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ZIL Price:
$27.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZIL today is $0.025 USD.

The lowest ZIL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.025, and the current live price for one ZIL coin is $0.02452.

The all-time high ZIL coin price was $0.26.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZIL with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of ZIL at different market capitalizations.


The code for Zilliqa is #ZIL.

Zilliqa is 6.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Zilliqa is $276,118,741.

Zilliqa is ranked #204 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #ZIL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Zilliqa is $27,837,555.


The circulating supply of ZIL is 11,259,459,956 coins, which is 54% of the maximum coin supply.

Zilliqa has a relatively large supply of coins, 93 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


ZIL is the native coin for the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

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ZIL is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 56 crypto exchanges.

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ZKSwap(ZKSync) First Mover Campaign x Orbiter

We are excited to announce the mainnet launch of ZKSwap on the EVM-compatible chain ZKSync Era! Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and take part in the ZKSpace mainnet launch Campaign to be rewarded as one of our early adopters. For the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter. You can also follow us on Galxe at to stay connected with us. Stay tuned for community rewards and more campaigns coming soon! 🗓️ Campaign Period: From August 01, 2023, 10:00 UTC to August 15, 2023, 10:00 UTC 🎁 Campaign Venue: 🎯 How to Participate: Engage with @ZKSpaceOfficial on Twitter (OAT+20 points), · Stay updated with our latest news and announcements by following our official Twitter ZKSpace · Quote or Retweet a tweet from ZKSpace: Engage with our community and share our exciting content by quoting or retweeting one of our tweets. 2. Add any amount of liquidity on ZKSwap (OAT+20 points) 3. Swap any amount of tokens (OAT+20 points) · Experience the power of ZKSwap by participating in token swaps. Enjoy lightning-fast transactions and low fees. 4. Add $100 of liquidity on ZKSwap (OAT+50 points) · Win the biggest reward by providing liquidity to any trading pair on ZKSwap with a total value of at least $100 (USD equivalent). 🏆 Rewards: Complete the tasks above to become eligible for exclusive rewards and unlock exciting future benefits within the ZKSpace ecosyste...

ZKSwap (ZKSync Era) Bug Bounty

🎉ZKSwap is the first Layer 2 AMM DEX powered by ZK-Rollups, launched in February 2021. It allows users to list any ERC20 token pair, exchange tokens, and offers four fee token options, a 100% buyback and burn program for ZKS, and unique liquidity mining activities. In 2021, ZKSwap achieved tens of billions of dollars in trading volume, with a peak TVL of $2.50 billion. Today, ZKSwap is expanding to ZKSync Era and joining ZKSync’s mission to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty. 🔑At ZKSwap, the security of user funds is of utmost importance. We strive to provide the most secure platform, as we are committed to the long term success of this ecosystem. We’ve just finished a security audit with Secure3, an intelligent audit contest platform that has been recognised by industry leaders, including zkSync, Manta Network, IoTeX, ParaSpace, MirrorWorld, etc. As ZKSwap is currently in testnet, identifying and resolve ulnerabilities in this phase will ensure the highest security standard of the mainnet. As such, we are excited to launch the ZKSwap (ZKSync Era) Bug Bounty Program to reward responsible bug disclosure. By adding another layer of security checks, we want our users to feel safe and comfortable when interacting with our platform. The Program includes vulnerabilities and bugs in the ZKSwap (ZKSync Era) contract and DAPP: Contract: ZksFactory: 0xDC7beAC4448756812F4EB8c31614f5d4A5F3c641 Zks...

ZKSwap on ZKSync Era

Table of Contents. — 1 Introduction DeFi and DEX, Layer2 and ZK Rollups, 2 The AMM DEX ZKSwap 3 Outlook 4 Summary 5 Tutorial — 1 Introduction - — 1.1 DeFi and DEX - Since 2019, DeFi has rapidly grown, with blockchain developers creating various applications on Ethereum and other major Layer1 networks. The new use cases include exchanges, lending, stablecoins, insurance, oracles, games, etc., leading to an increasingly comprehensive DeFi ecosystem. After the explosive growth led by the DeFi Summer in 2020, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi exceeded $180 billion in 2021. The biggest smart contract platform Ethereum is the leader in this landscape, with other chains such as BSC, Terra, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, and Matic competing vigorously. Following the global tightening of financial policy in 2022, we saw bubbles burst in the DeFi space after several rounds of industry reshuffling. Despite an economic downturn and unfavorable external factors, the TVL of DeFi remained stable at around $50 billion in 2023, with DEXs and lending protocols contributing the most TVL and possessing the most users. DeFi is playing an indispensable role in the global financial market, and as the Web3 industry develops and awareness of cryptocurrency grows, there is still broad room for growth in the future. Among all DEXs, Uniswap is the pioneer and has gradually expanded to multiple chains. It is a decentralized trading...

What is ZKMarket and why we build it

We never doubted the potential of ZK technology. That’s why we’ve been building key infrastructures like DEX, NFT marketplace and payment tools using ZK-Rollup since 2020, and we’re proud that some of the features are innovative and industry-first, such as the NFT L1-L2 mutual transfer in 2021, and Eco Deposit/Fast Withdraw, L2 Batch transfer, L2 NFT auction, L2 domain name service in 2022. We started all of these two years ago, and we never give up exploring new product forms that solve problems for blockchain users and are in line with the core value of the blockchain industry. In 2023, ZK is playing an increasingly important role in fields like scaling, cross-chain and privacy. Scaling platforms like ZKSync, Polygon are releasing their zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (ZKEVM); ZK cross-chain projects like Succinct, Hyper Oracle have finished their model verification; privacy-focused projects like Aleo and Aztec are also gaining widespread attention; the need for Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) has never been greater. And that’s where ZKMarket comes in — providing a decentralized and efficient hashrate marketplace for ZKP and revolutionizing the way we think about computing power. — 1. What is ZKMarket - ZKMarket supports users with computing power to become nodes of decentralized ZK networks and participate in generating ZKP. ZKMarket simplifies the technical requirements for both the demand and su...

ZKSea vs. ImmutableX: Two ZK-Rollup-Based NFT Platforms

ZK-Rollups, ZKSea & Immutable X - Proposed by Ethereum researchers, ZK-Rollups is characterize by computing off-chain and storage on-chain. The plaintext data in the computing is sent to the on-chain contract in the form of calldata, to reduce the storage cost. The correctness of off-chain computing is guaranteed by the zero-knowledge proof algorithm. With such designs, it greatly increases TPS and reduces the cost of a single transaction. Following a massive rebranding campaign in 2021 Q4, we launched ZKSea, the first ZK-Rollup-based NFT platform that allows users to mint, list, trade, deposit and withdraw NFTs at a lower cost and faster speed than Opensea. ImmutableX is an Ethereum-based layer-2 scaling solution focused on NFTs. Their objective is to lower transaction costs while allowing instant transfers of NFTs. Both ZKSea and ImmutableX have their own NFT marketplace, support ERC721 NFT standard, and use the order book mode. — What makes ZKSea different? - — L1-L2 mutual transfer. — At present, the NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet cannot be deposited to ImmutableX. Besides, if an NFT needs to be withdrawn back to Ethereum at a later time, the issuer must prepare an ImmutableX NFT smart contract on the Ethereum mainnet beforehand. By contrast, ZKSea supports all ERC721 standard NFTs to be freely deposited and withdrawn between Layer1 and Layer2. Therefore, it is much easier to transfer NFTs to Layer2...

How to trade, pay & earn on ZKSpace

ZKSpace is welcoming its 2nd birthday! Since ZKSwap V1 launched on the mainnet on Feb 14, 2021, ZKSpace has evolved into a full-featured Layer2 protocol based on ZK-Rollups technology. It currently consists of four products: ZKSwap, ZKSquare, ZKSea and ZNS. ZKSwap is a decentralised exchange protocol based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, allowing users to list any ERC20 token pair and exchange tokens; ZKSquare is a Layer2 payment protocol that allows users to enjoy instant Layer2 payment with negligible gas fee, and it has been widely used in prize distribution and airdrops; ZKSea is the first ZK-Rollup NFT platform that supports users to mint, list, and trade NFT by themselves, greatly reducing the cost of minting and trading NFTs on the ETH mainnet; ZNS is the industry’s first Layer2 domain name solution, which helps users easily own their Web3 DIDs. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we’ve created 6 types of anniversary NFTs, which will be distributed free of charge to participants of the anniversary event. For all users who use (or once used) ZKSpace products and claim the NFTs, you’ll share millions of ZKS prizes! New to ZKSpace? Here is a simple guide for you: — L2 Wallet — deposit - L2 Wallet is the cornerstone of the ZKSpace ecosystem. All L2 products require using your L2 wallet. Your L2 wallet address is the same as your ETH mainnet address. You’ll be able to use all Layer2 products...

Vying for the throne: OP vs. ZK. What is the better Layer2 solution?

The Ethereum mainnet has a long history of network congestion and expensive transaction fees during the bull market. However, in recent years, Layer2 has matured as a scaling solution for Ethereum, lowering the transaction cost and improving the network efficiency. Various Layer2 projects have sprung up between 2021 and 2023. To date, according to L2Beat data, 13 Layer2 projects have reached a TVL of $10 million or more. Among different technologies they use, the most discussed are ZK-Rollups, Optimistic Rollup, Validium, and Plasma. ZK-Rollups: Proposed by Ethereum researchers. All computation happens off-chain, stored on-chain, and the plaintext data is sent to the on-chain contract via calldata, reducing storage costs. The zero-knowledge proof guarantees the correctness of the off-chain computation. ZK-Rollups can greatly improve TPS, and reduce the cost of every single transaction. Optimistic Rollups: They are divided into Optimistic Rollup (ORU) and Arbitrum Rollup (ARU), both of which ensure security through the challenge mechanism. The difference is that the challenge mechanism of ORU is to challenge a transaction. That is, the EVM must execute a challenged transaction completely. While ARU views the execution of a transaction as an ordered sequence of instructions, and through multiple rounds of interaction, it finds out the problematic instruction for the challenge, making the verification cost very low. Nevertheles...

ZKSpace: 2022 Year in Review & 2023 Outlook

2022 has been a bumpy year for the cryptocurrency industry. Along with the tightening of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and the FTX collapse, we have been pulled out in the harshest crypto winter ever, and the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen by around 70% compared to the beginning of the year. Both organizations and individual investors have been experiencing a lot of pain. However, as a builder of the Ethereum scaling solution, we’ve been continuously building the Layer 2 ecosystem to bring better blockchain products to our users, undisturbed by any market volatility. We completed the ZKSpace rebranding at the end of 2021 and are fully committed to building a full-featured Layer 2 protocol in 2022. We’ve launched four sub-products, ZKSwap, ZKSquare, ZKSea and ZNS, all powered by ZK-Rollup technology, and seen many thousands of new users using the platform. Before we greet the new year and carry on building, let’s look back on the second year of ZKSpace and see what we’ve been working on and what we’ve accomplished. — 🎉Highlights from 2022 - — Lower Layer 2 threshold - To make it easier, quicker and cheaper for users to use Layer 2 products, we launched the Eco Deposit mode in the first quarter, as well as the Fast Withdraw feature. We are glad to see that over 95% of our users are now using our new deposit/withdraw mode, which has seen a significant reduction in user ...

Claim Christmas NFT & Share 200,000 ZKS!

Dear ZKSpace users, It’s Christmas time! To celebrate the season of joy together, we’ve designed Christmas NFTs for you to earn prizes! Prize size depends on the quantity of SSR elements you get. Details and rules: Event Period: 2022-12-21 07:00 (UTC) to 2022-12-31 07:00 (UTC) How to Participate: Claim a unique Christmas NFT with a $2 equivalent minting fee: Navigate to ZKSea homepage:, 2. Click on Merry Christmas, read the notes in the pop-up window, choose the quantity, and connect your wallet to pay the fee. 3. One or more randomly selected NFT will then be sent to your L2 wallet. You can view your Christmas NFT in your L2 NFT wallet. 4. Make sure you have enough funds in your L2 wallet ($2+) in advance, or it will show Insufficient Balance. Prize: There are a total of 3,125 NFTs. Each NFT contains 5 Christmas elements: background, reindeer, Santa Claus, snowman and Christmas tree. Each element has 5 rarity levels (with equal probability): B, A, R, SR and SSR. For each SSR element you get, you will be awarded 50 ZKS. That means that if you are lucky enough to get 5 SSR for all elements in an NFT, you will be awarded 250 ZKS for that NFT. Note: Each address can purchase up to 50 NFTs. Prizes will be sent to your L2 wallet immediately after the event closes. If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to talk to one of our Discord or Telegram admins using the links below. We wish you all...

Transparency, Security & Decentralization — After the FTX Scandal

Transparency, Security & Decentralization — After the FTX Scandal - Since 2022, against the backdrop of the slowing economic growth, rising inflation and hiking interest rates around the world, the cryptocurrency sector has been in a bear market. November is the season when the weather in major countries in Asia, Europe and North America turns cool and gradually enters winter, and the recent FTX scandal has brought the whole industry straight into a blizzard. In this article, we will not dig into the specific causes of this incident, nor will we discuss the illegal practices of SBF or Alameda Research. People trust CEX and deposit their funds at CEX for safekeeping and trading, so the fact that FTX Exchange was able to misappropriate tens of billions of user assets alone is shocking and disturbing to the entire industry. Let’s get back to the essence of cryptocurrencies and the industry’s original purpose — decentralization. The cryptocurrencies we hold (represented by BTC and ETH) represent freedom and the sanctity of personal assets, and the first thing to be guaranteed is security. Choosing a centralized exchange (CEX) for asset storage is very insecure (equivalent to authorizing others to keep one’s assets). As many mainstream tokens are issued on the ETH public chain (ERC20 protocol), ETH Wallet becomes the first choice for users to leave CEX. ZKSpace, as a Layer 2 solution for the ETH mainnet base...


Zilliqa Reappears With Over 5% Gain; Is This A Good Time To Load Your Ba...

    ZIL's price shows strength for the first time after a long while. ZIL bounces from the downtrend, hoping to end its bearish run as the price eyes a possible breakout from the downtrend.  The price of ZIL shows bullish signs as the price cracks a 5% gain despite trading below 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with good volume.  The price of Zilliqa (ZIL) has been one of the best performances in the early part of the year as many talked so much about its metaverse project 'Metapolis' with huge partnerships. The price of Zilliqa at a time complimented the hype around this crypto asset, with the price rallying from a low of $0.03 to a high of $0.2 against tether (USDT). Despite the crypto market facing a new drawback as Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped from a region of $19,000 to $18,100 as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) suggests an increase in inflation affecting the price of BTC negatively with altcoins affected, with recovery from BTC altcoins like ZIL showed some strength. (Data from Binance) Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Although the crypto market fell sharply due to the CPI news, the market appeared to be manipulated, with Bitcoin (BTC) dropping from $19,200 to $18,200 in hours. The market quickly recovered as most altcoins began to show strength, with ZIL attempting to bounce off from its low of $0.028. With the recent rise in the value of Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) after a long period of decline, it is unclear how long the current price... read More

Zilliqa Announces Its Own Web 3 Gaming Console With Crypto Mining Capabi...

    Zilliqa is working on a console that will offer the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies while players have fun with their favorite Web3 games. Zilliqa, a Layer 1 blockchain protocol, announced the launch of its new Web3-focused video game console competing against Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony— but with a twist that makes it unique. According to Zilliqa's statement published by VentureBeat, the new console is designed for gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it will feature its own Game hub, a Web3 wallet, and crypto mining utilities. By next month Zilliqa will start testing the gaming hub. For now, Zilliqa has refrained from disclosing the hardware specifications of the console; however, judging by the variety of ports shown in the photos (Headphone Jack, Ethernet, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI, among others), it is expected to be a competitive piece of hardware on par with its mainstream competitors. Zilliqa gaming console ports Zilliqa Hopes to Become the Steam of Web 3 Gaming Valentin Cobelea, head of gaming technology at Zilliqa, said the company got a great response from the community when it announced its first game at Gamescom. The team expects to catch users' attention not only for the gaming capabilities of their device but for its monetary incentives, which will be a nice plus for those interested in getting it. 'Zilliqa's hardware console and gaming hub will allow non-crypto natives to earn money while playing fun games without the complexity of managing the ... read More

What To Stake in 2022: Zilliqa Blockchain in figures

    Citing the official crypto developers' resource, CoinDesk reported that the Ethereum Foundation has rescheduled the transition to the Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm. The Eth1 and Eth2 networks merger with the subsequent abandonment of mining as a means of transaction validation was planned for late 2021 - early 2022. Now, the developers aim to implement Proof-Of-Stake between Q1 to Q2 2022. Thus, miners receive extra time to withdraw profit from their GPU, which can adversely affect the availability of GPUs in retail. However, staking enthusiasts shouldn't just sit around waiting for this big day. Moreover, this is not the first time Buterin's team has postponed it. Meantime, we offer one up-and-coming project - Zilliqa. It is one of the fastest-growing blockchains worldwide that offers its users DeFi and the simplest way to create user-friendly dApps. This is an open and transparent platform with marketplaces where users can mint items and turn them into unchangeable and tamper-proof NFTs. Zilliqa embraces Metapolis, a groundbreaking metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS) platform built on the top of Zilliqa blockchain. The Zilliqa blockchain is safe and secure. It was developed by the brightest minds and experienced people in the industry. The platform offers lower transaction fees and developer-friendly smart contract language. Its consensus protocol was designed with sustainability in mind. As the network grows, the transaction capacity increases too. As the Zilliqa blockchain... read More

Biggest Movers: APE up Almost 30%, ZIL and AAVE Among Wednesday's ...

    APE was up close to 30% on Wednesday, as the recently listed token climbed to its highest point since it began trading on March 17. AAVE also saw a double-digit percentage increase today, whilst ZIL extended recent gains. AAVE AAVE was up by nearly 10% in today's session, as prices rallied for a third consecutive session, following losses last week. Tuesday saw AAVE/USD hit a low of $175.69, however today, prices surged to an intraday peak of $198.02. This move saw AAVE climb to its highest point in two weeks, April 6 to be precise, where price was trading above $200. Looking at the chart, this $200 mark has long acted as a resistance point, and this ceiling held firm today as bulls raced towards this level. Bulls would have likely taken profits, as the 14-day RSI neared its own ceiling of 54.90, which hasn't been broken in over a month. Should this ceiling be broken, there is a strong possibility that prices could be heading towards $240, which seems to be the next key resistance point. Zilliqa (ZIL) Speaking about resistance, ZIL rose to its own ceiling during Wednesday's session, as traders extended yesterday's bullish momentum. Following a bottom of $0.1097 yesterday, ZIL/USD hit an intraday high of $0.1237 on hump-day, which is its highest level since last Thursday. This high was also marginally below its long-term resistance level at $0.1260, which was last broken two weeks ago. Several false breakouts later, ZIL is now once again back to this point, and bulls have s... read More

Biggest Movers: LINK Hovers Near Long-Term Support as ZIL Loses 10% of I...

    ZIL was down by as much as 10% to start the week, as prices continued to fall following recent highs. LINK was also predominantly red on Monday, as it marginally fell below the long-term support level, hitting a one-month low in the process. Zilliqa (ZIL) ZIL was one of the biggest crypto movers on Monday, as prices dropped by as much as 10% to start the week. After trading at a high of $0.1154 on Easter Sunday, ZIL/USD raced to an intraday bottom of $0.1015 during Monday's session. Today's drop sees ZIL fall for the fourth consecutive session, pushing prices below its recent support level in the process. This floor of $0.1030 gave way for the first time this month, with prices falling to their lowest level since late March. In addition to this, the 14-day RSI also saw its own floor broken, as price strength continued to track in oversold territory. Following a high of $0.2300 to start the month, ZIL has seen consistent falls in price, which now means prices are over 50% lower so far in April. Chainlink (LINK) Similar to ZIL, LINK has fallen for much of April thus far, as prices moved away from multi-month highs. As of writing, LINK/USD slipped to a bottom of $13.21, following a high of $14.52 during yesterday's session. This move sees LINK trading around 8% lower to start the week, and has led to a breakout of the $13.50 price floor. As a result of today's drop, prices have fallen to their lowest point since March 15, which could be good news for bulls looking to buy the... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE, ZIL Rebound Following Recent Losses, Trading Nearl...

    ZIL was up by more than 20% in Thursday's session, as prices rebounded following a string of recent drops. RUNE was also up by over 15% today, as it hit its highest point so far this week. Overall, the global crypto market cap is up 2.08% as of writing. Zilliqa (ZIL) Following almost two weeks of declines, ZIL finally stopped the bleeding, rallying by over 20% during today's session. ZIL/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.1263 earlier in Thursday's session, as price continues to move away from its recent support point. This floor was at the $0.1033 level, which has historically seen significant bullish moves begin from there, and today's rally follows this trend. Recent momentum in ZIL has now taken prices to what seems to be a short-term ceiling of $0.1245, with some expecting an imminent breakout. However, there appears to be an obstacle in place which could potentially prevent this from happening, with the 14-day RSI also trading at resistance. Looking at the chart, the relative strength index is currently tracking at 57.06, which is slightly below the ceiling of 57.70. Should this point be broken, we could be looking at ZIL rallying back towards $0.1400. THORChain (RUNE) RUNE also rose on Thursday, moving past XTZ to cement itself as the world's 44th-largest cryptocurrency. Following a bottom of $7.42 during Wednesday's session, RUNE/USD climbed to an intraday high of $9.35 earlier today. The move came as RUNE moved away from the support level of $8.15, following what... read More

Biggest Movers: CELO, LUNA Higher, ZIL Moves Over 15% Lower

    Despite the global cryptocurrency market cap mainly consolidating on Tuesday, LUNA and CELO were some of the session's biggest gainers. ZIL, on the other hand, continued to fall following recent highs, trading over 15% lower during today's session. CELO ZIL fell for a fourth straight session on Tuesday, as prices continue to slip away from last week's high of $0.2313. While ZIL fell by almost 13% today, CELO gained by almost the same percentage, climbing to its highest level in almost four months in the process. Following a low of $3.68 to start the week, CELO/USD rallied to a high of $5.19 in Tuesday's market session. This is the highest level CELO has traded at since January 13, as prices continued to fall from a high of over $6.00. Looking at the chart, today's gains somewhat eased as prices neared the resistance level of $5.20, a level which has historically birthed a high level of uncertainty. CELO is also currently overbought according to the 14-day RSI, which is currently tracking at 76.31. This could give bears further impetus to enter the market at this level, in a similar fashion to the selloff that occurred in mid-January. Terra (LUNA) LUNA rallied to a new record high during today's session, as it moved past ADA to cement itself as the world's seventh-largest cryptocurrency. Following a low of $109.94 on Monday, LUNA/USD surged to an intraday high of $119.18 on Tuesday, which is its highest price on record. Tuesday's record high comes less than a week remov... read More

Zilliqa (ZIL) Skyrockets 385% in the Weeks Leading to Metapolis Launch&n...

    Zilliqa – a scalability-focused DeFi blockchain – is seeing its cryptocurrency skyrocket leading up to the Metapolis launch this month. ZIL is up nearly 5X over the last two weeks, rising from $0.041 to $0.2 as of Friday. Zillqa leverages a layer 2 scaling solution known as “sharding”, which partitions a blockchain network into “shards” to spread out transaction workload. This method is currently being tested by Ethereum. Meanwhile, Metapolis is a metaverse-as-a-service offering that offers clients a blank slate on which to develop their own metaverses. Metapolis will be powered by the Zillqa blockchain. 'Zilliqa built Meta city and called it Metapolis,” tweeted Zillqa on Wednesday. This is the big secret which will be revealed this April 2nd at the event in Miami.” Meta – formerly Facebook – also teased being involved with the project in January. The company has transitioned towards adopting and promoting the “metaverse” concept – a future world where our virtual lives consume us more than our real ones. The Metapolis launch event will go live on Saturday in Miami. This is just days before the largest ever Bitcoin conference begins in the same city.  Sandra Tlibe – Head of Metaverse and NFT at Zillqa – suggested that JPMorgan may have already established a plot of land in Metapolis.  “Metapolis will allow conceptually-rich and custom-designed domes as part of cities ... read More

Biggest Movers: ZIL Jumps on Metapolis News, as AAVE Almost 15% Higher o...

    ZIL was on the rise yet again to end the week, as prices are now trading almost 300% higher than on Monday. The increase in value comes as markets gear up to the release of Zilliqa's metaverse service platform called 'Metapolis.' Many expect the official launch to come tomorrow, and anticipate it to be a game-changer in this space. Zilliqa (ZIL) ZIL extended this week's gains, climbing by as much as 14% today, taking its one-week price increase to over 300%. Surges in the price of the Zilliqa token came as markets anticipated a new product launch that would adapt a metaverse-as-a-service model. Bulls have bought into the idea, with ZIL/USD climbing to an intraday high of $0.2281 on the news. This is the most ZIL has traded since May 10 last year, and comes as the 14-day RSI continues to track off the charts. As of writing this, the indicator was tracking at 92.48, which is beyond the overbought threshold of 70, however, does not look to be losing any momentum. However, the age-old adage 'what goes up must come down' rings true, despite current bulls likely to continue riding the wave. AAVE AAVE rose to a multi-month high during Friday's session, as prices rebounded from a disappointing day of trading yesterday. Following a low of around $205.16 to begin the day, AAVE/USD surged to a high of $246.52 during Friday's session. This is the highest point AAVE has hit since January 4, and comes as the 14-day RSI bounded from recent support of 69.05. The surge in price strength ... read More

Biggest Movers: ZIL Rallies to 11-Month High, as SOL and WAVES Extend Re...

    Solana extended recent gains, as it continued to cement its place as the world's sixth-largest cryptocurrency. ZIL also rose on Thursday, following yesterday's 50% increase in its value. All of this came as WAVES jumped by as much as 15% during the session. Zilliqa (ZIL) Although solana (SOL) was higher for a third straight session, hitting a multi-month high in the process, it was zilliqa (ZIL) which was once again the day's biggest gainer. Today's surge saw ZIL/USD climb to an intraday high of $0.218 during Thursday's session, which is its highest point since last May. Following the breakout of the $0.1090 resistance, ZIL has rallied to reach a streak of higher highs throughout the course of the week. Price strength continues to be overbought as a result of these gains, with the 14-day RSI now tracking at 91.51. This is the highest point this indicator has hit on record, which shows that there could only realistically be one direction long-term from this point. As seen from today's candlestick, the wick fell from its earlier highs and now trades at $0.1844, which is likely a result of profit-taking. WAVES The price of waves (WAVES) rose for a fourth consecutive session on Thursday, hitting a new all-time high in the process. Following yesterday's high of $60.03, WAVES/USD climbed to an intraday high of $62.36 during today's trading session. This move came following earlier lows of $49.68, with WAVES prices trading nearly 13% higher than this, as of writing. In addition... read More

Biggest Movers: AXS Falls Lower Following Hacks, While ZIL Climbs by Ove...

    AXS was trading lower on Wednesday, after it was reported that the Axie Infinity network Ronin suffered a breach, leading to hackers stealing over $620 million from the blockchain-based trading and battling game. This came as ZIL was trading by over 50% higher during the session. Zilliqa (ZIL) Zilliqa (ZIL) was up by over 50% in today's session, as traders continued to react to the news that Zilliqa was partnering with Agora. Following the news, ZIL rallied by over 200% in the past week, with today's gains seeing prices hit an intraday high of $0.1604. Today's peak comes as ZIL/USD broke past its resistance level of $0.1080, pushing prices to a new record high in the process. Looking at the chart, these recent highs have come as prices moved away from the support level of $0.0418 on March 21. Since then we have seen a streak of higher highs from ZIL, with price strength currently tracking off the charts. As of writing, the 14-day RSI is currently at a reading of 89.17, which is substantially above its previous high of 65. This could be inviting to bears looking for a reversal in prices. Solana (SOL) AAVE, HNT, and VET were all big movers today, with most of these climbing by over 10%, however the most notable secondary mover today was SOL. SOL/USD climbed to an intraday high of $124.29 during today's trading session, as it replaced LUNA as the world's eighth-largest cryptocurrency. This move from SOL came as the price broke out of the long-term resistance level at $113.70, ... read More

Zilliqa ready to launch metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS) platform, Metapoli...

    Zilliqa, a layer-1 blockchain protocol, soon will be launching Metapolis – an extended-reality (XR) metaverse that offers its partners a MaaS platform. With Metapolis, Zilliqa gives users a data-centric and fully customizable XR experience accessible through web/artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Metapolis is already building cities with a host of brands in gaming, esports, and the music industry, with $2M in pre-launch revenue from the initial partnership. Built on the Zilliqa blockchain – which uses sharding technology – Metapolis is highly scalable and affordable, with less energy use than other blockchains making it more environmentally friendly. Essentially, Metapolis is a blank canvas; brands define their space to be whatever they want it to be. Metapolis creates digital locations that fit each of its clients’ unique needs. For example, a world where users can connect with their favorite artists will vary vastly from a world to engage with sports teams. Highlights of Metapolis include: Built for interoperability - open teleportation between Metapolis cities ensures it is a connected metaverse with no digital boundaries. Advanced gaming engines - Unreal Engine and Unity are used, ensuring that every location is visually engaging as well as fully operational. Prioritization of user safety - Metapolis is built with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and policing to ensure the highest level of security. The post Zilliqa ready to launch... read More

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