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ZAM Price:
$118.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$169.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZAM today is $0.00102 USD.

The lowest ZAM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00102, and the current live price for one ZAM coin is $0.00101508.

The all-time high ZAM coin price was $0.19.

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The code for crypto currency is #ZAM. is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for is $169,403. is ranking downwards to #1101 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #ZAM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for is $118,358.


The circulating supply of ZAM is 166,887,074 coins, which is 19% of the maximum coin supply.


ZAM is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ZAM Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ZAM is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Analysis of the FTX situation

Everyone knows what happened with the FTX collapse. It’s a manipulative situation, just like the Luna crash. And the same people are behind this — they quickly pumped FTX with money and liquidity, making collapse. They were also behind FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Some of these people are from the FRS. So they are bringing regulation and licensing of crypto exchanges closer. Because of this case, government agencies, including the SEC, will get into the crypto industry, standing behind the bankruptcy of FTX and starting the procedure for tightening the crypto industry. Perhaps we will see stricter laws in the crypto industry in a year. The situation with FTX has once again shown that centralized exchanges are difficult or impossible to trust. In addition, we see how fragile the crypto market is. Therefore, it is necessary to build CeFi-DeFi hybrid ecosystems, where the speed and cheapness of transactions will be the same as those of CEX, but the funds and keys will belong to users as on DEX. George Gus — Follow us - 🖥 Website 🚀 Twitter 📣 Telegram Channel 💬 Telegram Chat 📰 Blog 👨🏻‍💻 Github 📑 WhitePaper 📲You can download our app from the App Store and Google Play.

Zamio x Galaxy Arena Partnership

Zamio is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, the one and only Earn game aggregator HUB that allows users to play, move, learn, dance, sing and participate to earn all under one roof, making us the exclusive ‘’X to earn HUB. The partnership signifies the common aim to boost cryptocurrency adoption and increase community engagement, by holding cross-marketing activities that include AMA sessions, competitions, and much more. As an official partner of Zamio, Galaxy Arena will promote the brand across the growing channels and educate the community about Watch&Earn opportunities and the entire scope of crypto-related topics. — About Galaxy Arena - The metaverse is the next step in the development of the internet and the hub of the Web 3.0 era. Galaxy Arena is poised to become a leading state of the art metaverse HUB that will seamlessly help transition the world of live events , attractions ,VR experiences and businesses forever by bridging the gap between virtual and reality and offer a simple Web 2.0 to 3.0 solution. Galaxy Arena Metaverse and “ESNC” token economy includes staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buy backs, and burns. These are driven by demand drawn by both gameplay perks and value drawn from the game economy. — Follow Galaxy Arena - Telegram | Telegram News Channel | Twitter | Discord | Medium — Follow us - 🖥 Website 🚀 Twitter 📣 Telegram C...

Metahunter to be listed on ZAMpad

New projects appear in the crypto space every day, but only a few of them really have potential. Most of the products entering the market are quite crude and are created with only one goal — to collect as much money as possible from users. That is why finding promising and promising projects is not an easy task. However, at the Zamio team, we never lose faith in finding a promising project. And today we are pleased to present one of them — Metahunter. It is the world’s first and largest multi-product Metaverse space where users can Participate, Learn, Stake, Play, Earn and Have Fun in one ecosystem. — Metahunter Ecosystem - Content and service provider. Metahunter members can provide content or services to earn additional income. MMORPG adventuring mechanics. Explore the Metahuner world, take on bosses, go on adventures, and more. Quests. Complete daily quests, fulfill NPC quests, gather resources, and more to earn rewards. Farming and Mining. By using Metapets, members can farm and mine for resources needed for upgrades or other activities. PvP Mechanics. Metahunters can face off in PvP battles and tournaments against each other to win additional tokens and resources. Guild. Invite friends and family and explore the Metahunter world together. Yield farming. Lend or rent out your assets that are not in use in exchange for revenue sharing or one-time fees. Very soon, the project will be launched on ZAMpa...

Meet Zamio Ecosystem

Zamio is not just another decentralized ecosystem, but a unique offering for the DeFi world, which brings together everything you need to easily use finance. Our ecosystem provides a range of products that help users manage their finances easily, transparently, and understandably. Among our products: ZamWallet — CeFi&DeFi crypto wallet allows users to store, access, manage, send, and receive crypto directly from mobile phones. Zamwallet brings the best features of both technologies into one powerful app. Intelligent investment portfolios — a collection of crypto portfolios managed by professional traders. Each portfolio has an author who will take care of invested money. So, there is no need to take risks by investing in unknown assets, just choose the amount of money to place in. Users can relax and don’t check their portfolios every hour to find the best deals. ZAMpad — a crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage crypto projects raise funds from the public. TrillioHeirs — NFT collection with unique benefits for its owners. Web Dapps — the set of apps for working with decentralized finances and crypto-assets. It is an inseparable part of the ecosystem with desktop and web-client availability. Dapps contain all the necessary functionality for working with decentralized finances and crypto-assets. It allows users to connect/manage cryptocurrency wallets, swap assets, invest, and monit...

Explanations on Investment Portfolios and IIO

Guys, a couple of explanations on investment portfolios and IIO🤌 First of all, read the collection logic using the example of Infrastructure projects. Maybe you have suggestions and comments? dApps | Universal Platform for DEconomy Then fill out the form: We will collect liquidity in all investment portfolios through ZAMpad as part of our new Initial Index Offering (IIO) model, the funds collected are used to buy back the assets included in the portfolio by an expert, after which investors receive a share in this index, which is accrued and displayed in ZamWallet and this share can be exchanged back for stablecoins at any time, if the investor changes his mind, no one limits him. The most interesting thing is that a portfolio token will be attached to each portfolio, created with a separate smart contract, which all the first investors in the investment portfolio will receive airdrop depending on the amount of investment. All 100% of the emission of this new token will immediately be in circulation. After the completion of the fundraising, the token will immediately be listed on the Pancakeswap in two pairs, for example, INF/ZAM and INF/USDZ, and part of the future commissions from the income of the investment portfolio will go to buy back the portfolio token from the market in order to support its development. Now it is important for us to attract as many experts with an audience as possible, who will cr...

Zamio and MOOW Partner up

MOOW has become a new strategic partner of Zamio! Together, we will focus on NFT, GameFi, and DeFi development, cross-marketing strategies, and the attraction of more community members and investors. We are pleased to welcome MOOW onboard. Users of both projects will have a wide array of mutual games, competitions, and AMA sessions. In each activity, users will have a chance to win a special prize from Zamio and MOOW. Moreover, MOOW will be launched on our crowdfunding platform called ZAMpad which is meant to support promising crypto projects. MOOW is a Move-To-Earn mobile Fitness and Lifestyle app with gamification elements. The main feature of MOOW is the use of the user’s heart rate to implement the Move-To-Earn mechanic instead of GPS. MOOW is paying attention to the huge group of people with mobility limitations. — Follow MOOW - Discord | Telegram | Twitter — Follow us - 🖥 Website 🚀 Twitter 📣 Telegram Channel 💬 Telegram Chat 📰 Academy 👨🏻‍💻 Github 📑 WhitePepper 📲You can download our app from the App Store and Google Play.

Infrastructure Projects will be Listed on ZAMpad

As of summer, we finally launched a major upgrade to our ZamWallet crypto wallet. Because of many new features, the most important was that there were Intelligent Investment Portfolios. A unique way to invest in cryptocurrencies is presented for newbies or those who do not have the time and resources to keep track of the assets. Following the publication of the investment portfolios, a large marketing campaign will be launched after the publication of the investment portfolios, as well as fundraising for all invested portfolios via ZAMpad to bring more attention to them. The listing is supported by the brand new concept of Initial Index Offering or IIO. At the center of this concept was the idea of ​​promoting not a single token, but structured index products. This new idea, created by our founder George Gus, will blow it up with its uniqueness and the need for users to use. — About Infrastructure Projects - We decided to take all the best that natural and artificial intelligence has and combine it into our product in the form of investment portfolios. This portfolio consists of the top infrastructure tokens, including the coins of the most famous DeFi projects. We believe that these projects form a true basis of Web3 world and welcome our users to start investing in this space. Now its marketcap is valued at $400B. We are sure that even skeptics will like this portfolio because here are the most promising and su...

GAGARIN Token Sale on ZAMpad

Zamio has always been trying to support promising crypto projects at the early stage, launching them on ZAMpad. Now we are ready to present our community with a new crypto gem that promises to boom the crypto world! For this reason, we are ready to present you with a new gem in the crypto world — GAGARIN. Get a guaranteed allocation by clicking on the link: dApps | Universal Platform for DEconomy — GAGARIN Listing Details - Token ticker: GGR Blockchain: BSC Price: $0,095 Vesting scheme: 10% at TGE, then in equal installments every month for 12 months — About GAGARIN - GAGARIN is a fully decentralized platform with a high level of automation that creates an open market for crypto startups and benefits all market participants. — Follow us - 🖥 Website 🚀 Twitter 📣 Telegram Channel 💬 Telegram Chat 📰 Blog 👨🏻‍💻 Github 📑 WhitePaper 📲You can download our app from the App Store and Google Play.

ZamWallet Guide

1.1. Registration in the app - Download the ZamWallet app for iOS or Android. Enter the phone number and the code that will be sent to the phone. Then think up and enter a pin code. — 1.2. App home screen overview - On the main screen, you can see all the features of the application. It shows the total balance of the cryptocurrency account, brief information about the three investment portfolios, the cryptocurrency rate, as well as a quick transition to popular options: referral program, investment portfolios, cryptocurrency exchange, crypto market capitalization, the option to buy ZAM tokens. — 2.1. CeFi Wallet - CeFi Wallet is a crypto wallet, the keys to which are not stored by the user, but by the platform. Thus, in case of loss of access to the wallet, Zamio will be able to help restore access to the CeFi Wallet. To go to CeFi Wallet, click on the “Wallets” section and select CeFi. A CeFi wallet is automatically created upon registration in the app. Your balance will be displayed here, available tokens for storage, purchase and exchange, as well as available functions for operations with cryptocurrencies: replenishment, exchange, sending, buying cryptocurrency. — 2.2. DeFi Wallet - In DeFi Wallet, private keys are stored by the user. That is, when creating a DeFi wallet, it is important to remember the seed phrase, because if it is lost, access to the wallet will be forever lost. To access th...

Initial Index Offering — a New Standart of Raising Funds

Initial Index Offering — a New Standart of Raising Funds - Despite the growth of the concept of IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in the last few years, this model has shown a number of disadvantages in a dynamically developing markets. Thus, the IDO mechanism often focuses only on the tokens themselves and their listing, ignoring the need and need for a quality product for the crypto world. This is how founder Zamio George Gus came up with the idea of ​​creating a new type of fundraising — Initial Index Offering or IIO. At the center of this concept was the idea of ​​promoting not a single token, but structured index products. — How it works on the example of Investment portfolios - At the center of our concept is the idea of ​​promoting structured index products that are tied to a token. This is how the idea of ​​promoting Smart Investment Portfolios from Zamio works. We decided to take all the best that natural and artificial intelligence has and combine it into our product in the form of investment portfolios. In addition to the participation of the algorithm in the formation of portfolios, each of them has a separate expert who manages it. We aim to invent something unique and different that will shake up the market, and build a system that will self-replicate and suck into the product, without the need to attract large marketing resources. This is how the idea of ​​scaling portfolios us...


Zamio is Bringing TrillioHeirs NFT Collection to DeFi

    The crypto industry has recently experienced technical breakthroughs through its blockchain technology in many areas, such as AI, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse, changing the course of the modern world, although few understand the potential. NFTs, in particular, has witnessed exponential growth in 2021 as the number of buyers and sellers on the trading floors has increased markedly, surpassing 13 billion dollars in trading volume. Given the current trend and status of NFTs, they are likely to continue dominating the market, notably in the metaverse and gaming industry. TrillioHeirs NFT by Zamio One such NFT in 2022 is a token developed by the Zamio ecosystem. The company, which showed notable growth in 2021, decided to follow the latest trend by launching its own collection of NFTs called TrillioHeirs. Unlike most NFTs on the market today, Zamio has created a collection of well-drawn images endowed with features that provide exclusive access to a variety of products within its ecosystem. Benefits of TrillioHeirs The TrillioHeirs holders can participate in DAO Governance, receive increased allocations from 1.5x to 2x on ZAMpad, opportunity to take part in private pools and seed pools, collect income from rewards pools, use NFT in metaverse on SandBox and earn money in Play2EarnGames. There are 8888 NFTs in total with four levels of rarity: Aliens, Brutal, Enlightened Ones, and exclusive Chosen Heroes collection, in which each element is unique. The initial cost ... read More

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