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WSB DApp  


WSB Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$22.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WSB today is $0.000226 USD.

The lowest WSB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000226, and the current live price for one WSB coin is $0.00022569.

The all-time high WSB coin price was $0.43.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of WSB with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for WSB DApp crypto currency is #WSB.

WSB DApp is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for WSB DApp is $22,568.

WSB DApp is ranked #1145 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak today for #WSB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for WSB DApp is $285.


The circulating supply of WSB is 100,000,000 coins, which is 10% of the maximum coin supply.


WSB is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #WSB, and you can view them on our WSB disambiguation page.



Trade like the US Congress — Soon!

Trade like the US Congress — Soon! Imagine a world where all apes seem to be as lucky with their Wall Street bets as the beloved members of Congress? Imagine a world where you too could consistently beat the $SPY by benefiting from such amazingly lucky trades! Well, imagine no more, because that day will soon be a reality! Leave it up to nobody else but the Robin Hoods of Wall Street at WSB to create a vehicle where you too can share in such great insight that the members of Congress seem to, time and time again, luck into. Not convinced yet? Have a few moments to spare for some reading? Check this in-depth report: Congressional Trading in 2021 From this link:Soon, it will be your turn! It’s finally time to stop sitting on the sidelines and instead, it’s time to “gamble” like the US Congress. Introducing soon our newest WSB Exchange-traded products (ETPs), and sure to be one of the most talked about and hottest earning mechanisms on the market today! Where else but on WSB can you participate in an ETP that is going to mirror and mimic the very same trades being made by these members of Congress who just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to finding good fortune in their trades?! It will work the same as your other favorite WSB ETPs, but will focus exclusively on the trades made by members of the US Congress. Since these trades seem to consistently win and beat the $SPY, there is no reason why the...

Roadmap 2022

2022 will be the further consolidation of the project: New ETPs, NFT utility, listing of WSB and the ETP on top ten exchanges, WallStreetBets documentary, more features in our app! Q1:Listing of the WSB token on 2 top ten exchangesListing of our two first ETPs on a top ten exchange: This will bring the power of the Macro Hedge and DeFi ETPs to traders who want a cheap-gas method of hedging into our macro stablecoin, on a spot and derivatives platform.First rebalance of the Macro Hedge and DeFi ETPs driven by the WSB communityFilling with the SEC for an ETF, which will mirror the trades made by a famous person with an outstanding trading track recordLaunch of the tokenized stockLaunch NFT StakingDevelop the partnership with the Digital Markets (DIGTL) and the Liquid and MERJ Exchange (MERJ) alliance, to provide access to exchange-traded portfolios, tokenized stocks of major global companies, and other assets voted upon by the WSBDApp community Q2:Kickoff and ramping up of a heavy marketing campaignListing of the Macro Hedge ETP in a leading decentralized asset management platform, instantly available to dozens of crypto funds.Metaverse event in our Decentraland property in April celebrating WSBDApp’s first anniversary Q3:Release of the WallStreetBets documentary at the Toronto Film Festival, with WSBDApp significantly featured in the filmRelease of the Combined Portfolio View to display multiple productsCreate the Bull/...

WSB Macro Hedge ETP: Global performance

Hello apes! Big things are brewing here and the tendies will be plentiful. The 2022 roadmap is going to be unveiled soon, but we wanted to make a retrospective on the performance of our WSB Macro ETP. We are putting all the tremendous tech and benefits of the blockchain into the hands of traditional investors. The traditional markets aren’t made to be accessible for everyday people, and those markets make sure to take their cut even from the smallest of investors. We think that system is broken and have built our product to empower traders. Big or small, we truly believe that everyone should be able to participate and acquire those tendies. Over the past week, we have seen the markets turn into an absolute blood bath across the whole of the Crypto space. We’ve seen traders losing huge portions of their portfolio daily because of the current volatility and turbulence across all markets. Luckily for us at WSB, we are mindless apes. The WSB Macro ETP has outperformed an absolutely awful market this past week, which makes for happy apes and continued tendies. Check out the chart below to see how our ETP has bucked the trend and managed to keep traders above water during this brutal start to the year. We can see here that even over the past week where most markets have been brutal to say the least, our ETP has been a consistent winning performer. In comparison, taking a look at the BTC chart year to date, it’s quite clear ...

BREAKING NEWS: The Macrohedge ETP’s Performance Tells Inflation To F*ck Off!

Inflation Sucks. What’s inflation again? Inflation is the loss of a currency’s value accompanied by an economy’s general increase in prices for its goods and services. You can buy less — it sucks. The following is a fictitious, but totally representative story of why… Last year, Simon made $40,000. And he couldn’t wait for his upcoming performance review. He had been killing it, and felt there was potential bonus money coming his way. Sure enough, his boss offers him a fresh contract with a 5% raise. Just in time too, Simon was barely breaking even on his rent. Simon says, “Sweet!” But Simon comes to find out that the oh-so-brilliant federal government has printed loads of new money, and inflation has risen 5.5% with no end in sight. He now realizes he’s signed a deal where he’s going to be able to afford even less than last year. So Simon moves into his mom’s basement. Simon says, “Sh*t!” Learn other ways the traditional system screws you over, here.Non-Transitory Inflation Sucks More. Just recently the Chair of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell, told the Senate that he no longer views inflation as a “transitory,” which is around to years according to the FED. What does that mean? Well “transitory” implies that something is not permanent. What Powell is getting at is that the high inflation we’ve been experiencing (as well as its impact on the economy) isn’t going anywhere anyt...

Traders Of The World Unite — The WSBDApp DeFi ETP Is Finally Here

Traders Of The World Unite — The WSBDApp DeFi ETP Is Finally Here DeFi is getting the attention it deserves. Institutions that once trash-talked crypto are now hopping on the train and things just keep getting better in the magical world of digital assets. Talented developers are building always sounder projects, improving fundamentals while price cannot stop rising. Ethereum 2.0 in particular is leading the way. With its promises to solve the all so common issue of DeFi, the project is creating a new era in the cryptoverse. In fact, ETH just hit an all-time high, and it’s unlikely to be its last. Inspired by the potential, we at WSBDApp, a DeFi project born out of the notorious r/WallStreetBets, decided to do something about it. We wanted something that helps new investors, as well as WSB veterans, capture those gains. Welcome the DeFi ETP.START TRADING NOWETPs- DeFi Meets Passive Investing First a brief intro… ETPs (exchange-traded portfolios), are baskets of digital assets that can include tokenized versions of real assets such as stocks, commodities, and in this case, cryptocurrencies. So how’s that different than a traditional ETF? Well, where should I start…Community Run — Completely managed by you, our community of traders, that together decide the asset allocation, voting on proposals with WSB token.Diversified — Gaining exposure to a wide array of DeFi assets, without having to inv...

Announcing $WSB Listing On OKEx

Trade $WSB now on OKEX Hope you’re hungry Apes, because this news… … is bananas. The $WSB token is going to be listed on top tier exchange OKEx! Our community, token value, and DeFi ecosystem are all gaining traction faster than a cheetah on Adderall. So, let’s make sure you’re ready for the ride. Here’s what you need to know…What’s OKEx? OKEx is one of the biggest, most liquid and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, which provides a platform to trade multiple types of crypto pairs in very high volumes. Founded in 2017, the company is presently located in Seychelles and servicing over 15m customers all around the world. After a long search OKEx was selected as the best tier 1 exchange for WSB to begin its next stage of our journey. OKEx currently employs over 1,000 people internationally, has its own global utility token (OKB), and set a personal best trading volume earlier this year at $188 billion. Some of OKEx highest crypto volumes:OKB/USDT — Current 24hr trading volume is $997 million.BTC/USDT — Current 24hr trading volume is $883 million.ETH/USDT — Current 24hr trading volume is $510 million. OKEx facilitates traditional, spot, and derivative trading on its platform. If you have $WSB tokens, or have interest in trading them, the OKEx app may be the right move. Download the app or create an account today for traditional, spot, and derivative crypto trading on an internationally...

$WSB likes Sushi — WSB is Now Live on Ethereum via SushiSwap

$WSB likes Sushi — WSB is Now Live on Ethereum via SushiSwap $WSB token is pleased to announce that $WSB is now listed on SushiSwap! We have recently added our test liquidity to the SushiSwap $pWSB<>USDC pool :) Thanks to our partnership with pNetwork the $WSB token is bridged from Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum network. This means that $WSB token is now available to the greater Ethereum community and is now included in the many Ethereum supported DeFi exchanges and apps. By integrating with pNetwork, WSB gains the ability to reach numerous blockchains networks. We’re excited to see how pNetwork’s cross-chain protocol can enhance and help expand the WSB ecosystem. — quote from Alice Corsini, Head of Operations at pNetwork “The DApp is taking the next step in creating a 2-way peg for $WSB token with pNetwork. We are excited to be working with them on this next stage of democratizing access to finance,” quote from WSBDApp. You can start buying $WSB on SushiSwap here. If you’re interested in bridging your $WSB from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum you can participate in the pNetwork bridge here. — Fees for bridging:. — The fee is 0.1% on the peg-in (BSC to ETH) and 0.25% on the peg-out (ETH to BSC) on pNetwork. Plus any additional network fees on BSC or Ethereum when sending the deposit transaction. If you would like to add liquidity and become an LP here is the process:Go to pN...

How The Game Changing WBSDApp-NFTb IDO Works

IDO is now live at Here at WSBDApp, our aim is very clear. We want to change the game of finance, democratize the market and build a community of savvy traders that make a killing doing so. But as we all know, taking up the financial establishment is no easy task. The system that withholds their power, is the system they built. That’s why our partnership with NFTb continues, we cannot do this alone. On December 9, 2021, 12pm UTC, we will complete an IDO and launch a vault on NFTb using the platform’s DeFi as a Service offering. NFTs and DeFi together against Wall Street.WSB Token Sale DetailsDate & Time: December 9, 2021, 12pm UTCToken Symbol: $WSBPayment Token: BUSDTotal Number of Tokens Available: 10 000 000Total Raise: $100 000Token Offer price: $0.01Token sale duration: 2 days (1-day private pool / 1-day public pool)Allocation distribution: 90% for private — 10% for public poolsIDO Location: 30% upon sale completion, 70% vested over 6 monthsPrivate Pool Details:Date & Time: December 9, 2021–12:00 UTC (12pm)Eligibility: Staked a relevant amount in the NFTb Tiered ModelPrivate sale duration: 1 DayTotal number of tokens: 9 000 000Private Pool Allocation: — Tier 1 — NFTB Staked in Tiered Model: 20,000 NFTB. — Allocation: To be released 1 hour before IDO — Tier 2 — NFTB Staked in Tiered Model: 37,500 NFTB....

DeFi Meets NFTs — Announcing The WSB Dapp-NFTb Partnership

DeFi Meets NFTs — Announcing The WSB Dapp-NFTb Partnership We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with NFTb, a leader in the NFT and DeFi space. The WallStreetBets DApp is scaling up, building our empire by connecting with like-minded projects, that’s how’ll reach our aims and bring down Wall Street. By partnering with the folks at NFTb, we’re building a framework where both DeFi and NFT primitives work together with a common goal of providing benefits to both communities. To kickstart our adventure together, we’ll do an IDO and launch a vault on NFTb by using the platform’s DeFi as a Service offering. Thanks to the IDO, early adopters will be rewarded and the community built brick by brick, preparing for a new phase of our DApp’s growth. And this is only the beginning; more launches will soon follow so stay tuned. The IDO on NFTb coincides with several planned announcements that will revitalize the WSBDapp community and bring in new support and adoption.Why is the WallStreetBets DApp completing an IDO with NFTb? Taking on Wall Street is no easy task. The financial establishment has built an empire that cannot be taken down alone. Working together with like-minded projects is essential in our quest to democratize finance, that’s why we teamed up with NFTb. Here at the WSBDApp, we’re building the framework for the economy of the future, aiming to be both a leader in DeFi and NFTs. We aren’t ...

All roads lead to $WSB

It’s been a while and activity has picked up significantly with WSB Partners, products, and activity. Today we wanted to share more info and forever answer the question of what utility $WSB token has. Every product WSB DApp cranks out directs fees to the Fee Manager. That reduces supply, locks liquidity, and stakes $WSB to benefit the community. ETP’s. In the age of cryptocurrency adoption, it was only a matter of time before someone created a decentralized investment product. So we did. Introducing ETPs — Exchange Traded Portfolios, the passive investing strategy of Index Funds decentralized and in the hands of you, the community of savvy traders. A bundle of tokenized assets governed and developed by the community for the community. From synthetic commodities, stocks, and even crypto, there’s no limit to what ETP can include. Diversify with only one click, without governmental or corporate restrictions, globally anytime and anywhere. With different assets, each ETP is tailored for specific investment strategies. WSBDApp has developed two ETPs. The Macro Hedge ETP is explicitly made for investors to hedge from extreme market volatility and the upcoming inflation. On the other side, the DeFi ETP diversifies among the leading ERC-20 tokens to deliver maximum gains and limit risk. Now to the fun part, what’s in it for you, the $WSB holder? For starters, via the $WSB token, you’ll get a vote on new ETP proposa...


Twitter Changes Bird Logo to Picture of Doge, Dogecoin Price Surges 23% ...

    On Monday, Twitter users noticed that the traditional blue bird logo had been replaced by a cartoon picture of Doge. Meanwhile, the leading meme coin cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, jumped 23% higher against the U.S. dollar after the logo change.Twitter Bird Logo Changes to Doge Twitter has updated its logo, replacing it with a picture of the famous Shiba Inu Doge. It is uncertain how long the Doge logo will last, but it has become a topic of conversation on Twitter since people noticed the change. 'Does anyone else see Doge as the Twitter logo?' one person asked at 1:30 p.m. ET. The news follows Elon Musk's insistence that a judge should drop the billion-dollar lawsuit and stressed that tweeting support for Dogecoin is not unlawful. It also comes at a time when blue checkmark verifications may disappear for Twitter users who do not pay a fee. Twitter's original blue bird logo is called 'Larry T Bird,' and it was inspired by NBA legend and Hall-of-Famer Larry Bird. There was no formal announcement of the logo change, and people suspected Elon Musk is behind it due to his fondness for the famous Shiba Inu meme. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 3, 2023 The meme coin dogecoin (DOGE), which is the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, surged more than 23% on the news. DOGE reached a high on Monday of $0.1011 per unit, and it had $1.22 billion in 24-hour global trade volume. Year-to-date, DOGE is down 28%, but over the last two weeks, ... read More

Terra Luna Classic Up 6% On Rumor That Coinbase Is Buying LUNC

    The collapse of Terra Luna and algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD in May was one of the biggest setbacks for the broader crypto market this year. The previously thriving Terra ecosystem was completely wiped out in a matter of days, except for the Terra Luna token, which was resurrected as Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) by the community. Despite losing more than 99% of its value, the cryptocurrency still has one of the most active crypto communities on social media. And from it springs a rumor today that has pumped the price of LUNC by 6%. The rumor says that the second largest exchange in the world by trading volume, Coinbase, might buy the LUNC token in large quantities. Will Coinbase Buy Terra Luna Classic? Within the LUNC community, the news that Coinbase has authorized the purchase of $245 million in LUNC is currently spreading like wildfire. The speculation also indicates that the American exchange will make the news public on January 3, 2023, and provide information about additional LUNC burns. BREAKING NEWS Coinbase has just authorized the purchase of 245 million dollars in $LUNC. Internal source says that on the 3rd to announce publicly listing more off-chain burns. — WSB Trader Rocko (@traderrocko) December 22, 2022 However, it is important to note that Coinbase has not yet issued an official statement on the matter. The various tweets also do not indicate a source, but merely make the claim based on a supposed source. Who this source of information is, whether it is... read More

Ethereum Drops Below $950 On Uniswap Overnight – Here's Why

    Ethereum Key Takeaways: - ETH prices have plummeted below $1300 - Selling pressure intensifies, which triggers the decline. - Dire price forecasts for ETH Having lost about 20 percent of its value over the past 24 hours and hovering around $1,200 on Monday morning, many crypto investors and market observers are prepared for a massive Ether decline back into the triple digits. On the decentralized exchange Uniswap, however, it occurred late Sunday night, albeit momentarily, as ETH retreated below the spot price, relative to other exchanges, to $950. The duration of the sell-off saw ETH's liquidation price dropping from $1,200 to $875. Suggested Reading | Dogecoin Shed 91% Of Its Value Since 2021 High – A Musk Tweet To Pump DOGE? $ETH went to $945 on uniswap — Ash WSB (@ashwsbreal) June 13, 2022 Whale Dumps Over 65K ETH A whale unloaded over 65,000 ETH into the market for numerous 'stablecoins,' including Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and DAI, at approximately 3:00 am UTC. The big sell-off observed on the worldwide market has a significant impact on the ETH price. Tuesday's trade price for ETH is $1,160.20, up 35 percent in the last seven days, according to statistics from Coingecko. The market value falls below $1300 as the death spiral approaches the upcoming support at $1000. Analysts are currently pondering if Ethereum's market price would drop below $1,000 or see a bullish reversal. As the price was much lower compared to the... read More

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