle Cards to play. We received a lot of feedback on our Discord channel where everyone who was playing could share their experience with the game, as well as report possible bugs that happened.Our next step now is the launch of the Beta Test, which is scheduled for March. So in this text, we would like to describe a short tutorial on how to play Prometheus and also a short account of one of the players telling his experience in the Alpha Test. We hope that you enjoyed the game and that you continue to enjoy Prometheus.How to play Prometheus Prometheus defines itself as the first multichain NFT game to hybridize war chess and card play based on world mythology, and our goal is to create a complete universe with its economic system. In this context, it is summarized as a strategy game, that is, each player’s action is important to lead him to victory. The game starts even before you enter the WebApp and start the battle, that is, the game starts in the Prometheus Marketplace, that’s right, the choice of the Gods that can generate Battle Cards or the purchase of Battle Cards are crucial for a good result b...

Alpha Test — Whitelist Results

Alpha Test — Whitelist Results Today is a very happy day for us, as it symbolizes an important milestone in the development of our project. We are officially announcing the start of the Alpha Test period. With this phase, we want the game to be tested by some users who were chosen among all those who signed up in the form that was available. In case you haven’t read the Alpha Test details, we’ve made an article explaining how it will work. Alpha Test Release — Details and Registration If you were one of those selected for the Alpha Test, congratulations, you will be one of the first people to test the Prometheus Game.The Test period will be from 02/24 to 02/28, after this period we will release a form for players to give feedback about their experience in the game. Players who complete all the 15 levels from the Alpha will to receive the 200MGA reward. We created a specific channel on our Discord to give instructions and communicate with the chosen players, so there is an open space for you who were one of those chosen to test the Prometheus game first hand. If you were one of those selected, you will be allowed to join this channel. Join the Prometheus Official Discord Server!If your name or Wallet is on the list and you can’t get into the Alpha Test channel, send a DM to some of the moderators. To know if you were one of the lucky ones, check out the following list: Prometheus Alpha Test-Whitelist result...

Alpha Test Release — Details and Registration

Alpha Test Release — Details and RegistrationOverview Prometheus is the first multichain NFT game to hybridize war chess and card play based on world mythology, and our goal is to create a complete universe with its own economic system and a DAO for the grand community governance framework, in which users play games not only for fun, but also to earn tokens, rewards, and, more importantly, to become the foundation of the Prometheus Metaverse. After doing a very successful Japanese Gods NFT sale on the Binance NFT Platform and breaking records with our IDO on GameFi, RedKite and DaoMaker platforms, we are now getting close to our official game launch! The Alpha Test is a small game version with very limited spots for members from our community to have a first hand experience of the game, give us feedback, and share about their experience so we can improve the game for the Beta version that will be released in March.Alpha Test Details For this version, we inform you that there will be a limited number of spots, so only candidates who register in the form below and who meet the conditions will be able to have the chance to play Prometheus first hand. At this time, in the Alpha version, the WP gameplay token will not yet be available as a game reward, so players will not be rewarded with the WP token, but will get MGA rewards if they complete all the levels! Below please check the basic information on how we will procee...

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