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DEC Price:
$8.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DEC today is $0.017 USD.

The lowest DEC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.017, and the exact current price of one DEC crypto coin is $0.01677.

The all-time high DEC coin price was $0.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DEC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Decentr crypto currency is #DEC.

Decentr is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Decentr is $16,716,952.

Decentr is ranking downwards to #1127 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #DEC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Decentr is $8,914.


The circulating supply of DEC is 996,554,516 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


DEC has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #DEC, and you can view them on our DEC disambiguation page.



Decentr Vision for Q4 2023

We are excited to announce our vision for Q4 2023, detailing the upcoming features we are set to launch and promote by the end of 2023, which has been an eventful year in crypto, as well as for Decentr and our community. The strategy we are pursuing in Q4 2023 is broken down into two categories: features development and marketing: Development of browser features: Unification of Web3: Using the squid router protocol by Axelar, we will allow for payment in a huge array of coins on different chains, thus supporting a multitude of wallets. All coins/tokens swapped for $DEC will mean DEC increases in value., The addition of on-boarding guides/visual UX elements when you start the browser will give the user a seamless Web3 experience from any chain., PDV feature: We are in the process of developing a more precise PDV system that will involve a third-party non-KYC ID system (stay tuned for a partnership announcement soon) that will allow users to get more rewards while improving our anti-fraud system., dVPN: Introducing a subscription option in addition to the pay-per-GB, as well as payment in any coin per update with squid router protocol, which will ensure a quick and easy start from the mini extension., AIChat: Improving formatting in addition to adding new features with payment in any coin as per update with the squid router protocol., dPortal: Automatic ad creation with payment in any coin as per update with the squid router...

Decentr partnership with Tezoro!

Approximately $30 billion in crypto is lost per year due to loss of access to wallets or death without a crypto will. For example, over 20% of Bitcoin has already been irretrievably lost. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the start of a partnership with Tezoro — a non-custodial and decentralized service that can recover your crypto even if you lose access to your wallet or die. Tezoro allows you to create an on-chain backup & will — a smart contract that can withdraw crypto from you wallet and transfer it to a backup address if something went wrong. The Tezoro smart contract has been audited by CertiK, and the source code is open-source. You won’t have to share your mnemonics to create a backup, and Tezoro won’t have access to your assets at any point in time. The backup price is 0.09 ETH. There is an exclusive 20% discount for the Decentr community: use “Decentr” promo code at the Review step. Please also notice direct banner on the new tab page in Decentr. This is a starting point for a much larger collaboration in the future that will allow for you not only to own your data (done by Decentr ) but also pass it on to your loved ones in the will ( by Trezoro). Website: Twitter: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Github: Windows Browser: OSX Browser: Linux Browser: Android Browser:

New version of Desktop Decentr browser is out with AI support.

We have launched new version of Decentr browser that supports AI ( through chatgpt from OpenAI) Simply top up Dec from your wallet and use as you wish. It keeps the history of your requests as well. Supported in full form: And in a smaller form factor: We have also added a new banner of our partner Tezoro ( Will be releasing an article with more details on this partnership on 25th AUG 2023) In other fixes that you asked: When user is banned it directs them to the telegram group for a quicker help, Windows version is no longer asking to make default in infinite loop., Windows and Mac Versions will autoupdate, for Linux please use for the new version (1.5.3). Website: Twitter: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Github: Windows Browser: OSX Browser: Linux Browser: Android Browser: iOS Browser: Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):

Tokenomics for the future of Decentr

Please welcome tokenomics 2.0! First let me explain what is going on at this moment. 1. We have more that 64 million tokens still in ERC that can be( and will be at any time) swapped into the cosmos so we will continue with minting contract that is implemented for such swaps. 2. We have around 25 million in the team/foundation wallet ( most of it is staked indefinitely across network of validators ) that will be used in the future for team development and foundation development. 3. We have a total holders of both ETH and Cosmos DEC at almost 181 Million Decs. 4. We have burned over 880 Million of the ETH Dec (Most of them foundation/team/ecosystem tokens) and right now we are projecting to have a total max supply of all Dec across ETH and Cosmos capped at less than 240 Million DEC. Please see table below: Future: In the next couple of month we will be doing smart contract relocation of 30 million Dec to the Rewards/PDV/Referral/Ecosystem reserves. Amount in the foundation/ Team wallet will not increase unless by utility purchases such as dvpn, dloan, or any future services. We will in fact will be doing transfer of 1 million dec to Community Pool. Amount in Holders is changing because of inflation ( delegation rewards) which we plan to start lowering starting with next year by 20% then 10% then so on till the effect of inflation is negligible for the total growth of supply thus capping the supply forever. Thus here is the f...

Decentr Browser Feedback

Dear users — we would love to hear what new functionality you would like to see in the browser. Please first fill out a form — This form will be available till Aug 21st. We will choose top ten suggestions and each of those 10 will get 1000 dec and a place in the poll that we are going to run in telegram, twitter and discord to choose an absolute favourite. The functionality that will be chosen as top 1 will be implemented! Thank you for your continued support! Website: Twitter: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Github: Windows Browser: OSX Browser: Linux Browser: Android Browser: iOS Browser: Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):

Decentr’s NFT Contest Winner Announcement

We are excited to announce we have chosen a winner for our NFT contest! It was an exhilarating yet daunting process due to the fact that stunning and original NFT art was just one component we were looking for in a successful partner artist. The winner needed a combination of artistic skills combined with knowledge of the NFT market and requirements — including NFT style and rarity requirements — to maximise the project potential. To clarify, this Medium article is to announce the winner and introduce him to our community — though he already is an active member in the Decentr group. (An oversight some applicants made was not participating in the group and taking advantage of promoting themselves and the community as the contest and project progressed.) The full details of NFT launch, marketing, utility, etc, will be updated as we progress with the artist and his work. This process will now be accelerated as we have defined the goals and aims we need to achieve, and are working towards them in conjunction with our amazing partner artist. So without further delay (drum roll), let us introduce you to: Lakatan (TG handle: @WorkNsilent) graduated in visual arts in the Philippines. Lakatan has over four years crypto experience while developing the analogous skills of creating many successful NFT projects as a ghost artist and advisor. Lakatan is an active NFT artist and actively participates in NFT contests ...

Decentr Windows AutoUpdate / New wallet support!

We have updated Windows os version to be able to auto update for any future versions — please download this at Notice that it supports both x86 and ARM versions of the Windows. Besides autoupdate we have been integrated into terrastation wallet — . — more details will be released soon on deeper integration Official Links for Decentr: Website: Twitter: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Github: Windows Browser: OSX Browser: Linux Browser: Android Browser: iOS Browser: Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):

New Decentr version for MAC OS /Timeline update

We have updated MAC os version to be able to auto update for any future versions — please download this at Version for Windows will be available on 11th of July! Besides autoupdate we have integrated Leap wallet, right now its wallet that supports decentr fully and is integrated right into the browser. In the future there will be deeper integration with all of our ecosystem. Timeline has also been updated — more details about future plans will be released on Monday — Official Links for Decentr: Website: Twitter: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Github: Windows Browser: OSX Browser: Linux Browser: Android Browser: iOS Browser: Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):

NFT Contest Extension: Steampunk Tiger…

In consultation with our art partners and community, we’ve decided to extend our NFT art contest for a further month until 15th July. This is for several reasons that benefit artists, the project and community: 1) Quality art. Demand from submitting artists is still delivering high quality work as below, which takes artists time, and we have heard their requests for more time to complete high-calibre work. 2) Timing. Market conditions are predicted to become more favourable in the next 2–4 months: the second half of 2023 is poised to see an upturn in the crypto market and hence the NFT market, increasing the amount of NFT platforms providing concrete offerings that users can benefit from in tangible ways, such as earning points or community building, rather than just being predicated on potentially making quick cash from an NFT sale. We are poised to take advantage of these improved conditions, rather than launch into a depressed market. 3) Partnerships. Deciding on a charity partner is critical (though not mandatory). The contest is based in large part on the cooperation and cross-promotion provided by our charity partner. Deciding on a partnership is an involved process due to the nature of NFTs/crypto being a PR and legal minefield for charities that need to balance their desire to access new sources of funding while maintaining relationships with existing benefactors who can be sceptical of the space in general. T...

DEMEX Listing and new version of Decentr 1.5.1

Demex Launches DEC-USD Spot Market, Empowering the Web3 Economy Demex, a powerful cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and all-in-one DeFi hub, announces the launch of the DEC-USD spot market. This move enables users to seamlessly trade the native token of the web3 economy, $DEC, on Demex using the web3 browser, Decentr. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting strategic partnership aimed at delivering a true DeFi experience to users worldwide. Empowering the Web3 Economy Decentr, a pioneering web3 browser and the driving force behind the $DEC token, seeks to transform the internet by placing data ownership and control back into the hands of users. The $DEC token serves as the native currency within the web3 ecosystem, facilitating secure and private transactions, incentivizing participation, and rewarding users for their engagement. — About Demex - Demex is a cross-chain DEX, with CLOB-based perps, liquidity pools, money market, etc, and is designed to support any type of financial asset imaginable. It is a fully permissionless and non-custodial platform, allowing any user to list new markets, tokens, and participate in DeFi, giving control back to users for a frictionless trading experience that rivals CEXs. Demex launches DEC-USD Spot Market The launch of the DEC-USD spot market on Demex provides a significant boost to the adoption and accessibility of the $DEC token. Users can now conveniently tr...

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