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XDC Network  


XDC Price:
$6.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:

XDC Network is ranked #90 out of all coins. The code for XDC Network is #XDC.
XDC Network is 4.2 years old, and there is a big volume of trading today on #XDC.
For this period, the price of XDC Network/#XDC is down by a whopping 27%.
The lowest XDC price for this period was $0.035,
and the highest was $0.07.

XDC Network (#XDC) News:

March 19, 12:59 pm

Metabloqs Announces Launch of the Metaverse Project built on XDC Network...
Metabloqs has announced the debut of its Metaverse project. Metabloqs Announces the Launch of Its Metaverse Project built on @XinFin_Official #MetaCity #Metaverse — Metabloqs (@metabloqs) March 4, 2022 The evolution of the digital environment into metaverses has been a headline topic for the past several months, so much so that popular social media platform, Facebook, changed its name to Meta in solidarity with change. A metaverse is a digital reality that combines social media, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, and crypto technology. With VR platforms actively becoming accessible to the general populace, metaverse developments continue in their popularity. The transition to the metaverse is however slow-paced with developers striving to create more proper applications. Metabloqs is among the most realistic metaverse, developed for users to enjoy their digital lives in such a way that is more engaging and satisfactory. The project offers several benefits and use cases that are sure to impress the user. Metabloqs is primarily a digital world that has been inspired by the real world to provide users with an avenue ...

March 15, 4:36 pm

XDC Network integrated into crypto custody platform Fireblocks
Fireblocks, an infrastructure provider for blockchain assets, announced today it has integrated XDC Network, a hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in tokenizing trade instruments. This news comes ahead of the launch of XDC Network's Trada token, a stablecoin backed by tangible, trade finance assets. Soon, Fireblocks’ clients that leverage...

February 24, 1:56 pm

Leading Blockchain XDC Network Signs Partnership With D.C. United for NF...
D.C. United of the Major League Soccer (MLS) has signed a three-year jersey sponsorship arrangement with blockchain technology developer XDC Network as recently announced by the MLS giant. For the first time in the history of Major League Soccer, D.C. United supporters will have access and experiences never previously been available in the sport (M...

February 10, 9:10 am

Kinesis Money Partners with XDC Network and Readies Cross-Chain Bridge T...
XinFin, creators of the XDC Network — a highly interoperable hybrid blockchain platform positioned to support global trade and finance — today announces a partnership with the Kinesis Exchange, a global trading and utility platform catering to both precious metals and digital assets. As part of the proposed partnership, Kinesis will tak...

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