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XIL Price:
$18.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$285.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #XIL today is $0.00184 USD.

The lowest XIL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00184, and the current live price for one XIL coin is $0.00184151.

The all-time high XIL coin price was $0.048.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of XIL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ProjectX crypto currency is #XIL.

ProjectX is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for ProjectX is $285,349.

ProjectX is ranked #1461 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #XIL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ProjectX is $18,101.


The circulating supply of XIL is 154,954,258 coins, which is 62% of the maximum coin supply.


XIL is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


XIL has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Xillion Monthly Update: September 2023

Hey Xillionaires, Welcome to the monthly update of Xillion, the Web3 incubator. We have decided to make these updates shorter and more straightforward, so you can save time while still receiving all the essential information. Let’s dive in! The biggest news this month is the upcoming drop of HodlingBull NFTs, which will begin very soon. As you know, HodlingBull has already delivered impressive rewards of around $2,000, providing a 10x return from the purchase price. This project has been active for over a year, consistently delivering content and rewards. Another significant development is the evolution of L2E into Xillion.Research, a full-scale research arm. We covered this a few weeks ago, and it will help us strengthen the Xillion brand, attract new users, and catch the attention of new token holders. As part of this effort, we have made significant changes to our Twitter strategy and have been working on new content, which you can check out starting this week. — Great partnerships - We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a strategic agreement with the newsletter RBL Digest, which has over 100,000 subscribers who are mostly crypto investors and enthusiasts from around the world. This partnership will significantly increase the visibility of our content, allowing us to onboard more advertisers and partners. Consequently, we will be able to provide higher rewards. — Now, let’s discuss the details ...

Xillion Research Labs: August Fundraising Report

The Web3 market is currently experiencing a bearish phase. In August 2023, Web3 companies raised $312 million, which is a significant drop from the $1.5 billion raised in August 2022. Fundraising has dropped by almost five times in just one year. Moreover, August is the second worst month in 2023, only in June fundraising activity was around the same numbers. Usually, during the bearish market, many VCs slow down their investment activities and focus on their existing companies, which is what most VCs are doing now as well. However, some active VCs are still investing in Web3 projects. Let's take a closer look at the breakdown of the August fundraising activities. Here are the numbers: Total amount raised by Web3 companies: $312,000,000, Number of deals: 51, Most popular category: DeFi (17 deals), Most active VC: Binance Labs (8 deals), Largest round: BitGo Series C ($100,000,000), — Fundraising Activity in 2023 - — To compare, that’s how fundraising activity in 2022 looks compared to 2023 - In 2023, fundraising has been steadily decreasing since February, with the summer months being particularly slow. Compared to March, April and May, the fundraising activity in June, July, and August is almost two times lower. There are several reasons for this decline. Firstly, the macro economy is weak, and many experts believe that we are currently in a global economic recession. This overall economic uncertain...

AllSet Update & Next Steps

Hello everyone, it has been a week since we released the platform. We would like to provide you with an update on how things are going! First and foremost, after launching the platform, we have been diligently polishing it and fixing any minor bugs that were encountered. If you checked the platform when it first went live, you will notice that these bugs have since been resolved. In total, we have fixed approximately 12 issues and are now preparing for the next scope of features. — Business Development - As you are aware, we do not have a big enough budget for doing an active direct promotion. Therefore, we are relying on organic channels and direct sales to secure the capital and be able to reinvest it into an active paid marketing campaign. Allow us to share our recent efforts in this regard. We are currently focused on developing content to be released on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, specifically related to real estate. This content will go live starting next Monday., Additionally, we are finalizing the details of our referral program. This program will allow anyone to join and earn up to $20,000 per deal simply by promoting our content and referring users to AllSet., We have also established a network of brokers and are in the process of selling some of the properties through them. And, the good news is that we have already received interest from three potential real estate investors for our properties in Florid...

Xillion Research Lab

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the next phase in the evolution of L2E. L2E is transforming into a full-scale Xillion Research Lab, a more sophisticated version of our platform. Don't worry, quizzes will still be a key part of what we offer, but we'll also be expanding our content to include Market Researches, Projects Overviews, Market Trends, and more. This exciting development will help us strengthen the Xillion brand and attract potential partnerships with projects, while also drawing attention from new token holders. To clarify, we want to make this platform accessible for everybody, so every user can enjoy the A-level analytics / projects review , but at the same time we will let selected users (NFT holders) to not only read but also enjoy the rewards (same as we are doing it now). We will keep releasing NFTs by small batches a few times per year, to keep that exclusive and maintain the scarcity level. We are amplifying our presence on Twitter and will be sharing this new content multiple times a week. As always, L2E holders will continue to earn from our quizzes, but now they will also have access to more engaging and informative content. This growth will enable us to expand faster, monetize effectively, and potentially distribute more rewards to our loyal Hodling Bull NFT holders. Starting next week, we will be releasing fresh and engaging content. We would greatly appreciate the support of our co...

AllSet is Launched!

Hey Xillionaires, the first version of the AllSet platform is ready! Here you could check it out: You already know the features from the previous release. What’s new is that we’ve onboarded and added 5 new properties , you could check them all in the marketplace section of the website. — What’s the next steps? - We will start onboarding first users to the platform via marketing, referral campaign and direct sales., We’ve launched sales via the brokerage branch as well, for those users who want to buy it via the broker and then manage it all on the platform. Since we don’t have enough resources to have a full-scale paid marketing campaign, this channel is quite an important one to generate first sales., We are also working on adding new features and polishing and improving the product., P.S. We’ve been spending a lot of time on testing and bug fixing but there still might be some bugs as in every product, so if you’ve found something feel free to reach out to our moderators. — About us - - a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free tokens of every project it incubates. We build projects from scratch and create synergy between them. We combine the VC and PE approach to building companies by growing their value and managing investor capital. We simultaneously operate as investors and founders to amplify the results. | Website | AllSet | Twi...

AllSet Launch Announcement

Hey Xillionaires, it's a big day for Xillion! We have completed development of the first version of our RWA platform, AllSet, which allows everyone to invest in fully-managed real estate through fractions. — So, what can you do on the first version of AllSet? - Browse properties, view their details, and select which one to buy., Buy fractions of a property or even the entire property, and receive a guaranteed rental income along with a complimentary stay. You can spend anything between $50 and 100% of the property’s price., Manage your property on the platform with just two clicks - book your stay, sell (after a lock-up period), and access all property information, including paperwork., — What's next? - Currently, we are in the process of onboarding (and adding) properties to feature on our website and enable users to invest in. Once fully onboarded, we will make an announcement, and you can start buying them through our platform. We expect it to be done by Wednesday. — How much can you buy? - You have the option to buy 100% of any property, offering a guaranteed 10% annual rental income, assured profit upon resale, and 100 days of complimentary stay. There are no additional fees, and all expenses, including property taxes, are covered., For investments between 10% and 100%, the same benefits apply, except the number of complimentary stay days will be proportional to your percentage of owners...

The Binance Investment Effect

What projects Binance Labs has invested in August? - As we all know, the VC market in general, and especially the crypto VC market is super dependent on large players' deals. Often if Tier-1 companies invest somewhere with a listing on a Tier-1 exchange, huge hype and therefore significant buy-side demand are almost guaranteed. But, there’s a real gold hand among Tier-1 VCs - Binance Labs. Binance is quite undoubtedly the most dominant market player, and when they make any investment in any crypto startup, it creates a significant possibility that they will get them listed, and they will somehow let their audience know about those projects which will lead them to create a significant buy-side demand. Does it mean that if you follow Binance Labs investments you will make a profit? Not really. Nothing is guaranteed and they also make mistakes as any VC in the industry. But in any case, if you want to follow their portfolio or at least know where they invest, then let’s review the projects they have funded for the first 20 days of August 2023. Helio - Strategic A Liquid staking platform, which was quite a popular narrative recently. Helio has raised $10MM during this round. They build on top of the BNB chain, so it seems like they are quite in the Binance ecosystem., AltLayer - Strategic An elastic and versatile scaling protocol for Web3., KiloEx - Strategic Decentralized perp exchange., ZkPass - Seed Privacy-preserv...

Is the Next Web 3.0 Bull Run Approaching?

Hi everyone! A topic that is the most popular among crypto investors at the moment - Is the new altcoin season coming? The quick answer is we don’t think it’s coming anytime soon. Interested why? Then keep reading! There were many conversations, forecasts, and especially speculations about this topic among investors, influencers, and media. So let’s see if it’s the real deal or just an attempt to push the market. First of all, many of the speakers were pointing out the tech analysis and indicators and were confidently throwing us examples and saying that we have to be prepared for the new bull season for altcoins. But the problem is that for a sustainable long/ mid-term bull market, you need to have a combination of factors that would keep it afloat. — One of the main factors is plenty of cheap money out there.. — We have seen a long bull market recently mainly because funds were able to get loans with 1-2% interest rates, and they were also able to raise astronomical amounts from LPs because everything was growing and everybody was willing to jump on that bull train. Don’t forget the trillions that were printed and given to the public. Now, the interest rates are several times higher, banks are way more cautious, and LPs almost stopped investing in VCs and Hedge Funds the way they were doing in recent years. Additionally, it doesn't seem there’s a chance we will see more newly printed trilli...

World Coin, The Next Big Thing?

Is the World Coin the next big thing? - Hey everyone, let’s talk a little bit about the 21 billion-dollar company with the weirdest concept in the world - scan your eyes and pay for that. So is the World Coin the next big thing? Do you need to stop reading and start scanning your eyes right now? That's a great question, and the problem is no one knows the full picture, but as usual pretty much everybody has an opinion about it, so since there’s attention why don’t we jump on that train as well? — What You Need to Know about World Coin: - It’s been created by the same team as OpenAI (ChatGPT)., It has a mind-blowing fully diluted valuation of $21bn. It’s like Cardano and Solana together or 50% of Binance’s BNB. Nice, right?, They want to pay you for your eye scans which is crazy as hell., And the most important is that only 1% of the total world coin supply is actually in circulation right now., It’s highly overvalued., — There are a few things that we can understand from those facts. - They have a vast amount of capital they can expend to pump it., An intrusive idea regarding the scanning of the eyes of crypto bros and paying for that., Last but not least, is that 99% of the sales pressure is still ahead. Sooo, if you’re still here reading and not scanning your eyes, let’s break some things down., First, we don’t know for sure how high this token price can go, and for how lon...

Identifying Market Trends

How to Identify the New Market Trend? - Trend-based investments are a popular game plan for many VCs (especially small ones), and for a myriad of crypto investors. The large players normally look for something long-term and for something that will not be tomorrow’s trend but for the next decade's trend. Generally, we don’t think it makes sense to expect any short-term return in venture investments. It’s the same if you plant a small plant and will be expecting it to grow 100 feet tall the next day. It takes time, a lot of patience, and professionalism to build wealth in the VC field. But let’s get back to the actual strategy - how to identify the trend before all of your buddies and make some money while they’re watching motivational videos and hustling for a new Bugatti by building an SMMA agency in 3 hours. Anyway, let’s go. First, before you start generating returns, you have to understand that all the trends were created intentionally. There’s always a main beneficiary to them. Yes, one more conspiracy theory, so put your foil hat on and let’s get to the point. Generally, there are two main approaches that you could combine to be more prepared for the new trend: 1. Before the trend becomes a trend, it has a preparation phase. The social volume is growing, mainstream media and influencers start talking about it, moguls start to mention it, etc. At this stage, we could identify several topics which...

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