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XYM Price:
$253.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XYM today is $0.024 USD.

The lowest XYM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.024, and the exact current price of one XYM crypto coin is $0.02419.

The all-time high XYM coin price was $0.74.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XYM with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Symbol crypto currency is #XYM.

Symbol is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Symbol is $134,970,537.

Symbol is ranked #309 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #XYM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Symbol is $253,805.


The circulating supply of XYM is 5,580,000,000 coins, which is 62% of the maximum coin supply.


XYM is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 7 crypto exchanges.

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How Blockchain Can Better Secure And Protect Our Healthcare Data

Data is a critical asset in the healthcare industry. Many of us don’t realise how our personal information, or Electronic Health Record (EHR) as it is called, is being used or stored. With the increasing rise of IoT (internet of things) devices, there is a higher risk of cyber-attacks and intellectual property theft of healthcare data from; research universities, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and allied health networks. Recently, the hack of Australia’s major regional hospitals via a suspected ransomware attack shut down appointment systems and reignited fears over patient information security. There needs to be a better way to securely store and manage our healthcare data to prevent data breaches, and this is where blockchain can help.Blockchain technology is a type of distributed ledger that maintains a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data. That data is owned and managed by a peer-to-peer network of computers instead of a central authority, so it’s fully decentralised and not controlled by one entity. Using blockchain technology, healthcare providers can validate patient identity and record standardised data that is secure and transparent. Authorised participants can add to — but not delete or alter — the transaction logs making it immutable. The blockchain ensures all transactions are encrypted and must be verified by the network, therefore, providing much stronger data security and integ...

Malaysia’s Education Ministry uses NEM to set up a University Degree Verification System

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has launched an e-Scroll system powered by LuxTag on NEM Catapult, to combat bogus degrees The Malaysian Ministry of Education together with a newly formed University Consortium on Blockchain Technology has launched the e-Scroll system — a NEM Blockchain powered web application that verifies and validates Malaysian university certificates. The e-Scroll system is powered by LuxTag, a solutions provider that enables businesses and their customers to protect authenticity & ownership of their valuable assets by providing digitised certificates on the NEM Blockchain. The e-Scroll system was developed to combat the increasing number of fake degrees and diplomas being made and sold in the black market. With such a growing issue, steps needed to be taken to safeguard the reputation and integrity of the certifications from Malaysian universities. The e-Scroll system was developed by the LuxTag team in cooperation with Prof Dato Dr Norbik Bashah Idris from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Led by Bekkai Amine Fatah, it’s built on top of the LuxTag Software Development Kit (SDK) on top of the Catapult NEM blockchain, it not only places the hash on the certificate on the NEM blockchain but also uses LuxTag patent pending that allows all certificate information to be inserted on the blockchain, making the data immutable and secure.“I’m happy that we have successfull...

NEM working with Enspiral Dev Academy to provide Blockchain Education in NZ

NEM have announced that a collaboration has been formed to work with Enspiral Dev Academy, New Zealand’s premiere full immersion web development school, to train technical talent to work with blockchain. Enspiral Dev Academy is a full time intensive bootcamp for software developers. Alongside training developers, their focus is on expanding New Zealand’s vibrant tech industry. Their fast-paced curriculum focuses on full stack JavaScript with ES5/6/7, Node.js, React, Redux, Express.js, Object-oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Relational databases, HTML5, CSS3, as well as pair programming, agile, unit testing, end-to-end testing and test-driven development. The languages taught are a platform to learn the fundamentals of programming, and by week 8, students begin to teach themselves any language or framework they choose. The partnership between NEM and Dev Academy is in the form of a ‘Blockchain Partners Programme’: Developing a short-term blockchain programme for Dev Academy’s existing students and alumni to enrol in., Provide channels to engage with NEM’s $100 million Community Fund for projects that would like to utilise the NEM platform., Access to resources and training to up-skill and equip developers in understanding blockchain technology, These engagements will be championed by Dalaney Davis, NEM New Zealand’s leader in growing the NEM ecosystem.“There is a need to support NEM blockchain co...

Multiversum Signs US $2M Partnership With Invox Finance, Nem considered for Invox Finance Platform

We’re proud to announce that Multiversum and Invox Finance have signed a strategic investment partnership worth US$2 Million to foster synergies and combine the innovational power of both companies. This is yet another strategic partner for Invox Finance to aid in our global expansion through the use of Multiversum as a commercial and technical partner. Multiversum is a relational blockchain and database which allows the creation of an advanced and organized data storage solution which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related one another. The Multiversum team has many years experience in complex data processing and system development from big corporate institutions like Oracle Corporation and KBC bank. Additionally, Multiversum’s alliance with Hyperchain and partnership with NEM allows them to capture the strengths NEM decentralized ecosystem. Multiversum’s CFO Alberto had this to say about the news,“As a bank manager with over 20 years experience I’m absolutely thrilled with the solution Invox Finance has brought to solve the long running problem of trustability in Invoice Financing. As a member of Multiversum Team I’m equally thrilled of having the opportunity of doing our part to help this big step forward in short term business financing.” Invox Finance’s COO Adam is also thrilled with the partnership stating that,“Multiversum is ...

Liven to use NEM Blockchain Technology and onboard XEM Cryptocurrency

The NEM blockchain technology has been selected to power rewards-based dining payment app, Liven, in a world-first that sees the Melbourne-based start-up allow Australians to transact with cryptocurrency in daily life on a large scale. The announcement sees Liven introduce a new digital currency called LivenCoin (LVN), giving everyday Australians the opportunity to dine at over 1000 restaurants and paying for their services using the cryptocurrency via the LivenPay payment network. The Foundation, creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform and the XEM cryptocurrency will be working with Liven to onboard XEM as the first cryptocurrency pairing with LVN coin to enable access to payments with XEM at hundreds of outlets in Australia and also utilise the NEM blockchain Apostille function, which is a timestamp on the NEM public blockchain. Apostille will be used to notarise analytics provided to merchants to ensure transparency and integrity in Liven’s back-end reporting ecosystem. Merchants who receive these reports over time will be able to make intelligent business decisions based on the data they receive when they work with Liven. Known as a plug-and-play, out of the box blockchain enterprise solution, NEM will be providing technical guidance and support as well as explore a number of other blockchain technology features which could be integrated into Liven’s platform. Founded in 2014 by siblings William ...

NEM Collaborates With Mana Labs

NEM to work with Mana Labs to unlock blockchain potential for the Maori and Pasifika community in New Zealand NEM have announced a collaboration to work with Mana Labs, a community social enterprise with the aim to improve the quality of life of local communities in New Zealand. Mana Labs was developed with the plan to effect more change and impact across a broader spectrum of communities and enabling a more strategic reach through its mission on ‘fusing next generation advancements with matauranga Maori’. Mana Labs have been looking into a number of areas of growth including blockchain technology. Partnered with industry and a cross section of the community, Mana Labs has built a critical mass of skilled resource collaborating for a greater good. In addition to a special interest in education and scientific research, Mana Labs partners with a wide variety of organisations that serve the health, well-being, personal development, and employment prospects of community members. The partnership between NEM and Mana Labs will revolve around: Developing regular engagements between blockchain experts to engage with the Maori entrepreneurs and communities, Provide access to channels for the Mana Labs network to engage with NEM’s $100 million Community Fund for projects who would like to utilise the NEM platform, Access to resources and training to skill up and equip developers in understanding blockchain technology, These en...

NEM Launches Blockchain Hub in Melbourne

The Foundation has set its sights on expanding Australia’s thriving blockchain ecosystem by launching a new blockchain hub in Melbourne. The new hub in Melbourne will serve as a central location for blockchain innovation where dedicated NEM representatives will be present to engage with both the public and members of the community to help them better understand the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It will also be a way to continue to grow NEM’s ecosystem of partners and help support start-ups who are interested in adopting the technology for their business — through regular activities, blockchain workshops and forums held throughout the year. Commenting on the announcement, NEM Foundation’s Australia and New Zealand Lead, Jian Chan said that NEM’s presence and recognition within Asia Pacific had grown considerably over the last 12 months and the launch of the blockchain hub was a logical next step. Jian also manages the hubs and will be the point of contact for growth in the region.“The launch of the NEM Blockchain Hub in Melbourne is a strong sign of our commitment towards supporting innovation in Australia and the world. Having first launched our Australian operations at the FinTech Australia Intersekt festival last year, NEM is now present in over 40 countries.”- Jian Chan Chan added the Foundation, who are creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform and the XEM...

A First Look Into NEM’s Role With Kind Heaven

A First Look Into NEM’s Role with Kind HEAVEN - Leading blockchain application technology, NEM, will provide the blockchain back-end for Kind HEAVEN’s premier immersive, state-of-the-art Las Vegas entertainment venue — EXPERIENCES YOU CAN’T HAVE ANYWHERE ELSE - Yesterday we announced that Kind HEAVEN, the immersive entertainment experience opening next year on the Las Vegas Strip, will integrate blockchain technology using the NEM platform, with Asta as its official development partner. Kind HEAVEN is a groundbreaking destination and revolutionary movement combining cutting-edge RF technology (wearables) with Hollywood-style storytelling to transport audiences to a new world where they’ll experience the best of Southeast Asian culture, art, music, food, and fashion on and offline. This is a community, unlike anything experienced before.The team behind Kind HEAVEN. Cary Granat is the CEO of Immersive Artistry; Ed Jones is the award-winning visual effects pioneer for movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Happy Feet, and Perry Farrell is the lead singer of Jane’s Addiction and founder of Lollapalooza. Another way to think of this team is as “experience collectors” — the ones who inspire adventure and discovery. And now they’re sharing this with you, me, and the world starting in the Fall of 2019.Courtesy photo: Rendering of the front entrance of Kind HEAVEN. — ALL ABOARD KIN...

NEM Launches Two Blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand

On the hunt to find the latest Australian and NZ blockchain innovations NEM has announced the launch of two NEM Blockchain Hubs, one in Australia and the other in New Zealand, to serve as an education and knowledge hub for blockchain technology. Located at The Precinct in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and EPIC Westport at Westport respectively, the hubs will have a dedicated NEM representative responsible for sharing the basic foundations of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the public and community members. They will also be supporting startups and larger enterprises who are looking at adopting blockchain for their business. This will be through regular activities, workshops, hackathons and forums held throughout the year. Foundation’s Expansion Director for Australia and New Zealand, Jason Lee,“The priority for the NEM Blockchain Hubs is to educate and inform the general public and businesses about the benefits and applications of blockchain. Secondly, we want to be able to attract software developers, startups and the wider blockchain community to explore and develop use case of the NEM blockchain technology platform.” The NEM Blockchain Hub in Brisbane is hosted by TravelByBit, a NEM funded company that is on a mission to open up Australia to digital currency tourism. It has built a network of local tourism businesses across regional Australia, allowing travellers to pay for goods and services with digita...

Exclusive Interview with the Creator of

Nemchange is an epitome of how members of the NEM Community can be involved in creating projects that could further advance the NEM blockchain. It is an exchange for NEM-based tokens (or what is known as mosaics) that is developed by Pavel Polak (also known as “Pa Po”), an engineer from Poland and a member of the NEM Community. Nemchange has a very simple interface, simple enough that in a short period of time it has attracted more than a thousand traders to follow it. What sets it apart from other exchanges is the possibility of automatic placement of the NEM mosaic that arrives at the stock exchange purse. It allows you to sell / buy mosaics even before their official listing on any other crypto exchanges. Examples include ProximaX (XPX)and Loyalcoin (LYL) which are both traded for XEM. — 1. Tell a little about yourself. - “My name is Pavel Polak. I’m from Poland and worked as a web developer for 2 years and then for 4 years acted as SAP consultant. I also studied IT at the university but left. Not long ago, I returned to web development and decided to start creating nemchange after my work. Now, the main focus of my work is nemchange.” — 2. How do you use the NEM platform for your stock exchange? - “I was planning to start developing on another platforms (incl. Waves), but after a certain study of NEM, I fell in love with it at a glance because of its simplicity, from the first line of the code. I...


CELED by Stephen Vineburg as a symbol of NFT art revolution

    Stephen Vineburg, an artist from the UK, launched his NFT artwork CELED as both a unique NFT and digital phone-based AR filter, that brought 3D life to a still image. CELED is an amalgam of elements of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by Eugene Delacroix from 1830 and ‘The Wreck of the Medusa’ by Theodore Gericault from 1818. The main idea of the art piece is an observation on extant affairs, where despite all the chaos and distress that is being experienced by society, our leaders are perhaps more focused on their own vanity than providing leadership. About Stephen Vineburg Stephen Vineburg has developed a conceptual art practice with a focus on using AR to explore contemporary issues. In 2021 Stephen was the artistic partner for “Suspension”, a digital art project which addressed the digital paradox of the duality of isolation and connection. It was launched in partnership with the European Cultural Academy as a collateral event to the Venice Biennale. Stephen is an art historian with a multifaceted personality and has interests in art, film, music, and business. In 2018, Stephen was an Executive Producer of the award-winning, independent film, ‘Emu Runner’ which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Stephen believes that the NFT market will soon move away from pieces that simply showcase the digital technology, to using the art form to make provocative artistic statements, and that CELED is a first mover in that di... read More

Technical Analysis: Terra Luna Drops 20%, While Symbol Token Climbs on F...

    Terra (Luna) was one of this week's biggest crypto losers, falling by as much as 20% during Friday's session. Declines in terra came as cosmos (ATOM) also had a double-digit decline. Biggest gainers Although crypto markets were mainly trading in the red, symbol (XYM) was one of the rare exceptions to climb higher today. XYM rose to an intraday high of $0.1728 during Friday's session, rising from an earlier low of $0.155. This move started when the symbol surged from its support at $0.146, an area where it has been trading around for the majority of the week. As of writing, XYM was trading over 7% higher, with price action continuing to gain strength, after a recent breakout from a key RSI resistance point. The 14-day RSI indicator is currently tracking at 44, following its surge from the 35 level, which was a historical point of price uncertainty. Traders will likely now wait to see if symbol could reach resistance of $0.189. Biggest losers Another day, and cosmos (ATOM) was once again trading lower, falling by as much as 10% in the process. Despite this, it was terra (LUNA) which was Friday's bear of the day, and was down around 16% as of writing. The move saw LUNA/USD extend its recent selloff, hitting an intraday low of $47.72, following an earlier high of $58.20. Looking at the chart below, the decline commenced after a breakout from the $59.75 floor, leading to further drops, which now sees new support of $47.95 being formed. In addition to the breakout, prices are n... read More

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