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Polycat Finance  


FISH Price:
$4.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$490.7 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FISH today is $0.19 USD.

The lowest FISH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.192, and the exact current price of one FISH crypto coin is $0.19209.

The all-time high FISH coin price was $48.28.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FISH with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Polycat Finance crypto currency is #FISH.

Polycat Finance is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polycat Finance is $490,685.

Polycat Finance is ranked #941 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #FISH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polycat Finance is $4,623.


The circulating supply of FISH is 2,554,457 coins, which is 85% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Polycat Finance coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


FISH is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #FISH, and you can view them on our FISH disambiguation page.



Governance Votes: Dividend Vault Funds

Meow’dy, furends! 👋😺 FISH governance voting has opened this week, for you to select which assets we should invest into with the Dividend Vault Funds (DVFs). DVFs are used instead of direct burns, to promote long-term sustainability, dividend fund value, and consistent burning over time. Instead of immediate burns we put the funds into a vault to generate interest, only buyback-and-burning the fees generated by the DVF. DVFs help to reduce volatility based on transactional volume, spreading volatility out over time. For more details on how our DVFs work, please check out our docs.Risk Profiles There are FOUR DVFs: one for each Risk Profile. As a result, there are FOUR proposals for you to vote on, head to our Governance DAO to check each in detail:🏠 Safe Risk DVF Proposal🟢 Low Risk DVF Proposal🟡 Medium Risk DVF Proposal🔴 High Risk DVF Proposal Currently the percentage split for Safe/Low/Medium/High Risk DVFs are:Safe 10% IS3USD Low 40% WMATIC-DAI Medium 40% WMATIC-BANANA High 10% ICE-USDC The following criteria are applied for each risk profile:Safe: stablecoins.Low: ETH, BTC and stablecoins.Medium: Bluechips and stablecoins.High: LPs for larger, established tokens (i.e., QUICK, BANANA, etc.). Note that percentages and risk profiles may change in the future via governance or otherwise.Voting DeadlineWe hope that bridging across two weekends will give busy felines plenty of time to decide and ...

New QuickSwap Vaults, Feed The Cat Contest, and Moar!

Today we’ve got more great news and progress to share with our fine feline fur-ends. Here’s the TL;DR:We’ve got shiny new QuickSwap vaults — if you’re using QS vaults be sure to check if you need to migrate! 🐈🐕🐎🐅🦅We’re starting a new monthly contest to help steer & drive governance, and capture quick wins — it’s called Feed The Cat: win FISH or PAW by submitting your ideas! 🍜 For fur-ther details, please read on! 🐱🧾Gibs Us News! 🐱📰New QuickSwap VaultsThe short version of this tail — if you were on a QuickSwap vault, please check the Vaults page as you may need to migrate. ☝🐱 In the past week, new QuickSwap vaults were deployed… twice! 🖖😼 Let us explain:With the increase in Polygon gas prices, we needed to ensure compounding continued to occur at an optimal rate. ⛽😾QuickSwap LPs stopped emitting QUICK rewards, and new pools were created by them for dQUICK rewards ongoing.A few days later, QuickSwap released new WMATIC-paired farms that provided dual farming rewards in both dQUICK & MATIC, as part of their birthday celebrations — happy birthday folks! 😸🎉🎂Dat Compound Button… 👀💦 The new vaults come with a bunch of shiny new features:New Vaults still auto-compound, at an optimal rate offsetting the increased 30 GWEI network gas cost. ♻⛽We now have a manual Compound button, with bounty and cost shown undernea...

Dogira|Native Blockchain Gaming — New PAW Tank & Farms

Dogira|Native Blockchain Gaming — New PAW Tank & Farms We’re happy to announce that a new Paw Tank and 2 farms are available on Polycat, featuring Dogira: a project that aims to be a revolution for gaming and NFTS on the Polygon Blockchain! Start here: Dogira : https://dogira.netThe PAW Tank 🐾 It’s simple, stake PAW tokens to earn Dogira tokens. Here are the deets:Total Allocated Tokens: $90,000 of Dogira.Distribution duration: 80–95 days. (block speed)Start block: 19760000Finish block: 23069245Rewards per block: ~2.9The Farms 👩‍🌾 There are 2 new farms for Dogira on our AMM:DOGIRA-PAWDOGIRA-MATIC 🟢 These are now running on ☝🐱What is Dogira? 🐕 Dogira is an ambitious project merging innovative DeFi farming and staking mechanics, with high-quality blockchain gaming and utility-based NFTs. The goal of creating Dogira’s “DoFi” ecosystem is to create an interconnected network of fun and engaging play-to-earn games. Through this network, Dogira holders can stake their tokens to earn the tokens associated with DoFi games — which can then be staked to Dogira. This positive feedback loop is designed to keep blockchain gaming economies healthy and thriving. Later, Dogira holders can also stake their tokens for a chance to earn utility NFTs such as in-game items, exclusive art, and more. All of this is made possible ...

New Paw Tank on Polycat Finance: ProtoFi

We’re happy to announce that a new Paw Tank will be available in the following days on Polycat, featuring ProtoFi, a project that aims to be a game-changer for AMMs and yield farming protocols on the Polygon Blockchain. Start here: ProtoFi : PAW Tank It’s simple, stake PAW tokens to earn PROTO tokens. Total Allocated Tokens: $7,000 worth of PROTO Distribution duration: 15 days Start block: 19650000 Rewards per block: 0.020305556 PROTO / block (every 2.5 seconds)The FISH pool in the “PARTICLE” section. FISH will be the first polygon Blue Chip token to be listed in our Particle section together with coins like BTC, ETH, USDC, DAI and MATIC. At the beginning it will have a 4% deposit fee that will decrease over time and an “harvesting” lockup period of 12h.What is ProtoFi? As DeFi users have seen time and time again, the great majority of all DeFi products suffer the same fate: the token value inexorably collapses, tends to 0, and the project meets its end. Many different attempts have been made to avoid this pitfall and add lasting value to the products — ranging from layered farming to exotic burning mechanisms — but none have succeeded, until now. Meet the ProtoFi Protocol, our answer for a sustainable solution in the current DeFi paradigm: The first community-driven, user-owned AMM on the Polygon network giving every investor the chance ...

… And nao, the DAO!

Well hello furends! It’s time for updates, and some good news! 🙏😸 Things at Polycat have been absolutely manic: this week we welcome our newest PAWtners into the fold: PolyPup Finance, Hermes Defi and PolyNuts Farm! Always remember to DYOR before investing in any platform.We love collaborating, so devs, don’t be shy — reach out to us via our Partnership or IFO Forms! 🐱🤝😺 Our Liquidity Incentives program has also kicked off with a blast, with some platforms making use of this fangtastic opportunity: we’ve received several applications and are going through them now. The incentives program is designed to give a helping paw to assist projects who are starting out. Liquidity Incentives FAQ. If your project qualifies, please get in touch with us! A furend in need, is a furend indeed! 😻 Back here at the homestead, we’ve been super busy working on the interface to improve speed and UX. With the massive influx of new vaults, we realise that the site at times can start to sweat! 🙀💦 Wen RugDoc? Yas! You might’ve heard, that we’re teaming up with our good furends over at RugDoc to bring you the choicest, juiciest of farms with more peace of mind! We are absolutely thrilled with this special pawtnership, and things are progressing meowgnificently. We are going through the final iterations and testing; we’ll have more updates on that… SOON™. It will be in your paws… SOON™. SOON™. ...

Polycat Finance: Liquidity Incentives

Are you thinking of launching on Polygon? We’ll give you the hand (paw?) we wish we would have had when we did. We launched our AMM exactly 18 days ago. In the span of those 18 days, we’ve accumulated a total volume of 167 Million dollars (daily volume on average is $5 Million), and our AMM’s liquidity is currently sitting at $100 Million. We’ve quickly become the 4th most used DEX in all of Polygon, and we — of course — want to continue growing.Polycat Finance Liquidity Incentives The concept is simple: we are inviting new projects to use our LPs and earn swap fees by doing so. This is a mutually beneficial agreement in which our partners can earn something no other DEX is offering: swap fees, directly from us to them. We will offer new projects 25% (subject to change) of our swap fees being paid back to them, as well as a direct listing in our exchange. Provided they meet the following 3 conditions:Sign up through this form (ANYONE can apply, we will immediately review your application)Your project MUST use our DEX (CAT LPs)FISH exampleThe liquidity of your native token must be over $200,000 in our analytics page. On top of this, if your token reaches $1 Million liquidity in our AMM, we will also host a Farm for you, rewarding $PAW.PAW farms — Reminder: Our fee distribution. — Each trade on Polycat’s DEX has the following fees: 💲 0.10% to all LP providers + 🔥🐾 0.12% to burn P...

First Governance vote complete!

The very first Governance vote on Polycat Finance has finished. The results are in. Link to vote We’re very happy to see the involvement of our community! 💜 Over 1,000 votes were cast on Polycat Finance’s very first Governance vote with 821,680 FISH.REMEMBER: You do not lose your FISH when you vote, it only registers the amount of FISH you had when the proposal started (at a certain block) and counts it as your voting power The question was “How should the dividend vault be split?”. We have let our users vote to decide on how to split the Dividend Vault Fund (DVF), sitting at $2,923,912.74 at the time of writing this article. The results are as follows: This was a weighted vote, meaning users could choose a ratio when voting. The ratio will thus be 40%/40%, 10%, 10% (we’re rounding up to the tens). So,40% of the DVF (~$1,164,000) will go into a Medium risk vault (WMATIC-BANANA)40% of the DVF (~$1,164,000) will go into a Low risk vault (WMATIC-DAI)10% of the DVF (~$291,000) will go into a Safe risk vault (IS3USD) (currently, 100% of the DVF is in here)10% of the DVF (~$291,000) will go into a High risk vault (ICE-USDC) This new DVF split should result in the following daily dividends for users staking in the single stake FISH Dividend Vault:*Dividends in PAW bought from the market This represents over 10 times more dividends than right now. 💸 The DVF split vote will be redone every once in a while to...

Friday the 13th 2021: PAWv2

Bad luck day but swift resolution! In this article, we’ll explain why you had to migrate your PAW tokens as well as announce some exciting news. ℹ If you don’t care about the detailed explanation for PAWv2 scroll down to read about the Governance votes and the exclusive partnership with We’re human (we swear), and humans usually need to sleep which we haven’t been doing a lot of lately. On Friday 13th, 2021, a small mistake resulted in us having to redeploy a new Masterchef as well as new PAW token. Here’s the whole story, in detail. — The 30-day Timelock recommendation. — As we previously mentioned, we commissioned two different audits for PAW, one from Paladin, another one from Obelisk.Obelisk’s finding Obelisk found an issue having to do with the transferOwnership function of the Masterchef contract. This function allows the owner of the Masterchef to be changed and therefore a lot of PAW could be minted if done with malicious intent. The transferOwnership function is common and is usually simply protected by a Timelock (it was the case for FISH). Nevertheless, this issue becomes potentially more serious with our vesting mechanism, since rewards are locked for 30 days after being harvested from Farms. The auditor threfore recommended that a Timelock of at least the same length of the vesting period (30 days) were added to the transferOwnership function. The most logical solution was...

Polycat Finance DEX: The Details

Here’s a little sneak peek along with the details of the features we’re about to launch. 🐾 ℹ We previously announced the AMM would be out on Monday, August 02; but we later realized that date was a bit too ambitious and rushed. We apologize for announcing a date too early, we were just as excited and impatient as you. Nevertheless, we have decided to prioritize proper battle-testing and auditing rather than releasing something we’re not 100% positive works as intended. We would much rather have people complaining about a delayed launch than people suffering from an avoidable exploit after a rushed one. First off, here’s a nice article that will serve as a fresh reminder of what a Decentralized Exchange is: What Is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)? | Binance Academy ↗ We could have launched the DEX before launching the new UI but it wouldn’t have had the same impact, so we decided to launch both at the same time, which made the task longer to complete. Although we firmly believe it is for the better.HomepageFISH & PAW stats We’re ditching the chart until we implement a proper subgraph API along with an info page for our AMM.Swap interface (WIP)Liquidity interface (WIP) We’ve had the intention to launch our own DEX pretty much since launch so we had already prepared a frontend for it. Upgrading the DEX UI is on our TO DO list but it doesn’t have priority. We’re focusing on functionality.Vaults i...

FISH Max Supply: Going Forward

We’re closely approaching max supply. Here’s the plan! 🔜 This bearish market has most of us in the red and depressed but we’re still here and we’re still going forward with our plans.What happens when we reach max supply We’re ~10 days away from 3 million FISH minted, and that’s the supply cap we introduced. Once the 3M have been minted, we will renounce ownership of the Masterchef contract and set FISH emission rates to 0, thus, no more FISH will ever be minted and this will be final. FISH will always be our main token, the new token will play a different role in our ecosystem and part of this role is making FISH go up. 📈New token As previously mentioned, we’re introducing a new token, this token will be named PAW.PAW — PAW token information. — Maximum supply: Infinite Emission rate: 8 PAW/block Minting to dev wallet: 2% This will be the main reward token of the upcoming AMM.Polycat Finance’s own AMM DEX We’re introducing our own decentralized exchange. This doesn’t mean we will stop using other already well-established AMMs, this will just give us more freedom when it comes to making decisions affecting our liquidity. We will have our own reward pools (= farms) and we will incentivize them with PAW. — The fee distribution. — Each trade on Polycat’s DEX will have the following fees: 💲 0.10% to LP providers + 🔥🐾 0.12% to burn PAW + 🔥 🐟 0.02% to burn F...

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