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ZANO Price:
$63.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$11.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZANO today is $0.86 USD.

The lowest ZANO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.856, and the exact current price of one ZANO crypto coin is $0.85568.

The all-time high ZANO coin price was $8.03.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZANO with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Zano crypto currency is also #ZANO.

Zano is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Zano is $11,755,009.

Zano is ranked #1076 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #ZANO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Zano is $63,249.


The circulating supply of ZANO is 13,737,546 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Zano coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


ZANO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ZANO has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Dev update: January 2023

Hello, everyone! This is the first dev update of the new year. We hope you all had a great holiday with your loved ones and are ready to keep up the momentum. Since our last update in December, we’ve been working hard on a number of issues, and we wanted to share some of the progress we’ve made with you. First off, we’re happy to announce that our lead developer, sowle is finishing the first draft of his surjection math proof and working hard on the implementation. This will allow us to hide different types of assets in one transaction, which is a necessary step toward making confidential assets functional. While we’ve been working on the implementation of confidential assets in our GUI wallets, we’re looking forward to seeing how this works out. We made sure that our TOR authority nodes list was up-to-date so that users would have connectivity issues during their transactions sending resolved. We’ve also built an app image for Linux build and managed to get it compatible with most recent Linux versions — we’re currently testing it on Ubuntu 22 as well as several other distributions. We’ll be releasing a new version soon with this and other feature mentioned above, so keep an eye out for more updates! Finally, several contributors are working on marketplace template bounties. The app’s templates have been redesigned, allowing users to easily modify the colors and store content. This is a great step f...

Dev update: December 2022 #1

There’s been quite a bit of work recently on the Zano project, mostly involving changes to core and GUI wallet code, as well as launching a Zarcanum-enabled testnet. The focus is currently on integrating multi-asset stealth addresses and confidential transactions into the blockchain and improving the way they interact with each other. We’ve made major progress on the multi-assets concept integration into our wallet: we adapted internal structures and architecture, applied assets management concept in the wallet to whitelisted and custom tokens. We implemented basic core tests that simulate multi-assets operations in the blockchain and wallet and wrote the code that perform these operations (tokenization is simulated yet in transparent way). The wallet RPC was also refactored to adapt to multiassets structures. On the backend side we implemented Zarcanum PoS and confidential transactions in Zano core (bug fixing and performance optimization are yet to be done). Test tools were re-written and automated to support the new version of Zarcanum. After the hardfork, only confidential outputs (with hidden amounts) are allowed. Other improvements to privacy were implemented as well. The Pre-alpha testnet with Zarcanum Proof of Stake (PoS) and Confidential Transactions has been launched. Testing will continue to determine the vulnerabilities, functionality concerns, and efficiency issues. The roadmap is still on track for the nex...

Zano Project Update (19th September 2022)

This post was originally published on the official Zano blog on the 19th of September and is almost entirely based on the recent update given by our Community Manager Gigabyted in the Zano Discord server. First a quick apology for the recent lack of blog posts — our writer had a change of circumstances that left him unable to contribute. If you’ve been watching our GitHub repos you’ll know that the development team had no such problems. So with that out of the way, let’s get to it! — Zarcanum Testnet and Research Paper Update. — We’ve been making great progress with the implementation of our groundbreaking private Proof of Stake scheme and the first Zarcanum (zPOS) testnet will be launched in roughly two weeks’ time. It will be tested privately by the team at first, before being released to the current public testnet. Though already formally introduced in a preliminary white paper, you may not be aware that the Zarcanum hard fork will carry another highly significant addition to Zano in the form of Zano Confidential Assets (zAssets). It’s an incredibly exciting development and we’ll have another blog post with all the details very soon!Image excerpted from the Zano Tokenization Platform white paper. Zarcanum testing may cause disruptions for anyone currently using testnet for your project(s), so if that applies to you please contact Gigabyted on Discord or Telegram who will try to reduce th...

Zano Wallet Guidance

About Zano Wallet Zano app lets you manage multiple ZANO wallets, which can be easily created, restored and removed from the app. The core of each wallet is a seed phrase. It’s a sequence of 24 words, that can be used to recovery your wallet private and public keys. Every time you create a new wallet within the app, a unique sequence is generated. It’s important to always keep it safe and accessible. For your convenience it’s not necessary to use a seed phrase to manage your wallet. When you create a wallet the wallet file is generated as well. The file is secured with additional password and grants access to wallet features and the seed phrase. It can be copied to another device and used with another app. Download Zano Wallet In order to get the Zano wallet, please visit Zano Desktop Wallet is available on Windows, Mac and Linux For Zano mobile wallet: Google Playstore: Apple store: Create wallet There are 3 ways to create a wallet in Zano app. From the Wallets Add section chooseCreate new walletEnter wallet name and passwordClick Select wallet location to choose wallet file location and nameContinue with Create walletSave shown seed phrase in a secure place and click CreateCreate new walletOpen existing walletLocate wallet fileEnter password then open walletOpen...

What are Aliases?

We would like to thank you for supporting Zano as we work to become the project that is the most scalable, secure and easy to use. Since some community queries have been around what are aliases and how do they work, we decided to make article to elaborate it further. What are Aliases? An alias registration is a special kind of transaction that includes a record of an alias assignment. The system core validates the record and checks the availability of the name. Once validation is successful, the transaction reaches the blockchain and a new record is created in the alias database. Alias, for example: @easytouse, a human-readable name associated with a payment address and text comment, which is stored in the blockchain. This alias provides a short, easy-to-remember name rather than a long and confusing string of random characters. Blockchain storage ensures that aliases are protected from being altered or commandeered. How do they work on Zano? Zano users can easily send transactions to an alias: their wallet automatically checks whether the name is registered in the blockchain, and then obtains the associated public keys to which the transaction will be sent. In the event of a missing alias, the wallet will generate an error report and no funds will be sent or lost. Aliases can be used for more than just Zano transactions. Think of them as a decentralized address book with universal IDs that can be used for various services ba...

Zano Giveaway Campaign

To express our gratitude for your support and celebrate our project, we’d like to host a giveaway campaign. We will be selecting 3 lucky winners, rewarding them with $100 USD worth of $ZANO each. Giveaway entry requirements on 1. Follow @Zano_project on Twitter 2. Retweet a tweet To enter the Giveaway, visit: The giveaway campaign will run from 16 March,1 PM UTC to 23 March 1PM UTC. The winners will be announced on 24 March 2022. About Zano Zano is the development of a scalable and secure coin, designed for use in e-commerce. The technology behind our blockchain provides reliability, security, and flexibility — a perfect option for P2P transactions. Follow us on: Twitter Discord Telegr

Zarcanum (ZPoS) — A Private Proof of Stake Scheme with Confidential Transactions and Hidden Amounts

Zarcanum (ZPoS) — A Private Proof of Stake Scheme with Confidential Transactions and Hidden Amounts Any information that a digital cash system reveals about its users is information that bad actors could use against them. The Proof of Stake consensus system has been routinely rejected by projects that put user privacy (and consequently user security) first, because it requires the exact number of coins in a staking transaction to be public. Or at least it used to. Zarcanum (ZPoS) is a secure and private blockchain consensus scheme that enhances traditional Proof of Stake with untraceability and hidden amounts.“… but it often rhymes” In 2014, Zano Co-founder Andrey Sabelnikov (aka crypto_zoidberg) completed work on the first successful implementation of Nicholas Van Saberhagen’s pioneering CryptoNote protocol. It was released as ByteCoin, the first digital currency with protocol-level privacy. It proved that it was possible to create a decentralized digital cash system like Satoshi Nakamoto’s while revealing significantly less sensitive information about the system’s users. So like Bitcoin, but more discreet; more secure. Seven years later, it’s Andrey’s Zano team mate Valeriy Pisarkov (aka sowle), alongside independent researcher and prominent Monero contributor koe, who’ve taken an already inspired design to even greater heights. Zarcanum (ZPoS) works like traditional (or naive) Proof of Stake, whi...

Zano Bi-weekly Report (18th November 2021)

[Originally published on the official Zano Blog: link] Hello all! Your humble scribe is spread pretty thin so this update will be brief and written at great speed. Buckle up! — Branding - One or two people have asked why we still aren’t using the beautiful new branding anywhere yet. We decided to wait till we had all of the designs — so social media banners, templates for the bi-weekly updates etc. — instead of updating them piecemeal. We’re also fine with giving Dmitry as much time as he needs as we know the designs will be worth the wait. Anyway… final delivery is very, very close now. So close, in fact, that you may see this update retrofitted with the shiny new template graphic a day or two from now. At that point we’ll also update Zano’s social media sites. Andrey (@zoidberg) has been busy coordinating things between the design team and the development teams as they update the mobile and desktop wallets. He took the opportunity to go through the mobile app backlog to identify as many fixes/improvements as possible that can be included while substantial code changes are being made. The first iteration of the redesigned wallets has now been completed, apart from some a few minor things that the devs noticed weren’t included in the design files. Dmitry is restyling those remaining components while work begins on the next iteration. After that, some testing, and then, release. — Zarcan...

Zano Bi-weekly Report (19th October 2021)

[Originally published on the official Zano Blog: link] Hey everyone. To punish the communications guy for taking a week off last week, the rest of the team worked twice as hard, so there’s lots to report!New Logo and Branding In our last update we revealed the new project logo. Since then, the design team has created prototype designs for both the mobile and desktop wallets. Feast your eyes!Redesigned Desktop WalletRedesigned Mobile Wallet Professional, modern, rich colors… we’re really happy with the results. The mobile wallet layout will be coded by an outside team under the supervision of Andrey (@zoidberg). This will leave him free to work with Val on planning the privacy and PoS+HA upgrade. The outside team has already finished some necessary library upgrades, so things are moving at a fine pace. As for the rest of the roll-out, Dmitry is working on templates and banners for social media as we speak, so you should start to see them popping up as soon as they’re completed. The next priority will be the redesign of of Stake with Hidden Amounts (PoS+HA) Soon after Val published his original Proof of Stake with Hidden Amounts paper, we held a technical discussion on Reddit. Cryptographer and researcher koe (main author of Zero to Monero: Second Edition) was generous enough to look over the work and brought to Val’s attention an issue involving “sender-recipient anonymity”: the sender of c...

Zano Evolving: New Look, New Blog, Same Mission

Hello all! Today we announce the migration of the official Zano blog from to We believe this new, more flexible platform will let us further improve the frequency and quality of our communications as the project and community continue to grow. Posts will still be mirrored here on Medium.New logo and branding First impressions are crucial. A logo, as the primary visual representation of a project, often constitutes the first point of contact with a newcomer. A great logo can be enough to draw in the casual observer. It’s a visual distillation of the project’s essence that accompanies it everywhere it goes. A symbol of identity, which in our case will be seen on wallets, websites and even adorning the new Zano office’s walls. So when choosing a new logo for Zano, we tried to show it the same level of care and attention that we show to changes to the code. After all, our hope is that it will eventually be seen by millions. The designer we chose for the task was Dmitry Lepisov (, one of the most highly-rated designers on Dribbble, whose portfolio we’d been extremely impressed by. Upon selecting our favorite from the initial sketches, Dmitry took us on a weeks-long exploration of colors, fonts, letter weights, cases and spacings… producing variant after variant in search of a design with impact, balance and cohesion. It was a fascinating process to witness and a pl...

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