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$551.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$25.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AURORA today is $1.04 USD.

The lowest AURORA price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.04, and the exact current price of one AURORA crypto coin is $1.03736.

The all-time high AURORA coin price was $36.07.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of AURORA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for AURORA crypto currency is also #AURORA.

AURORA is a newer coin by our records, at least 10.2 months in age.


The current market capitalization for AURORA is $25,186,984.

AURORA is ranking upwards to #409, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #AURORA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for AURORA is $551,451.


The circulating supply of AURORA is 24,279,949 coins, which is 2% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of AURORA is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


AURORA is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #AURORA, and you can view them on our AURORA disambiguation page.



Secure Cross-Chain Lending & Liquidity Are Coming to Aurora

Trisolaris & Aurigami are partnering with Axelar & Squid to create a cross-chain DEX and cross-chain money market on Aurora, Near Protocol’s EVM Chain - The future is cross-chain. To onboard the next millions of users into DeFi, NFT ownership, DAO governance, and other applications that interact directly on the decentralized web, their experiences must be universal and seamless. No more maintaining multiple private-key identities; no more risky bridges with bad UX. In this vision of Web3’s future, a user holding AURORA, NEAR, or USN can use those currencies to buy ETH, BTC, SOL, or any asset issued on any of those chains. Not only that, the user can deposit these assets to receive loans on any chain and vice versa. For users of the Aurora blockchain, this will soon be possible, through a new partnership announced by four innovators in cross-chain liquidity. In a nutshell, users on Aurora and NEAR will be able to: Buy any asset on any chain via Trisolaris’ cross-chain DEX., Deposit assets on any chain to receive a loan on any other chain via Aurigami’s cross-chain money market., This cross-chain future will drastically improve utility and user experience for the Aurora & NEAR community, which in turn will drive further growth for this ecosystem. Primitive cross-chain connections are not difficult, as the proliferation of pairwise bridges demonstrates. Secure cross-chain communication over universal arc...

Cask Protocol brings NFT subscriptions to Aurora

Cask, the recurring money flow protocol, is expanding their capabilities to Aurora to allow dApps and communities to accept recurring crypto payments. Cask Protocol’s recurring money flows are now live on Aurora! Whether you are a dApp, NFT projects, or community on Aurora you are now able to start accepting recurring crypto payments or contributions. — Why Aurora? - Aurora is an EVM-compatible smart contract chain on the climate-neutral Proof-of-Stake L1 NEAR Protocol. With a high throughput, rapid transaction finality (~2 sec), and low gas fees (~$0.02) makes it an ideal platform for decentralized applications such as Cask. Since Aurora’s launch in 2021, the ecosystem has grown to include 150+ dApps that can benefit from using Cask’s payment rails for accepting recurring money flows. — What can you do with Cask on Aurora? - Cask is a decentralized non-custodial protocol for managing recurring money flows. Their flagship functionality focuses on payment flows (NFT subscriptions) between Providers and users. Providers create plans that specify the terms of the recurring payment agreement such as how much and how often. Since all subscriptions are NFTs, a provider can also decide whether they are limited in quantity or whether or not they allow transferability between parties. Providers can also offer automated discounts based on on-chain activity. Discounts can be triggered if a user holds an NFT from a de...

Swim: seamlessly connecting capital across chains with an innovative native asset bridging solution

Introducing Swim Protocol Swim is a multichain AMM for native assets, designed to make bridging as easy as possible. Swim eliminates the need for wrapped assets by allowing users to swap from a native asset on one chain to a native asset on any other supported chain. With features such as bridging status overviews and retry/resume functionality, Swim’s solution reduces the pain points faced by users when performing cross-chain transactions. Swim currently supports native stablecoin swaps across Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom and, of course, Aurora. With Swim’s expansion to Aurora comes three new metapools to support native $USDC, $USDT, and $USN. Through these new metapools, Swimmers can now seamlessly swap their assets on Aurora with any native stablecoin in the existing hexapool & metapools i.e., $USDC, $USDT on Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche & Polygon, as well as $USDT and $BUSD on BNB Chain. But how exactly does it work? Swim is built on top of Wormhole, a bridge focused on security and decentralization by entrusting a subset of Solana nodes as Guardians. Swim uses cross-chain liquidity pools to provide bridging for native assets across seven blockchains, with many more assets and blockchains in the pipeline. Swim’s main signature hexapool provides liquidity for six stablecoins across the Solana, BNB, and Ethereum blockchains. The LP token of this hexapool, $swimUSD, is used to furthe...

Bizverse — A Metaverse for Business on the Aurora Network*

Bizverse — A Metaverse for Business on the Aurora Network* - INTRODUCTION Bizverse World is a Metaverse for business that is built on a real-based location 3D map of the natural world to develop the digital economy and digital society, according to the “Digital Twin” and “Meta-Economy” models. With the entire assistance of VR/AR technology, blockchain, and Web3, this Metaverse platform intends to develop new business channels for traditional businesses and a digital environment for people to carry out building activities similar to the actual world. Bizverse ecosystem includes a NFT Marketplace where people could creatively create, trade anh manage their digital assets, including NFTs with a very low-cost transaction fee. WHY AURORA? Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol, its well-deep infrastructure, fundamental and flexible scaling solution that would definitely help blockchain projects to provide a more secure platform for users on Network. Bizverse World team is being enchanted by the long-term potential of chains, proving in some points taken from Aurora Network: Fully compatible EVM for fast deployment of solid smart contracts, Fast transaction confirmation with very low gas fee, strongly conductive on blocks handling, Trustworthy network with expanding upgrade to Aurora Plus with various benefits to users for free transaction fee, also plenty of chances when staking AURORA to receive rewards from ...

Zerion Wallet Integrates the Aurora Network

Leading multichain smart and social wallet Zerion has integrated Aurora. — Users can manage their entire portfolio on Aurora, trade across 10+ networks, and connect to any decentralized application with one app. Now with Aurora, Zerion Wallet users can enter the NEAR Protocol ecosystem with the same wallet that they use for Ethereum, its Layer-2 networks, and various Layer-1 EVM chains. With Zerion Wallet, users can switch to Aurora with just a tap and import any existing wallet or create a new address. After that, they can experience all advanced Zerion features on Aurora: Automatically track all assets on Aurora, including staked tokens, LP tokens, and pending rewards, Find the cheapest and fastest bridge to Aurora with Zerion’s bridge aggregation, See what are the best rates on Aurora DEXes with Zerion’s trading aggregation, Follow any Aurora addresses and getting alerts when they trade, Connect to any dapp on mobile and in the browser and sign transactions on the go, Zerion Wallet also comes with Zerion DNA, a unique living NFT that changes with on-chain actions and reflects the Web3 identity of its owner. For example, if the wallet has most of its assets on the Aurora network, the avatar will be mostly signature green. Swaps and other transactions change the DNA’s attributes, increasing the rarity. — About Zerion - Zerion is a web3 smart wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a mobile...

Octogamex — A New Universal Gaming and Metaverse Assets Marketplace on Aurora

Octogamex — A New Universal Gaming and Metaverse Assets Marketplace on Aurora - — Please Welcome Octogamex - With web 3.0 set to take over the world, and GameFi along with metaverse projects set to take over web 3.0, it’s high time to take up some gap spanning inside this vast variety. That’s exactly what Octogamex, a decentralized marketplace built exclusively for GameFi and metaverse unique crypto assets, is all about. Octogamex is here to erect interconnecting highways for gamers and crypto enthusiasts from all over the blockchain world, enabling them to move their in-game and metaverse NFTs around with great convenience. Octogamex kicks web 3.0 ownership freedom up a notch, while on the other hand allowing project developers to share and exchange crowds. — Excited About Aurora - The Octogamex team is delighted to get integrated with Aurora since such fundamental values professed by the platform as chross-chain functionality extension, bridged and interoperable future, scalability, and low-cost transactions fall exactly in line with what the marketplace team’s vision is. Aurora is developer-friendly and impressongly fast, which is appreciated by many, with a good deal of projects having already embraced its DeFi ecosystem. Octogamex sees excellent long-term potential of both Aurora and the NEAR Protocol, and because the marketplace regards itself as one of the future GameFi and Metaverse supportin...

Aurora Partners with Covalent, Bringing Data Accessibility to the Network

Covalent Indexes Aurora’s Mainnet Providing Developers with Rich Blockchain Data and more!. — Covalent, the leading provider of indexing solutions for blockchains with their Unified API, has integrated with Aurora mainnet. This integration provides developers with reliable, high-quality data that will allow them to build faster and easier. A multichain can be enabled in minutes by simply changing the chain ID parameter. Other initiatives at later stages will include: Decentralizing the Aurora data stack for redundancy and validator incentives, Ability for developers to build their own endpoints in the chain, Covalent’s analyst mode which will allow developers to write SQL to build bespoke dashboards, Out of the box Covalent brings full transparency and visibility to assets across over 32 blockchain networks and is trusted by over 27,000 developers. Its dataset supports 25B+ transactions, 30,000+ price feeds, and 200,000+ smart contracts for querying. Covalent believes strongly in a future where users have access to composable, verifiable, permissionless, and trustless data. — Covalent brings value to blockchains in various ways. — Developers can pull Aurora mainnet data with Covalent’s Unified API. The blockchain data available includes: Token balances per address, Get NFT transactions for contract, Historical transactions per address, Get all contract metadata, “We can’t wait to see all t...

Aurora+ sets the blockchain free!

Aurora+ sets the blockchain free! - Blockchain is among the most popular of all new technologies, and frequently referred to as Web 3.0. As new participants discover, however, it’s terribly complicated, with technical challenges every step of the way. A world of Googles and Facebooks brought wide adoption to Web 2.0. The clear opportunity now, is bridging the innovative world of Web 3.0, with the convenience and familiarity of Web 2.0. Today we’re excited to unveil that bridge, with Aurora+! — What is Aurora+? - Aurora+ is an exciting new membership program for users of Aurora, that provides a suite of incredible benefits. Available today, all Aurora users can sign up for a free Basic account, including: 50 free transactions per month. One of the biggest user experience hurdles throughout all of crypto, is understanding and dealing with transaction fees. Aurora+ eliminates this problem, setting the blockchain free!, AURORA Staking. Aurora+ members who stake AURORA tokens will enjoy not only a continuous stream of AURORA rewards, but also steams of rewards from the best projects throughout the Aurora ecosystem!, AURORA Airdrop. To ensure that all Aurora+ members experience the benefits of Aurora Staking, everyone who creates an account on Aurora+ during the first week of launch will be presented with an opportunity to claim and stake an Aurora Airdrop!, Those are the benefits available today. In the future, Auror...

Curve Finance Integrates the Aurora Network

Ethereum’s leading stableswap platform, Curve Finance, has integrated NEAR Protocol’s EVM layer, Aurora. Users can now connect to the Aurora network on their Ethereum wallets (such as Metamask) when using Curve, and enjoy the dapp’s deep liquidity pools without the high gas fees or wait time. Aurora has witnessed the quickest growth in the recent month, crossing the $1.3b mark in TVL and reaching the Top 11 networks on DeFi Llama. At the time of writing, the Aurora ecosystem has more than 100 projects and 100 relayer nodes, with one of the most secure and innovative bridges in the industry operating between Ethereum, Aurora, and NEAR native. The integration of Curve on Aurora comes at a critical time, with the burgeoning of bluechip DeFi protocols on Aurora, such as Aurigami, Bastion and Trisolaris, on one hand; and the deployment of market-leading bridge solutions, such as Multichain, Synapse, and Wormhole, on the other. Curve’s industry standard stableswap function will add a layer of DeFi composability and liquidity to the Aurora DeFi ecosystem, and at the same time, better position Aurora in an increasingly multi-chain world, allowing it to connect with other ecosystems via the transfer and exchange of pegged assets in its stablecoin, $wBTC, and $wETH pools. In light of this integration, NEAR’s DeFi hub, Proximity Labs, will allocate up to $7.5M in grants to Curve to help establish their presence in the Aurora...

Apollo42 x Aurora — How Aurora Will Help Maintain Security and Safety on Apollo42

Apollo42 x Aurora — How Aurora Will Help Maintain Security and Safety on Apollo42 - Introduction The NFT community is growing tremendously, with more and more projects coming up. It’s truly an amazing experience to be a part of the early NFT adapters, considering that many experts say that we’re still in the early phase of decentralization. About Apollo42 Some platforms are jam-packed with NFT enthusiasts, leading to more security bottlenecks. As we can see from some recent news, phishing emails and hacks from NFT marketplaces are becoming rampant, and it demands a more secure platform and blockchain network. This is where Apollo42 comes in. The project’s NFT marketplace isn’t just a place where you can list your NFTs. It’s a social platform where you can use and do everything related to NFTs: sell and buy NFTs, analyse projects, and socialize, among others. It’s specially designed for NFT enthusiasts, Metaverse users, and P2E games. The project will also allow users to check NFT rankings through its Collector Ranking page. It will be the list of the richest people in the NFT. As an NFT marketplace, Apollo42 offers the most convenient ways for NFT artists to launch their collections. There will be no code involved; just fill out the necessary information to complete your upload, together with your collection in a .zip file. Advantages of using Apollo42 As we’ve mentioned, Apollo42 is solving many issue...

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