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DLP Duck Token  


DUCK Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$89.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DUCK today is $0.00213 USD.

The lowest DUCK price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00213, and the exact current price of one DUCK crypto coin is $0.00213326.

The all-time high DUCK coin price was $2.34.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DUCK with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for DLP Duck Token crypto currency is #DUCK.

DLP Duck Token is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for DLP Duck Token is $89,399.

DLP Duck Token is ranking upwards to #1096 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #DUCK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DLP Duck Token is $61.00.


The circulating supply of DUCK is 41,907,519 coins, which is 61% of the total coin supply.


DUCK has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #DUCK, and you can view them on our DUCK disambiguation page.



DuckDAO and Ethermail Join Forces

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with EtherMail, a revolutionary Web 3 Email Solution, aimed at revolutionizing communication with our token holders. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to providing our community with innovative and secure communication channels. At DuckDAO, we believe in fostering a transparent and engaging relationship with our community. Therefore, we are excited to leverage EtherMail’s cutting-edge platform to deliver personalized newsletters, timely and tailored updates, and relevant information directly to our token holders’ inboxes. With EtherMail, we can ensure that our community members receive the most up-to-date information in a secure and anonymous fashion, promoting trust and confidence. This partnership represents a significant milestone for both DuckDAO and EtherMail. For EtherMail, this is a tremendous opportunity to showcase its innovative Web 3 Email Solution to our active and dedicated community of token holders, thereby expanding their reach and user base. On the other hand, for DuckDAO, this partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch services to our community members. At DuckDAO, we believe that our tokenholders are the backbone of our project, and that is why we are always exploring ways to improve their experience. We are confident that our partnership with EtherMail will enhance our communication channels a...

Have a Quacky Christmas and a Ducky New Year!

A long time ago, in a world made of code, a small duck was seen, going on a stroll. Other ducks noticed and yelled “Stop! It’s dangerous out there!”, but our little duck, didn’t really care. For you see, it was on a mission, and in its head a clear vision, it was going to become the richest duck, no matter what. Over many days, months, and years, the duck spoke without fear, inspired thousands to his cause, and promised wealth, riches, and cars. “Together we can make it, alone we fall.” said the duck, to them all. Word spread quick, about a duck with a trick. “What is your secret?” everybody asked. “Keep your eyes wide and don’t let opportunity pass.” The duck explained. “There is more than enough for all to get paid.” And paid they got, following the mighty duck in many adventures and business ventures.Merry Christmas Ducks! It’s been a real adventure since the start of DuckDAO. We moved fast to leverage the best early-stage opportunities and proved once and for all that our efforts pooled together can create impressive results. Looking back at the past four months, we’ve come a long way, a culmination of results based on three years of hard work. We hosted twelve AMAs, two successful incubation projects, generated more than a dozen new partnerships, launched an NFT collectors game, and grew our community three-fold. So, let’s take a look back at Christmas past and see what we achieved toge...

DuckDAO Community Update 24.12.2020

Successful DUCK launch, Market Maker Drop, Intermediary Prize & Trading Competition Winners, Last Card Auction. — Successful Launch of The DUCK Token Starting Wednesday the DUCK farming contract was activated on Ethereum’s block 11508891 and early-stage liquidity providers are already harvesting their token rewards. The flawless launch of the DLP and DUCK token led to 7 million DUCK staked with the one-side burn, representing about 35% of the current circulating DUCK supply. All of these tokens will be burned when unstaked, lowering the DUCK market cap down the line. These liquidity providers have considered their options and decided to have real skin in the game. DUCK was at the top of DEXtools’ Hot Pairs list, followed by DDIM in 6th place. The support of our community and partners was vital in achieving this great outcome. We are grateful for all of your support during this process and your patience while we were performing security audits. Soon after the Uniswap launch, the token was added to the CoinGecko token tracked and DUCK reached the 4th position on the highest trading volume charts on the platform. We made some calculations to calculate the ROI of presale DUCK buyers and at the time of writing they’ve made about 17.5x on their original investment. We did our best to create the best farming product for our community, a protocol that will last the test of time, and we are happy to say this is ju...

Welcoming Poolz to DuckFarm: The Inaugural FarmDrop

The $DUCK token listed on Uniswap on Monday, 21st December 2020. Pre-Staking of LP into DUCK/ DDIM and DUCK/ETH tokens is already open. Pools part of the Duck Farm start generating rewards from Wednesday, and the exact block will be communicated on our official Telegram and Twitter channels soon. This is the first time that a project has been released into the crypto market with a clear focus on long term passive income without the shady elements of a multi-level-marketing (MLM) scam. In addition to the returns from the high APYs during the first year, Duck farmers also get additional rewards from the market maker profits, FarmDrops of incubations and customised incentives like NFT drops. We are glad to inform our ducks that Poolz will be the first incubation project token to be FarmDropped to Duck Farmers. Usually, only those who participate in the Duck Farm will be eligible to access these FarmDrops, but in this case, rewards are limited to users who supply liquidity (pre-stake) for the $DUCK/ETH & DUCK/DDIM pair on Only they will be eligible for the Poolz FarmDrop until $DUCK rewards go live on Wednesday. Every user who supplies liquidity on for DUCK/ETH will be eligible to receive a proportionate share of the Poolz FarmDrop until the launch of $DUCK rewards. As you already know, the Poolz token sale is massively oversubscribed. Despite this, the Poolz team have agreed to support thi...

Step-by-step tutorial on DUCK farming

Elegant and easy to understand long-term yield farming protocol. — Our DUCK Farm is live for pre-staking. Innovation is complex, but not usually easy to understand. But we at DuckDao have come up with an innovation that is both simple and easy to understand. Interested in participating in Duck Farms? Just follow these 4 simple steps:Step 1. How to access DUCK token via a swap on Uniswap.Step 2. How to provide liquidity to a pair of tokens in a liquidity pool, and earn LP tokens.Step 3: How to stake these LP tokens with our Duck Farms to earn Duck Tokens and other great rewards.Step 4: How to harvest your rewards.Let’s get started with Step 1: How to access DUCK token via a swap on Uniswap Go to Uniswap and connect your Metamask wallet. You’ll need to have some ETH in your balance for the transaction. Once connected, visit Alternatively, click on the “select a token” button, copy + paste the token contract for the DUCK Token (add 0xc0ba369c8db6eb3924965e5c4fd0b4c1b91e305f) and click Enter. Select the DUCK token that pops up. Enter the amount of Duck tokens you want to buy. Click “Approve” to enable Uniswap to spend the ETH. Then, “sign” on Metamask to make it official. You will get a popup to confirm the transaction and swap ETH to Duck Tokens. Set the speed to ‘Average’ or ‘Fast’ to increas...

DuckDAO Community Update 20.12.2020

Getting ready for DLP launch, DLP AMA in one hour, Ecosystem News, and DuckDAO Hunters. — $DUCK Listing on Uniswap Tomorrow The DLP security audits are complete, and the time to launch the protocol is approaching fast. We are making the final preparations for the launch. Recently, we published a new page DuckFarm page on our website and a DLP-focused medium article to make learning about the protocol easier and accessible. The $DUCK token will list on Uniswap during a 5-hour time window between 12 pm and 5 pm UTC on Monday, 21st December 2020. We are also organizing an AMA with the Duck Team today, in approximately one hour from the publication of this community update. To participate, join the DLP Telegram Channel and post your question using the #amaquck hashtag. We will be giving away rewards for the best questions! 😉😉😉DuckDAO Hunters Season 1 Final Stage We are entering the final stage of DuckDAO Hunters Season 1 in full force with increasing frequency between intermediary prizes before the grand finale. All of the loot boxes have been sold out, and the rewards are ready to be distributed to passionate hunters. Shortly after the AMA is complete, the next target set will be shared on the DuckDAO Hunters Telegram group, together with a form you need to complete to be eligible for the prize. Update: The intermediary prize set reveal is going to happen after the DLP launch. Keep your NFTs handy for DuckDA...

Duck Liquidity Pool Launch

It’s finally here! Learn everything you need to know as a DLP liquidity provider.. — (Important: The DLP Duck ($DUCK) token is not in circulation yet and will be listed on Uniswap in the following days.) The $DUCK token will be listed on Uniswap during a 5 hour time window between 12 pm and 5 pm UTC on Monday, 21st December 2020. Pre-Staking of LP into DUCK/ DDIM and DUCK/ETH tokens will open a few hours later. Pools start generating rewards on Wednesday, and the exact Block will be communicated on Telegram. The long-awaited DLP is finally going live! Soon you will be able to start earning DUCK by becoming a liquidity provider. Before that becomes possible, now is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with this innovative platform. Becoming a DUCK liquidity provider is easy, however, there are some serious implications that you need to consider. Our goal here is to provide you with all relevant information that will help you make an informed decision.What is the Duck Liquidity Pool? The Duck Liquidity Pool (DLP) is a DuckDAO DeFi market maker that will offer services to projects and exchanges. Projects that are incubated by DuckDAO will be the first to benefit from the service, but it will become widely accessible to public projects over time. Projects have three ways to take advantage of the DLP Market Maker:Project Token Purchase — DLP buys tokens to provide buy and sell-side liquidity.Project To...

DuckDAO Enters Strategic Partnership with TrustSwap

The duck family keeps on growing to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of our ecosystem. We are beyond excited to call the great people at TrustSwap our feathery brothers and sisters. This collaboration will provide both organizations with enhanced capabilities to deliver value to projects and investors. The partnership’s main idea is to share resources and technology to pursue supreme service for early-stage blockchain projects. Working together, our marketing, research, and fundraising capabilities will be multiplied to deliver more value to projects and both of our communities. Regarding the partnership Jeff Kirdeikis, TrustSwap CEO said: “There are a lot of values that bring DuckDAO and TrustSwap close together, this partnership was inevitable. We both strive for greatness and we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We both make big promises and overdeliver regardless of the cost. From our perspective, DuckDAO is an amazing partner. They are close to many early-stage projects, and this partnership provides us with a platform to reach these organizations as they are making important fundraising decisions, and we have a lot to offer.” A DuckDAO founding member commented on the partnership, saying: “TrustSwap took a great idea and gave it life. We are proud to be working alongside such entrepreneurial people. Since DuckDAO was formed, there have been many times when what was needed was not readi...

Poolz Finance AMA

On Tuesday the 15th of December, the Foundry community had an AMA with Poolz co-founders Guy Oren, Stan Golding, and Liam Cohen.. — Poolz Finance — A Summary “Connecting innovators with investors, through decentralized swapping and interactive UI for easily-manageable pre-listing liquidity auctions.” Poolz is a fully-decentralized, swapping protocol that enables startups and project owners to auction their tokens for bootstrapping liquidity. As the blockchain-cryptocurrency community moves closer to absolute decentralization, Poolz empowers innovators in their pre-listing phase, bringing them closer to early-stage investors. Investors, on the other hand, can leverage the Poolz platform to discover promising and disruptive projects with high potential value. In this sense, the platform offers a secured and intuitive way for investors to gain substantial, long-term returns from their assets. Key FeaturesCustomizable pool options ensuring relevance for wide-ranging blockchain-based projects and use cases, alongside multi-chain integrations and support. Poolz is built with the long-term aim of enabling a unified interface with cross-chain interactions and other functionalities.A fully decentralized, non-custodial, and trustless ecosystem with robust, Solidity-based smart contracts.An interactive, intuitive, and responsive UI, coded in React for a smooth and seamless user experience. Moreover, Poolz integrates We...


On Monday the 14th of December, the DuckDAO community had an AMA with Nathan Varty, Žiga Flis and Anas Sayed from SpiderDAO. SpiderDAO — A Summary Fair and Resilient Hardware-based DAO SpiderDAO innovates on the DAO concept by introducing a dual-governance model which bundles together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements, providing a “whale-resistant” governance solution. SpiderDAO is underpinned by the Polkadot consensus mechanism and will utilise a network of hardware routers deployed by DAO participants as a “ticket” for election voting. They aim to establish a new set of standards for DAOs to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power in traditional DAOs caused by large investment bodies accumulating governance tokens to buy voting rights and skewing elections for private gain. Key FeaturesHardware-enabled DAO voting process — First of its kind hardware-enabled decentralized voting process with safeguards in place to ensure hoarding of hardware devices is instantaneously detected by the networkWhale-resistant dual-governance model — SpiderDAO transfers the voting eligibility rights from solely the token to a dual off-chain — on-chain mechanism. This makes it more challenging for large entities to disproportionately influence the elections without incurring significant costs.Access to a decentralized VPN service — SpiderDAO will first be integrated with Spider...

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