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BLOCK Price:
$61.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$9.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BLOCK today is $0.043 USD.

The lowest BLOCK price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.043, and the current live price for one BLOCK coin is $0.04318.

The all-time high BLOCK coin price was $0.43.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BLOCK with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Blockasset crypto currency is #BLOCK.

Blockasset is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Blockasset is $9,050,108.

Blockasset is ranking upwards to #1128 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #BLOCK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Blockasset is $61,117.


The circulating supply of BLOCK is 209,595,601 coins, which is 65% of the maximum coin supply.


BLOCK has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BLOCK, and you can view them on our BLOCK disambiguation page.



Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 13/02/23

Welcome back to your weekly update on all things Blockasset. There’s plenty of updates to get through this week, courtesy of our Product, Media and Marketing teams… so here it goes: The main focus for the marketing team this month is our ongoing $BLOCK Growth Campaign, where we’re aiming to raise awareness of $BLOCK and educate new users about our ecosystem. We’re releasing a fresh piece of content each day throughout February, specifically to promote $BLOCK, and we’re using this content to target followers of similar projects. As revealed in last week’s newsletter, we will have a major partnership announcement to make later this month — so keep up the great work you have been doing in terms of supporting our content across social media (links at the bottom of this article). You’ll have also noticed the return of our weekly ‘Fireside Chats’ Twitter Spaces events. Last week, we were joined by Brazilian UFC prospect Caio Borralho. If you missed it first time out, you can catch up here: — Blockasset on Twitter: " / Twitter" - We’ll be announcing this week’s guest shortly… just make sure you free up your diary for 6pm GMT on Thursday. You won’t regret it! Talking of returns… Block Six was back at the weekend for UFC 284. Unfortunately, there were no winners of the $5,000 in $BLOCK prize pool — but thank you to everyone who took part. Watch out for a new, improved ...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 06/02/23

After a busy start to 2023, our weekly newsletter returns to its regular Monday slot, and we have plenty of updates in this edition to keep you up to speed. In anticipation of our MVP platform release (more on that later), we’re dedicating the month of February to raising awareness of $BLOCK. We’re going to use this month to help onboard new users, announce new partnerships and educate various key audiences about $BLOCK and the central role it plays within our wider ecosystem. Our Marketing and Media teams have been working flat out to ensure that we have at least one new piece of content each day throughout February to help grow $BLOCK’s profile among existing sports Web3 communities — and there will be some major announcements coming up which our existing community will find very bullish indeed. One of the exciting announcements we have made already this month, was the full release of our set staking platform. — JavaScript is not available. - Blockasset Legends NFT set holders can now earn $BLOCK rewards for staking full sets of Legends (ie, one NFT each of Ali, Bisping, Lomu, Ovechkin and Rooney). This is a milestone achievement for Blockasset, as the first ever collective/set staking platform — and it was a complex build for our developers and Product team, who have done an incredible job. Full focus now turns to our MVP athlete token platform. On that note, we’re starting to see our MVP Athlet...

$BLOCK Growth Campaign: February 2023

With the launch of our MVP platform fast approaching, we’ll be using February 2023 to run a month-long awareness campaign for $BLOCK. The next four weeks will be packed with new product announcements, new partnerships and educational content to welcome new users to our ecosystem. We’ll be targeting similar projects and sports fans to widen our own community and grow the number of $BLOCK holders before we launch our MVP platform in late Q1/early Q2 2023. We announced the month-long $BLOCK campaign yesterday, with a $1,000 in $BLOCK giveaway on Twitter, and we’ll continue to provide daily content to help spread the word on $BLOCK and the central role it plays within our widening ecosystem. — Blockasset on Twitter: "February is the month of $BLOCK token!We are launching a month-long BLOCK marketing campaign to raise awareness of the only way to access our verified athlete tokens, BLOCK!So what is BLOCK token & why will it change the game? 🧵 A thread... (1/6) / Twitter" - February is the month of $BLOCK token!We are launching a month-long BLOCK marketing campaign to raise awareness of the only way to access our verified athlete tokens, BLOCK!So what is BLOCK token & why will it change the game? 🧵 A thread... (1/6) Whilst we can look back and celebrate several sold-out NFT drops, as well as successful and innovative product launches, this Fe...

Blockasset pays tribute to Brazilian MMA stars with ‘Lutadores’ digital collectible range.

Brazillian UFC stars (L-R) Glover Teixeira, Gilbert Burns, Gregory Rodrigues and Deiveson Figueiredo have teamed up with Blockasset to launch the Lutadores digital trading card collection. Thursday 12 January, 2023. 17:00, Rio de Janeiro. Four of Brazil’s largest UFC stars are set to release their own exclusive digital collectibles in collaboration with Web3 sports organisation, Blockasset. Ahead of their fights at UFC 283, Gilbert Burns, Deiveson Figueiredo, Gregory Rodrigues and Glover Teixeira will each release their own collection of 500 collectibles to commemorate the first numbered UFC event in Brazil since 2019.The Blockasset ‘Lutadores’ collection was created by the same designer of Blockasset’s Leon Edwards performance-based trading card collection, which sold out on release in August 2022. Named ‘Lutadores’, the Portuguese word for fighters, the collection will allow fans to access a number of digital and physical utilities, such as: Priority access for their chosen athlete’s fan token launch, 5–10 $ASSET tokens per day based on rarity, to be used to redeem athlete memorabilia, merchandise and experiences. The rarer your card, the higher the rewards., Access to raffles on Blockasset’s BLAZE platform, where each athlete will list a private 1-on-1 training session., Plus, a final— yet to be revealed — utility for Lutadores set holders (collectors who hold all four Lutadores athletes) wi...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 11/01/23

In this week’s Blockasset newsletter, we have some very exciting news. At the end of 2022, we said we’d be making a big start to the New Year with some campaigns around UFC 283. It doesn’t get much bigger than this… — Glover Teixeira Signs - — Blockasset on Twitter: "🔝 Most finishes in UFC Light Heavyweight History🔝 Most submissions in UFC Light Heavyweight HistoryWe're delighted to reveal @gloverteixeira as the latest elite athlete to join the Blockasset roster 🔥🇧🇷#WhoYouGot / Twitter" - 🔝 Most finishes in UFC Light Heavyweight History🔝 Most submissions in UFC Light Heavyweight HistoryWe're delighted to reveal @gloverteixeira as the latest elite athlete to join the Blockasset roster 🔥🇧🇷#WhoYouGot UFC legend Glover Teixeira is the latest elite athlete to join our roster. The former Light Heavyweight champion is looking to get his hands back on the UFC strap in the main event at UFC 283, when he meets Jamahal Hill in the Octagon. No UFC athlete has more stoppage victories in the Light Heavyweight division. No UFC athlete has more submission victories in the Light Heavyweight division. Teixeira is MMA royalty, and we’re delighted to be working with him. Teixeira becomes the fourth Brazilian Blockasset athlete scheduled to compete at UFC 283, the first numbered UFC event to be hosted in Brazil since 201...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 03/01/23

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Blockasset weekly newsletter of 2023! Throughout the festive period, the team at Blockasset has been reflecting on what was a huge year for the project in 2022. Here are a few of the standouts from a very memorable twelve months: — Media - We’re incredibly proud of the content that we release, and throughout 2022 our YouTube channel amassed 12,394,460 views in total. That’s more than 772,000 hours of watch time, which works out to be around 90 years’ worth of Blockasset content consumed in 2022 on YouTube alone. Our Smesh Bros. content led the way for views, but our Block Access videos with other athletes, and our Block Party live stream series was enjoyed by users from across 205 different countries, meaning that Blockasset’s reach truly was global throughout 2022. Of course, the hard work doesn’t end here. Our YouTube channel is currently on the cusp of 90,000 subscribers — with the 100k subscriber plaque in our sights! We’ll continue to provide our community with world-class athlete content throughout 2023. — Talent - Our ever-growing roster of athletes enjoyed an incredibly successful 2022, with the likes of Alex Pereira, Leon Edwards and Deiveson Figueiredo becoming UFC Champions, Brendan Loughnane becoming a PFL World Champion, and Oleksandr Usyk defending his World Heavyweight title, too. Our Talent team has done a fantastic job of recruiting so...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 19/12/22

In the latest edition of our weekly newsletter, we discuss another big week for Blockasset athletes and look ahead to an incredibly exciting 2023! — World Cup Burn Event - Wow. Has there ever been a better FIFA World Cup final? Sunday’s game between Argentina and France at Lusail Stadium had it all. The tournament’s top goalscorer, Kylian Mbappe became the first player in 56 years to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. But, in the end, it wasn’t enough to prevent Lionel Messi cementing his legacy, with Argentina securing the trophy after a tense penalty shootout. We’ve ran a number of community events during the course of the World Cup, including a sweepstake, prediction challenges — and we also released a special edition Wayne Rooney NFT (most of these have now been airdropped, so check your wallets!). We also ran a burn event on our BLAZE platform throughout the World Cup, allowing $BLOCK and $ASSET holders the chance to multiply the amount they burned if an event happened in the match. During the World Cup Burn Event, 74,200 $BLOCK and 52,400 $ASSET was burned, with 145 fire pits being purchased by our community. Our community shared 40,000 $BLOCK in prizes and 46,100 $ASSET was also paid out. The World Cup burn event, and subsequent UFC-related fire pits have provided us with data and insight that will be used as we look to add a sportsbook to our full platform in Q1 next year. — Blockas...

Web3 in sport: A brief history

Wikipedia will tell you that the term ‘Web3’ was first iterated by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, way back in 2014. The chances are, if you’re here reading this in 2022, you’ll have a reasonable understanding of Web3. For those that don’t, Web3 is an evolution of the ‘online’ we currently know, love (and sometimes hate…) and use every day — on our smartphones, laptops and, well, just about everywhere. Web3 promises a wealth of advantages over the status quo that we currently put up with. Transparency, security, speed, privacy, decentralisation and, ultimately, power to rightsholders and creators. As with any new technology, bad actors will — and have — taken advantage (more on that later), but when looking at the benefits of Web3 when it comes to sport, the advantages are obvious. Corruption has long been an issue in sport. Whether it be the accusations levelled at FIFA regarding the selection of their World Cup host countries (and a lot more besides) or at the other end of the scale, the match-fixing that has been prominent in lower level sport such as non-league football, Challenger Series tennis or, just last week, top class snooker. Google (and ChatGTP) tell us that the first ever Web3 sports project was REALFEVR — a token/NFT hybrid project, that is still going strong on the BNB chain.REALFEVR, sports NFT publishers who count Bruno Fernandes and Iker Casillas as ambassadors, w...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 12/12/22

With the launch of our new staking platform, tons of $BLOCK burned during our ongoing World Cup Burn Event and a dramatic UFC 282, week 49 of 2022 was another busy one for Blockasset. — New staking platform - On Wednesday last week (07/12), our Product team released our new staking platform with a new rewards structure for $BLOCK holders and NFT holders. Users can now stake their $BLOCK in one of three different pools. Rewards from 12–24% APR are available, depending on the duration of the lock-up. Users can still have the flexibility of no minimum lock-up period if they prefer, with users committing to 12 months of staking maximising their ROI. In addition to $BLOCK staking, the new platform allows NFT holders to get $ASSET rewards for their NFTs. As well as providing a far better user experience, the new staking platform will reduce $BLOCK emissions by approximately 80% — which is great news for the sustainability and long term health of Blockasset. The new staking platform has been well-received by our community, with over 1.8m $BLOCK staked in the 12 month lock-up pool, just a matter of days after launch. At the time of publishing, 13.88% of the total circulation of $BLOCK is now locked in our new staking pools — that’s roughly 11.8m $BLOCK in total. 14,388 Blockasset NFTs have also been staked on the new platform so far. With Legends set staking to be introduced to the new platform imminently...

Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 05/12/22

With the ongoing World Cup Burn Event on Blaze, imminent Staking Platform release and upcoming UFC 282 show, this is shaping up to be another huge week for Blockasset. — BLAZE: World Cup Burn Event - With the knockout rounds of the 2022 FIFA World Cup well underway, you could be forgiven for missing our BLAZE burn event — which, after some testing last week — officially began on Saturday. So far, 23,000 $BLOCK and 21,000 $ASSET has been burned, with holders securing 40,000 $BLOCK and 18,000 $ASSET in rewards. What is the BLAZE World Cup Burn Event? For every game played between now and the end of the FIFA World Cup, we will list event outcomes on our BLAZE platform as NFTs. Similar to betting, if you think there is a strong likelihood of that event outcome happening, you can burn your $BLOCK or $ASSET tokens in exchange for the NFT. If that event outcome does happen, then you’ll receive rewards.Here are some examples of the events we have available on BLAZE for tomorrow’s FIFA World Cup matches. Example: Let’s take tomorrow’s FIFA World Cup fixtures for example. An enhanced double NFT is currently listed on our BLAZE platform, for Spain and Portugal to both win their matches (in 90 minutes). NFTs are available for this event outcome in the following denominations: 200 $BLOCK, 400 $BLOCK, 600 $BLOCK, 800 $BLOCK, 1000 $BLOCK and 5000 $BLOCK. If you strongly believe that Portugal will beat Switzer...

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