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ZCN Price:
$24.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZCN today is $0.11 USD.

The lowest ZCN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.106, and the exact current price of one ZCN crypto coin is $0.10572.

The all-time high ZCN coin price was $2.68.

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The code for Züs crypto currency is #ZCN.

Züs is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Züs is $16,887,017.

Züs is ranked #622 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #ZCN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Züs is $24,587.


The circulating supply of ZCN is 159,728,771 coins, which is 40% of the maximum coin supply.


ZCN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ZCN Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ZCN has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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Distributed Data Storage | Züs Weekly Debrief August 9, 2023

Distributed Data Storage — Cloud Cover AMA: - We are thrilled to announce the upcoming episode of our bi-weekly Züs Cloud Cover AMA, Ecclesia #21, scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, August 10th, at 9 AM PST. Join in as Saswata unfolds the latest advancements towards the Züs Mainnet, including insights on our Active Set testing phase. Also, learn how businesses gear up for imminent challenges, ensuring they harness the full value of their data by adopting distributed data storage. Your participation is invaluable to us! We encourage you to share your questions via our Discord channel or Telegram. — Mainnet Update: - Active Set testing was delayed as we adjusted server allocations among different providers to enhance network security. The testing is set to begin, possibly as early as next week. This phase is especially exciting for us, marking a significant step closer to Mainnet with promising times ahead. — Read Züs’ most recent article: - — Why Distributed Data Storage Is Crucial for Businesses?. — In today’s digital age, businesses accumulate data at a staggering pace, which is crucial for insights, decision-making, and driving innovation. But managing such vast volumes presents storage challenges. Distributed data storage provides a remedy, offering scalability, heightened reliability, reduced latency, superior security, cost-effectiveness, and easier compliance. The Züs Network sta...

Cloud Storage for Secure Earnings in DeFi | Züs Weekly Debrief August 2, 2023

Cloud Storage for Secure-Earnings in DeFi Züs If you have been following along with us at Züs, then you know that we are preparing for a big launch and have been undergoing extensive testing to make sure the product is up to the high standard of quality our customers expect. This week we would like to give an update on where things stand as well as touch on how you can utilize cloud storage for secure earnings in Defi. Let’s dive into this week’s debrief. — Mainnet and Active Set Update: - Prepping the servers for the Active Set has taken a bit longer than we originally expected. As a result, we are looking at starting tests with the AS in the next two weeks. Once these tests begin, we will be able to pinpoint a Mainnet launch date and get our countdown going. Fortunately, we anticipate that the testing period will not exceed a few weeks. — Storm of the Week: - — “Züs: Utilizing Cloud Storage for Secure Earnings in DeFi”:. — The DeFi sector recently faced a stark reminder of the risks associated with collateralizing debt with volatile cryptocurrencies. Curve Finance’s founder, Michael Egorov, is in a precarious position with a substantial $168 million debt, backed by the platform’s native CRV tokens. A major hacking incident amplified the volatility of the CRV token, bringing this debt alarmingly close to liquidation. This situation not only exposes the systemic risk in the DeFi eco...

Bringing Your NFTs to Life with Chalk | Züs Weekly Debrief July 26, 2023

Chalk App Bringing Your NFTs to Life Zus weekly debrief. — Cloud Cover AMA: - Exciting news! The next episode of our bi-weekly Züs Cloud Cover AMA, Ecclesia #20, is happening tomorrow, Thursday, July 27th, at 9 AM PST. We invite you to be a part of this exciting discourse as Saswata shares the fresh updates about the imminent launch of the Züs Mainnet and the latest enhancements to our Active Set. Alongside, you can also catch up on the recent developments of our Apps aimed at optimizing user experience and performance. In this blog post we will cover how to Chalk is bringing NFTs to life. We greatly appreciate your engagement! Do not hesitate to post your questions on our Discord channel or through Telegram. We look forward to addressing them during the session. Now, let’s dive into the updates! — Calling all Züs Community Members! - We need your help! As we get closer to the Mainnet launches, we encourage you to explore and test our Apps. Your feedback is invaluable to use to ensure the best experience possible for future users. To participate, simply visit and select the App you would like to test. We kindly ask you to share your feedback on our Discord Channel in their respective channels. Thank you for being a part of this journey! — Storm of the Week: - — Chalk App: Bringing Your NFTs to Life. — The upcoming Chalk App is set to be a game-changer for NFT artists. It is...

Active Set Update | Züs Weekly Debrief July 19, 2023

Active Set Update | Züs Weekly Debrief July 19, 2023 — Active Set Update: - We are delighted to announce that our service providers in the Active Set are gearing up to start testing. Over the next few days, we will gain a clearer understanding of our readiness for Mainnet, reflecting the dedicated work of the Züs team. Starting tomorrow, we will initiate the process of onboarding miners and assisting them in joining the network. While this process may take a few days, we are eagerly looking forward to sharing the upcoming test results with you. — The Cloud Hustle: Bolt and Chimney - As we move closer to the launch of the Züs network, we are more than thrilled to highlight Bolt and Chimney, our pioneering apps to make the “cloud hustle” a reality for everyone. The “cloud hustle” represents the application of the sharing economy in the cloud storage sector, where you can leverage underutilized resources, such as storage space, to create a passive income stream. The Bolt Wallet is your gateway into this growing economy. Designed with the everyday user in mind, the Bolt Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly interface to manage your digital earnings from this side hustle. With just a few clicks, you can start earning storage income by simply staking ZCN to providers. It is more than a wallet; it is your passport to the cloud storage economy. On the other hand, for those with an entrepreneurial spir...

Control Your Own Data with Züs | Weekly Debrief July 12, 2023

Control Your Own Data with Züs — Cloud Cover AMA: - Happy Wednesday! Our bi-weekly Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #19) is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 13th, at 9 AM PST. Join us as Saswata presents the latest updates on the Züs Mainnet and the Active Set. Keep reading today’s post to learn more about blockchain updates and how to control your own data with Züs. We highly value your participation! Feel free to submit your questions on the Discord channel or via Telegram. Now, let’s dive into this week’s updates! — Calling all Züs Community Members! - We need your help! As we approach the Mainnet launchs, we invite you to test our Apps. Your feedback is invaluable in ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. To participate, simply visit and select the App you’d like to test. We kindly ask you to share your feedback on our Discord Channel. — Storm of the Week: - — Züs Empowers Users to control their own data in a Data-Driven World - In the wake of the recent class-action lawsuit against Google over data privacy concerns, the need to change how we manage, and control data is more apparent than ever. The lawsuit was triggered by Google’s implementation of a new policy that permits data scraping for AI training, with allegations stating that the company extracted data from millions of users without their consent, underscores the risks associated with centralized d...

Züs In the News | Weekly Debrief July 05, 2023

Züs In the News | Weekly Debrief July 7, 2023 We are back this week with another edition of Züs Weekly Debrief. Züs in the news! We are delighted to announce we have been featured on both Retail Bank International and EE Times Asia websites. In the last week, we have ramped up our efforts to build a strong, reliable and secure network. We will be providing an update about all the changes and happenings, so if you would like to stay informed, read on! — Mainnet Update: - The load test is progressing smoothly and has successfully passed various tests, including DDoS, chaos, and Byzantine. To ensure comprehensive testing, we are now integrating Cypress tests into the process as a final checkpoint before moving on to Active Set testing. Additionally, we have scheduled the merging of a critical code required for Mainnet this week. — Storm of the Week: - This week, we came across an insightful Reddit article that delved into the contrasting features of hot wallets vs. cold wallets. The article addressed the growing concerns surrounding the privacy practices of the cold wallet Ledger. Then, it explored alternative wallet options that offer comparable security. Amidst this discussion, our very own crypto wallet, Bolt, made an appearance as an intriguing solution. Bolt stands out by utilizing Split-Key Technology, which divides the private key among multiple devices. This unique approach ensures enhanced security and...

Concurrent Processing Protocol | Züs Weekly Debrief June 28, 2023

Concurrent Processing Protocol Züs Weekly debrief June 28 2023 — Cloud Cover AMA: - Hello Züs Community! We trust this message finds you well. We are excited to invite you to the upcoming Cloud Cover AMA, Ecclesia #18, set for tomorrow, Thursday, June 29th, at 9 AM PST. Saswata is eager to present the latest updates on the Züs Mainnet, Active Set, and learn more about the Apps’ concurrent processing protocol during this session. Please make sure to submit your questions on the Discord channel or directly to me via Telegram. Looking forward to your active participation! — Storm of the Week: - — Concurrent Processing Protocol - Today, we are excited to introduce a powerful new feature for our storage Apps (Vult and Blimp): the Concurrent Processing Protocol. With the Concurrent Processing Protocol, you will be able to upload and download multiple files simultaneously, significantly accelerating these processes. Whether handling large data files, sharing important documents, or preserving digital memories, this new feature is designed to facilitate a faster, more efficient experience. No more waiting for one file to finish processing before starting another. This protocol enables concurrent processing, allowing all your files to be uploaded or downloaded at the same time, providing speed and efficiency like never before. We welcome your feedback as it is invaluable in our pursuit to continuously refine ...

Züs Hackathon with NYTechAlliance Weekly Debrief June 21, 2023

Züs Hackathon with NYTechAlliance Weekly Debrief Happy Wednesday! Welcome to our weekly debrief. This week we are excited to announce our upcoming Züs hackathon with NYTechAlliance — a great opportunity for our community. We will also be taking a look into distributed ledgers, debunking some of the common misconceptions surrounding this increasingly important element in data storage strategies. Plus, learn more about the latest blockchain updates. So, without further ado, let’s get started! — Mainnet Update: - Since our last update, our team has continued the load testing process (without chaos), and we are delighted to share that transaction execution and network liveness have performed well under normal testing conditions without encountering any issues. However, we found a few bugs, when high-load testing blobbers and their effect on the network, which are now addressed and fixed. Our current focus lies on retesting the blobbers under a high load of operations, which we estimate will require several days, potentially concluding by the end of this week. Once blobber testing is completed and issues are addressed, we will start our final phase of load testing with chaos, which, once completed, we can finally engage and start the Active Set again. — Züs Hackathon in Partnership with NYTechAlliance: - We are thrilled to announce an exciting upcoming event: the Züs Hackathon in collaboration with the ...

Hackathon | Züs Weekly Debrief June 14, 2023

Hackathon Zus Weekly Debrief June 14 2023 — Cloud Cover AMA: - Greetings, Züs community! We hope you are all doing well. We would like to remind you about our upcoming Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #17), which is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, at 9 AM PST. During this AMA, Saswata will provide the latest updates on Züs Mainnet, the Active Set, and the Apps. It will be an excellent opportunity to stay informed about our progress and get a glimpse of what is coming next. We encourage you to contribute your questions to our Discord channel or send them to me directly via Telegram. Looking forward to your active participation! Keep reading for more details on our upcoming hackathon filled with innovation and problem solving and discover our latest updates to the blockchain. — Hackathon: - We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Web3 Berlin to host a thrilling Hackathon starting on June 10th at 2 PM PST until 2PM PST on June 17th. To ensure a smooth and successful participation in the hackathon, we have prepared some essential resources that you will need to get started: — 1. Hackathon Registration - Get yourself registered for the hackathon using this link. Check out how to register here. — 2. Züs SDK - Before diving in, make sure to familiarize yourself with our SDK. Visit our GitHub repository here and get a grasp of how it works. — 3. Sample Apps - Learn by examp...

Decentralized Identity Management in Web3 | Züs Weekly Debrief June 7, 2023

Decentralized Identity management in Web3 It has been an exciting week here at Züs, as we continue to push the boundaries of technology. The week, we have implemented several new updates to blockchain. We also discuss the topic decentralized identity management in Web3. Keep reading to find out more. — Mainnet and Apps Update: - We are actively working to improve backend upload and download speeds, with an expected completion by the end of this week for implementation across all apps. The integration of backend changes for the streaming feature is also targeted for resolution within the same timeframe. Regarding the release of Chalk, substantial progress has been made, and we anticipate a likely release by the end of the following week. Successful load tests have been conducted, and this week we will proceed with chaos and DDoS testing, followed by app tests. Once these tests have been successfully cleared, we will then engage the active set. Taking a conservative approach, we acknowledge the potential for adjustments to the timeline and unforeseen challenges that may arise during the process. Our top priority remains the delivery of reliable and optimized performance for our users. — Storm of the week: - — Decentralized Identity Management in Web3. — In the context of the Web3 world, issues surrounding identification emerge as significant concerns. How does one verify their identity while ensur...

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