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YOU Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The last known price of #YOU is $0.0000982 USD.

Please note that the price of #YOU was last updated over 180 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #YOU statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest YOU price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000982, and the exact last price of YOU was $0.00009816.

The all-time high YOU coin price was $0.11.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of YOU with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for YOU COIN crypto currency is #YOU.

YOU COIN is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for YOU COIN is not available at this time.

YOU COIN is ranking downwards to #3176 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #YOU.


The circulating supply of YOU is 734,466,696 coins, which is 28% of the total coin supply.


YOU has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on probably at least one crypto exchanges but we don't have this data.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #YOU, and you can view them on our YOU disambiguation page.



The Forex Trading Legend That Can Help You Turned $50K Into $7 Million

    Eshniyozov Shohjaxon Akmal Ogli, the inspiring Forex trader known as “Brother” within the sector, has one of the best background stories across the Forex markets. The Trader, nicknamed The Wolf of Uzbekistan, has quickly become a legend whose career began in 2012. Shohjaxon is an example of a self-made man and one of the few with the self-tough skills to turn the financial markets’ opportunities to his advantage. This is his story. Forex Legend, The Wolf of Uzbekistan, Makes History Born in 1995 in Uzbekistan, Shohjaxon is an example of someone who could take his circumstances and achieve success with a powerful will, knowledge, and determination to become a living legend in the Forex sector. According to our investigation, Eshniyozov Shohjaxon Akmal Ogli first dived into the Forex market over 12 years ago. At that time, inexperienced and lacking insights into the dynamics of the sector, the Wolf of Uzbekistan began his career with a simple approach: trial and error. Like many in his situation, Shohjaxon faced initial disappointments as profits eluded him. However, instead of giving up, he embraced the lessons the market taught him. He forged his strategies, resilience, and determination from his mistakes, inspiring others with his unwavering commitment. Three years later, in 2015, Shohjaxon began reaping the fruits of his effort. The Forex trader found a unique edge and style during his first year. The Wolf of Uzbekistan used mathematical and technical th... read More

Analyst Identifies Bitcoin Liquidity Pools You Should Be Aware Of Going ...

    Crypto analyst Zen has released a critical assessment of different scenarios to expect for the Bitcoin price in July. Bitcoin's price performance in June has undoubtedly left many investors disappointed. This is because the cryptocurrency virtually traded on a decline throughout the month, even falling below $60,000 at some point. While the unfavorable price continues to play out, crypto analyst Zen has flagged some major liquidity pools that could determine Bitcoin's outcome in July and the next few months in autumn. Analyst Highlights Potential Bitcoin Liquidity Pools As mentioned earlier, the recent price decline saw Bitcoin break below $60,000 earlier in the week. Notably, Zen observed that this breakdown represented cleared liquidity under $60,630, which goes along with a former price analysis. Although Bitcoin has since recovered and returned above $60,600, Zen noted that the liquidity clearance suggests there's still a further risk of Bitcoin falling back to $60,150 in the short term.  In addition, the analyst pointed out a number of other liquidity price points that may be used to evaluate momentum in July. It's interesting to note that these liquidity points ultimately serve as both support and resistance areas. In the case of a continued decline, Zen's analysis points to liquidity pools at $60,260, $59,440, $58,990, and $56,850. Huge transactions by major holders at these points could cause significant price movements. Clearing such pools could spell trouble f... read More

Sealana Announces July 2 Airdrop After $6M Presale Raise – What Yo...

    Looks like another meme coin is ready to make its mark on the Solana ecosystem. Sealana (SEAL), the latest joke token with a South Park twist, wrapped up a $6 million presale phase earlier this week. But for those who missed out, there’s still one last chance to buy SEAL tokens before they go live on exchanges in early July. DEX Launch Imminent Sealana’s journey from meme to millions has been crazy. This Solana-based token, featuring an obese seal character, has struck a chord with investors – ending its presale with over $6 million raised. But the team behind SEAL isn’t quite ready to close the door on early backers. Surprisingly, they’ve cracked open a final window for latecomers. Anyone who missed the initial presale window can still grab SEAL tokens for $0.022 each. It’s a simple process – buyers can use ETH, USDT, BNB, or SOL to swap for SEAL. There’s even an option to use a credit/debit card when making purchases. This last-chance window closes on July 1 at 6pm UTC. After that, it’s a 24-hour countdown to Sealana’s big debut – the token will launch on a DEX on July 2 at 6pm UTC. While the specific DEX remains under wraps, most Telegram community members are betting on Raydium, given Sealana’s Solana roots. Why Sealana’s Hilarious Mascot is Grabbing Attention So, what’s got everyone buzzing about this cartoon seal? Sealana’s appeal goes beyond the average meme coin. Its mascot, a ... read More

BioMatrix Launches Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens: The World's First Free-...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Newport Beach, California, United States, June 24th, 2024], a pioneering force in the world of wealth distribution, is proud to announce the launch of Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens the world's first free-for-life AI tokens. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to democratize access to digital assets, striving to make Universal Basic Income (UBI) a tangible reality for everyone, regardless of economic status.’s mission is to eliminate barriers to entry in the digital asset space. Unlike traditional digital assets that require initial investments, PoY AI Tokens will be distributed free-of-charge. This bold move is designed to empower individuals in underserved communities, giving them access to the future benefits of digital assets and fostering economic growth. PoY AI Tokens leverage AI and blockchain technologies to seamlessly generate AI tokens personalized to each user. Users in select countries will be able to access the free PoY AI Tokens, with the expectation that these tokens will soon be open for public trading. All users will be able to engage the platform’s additional offerings which include games, videos and future digital assets such as coupons. In addition to the free initial distribution of PoY AI Tokens, is introducing a unique benefit for its first 1 million users: PoY AI Tokens for Life. These users will receive 12 free PoY AI Tokens every month for the next 60 years. This long-term c... read More

Over 70 Million Ripple (XRP) Tokens on the Move: What You Need to Know

    Massive movements of a large number of XRP tokens have been taking place throughout the past 24 hours, and many are wondering what's their purpose. In total, over 70 million worth of XRP has been on the move, part of it going out of known Binance addresses. The first one saw 28,218,783 XRP worth around $13.5 million (at the time of the transaction) transferred from Binance. The second one saw 26,234,427 XRP worth around $12.4M transferred from the exchange. The last one saw 30,820,000 XRP worth around $14.9 million moved from an unknown wallet. All three of these transactions were flagged by the popular bot - Whale Alert on X. Where Did All That XRP Go? That's the question that everyone is asking. Well, the first two transactions, totaling around 54 million tokens, both went into two addresses that had been previously activated by Binance itself. Therefore, it's highly likely that this is an internal operation initiated perhaps out of security reasons. It's entirely possible that Binance has been moving the funds to cold storage or to different addresses following a security protocol. The third transaction - the one worth almost $15 million - was made from an account that had been previously activated by Ripple back in 2022. It was sent to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. This is a standard procedure. For years, Ripple has been sending XRP to Bitstamp and other cryptocurrency exchanges to liquidate. In other words, there is nothing out of the ordinary and this doesn't s... read More

Shiba Inu Whale Withdraws 2.2 Billion SHIB From Robinhood, Should You Fo...

    Shiba Inu whales are on the move again, sparking speculations on what they expect from the meme coin. One whale, in particular, has caught the attention of the SHIB community following a massive withdrawal from the popular crypto and stock trading exchange Robinhood. Whale Pulls Out Almost $40 Million From Robinhood The Shiba Inu whale transactions that have got tongues wagging were first picked up on June 20 by the on-chain whale tracking platform Whale Alert. According to the report, the whale had removed a total of 2,2 billion SHIB from the exchange, which was worth approximately $40 million at the time of this transfer. The whale moved the coins to an unknown wallet, something that could be bullish for the price. This is because when whales move their coins to exchanges, they intend to sell, which might push the price down due to the selling pressure. However, when whales remove their coins from exchanges, it could mean they don’t plan to sell and are holding for better prices. In this case, the whale has gone the way of the latter, suggesting accumulation rather than selling. Also, given the sheer volume of coins being withdrawn from the Robinhood exchange, it has removed a significant amount of supply from the open market from now. However, the whale transaction hasn’t had much of an impact on the price. The SHIB price is still trading under $0.00002 at the time of this writing, although this presents ample opportunity for these investors looking to get in ... read More

Bitcoin Tumbles Below $65,000: Should You Panic Or Buy?

    As Bitcoin dips below the $65,000 mark, currently trading at $64,886, the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a heightened sense of urgency among traders. This recent downturn reflects a broader trend observed over the past week, with Bitcoin shedding approximately 2.4% of its value. The last 24 hours alone saw a further decline of 1%, signaling growing market nervousness. Should You Panic? Analysts from the blockchain analytics platform Santiment highlight the ongoing decline phase as a steepest three-day decline in active Bitcoin wallets since the peak earlier in March, suggesting a significant shift in investor behavior and market sentiment. However, this contrasts sharply with ETH, as Ethereum wallets continue to increase, indicating divergent investor confidence between the leading cryptocurrencies. The increase in Ethereum wallets suggests a bullish outlook for ETH despite the bearish pressure on Bitcoin. Meanwhile, according to Bitfinex analysts, the ongoing sell-off has been significantly influenced by long-term Bitcoin holders and whales adjusting their holdings amid the market's consolidation phase. This behavior is typical of long-term holders who opt to reduce their positions during periods of market uncertainty to capitalize on or mitigate losses. The Bitfinex analyst reveals that the Hodler Net Position Change metric has consistently shown negative values, indicating that these significant players are moving their holdings to exchanges, potentially to sell, ex... read More

A New Liquid Restaking Paradigm: Lista DAO (Everything You Need to Know)

    Liquid staking and, by extension - liquid restaking - have been some of the most interesting and fast-growing narratives in the past year. Lista DAO is introducing an open-source liquidity protocol that's designed to earn yield on collateralized cryptocurrencies such as BNB, ETH, certain stablecoins, and other assets, while also enabling the borrowing of the protocol's decentralized stablecoin called lisUSD. The team also coined the term 'destablecoin,' which is used to describe the decentralized nature of lisUSD. With that in mind, let's dive deeper into Lista and its intricacies. What is Lista DAO? Lista DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) brings forward a liquidity protocol for earning yields on multiple cryptocurrencies, as mentioned above. It is made of a dual token model, where the two native cryptocurrencies are lisUSD (destablecoin) and LISTA. It also has a set of mechanisms that are engineered to support features such as instant conversions, borrowing, yield farming, asset collateralization, and more. The team behind Lista consists of experienced smart contract developers, according to the main website, who aim to position lisUSD as one of the most widely-used decentralized stablecoins by leveraging Proof-of-Stake and yield-bearing assets. About LisUSD, the Destablecoin Destablecoin is a term used to describe a relatively new asset type in the industry. The 'de' prefix stands for 'decentralized.' These destablecoins take advantage of decentralized crypto ass... read More

FOMC Preview: How Will Bitcoin And Crypto React? All You Need To Know

    As the financial markets brace for the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on Wednesday, June 12th, the Bitcoin and crypto community is poised to assess the implications of any Federal Reserve announcements on digital assets such as Bitcoin. With the consensus forecast suggesting that the Federal Reserve will hold the federal funds rate steady at 5.25%-5.50%, the primary interest of investors has turned to the nuances of the Fed’s forward guidance and economic projections. Crypto analyst Tomo (@Market_Look) shared his insights on X, framing the upcoming FOMC meeting as a non-event for those expecting drastic moves. He stated, 'Interest rates are likely to remain unchanged (5.25%-5.50%). There will likely not be any major changes to the statement or economic outlook, and the dot chart is expected to shift in a hawkish direction.' Tomo also highlighted the anticipated adjustments in the rate projections for the coming years, noting, 'In 2024, the rate will shift from 3 cuts to 2 cuts. The hawkish surprise will be 1 cut.' He explained that the market has already priced in these expected adjustments, suggesting minimal surprise and limited market volatility in response. 'As of March, the distribution of dots for 2024 is 9 people in favor of keeping interest rates unchanged or cutting them twice, and 10 people in favor of cutting interest rates three or more times... a shift from three to two is already factored in.' Banking giant ING’s team of econo... read More

Arbitrum DAO Agrees To Distribute $216 Million In Funding – Here's...

    The Arbitrum Foundation, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) tasked with developing and nurturing the Arbitrum ecosystem, has approved the start-up of a support fund aimed at developing projects in its gaming ecosystem. The organization has revealed plans to distribute a whopping $216 million to improve its gaming ecosystem. Arbitrum To Allocate $216 Million For Gaming Proposal The Arbitrum Foundation has officially endorsed a proposal, involving a funding initiative to expand and develop its gaming ecosystem. According to its blog post, the Arbitrum DAO will work towards allocating 225 million ARB tokens, valued at approximately $216 million, to support the growth of gaming projects on the network. This proposal underwent a formal voting process amongst community members. Of the total voters in the foundation, a staggering 162.41 million voted in favor of the gaming proposal, while 50.48 million opposed it. Additionally, about 44,093 members abstained from voting.  As a result of the overwhelming approval, the Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP) will receive financial support from the Arbitrum Foundation over the course of three years. The program is designed to facilitate and expand awareness and adoption of Arbitrum/Orbit/Stylus by builders and players within the gaming community. Moreover, the Arbitrum Foundation has set its sights on the $250 billion gaming vertical which is projected to double by 2030, reaching a substantial $500 billion market. The organizati... read More

Why XRP Could Hit $7.5 Sooner Than You Think: Expert Insights Unveiled

    The digital currency XRP, one of the major altcoins in the crypto market, is currently showing signs that may excite investors and traders. Recent analyses indicate the potential for significant price movement. According to Egrag Crypto, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, the altcoin's price could ascend to ambitious new heights in the coming months based on technical patterns and market trends. Technical Indicators Pointing Upwards XRP has so far emerged as a focal point for potential bullish activity. Notably, the asset has recently broken out of a week-long downtrend, recording a 1.6% uptick in the last 24 hours, with its price now hovering around $0.5032. This shift comes as the market is closely watching several key indicators that could predict further gains. According to the technical analysis done by Egrag, there is currently a preliminary target for XRP at $7.5, known as the Atlas Line target. Egrag Crypto also expresses a strong confidence that XRP will break through the White Triangle pattern—a technical configuration seen as a critical indicator of future price movement—in the chart he shared (below). Breaking this pattern could set the stage for reaching and surpassing a 'measured move at $1.5' levels, according to the analyst. Further technical analysis identifies the Fibonacci 1.618 zone, stretching from $6.5 to $7.5, as a critical region for potential profit-taking should the token's price ascend to these levels. Achieving a weekly close ab... read More

This is What You Need to Know About Ripple (XRP) This Week

    TL;DR XRP dropped to $0.48 and recovered to nearly $0.50. Analysts predict potential rallies to $1.50 and $6.50-$7.50. Some foresee short-term declines due to upcoming US CPI data, but expect long-term gains. The RSI metric suggests a possible rebound. XRP's Next Possible Move Ripple's XRP has been quite shaky in the past several weeks, with its price dipping by 6% on a 14-day scale. The asset was significantly affected by the latest market correction, dropping to as low as $0.48 on June 7. It reclaimed some lost ground in the following days and is currently trading at almost $0.50 (per CoinGecko's data). However, the negative trend has not stopped bullish analysts from speculating that XRP is on the verge of a substantial price rally. The X user EGRAG CRYPTO believes the asset will break a specific pattern depicted as 'the White Triangle' and rise to $1.50.  Later on, XRP could jump to $6.50-$7.50 should it surpass the Fib 1.618 zone. According to the trader, this is when many investors will start taking profits.  Matthew Dixon chipped in, too, arguing that XRP 'is still coiling in the form of a correction and may be driven lower short term before a powerful spring higher is anticipated.' He thinks a possible elevated US CPI data later this week could trigger a price decline for the token. However, holders 'will likely be rewarded when interest rates' eventually start decreasing, Dixon added. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is set to release the latest Consumer... read More

Stadium, Islands, Private Jets: What Can 10,000 BTC Get You 14 Years Aft...

    Fourteen years ago, 10,000 bitcoins (BTC) could get you only two pizza boxes; however, the story is entirely different today. In commemoration of the Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrated on May 22, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken shared a video outlining what 10,000 BTC would get you today, ranging from hundreds of private flights on a spaceship to Leonardo DaVinci's most expensive painting. The Value of 10K BTC Today Recall that Bitcoin Pizza Day is a reminder of a legendary moment when Floridian programmer and early BTC adopter Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 BTC in 2010. The cryptocurrency was worth $0.0041 at the time, making the purchase cost an estimated $41. Since then, bitcoin has gained more than 141,000,000%, so the stash is now worth over $690 million at the asset's current price of around $69,000. The tides have obviously changed, and it is interesting to know what those 10,000 BTC could buy nowadays. For example, such a massive BTC quantity ann get you at least 700 Papa John's pizza franchises. Data from FranchiseHelp shows that the estimated initial investment required to open a standard Papa John's pizza franchise is between $130,120 and $844,420. With $687 million, you can open more than 715 standard Papa John's franchises. The video also showed that 10,000 BTC can get you the most expensive painting of Italian polymath Leonardo DaVinci and an Airbus A380 Private Jet. DaVinci's most expensive painting, Salvator Mundi, is worth $450.3 mil... read More

Standard Chartered Analyst Says Bitcoin Is Set For A New ATH Above $73,7...

    Analysts from leading international cross-border bank, Standard Chartered have made a bold prediction that Bitcoin could witness a significant rise to new all-time highs above $73,700. This projection, slightly higher than the cryptocurrency’s previous peak, comes with an unexpected and wholly ambitious timeline.  Bitcoin Poised To Reach New All-Time Highs Geoff Kendrick, Head of EM FX Research, West and Crypto Research, Standard Chartered, has made a bullish prediction for Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. In an email to TheBlock, Kendrick stated that Bitcoin is poised to break out of its previous all-time high on March 14, 2024, to witness a massive surge to approximately $73,798.  The analyst has projected a rather grandiose timeline for this bullish rally, expecting Bitcoin to hit the forecasted price target by the weekend. Kendrick attributed this potential price increase to the recent inflows into Spot Bitcoin ETFs.  Earlier on May 21, data from Farside investors indicated that Spot Bitcoin ETFs had recorded their best inflow week in the last two months. The digital asset saw over $305.7 million in inflows, with BlackRock’s Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT), amassing the largest inflows of $290 million.  Cumulatively, Spot Bitcoin ETFs have recorded inflows of more than $13 billion from its launch on January 11 to the present. This increased demand and influx of capital which had been a major contributor to Bitcoin’s previo... read More

Crypto Expert Predicts: These 8 Altcoins 'Will Make You Rich'

    In a new YouTube analysis released to his 502,000 followers, crypto strategist Miles Deutscher shared his insights on the evolving landscape of crypto investments. Deutscher's discourse delved deep into the inefficacies of traditional venture capital (VC) investment models in the crypto space and proposed an alternative strategy focusing on certain altcoins which he believes are poised for significant growth. Deutscher criticized the conventional VC-backed token launches, stating, 'VCs get in at super low valuations Then, when these tokens launch, they're incentivized to launch them as high as possible in fully diluted valuation terms.' This practice, he argued, results in launch prices that are too steep, blocking effective price discovery mechanisms essential for healthy market participation by retail investors.The subsequent overvaluation typically leads to rapid price declines as initial investors quickly sell off their holdings to realize gains. Highlighting a shift in market dynamics, Deutscher pointed out that meme coins have gained popularity as a form of retaliation against the VC-dominated ecosystem. 'People do feel like the game has been rigged and they want to gain an edge,' he explained. According to him, the success of meme coins can be attributed to their generally fairer launch processes compared to traditional VC-funded tokens. To 8 Altcoins To Buy Now Throughout his video, Deutscher listed eight altcoins that align with this new investment 'meta,' emphasizin... read More

Is Your Wallet Ecosystem Holding You Back? Discover Klever

    The crypto industry offers diverse opportunities, allowing users to tap into new investment opportunities. However, the technicalities in navigating the market make it difficult to have a seamless experience. Klever prides itself on a cohort of products that serve as game changers. It is a blockchain company that offers a suite of products that ease users' crypto experiences. Headquartered in Switzerland, the platform was founded in 2019 by Dio Ianakiara. With over 100 employees with expertise from diverse backgrounds driving innovation. Klever has over four million downloads across more than 190 countries worldwide. Unlike most blockchains, Klever takes a unique initiative in building an all-in-one ecosystem that satisfies every user’s crypto needs. This article breaks down these products and how they are used. Klever Blockchain Klever Wallet KleverSafe KleverScan VoxSwap Devikins Conclusion Klever Blockchain Klever blockchain, also known as KleverChain, is a layer-1 blockchain network. Initially launched on the Tron blockchain, KleverChain transitioned to its own mainnet in July 2022. It serves as an alternative to Ethereum, Tron, Solana, and other blockchains. On KleverChain, users can propose new fees for the network, making an innovative step in the layer-1 blockchain landscape. KleverChain uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model, enabling the network to process fast and inexpensive transactions. The layer-1 network has already recorded 3,000 tra... read More

DVT 101: All You Need to Know on ETH Staking with Decentralized Validato...

    By Adam Efrima The crypto space is full of buzzwords and abbreviations, and today, I’ll be discussing one that’s not quite so widespread yet: Decentralized Validator Technology, or DVT. It promises to fix a major worry about how traditional validator setups operate on Ethereum by significantly decentralizing and securing the process. Validators are the entities that build blocks in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, similar to miners in Bitcoin (and other Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols). Ever since Ethereum moved entirely to PoS in September 2022 with The Merge, the blockchain has been supported by a set of approximately 900,000 validators, which theoretically makes it the most decentralized PoS network currently live. However, not all that glitter is gold in this space. Multiple issues have been raised regarding how PoS is currently implemented in Ethereum, all of which contribute to making it a bit less decentralized than it would seem. But first, we need to dive into the weeds of what a validator in Ethereum really is. Ethereum Validators Aren’t Like the Rest A big difference between Ethereum and other PoS networks is that the validator nodes need to have a stake of 32 ETH — no more, no less. This limit was chosen so that it’d offer a reasonable entry point for average Joes to stake while still not creating too many validators for no reason. Right now, 32 ETH is worth about $95,000, but back when staking was first introduced (first as a separate... read More

Ripple v. SEC Trial Entering Critical Phase: Here's What You Need to Kno...

    TL;DR The legal battle between Ripple and the US SEC has reached its trial stage, indicating a possible nearing settlement, though the complex nature of the case might extend its duration. The lawsuit's resolution could greatly impact the cryptocurrency market, potentially driving significant price movements in XRP and other digital assets, depending on the outcome. On to the Next Chapter The legal battle between Ripple and the US SEC, which has been going on for three and a half years, entered its trial stage at the end of April. While many industry participants believe this could be a sign of a soon-approaching settlement, the complexity of the court process may drag the case a bit longer.  Over the past several weeks, the quarrel has witnessed numerous developments from both sides, including filing important letters and motions. The latest action occurred earlier this week, with the SEC presenting its remedies reply brief and supporting exhibits under seal. The popular American lawyer Jeremy Hogan outlined that the move completed the briefs phase, claiming the regulator 'went out with a whimper here.' 'It didn't even try to attack ODL sales, just noting that Ripple was trying to re-litigate the issue (which it is). And it brought nothing new on damages,' he added. Hogan believes the case now enters a stage with fewer developments where both sides must wait for the judge's decision. The Ruling's Possible Impact The resolution of the lawsuit&n... read More

Crypto Whale Spends $10.4 Million On PEPE, Do They Know Something You Do...

    A crypto whale’s transaction involving the third-largest meme coin by market cap, PEPE, has drawn the crypto community’s attention. The magnitude of the transaction, coupled with some other whale transactions, suggests that it may be high time to pay more attention to PEPE.  Crypto Whale Spends $10.4 Million On PEPE On-chain analytics platform Spotonchain revealed a wallet (3eAaAC3C9) that had purchased 1.238 trillion PEPE from Binance at an average price of $0.000008424 ($10.4 million). This wallet then proceeded to withdraw the tokens in two transactions. On-chain data shows that the whale withdrew 322.5 billion PEPE in the first transaction and the remaining 915.85 billion PEPE in the second transaction.  At the time of writing, the whale hasn’t moved the tokens, suggesting they may be looking to hold for the long term. Some notable smart traders look to have been accumulating the meme coin lately, most likely in anticipation of significant price moves from it. Spotonchain also recently revealed two whales that had withdrawn 660.7 billion PEPE from Binance and MEXC.  The platform also mentioned another whale that withdrew 322.48 billion PEPE ($2.68 million) from Binance for the first time. More recently, Spotonchain drew the crypto community’s attention to a smart trader who has been profiting from the meme coin since last year. This trader is said to have completed 8 trades and realized a cumulative profit of $917,000.  Seeing ... read More

BlackRock's Tokenized Fund News Sends Hedera (HBAR) Soaring 100%, The Re...

    In a surprising turn of events, the native token of the decentralized ledger platform Hedera, HBAR, experienced a significant price surge of over 100% during the early hours of Tuesday. Starting from a low of $0.0875, HBAR skyrocketed to reach the $0.1821 mark by Wednesday.  The sudden surge was triggered by the news of BlackRock's tokenized fund, BUIDL, which generated high expectations among HBAR investors regarding a potential collaboration between the prominent asset manager and the Hedera protocol. Not Directly Connected To Hedera? Launched by BlackRock in March 2024, BUIDL operates as a tokenized fund on the Ethereum blockchain, providing US dollar yields through tokenization.  Initially, an announcement led to confusion among investors, who mistakenly believed that BlackRock would directly tokenize the fund on the Hedera network. This misunderstanding triggered a significant surge in the HBAR price. Upon closer examination of the announcement, it became clear that BlackRock and Hedera had no direct connection, although the initial reaction to the news was noteworthy.  Crypto analysts, who use the pseudonym 'CrediBull' on social media site X (formerly Twitter), shed light on the situation, emphasizing that explicit permission from BlackRock was unnecessary to list tokenized versions of their funds.  It was not a deliberate decision by BlackRock to tokenize on Hedera; rather, an existing platform on the network took the liberty of tokenizing one of B... read More

Crypto Guru Reveals Top Altcoin Picks And DeFi Risks: What You Need To K...

    Renowned crypto analyst Lark Davis recently shared insights into the world of altcoin and decentralized finance (DeFi), offering high-risk, high-reward options and established projects. During a live stream, Davis discussed his current portfolio holdings, while emphasizing the volatility inherent in these markets. High-Risk Ventures Altcoin And Established DeFi Projects During his discussion, Davis advised against investing in Bitcoin SV (BSV), expressing doubts about Craig Wright's claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He emphasized the importance of doing thorough research before investing in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, he mentioned Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a potential candidate for the next ETF approval in the US due to its slight variations from Bitcoin. Regarding altcoins and DeFi, Davis highlighted different projects in his portfolio, including 'Puff, Benji, and Foxy,' which he categorized as 'high-risk, high-reward ventures.' Davis also mentioned DeFi projects like 'Jup and Arrow,' which are known for their governance features and staking rewards. Furthermore, Davis discussed projects with considerable potential for growth, such as Solana, Trader Joe, and Mantle. However, he emphasized these investments' volatile nature and recommended that viewers approach them cautiously. In addition to Davis's insights, Solana has recently become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, surpassing XRP and Dogecoin. With a market cap of $68.7 billion and a price of ... read More

Analyst Reveals Bitcoin's Bull Market Breakthrough: Here's What You Need...

    In a recent tweet, well-known crypto analyst Rekt Capital delved into the potential timeline for the next Bitcoin market peak, emphasizing the Halving cycle's significant impact on building BTC's market path. As the Bitcoin Halving is set to occur between today and tomorrow, April 20, Bitcoin has shown less significant market movement. At the time of writing, the asset has a market price of $64,578. Analyst: 'When Could Bitcoin Peak In This Bull Market?' According to Rekt Capital's analysis, Bitcoin typically reaches its bull market peak between 518 and 546 days following a Halving event. Applying this historical timeline, the next anticipated bull market peak could fall between mid-September and mid-October 2025. However, as disclosed by Rekt Capital, recent market trends suggest a possible acceleration in Bitcoin's ongoing cycle compared to historical patterns, demonstrated by the cryptocurrency achieving new record levels approximately 260 days ahead of the typical schedule. Despite this apparent acceleration, Rekt Capital noted: Bitcoin has been experiencing a Pre-Halving Retrace for the past month or so As a result, Bitcoin has been slowing down and decelerating the cycle by 30 days thus far and counting So while Bitcoin may have been accelerating by ~260 days last month... Today this acceleration is now more close to ~230 days due to the current Pre-Halving Retrace. Additionally, Rekt Capital introduced an alternative viewpoint termed the 'Accelerated Perspective,' wh... read More

Arkham Releases Top 5 Crypto Rich List – You Won't Believe How Muc...

    Arkham Intelligence, an industry leader in on-chain data tracking, has released a list of the richest people in crypto according to their wallet balances. This list has been making the rounds in the crypto community due to the top 5 alone being worth billions of dollars. But perhaps, what is more interesting is how much of this money has now been deemed inaccessible. 3 Of The Top 5 Crypto Rich List Lost Forever Arkham took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the top 10 richest individuals in crypto ranked by the net worth of their wallet holdings. But the most interesting bits actually lay in the list of the top 5 richest individuals, which included the likes of Tron’s Justin Sun and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin. According to the data shared by Arkham, Justin Sun emerged at the top of the list with a wallet balance of $1.1 billion, followed by Rain Lohmus, the Chairman of LHV Bank, whose wallet is worth $793 million. Next in line is Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, with a wallet balance of $782 million. In fourth place is Stefan Thomas, a software engineer whose wallet holds a considerable $452 million. And then last but not least is James Fickel, with a total wallet net worth of $446 million. Altogether, these crypto millionaires and billionaire, hold a total of $3.5 billion. However, not all of this money is available to the owners. As Arkham notes in its report, two out of these five individuals are no longer able to access their wallets anymore. The first of thes... read More

Why The Bitcoin Halving Matters, But Not The Way You Think: Expert

    David Lawant, Head of Research at FalconX, a digital assets prime brokerage with trading, financing, and custody for leading financial institutions, recently offered an analysis on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the evolving role of Bitcoin halvings in market dynamics. This analysis challenges the traditional view that halvings directly and significantly affect Bitcoin's price, instead highlighting a broader economic and strategic context that might be influencing investor perceptions and market behavior more profoundly. The Miner's Diminishing Impact On Bitcoin Price Lawant begins by addressing the changing impact of Bitcoin miners on market prices. He presents a detailed chart comparing the total mining revenue to the Bitcoin spot traded volume from 2012 onwards, clearly marking the dates of the three previous halvings. This data reveals a significant shift: 'The most crucial chart for comprehending halving dynamics is the one below, not the price chart. It illustrates the proportion of total mining revenue compared to BTC spot traded volume since 2012, with the three halving dates marked.' In 2012, total mining revenue was multiples of the daily traded volume, highlighting a time when miners' decisions to sell could have significant impacts on the market. By 2016, this figure was still a notable double-digit percentage of daily volume but has since declined. Lawant emphasizes, 'While miners remain integral to the Bitcoin ecosystem, their influence on price formation ... read More

Will The Halving Send Bitcoin Price To $100,000? Analytics Platform Reve...

    Hannah Phung, a lead analyst at on-chain analytics platform SpotOnChain, recently gave her opinion on the impact that Bitcoin Halving could have on the flaghsip crypto’s price. This adds to the ongoing debate on whether or not the Halving event could cause Bitcoin’s price to rise to $100,000.  Bitcoin’s Price Surge Might Not Come Immediately Phung mentioned during an interview with BeInCrypto that Bitcoin’s price tends to increase around 6 to 12 months after the Halving and not immediately. This is evident from the past Halving events, as Bitcoin’s significant price gains came about one year after the Halving had occurred. After the first Halving on November 28, 2021, Bitcoin saw a price increase of over 8,000% one year after the event.   Meanwhile, BTC saw a price increase of 284% and 559% one year after the second and third Halving events, which took place on July 9, 2016, and May 11, 2020, respectively. Phung further noted that Bitcoin’s price gains come from the reduction in Bitcoin miners’ supply, which helps increase scarcity and drive up its price, especially when demand is stable.  In February, NewsBTC reported that Bitcoin’s demand was far outpacing the miners’ supply. This led to several crypto analysts making bullish predictions that Bitcoin’s price could increase exponentially when miners’ rewards are further cut in half later this month. One such analyst was MacronautBTC, who rais... read More

Should You Buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) Now? This Bitcoin Proponent Thinks So

    TL;DR Early Bitcoin adopter Davinci Jeremie advocates for including Shiba Inu (SHIB) in investment portfolios. SHIB's price is on the rise monthly, buoyed by a dramatic increase in its burning mechanism and the development of Shibarium, which aims to enhance the ecosystem's efficiency and reduce transaction costs. The early Bitcoin adopter, using the X handle Davinci Jeremie, seems to be bullish on other cryptocurrencies, too. Most recently, he argued that the popular meme coin - Shiba Inu (SHIB) - is an asset investors should have in their portfolios. This is not the first time he has focused on the self-proclaimed Dogecoin-killer. In October last year, he suggested SHIB was among the altcoins worth purchasing at the time. Davinci Jeremie is a famous individual across the crypto community, often praising the merits of Bitcoin (BTC). More than a decade ago, he urged people to invest just $1 into the primary digital asset: 'It's just a dollar, get some bitcoins. Put it away, it goes to nothing; who cares, right? You only spent a dollar. You'll get a million satoshis for one dollar, and the way I see it, that will be worth a million dollars once BTC gets to where it's going to be.' BTC's value has experienced an astronomical surge since then, making Jeremie's advice more than useful.  Meanwhile, SHIB's price is well in the green on a monthly scale, with some analysts envisioning new peaks in the near future.  The asset's burning mechanism, which... read More

Triple-Digit Gains: Ondo Finance (ONDO) Explodes 138% — Should You...

    Ondo Finance (ONDO), a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol focused on tokenizing US treasuries, has witnessed a meteoric rise in its native token's price over the past week. According to CoinMarketCap, although ONDO was only able to muster a meager 1.3% increase in the last day - yet pushing its value to a record-breaking $0.94 - the impressive feat comes on the heels of a 138% weekly gain, marking an impressive performance for the token. ONDO Marks Banner Week With Big Numbers Analysts attribute this surge to a confluence of factors. Whale investors, known for their significant holdings and market influence, have been accumulating ONDO at a substantial clip. Data from on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain reveals that three whale wallets recently withdrew over 9 million ONDOs, worth around $9 million, from various exchanges. This behavior suggests a long-term bullish outlook on the token's potential, potentially inciting a follow-the-leader mentality among retail investors. Whales are accumulating #RWA token $ONDO! Whale'0x56F9″ withdrew 6.53M $ONDO($5.88M) from #Bybit in the past month. Fresh wallet'0x92dD' withdrew 1.98M $ONDO($1.78M) from #Gateio in the past hour. Wallet'0xE6bf' withdrew 937,600 $ONDO($845K) from #Gateio 3 hours ago. Address:… — Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 25, 2024 Indeed, Santiment data analyzed by NewsBTC shows a 30% increase in the total number of ONDO holders since March 19th, surpassing the 10,... read More

7 Days Of Crypto: Key Events That You Should Keep An Eye On This Week

    There are a couple of events to watch out for this week, as they could prove pivotal in determining the future trajectory of the crypto market. These events could provide some certainty to the market or cause investors to wait on the sidelines for more favorable market conditions.  Events That Could Affect The Market This Week Some Federal Reserve officials are scheduled to speak at different events this week. One of them is Governor Lisa Cook, who will give a lecture on March 25. Fed Chair Jerome Powell will also participate in a discussion at the Monetary Policy Conference on March 29.  Their speeches are significant as they could provide valuable insights into the current state of the economy and what to expect from the Federal Reserve regarding interest rates in its fight against inflation. Macroeconomic factors like interest rates usually impact the crypto market and partly determine the sentiments among crypto traders. The crypto market is usually bullish whenever the Federal Reserve adopts a dovish stance on whether or not to hike interest rates. Therefore, these officials sounding positive in their speeches could help boost investors’ confidence in the crypto market since they would be less worried about things on the macro side.  Meanwhile, several economic data will be released this week, including the Consumer Confidence and Consumer Sentiment data and the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index. These releases offer insights into the ec... read More

Ripple (XRP) Price Hits an ATH But It's Not What You Think

    TL;DR XRP experienced a notable, though glitch-induced, spike in its price observed on a cryptocurrency platform. Analysts are optimistic about a potential bull run, closely watching the outcome of Ripple's lawsuit with the SEC, which may significantly impact the token's future valuation. Ripple's XRP has been hovering between $0.60 and $0.70 in the past several weeks, currently standing at the lower mark. Several X users, though, noted in the past few hours that the asset's price has exploded to an all-time high of a whopping $74. The remarkable target was supposedly observed on the cryptocurrency platform Atlantis Exchange, but it turned out to be a short-lived glitch. BREAKING: New #XRP glitch to $74.50 on Atlantis Exchange! — JackTheRippler © (@RippleXrpie) March 20, 2024 The malfunction came a few days after Atlantis Exchange introduced trading services with XRP. Upon doing so, the company claimed the token has the potential for huge returns. A similar glitch showing that XRP's valuation has reached unprecedented levels occurred last year, too. As CryptoPotato reported, a bug on's application signaled that the price has skyrocketed to almost $250.  Despite not performing quite well as of late, numerous analysts remain optimistic that XRP is on the verge of a bull run that could take it to a new ATH in the near future.  One essential factor that might influence the potential surge is the outcom... read More

Shiba Inu Whales Are Accumulating SHIB, Do They Know Something You Don't...

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) whales have been busy in the market lately, as on-chain data suggests that they are positioning themselves for more moves to the upside from the meme coin. This development comes as the crypto token inches close to its all-time high (ATH).  Shiba Inu Whale Accumulates 332 Billion SHIB Tokens On-chain data shows that over 332 billion SHIB was sent from the trading firm Cumberland to a wallet linked with the crypto trading platform Robinhood. While the nature of the transaction remains unclear, further data from Etherscan shows that the Robinhood-linked wallet has been accumulating SHIB on a large scale these past few days.  Besides the single transaction of 332 billion SHIB, the wallet has also seen millions of SHIB tokens flow into it. A plausible explanation is the fact that the trading platform is seeing increased interest in the meme coin from its customers and has had to stack up on its SHIB holdings. Data from Arkham Intelligence shows that Robinhood holds almost 40 trillion SHIB tokens.   Meanwhile, Robinhood looks to be just one of many platforms on which SHIB trading has heightened. On-chain data shows that crypto exchange has significantly increased its SHIB holdings in the last 24 hours. Notably, there was an inflow of 2 trillion SHIB tokens sent from one of the crypto exchange’s hot wallets to another.  NewsBTC had recently reported that SHIB had seen a 20 times increase in March from its February average ... read More

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