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XIL Price:
$10.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$702.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XIL today is $0.00514 USD.

The lowest XIL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00514, and the current live price for one XIL coin is $0.00513961.

The all-time high XIL coin price was $0.048.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XIL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ProjectX crypto currency is #XIL.

ProjectX is 1 year old.


The current market capitalization for ProjectX is $702,244.

ProjectX is ranking upwards to #1337 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #XIL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ProjectX is $10,684.


The circulating supply of XIL is 136,633,711 coins, which is 55% of the maximum coin supply.


XIL is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


XIL has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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AllSet Has Officially Launched Its Own Proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Real Estate

Hello Xillion community! Today marks the start of our week of announcements! We are thrilled to announce that AllSet has launched its proprietary AI for real estate. We have made major updates to the product, including new verticals and features. However, the standout piece of news is with regards to our cutting-edge AI system - one of the first and most advanced in the global real estate industry. Our AI gives AllSet a significant advantage as an investment platform, by accurately evaluating properties for their potential for passive rental income, growth, and liquidity. Unlike traditional methods relying on human analysts or biased brokers, AllSet's AI scans the market and processes massive amounts of data to identify the most promising properties to invest in. The AI is already in use and constantly improving through constant self-learning. We are launching in our first city with government data sources and local partnerships secured. Stay tuned for Wednesday when the city will be announced. Additionally, there will be another announcement on Wednesday regarding how to get AllSet tokens for free, offering users the chance to join a project with high potential at its early stage. AllSet is growing both technically and on a business level, with XIL holders queued to gain access first. Stay tuned for more updates! — About us - - a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free t...

AI-Empowered Hedge Funds

Greetings Learn2Earn DAO community! With a strong start to the new year, we are going to look further into the combination of AI technology alongside its application with the buy-side structure of Hedge Funds, which has seen onward growth in the crypto arena as well. — Overview & Key Points: - AI hedge funds have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their ability to make faster and more accurate investment decisions when compared to traditional hedge funds. In this video, we'll explore some of the key advantages of AI hedge funds over traditional ones. One major advantage of AI hedge funds is their ability to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. With access to vast amounts of market data and news articles, AI algorithms are able to make informed investment decisions faster and more accurately than humans. Traditional hedge funds, on the other hand, rely on a team of analysts and portfolio managers to sift through data and make decisions, which can be time-consuming and subject to human error., Another advantage of AI hedge funds is their ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Because AI algorithms are able to continuously learn and adapt, they are able to adjust their investment strategies as market conditions evolve. Traditional hedge funds, on the other hand, may be slower to adapt to changing market conditions, which can lead to missed opportunities or potential losses....

Nasdaq and other Major Media have Covered All Set by Xillion

All Set - by Xillon just has received tremendous coverage of its partnerships with Billion-Dollar Real Estate developer Niecon regarding the tokenization of over $3MM worth of real estate. Reputable financial media such as Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of other media outlets have published this news and articles regarding it. All Set - by Xillion has reportedly received thousands of new investors who have signed up for the launch of the first tokenized Real Estate. Don’t forget that every XIL holder who has more than 50,000 XIL is eligible for free tokens of All Set - by Xillion, where the contribution period is open. To get it, just buy 50,000 XIL or more, and hold it in the wallet to get on the white list. The more tokens you hold = the more All Set tokens you receive for free when it goes live. Xillion (XIL) token is available on — About us - - a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free tokens of every project it incubates. We build projects from scratch and create synergy between them. We combine the VC and PE approach to building companies by growing their value and managing investor capital. We simultaneously operate as investors and founders to amplify the results. | Website | All Set | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

Hedge DAO Updates (January 2023)

Hey Xillionaires! Today we want to announce that The Hedge is starting to accept funds from users who are on the waitlist (staked a required 50,000 XIL or more, and confirmed their allocations with our moderators). — Here is a quick recap of how Hedge has been doing in Q4:. — Before we get into the numbers, let us highlight the most important aspects of that product. It is a Hedge fund that is managed by an AI system of algorithms. It trains itself and improves the results of the trading., The main goal is to make consistent returns with a low-risk strategy. A product hedge funds investors usually aim to get a better performance than SP500 for stock market or BTC for crypto market. In average good hedge funds deliver about 25% / year. It has been created for those who are looking for a way to passively make a good return on their investments., The Hedge is run by a team of traders, mathematicians and developers who are passionate about making this AI Hedge fund the best in the market., — Let’s talk about the numbers in Q4 specifically:. — Hedge has made +37% ROI, while at the same time BTC has delivered -10%. Even though the market was almost flat (which was insanely rare and happened only 3 times before in the market’s history) for almost the entirety of December, Hedge has made a 4.8% return in December. — How This Works:. — 1. Go to 2. Click the button ‘add f...

Xillion Recap 2022

Hey Xillionaires! It’s the last day of 2022 and we wanted to provide you with a quick recap of the year, as well as a look ahead into the future! It was a tough year for the market, with almost every stock or token significantly decreasing in value. Many multi-billion dollar companies went out of business, and thousands of small projects also closed their doors. It was a bear market, but as the saying goes, a bear market is the best time to build. We fully believe in this, and have been focusing on building our products during this time. One of the major events for Xillion in 2022 was our strategic pivot to adapt to the new market conditions and provide value to our token holders. As a result, we became an incubator and private equity firm. Our main focus is on building products, growing them, developing them, generating revenue, listing them on the secondary market, raising new rounds, or completing M&A so that investors can make a profit. We don’t operate like many regular incubators that just write small checks to hundreds of companies and hope that some of them will grow. This approach has a high chance of failure, so we’ve adopted a private equity and venture capital approach instead. This means we build projects from scratch and create synergy between them. We combine the VC and PE approach by growing the value of the companies and managing investor capital. We act as both investors and founders to amplify ...

Major Announcement: New Project in Xillion Incubator - Amplifi

Hello Xillionaires! Today marks the anticipated announcement of Amplifi, the latest project addition to the Xillion ecosystem, where we will break down the SocialFi platform and what this means for users of our community. — Overview: - Amplifi turns influencers into an asset class. We make it possible to become a shareholder of your favorite creator, athlete, musician and more! It is a SocialFi Platform that not only turns influencers into an Asset Class, but also connects brands with a global network of high-quality creators. Currently, Amplifi has signed 30 influencers with a total of 50M followers and nearly 2Bn views in December. Our flagship influencers are QCP with 11.5M followers, Chris Barnett with 6.5M followers, Jordy Boulet-Viau with 5M, and Eliana Ghen with 9.8M followers respectively. Amplifi generates a minimum of 2 billion views every month across TikTok, YoutTube, and IG. — Amplifi Model: - — 1. For Brands and Influencers:. — Brands are getting connected with top influencers via our platform, and spend their marketing budgets efficiently (low cost, wide geography, very reputable influencers with engaged communities, cost effective pricing). Brands simply allocate their budget via our platform, select specific geographies or categories (such as lifestyle, finance, etc.), select preferred influencers, and get the campaign started. After that, by using our interactive dashboard, they can...

Important Announcement: XIL Blockchain Migration

Hey Xillionaires, As you all know we are strategically partnering with Polygon, and building the vast majority of our products on the Polygon chain, such as our L2E DAO, Hedge DAO, and our real estate platform All Set that just signed a deal with multi-billion dollar real estate developer Niecon. As a logical and necessary step in this cooperation, XIL token will need to migrate from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon chain during the next few months. As part of the migration process we will need to change a DEX from Pancake Swap to Quick Swap (Polygon-based DEX). Pancake Swap trading will be stopped immediately, and after the full migration is completed our DEX trading will be resumed on QuickSwap. In the meantime, trading will be going as usual, and considering that currently 98% of our trading volume is on, this step won’t have any impact on the trading or price. That’s good news strategically, because by making this decision, we solve several tasks: Concentrate all the volume at one platform from top-5 exchanges in the world -, rather than spread it around. For projects with small trading volumes like ours it’s the only one correct way to manage liquidity and do market making., We are partnering with as you know, and they usually support most of our new projects in the Xillion incubator and other activities. Currently, we are talking to them about getting some support from their newly ...

Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Developer Niecon Partners With Xillion (XIL)

Queensland, Australia. One of the oldest Multi-Billion Dollar and award-winning Australian-based real estate developers, Niecon, has partnered with NFT Real Estate Platform All Set (by Xillion). They will tokenize, fractionalize, and sell several luxury villas worth over $5 million in small pieces starting at $10 / per piece. Niecon is one of the oldest real estate developers in the country (est. 1969), the company has built 22 real estate projects worth 2.08 billion dollars, including a spectacular $850 million project, The Oracle. To make this project happen, Niecon has established a strategic partner of real estate investment platform All Set - by Xillion (XIL), which specializes in tokenizing real estate. Approximately in January 2023, several luxury villas located in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland) will be sold on the All Set website as NFTs. The total price of the villas exceeds $5,000,000. Ventura Residences is a boutique collection of 45 spacious north facing, skyline, and ocean view apartments, as well as 2 Prestige Park Fronting Villas. — How That Works: - Niecon and All Set will tokenize each of the villas by minting 10,000+ NFTs for each of the villas., The sale will be conducted on All Set website. Users will need to use their wallets to buy NFTs., Every user will be able to buy as many NFTs as they want., After users have purchased an NFT, they wil...

All Set: Project Update

Hey Xillionaires! Let us give you some quick updates on how our new Real Estate platform All Set is doing. Currently, we are actively onboarding investment real estate owners who are real estate developers, real estate funds, syndicates and private real estate owners as well. It’s going relatively well considering that we have just started, and the project is getting comparatively significant interest because of one main reason: Investment in real estate is a very oversaturated, complex, and a low-yield market for the vast majority of players. So, if you want to make more than 5-7% / year, you have to be very innovative. Now, here we come with our solution which instantly provides all of the real estate owners with 15%-50% in additional income, and makes all of them very interested as you could assume. — How Do We Do That?. — We allow them to partially tokenize their property, and turn let’s say 30% (you could do even 100% as well) of it into a real tradable asset and receive all of the benefits from that. This could be a % from the entire trading volume, instant liquidity, faster value appreciation, and so on. This feature is absolutely unique; nobody else is doing anything even close to that due to the technical complexity and the fact that this market is just getting started. Our offer is quite simple. If you have an investment in real estate (14 trillion dollar market) we increase your income without ...

QuickSwap Project Overview

Hey Learn2Earn community! On today’s topic, we will be looking into QuickSwap. This project is an automated Market Maker built on Polygon, and a fork of the originator of Automated Market Makers Uniswap! QuickSwap has seen popularity due to the speed and low fees offered by the Polygon Network, and compatibility with the Ethereum Blockchain. It offers a robust liquidity pool model, where users add pairs of tokens to liquidity pools, and earn transaction fees from others who swap their tokens using the pools. — Overview: - QuickSwap is developed by Nick Mudge and Sameep Singhania on the Polygon blockchain platform, and offers a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) experience using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model for users to exchange tokens. QuickSwap has no order book, as users trade from pools of tokens known as liquidity pools. Users can bridge ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and trade any pair via QuickSwap, given that there’s a liquidity pool for it. Forks (as applied in the case of QuickSwap) are a common feature of blockchain technology and can play a number of important roles in the development and evolution of cryptocurrency networks. One of the primary reasons for forking a blockchain is to make changes to the underlying protocol or to introduce new features and functionality. For example, a hard fork may be used to update the network’s consensus algorithm or to increase the block size to improve t...

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