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JOE Price:
$35.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #JOE today is $0.44 USD.

The lowest JOE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.442, and the exact current price of one JOE crypto coin is $0.44176.

The all-time high JOE coin price was $5.18.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of JOE with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for JOE is also #JOE.

JOE is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for JOE is $148,608,295.

JOE is ranked #164 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #JOE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for JOE is $35,926,104.


The circulating supply of JOE is 336,398,363 coins, which is 67% of the maximum coin supply.


JOE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #JOE, and you can view them on our JOE disambiguation page.



Bulletin Board: May 31st

Edition: #14A Month in the Joe-verse… You can’t help but be impressed when you find one of those local shops that’ve been around for generations. The ones that have stuck around long enough to get a plaque to commemorate their countless decades of operation. It’s amazing. Think about all the tough times these places must have endured, yet they survived it all. How? Well, you can boil it down to two factors — the resilience of the team and the support of the community. When the goings get tough, you need a team that sees success as the only path forward. You need a community that is ready to rally around their favorite stop. These are the places that become the cornerstones of a neighborhood. Starting to sound familiar? We all know that time in crypto moves faster than in the rest of the world. A week in crypto can feel like a year in the real world… so by that math, Trader Joe has been around for 60+ years in the crypto space. How do you think we managed to pull that off? Well, you already know the answer… The resilience of our team and the support of our community — are simply unmatched. The past month has shaken not only the ecosystem but the industry collectively. How did we react? We expanded our team. We launched an NFT marketplace. We overhauled tokenomics. We strengthened our community. We leveled up EVERYTHING within our operation. Our team knows only one path forward — to keep building...

Rocket Joe Launch Partner: Wyndblast

Rocket Joe Launch Partner #7: Wyndblast WyndBlast is a play and earn multiplayer cooperative game. The game takes place in the Chronica Sola Verse, a mystical land where players can take control of Wynds (dragons), recruit Riders, forge equipment, fight enemies (PVE) and compete with one another (PVP).Launch Protocol OverviewWyndblast has already sold out their 9000 NFTs including Wynds and ridersGameplay includes breeding, training/recruiting, forging and PVE&PVPWyndBlast is designed to align incentives for the players while simultaneously rewarding investors that hold on to their tokensWestia Arch Magic Stones ($WAMS) used in the process of breeding, training, and forging will be burnt and removed from the game economyCHRO used in the process of breeding, training, and forging will be sent to WyndBlast Community Treasury to manage governance from CHRO holdersTeam has passed the KYC process by Assure DeFiKey Details and Features There are dual tokens that are used in WyndBlast economy, which are : — CHRO can be used in the game for :. — Play & spendStake for more rewardTrading of assetsGovernance of community treasury — Westia Arch Magic Stones (WAMS) can be used for:. — Only able to obtain through in-game activitiesRequired for breeding, training, and forging — Two types of daily activities in the game that earn rewards:. — — Direct reward. — Player is ...

Rocket Joe Launch Partner: SteakHut Finance

Introduction Rocket Joe’s next exclusive launch partner is SteakHut Finance, a yield optimization protocol that synergistically integrates with veJOE farming. Launch sequence begins on the 1st at 6pm UTC with the Launch conclusion on the 4th at 6pm UTC. Dive below to learn more about SteakHut Finance. — The Joe Wars. — Similar to the Curve wars and more recently the Platypus party, protocols that build on top of Boosted Joe Farms will aim to accrue as much veJOE as possible. Why? So protocols can offer more JOE Rewards to their users. A larger share of veJOE will in turn support higher TVL and therefore, generate more revenue. SteakHut Finance will be the 5th protocol to enter ‘The Joe Wars’ and they face stiff competition for veJOE accrual. The current leaderboard of veJOE accrual looks like this:Data snapshot 29th — Leaderboard built by Community member: AngusSteakHut: Launch Protocol OverviewAims to build the largest treasury of JOE for veJOE accumulationConvert your JOE to hJOE and join the ‘Herd’ to earn STEAK tokens and protocol revenue share paid in JOE tokensEarly Zapper benefits include Higher $STEAK emissions and Herd Blitz promotionDeposit your JOE Farm Tokens (JLPs) onto SteakHut Platform to receive boosted yields by leveraging the Herds accrued veJOE balanceSTEAK Tokens provide you with a share of revenue generated on the platform and will also unlock periodic buy-back dividendsI...

Trader Joe: Cultivation Club - Bounty Program Initiative

🌿 The Bounty Program Initiative Trader Joe is here to make DeFi accessible and at the heart of this mission, is the Community. Contribution and engagement from the community help to shape and push forward the development of the Trader Joe platform. The Bounty Program Initiative has been established to encourage and nurture Community Contribution. This is a Community Managed program setup to directly reward Contributions. The Cultivation Club, which is the Trader Joe Community Club, have the power to open proposals for bounty work, reward contribution, and empower the community to help shape the Trader Joe platform. — Recap on completed Bounties. — Bounty Initiative #1: Tokenomics Infographics — $1000Rundown of the Completed Bounty: Link🌿 Bounty #2: veJOE Leaderboard The veJOE wars are upon us and a number of projects are making moves to accumulate JOE/veJOE. A new bounty was opened requesting the development of veJOE Leaderboards to help track veJOE accumulation amongst competing protocols. — Bounty Requirements:. — Build a report to track JOEs and veJOE accumulated + veJOE Farm TVLAllow for the tracking of competing protocolsInclude any other metric deemed worthy to track competitiveness — Key Protocols to Track for veJOE Wars:. — Yield Yak, Beefy Finance, Vector Finance, Steak Hut Finance, Farmer Frank, North Pole — Bounty Prize Pool Available. — A total of $2,4...

Joepegs Marketplace: What To Expect

High LevelLaunchPEG: NFT Launchpad capable of supporting Dutch Auctions, Ascending Auctions, Flat Mints and WhitelistsBatch Reveal: Customisable time delay batch reveal featureCollection Tiers: Unverified, Verified and Gold TierArtist Support: Contract creation and exposurePermissionless: Joepegs will index all compatible NFT collectionsCommunity: Club Joepegs and Incubators At launch, the Joepegs marketplace will deliver a range of core features, allowing users to list, trade, and mint NFTs from the get-go.LaunchPEG The Joepegs marketplace will feature an NFT launchpad, capable of minting collections in a range of styles from Dutch auctions to Flat mints. — Mint. — LaunchPEG will support the most common minting method, ‘Flat Mints’. Collections will go on sale at a fixed price and continue until all NFTs have sold. — White List. — Collections launching on Joepegs will have the option of whitelisting the wallet addresses of valued community members for exclusive launch perks e.g. price discounts. — Batch Reveal. — NFT projects will have the ability to delay collection reveals until a time of their choosing. This feature will support price floors in the short term and contribute to a great launch-day atmosphere. — Additional Launchpad Modes. — Detailed in the Roadmap section at the end of the articleCollection Tiers Joepegs will reserve a section of the marketplace for ...

Trainer Joe: Get DeFit — veJOE

Trainer Joe: Get DeFit — veJOEWelcome to DeFit, with Trainer Joe This is Session 6 of a 6 part series to help you bulk out your DeFit knowledge and get some serious kudos amongst the community. As the final installment of the DeFit series, this is your last chance to bulk out your DeFit knowledge and get some serious kudos amongst the community. Those who train with Joe will be rewarded with an exclusive Discord badge of honor: ‘DeFit Champion’Train now and get your DeFit badge of honor🏃‍♂️Sets for the sessionVe-tokenomicsHow veJOE boosts workVe-tokenomics Vote escrowed tokens (such as veJOE) have recently become a popular adoption into DeFi tokenomic models. The driving factor is a combination of yielding additional rewards as well as being able to secure more voting rights. Curve pioneered the basic foundations for the vote-escrow model, giving DeFi users more power in future governance decisions. — What is veJOE?. — Trader Joe’s model has some key differences from the original inception of ‘ve’ tokenomics:veJOE stands for « vesting escrowed JOE »There is no lock period required in order to accumulate veJOE tokens. By staking JOE tokens on Trader Joe platform, users receive veJOE (vesting escrowed JOE) over time and benefit from selected boosted farms on which JOE rewards are significantly increased. In the future veJOE holders will be able to vote on which farm they want JOE em...

Trader Joe: Cultivation Club - $20k Bounty Program Initiative

🌿 The Cultivation Club The Club was established in October of last year and was tasked with the management of Community Farms. This was a first step towards Community Governance for the Trader Joe platform and enabled the Club members to vote on deploying or closing Community Managed Farms. A mandate of 15 Farms in total were managed succesfully over a number of months. But we have larger plans for the Cultivation Club, and the next step is now here.🌿 New: The Bounty Program Initiative Trader Joe is here to make DeFi accessible and at the heart of this mission, is the Community. Contribution and involvement from the Community will help to shape and push forward the development of the Trader Joe platform. We introduce the Bounty Program Initiative and therefore broaden the scope of involvement for the Cultivation Club. The Club now have the power to open proposals for bounty work, reward Community contribution, and empower the Community to help shape the Trader Joe platform. An initial sum of $20,000 USDC is now available to utilise for Community bounties. These bounties can be proposed by the Cultivation Club directly. If a proposal is voted in by the Cultivation Club, the bounties will then be pushed live for Contribution. All rewards are decided and distributed by the Committee Panel, elected Community members charged with the management of the Cultivation Club. TLDR: If you have an idea or proposal of contribution to...

Bulletin Board: April 3rd

Edition: #13gm frens, Trader Joe closed out Q1 in style, completing all three installments of Tokenomics V2 — rJOE, sJOE, and veJOE. It was a huge month for the Avalanche community, with a week-long summit held in Barcelona, full of warmth and celebration. Now, we set our sights on Q2, first up is the much-anticipated deployment of the JOEPEG marketplace.veJOE The deployment of veJOE is the final key piece for Tokenomics V2. With the deployment of veJOE we introduce ‘Boost Farms’ onto the Trader Joe platform. Boost Farms are the same existing Farms as before, however, 40% of the JOE Rewards are now reserved exclusively for veJOE Stakers. This change rewards Farmers who Stake their JOE into veJOE, rather than just selling their JOE. In addition to veJOE Boosts, there is a veJOE Accrual Boost that can be unlocked by staking more than 5% of your JOE every 15 days. This mechanism provides a constant incentive to continually stake new JOE. Since deploying veJOE over 26m (~12%) JOEs are now staked and ‘locked’ into veJOE and we see more JOE being staked into veJOE than being emitted on a daily basis. — veJOE: Boost your Farm Yields. — Stake JOE into veJOE to earn veJOE over time. veJOE applies a Boost APR to selected Farms. The higher your veJOE Share the higher your share of the Boost Rewards. — veJOE: The Joe Wars have Started. — Competing protocols will start to lock up JOE tokens in an...

Rocket Joe Launch Partner: Hoppers Game

Rocket Joe Launch Partner #5: Hoppers Game Rocket Joe’s next exclusive launch partner is Hoppers Game, an idle game where users participate in adventures to stake their Hoppers’ NFTs and earn $FLY. $FLY rewards can also be staked for veFLY, a governance token, with the power to boost $FLY emissions for certain adventures. Adventures are tiered, limited only to Hoppers with specific stats, such as higher Levels and attributes. — Launch Protocol Overview. — Hoppers NFTs are 10,000 randomly generated unique NFTs with on-chain Attributes that can be staked in Hoppers Game.There are 4 tiers of adventures, with sub-adventures within each tier. Each tier of adventure requires minimum levels or attributes in order to participate and progress.Hopper NFTs with high fertility attributes can be staked for a chance to return a tradable Tadpole NFT.Staking veFLY gives players the chance to vote and divert $FLY emissions to particular adventures, rewarded in proportion to the amount of veFLY staked.$FLY Is an infinite supply token with the core Token utility being used in the Game to level up your NFT or stake into veFLY. We therefore recommend that participation in the Rocket Joe Launch should be for users who only wish to directly engage and participate in The Hoppers Game.Get ready to $FLYKey Details and Features — NFT. — Minting will start on March 11thThere are 10,000 randomly generated and unique N...

Bulletin Board: February 27th

Edition: #12 — gm - A lighter edition of the Bulletin Board today, wrapping up some of the key happenings from recent weeks. — 1. sJOE - sJOE is the new Staking option on the Trader Joe platform, that provides users with yield in the form of a Stablecoin, USDC. The first payout of sJOE staking rewards is set to deploy on the 28th. All users must un-stake their JOE from xJOE staking or the xJOE farm and migrate to sJOE in order to receive USDC rewards. It is important to note that remaining in xJOE now has no benefit as it no longer receives any platform revenues.Yes that’s right, this is JOE in a Stable Basket. — Why Change xJOE to sJOE? - The transition to the sJOE Model will significantly improve User Experience (UX). Removing the xJOE Interest Bearing Model allows for a Staking option that improves clarity on rewards and also lowers accessibility barriers. This combination improves the overall UX and therefore will help to increase demand for sJOE Staking. xJOE was a ‘borrowed’ model from the xSUSHI Token. The interest-bearing mechanism is gas-efficient on the Ethereum blockchain. However, this is not a key problem present on the low-transaction fee Avalanche blockchain. Using an interest-bearing model has a trade-off with UX, there is a lack of clarity around reward rate being accrued and also the model is confusing for newcomers into the DeFi space. sJOE allows for the instant ability to see yi...


US President Joe Biden Extends Sanctions Against Russia, Has Argued Alte...

    U.S. President Joe Biden decided to extend the sanctions that the U.S. government enacted against Russia for one more year, arguing that the country continues to pose a threat to the security of the nation. Biden had talked about these sanctions before, explaining that the only option besides enacting them would involve a direct international military conflict. U.S. President Joe Biden Extends Anti-Russia Sanctions for One More Year U.S. president Joe Biden has decided to extend the sanctions enacted against the Russian Federation for one year, on the basis that activities of the country 'continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.' According to Executive Order 14024, issued on April 15, 2021, the Russian government has been conducting 'efforts to undermine the conduct of free and fair democratic elections and democratic institutions in the United States ... and to violate well-established principles of international law, including respect for the territorial integrity of states.' This sanctions package enabled the designation of several Russian entities, including the Russian Duma and its members, and a slew of companies involved with the military-industrial complex of the country. The order was expanded later to designate more individuals and companies aiding the country in evading sanctions. Two Options: Sanctions or War The enactment and expansion of these sanctions, as well as th... read More

The US Banking Crisis Isn't Over Yet: Joe Biden

    The President of the United States - Joe Biden - thinks the turbulence that recently shook the banking sector is not entirely gone. As such, his cabinet is ready to impose further legislative changes to cope with any potential issues in the future. Two of America's leading banks - Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank - experienced severe operational issues and were shut down by regulators earlier this month. Major institutions outside the States, including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank - also revealed liquidity problems. President Biden praised his administration for taking adequate measures during the banking crisis, which sparked fears of another gigantic financial crash similar to the one in 2008: 'We've done what we need to do executively. I feel confident things are settling out. The markets seem to be responding.' Nonetheless, the leader sees a chance of further problems in the banking industry, saying the government is monitoring things closely: 'No, it's not over yet. We're watching very closely. I think my team has handled it very well so far. And rather than get ahead of myself here, I think let's let things move the way they are.' The US watchdogs closed Signature Bank and SVB this month over concerns about their solvency. Both institutions serviced numerous cryptocurrency clients. Biden's first speech after the collapse came in the middle of the month when he described the US banking system as 'safe.'  Despite his assuring statement, ... read More

Joe Kernen Calls Out Charlie Munger for Being Ignorant on Bitcoin

    CNBC Anchor Joe Kernen pushed back against Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger’s latest tirade against cryptocurrency on Thursday.  Specifically, the anchor called the billionaire’s assessment of Bitcoin while criticizing his lack of knowledge on the subject.  Munger’s Latest Rant On Wednesday, Munger appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box where Rebecca Quick asked him to steelman the arguments against his anti-crypto position. After a brief pause, Munger refused to do so.  “I don’t think there are good arguments against my position,” he said. “I think the people that oppose my position are idiots.  The investor’s “position” in question was published in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, arguing that the United States should ban cryptocurrency entirely, just like China did. He likened cryptocurrencies to neither commodities nor securities, but rather “gambling contracts.” In Wednesday’s interview, he had a different name for the asset class: “crypto shit.” “Sometimes I call it crypto crappo, and sometimes I call it crypto shit,” he continued. “It’s just ridiculous that anybody would buy this stuff.” In the midst of crypto’s contagious meltdown in the summer of 2022, Munger lambasted crypto as an “open sewer” of evil actors, while claiming that their existence is “undermining th... read More

Is Joe Biden's Pick for Top Economic Adviser Good or Bad for Crypto?

    The President of the United States - Joe Biden - will reportedly appoint Lael Brainard (Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve) as his top economic adviser.  The latter is a critic of cryptocurrencies, arguing they could undermine America's financial stability. On the other hand, she is a proponent of a digital dollar that would be highly centralized and monitored by the authorities. Anti-Crypto Position According to a Bloomberg coverage, President Biden will soon name Lael Brainard as his top financial adviser. She previously worked at the White House, serving as a Deputy Director of the National Economic Council (NEC) under President Bill Clinton. Brainard was also nominated as a Fed Governor in 2014 by Barack Obama. The Democrat is known as an opponent of cryptocurrencies, opining that bank involvement in the asset class could cause monetary chaos. She believes a potential crash of the digital asset market could resonate in the financial sector. Brainard expressed concerns about Decentralized Finance (DeFi), saying the new technology could be a catalyst for possible illicit activities: 'The permissionless exchange of assets and tools that obscure the source of funds not only facilitate evasion, but also increase the risk of theft, hacks, and ransom attacks.' Lael Brainard, Source: Fox Business Pro-CBDC At the same time, Biden's future economic adviser is fond of the creation of a digital dollar. She announced that America's central bank was working on s... read More

Where Are the Crypto OGs? — Taxation Is Theft, but Joe Biden Needs...

    Bitcoin was once viewed as a means to opt out of violent, legacy financial systems. Now, it is being co-opted by the very same, and zealous newcomers to crypto think that's a good thing, while still giving lip service to peer-to-peer values. Ignoring the problems with fiat money, they beg political interests and bad actors to regulate Satoshi's digital innovation. One such actor, Joe Biden, has been in the news recently complaining about not getting enough tax money from struggling Americans. To Biden and his elitist ilk, the destruction of crypto's possibilities for economic sovereignty is a goal. Taxation is a key means to make that happen. To the crypto OGs, taxation is still theft, and permissionless, peer-to-peer exchange is still the answer.Stop the Sugar-Coating: Why Taxation Is Extortion There's an old saying that goes: 'you can't make ice cream out of sh*t.' It's crude, maybe, but speaks to an important reality in both the realm of ideas and the physical world: something is what it is, and it ain't what it ain't. You can't make a palace from a porta-potty, and you can't make the literal stealing of taxation, inflation, and fiat currency devaluation into a good thing for any sane society. Taxation is a euphemism for extortion, writ large. Advocates of taxation (the sustained and systematic extortion by the state for one's entire lifetime) make the same arguments for forced financial servitude as slavers in the American south made for their own brand of brutal, physica... read More

Report: Saudi Government Privately Mocks Joe Biden's Mental Acuity, Crow...

    According to a recent report, members of the Saudi government and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have been privately mocking U.S. president Joe Biden by questioning his keenness of thought and mental acuity. The report follows Biden’s recent trip to the region in July, when the U.S. president pressed the Saudis for more oil production, but the Saudi government refused his requests.Report Says Fist-Bumping Biden Privately Mocked by Members of the Saudi Government, Saudi Television Broadcast Makes Fun of 'Sleepy Joe' Saudi Arabia’s government doesn't seem to like U.S. president Joe Biden, as a report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) shows crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and many others have mocked the American leader. Biden and vice president Kamala Harris were also made fun of on a television broadcast aired in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi television broadcast openly mocks Biden’s alleged cognitive decline and leverages the nickname “Sleepy Joe.” Three reporters from the WSJ — Stephen Kalin, Summer Said, and Dion Nissenbaum — wrote on October 24, that unnamed members of the Saudi government say the prince and his team privately make fun of president Biden. “Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom’s 37-year-old day-to-day ruler, mocks president Biden in private, making fun of the 79-year-old’s gaffes and questioning his mental acuity, according to people inside the Saudi government,” the WSJ reporter... read More

Joe Rogan Says Bitcoin Is 'Freaking Out' Government, the Lat...

    Another whirlwind week in crypto draws to a close, and of course there's no shortage of spicy stories and new, compelling narratives in the world of innovative digital money. This week, Elon Musk gives investment advice, United States Securities and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler catches flack from SEC commissioner Hester Peirce, and Joe Rogan calls bitcoin a viable currency, noting that it's got the government 'freaking out.' Buckle up and look lively, this is the News Week in Review. Joe Rogan: Bitcoin Is Now a Viable Currency and the Government Is Freaking Out Famous podcaster Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, talked about bitcoin on his show, posted Tuesday. The show features an interview with UFC light heavyweight fighter Khalil Rountree Jr. Noting that now bitcoin is 'a viable form of currency' that 'You can actually buy things with,' he said, 'the government is freaking out.' Read More Lawmakers, SEC Commissioner Slam Chair Gensler for Focusing on Crypto Enforcement Several U.S. lawmakers and a commissioner with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have voiced concerns about the securities regulator expanding its crypto enforcement unit. 'The SEC is a regulatory agency with an enforcement division, not an enforcement agency.' Read More Tesla CEO Elon Musk Gives Investment Advice He Says 'Will Serve You Well in the Long Term' Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk has shared his recommended investment strategy, which he beli... read More

Joe Rogan: Bitcoin Is Now a Viable Currency and the Government Is Freaki...

    Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, likens bitcoin to the early internet. Noting that now the cryptocurrency is 'a viable form of currency' that 'You can actually buy things with,' he said, 'the government is freaking out.' Joe Rogan, Bitcoin, and the Government Famous podcaster Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, talked about bitcoin on his show, posted Tuesday. The show features an interview with UFC light heavyweight fighter Khalil Rountree Jr. The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the world's most popular podcasts with a back catalog of more than 1,800 episodes - each receiving millions of views regularly. In February, The New York Times reported that Spotify paid over $200 million for Rogan's podcast, which is now exclusively available on the platform. 'I think about bitcoin the same way I think about the early internet,' Rogan told Rountree. Noting that the government 'didn't see it coming,' he said: Now it's a viable form of currency. You can actually buy things with it. I think the government is freaking out. He proceeded to share what he expects the government to do, noting that they tried to censor the internet during the Obama administration. However, 'it fell apart because people were furious and uproared, and they thought the political repercussions of it were not worth it … so they backed off of it,' Rogan opined. The popular podcaster believes that there will be a time when the government will introduce a centralized digital curren... read More

Joe Rogan Believes the US Government Fears Bitcoin

    The renowned American podcaster, UFC commentator, and comedian – Joe Rogan – said bitcoin reminds him of the Internet in its early days. In his view, it has emerged as a 'viable form of currency,' which is a serious concern for the US government. Bitcoin Made the Government 'Freak Out' During his most recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan reiterated his support of bitcoin, asserting that the current status of the asset is much similar to the early Internet: 'I think of bitcoin the same way I think about the early Internet.' According to Rogan, the US government did not expect BTC to become a 'viable currency' that one can use to buy things. As such, the authorities started 'freaking out' and are now looking to cope with the situation. The UFC commentator does not think the American lawmakers will restrict the employment of cryptocurrencies as they have had a bad experience trying to impose censorship on the Internet during the Obama administration. The move caused significant backlash from society and was quickly withdrawn. In the case of digital assets, Rogan expects the US government to create a centralized digital currency that they can control. However, this will limit people's purchases and steal their financial freedom. In January, the comedian predicted that cryptocurrencies could become monetary instruments that will improve people's lives. Despite saying he doesn't understand them very well, he praised Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most popular in the space: 'I... read More

How Will Joe Biden's Executive Order on Crypto Regulations Change ...

    After a brief delay caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, US President Joe Biden is expected to sign the executive order about cryptocurrency regulations this week. In it, sources said Biden would cooperate with other allies to ensure they were all on the same page. The Delay of the Executive Order CryptoPotato reported on February 20 the anticipation in regards to Biden’s latest executive order, which concerned the regulations in the cryptocurrency space. It was supposed to occur in the following week but plans changed when the Russian Federation launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine. Instead of getting directly involved in the conflict, the US and its Western allies decided to take another approach and incorporated countless sanctions against Russia, its president, oligarchs, and everyone in between. Amid those measures came the role of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, reports claimed that Russians (and Ukrainians) turned to digital assets while their national currencies tumbled as the trading volumes skyrocketed. On the other, global watchdogs raised concerns that Russian oligarchs could employ the asset class to bypass the sanctions. While that seems highly unlikely, at least according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Biden postponed the signing of the crypto executive order until further notice. Biden’s Executive Crypto Order This Week? Aside from the aforementioned participation, crypto... read More

Joe Biden To Push For Crypto Regulations as a Matter of National Securit...

    Joe Biden's administration wants to clarify once and for all the regulatory landscape surrounding the crypto sphere —taking the opportunity to exert greater control over the industry. Apparently, within the next few weeks, it is expected that the White House will issue an executive order declaring the regulation of cryptocurrencies as a matter of national security - which would raise the priority level that different federal agencies would have to assign to their efforts to monitor the crypto ecosystem. A Holistic Vision According to a report by Barron's, the national security memorandum would essentially seek to achieve coordination among all branches of the government so as to distinguish and limit the competencies of each of the entities involved. Currently, there are conflicting opinions on several aspects inherent to the cryptocurrency industry and the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions. The IRS, CFTC, SEC, and OCC have issued numerous statements affecting the crypto industry. On several occasions, even law enforcement agencies have worked separately on very similar agendas - such as trying to crack privacy cryptocurrencies. An anonymous source told Barron's that Biden and his advisers want to achieve the unity of thought that previous administrations had failed to accomplish: 'This is designed to look holistically at digital assets and develop a set of policies that give coherency to what the government is trying to do in this space,' The State Department, Tr... read More

Joe Biden Claims Inflationary Pressure 'Rests With the Federal Res...

    On Wednesday, U.S. president Joe Biden explained that the country's central bank was dealing with a large share of the inflationary pressures the American economy is dealing with today. Biden welcomes the possibility of tightening monetary easing and noted that he 'respects the Fed's independence.' US President Joe Biden Says a 'Critical Job in Making Sure Elevated Prices Don't Become Entrenched Rests With the Federal Reserve' Inflationary pressures have been building in the U.S. as consumers are paying far more for goods and services in 2022, and last year's prices continued to grow worse. American consumers are paying more for housing, rentals, food, raw materials, lumber, and automobiles. Just recently, senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., published a report that said inflation or the 'hidden tax' was 'only going to get worse.' Furthermore, reports published on Thursday note that U.S. jobless claims have risen significantly to a three-month high. While inflation rose to 7% last month compared to 2020, over 6% for three months in a row prior, and while retail sales slipped significantly in December 2021, U.S. president Joe Biden thinks most of the pressure is on the American central bank. Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Biden said that Americans 'faced some of the biggest challenges that we've ever faced in this country these past few years.' 'But we're getting through it,' Biden added. 'And not only are we getting through it - we're laying the foundation for a future whe... read More

AutoSwap Brings Limit Orders and Stop Losses to Trader Joe and Avalanche

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zug, Switzerland, 18th January 2022] Autonomy Network, an off-the-shelf decentralized automation protocol, has officially integrated its AutoSwap dApp with Trader Joe on Avalanche, following its successful integration with the PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). AutoSwap is the first-ever dApp to offer limit order, stop loss, impermanent loss protection, and recurring payment features for Avalanche-based DEXes. Avalanche has become one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems because it addresses the limitations of older blockchain platforms, including scalability, centralization, and slow transaction speeds. So, it made sense for Autonomy Network to add support for Avalanche. Autonomy Network’s AutoSwap now offers limit orders and stop losses to users on Trader Joe, the largest decentralized exchange on Avalanche by total value locked (TVL). 'Advanced trading features have been built on top of Trader Joe using Autonomy, unlocking the ability for the Trader Joe community to enhance and automate their trading experience, using limit orders and stop losses.' said Blue, the Marketing Lead at Trader Joe. The founding team of Trader Joe remains anonymous. With trading volumes of DEXes growing exponentially, lack of automated solutions such as limit orders, stop losses, recurring payments, and impermanent loss protection had become a real pain point for DeFi users. James Key, the founder of Autonomy Network, commented, “Advanced trading featur... read More

Joe Rogan Holds High Hopes For The Cryptocurrency Industry

    There have been several reactions and comment from prominent personalities about the trend of cryptocurrency from the beginning of 2022. The world's most prominent controversial podcaster and comedian, Joe Rogan, has just expressed his 'hope' for digital assets. He made this confession during a recent podcast interview. On January 8, Rogan, through the 1760th episode of his podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience,' deliberated on the crypto future. This discussion was with Adam Curry, his fellow podcaster. The estimated number of listeners for every episode of Rogan's podcast is about 11 million. This is significantly high irrespective of the moves from Spotify in censoring some offensive episodes. Also, Rogan's podcast bagged the top position of the most popular during 2021 on Spotify. The world's most prominent podcaster stated that cryptocurrency would either entirely fall or become an opportunity for sailing to a better future for human lives. Curry stated that several young individuals are moving out on his part. Such moves could be for developing parallel networks and systems. He confirmed his loyalty to Bitcoin by stating that he's on the BTC train to provide more security for his funds. He lamented the broken money system, causing misery, inflation, and even wars due to its link to oil. Related Reading | How the CFTC fine on Coinbase could affect future crypto company listing Curry has been the host of 'No Agenda,' a right-wing podcast that has received criticisms from... read More

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