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ZAP Price:
$2.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZAP today is $0.00396 USD.

The lowest ZAP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00396, and the exact current price of one ZAP crypto coin is $0.00396365.

The all-time high ZAP coin price was $0.73.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZAP with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Zap crypto currency is also #ZAP.

Zap is 6.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Zap is $1,770,184.

Zap is ranking upwards to #895 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #ZAP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Zap is $2,440.


The circulating supply of ZAP is 446,604,415 coins, which is 86% of the maximum coin supply.


ZAP is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the ZAP Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


ZAP is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ZAP, and you can view them on our ZAP disambiguation page.



ZapOracles LIVE on BNB Chain Mainnet

We are pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated Zap Oracle Network on BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) Mainnet! Users are able to deposit ZAP tokens(BEP-20) and BNB tokens in order to set up a decentralized node validator for ZapOracles. Zap Protocol can now focus on becoming a source for providing reliable and trusted data to the BNB Chain ecosystem. Additionally, we plan to utilize this trusted data to enrich our own applications recently released on the BNB Chain mainnet such as the ZapNFT Marketplace and Votewatcher. The Zap Oracle Network is made up of decentralized validator nodes that support the network. The network utilizes a hybrid Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithm as a form of consensus with staking. The staking requirement to become a validator is 500,000 ZAP Tokens at this time. ZAP tokens are used as a form of payment for submitting data requests to the network. Validators are subsequently rewarded in ZAP Tokens after successfully mining the solution. Bad actors on the network are punished via a dispute voting system that can remove their stake if challenged and redistribute it. Blockchains are isolated networks so they are limited in what data they can access and verify. Since the focus of the blockchain’s consensus is so narrow, smart contracts are referred to as deterministic. They complete terms precisely as written more securely and reliably than traditional systems. Smart contracts are limited in...

How to bridge Zap Protocol Tokens Using Multichain

Bridging ZAP tokens from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain using Multichain - Zap Protocol has solved one of the limitations in utilizing the ZAP token. We have partnered with Multichain to provide a cross-chain bridge so users can transfer tokens from ETH to BSC networks seamlessly. — How to Bridge - Step 1: Go to Multichain Go to > Enter App Step 2: Connect to Wallet In the top right corner or bottom center select to connect your wallet. Make sure the wallet is connected to the network you will transfer from. Step 3: Select ZAP and your networks When your wallet is connected the next step is to us the drop down menu to select From ZAP and To ZAP. You DO NOT need to paste our contact address. Make sure you select the correct To and From networks. You can only transfer between Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain networks. Step 3: Acknowledge Fees It is important to understand the fees and terms associated with using Multichain before you select SWAP. Crosschain Fee is 0.1 %, Minimum Crosschain Fee is 414 ZAP, Maximum Crosschain Fee is 82,762 ZAP, Minimum Crosschain Amount is 828 ZAP, Maximum Crosschain Amount is 420,000,000 ZAP, Estimated Time of Crosschain Arrival is 10–30 min, Crosschain amount larger than 83,000,000 ZAP could take up to 12 hours, Step 4: You are ready to Swap! Select Approve and complete the swap! Why a bridge? Opportunity: Selling tokens and buying on other chains c...

Zap Protocol implements a cross-chain bridge for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

Zap Protocol is ecstatic to announce they have partnered with Multichain (previously Anyswap) to provide cross-chain services to ZAP token holders. Zap Protocol decided to partner with Multichain, a trustless blockchain bridge, in order to preserve the ethos of decentralization. Using a bridge can garner reliance upon a centralized entity but Multichain is a bridge solution that employs an SMPC network that is composed of different organizations, institutions, and individuals that are independent and incentivized to validate transactions, just like a blockchain.“The revolution will not be centralized” -Nick Spanos Blockchains present a double-edged sword with their nature as closed networks. Despite being fluid and somewhat efficient as single entities, each blockchain has limitations due to its narrow scope. This commonly leads to high gas fees and congested networks. A cross-chain bridge connects two independent blockchains and allows users to send crypto from one chain to another which helps solve one of the problems that those limitations cause. This works by locking the token in a smart contract and in return the user will receive an equal amount of the token they want to transfer it to. In essence, the partnership will offer its users the ability to transfer ZAP between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, seamlessly. Zap Protocol desires to provide its users with the least amount of friction possible wh...

Introducing the new Zap Protocol

Zap is a cross-chain multifunctional DeFi protocol currently on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, enabling our users to utilize decentralized financial tools and become blockchain architects. Fundamental updates were made in 2021 that shifted the project direction to develop new Web3 applications to align with market demand. Three new products were launched as a result of this: ZapDEX, ZapNFT, and ZapOracles. With the major changes that Zap Protocol has made, it was essential to complete a rebrand and design system overhaul for 2022. We did this by deconstructing the existing branding to develop something familiar yet compelling. We believe a refresh of the brand image must satisfy the existing expectations of our initial mark by enhancing the original logo design without radical alteration. Maintaining the integrity of the original branding set forth in 2017, the name Zap, and the signature lightning bolt logo was fundamental in the process. Both the name and symbol are the embodiment of the ability to shock the world. Our design philosophy highlights individuality and innovation. We have incorporated neumorphism not only into our design system but also the decision-making process. This led to a sleek, sophisticated, and engaging way to navigate the platform for our users. — Why Neumorphic Design?. — Neumorphism, much like its predecessor, skeuomorphism, portrays photorealistic UI elements in a digitally subtle ...

Zap Protocol NFT Marketplace is Live on Mainnet!

NFTs are unique digital assets built upon an existing blockchain that cannot be duplicated or traded for equal value with another digital asset. Users will now be able to mint, sell, and purchase NFTs all in one platform. Zap Protocol’s entry into the NFT space intends to further advance new and emerging technologies by promoting innovation and monetizing digital assets to benefit creators and users alike. This new technology will empower artists to independently fund projects, participate in spotlight features while giving them a more interactive relationship with followers. The ZapNFT Marketplace will champion Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and other EVMs to come. The platform supports the ERC-721 token standard with plans to add the ERC-1155 standard shortly after launch. The marketplace supports many popular file types like images, videos, text, audio, and 3Ds assets. It is feature-rich with popular social features and multiple listing options such as timed auctions, bidding, and buy now. The platform supports fully customizable profile and collection pages. Collaborative efforts are encouraged by giving artists the ability to create shared collections. Collections can be generated with split royalties. Additionally, ZapNFT users are rewarded in the form of $ZAP tokens to incentivize active participation on the marketplace. This soft launch of the marketplace to BSC and ETH lays the necessary foundation for a greater ro...

ZapNFT Marketplace is LIVE on Public Testnet

ZapNFT Testnet We are pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated ZapNFT Marketplace on both Binance Smart Chain & Rinkeby Public Testnets! Users are able to utilize wrapped BNB (wBNB) or wrapped ETH (wETH) to mint, bid on auctions, and purchase NFTs on the recently deployed Public Testnet. With this initial launch on testnet, we will increasingly refine the platform and user interface based on community feedback. We are planning to launch to mainnet once smart contracts are fully audited. Documentation and guides are releasing throughout the next week regarding the marketplace features.NFT Marketplace Users are able to sort and search for NFTs currently listed on testnet. The like feature is also an option to show appreciation for and you may find interesting NFT and also bookmark it for later viewing. There are purchase options for timed auctions, offers, and buy now on the platform. Total views and concurrent likes are also tracked on the NFT asset page.NFT Asset Page The user profile allows a custom avatar and background banner to be applied. Users can also edit the name for their profile and a description. They can also add a custom URL and social media links. The profile page provides the ability to keep track of minted, liked NFTs, unlisted NFTs and also listed NFTs currently on the marketplace. There is also a full transaction history for each user's blockchain interactions.User Profile Tx History...

Zap Protocol Development Update

This past week the team provided updates and insight into both the Zap Oracle Network and NFT Marketplace. Testnet for the NFT Marketplace is now staged for a Public Test release allowing the entire community to provide feedback. We shared a demo of its functionality on our Friday Discord Community Call. — Oracle Network —. — Notable changes to the miner code include vault security, vote weight manipulation, and the evaluation of ZAP token transfers. The vault security has been upgraded so that attacks on the ZAP token functions can be prevented. The vote weight of each miner will also now be determined by their vault balance instead of their token balance. This prevents bad actors from affecting vote balances with flash loans.Oracle Network Miner Tests The latest optimization of the code focuses mostly on the safety of our calculations when mining. Aside from this some redundancies were handled and cleared from our code. Now that we’ve cleared the initial audit we have begun to work on making clear documentation on how to set up a miner and how to mine. — NFT Marketplace —. — Since last week’s large stride in progress, all that’s been done for the Marketplace has been to finish out the remaining audit tickets and its frontend design and user flow. Some of the simpler additions to our Marketplace include being capable of logging out from one account and switching to another within your Met...

Discord Community AMA Recap

Our team at Zap would like to thank everyone for participating in the Discord AMA held on Sept. 22nd, 2021. This is a recap of some of the most frequently asked questions, which are answered below: — Will the updated whitepaper be released before the end of Q3?. — Yes, our team is working on achieving this currently. There were some technical details that we wanted to go over before finalizing the whitepaper itself. Some of the technical aspects were determined along the development journey by both testing and community feedback. — When will bonding curves come into play?. — The Zap Launchpad uses bonding curves to allow for continuous and discrete fundraising beyond traditional ICO models. On the Zap Launchpad, users will be able to mint and burn tokens from each Bonding Curve Offering (BCO). Bonding curve offerings encourage early adoption. Users will be required to use Zap Token to be whitelisted for BCOs. The Zap Launchpad is part of a later rollout following the release of ZapSwap decentralized exchange. Zap Labs also has several NFT features being researched that would utilize bonding curves. — What is going to make our products awesome?. — The Zap Labs research team is presently looking into new and emerging technologies that will make our project stand out. Fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTS), re-fungible tokens (RFTs), and parametric drops are some examples of features our team is loo...

Zap Protocol Beta 2.1 Development Update

Oracle Network. — Price Feeds — This week we have made some UI changes. Rank category was removed from each individual cryptocurrency price feed card. Forex prices are now sorted by GDP rank of the country the currency is native to in ascending order. Stay tuned for updates on additional price feeds added to our price feed page. Several changes to mining dispute category were made. A new custom Zap loading animation was added. app.zap.orgPrice Feeds Sorting UpdateDisputes & Voting Pythia –This week the development team worked on adding a new feature to the Pythia CLI. Users can now check the amount of staked Zap and the amount of mining rewards they have earned straight from the command line! The team also worked on fixing bugs in the Pythia miner. A mining stress test was conducted where miners were run for approximately 72 hours under various network and hardware conditions. No major errors were found allowing for miners to continuously run without interruption. We will continue to monitor miner uptime. All miner contracts have been submitted for formal audit.Pythia GUI* — NFT Marketplace. — The new UI/UX team, which recently joined the Zap protocol team, has already had a significant influence on the Marketplace’s aesthetics and overall structure. Features such as search filters have been added to the main page of the marketplace. NFT cards are also undergoing redesign, team is finalizing ...

Zap Protocol Beta 2.1 Development Update

Oracle Network. — Price Feeds — The crypto/fiat currencies button and search bar have been refactored into a more aesthetic view. Users can effortlessly switch between crypto and forex price feeds and search token pairs. Additionally, some typos were found and corrected in our price feeds code, these typos caused warnings and errors for the forex trading pairs.Updated Sorting/SearchGDP Ranked Forex Pairs Pythia Miner — We have restricted disputing and voting to miners. Only staked users can open and vote on a dispute, tests were written to ensure the desired behavior is put to practice. Moreover, the team tested the mining of blocks by multiple miners to see if they each mine a block evenly. The difficulty of mining is also being looked over to make sure miners will be capable of solving these problems to maintain steady and data secure blocks. More testing will be done to ensure the stable behavior of the miners.Oracle Value DisputeOracle Dispute VotingOracle StatusOracle Network Mining Difficulty Tests NFT Marketplace Many new updates have been made to the design of our NFT Marketplace. This includes NFT card redesign, NFT wizard components, updated filter model component, an addition of a collection component in the NFT profile page that displays info on the collection and details such as contract address, and an NFT asset page redesign. NFT user profile feature has been added, users will be able to c...


Mapping out SevenX Ventures Investment Portfolio

    SevenX Ventures, a crypto investment fund focused on early-stage blockchain projects in Asia, has built over 80 public investment portfolios. The three co-founders, industry veterans, have built portfolios in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and beyond. Since its launch in 2020, SevenX Ventures has advocated for immersive investing – going beyond financial support to assist funded projects in financial planning, tokenomic design, and marketing. The team helps startups create a stronger foundation that will hold during periods of growth and market changes. By mapping out parts of its portfolio below, Seven X shares its vision for a Web3 future. Blockchain Network Near is a Layer 1 public chain, which includes optimized sharding design, Nightshade consensus, and a large block design. It has developed and implemented Ethereum 2.0 in its system designs for POS and sharding. The protocol's account system and the support for large-scale concurrent applications make it the most promising infrastructure for Web2-Web3 applications. Aurora is a Bridge + EVM solution for Ethereum built on NEAR. The project makes it easier for Ethereum users and dApps to migrate to the NEAR blockchain. Oasis Network is a Layer 1 public chain that focuses on privacy protection. It provides users with high security, privacy and scalability through consensus mechanism smart contracts. Additionally, through the tokenized data model, Oasis helps users leverage the benefits of their data by staking it in applicatio... read More

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