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LATTE Price:
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The last known price of #LATTE is $0.0000623 USD.

Please note that the price of #LATTE was last updated over 310 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #LATTE statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest LATTE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000623, and the exact last price of LATTE was $0.00006234.

The all-time high LATTE coin price was $0.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LATTE with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for LatteSwap crypto currency is #LATTE.

LatteSwap is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for LatteSwap is not available at this time.

LatteSwap is ranking downwards to #13223, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown during the past 24 hours for #LATTE.


The circulating supply of LATTE is 129,226,892 coins, which is 69% of the total coin supply.


LATTE exchange data is not currently available.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #LATTE, and you can view them on our LATTE disambiguation page.



Game Update #3

Dear Baristas, Welcome to the Game update #3. We continued to make good progress on game development in July — August. Read on for more details — Development Progress: - The development team has made good progress over the past few months with the following accomplishments: The alpha version of battle mechanics coding is now completed, The shop mechanics (ability for players to acquire new cards) is completed, Basic bot implementation is completed for single-player test mode, Work in progress for special ability of the characters card and hero cards, As we come close to finishing the core features, we will continue to refine the game mechanics as well as other complementary features to help improve the playability and attractiveness of the game: Refinement / bug fixing on battle mechanics, Continue implementing specific cards mechanics, Bots improvements, Implement server multiplayer support, In-game menus and settings, Security checks, The work on implementing the blockchain components should be able to start some time in October. — In-game assets - We are in the process of populating our in-game assets such as character cards, hero cards, and all the visual and sound effects and in-game musics. We have shared some preliminary artworks for the game in the previous update. To keep with the fun and light temperament of the crypto industry, a lot of our characters are designed to be caricatures of popu...

Game Update #4

Dear Baristas, Welcome to update #4 for our Game. The team continued to make good progress over the past quarter. Please read on for more details. — Game Concept:. — In this update, we would like to share more information about the game concept and some details on the battle mechanics. As mentioned in our previous update, the game will be an auto-battler card-based game. We will go into details of each card type. Guardian cards: A player must select a Guardian card at the beginning of the game. A player will be presented with 4 guardian cards to select from a pool of 35+ Guardian cards. Each Guardian will have its own Ability and Health., Ability — the Guardian’s Ability may have synergy with specific Character, Treasure, or Spell, so players will want to build their boards around their Guardian’s Ability to maximize their potential. For example, Gelberos’s Ability is “Your Villain characters have +1 Attack. They have an additional +1 Attack for each of your Animals that died this fight.”; with this Guardian, players might want to choose character that have “Villain” Alignment or “Animal” Type instead of others for the synergy., Health — health will be reduced every time a player loses a fight. If the Guardian’s Health decreased to zero, the player loses the game., Character cards: Players can buy character cards during the “Buy Phase” which will then be used to compete aga...

Game Update #2

Dear Baristas, Welcome to the Game update #2. We continued to make a good progress on Game Development in May — June. Read on for more details Game Concept: we are happy to share that after much discussion, we have finalized on the game concept and mechanics. Our game will be an auto-battler. We believe this genre is fun, easy-to-get-started (but takes skills to master), and casual. With these qualities, the game will be accessible to a wide audience base, increasing its potential market size and the chance of being a big hit. There was also a major acquisition in the space recently where FTX acquired Storybook Brawl, a popular auto-battler card game. This reinforces our thinking that this game genre lends itself well to Web3 and has high potential for success. Development: the development has now started on the basic card implementation. Developers are currently working on offline and local playable games with all the basic functionalities / mechanics. We expect this “Alpha” phase to be completed around the end of July where we can internally start play testing and make necessary iterations and improvements. Graphics Design: We want to make the game beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. We believe good arts will go a long way in attracting players and making the game more appealing. That’s why we are investing in experienced artists to help create the graphics and UX/UI for our game. We should be able to share m...

Venturing into GameFi: Update #1

Dear Baristas, April has been a busy month for the LatteSwap team. We have made progress on many fronts in our game development. So, without further ado, let’s get into the progress update for the past month. Market Research: This has been one of the major tasks in April. The team spent a lot of time reviewing different types of games — both traditional and web3 games. The goal was to canvas all the mechanics in popular and successful games and catalog all the rules, game plays, and unique features that we can learn from and build upon for our own game. We believe that this is one of the most important things to get right so that we have a good understanding of the various game mechanics and potential key success factors of these games. Game Design: We are happy to say that we have built a good enough knowledge base and that the research phase is almost complete. With this knowledge, the next steps in our process would be to consider pros and cons and to start narrowing down our design direction, selecting, and committing to a specific game mechanic. We are aiming to finish this in May, and start developing a game design document so we can start prototyping. While we would like to keep some of the concepts confidential prior to the actual launch, we should be able to share more on the game mechanics in our next update. Development: On this front, we have been actively building our development team. We have been in ...

DripBar Pool #10 — Introducing Rasta Finance

DripBar Pool #10 — Introducing Rasta Finance - Dear Baristas, We are very excited to share with you the newest addition to our Cafe. Rasta Finance will be joining us at the DripBar! With this partnership, the LatteSwap community will be able to: Earn $LATTE incentive rewards and trading fees by providing liquidity to the RASTA-BNB pool, Trade $RASTA on LatteSwap, Stake $BEAN to earn $RASTA, — 💧 $RASTA DripBar Pool Details - Total Rewards: 21,000 $RASTA (~$1,300 USD) Token Address: 0xE3e8cC42DA487d1116D26687856e9FB684817c52 Rewards Period: 8 weeks (Linear Distribution) Rewards Start Block: 16,278,500 (~Mar 22nd, 2022 10:00AM UTC) Rewards End Block: 17,891,300 (~May 17th, 2022 10:00AM UTC) — 🎁 $RASTA-BNB pool - Rewards Period: 16 weeks Reward Start Time: Mar 22nd, 2022 10:00AM UTC — About Rasta Finance - Rasta Finance is a community driven platform for smart contract-based Defi protocols. The community provides its users with the RASTA tokens, uniquely issued for the community and traded according to its decision-making, open and democratic discussion and Blockchain powered voting platform. The founding team’s aim is to provide an ecosystem for sustaining the value of our RASTA tokens for and by the community. Therefore it seeks to utilize several unique, advanced and innovative mechanisms on the Blockchain that harnesses the experience and the knowledge of its community. This will enab...

LatteSwap’s updated direction: Announcing our entry into the GameFi space

Dear Baristas, We understand that many of you have been waiting for the updated direction for LatteSwap. The wait is over. In this article, we are going to outline for the community where we’re heading next. Background and the current situation: As everyone is aware, LatteSwap platform hasn’t been doing well over the past quarter. To be perfectly honest, our team has put tremendous effort into every new feature development especially with $FLAT, and had hoped that it would be our killer feature that would set us apart from the competition. Unfortunately, $FLAT was not as well-received as we had expected. In addition, we have been fighting against many headwinds including the wider market drawdown from adverse macro factors such as the impending interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, and most recently the conflict in Ukraine. A lot of high risk assets have sold off as investors went into risk-off mode. BNB Chain (then Binance Smart Chain) as a platform also lost significant market share to competing L1 chains over this time period, making it less attractive for new projects to launch on it. Combining this with the “bear market”, it has become very challenging for us to execute our partnership program, DripBar. Our BD team has reached out to over a hundred potential partners over the past several months, but weren’t able to secure any deals due to many protocols being reluctant to spend in this market condition....

Keopi Game is Back— Announcing the New Model of Keopi Game with 25,000 USD Prize Pool Seed

Dear Baristas, As a part of our initiative to improve LatteSwap’s current product suite, we revisited the rewards model of Keopi Game and have made adjustments to the parameters to revive our unique lottery feature. To help kickstart our newly re-vamped Keopi Game, we have decided to seed the prize pool from our own pocket for the total of ~25,000 USD! We have detailed the key changes in the new model of Keopi Game in the section below. — Adjusted Keopi Game Parameters. — We have adjusted a few parameters, so that the game and the prize pool can serve for a longer run: We have increased survival chance for the early rounds so that the chances of getting through for those who buy fewer tickets are higher., We have increased the percentage of rollover reward, simultaneously decreasing unlocked prize pool, in order to make the Keopi Game’s rollover rewards pool last longer., The changes will make Keopi Game’s prize pool maintain a healthy level of the rewards, and also help small players to get through the later rounds and have more chance of winning bigger prizes. — Seeding the Prize Pool. — We will seed each game with 15,000 $LATTE (~150 USD) for 8 weeks for a total of 168 games. In total, we will be providing 2.52M $LATTE (~25,000 USD) during the whole campaign! — New Model Release Date. — This new campaign will go into effect on 2nd February 4AM UTC. Grab yourself a cup of l...

Announcing LATTE Trading Competition — Win $5,000 in Prize

Announcing $LATTE Trading Competition — $5,000 Prize - Greeting Baristas, We are excited to introduce you to $LATTE Trading Competition. This is a chance for our community to have fun and earn at the same time. You can look forward to seeing more activities like this for our community in the future. Read below for details: — 🏆Campaign Information - — Rules:. — Users with the highest net buying balance (buy-sell) of $LATTE tokens during the campaign period will share the $5,000 prize. Top 100 buyers will earn the prize according to their ranking., $LATTE that is transferred out of the account (except $LATTE used for staking, providing LP in the $LATTE-BUSD pool, and transferring to the burn address) will be deducted from the net buying balance to prevent users from gaming the system., Buying must be done through to be eligible, The number of $LATTE tokens you will receive will be based on the market price of $LATTE on the date of the transfer, — Campaign period:. — The campaign will run for two weeks From: 25th January 2022 at midnight UTC, To: 8th February 2022 at midnight UTC, Winners will be announced shortly after the trading period — by Friday 11th Feb. Winnings will be transferred to winning wallets on the same day of the announcement. Announcing LATTE Trading Competition — Win $5,000 in Prize was originally published in LatteSwap on Medium, whe...

Introducing $FLAT, LatteSwap’s very own LP-backed stablecoin!

Dear Baristas, We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming launch of LatteSwap’s very own stablecoin, $FLAT! In this article, we’d like to take the opportunity to officially introduce you to $FLAT and provide all the necessary information you need in order to participate. — Introduction to $FLAT ☕️ - $FLAT is an over-collateralized, crypto-asset-backed stablecoin, meaning every $FLAT in circulation is always backed by assets greater than its value. The arrival of $FLAT will let our Baristas take their capital efficiency to the next level by putting up their LP tokens as collateral to borrow $FLAT while still earning farming rewards from their LP positions! $FLAT is a fork of $MIM by Abracadabra with multiple improvements. Two of the major improvements we’ve made are: — 1. Addition of the Close Factor:. — To help limit the negative impact of liquidation on our position holders, we’ve added Close Factor to our smart contracts. The Close Factor limits the maximum % of the outstanding debt that can be liquidated in a single transaction. Without the Close Factor, the entire position could be liquidated, forcing the position owner to take a bad price on the entire collateral even though only a small portion could’ve been enough to bring the position back to above the liquidation threshold. With this parameter, $FLAT position owners can rest assured that in an unfortunate event of liquidat...

Announcing further partnership with LuckyLion & additional $LATTE utility

Dear Baristas, We are excited to announce that we have further developed our partnership with Lucky Lion to allow $LATTE to be used as a currency to participate in over 66 of Lucky Lion’s play-to-earn games! $LATTE integration on Lucky Lion will complete on December 15th, 2021 at 7:00AM UTC. For more details how to play Lucky Lion’s play-to-earn games, please visit their step-by-step guide here. — About Lucky Lion - Lucky Lion is a GameFi built on Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to stake in the yield farm to earn LUCKY tokens, play next-gen iGaming to win daily prizes, as well as stake their LUCKY tokens in the platform’s revenue sharing pool. To learn more about Lucky Lion, please visit the following links: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Docs | Github | Medium | Discord Announcing further partnership with LuckyLion & additional $LATTE utility was originally published in LatteSwap on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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