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XLM Price:
$31.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XLM today is $0.09 USD.

The lowest XLM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.092, and the current live price for one XLM coin is $0.09249.

The all-time high XLM coin price was $0.92.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XLM with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of XLM at different market capitalizations.


The code for Stellar is #XLM.

Stellar is 8.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Stellar is $2,434,128,760.

Stellar is ranked #27 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #XLM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Stellar is $31,506,171.


The circulating supply of XLM is 26,318,126,253 coins, which is 53% of the total coin supply.

Stellar has a relatively large supply of coins, 217 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


XLM is the native coin for the Stellar blockchain.

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XLM is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 77 crypto exchanges.

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DAOs & Don’ts #1: The DAO

DAOs & Don’ts is a blog series to research potential solutions that support the implementation of decentralized governance in the Stellar Community Fund (SCF). Read more in this blog post. Each issue will explore a particular decentralized community or DAO to identify its successful features or achievements (DAOs) and vulnerabilities or downfalls (Don’ts). Join the discussion in our SCF Discord! Let’s get started where it all began: The DAO. The DAO launched in 2016 and was a platform for collective investment in blockchain-based projects. It was the first functional DAO implementation and the highest-funded crowdfunding project at the time, raising around $160 million in ether in weeks. Soon after, disaster struck, and The DAO’s code was exploited with the attacker siphoning off a considerable amount of the committed digital assets, resulting in a disruptive hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. Was this exploitation an attack or a vulnerability in the code? Was it preventable? What made this initial DAO implementation so popular? Read on to learn about The DAO’s history and the DAOs and Don’ts we can learn from. — How The DAO got started - By 2016, there was some talk of the DAO concept in the Ethereum community but not much concrete development, especially in the funding space. At this time, was developing an IoT company that builds smart locks to unlock the doors of “decentralized Airbnb...

SCF#11 — Announcing the winners!

SCF#11 — Announcing the winners! - The 11th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) has come to an end and we are excited to announce the winners! SCF#11 received 152 submissions, and 50 selected teams (a new record!) based in 34 unique countries* were put forward for community discussion and vote. In the end, 21 projects were awarded their requested budgets. The full list of winners is below, but first, here’s a bit about how this round went, and about what made it unique… — Startup Bootcamp - On November 1–4, 29 selected teams participated in the first-ever virtual startup bootcamp on the SCF Discord. The bootcamp adopted a self-serve Design Sprint Process created by DFS Lab where dedicated facilitators and technical mentors supported teams to define a problem, storyboard a solution, and develop a rapid prototype. To gamify the process, we tracked progress on a leaderboard, and anyone from the Stellar community could vote to award prizes for the teams’ output of the bootcamp activities. The results were exciting! Participating teams reached an average 90% completion rate of bootcamp activities, and survey respondents (23 of 29 teams) rated the process an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which means they found the bootcamp helpful and would recommend the design sprint process to other teams. — Candidate Pitches - After the bootcamp, 47 of the 50 selected teams presented their projects live during ...

Sorobanathon is for artists too!

Stellar Quest Series 5 At our annual Meridian conference in Rome, we proudly announced the FutureNet launch of Soroban, our new smart contract platform built on WASM and Rust. With this launch, we wanted to give you the chance to tinker and earn. Between now and December 15, 2022, join Sorobanathon: First Light. Experiment with Soroban and submit a code example, issue, tutorial, blog post, video, or even Stellar Quest art documenting your experience. Qualified submissions will receive awards of 250–3,000 XLM. It’s a fun, low-lift way to learn, test things out, and provide valuable feedback to both the Soroban development team and the Soroban ecosystem as a whole. You may have noticed that last item on there. Yes, SDF wants to pay you for art. I just finished Inktober. I wasn’t ready to let the fun end yet so I started using the Quest narratives as prompts, and I’m inviting you to join in. We’ve got some amazing NFT artists on Stellar, and I can’t wait to see submissions for Sorobanathon:First Light from them.My final Inktober piece. If you’re not familiar with Stellar Quest, it is SDF’s gamified educational program. Stellar Quest Live Series 5 is delving into Soroban and releases a new quest every Monday at 6am PT and Thursday at 6pm PT. Each Quest includes a few paragraphs of a narrative over the course of the entire series tying in with the Quest line (don’t forget to check out our twitch streams for eac...

SCF#11 — Community Discussion (officially) begins!

SCF#11 — Community Discussion (officially) begins! - Community Discussion (officially) has begun! While submissions are open until October 30th, everyone has the chance to weigh in on the first set of selected candidates of SCF#11 (with the second set published on November 7th) until the Community Vote ends on December 4th. The Community Discussion is beneficial for both the contestants and the community: contestants get to advocate for their projects, and the Stellar community can interact directly with developers and entrepreneurs to help them hone their pitches and refine their submissions. There are a few ways you, as community members, can get involved: — 💬 | Now — December 4: Engage with projects in the #scf-11 channel on Discord. — Prizes are nice, but constructive feedback is invaluable and can help a project for a long time. Start by reading through entries on Open up the #scf-11 forum channel in the SCF Discord, navigate to the project you’re looking for and engage! Ask questions and let them in on your experience as you look through their submission and test their product. Check out these do’s and don’ts when providing feedback to submitters. The more you engage, the stronger the entries become, and the bigger the impact SCF has on the Stellar ecosystem and beyond. — 🗳 | November 1–4: Vote for best progress in the SCF#11 Startup Boot...

The Future of Community Funding

“Winning the SCF #10 wasn’t just about getting a grant, we had the opportunity to build and scale our mission with a community that really cared about what we were building and supported us through every step.” — Emmanuel Evarist, Link (winner of SCF#10) The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) is an open-application grant program hosted by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) that distributes up to 24M XLM annually to Stellar-based developers, startups, and full-fledged companies based on community input. Not only do projects get a chance to win funding, but they also receive helpful feedback and support, make invaluable connections, and acquire a sense of belonging in the Stellar ecosystem. As you may have read, we recently published a historical overview of the SCF detailing its evolution from its inception six years ago. We’ve iterated on the fund a lot over the years based on community feedback, and we will continue to do so as we strive to make SCF as effective and valuable as possible for those submitting projects and for the rest of the community. Which is why we’re opening up an exciting new discussion: turning SCF into a DAO! — What is a DAO? - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a relatively new method of organizing initiatives, companies, or communities with a transparent set of rules encoded in smart contracts controlled by the organization’s members and not influenced by a cen...

The History of the Stellar Community Fund

The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) and its predecessor, the Stellar Build Challenge (SBC), have supported Stellar-based businesses and developers since 2016. This makes the fund one of the oldest in the blockchain industry! In this time, we’ve had nearly 400 winners and funded almost 200M XLM, Stellar’s native asset, based on community input. And that last part is what makes the SCF so special: not only do projects get a chance to win funding, but they also receive helpful feedback and support from the community, make invaluable connections, and acquire a sense of belonging with the Stellar ecosystem. It sets projects up for further growth and fuels community engagement, which is why so much has been invested in the fund for over six years. SCF’s history is expansive. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. Read on to discover how SCF has developed since its inception, the colorful ideas we’ve implemented (and for some, removed soon after), and what’s in store for the future. This blog post is a copy of the original resource residing in the SCF Handbook. SCF total stats Throughout the years, SCF has been iterated on many times based on community feedback. To discover when, how, and why the fund evolved, we took a ride on the WayBackMachine and dug into some ancient blog posts and Reddit threads. We’ll talk about the details later on, but here are some key takeaways: SBC 1–3: No-strings-attached funding for proje...

Submissions open for SCF#11!

It’s time: submissions are now open for the 11th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF)! Is there a change you can imagine that would make the world a better place? A need out there that’s not addressed by current technology? Apply to the SCF with your Stellar-based project before one of the submission deadlines (Sept 25 & Oct 30) and request the budget you need to realize your vision. ‍ The SCF is an open-application grant program that distributes up to 24M XLM annually based on community input to support the development of products and services built on Stellar. — What’s new? - — 🥾 | SCF#11 Startup Bootcamp. — For the first time ever, selected candidates are invited to participate in a virtual bootcamp from November 1–3. Participants will work with SDF and Stellar ecosystem members to define a problem, storyboard a solution, and develop a rapid prototype before getting feedback from the Stellar community. Learn more about the bootcamp here and complete your SCF submission form before September 25th to be considered! — 📘 | SCF Handbook. — Say goodbye to guessing answers or looking for scattered rules and information. Welcome the brand-new SCF Handbook, a source-of-truth document for everything related to the SCF! While you’ll still be able to view SCF projects, find dates for upcoming rounds, and access submission forms on, the handbook will...

Announcing the winners of SCF#10

Today, we are excited to announce the winners of the 10th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF). After two weeks of deliberation, a panel of 52 judges drawn from both the Stellar Development Foundation and the greater Stellar community and ecosystem voted to award 15 projects their requested budgets, and to give away a grand total of over 10.5M XLM**. Similar to last SCF rounds, each project specified a budget request. Judges considered those requests when voting, and as a result, the winners range from single developer projects to launch-ready businesses building the future of finance. It’s a diverse set of projects, and we’re excited to see what they do next! Without further ado, here are the winners ranked by highest vote: — 1. AssemblyScript smart contracts SDK — $59,000 worth of XLM*. — An open-source, free AssemblyScript smart contracts SDK that will help (web) developers implement native smart contracts for Stellar (Jump Cannon). — 2. Beans app — $220,000 worth of XLM*. — A non-custodial wallet where users enjoy free international payments and savings accounts with healthy yields through a user experience that anyone can understand without any blockchain jargon. — 3. Elixir Stellar SDK — $12,000 worth of XLM*. — A LatAm tech talent and innovation incubator aiming to provide support for Stellar in the programming language Elixir through open-source libr...

SCF #10 — Candidate Pitches

SCF #10 — Candidate Pitches - On June 15th and 16th, the Stellar community had the opportunity to interact live with candidates of the 10th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) during five candidate pitch sessions. Almost all candidates presented their Stellar-based solutions and community members provided support, asked questions, and gave feedback. Did you miss any of these sessions? No problem! Read on to view summaries of each pitch, sorted by category, budget request, and project stage. Each project title links to the project’s SCF page, where you can find a demo video and more information about their business model and team. Even if you’re not voting in this SCF round, we encourage you to read about each candidate and engage with the teams in the SCF Discord. — Cross-border payments and remittances - — Mango | $24,600 | Development. — Mango provides the unbanked population of Mexico a cash-to-crypto entrance by offering cash-on-ramps through the thousands of OXXO convenience stores located throughout the region. — CashAbroad | $28,500 | Development. — Helps businesses quickly manage accounts receivable and debt to pay with international merchants and vendors through simple natural language NLP–starting with the Mexico-Colombia corridor. — KometPay | $32,000 | Development. — Makes money transfers easy and accessible to Colombian immigrants in the US by combinin...

Launch your own branded fintech app on Stellar, Rehive, and Wyre

Rehive’s white-label digital wallet. Your branding, your customers! It is expensive and time-consuming to build an end-to-end, fully compliant fintech app from scratch — all before even testing out your use case! But no sweat, this is where Rehive and Wyre come in. They have teamed up to make it easy for fintechs, PSPs, marketplaces, and platforms to launch their own branded wallet and fintech apps. Wyre solves all the heavy lifting around compliance, on-off-ramps, money services licenses, and custody of user funds. Rehive slots on top of Wyre with customizable iOS, Android, and web applications. — So what does the end product look like? - The end application is similar to Cash App. It supports mass payouts, sending and requesting payments, in-app purchases, rewards, scan-to-pay flows, invoicing, and more. The solution is a perfect fit if you are looking to streamline payouts to gig workers, vendors, teachers, suppliers, and more with your own branded experience. The end-user experience is clean and simple. As a custodial wallet solution, end-users do not have to worry about managing their own private keys. That being said, we are working on a non-custodial account add-on that will give end-users the best of both worlds. If you are specifically interested in non-custodial wallets, please let us know!The Rehive white-label app is built to be completely customizable, choose your colors, add your branding and la...


Stellar Becomes Newest Member of CFTC's Committee

    The non-profit organization - Stellar Development Foundation - announced joining a new advisory committee of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). According to the firm's statement, SDF will be one of the four crypto-focused organizations at the Global Markets Advisory Committee (GMAC), which is one of the five active Advisory Committees overseen by the CFTC. The firm behind the Stellar blockchain will join representatives from traditional finance players, including the likes of J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and BlackRock. SDF's Role in GMAC Since SDF represents the blockchain industry on the GMAC, the foundation expects to bring the focus on Layer 1 protocols and remittances. The organization also plans on highlighting the role of stablecoins in the digital asset markets and real-world use cases as part of the committee. In the statement, SDF stated that it is excited to join the many traditional finance players on CFTC's new committee. It also believes GMAC will serve as an opportunity for conventional finance and blockchain to find prospects for integration to ensure the integrity and competitiveness of US markets. 'After an active 2022, SDF's engagement with government agencies is more critical than ever. Our inclusion in the CFTC's GMAC is yet another opportunity to push the industry toward mainstream adoption. I look forward to the work ahead of us under Commissioner Pham's leadership and the chance to represent blockchain technology and our indus... read More

Stellar (XLM) Poised To Rally? Ukrainian Bank Reveals Successful E-Money...

    The Stellar (XLM) price remains in a long-term downtrend. After seeing an all-time high of nearly $0.81 on May 10, 2021, XLM's price has fallen massively. Currently, XLM is 90.6% down from its ATH. Since October 2021, Stellar has also been in a descending trend channel. At press time, XLM was trading at $0.0822. Thus, the price is showing initial signs of strength and could make a first attempt to break through the upper line of the trend channel at $0.10. What would probably be needed is a clear move that catapults the XLM price toward the next important resistance level at around $0.13. Should this succeed, the XLM bulls could target the next resistance zone around $0.23. Bullish News Pushing Stellar Out Of The Bearish Trend? A potential catalyst for a breakout out of the bearish trend was provided yesterday by the Stellar Foundation. It shared in a tweet that TASCOMBANK, one of Ukraine's oldest commercial banks, published the results of its e-money pilot project on the Stellar network. Remarkably, TASCOMBANK is one of the leading Ukrainian commercial banks, which is regarded as a system bank. It operates in many areas of banking, including consumer and corporate lending, factoring, e-commerce, and trade finance. The report on the project, which was launched in December 2021, informs the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation about the benefits of issuing e-money on the Stellar blockchain, highlighting the advantages. Transparency, accountabi... read More

UN Will Use The Stellar Blockchain to Send Financial Aid to Ukrainians

    On December 15, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced its partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to pilot a digital cash disbursement system powered by Stellar to send money to Ukrainians in need. UNHCR is the United Nations agency tasked with protecting refugees and those displaced by persecution or political conflict. Stellar will focus on instantly delivering the UN's aid via the 'Stellar Aid Assist' pilot project. It partnered with Circle, MoneyGram International, and the wallet app Vibrant to achieve that goal. According to the project's website, Stellar Aid Assist is already being used 'to provide qualified Ukrainians' with financial assistance through the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) directly sent to their phones. 'Eligible Ukrainians can register with a participating relief organization to receive digital relief aid through the Vibrant wallet and get the funds in cash at participating MoneyGram locations.' Stellar Aid And The UN Provide Assistance to Ukrainians Thanks to Stellar and Vibrant, the UN can send money faster and cheaper than legacy channels. Also, as the Ukrainian banking infrastructure suffers with the war, the number of unbanked and underbanked people increases. A solution that does not rely on banks is of the utmost importance in this scenario. These digitally delivered cash grants aim to provide an alternative to handling fiat money at a time when it may be difficult or dangerous to store or move physical ... read More

Coinbase Wallet Is Dropping Support For XRP, BCH, XLM And ETC

    Users lose interest in some cryptocurrencies as negative news about them spreads in specialized and mainstream media. At least, that is what Coinbase thinks, as they will soon stop supporting some tokens with a lot of trajectory among crypto enthusiasts. On November 23, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., announced that its wallet will stop supporting XRP, BCH, XLM, and ETC due to poor customer usability. Coinbase Cares About Usage, Not Tradition According to Coinbase, January 23 will be the deadline for users to view and transfer their tokens to another wallet provider. They will then have to import their recovery phrases to the new wallet to use their assets. The Coinbase Wallet comes preconfigured to work with the following networks: Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, BNB Chain, Gnosis Chain, Fantom Opera, Optimism, Polygon, xDai, and Solana. In addition, it supports all Ethereum-compatible networks and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (PVM). Formerly one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem, XRP came to have a vast 'army' of fans dominating all of Crypto Twitter. However, Ripple's legal battle against the SEC has led most of its community to abandon their previous engagement. It currently sits on the seventh spot on the list of cryptocurrencies with the most market capitalization. XRP was one of the most promising tokens in recent years due to its speed in processing payments, allowing up to 50,000 transactions per second worldwide, regardless of th... read More

Stellar (XLM) Could Grow Dim This Week, But Buyers Don't Need To Back Do...

    Stellar (XLM), the 27th ranked cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, managed to pump its spot trading price by 2.1% over the last 24 hours. At press time, according to tracking from Coingecko, the asset is changing hands at $0.112 and has been down by 3.3% and 4.4% on is biweekly and monthly charts, respectively. Here's a quick look at XLM's performance: Stellar has once again fallen into a bearish price pattern XLM needs to sustain and surpass its current trading price of $0.112 to break from its downward trend Stellar forecasted to drop to $0.085 over the next 30 days The altcoin suffered when it failed to move past the $0.13 resistance marker and fell into a pattern that indicates further downward trend. XLM's technical indicators and analysis hint at a continued exposure to negative factors that will prevent it from climbing to higher levels over the next few days. Repetitive Rejection On Crucial Levels Cripples Stellar Since the middle part of June, the altcoin was trading at a narrow range of $0.10 and $0.13. XLM tried to test and surpass the aforementioned resistance level but was unsuccessful. Not only that, it also failed to sustain the crucial support marker of $0.125. As a result, in just two days, the asset declined by 12%. That, however, was erased by its recent price pump. Stellar’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is below the 50-neutral zone but it hasn’t reached the point of being overbrought or oversold. While buyers might seem to be... read More

Stellar (XLM) Buyers Must Check Out These Data Before Going Long

    Stellar is one of the cryptocurrencies that had an interesting and fruitful 2021, perhaps why the altcoin is making positive noise these days for being a viable asset for long trading. Stellar could enter a dull phase on the coming sessions XLM is -10.1% over the past week Stellar is on an extended bearish momentum In crypto space, long trading involves buying an asset and making profit as its price increase. On the other hand, short trading happens when one sells a borrowed security and buys it back at a lower price, making income from the decreased value. Stellar is hot in the eyes of investors looking to earn from long trading as the digital currency's current price is significantly lower than its 2021 levels. Given the virtual coin's ability to increase its price tremendously, its easy to understand why investors might pick Stellar for their long trading scheme. But, as with other ventures, it would be wise to pay close attention to XLM's price movement first, before putting sizable investment on it and deciding to play the long game. Stellar Price Analysis and Trajectory After a spectacular showing in May 2021 when it attained multiple yearly highs, Stellar has fallen into a gradual bearish rally and is positioned in trendline resistance for over 17 months now. At press time, data from Coingecko shows the crypto is trading at $0.113 and is down by 10.1% over the past week. On a year-to-date comparison, Stellar is - 68.8%. The bearish momentum of the crypto market hit... read More

Stellar Soars 6% In Last 30 Days – Can XLM Keep On Shining This We...

    Since the beginning of this month, Stellar (XLM) has increased by 6%, continuing its remarkable monthly performance. Coingecko reports a 4-day performance for XLM of 5.3%, while charts show an impressive 31.50% rise over the previous 30 days. This price change is even more unexpected when considered in light of this. Santiment recently took to Twitter to reveal a rather unsettling image for the cryptocurrency community. “There has been quite a lot of #bloodinthestreets. Unless your portfolio mainly consists of $BNB, $XLM, $QNT, $MKR, $HT, or other scarce positive #altcoins the past 30 days, you're down. This reflects in the shrinking group of individuals still interested in #cryptocurrency,' Santiment tweeted. There has been quite a lot of #bloodinthestreets. Unless your portfolio mainly consists of $BNB, $XLM, $QNT, $MKR, $HT, or other scarce positive #altcoins the past 30 days, you're down. This reflects in the shrinking group of individuals still interested in #cryptocurrency. — Santiment (@santimentfeed) October 10, 2022 The question of whether or not XLM can sustain its recent gains is intriguing. In spite of this, a rise of this magnitude is usually followed by a severe reversal as investors' fears replace their excitement. Stellar: What The Indicators Suggest There are a number of signs to keep an eye on. And by 'indicators,' it means the CMF, momentum, and bull-bear power. These metrics reveal the direction of the ma... read More

Stellar (XLM) Still Contemplating To Join The Green Part, Will Price Giv...

    XLM price shows could be ready for a major boost as the price remains bullish with good volume and strength. XLM trades above support as the price aims to continue its trend movement as the price keeps holding above 8 and 20-day EMA. The price of XLM eyes a rally to $0.14 as the price breaks out of an ascending triangle with more buy orders.  The price of Stellar (XLM) has continued to show its strength as price trends with a key breakout from a range-bound movement against tether (USDT). With the crypto market cap bouncing from its weekly low as the market continued to look promising, the price of Stellar (XLM) was not left out as the price broke out of its long-range, with price trending to a higher height with eyes set for a possible $0.14 target. (Data from Binance) Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The crypto market received the relief, as most crypto altcoins expected. However, despite the recent price surge in most crypto assets, some altcoins have remained range-bound. One project that has shown great signs of a recovery bounce but keeps stalling in price is XLM as the price continues to range as it aims a rally to a height of $0.14. The price of XLM saw its price rejected to a weekly low of $0.1, with XLM showing so much strength holding off price sell-off as the price bounced to a region of $0.13.   Weekly resistance for the price of XLM - $0.14. Weekly support for the price of XLM - $0.1. Price Analysis Of XLM On The Daily (1D) Chart... read More

Stellar Price Moves To A Lower Level, Can The Bulls Defeat This Resistan...

    Stellar price has continued to travel south over the last 24 hours. On the last day, XLM lost more than 6% of its market value. Stellar has recorded positive price sentiment recently, owing to an update that spread optimism across the XLM community. In the latest update, Stellar users can now transfer USDC and Stellar Lumens via email. Despite the update, technical indicators have sided with the bears on the one-day chart. The buying power has fallen considerably, even though the number of buyers is greater compared to the number of sellers. In the last week, Stellar price went up close to 7%. However, at press time, the bulls look exhausted. The present support zone for XLM stands between $0.111 and $0.106, respectively. A fall from the $0.106 mark will lead the Stellar price to touch the $0.99 price mark. Broader market support will be necessary for most altcoins to recover. If buyers don't pick up momentum and XLM doesn't topple above the 20-SMA, then the altcoin is in for a further drop in price. Stellar Price Analysis: One Day Chart Stellar was priced at $0.112 on the one-day chart | Source: XLMUSD on TradingView XLM was trading at $0.112 at the time of writing. The coin could not hold onto its weekly gains and fell on its chart as a result of declining buying strength. It is important for the bulls to defend Stellar at the $0.111 level, else Stellar price could drop down to $0.106. Once the coin touches the $0.106 mark, it could also fall near the $0.99 level. Overhead ... read More

Biggest Movers: APE, XLM Move Close to 1-Month Highs

    Apecoin was up by over 13% on Tuesday, despite bearish sentiment remaining largely present in cryptocurrency markets. The token stayed close to a one-month high in today's session, despite current market turbulence. Stellar was also in the green, nearing a four-week peak.Apecoin (APE) Apecoin (APE) was one of Tuesday's big movers, with the token climbing by as much as 13% in today's session. Following a low of $5.12 to start the week, APE/USD surged to an intraday high of $6.12 earlier today. The move saw the coin climb past a key resistance level of $6.00, moving closer to a four-week high in the process. Earlier gains have somewhat eased, as the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) collided with what appeared to be a ceiling. As of writing, the index is tracking at 55.64, which is below its current resistance point of 58.50. It appears that earlier bulls have secured gains and closed positions, and could be waiting for tomorrow's rate decision to come, before potentially reentering the market. Stellar (XLM) Like apecoin, stellar (XLM) was also in the green in today's session, with bulls pushing it closer to a one-month high. On Tuesday, XLM/USD found itself trading at a high of $0.1158, less than 24 hours after hitting a low of $0.1047. As a result of today's rally, the token is now near a resistance point of $0.1160, which has been in place since August 19. In order to move beyond this point, XLM would likely need to see gains in the RSI which is currently being held up... read More

Stellar (XLM) Shows Strong Recovery From Recent Slide

    Stellar (XLM) has seen a stunning turnaround after the recent market downturn. However, following the announcement of the CPI report and corresponding fears of an interest rate hike, a sell-off ensued. The Donchian channel indicates that the average price of XLM is $0.1076 as of this writing. After a drop, the Awesome Indicator also gives off very strong bullish signs. This could signal a rebound. The XLM market has showed a spectacular recovery from the September 13 catastrophe, with prices climbing back above the $0.1004 support line that sustained the downturn from August 14 to September 6. At the 4-hour time mark, the coin is following an uptrend. Looking at the wider picture, however, we see that the upturn may be short-lived. Stellar Rally Gives Investors Some Confidence The XLM token closely tracks Bitcoin's price movements because the whole cryptocurrency market is modeled after it. The downward pressure of the triangle indicates that the coin's motion is heading in a downward direction. Price levels of support and resistance were calculated using the Fibonacci retracement tool. The bulls are attempting to leverage two supports located at $0.1023 and $0.1058. These two factors have bolstered traders' and investors' optimism, which has contributed to the price increase. The range of $0.1153 represents the resistance level. If price momentum overcomes this resistance, the price might rise to the $0.1234 region. This can be a strong purchase signal for investors and tra... read More

Stellar (XLM) Trading is Now Available on the Kinesis Exchange

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 1st July 2022] XLM, the 10th cryptocurrency listed, is now available to Kinesis users. XLM will be paired against 8 fiat pairs, including USD, GBP and EUR, as well as Kinesis' native stable coins based on physical gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) - enabling greater accessibility to the platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Alongside the existing pool of cryptocurrencies, XLM is spendable on the Kinesis Virtual Card - which allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies, gold or silver in real-time, globally. XLM’s listing was a natural choice, as Kinesis’ native digital gold and silver-based assets, KAU and KAG, are built on a fork of the Stellar blockchain. By leveraging the Stellar blockchain, Kinesis can deliver users faster, low-cost global remittances and instant payments in gold and silver via the Kinesis platform. Since its implementation in 2019, Stellar technology has allowed Kinesis users across the globe to instantly send and receive money using the stable value of physical gold and silver, while helping users to avoid the high costs and FX fees of traditional remittance provision. Jai Bifulco, Chief Commercial Officer at Kinesis, comments “Stellar’s addition to the Kinesis ecosystem is very welcome, as Kinesis has been a proud supporter of Stellar from its inception. With XLM listed on our platform, holders of stellar can now not only trade XLM but use the asset as a real-world currency. Additi... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up Over 120% in the Last Week, XLM Moves Towards 3...

    WAVES was once again higher on Friday, with prices now gaining by over 120% in the last seven days. While WAVES soared, XLM also had a stellar showing, as it moved closer to a three-week high on Friday. WAVES While crypto markets have been either falling or consolidating over the past week, WAVES has continued to surge, climbing by over 120% in that time. On Friday, prices rose for a seventh consecutive session, hitting an intraday peak of $10.47 in the process. This move comes as prices marginally passed resistance at $10.45, nearing their highest level since May 11 as a result. Looking at the chart, the 14-day RSI also broke out of its own ceiling, as it moved past the 43 level earlier in the day. As a result of this rise in momentum, the moving averages of 10 and 25 days now look set for an upwards cross, which could see prices climb even further. As of writing, gains in WAVES have somewhat eased since hitting earlier resistance, and the asset is currently trading at $10.08, which is still 5.32% higher than yesterday's top. Stellar (XLM) XLM was also trading higher on Friday, as prices moved closer to a multi-week peak heading into the weekend. Following a low of $0.1378 on Thursday, XLM/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.1504 earlier in today's session. This climb has pushed prices closer to Tuesday's peak of $0.1537, which is the most XLM has traded at since May 8. Friday's gain has also come just as the 10-day and 25-day moving averages have crossed upwards, which i... read More

MoneyGram to Partner With Stellar to Provide Stablecoin Remittances

    One of the largest money transfer services in the world - MoneyGram - plans to enable users to send stablecoins and convert them to fiat currency. The company will collaborate with Stellar Blockchain to execute the move. In addition, CEO Alex Holmes shared his optimistic view on the crypto industry, predicting it is 'here to stay and it's going to be here for a long time despite recent selloffs and volatility.' MoneyGram to Interact With Stablecoins In a recent interview for Bloomberg News, Holmes argued that cryptocurrencies and fiat are 'not really compatible today.' As such, one of MoneyGram's goals is to establish a bridge between the two. And while the company has already provided bitcoin services to clients, it is now eyeing stablecoins, too. Through a partnership with Stellar Blockchain, it is getting ready to enable users to conduct USDC remittances. Customers would also be able to cash out those holdings using MoneyGram's network. The CSO of Circle addressed concerns related to the recent crash of Terra's algorithmic stablecoin - UST - which was one of the top events in the cryptocurrency world this month. The asset lost its peg and is currently trading at around $0.03. Dante Disparte - CSO of Circle (the company that issues USDC) - assured that de-pegging is unlikely to occur because the stablecoin is fully backed by safe liquid assets: 'We're not taking the dollar and putting it in the reserves and then lending it out. Instead, the reserves are strictly cash and US... read More

Brazil's Largest Crypto Exchange Partners With Stellar To Work on ...

    On May 24, Mercado Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency and digital asset platform in Latin America, announced its partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) to participate in the development of Brazil's CBDC. According to an official post share by the Stellar Foundation, Mercado Bitcoin will work on one of the nine projects promoted by the Laboratory of Financial and Technological Innovations of Brazil (LIFT), created to develop a 'minimum viable product (MVP)' for a CBDC that meets the goals of the Brazilian government. A 'Minimum Viable Product' is this case would be a CBDC solution functional enough to be satisfy the mimium requirements set by the Central Bank of Brazil, basically providing the best possbile product with the least possible effort. The project was supported by the Central Bank of Brazil (BC) and the National Federation of Central Bank Servers Associations (Fenasbac). In addition, all projects will focus on different use cases for the upcoming CBDC to be issued by the Central Bank of Brazil. Mercado Bitcoin expects to meet the Central Bank of Brazil's expectations. Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of Mercado Bitcoin, said the company expects to build robust solutions using Stellar's blockchain technology. This should be enough to meet all the parameters required for the evaluation and future approval of the Brazilian CBDC. 'We are in a consortium of companies that have the structure and ambition to build robust solutions for the financial market through b... read More

Why Stellar And MoneyGram Teamed Up With Techstars To Improve Cross-Bord...

    The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and MoneyGram, the payment solution company, have partnered with Techstars. XLM Reacts To The Upside Specifically, the partners will focus on people trying to improve digital payments and blockchain technology. The objective is “streamline cross-border payments and support financial inclusion”, per a press release. Techstars is a company that, according to its website, provides access to capital, customers, talent, infrastructure, and mentorship. The company calls itself an “operational investor” created to support people on their entrepreneurial aspirations. Techstars has worked with ClassPass, DataRobot, DigitalOcean, and crypto-based companies, such as Chainalysis. Their partnership with Stellar and MoneyGram will target ways to remove friction from the process of transferring money in the Latin American region. The SDF explained: Each year for the next three years, the program will select a class of up to 12 fintech startups to participate in an immersive 13-week program where entrepreneurs will work with mentors from Techstars, the Stellar Development Foundation, and MoneyGram to solidify their value proposition and product-market-fit. Once the cohorts finish their program, they will have the opportunity to present their progress in front of the fintech community, the released said. Potential participants will be able to start sending applications as early as July 25, 2022, until October 12, 2022. Denelle D... read More

Celestials Stellar Club Announces NFT Collection Minting Date March 14 2...

    PRESS RELEASE. Looking for an exciting new NFT collection to be a part of? Look no further than Celestials Stellar Club. We are pleased to announce the public mint date of our first collection of 4,962 NFT exoplanets on the Ethereum blockchain will take place on March 14 2022. Celestials Stellar Club is more than just a NFT collection. It has quickly become a community of passionate crypto enthusiasts. Holders of the CSC NFT exoplanets receive perks both in the free multiplayer web space exploration game itself and also through future collections and upcoming airdrops. The discord group for CSC is a place to share your excitement and thoughts on the project and interact with others. Members can discuss things like floor price, nft rarity, memes, space exploration, and also stay up to date with project news, partnerships, and community perks. Details about the Celestial Stellars Club NFT collection – Exoplanets are backed by real NASA data sets! Be among the first to claim your mystery planet on the other side of the Universe! CelestialsClub.Space is a collection of 4,962 Exoplanets launched on the Ethereum blockchain. – Each planet includes real world data such as the actual age, mass, and other values that make up its composition. You can explore your NFT and others in the CSC spaceship metaverse game. – A hand crafted algorithm combined with each planet's characteristics give the exoplanets their rarity amongst others in the cosmos. Existing Partnership... read More

bitFlyer USA lists Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (B...

    bitFlyer, Japan's largest headquartered cryptocurrency exchange also licensed to operate in the US, EU, today announced the listing of 4 new crypto-assets for trading on bitFlyer USA. Starting today, Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Stellar (XLM) will be available for exchange. Further, bitFlyer USA customers will be able to deposit these new tokens to their accounts, transfer them to external wallets, and set up recurring purchases. Polkadot (DOT) Polkadot allows for the interconnection of multiple different blockchains. It was founded by the Web3 Foundation, which aims to develop a decentralized web. In addition to the central Relay Chain, Polkadot uses multiple parallel blockchains, called parachains, to provide interoperability that allows for the exchange of various types of data and value. Operating blockchains in parallel solves the scalability problem while also increasing safety by pooling the security functions of the parachains into the Relay Chain. Tezos (XTZ) Tezos is a decentralized, public blockchain and smart contract platform. Stakeholders of the Tezos network vote on amendments to the protocol to reach social consensus on proposals, creating a secure and organic upgrading mechanism. The protocol’s on-chain governance system, its consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Stake(PoS), and its ability to facilitate formal verification of smart contracts, make Tezos an ideal solution for high-value financial applications. Basic Atte... read More

XLM Takes Off With 20% Gain, SDF CEO Outlines Drivers Which Could Fuel R...

    XLM has been following the general sentiment in the crypto market and records bullish momentum in lower timeframes. The cryptocurrency records high volatility in the past day, as the U.S. XLM Reacts To The Upside As of press time, XLM is trading at $0.23 with a 1.7% loss in the last 24 hours, a 3.2% and 22.6% profit in the last hour and 30 days, respectively. XLM moves to the upside on the daily chart. Source: XLMUSDT Tradingview Although XLM has been following the general market trend, it has been lagging when compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other largest cryptocurrencies. Data from Material Indicators suggest the recent upside move to the upside was sold off by small investors. As the market approached the CPI print, investors with ask orders of up to $10,000 drove the price down, but bulls were quick at reverting the downside trend. This positive reaction suggests investors have already price-in inflation impact on the market, at least, for the short term. Bullish intraday reversal on the open. Market saying inflation doesn't matter for now any longer. — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) February 10, 2022 Thus, XLM’s price and the crypto market could see an extended bullish trend. Additional data provided by Material Indicators shows that Stellar bounced back on critical support, as there was a cluster of bidding orders around today’s lows near $0.22. To the upside, $0.240 could operate as the next major resistance area, but bulls could breach thr... read More

Stellar To Deploy Smart Contracts By End Of 2022? XLM Reacts To The Upsi...

    Stellar (XLM) records a positive performance in 24-hours as the crypto market in general recovers from its sell-off. As of press time, XLM trades at $0.20 with a 4.8% profit in the last day. Related Reading | Stellar Development Foundation Launches New Account Model, How Users Will Benefit XLM trends to the upside in the 4-hour chart. Source: XLMUSDT Tradingview On January 25th, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) Vice President of Technological Strategy Tomer Weller announced via Twitter the integration of smart contract on this network. With a tentative deployment date set by the end of 2022, this addition could transform XLM’s ecosystem and use cases. As Weller clarified, the SDF aims for a “feature-complete test network” for that period. However, he believes “the ecosystem” most decide when to roll-out smart contract capabilities on Stellar. Weller will host a Twitter Space today at 12:00 Pacific Time (PT) to provide more details. Weller said: Stellar enables equitable access to the financial system. DeFi is becoming a major part of that system. DeFi isn’t new to Stellar. It’s been core to the protocol with a built in DEX from the get go (before “DEX” was popularized), and AMM functionality became available in ‘21. The logical step of that development is to support the introduction smart contracts, Weller said, and take DeFi on Stellar to “the next level”. These capabilities could aid the network a... read More

Stellar Development Foundation Launches New Account Model, How Users Wil...

    Via an official blog post, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced a new account model called Muxed. Created to remove friction and facilitate user interaction with the account model based on this network, and the multiple services build on top of it, the Muxed accounts seem to be an important improvement for the entire ecosystem. According to the post, a Muxed account is one that combines the GABC and 64-bit integer ID to create a “virtual” account under a traditional address. Due to its characteristics, a muxed account can be identified within a real account. Thus, if there is a service or product using Stellar to pool multiple accounts, they can now manage them with more ease and will be able to eliminate burdensome issues, such as meme problems. The SDF has called on “products and services built on Stellar” to check if the validators are compatible with the new account model and asked them to “come up with a plan to implement” muxed accounts into their system. The organization said: Custodial services generally use muxed accounts to map incoming payments to an internal customer database. Businesses may use muxed accounts to map incoming payments to an invoice or customer account. Other characteristics for muxed accounts, as revealed by the SBF, are the differences in its encoding, they will be 69 characters long and not 56 as a traditional account, and in their base values. As a result, Muxed accounts will have M as their first character rather than... read More

Ukraine hryvnia pilot on Stellar launched by TASCOMBANK and Bitt

    Blockchain and fintech company Bitt and TASCOMBANK, one of Ukraine’s oldest commercial banks, have launched a pilot project to issue an electronic hryvnia on Stellar. As part of the pilot, the cross-company team will test the electronic hryvnia on the use cases of programmable payroll for public employees at Diia, an IT solutions enterprise, as well as for peer-to-peer payments and merchant payments. This project is being implemented under the supervision of the National Bank of Ukraine and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Oleksandr Bornyakov, noted, “This pilot project will serve as a technological basis for the issuance of electronic money, and is the next key step to advance innovation of payment and financial infrastructure in Ukraine.” Cooperation with Bitt to build on Stellar allows us to connect our core banking system with blockchain-based infrastructure, creating an ecosystem that includes a full range of banking products and operations with electronic currency on the Stellar blockchain. Electronic currency paves the way to more sophisticated products in the virtual assets field that we are excited to explore. – TASCOMBANK Chairman of the Board, Volodymyr Dubey The objective of the project is to pilot the issuance of electronic money on an open blockchain with asset-control capabilities for issuers. TASCOMBANK will build and test the regulated electronic hryvnia... read More

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