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XRP Price:
$1.2 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$27 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XRP today is $0.53 USD.

The lowest XRP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.528, and the current live price for one XRP coin is $0.52777.

The all-time high XRP coin price was $3.92.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XRP with market cap of BTC and how the supply of XRP affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for XRP is also #XRP.

XRP is 11.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for XRP is $27,437,277,223.

XRP is ranked #6 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is huge during the past 24 hours for #XRP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for XRP is $1,212,739,607.


The circulating supply of XRP is 51,987,017,573 coins, which is 52% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, XRP has a large supply of coins, 2,363 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


XRP is the native coin for the XRPL blockchain.

View the full list of XRPL blockchain tokens.


XRP is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 118 crypto exchanges.

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Ripple's XRP Not Named a Security in the SEC's Case Against Coinbase

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against Coinbase - in what seems to be the latest turn of events. The motion comes a day after the SEC also filed against Binance. The two cryptocurrency heavyweights are under some serious fire, but a closer look into the lawsuit against Coinbase reveals some interesting details. One of the more interesting findings (or the lack of) in the SEC's lawsuit against Coinbase is the list of altcoins that they consider to be securities. The filing reads: From the time of their first offer or sale, each of these Crypto Asset Securities was offered and sold, and continues to be offered and sold today, as an investment contract and thus a security. From there, the SEC goes on to name 13 altcoins (in a non-exhaustive list), which includes the likes of ADA, MATIC, SOL, and others. For the full list, please take a look at our latest report here. The curious bit is that the SEC fails to even mention Ripple's XRP. There's literally no mention of it. Recall that the SEC is also in a legal battle against Ripple - the company behind XRP. The agency has claimed that Ripple has conducted an unregistered sale of securities (XRP). It's entirely possible that the SEC has simply missed XRP in their latest claim, but it also leaves the door open for speculation on the ongoing case against Ripple. The post Ripple's XRP Not Named a Security in the SEC's Case Against Coinbase appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

XRP Bucks Market Trend as Proponents Remain Optimistic About Lawsuit Out...

    Although the crypto economy has dipped 1.5% in value over the past 24 hours, XRP, the sixth-largest digital asset by market capitalization, has posted gains recently. In the last week alone, XRP has surged over 10%, and year-to-date, this digital currency has increased by 35% against the U.S. dollar. XRP Defies Market Trends as Network Activity Rises; Supporters Optimistic of Lawsuit Outcome XRP's recent market performance is commendable, especially considering that many top crypto assets depreciated in value on June 5, 2023. Climbing 1.1%, XRP (formerly known as Ripple) stands as the sole cryptocurrency in the top ten rankings to achieve gains over the last 24 hours and during the preceding week. Thus far, XRP has accrued more than a 10% upturn against the greenback and a 15% growth within the past fortnight. As of Monday, June 5, 2023, XRP boasts a market cap of approximately $27.68 billion - a figure constituting 2.355% of the $1.18 trillion total worth of all cryptocurrencies worldwide. At present, around 51.98 billion XRP are available on the market, with a recorded global trade volume of nearly $1.4 billion on Monday alone. Furthermore, data from market intelligence firm Santiment reveals that May witnessed heightened activity throughout the XRP network. Santiment noted in its tweet dated May 29: '[XRP network] has now had its 2nd [and] 3rd largest address activity spikes of all time these past 2 days. A mild +4% decoupling has emerged between XRP [and] the [altcoin] p... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Remains Near Multi-Month High on Monday

    XRP remained near a multi-month high to start the week, despite cryptocurrency markets mostly tracking lower. The global market cap has fallen by 1.58% as of writing, due to today's red wave. Litecoin was a notable token to fall, dropping by nearly 5%.XRP XRP, formerly ripple, remained near a multi-month high on Monday, despite today's bearish sentiment. XRP/USD rose to a peak of $0.5447 to start the week, which is marginally lower than Sunday's high at $0.5466. As a result of this, ripple remains close to its highest level since March 30, which saw markets peak at $0.5575. Overall, the drop off from Sunday comes as traders opt to secure gains, which coincides with the relative strength index (RSI) dropping out of a support point. Price strength fell below the floor at 69.00 earlier in the day, and is currently tracking at 67.75. Should momentum continue in this direction, XRP bears will likely target a floor at $0.5090. Litecoin (LTC) On the other hand, litecoin (LTC) was one of Monday's biggest losers, as prices fell by as much as 5%. Following a high of $96.36 on Sunday, LTC/USD sank to an intraday bottom at the $91.79 level. This drop sees litecoin fall for a second consecutive session, after a false breakout of a ceiling at $96.00 Looking at the chart, prices were relatively overbought, with the RSI hovering close to a ceiling at 62.00, prior to the decline. Previous LTC bulls likely shifted their positions due to the proximity with the aforementioned resistance point... read More

Crypto Price Analysis Jun-2: ETH, XRP, ADA, BNB, and LTC

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Binance Coin, and Litecoin. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum's volatility spiked this week, and it managed to book a 4% price increase. This puts ETH into an uptrend and confirms the $1,820 level as support. To remain in the green, ETH will need to break above two key levels, $2,000 and $2,100, which currently act as resistance. Bears did not show any resistance at $2,000 in April but came in strong at $2,100. It remains to be seen if this time will be different. Looking ahead, buyers have returned to Ethereum. However, it is still too early to tell if they are serious about maintaining this uptrend. A clean breakout above the two key resistance levels would give them full control of the price. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) In a surprising move, XRP has reached 50 cents this week and booked an 11.7% price increase, making it the best performer on our list. The price is now just under the key resistance at 53 cents which has historically pushed back any attempt from buyers to take XRP higher. In April, sellers came in strong at the current resistance level and did not allow it to move higher. If they reject the price again, then the key support is at 44 cents. Looking ahead, XRP has a big opportunity to escape its current range established in April and May. If the resistance breaks, then buyers might have a good chance to take XRP to 60 cents next. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) Cardano continues to lag behind when... read More

XRP Tests $0.5 Critical Resistance But Will the Rally Continue? (Ripple ...

    Ripple's price has shown bullish movement in recent weeks. However, there is a notable resistance level that needs to be overcome before a more sustained rally can be anticipated. Technical AnalysisBy: Edris XRP/USDT Daily Chart: XRP has displayed a consistent upward trend after being rejected from the 200-day moving average of around $0.4. Additionally, it has surpassed the 50-day moving average of around $0.45 and appears to be targeting the resistance zone at $0.6 in the short term. A successful breakthrough of the $0.6 level would likely initiate a bullish phase, with the price potentially reaching as high as $0.9 in the mid-term. However, it is worth noting that the RSI has recently indicated an overbought condition, suggesting the possibility of a pullback or a period of consolidation in the upcoming days. Source: TradingView XRP/BTC Daily Chart The price has successfully broken out of the significant descending channel after finding support near the 0.000016 SAT level. Furthermore, both the 50-day moving average, positioned around 0.000017 SAT, and the static resistance level at 0.000018 SAT have been surpassed. The price is attempting to breach the 200-day moving average; however, the RSI's overbought signal suggests the potential for a short-term correction. In such a scenario, both the 0.000018 SAT level and the 50-day moving average are likely to be retested, providing support to the market. Source: TradingView The post XRP Tests $0.5 Critical Resistance But Will t... read More

Why Ripple (XRP) Price Exploded 12% in 7 Days (And One Important Catch)

    Despite the fact that the larger part of the cryptocurrency market is mostly covered in red, one prominent altcoin seems to stand out. Ripple's XRP price is soaring in the past few days, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The coin is up around 12% on the weekly and has conquered an important level - that of $0.6. So, without any further ado, here are a couple of reasons why that might be. The SEC Chances Growing Slimmer? While there's no new breakthrough in the case against the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, it appears that investors are starting to price in the potential for a victory. Recall that a couple of weeks back, Judge Analisa Torres denied the SEC's request to seal documents pertaining to a speech by the former director of the agency's corporate finance division - Bill Hinman. This has apparently had many people thinking that the case is close to its end. Charles Hoskinson - the founder of Cardano - is among them. He believes that the case will get resolved in June. XRP Bulls Getting Excited It also appears that investors are preparing for a potential uptick in the price of XRP on leveraged exchanges. Data from the popular analytics resource, CoinGlass, shows that the ratio between long and short positions over the past day has spiked above 1. This is true for most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges that support leveraged trading. In essence, this indicates that long positions are dominating and that there are more buyers than seller... read More

Ripple (XRP) Pumped 12% While yPredict and Launchpad (XYZ) Also Surge

    In a surprising turn of events, Ripple has experienced a notable price increase, soaring 12% in the past seven days. This surge comes as a breath of fresh air for XRP bulls, who have recently received positive news regarding the ongoing legal battle with the SEC – sparking optimism among long-term holders. XRP wasn’t alone in its upwards movement, as market newcomers yPredict (YPRED) and Launchpad XYZ (LPX) also witnessed significant surges in their respective presale phases. XRP Reclaims the $0.50 Level Amidst Positive Legal Developments XRP is now floating just above the crucial $0.50 level for the first time in six weeks as Ripple bulls establish dominance. Interestingly, now that XRP has breached the $0.50 level, the price appears to be retesting it from the other side. Should the price retest successfully, it would cement $0.50 as a new support zone – setting the stage for a further push. This development will be music to the ears of long-term XRP holders, who have had to deal with intense volatility over the past two years. Adding to the positive sentiment, CoinGlass data reveals the Long/Short (24h) ratio across most major crypto exchanges now exceeds 1 – indicating a greater volume of long positions relative to short positions. Much of the positivity surrounding XRP stems from some recent media reports, which hint that the SEC’s case against Ripple may be weakening. Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton recently tweeted that he expects large volu... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Hits 6-Week High, SOL Collides With Key Resistance L...

    XRP rallied to a six-week high in today's session, as the token extended a recent bull run to a sixth day. Prices have risen by as much as 10% in that period, with the latest surge sending the cryptocurrency above $0.50. Solana was also higher, hitting a multi-week high of its own.XRP XRP, formerly known as ripple, was one of the biggest movers in cryptocurrency markets on Tuesday, as it rose above $0.50. XRP/USD raced to a peak of $0.5049 earlier in today's session, after starting the week trading at a low of $0.4779. As a result of this surge, the token moved to its strongest point since April 19, when it hit a high of $0.5390. Today's rally has also led to the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) hitting its highest reading since March 31. At the time of writing, the index is tracking at 67.55, which is marginally below a ceiling of 68.00. In the event this upcoming ceiling is broken, there is a reasonable chance that XRP moves closer to March's high. Solana (SOL) Solana (SOL) was also in the green, as it moved close to a key resistance level of $21.50. After trading at a low of $20.30 during Monday's session, SOL/USD bulls took the token to a high of $21.37 today. This surge saw SOL hit its highest level since May 8, when the token was trading above $21.80. Following recent gains, solana is now trading 7% higher than at the same point last week, with today's rally sending the RSI to a ceiling at 55.00. As of writing, the index is hovering marginally below this point, w... read More

Ripple (XRP) Soars 5% Daily, Bitcoin (BTC) Loses $28K (Market Watch)

    After charting a three-week high at almost $28,500 yesterday, bitcoin started losing value rapidly and currently stands below $28,000. Most altcoins are also calmer today following yesterday's gains, aside from Ripple and Lido DAO. BTC Slips Back Below $28K The primary cryptocurrency had a relatively quiet week as its 7-day price range went into its lowest position in months. The most significant price drop came on Thursday when BTC dumped below $26,000 to chart a two-week low. However, the bulls stepped up at this point and pushed asset north. As the weekend came, bitcoin had returned to familiar ground at around $27,000. It pumped above that level on Sunday and kept rising on Monday morning when news broke that the US government had finally reached a deal on raising the debt limit. This resulted in a price jump to $28,500 for the first time since May 9. However, BTC failed to continue the uptrend and retraced shortly after. As of now, the cryptocurrency struggles just below $28,000. Its market capitalization has declined to $540 billion, while its dominance over the alts sits calmly at 46.6%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XRP, LDO Jump 5% Most altcoins also produced impressive price increases yesterday but failed to double down on a daily scale. Ethereum reclaimed $1,900 yesterday and stands above that level now, once again following a minor increase. Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Tron, Polygon, Shiba Inu, and Avalanche are slightly in the red, while ADA, SOL, DOT, and LTC have cha... read More

XRP Bulls Take Charge, Targeting $0.56 Next (Ripple Price Analysis)

    Ripple's overall outlook currently appears optimistic, with recent price movements indicating a bullish trend. Notably, the cryptocurrency has found support at both the 100-day and 200-day moving averages and has continued to rise. As a result, there is potential to target the significant resistance at the $0.55 region. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart After a period of consolidation and correction, the price found support around $0.41, which coincided with the 200-day moving average. This led to an uptrend and a breakout above the 100-day moving average at $0.445. Interestingly, the price experienced a pullback to the 100-day moving average and continued its upward rally, confirming the breakout. Moreover, the XRP price has recently surpassed the upper boundary of a descending flag pattern of around $0.4644. This breakout serves as a strong indication of buying pressure in this range. These recent movements suggest that XRP investors could be looking to breach the critical zone at $0.56. If successful, it might embark on a long-term bullish rally, with occasional short-term correction phases. The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour timeframe, the primary barrier at the moment is a significant resistance area located around the $0.48 price zone, which aligns with the midline boundary of the ascending channel. If the price continues to surge and then retraces back to the broken trendline, the breakout will be considered valid. Participants should anticipate another bullish... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Hits 1-Month High, After Moving Past Key Price Level

    One of Saturday's biggest movers is XRP, which rose to a 30-day high earlier in today's session. The token rose for a third consecutive day, as bulls returned to the market to start the weekend. Cardano was another notable gainer today.XRP XRP (formerly ripple), moved to a one-month high on Saturday, as bulls began to gradually renter the market. Following a low of $0.4614 on Friday, XRP/USD raced to a peak of $0.4777 earlier in the day. As a result of the surge, the token climbed to its highest level since April 30, when it was last above $0.4800. Looking at the chart, the move came as XRP bulls broke out of a key resistance level at the $0.4750 This occurred as the relative strength index (RSI) also moved beyond a ceiling at the 57.00 mark. At the time of writing this, the index is now at a reading of 58.18, with the next target for bulls potentially at 62.00. Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA), was also in the green to start the weekend, with prices moving further away from a recent support level. ADA/USD hit an intraday high of $0.3667 earlier in today's session, which comes following a low of $0.3564 on Friday. The move has resulted in cardano climbing to its strongest point since Wednesday, moving away from the aforementioned floor at $0.3550 in the process. From the chart, ADA has begun to consolidate, with price now retreating from its earlier highs, following a collision with a ceiling on the RSI. Price strength has failed to move past a point of resistance of 44.00 whic... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-26: ETH, XRP, ADA, TRX, and LTC

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Tron, and Litecoin. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum's volatility increased this past week but failed to break above the key resistance at $1,820. For this reason, the price is at a similar point to last week. This consolidation under the key resistance is unlikely to last, and bulls appear eager to break away. On Tuesday, buyers briefly took the price over the key level, but sellers were quick to reverse the price action back under $1,820. Looking ahead, bulls could take ETH into a renewed rally next week and turn the current resistance into support. If successful, this cryptocurrency will turn bullish and rally to $1,900 and $2,000 next. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) XRP found strong resistance at 47 cents and was unable to continue higher. This pushed the price lower but at a similar level to last week. Despite the pullback, buyers continue to be interested in this cryptocurrency. With good support at 44 cents, bulls could attempt another breakout in the coming days, particularly if market leaders like ETH are also successful in moving higher. Looking ahead, XRP seems more likely to move higher soon, with the next major resistance found at 50 cents. Despite a short break in the rally, the momentum indicators also remain bullish. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) Cardano is the exact opposite when compared to XRP. The price is found in a downtrend and fell by 3% this past week. The key support is at 34 cents, and th... read More

BTC Stable Above $26K as XRP, LTC, ARB Jump 3% (Market Watch)

    After dipping to a 13-day low yesterday, bitcoin reacted well and regained almost $600 in the following hours. Most altcoins are also slightly in the green on a daily scale, including ETH, MATIC, XRP, and LTC. LDO, on the other hand, has dropped below $2. BTC Remains Above $26K The primary cryptocurrency stood in a tight range, as confirmed by Glassnode recently, that had it trading mostly around $27,000. It tried its hand to break out of it a few times but was stopped at $27,500. The latest rejection came on Wednesday and brought the asset south hard. Firstly, BTC dropped under $27,000, but the bears took it a step further yesterday. This culminated in a drop to $25,900, which became bitcoin's lowest price position in almost two weeks. The bulls finally reminded of their presence at this point and started helping bitcoin recover some of its lost value. At first, they pushed it to over $26,000 and later propelled another minor leg up that resulted in BTC jumping to its current value of $26,500. The cryptocurrency is up by 1% in a day, and its market cap has increased above $510 billion. Its dominance over the alts sits stagnant, though, at 46.2%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LTC, XRP, ARB Up 3-4% The altcoins also suffered yesterday, but most have produced minor gains now. ETH went below $1,800 for the first time in a few weeks, but a 2% increase since then has pushed it above that level as of now. Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, and Shiba Inu are also slightly in the green. Ripple... read More

XRP Explodes 9% Weekly but Is a Correction Imminent? (Ripple Price Analy...

    Ripple's price is finally showing some bullishness following 4 weeks of downward movement. However, there are still some concerning signs on the charts. Technical Analysis By: Edris XRP/USDT Daily Chart The price has rebounded from the $0.43 support level, with the key 200-day moving average located around the same level. Currently, the 50-day moving average is being tested around the $0.47 mark, but XRP has yet to break above. If a bullish breakout were to occur, a rally toward the $0.6 resistance level would be the most probable scenario. On the other hand, a drop below the 200-day moving average would be disastrous, as a decline toward the $0.3 level and even lower would become more likely. This would likely prolong the bear market. The RSI indicator has also risen above 50%, displaying bullish momentum at the moment. Source: TradingView XRP/BTC Daily Chart Against BTC, XRP has finally broken out of the large descending channel after more than 6 months. The price has surged above the 50-day moving average located around the 0.000017 mark and is currently attacking the 0.000018 resistance level. The 200-day moving average trending around the 0.000019 price point could be the next target in case the price breaks through the 0.000018 level. On the other hand, a drop back inside the channel could lead to a crash toward the 0.000013 level. Judging by the momentum signal by RSI, the bullish scenario seems more likely. Source: TradingView The post XRP Explodes 9% Weekly but Is a ... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Bulls Take Profits Following 6-Day Winning Streak

    XRP was marginally lower on Saturday, as bulls seemingly secured gains, following a recent six-day winning streak. The token, which has risen by nearly 10% in the past week, remains close to a three-week high. Polkadot remained in the green to start the weekend.XRP XRP, formerly ripple, remained close to a multi-week high to start the weekend, despite bulls moving to secure recent gains. Following a peak at $0.4738 on Friday, XRP/USD declined to a bottom at $0.4627 earlier in the day. Despite the decline, XRP remained close to its strongest point since April 30, when the price reached a top of $0.4818. Looking at the chart, one of the catalysts of the move appeared to be a breakout on the relative strength index (RSI). The index moved beyond the ceiling of 54.00, and as of writing, is now tracking at 56.09. Bulls are likely targeting the $0.4800 mark, and could reach it this weekend, should the RSI move towards its next point of resistance at 59.00. Polkadot (DOT) In addition to XRP, Polkadot (DOT) extended its own gains on Saturday, as the token rose for a second straight session. DOT/USD climbed to a high of $5.41 to start the weekend, following a low at $5.33 the day prior. Saturday's move comes as polkadot continued to move away from a recent support point at $5.30. The slight increase in price has also led to the RSI moving towards resistance at 42.00, which is acting as an obstacle to further bullish pressure. There is a good chance that DOT could make a ru... read More

Ripple Unveils Blockchain-Powered CBDC Platform as XRP Price Maintains G...

    Ramping up its CBDC game, Ripple announced the launch of a new platform for central banks, governments, and financial institutions to issue their own central bank digital currency. Dubbed 'Ripple CBDC Platform,' the offering will leverage the same blockchain technology used on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The platform is developed to address multiple use cases, such as wholesale and retail CBDCs on a private ledger or issuing a stablecoin. Ripple CBDC Platform According to the San Francisco-based blockchain company, the aim is to 'holistically manage and customize the entire life cycle of fiat-based central bank digital currency, transaction, and distribution.' Following the development, James Wallis, Ripple's VP of Central Bank Engagements & CBDCs, said, 'As a trusted partner to several central banks, we believe this platform will help solve problems for many central banks and governments who are devising plans and developing a technology strategy for CBDC Implementations.' The exec added that innovative capabilities of the platform are expected to help facilitate instant settlement of both domestic and cross-border payments, mitigate risk vectors, and enhance the user experience of sending and receiving digital currency on either side of a transaction. As part of its global push for its CBDC platform, Ripple has onboarded the Republic of Palau to develop the country's national digital currency on it. Surangel Whipps Jr, President of the Republic of Palau, commented, 'Partnering w... read More

XRP and PEPE Lead Markets, Bitcoin and Ethereum Flat but in Green: This ...

    Well, the past week had some exciting developments to offer, at least in certain segments of the market. The broader capitalization barely increased by around $5 billion, currently standing shy of $1.2 trillion. This came on the back of a relatively flat performance of major cryptocurrencies, but some altcoins managed to surprise. Let's dive in. It's been a back-and-forth with Bitcoin this week. The cryptocurrency was trading at around $26,500 this time last week and managed to increase to around $27,500 a few days later. It plunged back below $27K, only to test $27,500 again on Thursday. The bears weren't having it, though, and made another decisive swing down, putting BTC's price where it's currently trading at around $26,800, booking a slight increase of 1.3%. Ethereum is also trading for a 2% increase on the weekly, followed by Cardano (ADA), MATIC, DOT, and TRX - all of which managed to book similar gains. But that's where things get more exciting. Ripple's XRP increased by around 8% in the past seven days, positioning it as the clear leader within the top 10 cryptocurrencies by means of total market cap. The reasons are probably two-fold. The judge presiding over the case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled against the agency's motion to seal a certain record of former director Bill Hinman. Investors perceived this as bullish for XRP as it might have a positive impact on the outcome of the case. Ripple also entered a deal to acquire Metaco - a ... read More

Why is XRP 9% Up Weekly and Will Ripple's Surge Continue?

    Ripple (XRP) is this week's frontrunner as the rest of the market continues to either consolidate or trade in a ruthless chop. The cryptocurrency has defied expectations and is trending upwards with little signs of slowing down. Here are a few possible reasons why and whether this rally could go any further. Case Against SEC Tilts in Ripple's Favor It seems that the major reason for the increase in XRP's price is that investors seem to be leaning bullish on Ripple winning the case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Recall that the SEC filed a lawsuit alleging that Ripple conducted an unregistered sale of securities, essentially claiming that XRP is a security. This week, Judge Analisa Torres denied the Commission's request to seal documents pertaining to a speech by Bill Hinman - the director of the agency's corporate finance division. This is the third time this specific request has been denied, so the question is - why is it so important for the SEC to seal these records? Well, it's pretty straightforward. William Hinman is a former director of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance. The speech in question refers to when he indicated that the agency didn't consider ETH security at the time, and Ripple layers have fought to find out more about how he came to that conclusion. They hope it could impact XRP's own classification. Judge Torres says the documents should be accessible based on the common law principle of public access to judicial documents: Docum... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-19: ETH, XRP, ADA, OP, and PEPE

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Optimism, and Pepe. Ethereum (ETH) The market leaders turned flat this past week, and ETH booked a modest 2.6% price increase. The volatility has remained low, and the price continues to sit below the key resistance at $1,820. The PA and momentum indicators show indecision from market participants. With decreasing volume, both bulls and bears seem absent from the market. There is no conviction on either side, and the price failed to move in a decisive manner. The current support is $1,660. Looking ahead, it seems that this consolidation under the key resistance could continue. It seems unlikely that sellers will attempt to test the key support level since the market is waiting for a trigger to bring back volatility. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) XRP rallied by 8.5% in the past week, and the price has now arrived at the 47 cents resistance. This impressive rally is atypical, considering that ETH and BTC failed to rally this week. Thanks to this renewed interest from buyers, the momentum indicators for this cryptocurrency have turned bullish. With decent volume on the way up and five consecutive daily candles closing in green, bulls dominate at this time. Looking ahead, sellers may make a stand at the key resistance and stop this uptrend, at least for a while. If a pullback happens, then XRP has good support at 44 cents which could be tested before the next leg up. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) This past we... read More

XRP Defies Market Sentiment With 3% Increase, BTC Drops Below $27K (Mark...

    Bitcoin dropped by over a grand in the past 24 hours and registered its lowest price tag in about a week earlier today. The altcoins are also slightly in the red now, with LDO dumping the most (over 6%). Bitcoin Slips Under $27K Last week's unfavorable market conditions culminated on Friday when BTC slumped to a two-month low at $25,800. However, the asset bounced off during the weekend, and spent most of it at around $27,000. Monday began on a more positive note as BTC jumped to $27,600. However, it failed there and quickly lost all daily gains. Another leg up came on Wednesday, but the bears intercepted the move once again, and BTC was unable to challenge $27,500. The subsequent rejection was a lot more violent than the previous one. It took bitcoin south by a grand, and it plummeted to a weekly low of $26,400. Despite regaining several hundred dollars since then, bitcoin still trades under $27,000 as it's 2% down on the day. As a result, its market capitalization has slumped back down to $520 billion, while its dominance over the altcoins sits tight at 46.3%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XRP Defies Market Sentiment Most of the altcoins have also followed suit with minor daily declines. Ethereum, for one, has retraced by around 1% and is close to breaking below $1,800 once again. Binance Coin is back below $310 after a similar daily decline. Cardano, Solana, Litecoin, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, and Avalanche have produced drops of around 1-2%. More daily losses come from the likes... read More

Ripple (XRP) Enters a $250 Million Deal to Acquire Metaco

    Ripple announced the acquisition of Swiss-based crypto custody provider Metaco, marking the blockchain firm's expansion across the growing institutional crypto custody market. The deal, worth $250 million, surfaces as Ripple continues to defend against the long-drawn lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Ripple Acquires Metaco Ripple is expected to ramp up its enterprise offerings providing customers the technology to custody, issue, and settle any type of tokenized asset. At the heart of the deal, the two companies look to tap the growing institutional crypto custody market, which is forecasted to reach $10 trillion by 2030. Metaco, on the other hand, will be able to leverage the San Francisco-based company's established base of hundreds of customers and capital to address new demand and resources for its banking and institutional clients. According to the official press release, Metaco will continue to operate as an independent brand and business unit, while its founder and CEO, Adrien Treccani, will lead its operations. Commenting on the development, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said, 'Metaco is a proven leader in institutional digital asset custody with an exceptional executive bench and a truly unmatched customer track record. Through the strength of our balance sheet and financial position, Ripple will continue pressing our advantage in the areas critical to crypto infrastructure. Bringing on Metaco is monumental for our growing product suite and expan... read More

XRP Consolidates at $0.41: Calm Before the Storm? (Ripple Price Analysis...

    Ripple’s price has found support at the significant 200-day moving average at around $0.41, leading to a robust uptrend. Should it continue its surge, Ripple's next destination will be the resistance zone at $0.56, but what if the bears take control? Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart Analyzing the daily chart reveals that following several weeks of rejection, the price has finally found support at the 200-day moving average of $0.41, initiating an upward trend. Consequently, the recent rejection phase can be described as a mid-term consolidation correction stage, which is vital for a healthy bullish rally. This indicates that XRP could attempt to breach the $0.56 barrier. If the price manages to surpass this critical zone, it is likely to enter a long-term bullish rally. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Turning to the 4-hour chart, XRP initially dropped to the static resistance region of $0.42, which coincides with the 200-day moving average. However, the price found support and began rallying toward the mid-trend line of the channel. There is a significant resistance region at $0.4675, which currently serves as the primary barrier on the 4-hour timeframe. Should the price surpass this resistance, its next target will be the channel’s upper boundary, approximately at $0.6. Source: TradingView The post XRP Consolidates at $0.41: Calm Before the Storm? (Ripple Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Extends Bull Run, Jumping 5% on Thursday

    Xrp rose for a fifth straight session on Thursday, as the token moved close to a two-week high. The rise comes as cryptocurrencies rebounded from recent losses, with the global market cap up 1.38% as of writing. Cardano also surged, hitting an 11-day peak.XRP Xrp, formerly ripple, was once again a big mover in cryptocurrency markets, climbing by as much as 5% on Thursday. Following a low of $0.4389 on Wednesday, XRP/USD rose to a peak of $0.4713 earlier in today's session. As a result of this surge, the token moved to its strongest point since April 30, when price was above $0.4800. From the chart, it appears that this latest rise comes as the relative strength index (RSI) moved beyond a key resistance level at 55.00. At the time of writing, price strength is at the 55.71 mark, with the next visible ceiling at the 61.00 point. If bulls were to take the RSI to this point, there is a good chance that XRP could recapture the $0.4800 level. Cardano (ADA) In addition to XRP, cardano (ADA) also rose significantly, hitting an 11-day high in today's session. ADA/USD jumped to an intraday high of $0.3798 earlier today, which follows on from Wednesday's low at $0.3658. This has resulted in the token climbing for a third consecutive day, reaching its strongest level since May 7. Overall, cardano is up by as much as 7% in the past week, this coming as the 10-day (red) moving average begins to gain momentum. Should the trend line continue to climb in its current direction, a crossover ... read More

Biggest Movers: DOGE, XRP Hit 1-Week Highs, Despite Wednesday's Crypto R...

    Dogecoin rose to a one-week high on Wednesday, despite cryptocurrency markets mostly moving lower. As of writing, the global crypto market cap is trading nearly 1% lower. Xrp also surged, climbing by over 6% in today's session.Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogecoin (DOGE) was able to climb to a one-week high in today's session, despite markets mostly trending lower. Following a low of $0.07177 on Tuesday, DOGE/USD raced to an intraday high of $0.07422 earlier in the day. Today's rally saw dogecoin climb for a second straight session, which pushed the meme coin to its highest point since May 8. As a result of the move, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) collided with a key resistance level of 40.00. Although the index has moved marginally above this point, and is currently tracking at 40.40, DOGE has lost slight momentum. The meme coin is now trading at $0.073, which is relatively lower than today's earlier high. XRP Another notable gainer on Wednesday was XRP, formerly ripple, which rose by as much as 6% today. XRP/USD rose to a peak at $0.4596 earlier in the day, which follows on from a low of $0.4202 during yesterday's session. This has resulted in the token climbing for a fourth consecutive day, reaching its strongest level since May 7. Looking at the chart, and similar to DOGE, a collision has occurred on the RSI, with a failure to break a wall at 48.00. At the time of writing, price strength is at the 47.33 mark, with the price now at $0.4457. Should this point be broken, the... read More

XRP Rises 6% Following Latest SEC-Ripple Development, BTC Slips Below $2...

    After failing to continue upwards and getting stopped at $27,500, bitcoin has retraced once again and slipped below $27,000. The altcoins are also slightly in the red today, with ETH close to breaking below $1,800 and BNB down to $310. XRP is the only exception with a notable price jump. Bitcoin Down Below $27K Last week's volatility culminated with a price drop for bitcoin to a two-month low of $25,800 on Friday. That came just a few days after the asset had jumped above $28,000 after the US CPI numbers for April came out. However, the weekend was a lot more positive as BTC had reclaimed some ground and stood around $27,000. It failed to make another move upwards due to the lower trading volumes, but this finally came on Monday. This is when the asset spiked to over $27,600. As the bulls were preparing for another leg-up, though, the situation changed, and the cryptocurrency retraced by several hundred dollars. Its inability to keep climbing resulted in another minor retracement in the past 24 hours that brought it down below $27,000 for the second time this week. As such, its market cap has slipped back down to $520 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XRP Defies Market Movements Most alternative coins have mimicked BTC's performance on a daily scale. Both ETH and BNB are down by around 1%, meaning that the former is just inches above $1,800, while the latter is back down to $310. More daily declines are evident from Solana, Polygon, Shiba Inu, Avalanche, and Chainlink from... read More

XRP Tumbles 8% Weekly but is a Crash Below $0.4 Imminent? (Ripple Price ...

    Ripple's price is currently hovering near a crucial support region which consists of both the 200-day moving average and the $0.41 price zone. A breach below this critical level could potentially trigger a significant downturn toward the descending trendline. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart On the daily chart, it’s apparent that after the recent weeks of rejection, the price has arrived at a strong support area at the 200-day moving average of $0.41. Considering the power of this moving average, XRP may enter a consolidation phase. However, if the price fails to hold above this crucial support zone, it could trigger a cascade leading to bearish sentiment over the market. Conversely, if the cryptocurrency finds support at the 200-day moving average, buyers can hope for a mid-term uptrend toward the $0.56 resistance level. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-Hour Chart, Ripple's price has formed an ascending channel. The recent rejection has caused it to drop below the minor support level of $0.48 and the channel's mid-trend line. Currently, the price faces a crucial support level at $0.41. In summary, this PA is supportive of a potential consolidation stage around the mentioned support area until a breakout occurs. However, it's important to see how the price will actually react, as this would probably give us a clue about the short-term trend. Source: TradingView The post XRP Tumbles 8% Weekly but is a Crash Below $0.4 Imminent? (Ripple Price Anal... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-12: ETH, XRP, ADA, PEPE, and DOGE

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Pepe, and Dogecoin. Ethereum (ETH) With the market in the red, Ethereum has fallen by 7.4% this week. In the process, the key level at $1,800 has turned into a resistance. This highlights a major change in the structure and puts bears in control of the price action. The momentum has turned bearish, and a test of the key support at $1,660 appears likely in the coming week. This becomes increasingly so if Bitcoin continues with its correction. Looking ahead, if the key support at $1,660 holds, Ethereum might maintain its macro uptrend (higher lows). If not, then bulls will be put in a very difficult position, as that would open the path for this cryptocurrency to revisit levels not seen since March 2023 (under $1,500). Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) Ripple's downtrend accelerated this week and resulted in an 8% loss in valuation. With the support at 44 cents lost and turned into resistance, buyers have retreated to the 40 cents level. Historically, it has been a critical point where the price pivoted and reversed. If buyers return, then XRP could put a stop to its correction. Looking ahead, sellers are in charge, and the seemingly more likely scenario is for XRP's price to fall until the 40 cents support. Once there, its reaction to this level would likely determine the short-term trend. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) With the head and shoulders reversal pattern confirmed ADA fell by 7.7% this week. It seems ... read More

Ripple CEO Says Company Spends $200 Million Fighting SEC Lawsuit Over XR...

    Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has revealed that his company is spending $200 million defending itself against the SEC in its lawsuit over xrp. The executive expects a decision on the lawsuit in three to six months. 'If we win the lawsuit, it'll be clear what xrp is, but the rest of the industry is still going to be unclear. And the whole crypto industry needs regulatory clarity in the U.S. to really thrive,' said the Ripple boss.Ripple's CEO Shares New Info on SEC Lawsuit Over XRP The CEO of Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse, has provided some new information regarding his company's ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). During a fireside chat with CNBC at the Dubai Fintech Summit on Monday, Garlinghouse revealed that when the lawsuit is concluded, Ripple would have spent $200 million in total to defend itself against the securities regulator. The executive shared: With the SEC, we will spend - this is the first time I've shared this publicly - by the time all's said and done, we will have spent $200 million defending ourselves against a lawsuit, which from its very beginning, people were like, well, this doesn't make a lot of sense. The securities watchdog sued him, Ripple, and co-founder Chris Larsen in December 2020 alleging that they raised over $1.3 billion through an unregistered, ongoing digital asset securities offering. Ripple, Garlinghouse, and Larsen have maintained that XRP is not a security. Commenting on U.S. crypto regulations,... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP, SOL Move 5% Lower to Start the Week

    Xrp plunged to a six-week low on Monday, as cryptocurrency markets moved further into the red. The global crypto market cap fell by over 3% to start the week, which comes days ahead of the upcoming U.S. inflation report. Solana also declined, hitting a multi-week low.XRP Xrp, formerly known as ripple, fell by as much as 5% on Monday, with the global market cap slipping by over 3% in the day. XRP/USD dropped to an intraday low of $0.4333 to start the week, less than 24 hours after hitting a high of $0.4606. As a result of this decline, XRP moved to its lowest point since March 25, breaking out of a floor at $0.4360 in the process. Looking at the chart, the slippage came as the relative strength index (RSI), broke out of a floor at 39.00. At the time of writing, the index is tracking at 36.04, with XRP at a level of $0.4365. Overall, the token is down 5.11% as of writing. Solana (SOL) Solana (SOL) remained in the red, as the token extended its own recent declines to a third session. Following a high of $22.74 on Sunday, SOL/USD fell to a low of $21.01 earlier in the day. Monday's drop in price has sent SOL to its long-term support point at $21.00, resulting in its lowest level since April 26. The token has rebounded from earlier lows, as the RSI found a floor of its own at the 44.00 mark. As of writing, price strength is tracking at 44.57, with a ceiling at 49.00 a potential target for bulls. If momentum does rise, and more bulls reenter the market, that could lead to SOL cl... read More

XRP Fails to Keep Up, Is a Crash Below $0.45 Coming? (Ripple Price Analy...

    Ripple's price action has been relatively bearish recently, following a rejection from a significant resistance level. Currently, XRP is trading near a key support level, and its reaction would determine the short-term market trend. Technical Analysis By: Edris XRP/USDT Daily Chart The price is ranging around the 50-day moving average, located near the $0.46 level. A breakdown of this moving average would lead make the market retreat further towards the $0.4 support level and the 200-day moving average. Conversely, a rebound from either of these support levels would result in another rally and potential breakout above the significant $0.6 resistance area. The RSI has also shown values below 50%, pointing to the bearish momentum in this timeframe, as well as boosting the probability of a deeper decline. Source: TradingView XRP/BTC Daily Chart Looking at the BTC paired chart, XRP has failed to break out from the sizeable descending channel once more and is creating lower highs and lows. The 50-day moving average has been broken to the downside, and the price is currently testing the 0.000015 support level. In case this level is broken through, a plunge toward the 0.000012 level would be probable. The RSI is also trending below 50%, as the momentum is clearly bearish on this chart. Source: TradingView The post XRP Fails to Keep Up, Is a Crash Below $0.45 Coming? (Ripple Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

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