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ZCN Price:
$103.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$41.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZCN today is $0.26 USD.

The lowest ZCN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.257, and the exact current price of one ZCN crypto coin is $0.25726.

The all-time high ZCN coin price was $2.68.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZCN with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for 0Chain crypto currency is #ZCN.

0Chain is 4.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for 0Chain is $41,092,611.

0Chain is ranking downwards to #323 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #ZCN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for 0Chain is $103,335.


The circulating supply of ZCN is 159,728,771 coins, which is 40% of the maximum coin supply.


ZCN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ZCN Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ZCN has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 5 crypto exchanges.

View #ZCN trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ZCN purchase.



Züs Weekly Debrief — November 23, 2022

Züs Weekly Debrief — November 23, 2022 - Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week our community got very excited about our rebrand to Züs in the first Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #1). Check out our new website to learn more. We were also featured in several different media platforms, including CoinMarketCap, CryptoDaily, and BlockTelegraph. With exciting times ahead, there will be several future AMAs to present our six different Apps: Bolt, Vult, Atlus, Blimp, Chimney, and Chalk. The second Cloud Cover AMA was held today, you can watch it here, where Saswata talks about building with Züs, our tokenomics, and our coming Hackathon with other projects. Blockchain Team Last week, the blockchain team focused on improving the network stability of a larger network. The network worked pretty stably overall, but sometimes slowed down and got stuck waiting for rounds to be restarted, however, the network was recovered when enabling chaos testing. There were a few other issues addressed and fixed, and some are in progress and under testing that should be fixed this week. Finally, the snapshot PR on the Zus repository was merged into staging, more conductor tests were added, and a few tracking issues and PRs were closed. More details are below: Network Stability Improvement #1 Fixed the chain slowing issue caused by the wrong VRFs cache. Some of the VRF shares were removed mistakenly by the VRFs cache’s clean function, which made th...

Registering emai

CMC hey CoinMarketCap, we would like to register to manage 0Chain’s self-reporting dashboard on CoinMarketCap. Registering emai was originally published in Zus Network on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 16, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 16, 2022 - Happy Wednesday! Our most anticipated AMA is coming on YouTube Live tomorrow at 10 AM PST Nov, the 17th. Make sure to attend as it will be very exciting and full of revelations! With all that is to come, we invite you all to participate in our vision to bring high performance to Web3. The future of our personal storage should be of privacy, ownership, and decentralization. Not your keys, not your data! Come and join the discussion on our new Discord channel. With all that said, let’s dive into this week’s update! Last week the blockchain team mainly focused on tuning the load test results in scale with 90 miners and 15 sharders. With the chaos test enabled, which showed great results. There were only a few issues, which were located and fixed. Meanwhile, the team continued working on the snapshot events tables on the 0Chain repo. These are mostly done and reviewed. However, all the related PRs still need to be closed once the remaining system test errors are fixed. In addition, more conductor test cases were added, and most of the issues mentioned in the last update were finally merged. Before pre-mainnet, some smart contracts still need to be addressed as they are running slow. This problem was possibly due to the load test code, which already has some fixes addressed. So far with chaos testing enabled, the network demonstrated great stability and performance! Load Test...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 9, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 9, 2022 - Happy Wednesday! With all the recent tumults in the markets regarding the FTX halting withdrawals it is important to highlight the importance of protecting your crypto funds with your own keys, ideally on cold storage. AMA with our founder Saswata Basu With that said, next Thursday on the 17th, we will have an exciting AMA with our founder Saswata Basu where he will talk about our rebranding of a new app ecosystem. We are very excited about this event and invite everyone to participate and ask questions! This week’s Update and Fixes Now let’s dive into this week’s update! Last week the team focused on fixing a few network stability issues. They also adjusted transaction costs and fixed a miner and sharders staking issue that existed for a while. Moreover, they fixed a chain stuck issue caused by optimizing the way to find missing MPT nodes when they grow large. Also, they refactored the processing of all events from a block with the transaction, now it will be possible to roll back events if any error happens. Although other issues were fixed, the PRs are awaiting code review to be then merged. Check for more details below: Chain Stuck Issue Fixed the chain stuck issue due to the missing nodes sync process failure. When the chain gets detected, the state syncing process will start to work. Previously, it would go through the whole MPT from the root to gather all miss...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 2, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — November 2, 2022 - Happy November! With all the talks regarding Twitter, influencers have started to wonder about crypto and Web3 integration. With all that is to come, it is important to emphasize the need for Decentralized Storage vs Centralized Storage to form a solid foundation for Web3. Included in this weekly update are some new tools for creating an offline wallet. Now let’s dive into this week’s update! Last week the team conducted several rounds of load and chaos testing and found only a few issues. In addition, they continue working on the snapshot PR to add historical event data support for the frontend team. Meanwhile, the team finished the benchmark tests work in branch fix/benchmarks, which still require unit tests and system test fixes to finalize the PR. However, core changes and tests have already been done and will close in the following weeks. Also, there were a few updates on gosdk/zwalletcli/zboxcli, including a zwallet transaction fee support and a new create-wallet command support. Finally, the team closed PRs and issues, check below for more details: Save blobbers in partitions: Benchmark was optimized for creating and updating new allocations. The data contained in one of the allocations was saved in a number of selected blobbers. Previously, each time an allocation was created, they would have to get blobbers from MPT and update the blobbers’ data. Data such as t...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 26, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 26, 2022 - Happy Wednesday! Last week the blockchain team closed 13 PRs and 6 tracked issues on the 0chain repo, as well as 9 PRs on gosdk & blobber repos. Beyond the merged PRs, the team worked on benchmark test errors and implemented the snapshot event database feature. In addition, they refactored the partition package to make it easier to use, and to accelerate smart contracts from the minersc. Check for more details below: Blockchain Team The blockchain team is hard at work improving the performance of smart contracts. In their next steps, they will conduct more benchmark tests. The tests will identify which ones need some help in order to increase their efficiency even further!, The team’s work on refactoring the partitions package has been a great success! In order to make it easier for users, we’ve added an index of locations within each individual partition so that they do not need to maintain this manually., Location indexes were cached when loading a partition to get locations without referring to MPT., AllMinersList and AllShardersList were replaced with partitions. Previously two places stored the miner nodes in the MPT, the single miner node and the AllMinersList. Since AllMinersList stores all the miner nodes’ info in one MPT node, previously, each time a miner had to update, all nodes had to load from the MPT, update, and save the generated list back to the MP...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 19, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 19, 2022 - Happy Wednesday! Last week the team fixed all the system test errors and the benchmark test errors of the batch update PR and merged it into staging. The load test results improved significantly, and the network demonstrated greater stability than before. Remarkably, with 800 TPS the peak of steady block finalization duration was about 370ms, and the start-to-finish block finality was under 2.2 seconds. Hence, now that the finality variation issue has improved, the team will now move their focus to other places and close the remaining issues. Beyond the batch update PR, the team also put effort into fixing test errors on other PRs, which for the most part are ready to be merged into staging. Blockchain Team The blockchain team closed 12 PRs and 15 issues in the 0chain repo: 7 PRs and 4 issues in gosdk, and 3 PRs and 6 issues in the blobber repo. Check for more details below: Merged events and batch updates were made for most of the events. Although there are still some events to be merged, it is only because they emit rarely and will not affect performance. Check here for more details about this PR. Fixed a sharder stake issue. Mainly two issues: a) the stake pool was saved into the wrong provider type, always the type of miner, so the sharder would not be staked, b) the sharder node data was not synced with the node in AllSharderList, which led to the staked delegate pool...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 12, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 12, 2022 - Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, we released a teaser video, check it out on our website. With all that is about to come, the team and our beloved community is feeling very excited. Blockchain Team Now let’s dive into our weekly update! Last week, the blockchain team mainly focused on fixing a newly detected state hash mismatch error that caused the network to be stuck, and made a fix to prevent the potential state hash mismatch error when computing a block state. In addition, the team closed several PRs and issues on 0chain, blobber and gosdk repos. Also, the team continued working on the unit test/system for batch-update PR, which is expected to close in the next few days, leaving the focus on the blobber upload issue. More details about the fixes bellow: State hash mismatch error fix: this error was mainly caused by the concurrent MPT reading. The responses were handled in random order, therefore leading to different states to get compounded among miners/sharders. To avoid similar potential errors in the future, the team implemented a safe way to get items from MPT concurrently. Also, they detected new places that did not return the invalid state error of ‘node not found’ upward hence; miners that have full state will have different computed states from miners that do not have the state fully synced. Since this type of error is recurring, in this PR, the team implemented ...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 5, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — October 5, 2022 - Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week the team continued working on improving the block finalization issue, reviewing the code, and closing several issues and PRs. Blockchain Team Improved the logic of the processing of events. The previous logic was inefficient, as it would not wait for the events of a block to be processed before marking it as finalized. This change is relevant to ensure all the data of the block is processed before the block is finalized. After the fix, the “finality stats (start to finish)” in load tests improved substantially, and is now much more stable. With the concurrency and TPS of 800, the finality is always under 2.3 seconds, while previously, it could go beyond 10 seconds. Furthermore, the team fixed some errors and incorrect tags caused after the merging of the latest code from staging. Also, they removed the hooks on updating allocation and blobbers based on the changes from challenges, which now will emit separate events for improved performance after merging. Moreover, the team improved the slow stake pool reward events processing. Although the process has already been substantially improved, it continued to be slow as the number of miners/sharders increased. However, this process was optimized by rewarding limited N stake pools in total among the miners/sharders randomly. All of the changes above can be tracked in this new PR, which will be ...

0Chain Weekly Debrief — September 28, 2022

0Chain Weekly Debrief — September 28, 2022 - Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you hear about the recent data breaches? Companies including Uber, Optus, Revoult, and American Airlines, all had data breaches in the past days. There has never been such an alarming need for a secure and decentralized storage solution. That is why the 0Chain team is working hard towards a disruptive product that not only prevents data breaches, but can remain highly performant, flexible and customizable to attend to the most demanding needs. Blockchain Team As previously mentioned, there are two important issues to be solved before starting the Active Set: the network finality variation issue, and the DDOS on uploading file issue. The network finality variation has been improved with the batch-update branch and will be merged soon. Meanwhile, a fix for the DDOS issue is being reviewed. Last week, the development team mainly focused on fixing errors on the batch-update branch after merging the latest staging code. This is also a preparation for merging the batch-update into staging later. Beyond this major issue, the following PRs and issues were closed on both 0chain, and gosdk. First, the team fixed a bug in the events merging process. When the []AllocationBloberTerms slice of data was introduced, it caused the chain to work peculiarly. This is because some events were missed randomly, such as the blobber adding events leading to the blobber ...

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