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ACE Price:
$70.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ACE today is $0.00352 USD.

The lowest ACE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00352, and the current live price for one ACE coin is $0.00351625.

The all-time high ACE coin price was $0.89.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ACE with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Acent crypto currency is #ACE.

Acent is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Acent is $3,147,701.

Acent is ranking downwards to #2639 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #ACE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Acent is $70,706.


The circulating supply of ACE is 895,188,149 coins, which is 45% of the total coin supply.


ACE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ACE, and you can view them on our ACE disambiguation page.



2022 Acent Summary of Annual Updates

It’s a brand New Year! Our team is excited to share a summary of our 2022 major accomplishments as well as a sneak peek at our outlook and priorities for 2023. To begin with, we have successfully deployed the Acent Testnet and completed the Certik audit process. All of these are critical outputs for the soon-to-be-deployed Acent Mainnet. Secondly, we have successfully integrated the Acent browser into DAPPX, a Steam-like platform for blockchain-based games. Users can now access DAPPX P2E games via one of the Acent browser’s icons, as well as the browser’s built-in metawallet. We are currently integrating DAPPX P2E games into the Acent Metaweb user interface. Third, we have activated the governance staking for the Your Earth DAO. Users automatically accumulate EDAO governance tokens when they acquire NFT land either through purchase or Season staking. These EDAO tokens can be pledged back to earn Acent ($ACE) cryptocurrency, which can then be cashed out from KuCoin or restaken to earn more. Summary of other accomplishments can be read below: — Acent’s 2023 Outlook and Focus - Starting in January 2023, new third-party games will be constantly deployed, and Acent blockchain will focus on allowing DAPPX and its ecosystem to grow in volume and users throughout the year. We are aiming to create momentum and traction as users join to experience AAA-quality games that are fun, engaging, and fast-paced to earn victo...

Safe and Free VPN in the Acent Browser through Surfshark

Acent is pleased to announce its partnership with Surfshark, an award-winning VPN service provider that aims to provide secure internet browsing without tracking user activity, including sensitive data. Surfshark has 3,200+ servers spread over 100 countries across the globe. CNN rated Surfshark as the best VPN of 2020, and it was CNET’s Editors’ Choice for Best Value VPN in 2022. Surfshark was also one of the first ten VPN packages to earn an official seal of approval from an independent IT-security Institute AV-TEST granted in October 2019. Below are some of the user benefits of having Surfshark on the Acent (Osiris) browser: — User advantages of Surfshark in the Acent Browser - Imagine researching an item or concept on the net. In just a few minutes, you would notice that your news feeds are full of related articles of the item you just searched. It is no longer a secret that big tech companies profit from our online data and may even feed our brains what to consume online. But with vigilance and proper tools, these things can be avoided. With Acent and Surfshark’s VPN service interface combined, you can be assured of safe and secure web browsing experience. Aside from Acent’s ad-blocking capabilities, which include protection from malware and phishing attempts through its “Armor,” Surfshark’s VPN service can additionally provide the following: prevents ad companies and bots from tracking what you do...

Access your metaweb governance revenue earnings today!

Acent ($ACE) stakers under the Metaweb Governance can now check their earnings in their cryptowallets. They’ll find EDAO, plus the additional $ACE rewards from the UBI pool, are already reflected. From here on, metacitizens are now able to take full advantage of earnings in the coming days as they monetize their $ACE or participate in the governance system of the metaweb. — In Brief. — Acent ($ACE) is the cryptocurrency of the Metaweb and the Acent blockchain — Staking an $ACE earns you EDAO plus $ACE incentives from the Acent’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) pool., EDAO token incentives are more than just governance tokens — Other than the voting power and the privilege to submit proposals in the DAO, staking EDAO tokens allows you to mine $ACE by supporting the metaweb ecosystem for a more decentralized web service., All staking will be done on the DAPPX platform. By connecting your Acent metawallet to the DAPPX platform, you may stake your $ACE now and start monetizing it., Please keep in mind that a minimum of 3,000 $ACE is required to join the staking pool., For the step-by-step guide on how to stake $ACE and EDAO tokens on the DAPPX platform read here., — Recap of the EDAO and UBI Incentives from the Metaweb Governance Staking. — The following are some of the benefits for choosing to stake your $ACE under the Metaweb Governance feature of the DAPPX platform. Collect...

Stake $ACE! Earn NFT lands!!!

In order to create a decentralized revenue model for more people, a certain number of Your Earth DAO lands can now be owned through Acent staking. The better news is that Your Earth DAO landowners will now have the benefit of getting rewarded from revenue-generating play-to-earn activities, which are placed within the entire metaweb ecosystem. This is on top of the crypto mining feature on their NFT land. These opportunities definitely make one a co-owner of the thriving metaweb. Read more. In brief Starting October 11, 2022, 21:00 (UTC) you can earn Your Earth DAO NFT lands if you stake an Acent cryptocurrency ($ACE);, Stake $ACE 10,000 for 60 days and you will earn 1 Regular Spot worth 0.1 $ETH; or, Stake $ACE 25,000 for 60 days and you will earn 1 Themed land spot worth 0.3 $ETH., Take note that after 60 days, you will get your $ACE back plus the benefits of being a Your Earth DAO landowner:, Regular land spot owner benefits include: EDAO mining, ZEP mining, $DAPPX and $ACE staking, rental rights to developers, or developing the land yourself to generate traffic;, Themed land spot owner benefits: 450% mining rate, progressive, and beautified lands to be developed by the Acent Core Team throughout the product maturity period, allowing owners to monetize these areas;, There are only a limited number of lands that will be distributed through this Special Staking Event;, Lastly, we are adding $ACE and $DAPPX staking b...

Introducing ACEI technology — the solution behind the seamless cryptocurrency transaction in the…

Introducing ACEI technology — the solution behind the seamless cryptocurrency transaction in the Acent ecosystem - The somewhat sophisticated yet slow crypto processing has become a key impediment to mass adoption of blockchain technology. ACENT blockchain technology overcomes this challenge as well as several other blockchain barriers through ACEI (Acent Crypto Engine Interface). Let’s take a look at how ACEI can help you get more out of your blockchain experience, particularly with NFT metaverse applications. Even though legacy transaction networks like Visa are capable of handling 2,000 transactions per second we nevertheless occasionally experience modest delays in processing. Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, on the other hand, can only handle 15 to 20 transactions per second while Bitcoin networks can only process 3–7 transactions per second. At this glacial pace, you’ll be second-guessing whether you want blockchain to be a part of your everyday routine. Here are some more impediments to blockchain adoption: — Blockchain Mass Adoption Roadblock #1. Very expensive mining fees - The blockchain technology is a highly complex chain of codes — the higher the mathematical functions the less vulnerable it becomes to hackers. Thus it needed powerful computing machines capable of reading higher complex blocks of information. Because these computing machines are scarce and expensive at the same time ...

Experience Acent’s ODIN technology — the Steam of Blockchain-based Triple A Applications

Experience Acent’s ODIN technology — the Steam of Blockchain-based Triple A Applications - This article will introduce you to ODIN — a revolutionary technology developed by Acent that serves as a Steam-like platform for AAA-quality blockchain-based applications. Discover more about it here. The advent of AAA applications, like the metaverse, has radically flipped the user and computer requirements of our generation. The “high-definition,” “real-time,” and “Unreal Engine-made’ generated titles of high-performing applications plus their incorporation in the crypto space of blockchain technology, have just gone through the roof from the current blockchain games or metaverse because of architectural limitations. In fact, if you happen to see or play one, that one is the absolute result of hard work, passion, resources, and technology. Acent, the blockchain technology behind the Acent (Osiris) Web 3.0 browser, has pulled the bar higher by developing a Steam-like application called ODIN. ODIN handles the installation, management, optimization, and execution of multiple decentralized applications (dApps) and Triple A blockchain-based applications made with Unreal Engine 5 for a seamless, virtual reality experience. With ODIN, you can run some applications by downloading them to your PC and playing them offline or online via the Acent (Osiris) browser. Here’s some 3 facts why the world will marvel at ODI...

Acent Mainnet — a network built for AAA and metaverse applications

Acent Mainnet — a network built for AAA and metaverse applications - Blockchain networks as they currently exist are not designed to support high-performing applications. With an average number of transactions per second (TPS) of only 17 for an ethereum network, it is nearly impossible to have real-time transactions let alone supplement heavy graphics to the system. Acent mainnet is designed with metaverse considerations in mind. It is built to have optimal focus on TPS, cyber security, and efficiency of crypto transactions to have achieved significantly lower metaverse layer gas (Nitro) rates than other traditional block chains. Since our Acent ecosystem is built to make digital tokens and metaverse cryptos work well together, the output runs smoothly into our Acent blockchain for high-speed transaction validation. You would immediately notice it once you sign the transaction with your Acent wallet and when you run any digital transaction in the ecosystem. Here are the three tools how the Acent mainnet is said to be built for high-performing, AAA, metaverse applications: — Acent Crypto Engine API - The Acent Mainnet uses the Acent Crypto Engine API that speeds up cryptocurrency transactions while maintaining high-quality visuals and responsiveness of AAA applications. The integration of Acent Crypto Engine API with the Acent metawallet enables the following features possible as you utilize Triple A applications...

Speed, stability, and cyber security of NFT transactions in the Acent Mainnet

Acent Mainnet was developed to provide users with the most reliable and secure blockchain platform in the market. In this article, we will share how the Acent Mainnet technology will deliver speed, stability, and security for all your NFT transactions. The Acent codebase is based on the stable version of Open Ethereum’s Parity 3.3.5. It is highly scalable for mass adoption because of its interoperability including flexibility and adaptability to modular implementation. Because this system is also light, it is able to solve the problem of sluggish cryptocurrency transactions. It is perfect for initiatives that only need to lightly integrate blockchain into their service or product. The Acent Mainnet is designed to use a Proof of Stake Authority (POSA) — a one-of-a-kind consensus method, that needs only a few validators to process 400–500 transactions per second without compromising security. “Authorities” are used in place of nodes to solve mathematical problems at random. In POSA data on the blockchain becomes part of the official record after it is approved by the majority of authorities. Typically, this method provides greater transparency and safety than a network based on Proof of Work (POW) consensus techniques. Here are the four other amazing features of the Acent Mainnet when it comes to response time, transaction validation time and cyber security: — Stability - It is stable because the Acent mainn...

Acent Developer Mid-September Sprint Updates (Week 33 to 36)

Your Earth DAO land sale is on; the Metaweb OS is open for public testing and viewing; the Acent pledging is active; and many other exciting things are happening in the Acent ecosystem. Take a glimpse of what our developers are building on top of these accomplishments over the past 4 weeks. Read here. — Kucoin Tower’s 2nd floor is now under construction. - More than the fascinating façade, there is currently an on-going development for Kucoin’s meta-space on the second floor. Soon users will have more areas to explore within the Kucoin Tower. Upon completion, users will be able to browse Kucoin’s website in this area, conduct crypto exchanges or purchases in real time, and engage in many other surprising activities. — COBA Royale (CBRYL) TPS game will be launched soon! - COBA Royale is a multiplayer, third-person shooter (TPS) game made with Unreal Engine 5. It is the very first play-to-earn game that will be deployed in the Your Earth DAO. We are so pleased that as of date, we have completed the latest build of COBA Royale. Currently, there are already updated playable characters and a simplified user experience (UX) supporting several match types such as 1 versus 1, 3 versus 3, and 5 versus 5 so that the game can be enjoyed with families and friends. — Your Earth DAO (YED) Avatar Creation Feature is Now Available! - In this past month, we were able to successfully launch the alpha test version of...

Welcome Meta-Citizens to the first Your Earth DAO public Alpha Test!

Finally, the Acent Metaweb OS Alpha version is now LIVE! We are so grateful to be able to allow the community to test out what we have been working on for a long time. If you are interested in generating passive income through NFT land ownership, visit the Your Earth DAO NFT land sales guide. Make sure to check our upcoming important updates for the near future located at the end of this document. — Metaweb in a Nutshell - The metaweb is not a game. It is a service built for the deployment of your games, utility NFT assets, or other services. In the metaweb, you can start building your own games and meta-spaces similar to what people usually do within Roblox and Sandbox. The following is an easy-to-understand metaweb feature comparison chart among those three.Acent Metaweb OS and other metaverse platforms The Metaweb is an immersive public parallel reality for you to mine cryptos, build your influence, play-to-earn games, create content and sites to maximize the potential for monetization for generations to come. For those of you who are still having a hard time grasping the concept of metaweb, please check out below infogram to aid your comprehension. We realized that launching a public metaverse service that allows 3rd party developers to build their own applications inside of it is not a simple task. Integration with the browser to provide a marketplace like Steam for blockchain applications in...

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