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ZUT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$74.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #ZUT is $76.80 USD.

Please note that the price of #ZUT was last updated over 90 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #ZUT statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest ZUT price for this period was $0, the highest was $76.80, and the exact last price of ZUT was $76.80221.

The all-time high ZUT coin price was $5,747.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZUT with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ZeroUtility crypto currency is #ZUT.

ZeroUtility is 3.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for ZeroUtility is $74,421.

ZeroUtility is ranking downwards to #1953 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #ZUT.


The circulating supply of ZUT is 969 coins, which is 97% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of ZeroUtility is it's astoundingly small supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


ZUT has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



Zeus Protocol

ZUZ Protocol ZUZ Protocol is being constructed with the combined expertise of Zero Utility team and partners with the shared ambition to bring efficiency, privacy, and value to the NFT market. $ZUZ is the expansion and culmination of Zero Utility products, which have brought accessibility to the masses with every innovation. Our mission has grown both in size and in meaning, as we strive to identify solutions. ZUZ Protocol will roll out in phases, starting on the Ethereum and Polygon (formerly Matic) networks. From ZUZ NFT and product subscriptions to off-chain transactions and marketplaces, Zero Utility is taking a giant leap forward! i. Token Launch; The launch of ZUZ will immediately begin the ZUZ Subscription Program; where users will be able to subscribe to the Zero Utility tools by holding a permissioned NFT (and <250–500 ZUZ). Each month we will rebate gas and user fees to subscribers. ZUZ will launch on Uniswap and Quickswap respectively, allowing users to on-board via either network and earn ZUZ for providing liquidity in the earliest stages of the ZUZ Protocol. With a total supply of 1.6 Million and nearly 60% locked away for distribution, we are confident that ZUZ will extend the capabilities of our existing infrastructure & make room for more innovations. ii. Zeus Protocol and Zero Utility branding We are excited to have Evimero Interactive marketing team assisting us in the redesign and brand DNA of Zero...

ZUZ: A Gas-less and Dynamic NFT Farming Eco-System

ZUZ: A Gas-less and Dynamic NFT Staking Eco-System — A product of the Zero Utility (ZUT) team. — Since the inception of Zero Utility Token in early September 2020, ZUT has continually delivered power-house tools and innovations, while providing a platform to dozens of artists thus far. We are now taking things one step further! After successfully building the first NFT Multisend( and the Dynamic NFT minter ‘The Forge’(, Zero Utility now has the tools to expand its ecosystem and innovate once again with our newest token addition. We introduce: $ZUZ … ←←Whitelist password: ZUT0 ZUZ Token logo by: Ceyanon Thanks to our pantheon of partners and developers, the ZUZ token will have very unique utilities. From the ZUZ Subscription NFT, to our immediate partnerships with other protocols, we have maximized efficiency while creating growing value! ZUZ demonstrates Proof-of-Subscription.Minted with the NFT Forge, users will be able to hold one Zeus NFT *if their wallet contains at least (.1) $ZUT. The NFT will auto-destruct forever if wallet falls below (.1) $ZUT. Scarce and fragile!!There are only 166 ZEUS NFTThe NFT Multisend will perform the $ZUZ airdrops to NFT holders every 30 days *approx. Each performance is paid for in $ZUT.Zeus NFT will be available on popular marketplaces such as, Rarib...

Mint with the NFT Forge: Immolator

We are happy to announce the launch of the ZUT “Forge: Immolator”, a universal and dynamic NFT minter! With this extremely flexible tool, users can mint an NFT that performs an action based on conditions that you set yourself. “The Immolator” is designed to burn an NFT if the holder does not follow the prescribed requirements. An NFT can destroy itself if the owner falls below a dollar amount, for example. One could even set an NFT on a timer, which can act as an ‘expiration date’ for the ERC-1155. The number of NFT tools that are currently offered in the market do not compare to the growing interest. At Zero Utility, we are aware of the lingering road blocks that we still face in this industry, which is hardly an its infancy. As a leading NFT/blockchain solution project, ZUT has brought accessibility to tools that are essential for the growth of this space. Non-Fungible tokens under the ERC1155 Standard have given developers and artists the flexibility to blend on-chain data with multi-layered preferences. In other words, an NFT can do far more than what we previously imagined. You can access this minter on Ethereum Network as well as on Matic Network for faster speeds and low gas! Stay tuned for our next iteration for “The Immolator”…..“Sentinel”! 🌐Main Site🌐 🐦Twitter🐦 ...

Zero Utility: The Company

Zero Utility LLC- Over the span of only six months, the ZUT team has expanded its global reach to include partners and projects from various financial sectors from five Continents. In this short period of time innovations such as the NFT Multisend, Physical NFTs, and several upcoming artist commissions have legitimized Zero Utility Token within it’s cadre as the ‘go-to’ community for resources. ZUT aims to be an industry leading NFT solutions project that provides avenues of navigation and opportunity for artists/developers. To strengthen our legitimacy and secure our innovations, we have officially formed Zero Utility into a U.S. based company! With the help of our agency, Buffalo Registered Agents, we plan to take a serious step towards enterprises and strengthened partnerships!New Partnerships - Collaborations are essential to Zero Utility’s mission. We believe that the crypto-community banded together will spur blockchain mass adoption, as we are already beginning to see: Block Dualers Token > The first decentralized finance project to create true utility for NFTs by utilizing an ever-evolving dueling platform, with an integrated wager system to bet on the outcome of live duels! The battle platform attaches custom fighting stats to your favorite NFTs. ZUT will create a Physical NFT $BDT card with our RFID/NFC technology! You will be able to scan your card and immediately view l...


ttps:// The $ZUT team is incredibly excited to announce our newest strategic partnership with Biconomy! Alongside Biconomy, ZUT integration onto the Matic Network will be evermore seamless than previously imagined. Not only will transaction mapping be expedited for the Multisend, gas fees for all transactions will now be FREE! Biconomy is a technology company building transaction infrastructure for next-generation web 3 applications. Through Biconomy’s powerful and easy to use APIs, developers can enable a simple and customized transaction journey so that their end users don’t get frustrated by blockchain complexities. The ZUT powered Multisend has been a go-to tool for nearly a dozen of our partners that perform airdrops, IDOs, and token launches on the Ethereum Network. With the ZUT Multisend being built on the Matic Network, users will finally be able to evade immense gas fees on the current Ethereum Network. This solution means that sending a bulky NFT airdrop, or even token launches will no longer incur hundreds of dollars in gas fees… In fact, gas is FREE! This integration has also created an ‘NFT bridge’ for the two networks. Now, an NFT minted on the Matic Network can now travel (swiftly) to the Ethereum Mainnet which can interact and participate in either blockchain. NFTs on Decentraland marketplace could now be sent over to Rarible, for example!https://matic.netw...

Zero Utility Token: Building the ‘Multisend’ on the Matic Network

In early September 2020, the Zero Utility team put their hard working developers and creative minds together to take on the task to create a fully featured, user friendly, affordable ERC compatible multisender. Since then, this tool has been an invaluable asset to many $ZUT endeavors, and more importantly - very useful to our collaborators and partners! The ‘NFT Multisend’ is now able to send ERC-20, ERC-1155, and ERC-721 token types with features like Token ID search and more! ( As we add to the features of ‘Multisend’ and build more $ZUT products (and eventually games), we look to expand our knowledge and reach with faster speeds and interoperability. We are more than elated to announce our newest partner, MATIC NETWORK, will bring Zero Utility Token on board its Layer-2 blockchain solution to Buidl the future of NFT art and gaming! We are excited to create our multisender on one of the fastest growing chains for NFTs in the industry! MATIC NETWORK is the only chain solution that has CHAINLINK integration with the Ethereum Network. This makes chain-to-chain transfers possible with their EVM compatible platform at very fast speeds (65k txn/sec)! This helps sustain a competitive gaming experience where Decentraland, TradeStars and other top performing crypto games are beginning to emerge. It is no wonder they have nearly $100 Million market-cap! With this p...

$ZUT gets Groovy Finance

$ZUT gets Groovy The Zero Utility Team is on a mission to establish the Pantheon of NFT projects! Through our collaborations, we will fuse the power of our combined tech, art, and finances to innovate as a conglomerate with infinite possibilities. Alongside our partners at Rugz Finance, $NOOB and, we have built a multi-team staking pool to farm $ZURU for up-gradable, animated NFT by specialized artists. We are excited to now add $GVY — Groovy.Finance to the $ZURU staking pool! This a very important partnership, as it will consist of tech, art, and finance collaborations. GVY is a very understated project that is accomplishing milestones under the radar. Groovy.FINANCE is an innovative protocol that employs Blockchain and distributed ledger technology to empower artists and musicians and give them a vehicle for monetizing their art in a fair and transparent way by allowing artists to mint, sell and license master copies of their art for cryptocurrency, regardless of their country of residence and without middlemen. Zero Utility will employ this technology and their music and art will also be added to the $ZURU NFT farming pool! Groovy Finance also creates physical and digital vinyls accompanied by ORIGINAL music by well-known artists! Rarible: NFT Marketplace “The main idea is to wrap a license to a piece of art (in our case...

$ZUT procures weekly NFT Magazine: Red Lion Eye Gazette

$ZUT collaborates with weekly NFT Magazine: Red Lion Eye Gazette What better way to make use of the ZUT universal NFT Multisend, than to offer a WEEKLY airdrop? That’s exactly what the Red Lion Eye Gazette has done! Owners of the weekly featured MAGAZINE will receive an automatic airdrop (or ARTdrop) of the featured artist, which includes crypto news, art, politics and gossip! We are grateful for this collaboration in a time where news is shared on very few platforms. Already on it’s 10th issue, this project has now found a better, faster and cheaper way to send these NFT ARTdrops to the masses thanks to the Zero Utililty powered Multisend ( ). Each week, artists can apply to have their art featured on the cover of the Gazette. The only way to receive the airdrop is by purchasing the the Magazine, Red Lion Gazette! This is a truly meaningful way to promote up-and-coming digital art, as well as decentralize the way we receive information. You can purchase the 10th article NOW by visiting their website: Follow their twitter and tag $ZUT for a chance to win an upcoming issue! $ZUT — ZeroUtility Official Zero Utility Token Chat 🌐Main Site🌐 🐦Twitter🐦 🤖Discord🤖 https://dis...

$ZUT Ingenuity -Ethereum backed NFTs

ttps:// “The Symbol of ETH embodies the Spear of ZUT.” After only two weeks into a partnership with, Zero Utility Token team has made yet another innovative step into the future! NFT functionalities are boundless, and this group of specialists are determined to demonstrate the many ways decentralized finance can enhance and secure art property. By adding an amount of Ethereum within a contract, the burn function can call upon a withdraw, which will in-turn increase the scarcity of the NFT. This opens the door to many everyday use-cases! Such as:Gift CardsLottery and giveawayEaster Egg HuntsGaming rewards … And the list goes on. Saving your ETH backed NFT will ensure value growth in two directions. The speculative value, and the value of Ethereum! JOIN OUR ETH BACKED AIRDROP! Xenum is a second-layer, all-in-one platform for blockchain collectibles. Xenum allows anyone to create their own platform and items (FTs)! Create items for your community, or personal brand in just a few clicks! Being the first project to on-board this platform, $ZUT was able to mint 100 NFT for a fraction of the price anywhere! This is only phase ONE! ZEROUTILITY.COM IS OUR NEW WEBSITE! PLEASE VISIT, FOLLOW AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS AND UPDATES! $ZUT — Zer...

ZUTCOIN V1: pNFT Hits Rarible in De-Fi Milestone!

ttps:// Some may call it a ‘Physical NFT’, or maybe a ‘Large Black Nickel’. We call it ZUTCOIN! In an innovative approach to blend store-of-value and decentralized finance, the Zero Utility team of enthusiasts, artists, and developers have done it yet again. Precious metals will forever be considered assets, even in the growing field of crypto and Bitcoin’s ever-growing dominance. We have already seen gold and palladium reach all time highs this year alone, as many other metals continue to climb. Zero Utility is putting real value and security in the hands of investors, while working products increase volume and liquidity on the blockchain!Black Nickel Cast ZUTCOIN V1 Where does the NFT come in? Exclusively on, one can simply purchase the NFT reservation for about $11 USD. Once purchased, there will be “unlockable content” that will further assess your order, and provide instructions for shipping! ZUTCOIN pNFT is 1/1 with $ZUT. Not only that, you are also able to RETURN the ZUTCOIN for .75 $ZUT by returning the NFT to the $ZUT wallet. This is only the beginning! Only 80 ZUTCOINS are available for purchase, while 20 will be sent to development for research on V2. As gold and silver continue their upward trend in these times of financial uncertainty, Zero Utility is on their way to bringing precious metals and physical collec...

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