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EPS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$41.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EPS today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest EPS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.057, and the exact current price of one EPS crypto coin is $0.05745.

The all-time high EPS coin price was $10.13.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EPS with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Ellipsis crypto currency is #EPS.

Ellipsis is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ellipsis is $41,574,252.

Ellipsis is ranking downwards to #1087 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #EPS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ellipsis is $642.


The circulating supply of EPS is 723,701,571 coins, which is 72% of the maximum coin supply.


EPS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #EPS, and you can view them on our EPS disambiguation page.


  EPS DEVELOPER NEWS Launches the Most Efficient Crypto Swaps on BNB Chain is an exchange for stable & crypto assets on the BNB Chain. It allows for digital asset swaps with very low slippage and minimal fees. is pleased to announce the launch of capital-efficient crypto swaps. With this innovation, Ellipsis now offers the most capital-efficient swaps between stable pairs (e.g. BUSD <> USDC) and normal crypto pairs (e.g. BNB <> BUSD) on BNB chain. Given equal liquidity, Ellipsis pools will outperform x*y=k AMMs like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. Alternatively, equal performance can be achieved with less liquidity, meaning Ellipsis is now the best choice on BNB Chain regardless of liquidity. — Swapping on Ellipsis - Swapping on Ellipsis is streamlined, simple, and reliable. Simply: Go to, Select the asset in your wallet to be swapped, Select the asset you wish to receive, Confirm the transaction in your wallet, Note: before finalizing the transaction, always be sure to check for slippage and that you will receive the amount you calculated. — Listing your token - Ellipsis Finance makes the process for listing on the protocol streamlined for users. New token pairs can be listed on Ellipsis by filling out a listing form available in the website’s menu, and then providing initial liquidity to the pool. Get in touch with Ellipsis via the official Telegram channel for support and to provide token logos, if desired. — EPX incentives for your pool - Any new pool can utilize EPX incentives to help incentivize liquidity, and teams can also provide their own tokens as an incentive. All a pool needs to do to activate EPX incentives is pass a vote to enable incentives. Once this vote passes, the pool will participate in the weekly incentive votes to distribute the EPX emissions. Bribing is available for both of these votes on Dot Dot Finance. For inquiries about this process, please get in touch with Ellipsis via the official Telegram channel.

Welcome to Ellipsis 2.0

The team at Ellipsis is pleased to announce that Ellipsis 2.0 is now live! Starting from this moment users can lock their EPX tokens on Ellipsis and vote for next week’s EPX emissions*. Users that lock their EPX tokens before midnight UTC on the 14th of April will immediately start earning platform fees from last week. These fees will be streamed over the next seven days. (*Note that “weeks” on Ellipsis 2.0 run from 00:00:00, Thursdays, UTC.)What is Ellipsis 2.0? Version 2.0 (announced here) introduces various updates to the tokenomics, bringing Ellipsis more in line with Curve’s veToken mechanics. Users that lock the Ellipsis protocol token for up to one year will be able to:vote on pool incentivesreceive boosted yields as an LPreceive platform feesvote on eligibility of pools to receive incentivesWhat does this mean? EPS holders who still have not migrated to EPX can still do so following the steps on the migration page. EPS lockers can now head to the migration page and register their locks to receive their 4x bonus locking weight. Liquidity Providers who are still staked in Ellipsis 1.0 should head over to the migration page to manage their positions. With the introduction of vlEPX liquidity providers receive boosted EPX rewards for locking their EPX.Get Started Users can start interacting with Ellipsis 2.0 here. To learn more about locking and voting on Ellipsis 2.0, we recommend reading our documentation and joining the Ellipsis Telegram.

Announcing the val3EPS Pool

In partnership with Valas Finance, Ellipsis announces a new pool: the val3EPS pool. Similar to the popular 3EPS pool, the val3EPS pool contains BUSD, USDC and USDT. Tokens that are deposited into the val3EPS pool are also deposited into Valas Finance. This means that that in addition to swap fees, liquidity providers also earn lending fees and VALAS incentives. We are excited about this partnership as it allows Ellipsis LPs to earn extra money and ensures greater available liquidity for Valas borrowers. We look forward to exploring more ways to collaborate, and growing our protocols together in the future. You can find the new val3EPS pool here.

Ellipsis 2.0 Migration Dashboard

To facilitate the upcoming changes, users can now find a migration dashboard on the website. Connect with your wallet and the dashboard will highlight your deposits or positions in the protocol and any required actions.EPS > EPX Migration Please remember that the token migration contract has no time limit. Users who wish to use Ellipsis 2.0 when it launches will have ample time to migrate their tokens. Please subscribe to our Telegram announcement channel or Twitter for our latest news.Ellipsis 2.0 TimelineA New Ellipsi

Update for EPS lockers to EPX in Ellipsis 2.0

Previously it was announced that EPS lockers would be able to claim their locked EPS as EPX on April 2nd, after which point the EPX would be locked in their wallets until Ellipsis 2.0 launches. This process is being changed. The migration will now respect the users’ lock times. Once Ellipsis 2.0 is live, users with EPS locks in the old protocol will be able to register these locks within the new protocol. After the locks expire, they will be able to withdraw the EPS and migrate it to EPX. Registered EPS locks will receive a 4x bonus on their vote weight. For example, if Alice has 100 EPS tokens locked and she registers her lock which is due to expire 4 weeks after the protocol launch: Amount of EPX: 100 * 88 = 8,800 EPX Normal vlEPX weight: 8800 * 4 = 35,200 vlEPX Bonus vlEPX weight: 140,800 vlEPXWhat do you need to do? — EPS lockers with current lock times > 0. — Register your locks when the protocol launches. You will only have to do this once. — EPS lockers with expired locks. — Expired locks are not eligible. You should withdraw the EPS and migrate to EPX at your convenience.

Ellipsis 2.0 Github Repository and Audit Report by Peckshield

Peckshield has completed an audit of the Ellipsis 2.0 contracts. No critical issues were found; all flagged issues have been resolved. The audit report is public and has been published here. Following the successful audit, we have now open-sourced the Ellipsis 2.0 codebase. The Github repository for the contracts can be found here. We are still performing additional tests and internal review but do not anticipate any further changes. We encourage potential integratoooors to review it and reach out to us with any questions or feedback. We thank the Peckshield team for auditing Ellipsis.

The Role of EPX in Ellipsis 2.0 is an authorized fork of Version 1.0 has been providing Curve’s StableSwap protocol to users on the BNB chain. Version 2.0 (announced here) introduces various updates to the tokenomics, bringing Ellipsis more in line with the Curve’s veToken mechanics. Users that lock the Ellipsis protocol token for up to one year will be able to:vote on pool incentivesreceive boosted yields as an LPreceive platform feesvote on eligibility of pools to receive incentives Ellipsis 1.0 had EPS staking for platform fees. Ellipsis 2.0 will have EPX locking for platform fees, voting on the eligibility of pools to receive incentives and reward rates, and to get boosted rewards for lockers’ liquidity positions. 👉 The information below pertains to Ellipsis 2.0, which launches on April 13th according to the timeline outlined here.Liquidity pools Ellipsis uses pools of tokens to facilitate swaps on its platform. A fee is taken on each swap and split between liquidity providers and EPX lockers. The deeper the liquidity a pool has, the larger a swap it is able to facilitate without significant slippage. As such, deep liquidity is important to attract larger volumes and earn more fees. But how to get more liquidity?Rewarding liquidity Protocols will offer their own token as a reward to liquidity providers to attract liquidity, and sometimes allow other tokens to act as rewards too (“third party rewards”, like the LIQR rewards on the USDL and BNB-l pools). Ellipsis 2.0 will provide EPX rewards to pools and also allow these third party rewards. In this article we will cover EPX rewards.Enabling rewards on pools Not all pools on Ellipsis will be eligible for EPX rewards. In order to enable EPX rewards for a pool, an EPX locker with sufficient vote weight must propose a pool approval vote and that pool must pass the vote. If the vote passes the pool will be permanently enabled for receiving EPX rewards.EPX reward distribution Each week EPX lockers will be able to vote on which approved pool they would like to direct EPX rewards to. When voting closes, 1/4 of that month’s EPX rewards is split according to the vote and supplied to the pools. Votes are reset to zero each week and the voting cycle starts again.Locking EPX for vote weight Users lock EPX to get vote weight. EPX can be locked for periods from 1 to 52 weeks. Locking 1 EPX for one week equals 1 vote weight or vote locked EPX (“vlEPX”; these are not tokens, they represent a quantity of vote weight). If you lock 1 EPX for 52 weeks you get 52 vlEPX. A lock’s vote weight decreases every week. For example, if Alice locks 10 EPX for 10 weeks she has 100 vlEPX in that first week (10 x 10). She has 90 the next week (10 x 9), 80 in the next (10 x 8) and so on. She can choose to re-lock any locks that are less than 52 weeks long, restoring her locks to maximum weight. When a lock expires, it has 0 vlEPX value and Alice can claim her EPX. EPX claimed from expired locks will stream out over seven days. Please note that an expired lock cannot be relocked; it must be streamed out first and then locked again.Rewards for EPX locking EPX lockers will receive their share of platform fees based on each user’s lock weight. These fees will be paid out in the tokens as they are collected; so fees in renBTC will be available as renBTC, BUSD will be available as BUSD etc. Fees are collected over one week, and then paid out the following week. For example, fees collected from day 1 to day 7 (Week 1) will be paid out between day 7 and day 14 (Week 2). vlEPX weights used for distributing the fees are from the corresponding week. So the vlEPX weights at the end of week 1 will determine how the fees from Week 1 are credited. For example: Alice has 50% of the vlEPX at the end of Week 1, Bob has 30% and Charlie has 20%. When the fees for Week 1 are streamed out in Week 2, Alice will receive 50% of the fees, Bob 30% and Charlie 20%.Reward boost Locked EPX gives a reward boost of up to 2.5x to liquidity providers in Ellipsis. A detailed explanation for reward boost will be provided in the forthcoming documentation.Summarizing EPS allowed holders to lock and stake for platform fees and EPS penalties. The penalty functionality is gone from Ellipsis 2.0 — making it easier for other projects to integrate with Ellipsis. EPX can be locked for up to 52 weeks and used to:collect platform fees,vote to approve pools for rewards,vote to determine which pools receive rewards,get boosted rewards for liquidity provision.

Ellipsis 2.0 Timeline

Ellipsis 2.0 is upon us in less than a month. In order to ensure a safe migration to the new protocol, the following timeline and actions will be taken.March 31st at 12:00 (noon) UTCEllipsis 1.0 will end; rewards and staking and locking will be finished.EPS Lockers should claim all rewards before this time. Any unclaimed BUSD will be lost forever. Unclaimed EPS will be provided as claimable EPX.EPS earned by LPs that has not been claimed into the vesting contract prior to this time will be lost forever. Please vest any unvested rewards by this time.EPS <> EPX migration will be available on for users to migrate their tokens. This facility may not be live precisely at 12:00 noon. There is no hurry to convert EPS to EPX. Please note that EPX will be frozen and non-transferable until the protocol launches (see date/time below).Users with locked tokens please refer to this update.The team will be preparing the claim for users who had staked or vesting tokens. This claim will be ready no later than April 2nd. Please note that claimed EPX will be frozen and non-transferable until the protocol launches (see date/time below).April 13th 00:00: UTC Protocol LaunchEllipsis 2.0 will begin.Voting for the first week of LP rewards will begin and last 24 hours.April 14th 00:00 UTCThe first week of EPX rewards will begin.Voting for the second week of LP rewards will begin and last one week.Rewards for EPX locked this week (14th to 21st) will accumulate and be claimable to users the following week (21st to 28th).April 21st 00:00 UTCThe second week of EPX rewards will begin.Voting for the third week of LP rewards will begin and last one week.Fees from the previous week will begin streaming for week one EPX lockers.April 28th 00:00 UTCThe third week of EPX rewards will begin.EPX stakers will be able to propose reward incentives for pools not yet receiving rewards.Voting for the fourth week of LP rewards will begin and last one week.Fees from the previous week will begin streaming for week one EPX lockers. By April 28th all aspects of Ellipsis 2.0 will be live.Liquidity Providers Liquidity positions do not require migration. LP tokens staked for rewards will need to be removed from the 1.0 staking contract and deposited into the 2.0 staking contract by the end of the day on April 13th to receive EPX rewards that begin on the 14th.LP tokens staked in Ellipsis 1.0 can be removed after March 31st. Instructions for staking in Ellipsis 2.0 will be provided before protocol launch.Liquidity rewards For pools to receive rewards, an EPX holder must propose a vote for a pool to receive rewards. If this vote passes, then in the subsequent week, EPX lockers can vote to send EPX emissions to that pool. Ellipsis 2.0 will launch with several pools already able to receive rewards. When the protocol launches on April 13th, this first reward distribution voting period will last for 24 hours. EPX rewards for liquidity providers will begin after this 24 hour period.

A New Ellipsis

Yesterday (March 17th) marked the final veCRV airdrop from to veCRV holders. Today’s announcement, six days short of its one year anniversary, outlines a new era for 2.0 is an authorized fork of Version 1.0 has been providing Curve’s StableSwap protocol to users on the BNB chain. Version 2.0 will bring other dimensions of Curve to Ellipsis:Reward gauge votingReward weight votingReward boost Token holders will be able to lock their tokens for vote weight, and use that weight to vote on adding rewards to pools, and on which pool they would like to direct rewards. A user’s locked tokens will also determine the level of APR boost to apply to their Liquidity Providing rewards. Documentation will be available prior to launch and announced in our Telegram announcement channel and Twitter.Ellipsis 2.0 TimelineThe Role of EPX in Ellipsis 2.0What happens to current locking and staking? The locking and staking system will end on March 31st (time to be announced). Existing lockers will be able to exit their locks and migrate to EPX (see below). Instructions on doing so will follow in the coming weeks. There is no deadline for the migration so there will be no need to rush and no danger of losing your tokens. Please subscribe to our Telegram announcement channel or Twitter for this news.What happens to vesting EPS? Uncleared EPS vests will be made available to vest holders as EPX. If Alice has 3000 EPS vesting, she can claim 1500 EPS now paying a 1500 EPS penalty. If she waits for EPX, she will receive the equivalent of 3000 EPS worth of EPX.veCRV airdrops veCRV airdrop claims have until the end of March to claim their EPS tokens. The airdropped tokens will no longer be claimable after March 31st. Airdrop recipients are encouraged to claim as soon as possible.EPX, a new token The EPS token will be migrating to a new token, EPX. Migration to this new Ellipsis token begins on March 31st (time to be announced) and has no deadline. The new token will be locked from transfers or trading until the launch of the protocol. The EPX token will have some changes from EPS:Relative total supply will increase 1.5x (from 1B to 1.5B).Absolute total supply will increase 88x, to 132B tokens (88x the new relative total supply, or 1.5B * 88). Users will receive 88 EPX tokens for each EPS token they migrate. Migration instructions will be available in the documentation before migration begins.Emissions Each month, 1% of the remaining supply will be allocated for rewards. The emission schedule curve can be seen in the following chart: Where Ellipsis 1.0 emissions ended after 5 years, the new schedule allows rewards to continue forever. The reward amounts become negligible after approximately 30 years.Timeline Ellipsis 2.0 will launch in approximately one month (read the announced timeline here). Ellipsis 2.0 Timeline On March 31st (precise time to be announced) a token migration contract will be made available along with a claim for users who have locked tokens. The token migration contract has no time limit. Users who wish to use Ellipsis 2.0 when it launches will have ample time to migrate their tokens, however please subscribe to our Telegram announcement channel or Twitter for this news.

Ellipsis Introduces Factory Pools is pleased to announce the launch of factory StableSwap pools.What are factory pools? The factory enables the creation of permissionless pools; anyone can now deploy a pool for their stable or algo coin as well as BNB or tokenized forms of Bitcoin in a few clicks. The factory can create the following StableSwap pool types:Metapools that leverage the Ellipsis 3EPS or btcEPS base pools.Standalone pools that can contain between 2–4 assets.Native BNB pools to allow trading between native BNB and synthetic BNB tokens. Pool creators must seed the pools with the initial liquidity; $500,000 initial liquidity is recommended. Teams that are interested in creating a pool can read the documentation; for any further questions get in touch with Ellipsis through our Telegram channel.Using factory pools Factory pools, being permissionless, can be created by anyone or any team. Please be sure to understand the assets in a factory pool if you are going to provide liquidity or trade in the pool. Ellipsis is not responsible for any of the assets in the factory pools. Users must do their own research when trading in factory pools. Ellipsis has no control over the tokens added in the factory which means users must verify the token addresses they trade in the pools. Ellipsis pool pages list the contract addresses underneath the main user interface, for example the tokens and LP address for the 3EPS pool are as follows:Factory pools on the UI Users can identify factory pools on the pool page by looking for the factory chiclet on the pools page of the website:Rewards Factory pools will not be receiving EPS rewards at this time. Teams can, however, provide their own rewards; interested parties can get in touch with Ellipsis through our Telegram channel and we can assist in setting this up.LinksEllipsis websiteDocumentationEllipsis TwitterGithubTelegram ENTelegram CN


TRON DAO Launches USDD Jointly with Blockchain Leaders

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Geneva, Switzerland / May 5 / – H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, has announced the launch of USDD through the TRON DAO Reserve on Thursday, May 5. SunSwap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Ellipsis, are among the first to have listed USDD. The initial total supply will be 66,560,006.61 on TRON, 3,100,000 on Ethereum, and 13,100,000.1 on BNB Chain through the cross-chain protocol BitTorrent Chain (BTTC). USDD is circulating as a decentralized TRC token on the TRON blockchain. The issuance and administration of reserves are overseen by the TRON DAO Reserve transparently. USDD is algorithmically pegged to the U.S. dollar to achieve the overarching goal of financial freedom for everyone. As a TRC-20 standard token, USDD can trade without brokers; it depends solely on the TRON network. USDD's freedom from the influence of any individual or organization allows it to serve its purpose as a stablecoin with greater ease. Moreover, as a fast, low-fee crypto asset with an ample supply and competence in cross-border transactions, USDD brings its holders the benefits of blockchain technology without the risks of uncertainty. USDD was created to develop a modern decentralized financial system on the blockchain. The TRON DAO Reserve strives to safeguard the global blockchain industry and crypto market, prevent panic trading caused by extreme market volatility, and mitigate severe and long-term economic downturns. It ensures USDD's price stability and ... read More

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