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XMR Price:
$0.4 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XMR today is $177 USD.

The lowest XMR price for this period was $0, the highest was $177, and the current live price for one XMR coin is $176.58018.

The all-time high XMR coin price was $517.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XMR with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Monero is #XMR.

Monero is 10.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Monero is $3,257,329,391.

Monero is ranked #31, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very large during the past 24 hours for #XMR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Monero is $422,922,274.


The circulating supply of XMR is 18,446,744 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Monero is it's limited supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


XMR is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 29 crypto exchanges.

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This Popular Meme Coin Flips Monero (XMR) and Cronos (CRO) Following a N...

    TL;DR The cryptocurrency market surged on June 5, with Bitcoin (BTC) exceeding $71,000. The meme coin sector is also well in the green, with one asset of that type tapping a new all-time high. The Token's Latest Surge The cryptocurrency market is flashing green today (June 5), with numerous leading digital assets charting substantial increases. Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the $71,000 mark for the first time in two weeks, while Binance Coin (BNB) hit a new all-time high of over $715. The meme coin sector has been thriving, too. The biggest tokens of that type in terms of market capitalization - Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) - are up 4% and 8%, respectively, while Bonk Inu (BONK) jumped by 10% on a daily scale. One meme coin that outperformed the aforementioned is the dog-themed Floki Inu (FLOKI). It witnessed a 30% price surge to hit a fresh all-time high of approximately $0.0003394 (per CoinGecko's data). FLOKI Price, Source: CoinGecko FLOKI's market capitalization exceeded the $3.2 billion mark for the first time ever, thus flipping popular altcoins such as Cronos (CRO), Monero (XMR), Arbitrum (ARB), and more. The meme coin is currently the 40th-biggest cryptocurrency and the fifth-largest in its cohort. The fourth place belongs to the Solana-based dogwifhat (WIF), whose market cap is around $3.5 billion.  One person who noted FLOKI's latest success is the popular X user KALEO. The analyst assumed that the token's market capitalization could 'easily' skyrocket to $... read More

Monero (XMR) Tops Trending Charts Amid LocalMonero ShutDown: Santiment

    Monero is experiencing a significant uptick in discussions across social media following the announcement of LocalMonero’s closure, according to Santiment data. This surge in attention on Monero (XMR) coincides with ongoing government efforts to regulate privacy-focused assets. LocalMonero Shuts Down LocalMonero, a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange based on Monero (XRP), announced its closure via a blog post, citing a mix of internal and external factors. After nearly seven years of operation, the platform is winding down its exchange operations, immediately ceasing new sign-ups and ad postings. This triggered an increase in discussions around Monero. #Monero is being discussed at an abnormally high rate due to the announcement that #LocalMonero is sunsetting as governments continue cracking down on $XMR and other privacy focused assets. #XRPLedger is also seeing a high rate of discussion due to $XRP price volatility,… — Santiment (@santimentfeed) May 9, 2024 Beginning May 14, XMR trading will be halted, and the website is slated to be taken offline on November 7, 2024. Users were advised to withdraw funds from their arbitration bond wallets before the November 7 deadline to avoid potential forfeiture of their assets. On the other hand, support services will remain available until the closure date. Despite the closure, the LocalMonero team expressed confidence in Monero's future. They highlighted the ecosystem's maturation over the y... read More

Best 3 Cryptos To Conquer The Bull Market: Cardano, Monero & Scorpion Ca...

    In the midst of a booming bull market, investors are eagerly seeking the next big opportunity to capitalize on the surging cryptocurrency landscape. Among the many options, three standout cryptocurrencies have emerged as top contenders: Cardano, Monero, and the innovative newcomer, Scorpion Casino. Let's delve into the strengths of each and how they position themselves to thrive in the bullish market, with a special spotlight on Scorpion Casino's unique approach to crypto presales. Scorpion Casino: The Rising Star Amidst the excitement of Cardano and Monero, Scorpion Casino emerges as a promising contender in the bullish market, offering a unique blend of meme appeal and innovative features. Positioned as the best current crypto presale opportunity, Scorpion Casino has captured the attention of investors seeking early access to its tokens before they hit public exchanges. With its Easter40 promotion, offering an enticing 40% bonus on purchases made before April 3rd, Scorpion Casino is generating significant buzz and driving FOMO among prospective investors. Key Features of Scorpion Casino: Scorpion Casino is a cryptocurrency presale, offering early access to its tokens. Joining the project before its public listing is a great way to maximize returns. With a fully licensed and regulated platform, Scorpion Casino ensures a secure and trustworthy investment environment. Scorpion Casino's unique buy-back, burn, and reward distribution system ensures continuous value appreciatio... read More

Samourai Wallet Unveils Privacy-Enhancing BTC to XMR Atomic Swaps in Bet...

    According to the Samourai Wallet developers, the beta release of bitcoin/monero atomic swaps has been launched, marking an exciting development in privacy-preserving techniques. This new release of the desktop application streamlines the process of securely swapping bitcoin and monero via the Tor network.Samourai Wallet Rolls out Beta BitcoinMonero Atomic Swaps The much-anticipated BTCXMR atomic swaps platform has finally arrived, with the lead developer of Samourai Wallet and the programmer known as Pokkst unveiling its beta version. 'Samourai Swaps beta is now 'live',' announced the wallet's chief engineer on Tuesday. Back on August 14, 2023, News had previously reported on this new privacy-enhancing feature when the company introduced it. The software developer, Pokkst, a driving force behind this endeavor, also highlighted the beta launch on the social media platform X. 'Welcome to the Samourai Atomic Swaps Public Beta,' Pokkst posted on X. 'This desktop application makes it very easy to trustlessly swap BTCXMR, completely over Tor. In public beta, expect some bugs, and a 'dev UI.' The actual UI is still in development.' The developer added: There is already some mainnet liquidity from @Unstoppableswap ASBs and users, and I have used the Samourai application myself for several months to swap [bitcoin] I receive to [monero]. The beta release arrives amidst heightened global government scrutiny of privacy coins such as monero (XMR) and a trend of exchanges rem... read More

Binance Assigns Monitoring Tag to Privacy Coins, Including Monero and Zc...

    Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced that it will start monitoring ten new projects, including privacy blockchains like Monero, Firo, Mobilecoin, and Zcash. Binance reported that these projects might be delisted in the future, failing to meet the criteria required by the exchange to keep being traded on its platform. Binance Might Delist Several Privacy Coins, Including Monero and Zcash Binance might be moving to delist privacy coins in the future. In a recent announcement, the exchange reported that it will assign the monitoring tag to ten different cryptocurrency projects, of which several are privacy-focused. Firo, Mobilecoin, Monero, and Zcash are now part of the assets that Binance states present 'notably higher volatility and risks compared to other listed tokens' and will be monitored closely, being reviewed frequently by Binance's employees. Binance declared: Keep in mind that tokens with the Monitoring Tag are at risk of no longer meeting our listing criteria and being delisted from the platform. In addition, Binance reported that to gain trading access to these assets, users will need to pass a quiz to ensure that they comprehend the risks that using these currencies can bring every 90 days. Binance's moves regarding privacy projects were criticized previously by Ricardo Spagni, the former lead maintainer of Monero, who called on the exchange to take a stance in favor of these projects. Spagni stated that failing to do so... read More

Former Monero Lead Maintainer Calls on Binance to Take a Stance on Priva...

    Ricardo Spagni, the former lead maintainer of Monero, one of the most used privacy coins in the cryptocurrency market, has called on Binance to take a stance on the issue of privacy coins. Spagni stated that avoiding taking sides in the process is a disservice to the whole industry and that any protocol-level changes to make Monero compliant are 'unnecessary.' Former Monero Lead Dev Ricardo 'Fluffypony' Spagni Calls on Binance to Stand for Privacy Coins Ricardo 'Fluffypony' Spagni, the former lead maintainer of Monero, has called on Binance to change its position on delisting privacy-focused coins. In a recent X post, Spagni criticizes Binance's stance, which could lead to the delisting of these currencies in January. Supported by a report produced by consulting firm Perkinscoie, which states that 'privacy coins protect legitimate individual and commercial privacy interests and that existing financial regulations sufficiently address the AML issues that privacy coins present,' Spagni blasted Binance's compliance requirements. Spagni stated: By not taking a stance you do the industry a disservice, and support the barrage of attacks against personal privacy. If Apple can take a stance against CSAM, you can grow a backbone and fight for the right to privacy for everyone. According to reports, one of the requirements that Binance would be asking privacy projects to fulfill is the creation of 'exchange only' addresses without privacy shielding features. Firo, another pri... read More

Worldcoin (WLD) Soared 35% on Sam Altman Remark; Are Monero (XMR) and In...

    The excitement in the crypto market has peaked as the “humanness” cryptocurrency, Worldcoin (WLD), surged. This growth spike followed a renewal of interest from a significant figure, Sam Altman, the OpenAI CEO. The 30% increase has put the token at the forefront as analysts offer predictions of its boom in 2024. Amid this development, altcoins like Monero (XMR) and InQubeta (QUBE) show significant upside potential. InQubeta’s revolutionary model attracts investors by allowing them to hold fractional investments in AI tech startups and earn from their growth. InQubeta (QUBE): Breath of Fresh Air InQubeta is on the path to providing participants with value as its DeFi coin price rises. The AI-centric token is set for an exponential upswing following increased investor interest in its model. On this platform, investors can acquire utility in AI tech startups, fractionated to give them flexibility in their choices. These are minted into trending NFTs that can be traded in a peer-to-peer marketplace within the ecosystem. This upswing is evident in the trajectory of the QUBE presale. Investors are accumulating coins at different stages to increase their potential returns. The presale is in the sixth of ten stages, selling at $0.01925 apiece. Over 660 million tokens have been sold, and the ICO has raised over $7.3 million. Stage 6 is on its last legs, with about 11% of allocated tokens left before the price increases to $0.0224. InQubeta is dedicated to ensuring i... read More

Bitcoin Spark and Monero (XMR): A Closer Look Into These Exciting Projec...

    With cryptocurrency gaining significant traction worldwide, enthusiasts suggest you can enjoy the best retirement plan by investing in Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) and Monero (XMR). What is Monero? Monero (XMR) is a blockchain that prioritizes privacy and security, designed to ensure that transaction details such as sender addresses, recipient addresses, and transaction amounts remain confidential. This is achieved through advanced cryptographic techniques, including ring signatures, confidential transactions, and stealth addresses. Monero's commitment to privacy has made it a popular choice for individuals seeking financial confidentiality and security in their transactions, making it one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the privacy-focused digital currency market. Investors often consider Monero (XMR) part of a diversified investment strategy, aiming to benefit from its unique features and potential for long-term growth. What is Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)? Bitcoin Spark is an innovative blockchain that seeks to introduce a new era of digital transactions. This blockchain boasts fast transaction processing and low gas fees, achieved by a low block time, high transaction capacity per block, and a large number of nodes. Beyond its speed and cost efficiency, Bitcoin Spark also offers a robust platform for creating and utilizing smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The blockchain has a multi-layered infrastructure that includes a smart contract layer with various executio... read More

Why Bitcoin Spark Could Spell Trouble for Monero and Litecoin

    The DeFi industry is a financial technology ecosystem that is powered by distributed ledger technology, eliminating third-party liabilities such as fees and medium of exchange. As the name suggests, DeFi is actively controlled by community members through decentralized decision-making processes such as voting. DeFi’s sustainability is supported by peer-to-peer transactions held together by different software and hardware, connectivity, and security protocols. DeFi has grown massively since Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption in the 2013 bull market cycle. New projects like Monero and Litecoin emerged to promote the industry’s growth further. However, with its utility and functionalities, this new Bitcoin alternative could render the two networks out of use. What is Monero (XMR)? Monero is an open-source but opaque blockchain network developed to enhance the anonymity of transactions. The platform capitalizes on the egalitarian consensus to mine its native digital asset, XMR. Monero operates under privacy configurations that randomly generate pseudo names from unrelated alphabet and number combinations. The downside of Monero is that the platform could be more beginner-friendly, making it only conducive for experienced Web3 users. What is Litecoin LTC? Litecoin is among the top Bitcoin hard forks in existence today. The platform was established in 2011 to address centralization concerns about the Bitcoin network. Litecoin’s main concern was how large mining f... read More

Bitmain's Upcoming Monero ASIC Miner Sparks Anxious Buzz Within XMR Comm...

    In an announcement on Sunday, cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturer Bitmain revealed its intention to sell a machine designed for mining the digital currency monero (XMR). The machine boasts a hashrate of 212 kilohash per second (KH/s), and the firm asserts that it is the first 'professional XMR miner' available.'Hard Fork Go Brrrrrrrr' - Monero Mining Machine Launch by Bitmain Creates a Stir Bitmain is preparing for the unveiling of its latest XMR mining rig, the Antminer X5. Sales are scheduled to commence on September 4, according to the Sunday announcement. While the machine's price remains undisclosed for now, the manufacturer has engaged its social media followers by inviting them to speculate on the price of the new X5 rig. Individuals whose price estimates fall within 5% of the actual value will have the chance to receive a $1,000 Bitmain coupon, while those within 10% will be rewarded with a $500 coupon. Although the announcement does not specify the value of the Randomx mining rig, it does provide insight into the machine's specifications. For instance, the Antminer X5 produces 212 KH/s and consumes 1,350 watts from the power source. The X5 boasts an efficiency rating of 6.37 joules per kilohash. The X5 is slated for sale on September 4, with shipping planned for September 10. Presently, statistics show Monero's total network hashrate hovers around 2.06 gigahash per second (GH/s), equivalent to 2.06 million KH/s. Unsurprisingly, the introduction of the new miner h... read More

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Privacy: Samourai Wallet Unveils BTC to XMR Atom...

    In a pioneering move, Samourai, the privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, has revealed a BTC to XMR atomic swap feature aimed at revolutionizing onchain privacy in Bitcoin. Addressing the widespread issue of tainted change, also known as leftover unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) remaining from Whirlpool Coinjoins, this could represent a monumental advancement in the cryptocurrency landscape. Tackling the Tainted Change Problem Samourai Wallet has unveiled a new capability allowing bitcoin (BTC) to monero (XMR) atomic swaps, offering a more discreet means of transacting. Atomic swaps enable two parties to exchange different cryptocurrencies without requiring a trustworthy intermediary. Samourai's BTC to XMR atomic swaps enhance this by integrating a privacy-oriented approach. Once in place, the system will grant users a more efficient way to handle tainted change, essentially UTXOs leftover from Whirlpool Coinjoins. This change or residual fragments of BTC can result in diminished privacy and be detected by blockchain surveillance programs. Samourai has collaborated with the Mysu wallet developer, Pokkst, on the atomic swap functionality. Tainted or leftover change from Coinjoins has been an acknowledged issue for some time, and major brands supporting the Coinjoin scheme often overlook discussing the problem. Besides Samourai addressing tainted change concerns, the bitcoin cash (BCH) Coin Shuffle system was transitioned into Cashfusion for this specific reason. Some wallets also... read More

Monero Maintains Stability Amid Crypto Market Volatility, Remains Top Pr...

    In the last half-year, there has been a remarkable surge in the value of crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum. BTC has skyrocketed by 77%, while ETH has experienced an impressive 44% leap. On the other hand, the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency, monero (XMR), has displayed a rather unimpressive performance during the initial six months of 2023, with a modest increase of 7.6% in H1. Nonetheless, following the resolution of the aftermath caused by the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, XMR's worth has remained relatively stable since July 2022.Resilient Privacy Coin Monero Defies Crypto Market Volatility for 12 Months Monero (XMR) remains the top privacy token among numerous crypto tokens claiming to offer anonymity, with a current market capitalization of $3 billion. The second-leading privacy-centric coin, dash (DASH), holds a significantly lower market valuation of $380 million. Over the past six months, DASH has experienced a 29% decline in value against the U.S. dollar, while XMR has seen a modest 7.6% increase in H1. Notably, while many cryptocurrencies have encountered substantial volatility in the past year, XMR has maintained a relatively stable trajectory. For instance, in mid-July 2022, following the collapse of Terra, the privacy token was traded at $151 per unit. Since then, XMR has reached its highest point at $186 on January 22, 2023, and its lowest at $127 per unit after the collapse of FTX. In December 2022, XMR was valued at $144.73 per coin, demon... read More

Biggest Movers: XMR Races to 5-Month High, as ATOM Extends Recent Gains

    Monero continued to climb during Monday's session, as the token surged to its highest point since February. The move comes as the global crypto market cap was marginally higher on the first working day of June. Cosmos also extended recent gains, hitting a one-month high in the process.Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) was one of Monday's notable gainer's, as the cryptocurrency climbed to a five-month high. XMR/USD hit an intraday peak of $172.11, which comes a day after trading at a bottom of $163.37. As a result of the rally, monero peaked at its strongest point since February 4 last year, when price reached a top at $174.95. Overall, XMR has now traded in the green for sixteen of the last nineteen sessions, climbing by over $40.00 in that time. Earlier gains have now eased, as bulls failed to sustain the breakout ceiling at the $172.00 level, with price now trading at $170.73. One of the reasons for this was the relative strength index (RSI), which has hit a resistance of its own at 73.00. Cosmos (ATOM) Another notable gainer on Monday was cosmos (ATOM), which climbed to a four-week high to start the week. Following a low of $9.40 on Sunday, ATOM/USD raced to a high at $9.93 earlier in today's session. The move saw cosmos climb to its highest level since June 7, which is the last time it was above $10.00. Looking at the chart, this level also appears to be a resistance level, with bulls so far struggling to break this zone. This will likely occur once price strength, which is cu... read More

Biggest Movers: XMR Rises to 1-Month High, XRP Moves 4% Lower

    Monero jumped to a one-month high on Friday, as overall sentiment in crypto markets remained largely unchanged. The global market cap is now trading 0.60% higher at the time of writing. Xrp was back in the red in today's session, as traders continued to secure recent gains.Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) has been one of today's biggest gainers, with prices climbing to a four-week high. Following a low of $152.16 on Thursday, XMR/USD raced to a peak of $163.10 earlier in the day. As a result of the move, XMR climbed to its strongest point since February 20, when the token reached a peak of $168.70. Looking at the chart, the move came as monero rose beyond a key resistance level at the $155.00 mark. Earlier momentum has somewhat eased, which comes as the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) collided with a ceiling at 58.00 At the time of writing, the index is tracking at 58.84, with XMR marginally lower than its earlier high. It is now trading at $160.65. XRP XRP, formerly ripple, extended declines on Friday, as traders continued to secure profits following recent highs. XRP/USD dropped to a bottom of $0.4246 in today's session, which comes a day after a peak at $0.4536. Today's drop comes three days after XRP hit a peak at $0.4940, which was its strongest point since last November. This latest decline comes as the RSI fell below a ceiling at the 64.00 mark, and is now tracking at 57.31. Despite the slip in sentiment, bulls rejected a breakout from a floor of $0.4250, with XRP now... read More

Court Dismisses Former Monero Developer's Bid to Have His Extradition to...

    The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in South Africa has rejected former Monero lead maintainer Riccardo Spagni's bid to have it declare his extradition from the United States to South Africa illegal. In its ruling, the Supreme Court of Appeal insisted that Spagni did not sufficiently argue for the voiding of the extradition process. Spagni Challenges Extradition Process A South African court has dismissed former Monero lead developer Riccardo Spagni’s attempt to have his extradition from the United States to South Africa ruled illegal, a local report has said. In its ruling, the court argued that Spagni had legal representation when he voluntarily waived his rights during an extradition hearing, hence he cannot question the validity of the extradition process. As previously reported by News in July 2022, Spagni, who initially resisted the extradition attempts, eventually agreed to return to South Africa on the condition that his 'release on warning had not been cancelled and the state had to cancel it.' This then paved the way for Spagni’s transfer from U.S. custody to South African law enforcement. However, according to a News 24 report, Spagni had, prior to his departure for South Africa, filed a suit with the SCA which challenged the Western Cape High Court’s handling of the extradition hearing. In the suit, which was initially dismissed, the former Monero developer argued that the extradition request should not have been submitted by the direct... read More

Biggest Movers: XMR, DOT Move Higher, Rebounding From Recent Declines

    Monero rebounded from recent losses on Tuesday, as the token attempted to recapture recent highs. The move comes as U.S. markets reopened following a public holiday on Monday. Polkadot also moved higher in today's session, snapping a two-day losing streak.Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) rebounded on Tuesday, as the token moved back towards a recent seven-month high. Following a low of $165.77, XMR/USD raced to an intraday peak of $173.28 earlier in today's session. Today's move saw monero bounce from its support at $165.00, and climb towards a resistance of $175.00. As of writing, the token remains below this ceiling, currently trading at the $172.65 level. Should this hurdle be overcome, XMR bulls will likely attempt to recapture last week's peak of $187.20. In order for this to happen, the relative strength index (RSI), which is currently tracking at 68.71, will need to move back towards the 80.00 mark. Polkadot (DOT) Polkadot (DOT) snapped a two-day losing streak on Tuesday, with prices nearing a two-month high. DOT/USD hit a high of $6.07 earlier in today's session, which comes less than 24 hours after trading at a low of $5.66. As a result of Tuesday's surge, DOT moved to a ceiling at $6.10, and closer to Saturday's high of $6.51. Looking at the chart, the rebound came as the 14-day RSI also bounced from its own support point at 72.45. Currently, the index is tracking at 74.88, with a ceiling at the 82.00 mark a possible target for buyers. As of writing, DOT has given up ea... read More

Monero Has Been On A Bullish Run But Will The Momentum Hold?

    The Monero price has rallied over the past week since the broader market recovered. Over the last 24 hours, XMR was consolidating despite its weekly gains. The coin traded laterally over the past few sessions before it started to dip on its chart. As momentum halted recently, it is still uncertain whether XMR will resume its upward price movement. The technical outlook of the coin continued to side with the bulls despite lateral trading. Accumulation remains high on the chart despite a downtick in demand over the last trading sessions. Monero also displayed overbuying tendencies, and the recent fall in the asset's value could be tied to a price correction. The altcoin can prevent considerable loss if Monero stays above its immediate support line. The market capitalization of Monero declined slightly, meaning that the coin encountered selling in the past trading sessions. At the current price, the coin was trading at 70% low than its all-time high secured in 2021. Monero Price Analysis: One-Day Chart XMR was trading at $166 at press time. Over the last week, the coin secured gains and pierced through various resistance lines. The coin crossed the $157 resistance line and flipped it into a support zone for itself. Monero was trading on an ascending trendline (white), typically characterized by a breakout, either on the upside or the downside. Over the last 24 hours, XMR diverted from the trendline and fell on its chart. This could imply that the coin will depreciate and rest ... read More

Biggest Movers: XMR Hits 2-Month High, ADA Extends Recent Gains

    Monero slipped from an earlier two-month high, as December U.S. nonfarm payrolls (NFP) showed signs of a slowing labor market. Figures released today showed that the NFP fell to 223,000, down from a reading of 263,000 the month prior. Cardano was mostly higher, as it rose to a multi-week high.Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) surged to a two-month high of $158.11 earlier in today's session, which came prior to the release of December's U.S. nonfarm payrolls report. However, following the report, which showed that 223,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy, the token fell to a low of $151.90. Initially the surge in price came as XMR broke out of a resistance level at $155.00, however as of writing, it is once again below this point. Looking at the chart, XMR/USD also moved lower as the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) moved lower. The index is currently tracking at the 61.37 level, which is marginally below a key resistance level of 70.00 Typically, the 70.00 level is an area where price is overbought, and this seems to have been used by bears as a perfect point of reentry. Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA) was another notable gainer in Friday's session, as it surged to a multi-week high. ADA/USD raced to a peak of $0.2756 earlier in the day, and this comes less than 24 hours after trading at a low of $0.2651. Today's rally sent ADA to its strongest point since December 16, prior to prices consolidating during the holiday period. As can be seen from the chart, today's move also saw ... read More

Biggest Movers: ETC Moves Away From Multi-Month Lows, as XMR Extends Rec...

    Ethereum classic rallied for a second straight session on Wednesday, following better-than-expected U.S. consumer confidence data. The figures showed that confidence among American consumers rose to the highest level in eight months, with a reading of 108.3. Monero was also higher on the news, as it extended recent gains.Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethereum classic (ETC) rose for a second straight day on Wednesday, as markets responded to better-than-expected U.S. consumer confidence data. Today's figures, which were initially expected to come in at 101, came in higher than anticipated, with a reading of 108.3 in December. As a result of today's data, ETC/USD raced to a peak of $16.64 earlier in the day, which is nearly 5% higher than Tuesday's low at $15.59. Looking at the chart, the move came as price continued to move away from Monday's bottom of $14.74, which was the lowest point ETC had hit since July. The surge coincided with the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) climbing from a floor of its own at 28.00, and it is currently tracking at 37.61. The index now seems set to collide with a resistance at 41.00, which could mean that prices will begin to decline. Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) was another notable gainer in today's session, as prices surged for a fifth straight day. Following a low of $146.31 on Tuesday, XMR/USD surged to an intraday high of $148.16 earlier in the day. Wednesday's move now puts monero at its highest point since Friday, with the token closing in on a... read More

Biggest Movers: SHIB, XMR Extend Recent Gains on Monday

    Shiba inu rose for a third consecutive session on Monday, as the meme coin continued to move away from last week's lows. Today's surge comes as the global cryptocurrency market cap was largely unchanged, and is down 0.01% as of writing. Monero was another notable mover to start the week, as it too rose in back-to-back sessions.Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba inu (SHIB) was in the green to start the week, as the meme coin rose for a third consecutive session. Following a low of $0.00000848 on Sunday, SHIB/USD surged to an intraday high of $0.00000875 earlier today. The move saw the token continue to climb away from last week's low of $0.00000800, which was its weakest point since June. Looking at the chart, SHIB has somewhat retreated from earlier highs, as price uncertainty increased, as the coin edged closer to a key resistance level. As of writing, shiba inu is trading at $0.000008684, which is below today's top, and below a ceiling of $0.000008800. This comes as the relative strength index (RSI) collided with, but failed to break out of, its own resistance point at the 43.00 mark. Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) was another notable token to climb on Monday, as it also extended a recent bull run. XMR/USD rose for a third straight day to start the week, hitting a high of $145.97 in the process. Monday's move comes as monero continues to move away from a recent support point of $140.00, which was last hit this past Saturday. As a result of today's surge, the RSI of 14 days is now hoverin... read More

Biggest Movers: QNT Remains Near Multi-Week High, XMR up for Fifth Strai...

    Quant was one of the biggest gainers to start the weekend, as price remained close to a multi-week high. This comes as cryptocurrency markets were marginally higher, following Friday's volatile session. Monero was also higher on Saturday, as the token extended its recent gains for a fifth consecutive day.Quant (QNT) Quant (QNT) was trading near a multi-week high on Saturday, as prices rallied above a notable resistance point. QNT/USD rose to an intraday high of $131.95 to start the weekend, less than a day after it fell to a bottom of $121.95. This surge in price pushed quant towards its highest point since Nov. 9, when price was trading at $150.60. Looking at the chart, today's rally came as the token moved beyond a resistance at the $125.00 mark. In addition to this, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) is tracking at its strongest point since October 26, with a reading of 54.85. Although this is below a resistance of 55.00, many expect QNT to move beyond this over the weekend, with price moving towards $140.00. Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) was another notable gainer on Saturday, as prices edged closer to a key ceiling. Following a low of $143.30 in yesterday's session, XMR/USD moved to a peak of $148.19 earlier today. This saw monero hover close to a resistance point of $150.00, as bulls attempt to recapture a recent three-and-a-half-week high. As can be seen from the chart, XMR hit a three-week high on Thursday, when price traded at a top of $159.45. Overall, the toke... read More

Biggest Movers: XMR, LEO Move Towards 1-Week Highs on Thursday

    Unus sed leo was a notable gainer on Thursday, as the token surged towards a one-week high. The move comes as crypto markets seem to have settled, a week on from the turbulence caused by the FTX collapse. Monero also rallied, climbing above the $130 level.Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) was closing in on a one-week high on Thursday, as market volatility eased a week on from the FTX collapse. XMR/USD raced to an intraday high of $132.97 in today's session, which comes a day after trading at a low of $127.09. Today's move saw monero hit its highest point since last Friday, and it is now marginally below a ceiling of $133.50. Looking at the chart, earlier gains have somewhat eased, as traders became nervous the closer price moved to this ceiling. The 14-day relative strength index (RSI) also collided with a key resistance level of 43.00, and as of writing is tracking at 42.09. Should bulls intend to move prices above $133.50, this ceiling of 43.00 will need to be broken first. Unus Sed Leo (LEO) Unus Sed Leo (LEO) was another notable gainer in today's session, as prices also neared a one-week high. Following a low of $3.78, LEO/USD raced to an intraday peak of $4.04, hitting its strongest point since November 11. Currently LEO is trading over 5% higher than yesterday's bottom, and is nearing a breakout of a long-term resistance level. LEO/USD is still hovering below this ceiling of $4.05, which comes as the RSI also sits below a resistance of its own. As of writing, the index is tr... read More

Why Monero Is Struggling To Crack This Resistance Level Since September

    Monero (XMR), an open-source, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency launched in 2014, managed to reach the $151 marker on November 2 as it briefly rallied before it experienced slight price correction. Here's a quick glance at XMR trajectory: Over the last two months, Monero traded at a narrow range that peaked at $152 Surpassing the crucial $156 marker will enable XMR to climb all the way to $172 Failure in increasing trading volume will most likely pull the crypto down to $148 At the time of this writing, according to tracking from Coingecko, the altcoin is changing hands at $149.10, going down by almost 1% over the last 24 hours. The digital currency’s weekly, biweekly and monthly performance is relatively well, considering the crypto market was on an extended bearish momentum before the October 25 rally. During the last seven days, Monero managed to go up by 1.5% while over the last two weeks, the asset increased by 2.8%. read More

Biggest Movers: XMR Moves to 10-Day High, AAVE Remains Near 5-Week Peak

    Monero raced to its highest point in ten days, as the token moved past a key resistance level on Wednesday. Today's move sees the token rise higher for a fourth consecutive day, following a rebound from its long-term floor. Aave was also in the green, as it remained close to a five-week peak.Monero (XMR) Despite cryptocurrency markets mostly trading lower on Wednesday, monero (XMR) was one of the exceptions, as it extended recent gains. XMR/USD surged to an intraday peak of $148.46 earlier in today's session, which comes less than 24 hours after it was trading at a low of $145.41. Today's move sees monero in the green for the fourth straight session, resulting in prices hitting their highest point since October 9. Looking at the chart, hump day's peak came following a breakout of a key resistance point of $147.00. Another key observation can be seen from the 14-day relative strength index (RSI), which also moved past a ceiling of its own, at 52.75. As of writing, the index is tracking at 53.88, which is its highest point since September 12. Aave (AAVE) Aave (AAVE) continued to trade near a multi-week high in today's session, as the token remained near its recent ceiling. Following a move to a five-week high of $83.33 on Tuesday, AAVE/USD hit a peak of $83.19 earlier today. Yesterday's high saw the token marginally break out of a resistance level of $83.30, with bulls attempting to stay close to this point today. Bullish sentiment remains high, as the 10-day (red), and 25-d... read More

Monero Coin Climbs 6% In Last 3 Days – Bullish Activities Seen For...

    Monero (XMR), an open-source cryptocurrency first focusing on privacy and decentralization, managed to initiate a price pump despite the greater majority of crypto space struggling to get out of the red zone. Monero managed to bounce back twice from its support range of $134.5 XMR remains “in the green” for its intraday, weekly and monthly price readings A surge all the way to $171 is possible for Monero if it moves past its current resistance range The altcoin, for the past few days, has been on a consistent price increase, seeing all-green on its hourly, intraday, weekly and monthly levels. At press time, according to data from Coingecko, Monero is trading at $146.56, being up by 1.8% over the last 24-hours. On a week-to-date and month-to-date basis, XMR increased by 1.3% and 4.5%, respectively. But even with the recent price pumps, Monero is still far from its all-time high value of $542.33 that it hit on January 9, 2018. Still, holders of the crypto should have plenty of reasons to be optimistic over the next days as the asset is leaning towards a bullish momentum. Monero Price Analysis XMR, just like the rest of its fellow altcoins, experienced rigid price correction as the crypto market plunged into yet another bearish cycle. A look at the trading data and chart for Monero shows the cryptocurrency’s fall stopped at $134.5 marker which acted as its support range last month. Buyers took advantage of the price dump but the struggles of the crypto mark... read More

Monero Struggles In A Range Ahead Of $200 Rally, Will Price Breakout?

    XRM price breaks down into a ranging channel as price failed to break above resistance, holding price from trending higher.  XRM trades below 50 and 200-day Exponential Moving Average as the price struggles to regain bullish signs as the price continues ranging in a descending triangle.  The price of XRM needs to break out of the descending triangle with good volume to rally high to a region of $200.  Monero (XRM) prices continue to struggle as they range in a channel in an attempt to rekindle their bullish movement against tether (USDT). Monero (XRM) and other crypto assets experienced a relief bounce in recent weeks, which saw the crypto market cap look good for cryptocurrencies across the industry, with many producing double-digit gains. Monero (XRM) showed some relief bounces but was quickly rejected into a range price movement. (Data from Binance)  Monero (XRM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly XRM Price Chart | Source: XRMUSDT On Despite having a tough time in recent months with the price falling to a low of $100 with over 70% drop from an all-time high of $517. This incredible price movement was cut short due to the market condition. The crypto market has remained in a bear market for over six months, leading to many crypto assets retesting their weekly low while others hang on to key support. After the price of XRM rallied to a high of $260, the price declined as it dropped to a weekly low of $100, where the price held str... read More

Monero Price Continues Its Bullish Streak, Will This Be Its Next Trading...

    Monero price has been bullish despite the broader market trends. Over the last 24 hours, XMR has continued moving up on its chart. It gained close to 4%. In the past week, Monero price gained significantly as there was a 9% appreciation on the altcoin's chart. The technical outlook for the coin was bullish on the one-day chart. Monero has experienced low buying pressure over the past few days. The technical indicator now displayed that buying strength was recovering on the charts, which meant that XMR could be headed close to its next resistance mark. With increased demand, XMR could hold onto its bullish momentum. The support zone for Monero price was between $146 and $136, respectively. Bitcoin was also up on the charts, which has helped other altcoins make recoveries on their respective charts. Monero has to move above the $146 price mark. That could only be possible if the demand for XMR continues to increase and remain consistent. Monero Price Analysis: One Day Chart Monero was priced at $146 on the one-day chart | Source: XMRUSD on TradingView XMR was trading at $146 at the time of writing. The coin's immediate resistance level was $154. The coin needs to move past that level for the bullish streak to strengthen on the chart. The other tough price ceiling for Monero price to break past would be $163. The bulls have been rejected at that level for multiple weeks now. On the flip side, if Monero prices go through a pullback, the first level for Monero would be $134. A fal... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL Moves Towards $35.00, XMR Extends Recent Gains

    Solana rose for a second straight day on Thursday, as the token moved closer to its long-term resistance point of $35.00. Monero was also in the green during today's session, extending recent gains in the process. Overall, markets attempted to rebound, following a red wave which swept through markets to start the week.Solana (SOL) Solana (SOL) was mostly higher during Thursday's session, as the token moved towards a key resistance level. Following a low of $32.79 on Wednesday, SOL/USD rose to an intraday high of $33.92 earlier in the day. The move saw solana move closer to its ceiling of $35.00, which has mostly held firm for the past fortnight. As can be seen from the chart, today's climb led to the 10-day (red) moving average nearing a crossover with its 25-day (blue) counterpart. Despite the prospect of this occurring, prices may remain lower up until the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) breakout out of an upcoming ceiling of its own. The index, which is currently tracking at 49.22 is nearing a resistance mark of 51.00, which will likely be a major hurdle in preventing SOL from further gains. Monero (XMR) Another notable mover in today's session was monero (XMR), which also moved higher for a second consecutive day. Despite current market volatility, XMR/USD was able to rise on Thursday, hitting a peak of $148.98 in the process. As a result of today's surge, the token remains close to Monday's top of $152.84, which was a two-week high. This point was also close to a... read More

Biggest Movers: DOGE Races to 3-Month High, XMR Hits Strongest Price Sin...

    Dogecoin moved to a three-month high on Tuesday, as prices of the token were up by over 15%. Today's move comes despite crypto markets mainly falling, with the global market cap 0.21% lower as of writing. Monero was also up, hitting a multi-month high in the process. Dogecoin (DOGE) Less than 24 hours after shiba inu neared a fresh three-month high, its fellow meme coin dogecoin (DOGE), also hit a twelve-week peak. The token surged to an intraday peak of $0.08848 in today's session, which comes after yesterday's low of $0.07571. This is the highest level DOGE/USD has hit since May 18, and comes following a breakout of a key resistance point. Looking at the chart, this ceiling is the $0.0753 point, which was last broken on July 20, after a false breakout. As a result of this, the relative strength index (RSI) is now tracking at 72.20, which is its strongest reading since April. Ultimately, bulls seem to be attempting to recapture the $0.1000 level, which was last hit on May 11. In order to move closer to this, price strength will need to break out of its current ceiling of 73. Monero (XMR) In addition to DOGE, monero (XMR) was another big mover in today's session, with it climbing to its highest point in over two months. XMR/USD rallied to a high of $174.11 earlier in today's session, as bulls moved past a resistance level of $168.20. Today's peak sees XMR hit its highest level since June 11, and comes as the RSI bounced from its recent support point. Looking at the chart, ... read More

Monero (XMR) Climbs Over 7% Before Weekend Hard Fork

    Monero (XMR) price has surged by as much as 7% in a matter of 24 hours before network upgrade or hard fork on August 13. XMR climbs by over 7% overnight before the weekend hard fork. Binance recently announced support for Monero’s hard fork or network upgrade. Crypto targets $200; then $217 next.  Historically, upgrades have always triggered a boost in XMR price. The altcoin is seen to have soared by 65% since midway of June which signals a robust price movement. With consistent and continuous recovery of the crypto market, XMR price might even shoot above $200. According to CoinMarketCap, XMR has soared by 1.28% or trading at $167.70 as of this writing. The Monero Hard Fork With this upgrade rescheduled a lot of times, everyone is excited that it’s finally here. Monero is set to perform a hard fork to boost network performance, speed, wallet syncing capability, privacy, security, and decrease volatility in prices. Monero announced in a tweet that the network upgrade via a hard fork will transpire at block 2,688,888 on August 13. More so, the privacy protocol has also officially rolled out Ledger Monero App v1.8.0 as well as the CLI & GUI v0.18.1.0 “Fluorine Fermi.” It is highly important for exchanges, merchants, services, and users to run the v0.18 prior to the launch of the network upgrade and also to ensure uninterrupted use of XMR blockchain. The ring size of the crypto has also enlarged from 11 to 16 which aim to boost the privacy of tran... read More

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