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The last known price of #ZB is $0.09 USD.

Please note that the price of #ZB was last updated over 70 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #ZB statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest ZB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.094, and the exact last price of ZB was $0.09428.

The all-time high ZB coin price was $17.59.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZB with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ZB Token crypto currency is #ZB.

ZB Token is 5.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for ZB Token is not available at this time.

ZB Token is ranking upwards to #3235 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #ZB.


The circulating supply of ZB is 58,876,035 coins, which is 3% of the total coin supply.


ZB is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ZB exchange data is not currently available.

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Crypto & UFC: The Sports Partnership Benchmark?

In April 2022, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced a bonus sharing partnership with that would see Mixed Martial Arts fighters performing on their cards receive their fight bonuses in cryptocurrencies. These can be lucrative bonuses depending on the size of the card, with $75,000 being up for grabs for achievements such as ‘performance of the night’ on some occasions. In today’s market, the perfect performance could earn a fighter over 3 Bitcoins…that’s a solid night’s work, that could be even more valuable in the future. The link between the UFC and cryptocurrencies is arguably the strongest you can find in the sports world. The UFC, the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts promotion, has always presented itself as not just ‘warm’ to crypto, but completely hot to it. It has actively pursued a crypto-friendly agenda, and even the most base level dive into the data shows that this appears to be more of a purposeful marketing strategy than just a form of opportunism towards a growing trend. Here’s what’s in a partnership between crypto and the UFC. Sponsorships — The Fundamentals A core revenue stream for any major televised event, sponsorships are at the heart of sporting activity. Sport events bring audiences with them, and there are advertising opportunities to be found in venues, merchandise, television productions, commercial slots etc to talk directly to these audience...

Beginner’s Guide to Staking — ZB Exchange

Beginner’s Guide to Staking — ZB Exchange - Entering the crypto world, a newcomer could be forgiven for assuming that investing in crypto is limited to spot and futures trading. As a result, they can overlook alternative forms of investments for several reasons — top of that list of reasons is simply a lack of knowledge and general awareness around a subject. Staking is a form of investment that you may have stumbled upon once or twice, and decided you’re better off without it (it’s too complicated, right?). However, whether you decide to go for it or not, it doesn’t hurt to put that knowledge in your pocket for the future, and that’s what we’ll do in this short piece. What is Cryptocurrency Staking? To simplify it, Staking is a way to earn passive income by locking up or committing your cryptocurrencies for a period of time and earning interest yields on them. Simply put, you will earn more crypto with your crypto just by holding, and putting your holdings towards verification methods on the Blockchain. The digital currency you decide to lend will be used by a 3rd party to verify transactions on the Blockchain that use the proof of stake (PoS) mechanism, and as a reward you will earn high interests. Sound familiar? Staking vs Bank savings account. While staking is very similar to opening a savings account at your local bank, the interests earned with cryptocurrency staking are much higher. One migh...

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis: July 4th — 10th

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis: July 4th — 10th - After observing market trends over the previous week, we believe that the short-term price recovery we saw will continue over the medium term, as Bitcoin’s is severely oversold. On-chain data has remained in a healthy state. The current market price has fallen into the shutdown currency price area, which has historically indicated the bottom of the market’s capitulation. Technical indicators also point towards buying signals, and the bottom contour of the market appears to have arrived. Centralized exchanges continued the trend of net withdrawals last week. From July 2 to July 9, the BTC balance on exchanges decreased from 2.413 million to 2.385 million, with a net withdrawal of more than 28,000 coins in a single week. The number of Bitcoins in stock has re-entered a downtrend. The total amount of illiquid supply exceeds 14.66 million, and there is a trend of accelerated increase with this. At present, the ratio of illiquid supply to the total circulation is above 76.8%, as Bitcoins continue to flow out of the market and enter the hands of HODLers. The proportion of long-term holders of HODL Waves for more than 6 months has reached 75.6%, and 2/3 of the issuance has not moved for more than half a year, which reflects that most long-term holders are not willing to stay at the current price. The HODLers are among the most significant forces behind the current market. Events...

Crypto wrapped: July 4th — 10th

Crypto Wrapped: July 4th — 10th - Crypto Wrapped: July 4th-10th Crypto charts finally headed upwards across the first full week of July. While one swallow doesn’t make a spring, it’s a welcome change to the doom and gloom that has been felt over recent weeks. While caution should of course be heeded — especially on the back of the start of this week — July 4th-10th was a better period for the industry when viewed in isolation. The market, however, is still bearish. Some positive news, finally! Well, it looked that way last week didn’t it. Bitcoin was up approximately 7% across the week, and had moved towards mid-$21k at some points, before settling back down in the mid-$20k region. Ethereum had stabilized close to $1.2k, up 9% on its week on week position, and Avalanche & Polygon were up by double figures too. A note, however. We have seen over the course of yesterday that markets are back in a tailspin, so just hold that positivity for now. Almost every position that was looking good last week isn’t looking so good right now. Let’s take last week in isolation — what was behind this good week? A lack of news, I’d say! Markets traded steadily overall, albeit from lower bases than they have been over previous weeks. That wasn’t to last though, as yesterday was a heavy news day — and most of it wasn’t in the market’s favor. Developments across the stock market have had a r...

ZBian Profile — Zakki

ZBian Profile — Zakki - ZBian Profile Hey Zakki, it’s a pleasure to talk to you! A: Same here! Tell us all a little bit about yourself firstly so we can get to know you better. A: Google optimization by profession and i have enjoyed traveling and exploring places in India, 5 words that describe me are “Creative, Dependable, Energetic, Humble, and Honest” What does a typical weekend look like for you? A: Typical weekend is all about exploring new places and trying new food. Where is one place in the world you recommend people go and see? A: Himachal Pradesh for sure, it’s the summer capital of India and the culture of this place is very pleasing and driving through these snow mountains feeling the cool breeze and enjoying the amazing view is just out of the world feeling. Onto your current position with ZB, what’s your role in the team? How long have you been with the company for? A: It’s been close to 4 months and it feels like it’s been here for long already. Just the sign of a happy workplace. What were your first impressions of the company when you joined? A: I saw it as a place of opportunities, and it indeed a great place to grow What does a typical day in the office look like for you? A: My typical day in the office is about starting with SEO followed by CMC optimization, Brainstorming sessions, and marketing meetings, and ending with Projects, Price tracking, and KOLS. What was your expe...

Crypto Wrapped: June 27th — July 3rd

Crypto Wrapped: June 27th — July 3rd - Another week, another dip for crypto. Not quite to the same degree that we have seen over the past few weeks, but still not a period that will be looked back on with any favor. With markets down by low double figures week on week, we’re still very much in the grips of a bear market, and we’re seeing no indication of this relieving yet. Was it another busy week for crypto, or a quiet one in the end? Not as busy as previous weeks, but it wasn’t as quiet as traders would have liked. Looking at Bitcoin, further ground was lost to the market’s rough conditions, as it fell to $19k at the back end of the week. This was all despite a July 1st short rally, which saw it pull back over $1.5k in a brief flutter of new month optimism. Generally, markets are down between 10–20% week on week, with the notable exceptions of TRON and Cosmos — both down by approximately 4%, so a softer fall for them. Nonetheless, the market only went in one direction. What about Ethereum amongst all of this? It feels like Ethereum has been just above $1k for an eternity now! It still is keeping its head above the $1k benchmark, but actually it had a rough week overall. ETH is down by approximately $200 & 16% from its position last week — a repeat of that performance throughout the coming week will see it fall below $1k. The market for the crypto second to Bitcoin very much followed the sa...

ZB Half Year Crypto Review

“That really got out of hand fast!” We’re now half way through 2022. We’re in the grips of a rampant bear market, and the word ‘recession’ is being quoted far more often than we can be comfortable with. It’s official — crypto is falling. The global market is falling, too. We’ve had war break out in Eastern Europe, and record high inflation levels coming out of the world’s leading economy, so it’s no wonder. That’s why, in this half year newsletter designed to provide some insights into what’s been happening in crypto this year so far, we’ll not just be looking back, but also looking forward. What’s Happened? Well, we all know what’s been happening… Most crypto markets halved in value between January and June. Bitcoin is down over 50%, Ethereum over 66%, Solana over 75%. Global market cap is down by over $1 Trillion, meaning over half of crypto’s value has been wiped out since January 1st., Terra and TerraUSD collapsed completely. Nobody saw this coming. In the space of a few short days, TerraUSD lost its pegged position against the US Dollar, and Terra fell from being worth over $100 in April to being worth less than a Shiba Inu (coin, not a dog) in May. Today, Terra trades at $0.0001., India started taxing cryptocurrencies. 30% of income from crypto assets is now taxed in India. The move dramatically affected trading activity in the country, with one of its leading crypto exchange...

Spot, Margin & Futures: A Crash Course

If you’re a newcomer to crypto, you will at some point have become slightly (or very) confused by the amount of technical jargon you encountered when you first started learning about the industry. Crypto can sometimes feel like its own language; something you have to learn from scratch, without much of a base ‘language’ to measure it against. But remember, crypto was made by the people, for the people, and its language can often derive from traditional financial language that has been used for many many decades. Fundamental to crypto language are the three trading ‘methods’ — Spot Trading, Margin Trading, and Futures Trading. On the surface, daunting for newcomers — but dig a little deeper, and they’re all very easy to get your head around. Trading them is of course another story, but understanding is the first step to mastering! In this article, we’ll demonstrate what each of them is, and how they differ from one another. ______________________________________________ Millions upon millions of crypto traders frequent exchanges like every day, from all corners of the globe. In spite of this diversity, traders are all greeted with three options: to spot trade, to margin trade, or to futures trade (without making life too complicated for you, there are technically more options, but don’t mind those for now). Spot Trading is considered to be the ‘simplest’ form of trading, as it lacks the ...

Bitcoin Market Analysis: June 23th — 29th

Bitcoin Market Analysis: June 20th — 26th - While providing slight respite to the events of the week prior, last week’s Bitcoin market still saw some notable trends occur that traders will be paying very close attention to. The market is hanging on the words of the Federal Reserve right now, but even in this context there was a stabilizing of the BTC price that hadn’t been observed over the previous couple of weeks. Long term holders have demonstrated signs of becoming more active in the market, which will make more Bitcoins available to those looking to take advantage of seemingly undervalued BTC. The Week In Brief In the week just passed, the short-term price of BTC has shown signs of stabilization, and many of its technical indicators demonstrate that the oversold market is showing a desire for recovery. The call-back bullish market will continue in the short term, however. The weekly net withdrawal of BTC was more than 11,000 coins. Recent on-chain liquidation, along with the negative press about the markets, has led to a significant increase in the market demand for asset custody. Additionally, BTC’s recent low price levels have also attracted a number of investors to buy, so the amount of Bitcoin stock on exchanges has resumed its downward trend. Investors who have held onto their Bitcoin for more than 6 months account for only 4%-5% of the times of selling, while the amount of selling accounts for less th...

ZBian Profile — Angela

ZBian Profile — Angela - Hey Angela, it’s a pleasure to talk to you! A: Hey!! Tell us all a little bit about yourself firstly so we can get to know you better. A: My name is Angela. I am currently an Electrical and Electronics Eng. graduate from Heriot Watt University which is based in Dubai. I have been here in Dubai for almost 20 years. I have done my schooling in The Indian High School, Dubai. What does a typical weekend look like for you? A: Most of my weekends are calm. I will be at home with my family watching movies and TV series. Some weekends I would go out with my friends for long drives/food. Where is one place in the world you recommend people go and see? A: India. It is so rich in culture and tradition. It has every type of landscape, mountains, desserts, islands, metropolitan cities and many more. One could experience all most all types of climates and season. India has so many places to explore and so many different types of food to eat. Onto your current position with ZB, what’s your role in the team? How long have you been with the company for? A:I am an Marketing Assistant in the ZB Team. I have been in this company for 9 months. What were your first impressions of the company when you joined? A: I had good impression about the company when I had joined. I knew the company had a future. The staff was very friendly and welcoming What does a typical day in the office look like for you? A: I ...

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