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ZCN Price:
$59.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$37.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZCN today is $0.23 USD.

The lowest ZCN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.232, and the exact current price of one ZCN crypto coin is $0.23247.

The all-time high ZCN coin price was $2.68.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZCN with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Züs crypto currency is #ZCN.

Züs is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Züs is $37,132,600.

Züs is ranked #384 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #ZCN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Züs is $59,528.


The circulating supply of ZCN is 159,728,771 coins, which is 40% of the maximum coin supply.


ZCN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ZCN Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ZCN has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

View #ZCN trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ZCN purchase.



Züs Weekly Debrief — March 15, 2023

Züs Weekly Debrief — March 15, 2023 - — Cloud Cover: - Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #11), so make sure to attend on Thursday, March 16, at 9 am PST. Tomorrow Saswata will be responding to questions from the community and giving an update on the progress of Mainnet. Make sure to add questions on the Discord channel for Saswata to answer. — Mainnet Update: - The blockchain team has been working hard for the tentative launch and has put much effort into closing the outstanding issues and PR, which are mostly fixed. In the following weeks, the team will spend more time on the chain stuck issue, which is currently under chaos testing in the large network, trying their best for the launch to happen. — Storm of the Week: - — OpenAI launches ChatGPT-4 - OpenAI just released the ChatGPT-4, a more powerful version of the ChatGPT I have been talking about in the weeklies. Here you can check it for yourself, but it requires a ChatGPT subscription. This powerful tool will enable more creative content that is not constrained to texts only but also videos and audio. It can compose songs, write screenplays, or learn a user’s writing style. It can analyze and edit full texts and even understand the context of images and audio outputs. I am excited about the platform’s future and what can be achieved with its tools! As AI innovation accelerates, the Züs networ...

Züs Network Weekly Debrief — March 08, 2023

Züs Network Weekly Debrief — March 08, 2023 - — Cloud Cover / Apps demos update - Happy Wednesday! The Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #11) has been postponed to the next Thursday, on March 16, at 9 am PST. Make sure to add questions to the Züs Network discord channel. We thank you for your patience for the delay. After enduring rigorous system tests, the apps are expected to be released in the next 2–3 weeks. — Mainnet Progress - The team made good progress in resolving issues and is now down to 87 from 112 since 12 new issues were added last week. We anticipate further reduction by next week’s AMA, with 30+ PRs waiting for system tests to pass before merging. We still expect to resolve all issues by the end of March. — Storm of the Week: - — In AI, is bigger always better? - Today I came across a fascinating article from Nature titled “In AI, is bigger always better?” The article discusses the tradeoffs between model size and performance in AI. It highlights the negative environmental and economic impacts of using larger models, which require more computational power and energy to train and run. Additionally, larger models may not be accessible to individuals and communities with limited computing resources. The article suggests that using smaller, more efficient models can help reduce the environmental impact of AI and improve accessibility. There are, however, challenges with efficie...

Blockchain Progress | Weekly Debrief — March 1, 2023

Blockchain Progress | Weekly Debrief — March 1, 2023 - Happy Wednesday! As the blockchain industry continues to innovate and expand, it brings with it numerous exciting updates that can revolutionize the way we do business. This week is no exception, from more blockchain progress to an AMA next week, we have developments worth checking out. Plus, do not miss our Storm of the Week and our newest article featuring selling data through DeFi platforms. Stay up to date on all our progress! — Mainnet and App Demos Update: - The team made significant progress in resolving issues and is now down to 100 from the original 150 since 15 new issues were added last week. We anticipate further reduction by next week’s AMA, with several PRs waiting for system tests to pass before merging. We still expect to resolve all issues by the end of March. Regarding the App demos, the plan is to release the first App by next week’s AMA and all apps by the following week. Also, Miner and Sharder documentation for managed providers is being finalized, which we expect to share in the coming days. The new scheme for creating the magic block without revealing operational keys will be available in about a week. This new scheme will result in a highly secure decentralized network with providers retaining complete control of their keys. — Storm of the Week: - — Ethereum Shanghai Update approaches - The most anticipated Ethereum...

dStorage on the Rise | Züs Weekly Debrief — February 22, 2023

Storage on the Rise | Züs Weekly Debrief — February 22, 2023 - — Cloud Cover AMA - Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #10), so make sure to attend on Thursday, February 23, at 9 am PST. Tomorrow Saswata will be responding to questions from the community and giving an update on the progress of Mainnet and the most anticipated App demos. Make sure to add questions on the Discord channel for Saswata to answer. — Storm of the Week: - — dStorage on the Rise.. — Native tokens of decentralized protocols soared last week. The adoption of decentralized storage is getting noticed in the crypto markets. Coindesk noted that storage projects like Filecoin rose 60% last week while other projects like Storij and Siacoin rose 16% significantly. Züs is still under the radar, which will soon change with its launch by showcasing the most private storage network and the first decentralized, encrypted sharing network. — Despite the Bear Market, Developer activity steadily increases. - As noted by Coindesk, developers’ activity has significantly increased over the past three years. Even though there was a decline from 2022 to 2023, the trend continues to rise, and when compared to the 2020 bear market, activity is much higher than before. Here, you can check for yourself in Artemis, a crypto data firm. Meanwhile, Züs has also shown an increased amount of dev act...

Züs Full Testing | Weekly Debrief — February 15, 2023

Züs Full Testing | Weekly Debrief — February 15, 2023 - Züs Full Testing | Mainnet Update Active Set continues on Züs full testing. We had a stuck chain issue in the last few days due to incorrect transaction type cost settings. The exciting news is that even with the issue, the team issued a hotfix that unstuck the network and updated the settings on-chain. This real-world scenario demonstrates the chain’s resilience. Even with unexpected abnormalities due to the bad configs, the chain was able to return to normal. Meanwhile, the team continues performing internal load tests, which are ongoing as new pieces of code are merged. They also continued investigating the partition bug in a parallel load test while fixing other remaining issues. — Storm of the Week - Cointelegraph posted an intriguing article about some concerns about the evolving Metaverse: “The ethics of the metaverse: Privacy, ownership and control.” In the article, they raised ethical issues about our data privacy, ownership, and control. Decentralized solutions like Züs could help prevent data abuse. It is no wonder that by adopting the Metaverse, we should be concerned with how businesses will handle our data to avoid abuse. With increased privacy, decentralized storage could help distribute the data across different entities, making it much more difficult for businesses to misuse personal data. With all activities transparent on the ...

Züs Character | Weekly Debrief — February 08, 2023

Züs Character | Cloud Cover - Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #9), so make sure to attend on Thursday, February 09, at 9 am PST. Feel free to add questions to our AMA channel on our Discord for our CEO, Saswata to respond to. Tomorrow, get excited to meet a new character. Saswata will be unveiling the Züs character during the AMA session. We can hardly contain our anticipation. Want a sneak peek of the Züs character? Join the Discord discussion! Now let’s dive into this week’s update! — Mainnet Update - There are 117 issues remaining, 44 on 0chain. We are confident more issues will be completed within the next week; 10 of these are already fixed and on staging. We cannot wait to see Mainnet up and running soon! — Storm of the Week - — OpenAI competitors are responding to the ChatGPT success. - With the astonishing success of ChatGPT, companies like Google and Microsoft are now releasing their own AI chatbots. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the launch of their own AI bot at a press conference. A preview is already available on their search engine Bing. Their AI solution will later also be available on Microsoft Edge as a copilot to give their users a better search experience with the ability to create content. Also, Google just announced the release of their own AI bot version, Bard, to compete with ChatGPT. It is still in the testing phase, but you can ...

Blimp | Weekly Debrief — Feb 01, 2023

Blimp | Weekly Debrief — Feb 01, 2023 - Happy February! This week we will take a look at Blimp and some dev updates. Stay tuned in the social channels, as demos will soon be finalized! Last week our CEO, Saswata Basu, presented our Blimp App on Ecclesia #8. Make sure to watch it here to learn more. The following Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #9) will be hosted in the coming week on Thursday, February 9th, at 9 am PST. Now let’s dive into this week’s update! — Blimp - Blimp is an enterprise-focused App that goes beyond S3 storage. The dApp is so flexible that it can support Apps and websites with the most demanding needs while being simple and effortless. It also provides higher security, privacy, performance, and data availability. Looking for convenient and affordable readings — Blimp features free readings! Notably, the Blimp app enables users to customize how they want to store data. Users can select the allocated servers based on performance, geo-distribution, jurisdiction, and availability. The user can choose how they want to configure their uptime and availability and choose their service providers based on their needs. In addition, the storage is completely transparent in the blockchain while remaining entirely private. With its transparency in the blockchain, users can generate privacy reports of data written, updated, deleted, and read for customer files — making it GDPR compliant. Also, to...

Blimp by Züs | Weekly Debrief — January 25, 2023

Blimp by Züs | Weekly Debrief — January 25, 2023 - — Cloud Cover AMA | Blimp by Züs - Happy Wednesday, everyone! Tomorrow we will have our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #8), so make sure to attend as it will present the Blimp, by Züs, app. Blimp is an s3 compatible App for enterprises to transform their apps and websites for privacy, higher performance, and 100% uptime. Make sure to attend on Thursday, January 26th, at 9am PST. Now let’s dive into this week’s update! — Mainnet timeline - As of now, 124 outstanding issues need to be addressed before the Mainnet launch. The team expects to close 20 per week, finishing by March 15th, with Mainnet starting on March 31st. The timeline will be updated based on the pace of activity, as some issues take longer to close. There may be more uncovered bugs to be addressed, as well. — Storm of the Week - — Messari DePIN - After our stunning community engagement with Messari, mentioned in the last update, we were featured on their Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) list. Check out their current DePIN map here. Thanks again for the effort! In the coming years, DePIN will be essential for decentralization, as Web2 enjoys the benefits of Web3, such as privacy, cost-efficiency, security, and transparency. — Data Breaches reaching record levels in the US - Recently the Identity Theft Resource Center, a renowned non-profit institutio...

Intro to Vult App | Zus Weekly Debrief — January 18, 2023

Intro to Vult App | Zus Weekly Debrief — January 18, 2023 - Happy Wednesday! Last week we hosted our Cloud Cover (Ecclesia #7) with our CEO Saswata Basu, where he introduced our dStorage App Vult. Now, moving forward, our AMAs will be held bi-weekly. The next Cloud Cover AMA will be hosted on the 26th of January at 9 am PST. Now let’s dive into this week’s update! — Vult App - Zus Vult App Absolute Privacy Vult is our Decentralized Storage App for consumers. The Vult App will be available on iOS, Android, and your preferred browser. Vult allows you to store your photos, videos, and files with absolute security and privacy. The Vult App is unique because it makes everything transparent in the blockchain, so you can always track how your files are stored and distributed in the network. Furthermore, Vult was designed to be easy and simple to use while enjoying complete privacy and control of your data. With private sharing, users can privately share their files, so only the recipient can access them (encryption sharing). Also, it is possible to publicly share files to share non-sensitive files for a larger audience. In addition, Vult has some noteworthy features like automatically uploading recent photos and videos, downloading videos on the go to watch later, and even creating your live streams! — Chimney App update: - The team built a new process for service providers to control their servers complet...

AI Data Consumption |Weekly Debrief — January 11, 2023

AI Data Consumption |Weekly Debrief — January 11, 2023 - Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed your holiday and time with friends and family. This week we look at the potential of AI regarding data consumption and some blockchain updates. Tomorrow, Thursday, January 12th, we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #7) with Saswata Basu on YouTube Live. Make sure to attend as there will be a new demo of our apps. In this weekly debrief we will discuss AI data consumption, App updates, blockchain updates, and how smart contracts are revolutionizing estate planning. — App Updates. — With the Bolt app just around the corner, Züs is making sure every last detail of quality assurance has been taken care of. While Chalk is currently working on final touches, such as pricing mechanisms and minor adjustments to ensure a seamless service when it is ready for release! — Storm of the Week - — AI Data Consumption. — There is limitless potential for Artificial Intelligence when it comes to data consumption. As AI gets widely adopted, more IoT devices will collect data and need a place to store it. Not only that, but AI also generates synthetic data that is used to train itself to improve its algorithms. At Züs, we believe that a more efficient and performant solution is needed for AI to scale. For the ones who have yet to hear about it, ChatGPT is a fantastic chat tool that has endless use cases...

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