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WOZX Price:
$21.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WOZX today is $0.00551 USD.

The lowest WOZX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00551, and the exact current price of one WOZX crypto coin is $0.00550833.

The all-time high WOZX coin price was $3.75.

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The code for Efforce crypto currency is #WOZX.

Efforce is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Efforce is $3,430,302.

Efforce is ranked #815, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #WOZX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Efforce is $21,916.


The circulating supply of WOZX is 622,748,289 coins, which is 62% of the total coin supply.


WOZX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


WOZX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Efforce staking. An update

On March 3 2022 Efforce launched the first staking program. After some of our users asked us why rewards were different from what they would have expected we paused the staking to run some further checks over our algorithms finding that everything is working as expected. So we are enabling the stake button again. We think some clarifications need to be made in order for our users to understand how this particular staking works, since there is no fixed APR.How to participate to Efforce staking To participate to Efforce staking you need to have a Metamask account with at least 100,00 WOZX token of balance plus some ETH required for the transactions on Ethereum chain. The only way to participate in the pools is to stake tokens using our DAPP on our official website. Each pool has a separate balance. You can contribute to all the pools at the same time if you wish. If you have tokens on exchanges you need to withdraw them to be able to stake. In case your exchange won’t let you withdraw your tokens due to its regulations or restrictions we are sorry but you won’t be able to participate in the staking program. We always recommend to keep your tokens off exchanges if you are holding them long term.How we calculate your rewards, a practical example To calculate rewards we use an algorithm that takes into consideration the time which your token spent locked in the pool and the ratio of your participation in the pool given the...

Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty will inaugurate the first EFFORCE Summit and welcome key opinion…

Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty will inaugurate the first EFFORCE Summit and welcome key opinion leaders to discuss the future of the energy sector On November 6th 2021, EFFORCE will be hosting its first online Summit ( with an opening talk held directly by two of its core founders, Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty.Steve Wozniak with Ken Hardesty, EFFORCE Co-founders During the past few weeks, the EFFORCE team has been making significant steps forward in the rollout of its energy efficiency ecosystem. As a matter of fact, on September 13th, the company’s token (WOZX) started trading on Huobi Global which, to date, is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. At the EFFORCE SUMMIT, personalities and professionals from both the traditional and the cryptocurrency sectors will be invited to share their views and speak about the long term implications of blockchain technology in the energy space.Climate change and the need for decarbonization are topics of paramount importance to human survival. EFFORCE believes that improving the energy efficiency of industries and the way people consume energy in their everyday lives is the most effective way to tackle the disastrous consequences of human activity on our environment. This belief is supported by Aither Group (, EFFORCE’s core developer and founding partner. Aither Group has over a decade of experience in the energy sector; they are a pr...

Efforce 2021 Official Roadmap

At Efforce, we set out to build a complete ecosystem which will forever change the future of energy efficiency by bringing together our team’s market experience and the power of a borderless utility built on top of an open public blockchain infrastructure used by millions of participants worldwide.Today, we are pleased to announce the Efforce 2021 roadmap. Thanks to this document, our community members will have the chance to understand the Company’s annual objectives and actively contribute their ideas to our growing ecosystem in order to co-create an unstoppable movement which will bring local benefits from a truly global network.As one of the first official announcements of the year, we decided to launch a monthly community streaming event on the 20th day of each month. Our first event will go live on 20–01–21 (DD/MM/YY) at 03:00pm CET on different platforms which will be announced prior to the stream. We will take this time to discuss in depth the annual Roadmap as well as introduce upcoming events to our community. During these virtual gatherings, we will spend time with our community to dive into a more detailed update session which helps create a transparent and inclusive environment where everyone’s constructive opinions will be heard. Download Efforce 2021 Official Roadmap — PDF Efforce 2021 Official Roadmap was originally published in EFFORCE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation...

Wozniak’s EFFORCE adds

EFFORCE — Energy Efficiency. ReinventedWozniak’s EFFORCE adds as third exchange listing for WOZX Tokens, bringing opportunity for energy efficiency participation to millions EFFORCE, the first platform leveraging the power of blockchain technology to democratize access to energy efficiency projects and financing opportunities, announces today that its WOZX tokens are now listed on the exchange.With tokens available on Gate in addition to HBTC and Bithumb Global exchanges in a span of only 20 days, EFFORCE is on a fast trajectory to get its utility tokens out to millions of potential contributors quickly. Steve Wozniak is co-founder of the company that is striving to transform and disrupt the $250B energy efficiency market.* Using the EFFORCE platform, companies can sign up to undertake energy efficiency measures at no cost, allowing them to reallocate their liquidity to more critical tasks. The projects are funded through EFFORCE’s decentralized platform by large and small contributors who purchase WOZX utility tokens and are rewarded through the fractionalization of the transferable energy savings.The company plans to add more exchanges for its tokens as its first projects become available to the general public on the platform in Q1 2021.“Energy efficiency projects offer a major opportunity to mitigate climate change and provide a direct reward mechanism, so we are excited to offer more tokens t...

“Can we lower energy consumption without changing our habits?”

In the last 10 years energy consumption increased exponentially worldwide due to an ever growing population This has contributed significantly to climate change and the extreme consequences on our environment improving productivity while reducing energy consumption is the answer. This is energy efficiency.We created EFFORCE, the first decentralized platform that allows you to participate and benefit from worldwide energy efficiency projects. Thanks to blockchain technology, EFFORCE will improve the way we use energy enabling a meaningful change. Our idea is so simple, that with the right push, it will make a tangible impact for everyone. However, this push can’t be a single person’s battle. It needs to come from all of us together to compound its effect in such a way it becomes a reality over our life span.Can we lower energy consumption without changing our habits? This is our mission. This is EFFORCE. Energy Efficiency. Reinvented. “Can we lower energy consumption without changing our habits?” was originally published in EFFORCE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

WOZX Token Dual Listing Announcement!

EFFORCE — Energy Efficiency. Reinvented EFFORCE is proud to announce its official token listing on two leading exchanges this coming December 3rd, 2020.After spending most of this year in stealth mode to build its architecture and service the first batch of test projects, EFFORCE is ready to begin its journey to become the gateway towards a more sustainable future by merging cutting edge technology with over a decade of direct market experience in the energy sector. As preannounced, the WOZX token will be listed on on December 3rd and following up with Bithumb Global next week.Steve Wozniak — EFFORCE and APPLE Co-founder WOZX gets its name from EFFORCE co-founder Steve Wozniak (Apple) who spent his whole life striving for more efficient systems. As an engineer, Woz created some of the most beautiful computers in the world, and now, decades later, he decided to revolutionize the way people interact with energy efficiency projects.Efficiency improvements span across all industries and geographies, however as of today, these opportunities are still not equally accessible to everyone; for this reason EFFORCE created a borderless participation system tearing down boundaries and lowering barriers to entry. Through the Platform, ESCO’s (Energy Service Companies) will increase their operational capabilities by being able to effectively list their current projects in front of a wider audience, while Contribut...

In which sectors can energy efficiency do more?

EFFORCE — Energy Efficiency. Reinvented The Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 published by the IEA, International Energy Agency, highlights a significant aspect. In order to achieve the internationally agreed climate and energy targets — one of the most important being the reduction in CO2 emissions — action must be taken as soon as possible to develop and disseminate technologies that can guarantee clean energy for everyone.But how should global and local energy policies be guided? In its analysis of the international energy scenario, the IEA provides important insights by giving a precise picture of the sectors which record the highest energy consumption. In the countries considered by the IEA, the leadership of this particular ranking lies with the transport sector, responsible for 36% of the world’s energy consumption. The manufacturing industry with 23% of consumption and the residential sector with 20% follow on the two lower steps of the podium. Going into detail, we find that cars alone consume more energy than the entire residential sector and, together with road freight transport, they are the cause of more than ⅓ of CO2 emissions related to energy consumption. For the residential sector, energy consumption in European countries is particularly significant, especially for heating and domestic appliances, which are also the main source of emissions: in certain countries, such as the Czechoslo...

EFFORCE and Huobi Global enter into strategic partnership

On August 11th, 2020, day of Steve Wozniak’s 70th birthday, the Apple and EFFORCE co-founder decides to celebrate by revealing to the world what his newest company has quietly been building. With its revolutionary tokenized energy savings, EFFORCE is gearing up to the public launch of its Energy Efficiency platform to the retail world, democratising once and for all the access to this world-positive asset class.Jacopo Visetti and Steve Wozniak Jacopo Visetti, EFFORCE co-founder and serial entrepreneur in the energy market said:“This year has been incredibly tough for most businesses around the planet. Becoming more energy efficient, allows business owners to save on utility bills, increase their liquidity and become more sustainable.” Since its private launch last summer, EFFORCE has successfully taken to the blockchain what its founders’ business has been over the past decade; it completed its private sale round in January and deployed capital into the first batch of efficiency projects which have all returned profits to the network. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Huobi, the world’s largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, the EFFORCE team will be able to amplify the effect of their work across the globe and bring to the public market its sustainable investment opportunities. Leon Li, chairman and founder at Huobi, said:“For us at Huobi, it is an immense pleasure and honour to work with suc...

Energy efficiency is worth more than we think

EFFORCE — Energy Efficiency. Reinevented The International Energy Agency (IEA) considers energy efficiency as the prime fuel for a global and sustainable energy system. In recent years, however, progress in energy efficiency has slowed down and most countries in the world are struggling to reap the benefits. Despite this, energy efficiency continues to play a role “central to energy transition and decarbonization strategies all over the world.” So says Brian Motherway, Head of the Energy Efficiency Division, IEA, and member of the newly founded Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency: an independent commission that aims to accelerate the dissemination of energy efficiency worldwide, working actively with governments to identify the most effective policies and actions. Indeed, in the face of major global challenges such as the fight against climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, “if we just try and do that by adding clean energy to the mix by generating more renewables, it’s gonna be almost impossible to hit the sort of Paris targets” continues Micheal Liebreich, also a commission member. The environment is naturally at the centre of attention, but it is not the only focus. For Megan Woods, New Zealand Minister of Energy and Resources, energy efficiency not only enables us to do what’s right for the planet, ...

Energy efficiency: a new start for the global economy.

EFFORCE — Energy Efficiency. Reinvented The latest ILO (International Labour Organization) report, published last April, defined the impact of the pandemic on hours worked and income to be massive and on a global scale. The total or partial closure of production activities during the emergency has affected approx. 81% of the global workforce: 3.3 billion workers. And again according to forecasts, in the second quarter of 2020 the number of hours worked worldwide will be reduced by 6.7%., equivalent to 195 million full-time workers.In this scenario, an authoritative endorsement came from the IEA, International Energy Agency, which clearly indicated energy efficiency to now be a stimulus for the economic and employment growth of each nation. The link between energy efficiency and employment growth has been known for years. Before the current crisis, approx. 3.3 million people were employed in Europe and the United States, most of them in small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why governments today can, and in many cases are already doing so, drive economic recovery by putting precisely energy efficiency at the heart of development programs in multiple areas of activity, primarily construction and infrastructure. From Australia to China and from the United States to Argentina and Great Britain, there are many nations that have decided to invest in infrastructure and major works to emerge from the crisis. For example,...

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