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Ethernity Chain  


ERN Price:
$2.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$33.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ERN today is $1.46 USD.

The lowest ERN price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.46, and the current live price for one ERN coin is $1.46442.

The all-time high ERN coin price was $74.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ERN with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Ethernity Chain crypto currency is #ERN.

Ethernity Chain is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ethernity Chain is $33,036,747.

Ethernity Chain is ranking downwards to #364, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #ERN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ethernity Chain is $2,275,616.


The circulating supply of ERN is 22,559,686 coins, which is 75% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Ethernity Chain is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


ERN is available on several crypto currency exchanges.



Ethernity Community Update — The Ethereum Merge

Ethernity Community Update — The Ethereum Merge - As the Ethereum Merge draws nearer, the entire Ethereum community is becoming excited at what this new development will bring. In this community update we will explore what the Ethereum Merge is and what it means for the Ethernity community, NFTs, the ERN token, and other digital assets. — What is the Ethereum Merge? - The Ethereum Merge is one of, if not the single most significant upgrades on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Merge represents the Ethereum network’s shift from a proof-of-work consensus algorithm to one that uses proof-of-stake. Simply, the leading network for dapps and NFTs, including the majority of Ethernity’s NFTs, will make the blockchain almost immediately faster, more scalable, and 99% more energy efficient. The Ethereum Merge is stated to take place on block 15,537,351 which the network is currently set to reach in the early hours of Thursday, the 15th of September (EST), from this point on Ethereum will be a PoS blockchain. — How will the Merge affect the Ethernity community? - During and after the Merge the Ethernity community will not be required to do anything with their wallet, ERN tokens, and/or NFTs. However, after the merge the Ethernity ecosystem, in line with the wider Ethereum community, will only recognize Ethernity NFTs on the Ethereum PoS chain. We will also be taking measures to ensure the community remains s...

Ethernal Labs is Excited to Announce a Strategic Partnership with Metakey for Metaverse…

Ethernal Labs is Excited to Announce a Strategic Partnership with Metakey for Metaverse Developments - — Let the fun begin! - Ethernal Labs is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Metakey to develop and build branded metaverse activations for Ethernity’s collections within Decentraland, one of the leading metaverse platforms. Through this partnership, Metakey and Ethernal Labs will activate Ethernity’s NFT collections with globally recognized brands in entirely new and exciting ways. Ethernal Labs will bring its library of world class licenses to the Decentraland metaverse, allowing players to collect fully licensed apparel, objects, and collectibles from their favorite brands, iconic figures, and studios. To kick off this exciting new partnership, the Metakey team has built a next-gen Ethernity HQ in the heart of Decentraland for the Ethernal Labs, Ethernity and Metakey communities to hang out, interact with each other, and view Ethernity’s authenticated NFTs in the gallery. The launch of the Ethernity HQ in Decentraland is only a teaser of what is to come! The possibilities are endless, and Ethernal Labs is excited to introduce its library of licenses into the metaverse through event-driven virtual experiences and explore what it means to party, play, and socialize in an entirely virtual environment. This new step to build and expand upon the utility of NFTs is only the beginning, the Ethernal Labs...

Ethernity and Ethernal Labs Community Update | July 2022

As the builders market continues to settle in, we would like to address how Ethernity and Ethernal Labs are using this time to build new products, expand our ecosystem, and forge more partnerships with world-class brands and globally recognized figures. The Ethernity and Ethernal Labs team has continued to work non-stop throughout July to expand the Ethernal Labs and Ethernity ecosystem further through innovative product development, strategizing new ways to implement utility and creating world-class collections. The following list of developments showcases a few of the steps forward we have taken this month:Ethernity 2.0 Roadmap The Ethernity 2.0 roadmap showcases our ambition to take the Ethernity ecosystem to new heights. The entire Ethernity and Ethernal Labs team is committed to achieving each of the steps outlined and more. However, due to changes to the market and other priorities, some of these steps have not been able to be completed on time. Due to this, we decided to bring the roadmap back internally to extensively review it to ensure that our vision stays intact and that we push our ecosystem further in the most beneficial way. Throughout the remainder of 2022 and beyond, we will continue to build and work on each of the steps, and we will announce each milestone we reach. Our internal roadmap has been updated with more innovative features not present on the Ethernity 2.0 roadmap, which we will announce closer t...

Stones Event #5 — Drop Guide

Stones Event #5 — Drop Guide A universe of possibilities awaits. On June 25, 2022, Ethernity’s 5th Stone Event commences. This event is dedicated to our Stones Farmers, and unveils Ethernity Moon Stones for the first time! Our Moon Stones hide Exorians Mint Passes, Satoshi cards, digital and physical prizes, exclusive Stones-Event-only Ethernity NFTs and authenticated Ethernity NFTs from past collections. There are 2 types of Moon Stones: the Sapphire Moon Stone with 1 item inside available for 5,000,000 Stones and the Amethyst Moon Stones with 3 items inside available for 15,000,000 stones. Each wallet may acquire a maximum of 3 Moon Stones of any type in total. For example, any wallet may purchase a maximum of 3 Amethyst Moon Stones, or 3 Sapphire Moon Stones, or 2 Amethyst and 1 Sapphire, or 1 Amethyst and 2 Sapphire. In addition to our Sapphire and Amethyst Moon Stones, Ethernity is offering a limited selection of official Ethernity merchandise, as well as adventures and prizes for auction! Auctions will commence on June 25 at 12:00 pm EST and bids will be accepted for 3 days.Inside the Moon Stones: NFT Collections and Digital & Physical Prizes All unopened Stones will be automatically revealed after 14 days. A Sapphire Moon Stone contains one of the following; an Amethyst Moon Stone contains 3 of the following:Exorians: CM21 Mintpass We’re about to go off planet! CM21 or Conscious Matter-21 is the materi...

Ethernity | Introducing Moon Stones

The 5th Ethernity Stones Event is coming, June 25th, and we’ve added in a whole new feature for you to spend your Stones on! We call them, Moon Stones. During our upcoming Stones Event you will be able to purchase 2 versions of these exciting new Moon Stones to redeem rare and exclusive Ethernity NFTs and prizes, including Exorians Mint Passes, Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi Cards, exclusive new Ethernity NFTs, as well as authenticated NFTs from past collections, and a variety of exciting prizes. Moon Stones are broken down into two categories: — Sapphire Moon Stones:. — Sapphire Moon Stones will cost 5,000,000 Stones, after purchasing the Sapphire Moon Stone you will be able to open it to reveal one NFT hidden inside. — Amethyst Moon Stones:. — Amethyst Moon Stones will cost 15,000,000 Stones, after purchasing the Amethyst Moon Stone you will be able to open it to reveal three NFTs hidden inside. What will your Ethernity Moon Stone reveal? An Exorians Mint Pass? A giftcard for concert tickets or gaming gear? A hardware wallet sent straight to your doorstep? Maybe you’ll find a rare, never before seen Ethernity NFT! Keep an eye out for the full drop guide, available soon, which will detail the particular NFTs and prizes, and provide a run down of the exciting adventures and prizes up for auction. … The June 25, 2022 event will also host auctions for prizes and real-world experiences and offer a...

Ethernity | AFA Icons NFT Collection

AFA x Ethernity by: A Thin Line Between May 31, 2022 @ 12pm ET / 72 hours SOCCER Ethernity is proud to present this AFA Icons collection commemorating the “Finalissima,” a cross-continental match between the winners of the Euro Cup: Italy, and Copa America: Argentina. Ethernity first brought the Copa America finals to life and we continue the legacy of the Argentine National Team in its push for international titles in 2021 & 2022. One buyer of these NFTs will be entered into a raffle to win a signed jersey using our Chainlink VRF randomizer. Plus, all buyers of this collection will receive access to AFA’s next NFT drop leading up to the mecca of soccer’s international tournament this coming fall. If Argentina emerges victorious from June 1st’s match, an additional surprise will be airdropped into each NFT holder’s wallet. About the Artist: Anthony Edward aka A Thin Line Between is a UK-based visual artist and graphic designer. Anthony currently works as the Creative Director of the Elitist, a leading modern creative media brand, while continuing to work as an independent artist. He aims to have his work be motivational and inspiring, making an impact around the world with his art through positive messaging and enacting positive change. — TITLE: AFA — ARGENTINA STARS. — Artist: A Thin Line Between Price: $100 / 75 of 100 Available / ERN Description: This year’s South American favorit...

Ethernity | Satoshi Staking is Here!

Ethernity’s First Step into NFT Staking Staking for the Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi NFT is now live on the website. This implementation is our initial foray into NFT staking that will allow each holder to stake the elusive card for 365 days, which will unlock 10 ERN daily. In total, each lucky holder of the card will be able to claim up to 3,650 ERN over a 365 day period. Starting on May 16th, 2022.Important to Know:Each Satoshi NFT holder may stake and unstake their NFT at any time.Every staked Satoshi NFT unlocks 10 ERN every 24 hours, for up to 365 daysRewards are only unlocked after 24 hours of staking, if an NFT is unstaked part way through the day, no awards will be unlocked.The Satoshi NFT may be sold on Ethernity’s marketplace or any other NFT marketplace of their choice, including OpenSea and LooksRare.The holder may choose to claim their accumulated rewards whenever they wish, while keeping the Satoshi NFT staked.The moment the Satoshi NFT is unstaked, all the rewards accumulated are automatically claimed to the holder’s wallet.For a more in depth look into the story behind the origins of the Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi, read our introduction to the groundbreaking NFT here. It’s Easy to Stake and Unstake Your Satoshi NFT Follow these simple steps to participate in Ethernity’s new NFT staking protocol: to, login...

Ethernal Labs and Ethernity: Community Update

From Nick Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of Ethernity and Ethernal Labs I would like to address the recent market conditions and provide clarity as the Ethernity and Ethernal Labs team remain committed to working nonstop despite the surrounding noise. As the market takes a dramatic turn, we are staying on course to complete the Ethernity 2.0 roadmap and continue to develop the world’s premier marketplace for authenticated and fully licensed NFTs. Our team consists of world-class individuals who are all committed to continue pushing the Ethernity ecosystem further, with a focus on sustainable growth. From the inception, Ethernity has prioritized future-proof building, ensuring that our long term goals will endure beyond flash-in-the-pan trends and market fluctuations. Earlier this year, we raised a $20 million seed investment round for Ethernal Labs, and we will be using these funds to continue to expand and build the Ethernal Labs ecosystem of decentralized apps, hire the best talent in the Web3 space, and welcome the world’s largest brands, artists, and individuals to the blockchain. Here are a few of our upcoming plans:Exorians The Exorians is our next generation NFT avatar project that will be launching this Summer. We are committed to keeping this timeline despite the market downturn to show our dedication to creating a long-term, multi-year original IP project. The Exorians is not just an avatar project, it is the start ...

Ethernity Partners with MoonPay To Integrate Credit Card Payments

As part of our expanding product offering to our community, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with, and successfully integrated credit card processing platform Moonpay onto the Ethernity platform. We are incredibly excited to bring credit card payments back onto the Ethernity platform for three main reasons:​​Increased accessibility to our marketplace for non-crypto users.Multiple options to purchase NFTs for all usersTransparent, simple and easy to use. Credit card payments will be available for the Mystery Drop on Saturday, April 23! You will be able to purchase the Epic and Common Mystery Boxes with your credit card, where you can find a surprise selection of Ethernity NFTs, the groundbreaking Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi card, or a highly coveted Exorians CM21 Mint Pass. Important to Know:All Mystery Boxes, including the Legendary Box, are still available for purchase using ERN tokens, no credit card neededTo access this feature, US citizens will need to perform a simple KYC Identity Verification to ensure the highest standards of security.The total cost of the Mystery Boxes consists of: NFT Price + Minting Fee + Moonpay Processing Fee.If you are using an iPhone: additional pop-ups may delay your purchase, to avoid this problem, be sure to clear cookies and cache in your Metamask app.MoonPay accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, but not American Express. For a full list of supported payment methods cli...

Ethernity Token Economics Update

Throughout the past year, the Ethernity platform has developed into the largest authenticated and fully licensed NFT marketplace, with NFT collections from the world’s most iconic figures and brands. To reflect this, and to show our commitment to the future of Ethernity, the Ethernity Team and Advisors have updated the conditions for unlocks and lengthened the vesting schedules for unlocking their ERN tokens. Below, we have updated the Ethernity Token Economics: — NEW SCHEDULE:. — 1M ERN12-month cliff12-month vesting schedule, started March 20221.3M ERN24-month cliff24-month vesting schedule, starting March 20233.7M ERN24-month cliff36-month vesting schedule, starting March 2023 NEW SMART CONTRACT: 0x429dc62E58483E1262fdce4E452E9266984f2a45 — INITIAL SCHEDULE:. — 6M ERN12-month cliff12-month vesting schedule OLD SMART CONTRACT: 0x5883Fb498202e33E5c2CA6ac9fD98589357d3468 * All information about our token economics, including smart contract addresses have been updated on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. — ERN Token Distribution. — Total Supply: 30,000,000 ERN Circulating Supply: 13,498,780 ERN — Team & Advisors:. — 1M ERN (3.33%)12-month cliff12-month vesting schedule, started March 20221.3M ERN (4.33%)24-month cliff24-month vesting schedule, starting March 20233.7M ERN (12.33%)24-month cliff36-month vesting schedule, starting March 2023 Contract Address: 0x429dc62E584...


Ripple Reveals Huge Plans For The $40 Billion NFT Market On The XRP Ledg...

    Ripple is set to strengthen the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) support of the XRP ledger. The RippleX team, in charge of the development of the XRP ledger, will soon propose a new NFT standard for its NFT-Devnet. According to the Ripple team, the proposal will be included in an upcoming software release. The NFT-Devnet, which was revealed back in January, is its beta development environment for NFTs. It allows developers and creators to iterate their NFT projects before it is released to the mainnet. With the upgrade, Ripple hopes to give developers and the XRP community the tools to fuel their innovativeness. “The RippleX team will propose its NFT standard be included in an upcoming software release with hopes that the new NFT capabilities will continue to inspire groundbreaking projects,” the blog post read. WE’RE EXCITED TO SHARE THE INITIAL CREATORS BEING FUNDED BY RIPPLE’S CREATOR FUND: @JUSTINBUA @XRPLPUNKS @STEVENSEBRING THEY’LL BE WORKING WITH OUR NEW #NFT MARKETPLACE PARTNERS TO INTEGRATE THE #XRPL: @GEER_IT @ETHERNITYCHAIN @ONXRPDOTCOMHTTPS://T.CO/HMQMQPOYGX — Ripple (@Ripple) March 10, 2022 It adds that hoping that with the upgraded tools, additional tokenization capabilities will eventually be uncovered. Ripple is also looking to a future where NFTs emerge from just being collectibles, to having real-world utility. A few areas being explored for deploying NFTs include Media & Entertainment, Carbon Cre... read More

Martial Arts Icon and Philosopher Bruce Lee Commemorated in NFT Collecti...

    While many celebrities have launched non-fungible token (NFT) collections, a number of NFT compilations have featured luminaries who have passed away. Legends such as Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Muhammad Ali, Elvis, Tupac, and more have been featured in NFT collections. This Saturday, Ethernity and Bruce Lee's family will be dropping the renowned martial artist's first NFT collection dubbed 'The Formless Form.' 'Be Like Water Making Its Way Through Cracks' The Hong Kong and American martial artist, martial arts instructor, film star, and philosopher, Bruce Lee, is an extremely popular pop-culture icon. Lee is famous worldwide for his martial arts style and roles in a number of feature-length martial arts movies filmed in the early 1970s. On January 8, 2022, the Bruce Lee Family Company and the NFT protocol Ethernity, will be dropping Lee's first NFT collection. Lee's NFT compilation aims to 'commemorate the life and legacy of the martial arts pioneer, philosopher, and global action film star,' Ethernity's press statement explains. According to the announcement, the NFT collection was ' inspired by Bruce Lee's philosophy and teachings.' Furthermore, the artwork stems from artists such as Bosslogic, Raf Grassetti, and Anthony Francisco. 'My father believed in honest self expression,' Shannon Lee, the chairwoman and CEO of the Bruce Lee Family Company and the One Family Foundation said. Lee's daughter continued: We're honored for the opportunity to collaborate with these extreme... read More

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