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Mask Network  


MASK Price:
$0.5 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MASK today is $4.02 USD.

The lowest MASK price for this period was $0, the highest was $4.02, and the exact current price of one MASK crypto coin is $4.02276.

The all-time high MASK coin price was $27.24.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MASK with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Mask Network is #MASK.

Mask Network is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Mask Network is $231,425,286.

Mask Network is ranked #152 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very large today for #MASK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Mask Network is $461,305,914.


The circulating supply of MASK is 57,528,961 coins, which is 58% of the maximum coin supply.


MASK is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #MASK, and you can view them on our MASK disambiguation page.



Mask Network Web3 Social Grant Round 4 Review

The fourth Web3 Social Grant Round sponsored by Mask Network is currently in the donation phase. Similar to the past three rounds, this is an independent Web3 Social round featured in the Gitcoin Grant round (GG18). We’ve received many applications, with many projects applying for the first time. The donation period will continue until 12:00 UTC on August 29th. Please visit here to donate. You can also visit, search for Web3 Social round, and click Donate. Here’s a brief introduction to approved and listed projects, divided into 6 categories: Communication/ Messaging, Social Networks, Social, Business, and Collaboration Tools, Identity, Reputation Data Analysis, and Applications, Creator Economy, ENS, — 1. Communication/ Messaging - — S3nd. — Twitter: A winning project of ETHGlobal Paris hackathon, S3nd is a cross-platform Web3 communication tool that aggregates all Web3 messaging apps. Besides allowing you to view all discussions and simultaneously send messages across supported apps, S3nd can also filter out spam and bots by allowing you to decide who can send you messages. Verify yourself and ensure a unique communication experience that lets your messages stand out from the crowd. — Gamic. — Twitter: Website: Gamic is a decentralized messaging platform for people and communities looking to engage with Web3 products and services. Prid...

Mask Network to Launch the 4th Web3 Social Grant Round with $25k Pool on Gitcoin

We are excited to announce that the 4th Mask Network Web3 Social Grant Round is now live, and the matching pool is $25k. — Overview - The 4th round of the Web3 Social Grant is being launched in the Gitcoin Grant round. The Web3 Social theme, initiated by Mask Network, is the only social-themed Grant in Gitcoin. In the past three rounds of the Web3 Social Grant, more than 200 projects successfully applied for and received Grant funding. Mask Network is deeply engaged in the Web3 Social field and is pleased to see many outstanding projects applied to the Web3 Social Grant round, and we can together promote the Web3 Social ecosystem. — Why Projects Should Apply - As the only Web3 Social Grant on Gitcoin, the Grant is very suitable for social-type projects. First, the project can gain visibility and exposure to a broader audience., Second, it has the potential to earn recognition and support from community users., Third, because Gitcoin Grant uses the Quadratic Funding mechanism, more popular projects will receive the most fair rewards. The donation come not only from the sponsorship of Mask Network but also from community users., — Who Should Apply - The main criterion for the Web3 Social Round is that your project is within the Web3 social field. This can be any idea related to Web3 social, but we are particularly interested in the Web3 infrastructure layer, information distribution protocol, data storage, ...

Fireside chat with Jaan Tallinn — Confluence of Minds: Synergy on AI research | ETHShanghai2023

Fireside chat with Jaan Tallinn — Confluence of Minds: Synergy on AI research | ETHShanghai2023 - Afra: Hi Jaan, we are thrilled to have you here today to discuss a highly relevant topic in the context of China. Welcome to ETH Shanghai! Let’s start with the first question. You have dedicated a lot of personal resources to support research institutions that aim to reduce existential risk, with a particular emphasis on those emerging from advanced artificial intelligence. Can you tell us what made you particularly concerned about these risks? Was there a pivotal event or a specific insightful moment that had a profound impact on you and motivated you to focus on these existential risks? Jaan Tallinn: Yeah, I don’t think that experience was particularly profound or anything. It was around 2008 when I was already using Skype and looking around the internet to see what else was happening. That’s when I stumbled upon the writings of Eliezer Yudkowsky, who has been a vocal writer about the problem with AI and the fact that the default outcome from AI might not be good, and why humans don’t necessarily realize that. As an educator for over a decade, he had been writing about this topic for a long time. I started reading his essays and soon realized that he could write faster than I could read. He has written over a thousand essays on this topic. In March 2009, when I was in California on Skype business, I wro...

Panel Recap: What’s next to watch in On-Chain Gaming? | ETHShanghai2023 At the ETHShanghai2023 summit, we invited guests to discuss "what's next to watch in on-chain gaming." Guests include Andy, core dev of MUD, Loaf, core contributor of Realm & Dojo, Tarrence, core contributor of Cartridge & Dojo, Guiltygyoza, co-founder of Topology, and Yijia, co-founder of Curio. Host: Each new Noble computing paradigm and technology expands the horizon for gaming development. In 2020, there was a radical experimental game called Dark Forest that leveraged zero knowledge in sync with on-chain gaming mechanisms. This led to the birth of some of the very first on-chain gaming with incomplete information, which is also openly extendable. In 2021, we saw the rise of the Loot project, a mind game that rapidly became a cornerstone of a base-layered IP. It inspired countless games and derivatives to incorporate its gameplay and allure in a permissionless manner. We also saw a flourishing community grow out of the Loot project. Some of my colleagues, such as Taylor and Casper, were deeply involved in the Loot project from day one. They wrote an amazing 10,000-word analysis about fully Unchained gaming. Fast forward to this year, 2023, and we are witnessing a burgeoning industry of fully On-chain games and autonomous worlds. We are excited to have core developers and contributors from various projects who will share their unique insights and perspectives on this topic. — Guests:....

ETHShanghai 2023 | ZK technology: Layer2 and Beyond

At the ETH Shanghai 2023 event, a remarkable panel titled “ZK Technology: Layer 2 and Beyond” captivated the audience with an engaging discussion on leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to tackle privacy challenges in the blockchain domain. Elias Tazartes, CEO of Kakarot; Shumo Chu, Co-founder of Poseidon ZKP; Carter Jack Feldman, Founder and CEO of Open Asset Standards (OAS); and Dirk Xu, Director of BD & Strategy at ConsenSys, converged on the panel to unravel the potential of ZK technology in addressing privacy issues, specifically within the realm of Layer 2 scaling solutions and beyond. Elias Tazartes: In 2018, 2019, I was in Singapore for an exchange abroad. A friend of mine was very into Bitcoin. He convinced me into this industry. Then I became a software engineer. A year after when I was looking into the Ethereum ecosystem a lot, my friends introduced me to zero knowledge technology. And now I’m fully starting a build, so I’m exclusively in the Starknet ecosystem and ending with Starknet. Carter Jack Feldman: I’m the founder of OAS. We’re a layer 2, like our other panelists. We have our own smart contract protocol. So we’re not using EVM. We’re actually a ZK native protocol. So you can imagine all of our contract functions are actually compiled directly into unique circuits. And my crypto journey started when I was a bit younger around 2015 or so. Primarily because I was accepting payments vi...

ETHShanghai2023|Yi Sun: Adding reflection to the EVM with Axiom

At the ETH Shanghai 2023 event, Yi Sun, founder of Axiom brought us a speech titled “Adding reflection to the EVM with Axiom.” Below is the transcription of the speech "Adding Reflection to the EVM with Axiom": Thanks for the invitation to speak here, and I’m especially honored because I was actually born in Shanghai. So today I decided to tell everyone about how we’re adding reflection to the EVM using Axiom. So to start, want to talk through the user journey of actually accessing information on ethereum so when you first use ethereum, the way you actually receive information about what happened on chain is through a JSON -RPC call to an archive note. The purpose of this JSON-RPC API is to actually show information about the history of the chain to the human eyeball. And though you may not actually realize this. Essentially, all information that you see about the blockchain is taken from one of these API calls and put on a website for your human consumption in an item. Now, as users have got more sophisticated in interacting with the blockchain, they start demanding increasingly more sophisticated views of the chain. So there are different types of archive nodes that are being developed for different user tradeoffs. So there’s Geth, Erigon, Nethermind, and now Reth. You can choose your favorite archive node from that menu. And if you’re not satisfied with the pure JSON-RPC API, you can ch...

ETHShanghai 2023 | Fireside Chat with Jim Rogers - What’s next for the global markets: The rise of…

ETHShanghai 2023 | Fireside Chat with Jim Rogers - What’s next for the global markets: The rise of Asia Web3 Narratives - Suji: You mentioned your first time in China was 1984 right? I believe you start doing investments for over fifty years. What’s the initial spark that leads you to say, I want to do investments, I want to use these financial tools as a way to recognize the work. What do you think of young people? Rogers: When I was at university. I was like most other university students. I had no clue. What I wanted to do or who I was. I thought I was going to Medical school, law school and business school. I mean, I was confused like many other students. Summer after I graduated, that spring I met a guy who worked on Wall Street I liked him and he liked that I knew nothing about wall street. I knew it was in New York. I knew something bad had happened in 1929 but that’s all I knew. I didn’t know there was a difference between stocks and bonds, but I went to Wall Street for this summer job only because I liked the guy. And I fell in love with investing at Wall street. And I didn’t know. I couldn’t verbalize it at the time, but now I realize because it fulfills my passion and I had a passion which I wasn’t aware of. To know what was going on in the world and be aware of things happening everywhere. And here was the place. That they would pay me to do that. Pay me to know about the world and everything that...

Mask Network Web3 Social Ecosystem Grant Round 2 Review

As a quick recap, Mask Network has been consistently building a web3 social ecosystem and supporting public goods. With a solid history and reputation in product-building and diversity of network connections, MaskDAO aims to share its resources and facilitate collaboration to accelerate the ecosystem’s growth. Ecosystem programs include (1) Hackathon; (2) Web3 Scholarship & Fellowship; (3) Mask Hackathon & Bounty Program; (4) Mask Grant Program; (5) Gitcoin Web3 Social Ecosystem Grants; and (6) Investment Fund. Following the successful inaugural run of the Mask Grant Programme from May to November last year, where 18 projects were awarded $10,000 equivalent of $MASK tokens each — we are thrilled to announce our second batch of Mask Grant winners! Through an intensive selection process, 34 projects were selected for Grant Round 2 with grant amounts ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 each. 16 projects were selected for the social track while 18 projects were selected for the public goods track. Aligned with our ethos of supporting web3 development, diversity is of paramount importance — selected projects came from a range of countries including China, the US, Ukraine, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, England, France, Spain, and Australia. The social track saw projects from protocols built on top of Name Service standards, a couple of gamified dating apps, and token rewards tools, to web3 chatting networks and...

Zuzalu 2023: Thinking Beyond The ‘Twitter Box’ — a panel that discusses building new Social…

Thinking Beyond The ‘Twitter Box’: a panel that discusses building new Social Networks (Zuzalu 2023) During Zuzalu 2023, the session aptly named “Reimagining Social Networks” ventured into uncharted territories of social networking, presenting novel concepts and unique viewpoints that challenge the traditional norms established by platforms such as Twitter. — Wassim Bendella, Martin Etzrodt, Afra Wang. — A panel discussion among Vitalik Buterin, Suji Yan, Mihai Alisie, and Stani Kulechov at Zuzalu, Montenegro in May 2023. Moderated by Afra Wang. Organized by Zuzalu residents Afra Wang (Mask Network) and Martin Etzrodt (, on May 4th, 2023 at International Star Wars day, a discussion and workshop on reimagining social networks took place at The Dome in Zuzalu City, Montenegro the first-of-its-kind pop-up city community titled: “Thinking beyond the ‘Twitter box’; Reimagining social networks in the age of AI and Network States & coordi-nations” The event gathered an interested crowd of Zuzalu residents and pioneers in the field of Web3 social media and blockchain technology to reconsider our engagement with social networks, primarily in the context of the increasing prevalence of AI, network states, and coordi-nations. The event sought to explore the current limitations of traditional social media platforms, and more importantly, propose solutions for a new kind of social media powere...

Mask Network announces investment in The Open Network (TON) to further building in decentralized…

Mask Network announces investment in The Open Network (TON) to further building in decentralized social network ecosystem Mask Network, one of the world’s leading decentralized social networks, has announced an investment in The Open Network (TON) to further develop its ecosystem at large and provide innovative solutions for people across networks. Founded in 2017, Mask aims to build an easy-to-use bridge between Web2 and Web3-era decentralized apps. Mask is one of the earliest community members of the Bluesky protocol founded by Jack Dorsey, and the Mask team maintains the most active instances of Mastodon. “Mask’s dream is to achieve a new and open internet through building and growing the decentralized social network ecosystem, ” said Suji Yan, founder of Mask. TON is a revolutionary technology that seeks to unite all blockchains and the Web2 internet into one open network. Designed by Telegram to onboard billions of users into Web3, TON has been run as an open-source community project since 2020. With strong social functions, TON’s goal is to transform communities into economies. In December 2022, The Verge wrote about Telegram’s newly released Fragment platform, which Telegram CEO Pavel Durov called “an amazing success” by selling anonymous numbers, as it gained them more than US$50 million in sales in less than a month. Fragment is built upon the TON blockchain, allowing users to obtain an anonymous numb...


DWF Denies Wintermute's Market Manipulation Accusations

    DWF has emerged from the recent controversy, promptly and emphatically dismissing allegations made in Singapore2049 by Wintemute concerning the former's participation in crypto market manipulation. Wintermute’s recent comments stoke the fire in the ongoing feud between the two top players in crypto markets, who have been in lock horns in the past, with the latter accusing the former of constantly exploiting the media to disseminate false information. DWF ‘Does Not Manipulate Markets' In this year’s Singapore2049, which started on Sept. 18, Wintermute, a popular market maker, has hurled serious allegations against its peer, DWF. Wintermute alleges that DWF is manipulating markets instead of providing liquidity to guide the healthy development of crypto. This feud continues as Wintermute disagrees with DWF's portrayal of its over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. In Wintermute’s view, DWF falsely declares the transactions as transactions rather than investments. In a recent interview, a DWF Labs executive denied the market manipulation accusations against his firm. The managing partner, Andrei Grachev, said: 'We are not involved in any manipulation. When people see some sign that this asset might be profitable, they're going to rush into it, and the liquidity in the market isn't as good as it was a year ago, and it's easily driven by people, by the market itself.' Grachev emphasized that DWF Labs differs from one-way traders as they utilize the futures mar... read More

Bitcoin Pushes Past $27K, Render (RNDR) Explodes 20% Daily: Market Watch

    Bitcoin returned above $27,000 after a brief drop below that level yesterday following a minor daily increase. The altcoins are also relatively quiet today, with Render Token, Synthetix, and Mas Network taking the main stage with double-digit pumps. BTC Reclaims $27K Last week was a lot more volatile than this one, at least for one. The most significant price fluctuations came after the US CPI numbers for April came out on Wednesday. BTC first popped up from $27,500 to $28,400 before it slumped back down by almost two grand. After a minor pump, the asset headed straight south once again, plummeting to a two-month low on Friday at $25,800. The weekend was a lot more positive and less eventful as bitcoin returned to $27,000 and spent most of it there. The start of this week saw a price jump to $27,600, but that was short-lived, and the cryptocurrency dropped below $26,600 once again. However, the past 24 hours brought an increase of almost $1,000, and BTC now stands close to $27,500. This came after Tether announced a new policy that will allow it to purchase certain amounts of bitcoin. As such, its market cap has returned to $530 billion, and its dominance over the alts is at 46.6%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView RNDR Shoots Up The altcoins are also slightly in the green on a daily scale. ETH has managed to defend the $1,800 level with a minor 1% increase. BNB is above $310, following a similar daily jump. More gains come from the likes of Cardano, Polygon, Polkadot, and Uniswap ... read More

Stacks Soars 115% Weekly, Bitcoin Eyes $28K: Weekend Watch

    Bitcoin initiated yet another leg up in the past 24 hours, resulting in nearing $28,000 for the first time since June 2022. The altcoins are also well in the green, with ETH reclaiming $1,800, while SOL, UNI, AVAX, and ETC have skyrocketed by up to 14%. BTC Taps Yet Another 9-Month High The US banking crisis, which later expanded to Europe as well, harmed bitcoin's price performance at the end of last week as the asset tumbled below $20,000 for the first time in two months. However, the landscape started to change with the start of the new week. Bitcoin began adding a couple of grand daily, which resulted in breaking above $26,000 on Tuesday. After its initial retracement to $24,000, the cryptocurrency went on a roll once again on Thursday and Friday. The past 24 hours brought yet another price surge. This time, BTC spiked above $27,000 and even came inches away from tapping $28,000. This became its highest price tag since June 2022. Despite failing to reclaim that level and dropping by a few hundred dollars, bitcoin is still north of $27,000 and is up by 4.5% on the day. Its market capitalization has touched $530 billion, while its dominance over the altcoins sits just above 45%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Stacks, Conflux, Mask Network Steal the Show The altcoins have also charted impressive gains, led by the largest one. ETH has jumped by over 5% in the past 24 hours alone and reclaimed $1,800 for the first time in months. Binance Coin, Ripple, Cardano, MATIC, Dogecoin, Po... read More

With $2?4M Fundraising in Seed Round, KNN3 Network Races to Provide a Mu...

    PRESS RELEASE. Web3 relationship aggregator KNN3 Network announced it had raised $2.4M in a seed round led by HashGlobal and Liang Xinjun, former co-founder of Fosun International. Mask Network, MetaWeb Venture, Eniac Venture, Tess Venture, Stratified Capital, Fundamental lab, Incuba Alpha, Zeuth Venture, Cogitent Venture, Atlas Capital; Impossible Finance, RSS3, ShowMe and Yan Xin & Potter Li, ETHsign's co-founders also took part in the round. KNN3 Network will utilize the $2.4M funding for protocol development and product market-fit. From these struggles and pains on data isolation and cross-platform redundancy, it can concur that a universal solution for interoperability is the only way forward. With such a belief, these investors decided to support KNN3 Network in driving a future of multi-chain relationship aggregating and a diverse, decentralized world. The Vision of KNN3 Network After a paradigm shift, processors of decentralized applications are now at the centre of Web3, bringing to the world Peer-to-Peer transactions and optimized counting of state changes. 'As smart contracts and distributed virtual state machines underlie blockchains, decentralized WWW solutions truly give back ownership to the users and return democracy to the Web,' said Thomas Yu, Co-Founder of KNN3 Network. 'However, there is a need to keep updating knowledge of Web3 to generate more flexible and innovative ideas constantly. Without permissionless cross-platform data collaboration, individual a... read More

GoPlus Security Raises Multi-Million Dollar Private Funding Round From M...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] In April 2022 GoPlus Security Engine, a leading Web3 Security Infrastructure provider, raised a multi-million dollar private funding round. This round was co-invested by several public chain entities including Capital, Huobi incubator, KuCoin Ventures, Arweave, Harmony, Avatar (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), and Neo, with participation from numerous parties including SevenX Ventures, GSR Markets, and Geekcartel. Previously, GoPlus Security Engine had finished an angel round in August 2021, led by SevenX Ventures with Mask Network, DeltaBC, Puzzle Venture, Youbi Capital, Incuba Alpha, Lucid Blue, InsurAce, and Richard Ma, the CEO of Quantstamp. GoPlus Security Engine is the Web3 Security Infrastructure, it covers most of the major networks with multidimensional risk detection, dedicated to a safer web3 environment. GoPlus Security Engine is user-friendly to both crypto projects and ordinary investors and offers a complete, dynamic, and automated security detection platform, with functions including token risk detection, malicious address library, NFT risk detection, real-time risk warning, and dApp contract security detection. Go+ is aiming to build an open security ecosystem with other web3 security service providers. read More

Custom NFT Marketplace Creaticles ($CRE8) Announces Fantom Integration a...

    PRESS RELEASE. Boston, 6 April 2022 – Creaticles ($CRE8), the world's first NFT Requests Marketplace matching NFT buyers to its roster of verified global artists, has today announced a collaboration with Fantom Foundation. The integration on Fantom, one of the fastest growing layer-1 blockchain platforms, represents the first step in Creaticles' multi-chain expansion plans, and the platforms will join forces to launch the world's first crowdsourced NFT collection. Creaticles will be collaborating with Fantom Foundation over a series of crowdsourced PFP NFT contests, commencing with 'The Fantom Ghouls PFP NFT Contest'. Using Creaticles' Request for Proposal (RFP) contest model, Fantom will call on its community and Creaticles' roster of verified artists to design a custom Fantom ghost PFP, introducing and onboarding talented NFT artists to the Fantom chain, while creating an NFT collection that will allow supporters to be immediately identifiable as Fantom fans. Upon receiving submissions, the winning artists will be remunerated in up to $700 from a prize pool of $4,100 worth of FTM, Fantom's native token, into their FTM wallets. The second stage of the collaboration will focus on the 'Fantom Ghouls Assets Contest', designed to crowdsource the assets to be randomized onto the base PFP chosen in the previous contest. This will include assets such as mouths, hats, eye accessories, objects being subject to telekinesis by the ghoul, and more. The remit of the collaboration ... read More

Delysium, the First Playable AAA MMO Web3 Game, Closed $4M in its Round ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Los Angeles, USA, 14th March, 2022] Delysium has completed its first round of private-sale of over $4 million, led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and Alameda Research, with Anthos Capital, Eureka Meta Capital, Y2Z Ventures, Tess Ventures, Zonff Partners, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Lucid Blue Ventures,Unix Gaming, Ancient8, PathDAO, YGG SEA, Mask Network, Smarti Labs, Metasense DAO and other institutions participating in the investment. As the world's first PLAYABLE AAA MMO web3 game, Delysium is currently in the accelerated development and is expected to go live by the middle of this year. The funding will be mainly used to support the game production and ecosystem, at the same time, Delysium is also aiming to launch its Alpha & Beta version with a PVP tournament in the middle of this year. The background of Delysium is set in 2045 when human beings discover a marvelous land in the decentralized virtual world and name it 'Delysium', which starts a battle between the real and the virtual world. In Delysium, there are digitized real human beings living with MetaBeings, who are native residents born in Metaverse. Throughout a series of battles and struggles about interests, power, and resources, it is entirely up to the player to decide what the future of Delysium will be. Features such as cyberpunk style, open-world, MMORPG, and UGC will offer abundant gameplay and experience in Delysium. Players can earn loot boxes (tokens, NFTs, game resources, etc.)... read More

Custom NFT Marketplace Creaticles Bolsters Advisory Board Ahead of Multi...

    PRESS RELEASE. Boston, 10 February 2022 – Creaticles, the world's first NFT Requests Marketplace, has today announced new signature additions to its Advisory Board, Jeff Jiho Zirlin, Co-Founder of Axie Infinity; Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-founder of Sandbox; Joe Zhou – Co-Founder and CEO of FirstBlood; Juergen Hoebarth, seasoned blockchain consultant and Founder of NFT.Art; and Kenny Li – MIT Sloan graduate and cofounder of Manta Network. The new Advisors join Creaticles as the platform gears up for its multi-chain expansion in the coming weeks. Creaticles is the world's first NFT platform that matches buyers looking for bespoke NFT art to its roster of verified global artists. The company was founded by former Ericsson Engineer and current MBA Candidate at MIT Trevor Keith (CTO), and blockchain veteran Jonathan Chen (Head of Operations), with the overarching mission to accelerate mainstream NFT adoption and broaden accessibility into the space. The platform allows anyone to source custom NFTs through 'Creaticles contests', using a Request for Proposal (RFP) model, in which users submit an idea request to the platform's roster of verified artists. Upon receiving submissions, users can select their preferred NFT and winning artists can be remunerated in ETH, and in the future, CRE8 – Creaticles' native utility token. All NFTs purchased on the platform will be transferable to all secondary marketplaces, opening the door for artists to compoun... read More

The Winners of Metaverse Alliance 2021 Global Metathon

    PRESS RELEASE. Lasting for two months, the largest Metaverse Hackathon (called Metathon) organized by Metaverse Alliance and LD Capital has officially ended on January 21, 2022, PST. Over 100 contestants took part, with nearly 280 developers from 13 different countries engaged. To ensure the professionalism and fairness of the Metathon, 36 judges were invited from the leading funds such as Republic, Delphi Digital, Binance Labs, LD Capital, YGG, HashKey Capital, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, KuCoin Labs, DHVC, NGC, SpringWind, Kardiachain, MEXC Pioneer, etc., top tier public chains such as Solana, Flow, Neo, Klaytn, etc., and successful metaverse organizations like illuvium, Bigtime, Mask Network, Impossible Finance, Chain IDE, etc. (Find out more: During the judging process, each judge graded ten final projects based on six criteria including potential impact, functionality, novelty, mass usability, design, and technical complexity. Each project was graded by at least five judges and the top three projects for each track were selected based on the average score. Excited to announce the winning teams today, across five tracks - GameFi, SocialFi, DAO tool, Financial NFT. GameFi Track Winners: 1ST: MetaOasis $25,000 MetaOasis is a futuristic, sci-fi-themed multiplayer online game, a multi-game platform, a meta world with not just gameplay. Website: 2ED: My Meta Farm $15,000 My Meta Farm is an open world farmi... read More

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