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Wootrade Network  


WOO Price:
$41.0 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.0 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WOO today is $0.52 USD.

The lowest WOO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.520, and the exact current price of one WOO crypto coin is $0.51974.

The all-time high WOO coin price was $1.78.

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The code for Wootrade Network is #WOO.

Wootrade Network is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Wootrade Network is $951,381,922.

Wootrade Network is ranked #89, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #WOO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Wootrade Network is $41,010,291.


The circulating supply of WOO is 1,830,508,967 coins, which is 61% of the maximum coin supply.


WOO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 10 other blockchains.

See list of the WOO Blockchain contracts with 11 different blockchains.


WOO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Understanding WOO Network: Q1 2023 Report

Themes, statistics, and analysis from the first quarter of 2023. — The first quarter of 2023 has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the crypto industry, leaving very little time to sit back and relax with headline after headline. On the positive side, the industry led off with BTC having its best-performing quarter since Q1 2021, up nearly 70% YTD and outperforming nearly every major stock, bond, and commodity index. Ethereum has made substantial progress toward its major Shanghai update, which is slated for launch in mid-April. The community experienced an Arbitrum airdrop and many DeFi projects continued to launch new upgrades. These positive developments were mirrored by many negative headlines and events experienced by the industry. From a macro perspective, financial conditions continue to tighten as the Fed raised its policy interest rate further following persistent inflation prints above 6%. The banking sector faced severe financial stress with the failure of Silvergate, Signature, Silicon Valley Bank, and most notably Credit Suisse. Beyond these bank failures, the crypto industry has broadly experienced more frictions in fiat on and off-ramps. These frictions culminated with USDC severely de-pegging and trading below $0.9 before ultimately returning to parity. Perhaps most notably, the industry experienced significant regulatory action throughout Q1. This includes more charges for SBF from the DOJ, the S...

WOOFi DEX and Ref Finance team up to launch a trading tourney with $8,500 of REF up for grabs!

REF of Ref Finance has touched down on WOOFi DEX, and we’re celebrating by hosting a one-time-only trading tourney! Those who rise to the challenge and put their trading mettle to the test over the next 2 weeks stand to take home a share of a mouth-watering $8,500 prize pool — paid entirely in REF. Like what you’re hearing? It’s time we got you up to speed with a quick look at the tourney’s structure, timeline, and rules. — Challenge #1 — V stands for volume. — The name of the game is simple — trade as much REF as you can. The top 10 champions who have traded the highest volume of REF/USDC on WOOFi DEX by the journey’s end will be crowned, sharing a grand total of $7,500 of REF broken down as follows: — Challenge #2 — A stroke of luck. — We understand that not everyone’s size is size which is why we’re giving you yet another chance to get your hands on some REF. Simply trade $100 or more of REF on WOOFi DEX during the tourney, and you could be one of 10 lucky winners of $100 of REF. How’s that for a steal of a deal? — Timeline. — The competition starts now and runs until 15:00 UTC on the 11th of April. The wallet addresses of the 20 total winners will be revealed in the announcement channel of WOO Network’s Discord within 72 hours of the competition’s end, and the REF will be distributed in the following 14 days thereafter. — Guide to ge...

London’s fast-growing crypto community influences UK views on digital assets

With London rated as the most crypto-ready city in the world for businesses and start-ups, the city is also in a prime position for shaping the regulations surrounding the industry in the UK, according to Jason Brannigan, Partner at Kronos Venture. Brannigan said it was no surprise to him that the city ranked first as the most crypto-ready city in the world because London has long been a global financial hub. Of the eight metrics used by Recap for the ranking, London was first in terms of the number of individuals who work for crypto-related jobs (2,173) followed by New York (1,429), Paris (1,155), and Singapore (1,109). “It’s a city that attracts the best talent from across the globe, so it is no surprise that many innovative founders and talents in the crypto space call London home. This, combined with clear messaging from the UK government that the crypto industry is welcome and will be supported, makes London an attractive base for the industry,” Brannigan said. Brannigan also noted that the crypto community in London “is fairly disparate currently compared to other major cities” and “the growing number of talents in the city this could help shape the regulations in the UK.” “Whilst the UK government has made clear its support for the crypto industry, more clarity from a regulatory point of view is required going forward. This is something we will hopefully have to some degree in the next year or two to e...

WOOFi unlocks new cross-chain capabilities for DeFi traders

WOOFi cross-chain swaps transition out of beta with more supported chains, new features, and an all-round enhanced experience. — — The story so far. — Nine months have passed since WOOFi became the first DEX to deploy one-click cross-chain swaps powered by cutting-edge Stargate technology. In that short time span, WOOFi has overseen more than 50,000 cross-chain transactions, grown to support six chains, and saved traders countless hours that would have been otherwise lost in the painful process of manually bridging. Now the time has come for WOOFi to evolve once more and push the limits of cross-chain possibilities following a deeper integration with Stargate that unlocks new chains and features to provide on-chain users with unrivaled convenience. — Goodbye beta, hello Ethereum. — WOOFi cross-chain swaps have officially moved out of beta! Following a successful integration with the deep WOO and ETH liquidity pools of Stargate, cross-chain support for Ethereum has been added so that anyone can now swap WOO and ETH seamlessly across their choice of seven chains with a single click. Pretty neat, right? Let’s take a second to fully appreciate the significance of this. If you want to swap a major asset from Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, or Fantom into WOO, ETH, or USDC on Ethereum and vice versa with no USD limit — you can, and you can do so with just one transaction in...

WOOFi boosts DeFi trading with CeFi perks for institutional clients, supported by Fireblocks

Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade platform for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, allows institutional clients access to WOOFi, a decentralized application (DApp) for swapping popular digital assets and earning income by staking and tapping the network’s deep liquidity. The integration of WOOFi stems from an ongoing relationship starting back in April 2022 when Fireblocks integrated with WOO X, WOO Network’s centralized exchange. To date, over 1,600 organizations utilize Fireblocks’ technology including BNP Paribas, SIX Digital Exchange, ANZ Bank, FIS,, and MoonPay. “With this integration, institutional entities on the Fireblocks Network can now connect directly to WOOFi and leverage CeFi-grade prices, supercharged yields, and WOO Network’s signature deep liquidity,” said WOO Network’s head of DeFi Kevin Feng. — Managing institution counterparty and execution risk with WOOFi. — Feng noted that the DeFi industry is steadily gaining attraction from institutional players because of its open-source nature, non-stop rapid innovation, and growth. “Such players have a very specific set of wants and needs around counterparty and execution risk — many of which WOOFi is uniquely positioned to satisfy with its signature sPMM v2 liquidity,” Feng noted. He said for example, that it is important for institutions to know who they’re trading against. Many AMMs struggle with this ...

Successful Shanghai update to boost trading experience on L2s and Alt L1s

As speculators focus on the price fluctuations of ETH while anticipating a successful Shanghai upgrade, the scheduled upgrade has a deeper positive effect on the trading experiences on L2s and Alt L1s, according to Kevin Feng, Head of DeFi at WOO Network. The most recent development was the successful launch of the Shanghai Capella upgrade on the Sepolia testnet, which is a necessary precursor to the eventual mainnet deployment. If all goes according to plan, the Shanghai upgrade will allow validators to withdraw ether when the update is complete on the mainnet. The short-term effect of this would be a dip in ETH prices but would stabilize on stronger valuations in the long term. Blockworks reported that Ethereum developers pushed back the upgrade to early April, noting that the set date for Goerli testnet deployment is March 14, but “[the] mainnet and staked ether withdrawals will have to wait until April.” “ETH prices aside, the Shanghai upgrade will make DEXes even more attractive than CEXes. The Shanghai [upgrade] paves the way for EIP-4844 (now named the Deneb Upgrade), which will be the next in line. Deneb will enable Proto-danksharding to drastically reduce the gas fee on L2s,” said Feng. According to, the main feature of proto-danksharding is a new transaction type, called a blob-carrying transaction. A blob-carrying transaction is like a regular transaction, except it also carries an extra piec...

WOO X has integrated Diia application to speed up the verification for Ukrainian clients

Ukrainian crypto traders now have easier access to WOO X thanks to the integration of Ukrainian Diia, a government app that allows citizens to use digital documents instead of paper documents for identification and sharing. Hubert Gregorski from WOO Network, Warsaw office said it usually takes one to three working days for Ukrainian users to verify their accounts, but with Diia, they can do so within minutes. “With this partnership, we’re able to build more credibility while offering more security to our customers from Ukraine,” according to Gregorski. The integration with Ukraine’s Diia is an important step for WOO X in the Ukrainian market, according to Roman Proskurenko, Head of Operations at WOO X Ukraine. Proskurenko also noted that the rapid growth of crypto assets in Europe has also been attributed to Ukrainian digital technologies in the financial sector, such as Diia. “As WOO X continues to grow in Ukraine, our legal compliance and high-quality services for professional crypto traders remain among our top priorities. In addition to facilitating and speeding up the registration process on WOO X, the Diia application will also greatly improve the efficiency of the entire compliance and financial monitoring team,” Proskurenko noted. Gregorski said to further its ties with the market, WOO Network is looking at the possibility to open an office in Kyiv, cooperating with local payment services, and holding a n...

The Ascension — Claim your rightful spot on the leaderboard!

The Ascension — Claim your rightful spot on the leaderboard! - At the peak of the WOO X leaderboard lies a fabled group of traders who speak of trading tales that only a few know about. However, as powerful as they are, all things are impermanent. A new epoch has finally begun and the gates to the top are now once again open to all. — Introducing: The Ascension. — From February 21, 2023, 00:00 UTC, to March 17, 2023, 23:59 UTC, ascend to the top of the WOO X leaderboard by gathering the highest number of followers and sharing your leaderboard profiles on Twitter. Claim the grand prize and collect all-new exclusive WOO X achievements, all while sharing the loot with your followers. Traders can join in the fun via 3 separate campaigns, with a total prize pool consisting of USD11,000 worth of WOO tokens plus exclusive WOO X achievements. — WOO X Achievements. — As part of the campaign, we’re releasing a new reward type to users for the very first time — WOO X achievements. WOO X achievements are special rewards given exclusively to users who’ve completed a specific goal. Some of these achievements may have special rewards, benefits and perks built-in, so never hesitate to collect one when you have the chance! Once collected, WOO X achievements will be pinned on your user profile to be shown proudly to all other traders. — Campaign 1: Heed the call. — Every legendary trader...

Editorial: Will China drive the next bull run?

As crypto asset players hodl tight amid the most brutal wait-and-see phase of the bear market, there are increasing signs that point to China as a sleeping giant that could soon wake up to become the next driving force in the bull run. Despite recent surges in cryptocurrency prices, there has been no consensus about the timing of the next rally. For example, Forbes reported that crypto may not recover until 2026, citing crypto investment manager Grayscale Investments. On the other hand, more optimistic outlooks from analysts polled by CoinDesk said the recent price and on-chain data suggest that Bitcoin could be in the later stages of a bear market, after suffering a price crash last year. “This is the toughest part of the bear market. This will be the year you work long days and ship great products, only to see your key metrics go down day after day. Your friends will leave. Your coworkers will leave. You’ll question every assumption you had about crypto,” said Blockworks founder Jason Yanowitz. Bloomberg reported that the industry needs the blustery tailwind of a hot narrative. This is evident in the spike of prices in January on the back of the idea that the Federal Reserve will slow the pace of interest-rate hikes. “But restless buyers of ersatz money are hunting for the next story and some are turning, unexpectedly, toward China,” it said. — Why is crypto trading banned in China, anyway?. — All c...

The curious case of Kraken: Innovators will always find a way

The decision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission to penalize crypto exchange Kraken with a $30 million fine and shut down the exchange’s on-chain staking program would be nothing but a stress test for innovations in the crypto industry if the market reactions were to be the basis. “Whether it’s through staking-as-a-service, lending, or other means, crypto intermediaries, when offering investment contracts in exchange for investors’ tokens, need to provide the proper disclosures and safeguards required by our securities laws,” said SEC Chair Gary Gensler. “Today’s action should make clear to the marketplace that staking-as-a-service providers must register and provide full, fair, and truthful disclosure and investor protection.” “In case after case, we’ve seen the consequences when individuals and businesses tout and offer crypto investments outside of the protections provided by the federal securities laws: investors lack the disclosures they deserve and are harmed when they don’t receive them,” said Gurbir S. Grewal, Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement said in a press release. Hours after the SEC announcement, BTC prices went back down to the 21,000 to the US dollar territories but held steady just under the 22,000 mark after weeks of rallying close to 24,000. However, prices of two of the largest pooled staking services shot up — RPL’s price increased by 14.5% and LDO ga...


Woo-ing Buyers: Woo Network Token 75% Rally Sparks Investor Interest

    The market is still on the lookout for distinct signs of a long-term recovery. Given this, it is critical to pay strategic attention to tokens such as Woo Network (WOO), which present chances for short- and long-term trading in the dynamic crypto environment. The cryptocurrency market is in a positive mood as the new week begins, following a time of increased volatility in the first half of December. The two most popular cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, have shown signs of stability during the last 48 hours. Woo Network Explodes 75% In The Last Week The WOO token, which is part of the Woo Network liquidity protocol, has been rising recently after fluctuating earlier. According to data from Coingecko, WOO was trading at $0.45 at the time of writing, up over 2% in the previous day and maintaining a strong 75.0% increase over the previous seven days. A contributing element to the cryptocurrency's recent price increase was the WooFi exchange, which attracted attention from possible investors after announcing a partnership with Arbitrum. The cryptocurrency exchange WOO X, which runs on the WOO token, announced this week that it will be partnering with Wintermute to increase liquidity. With a combined trading volume of about $3.6 trillion, Wintermute is an algorithmic trading company and liquidity provider. Thanks to its partnership with WOO X, it now serves as the primary liquidity provider for the exchange. Another market maker, Selini Capital, joined WOO X in order to... read More

Why Bitcoin Won't Go Below 30K Again: Willy Woo

    Could Bitcoin (BTC) still be due for a major price correction? Not likely, according to popular Bitcoin price guru Willy Woo. The on-chain analyst has used blockchain data mapping bitcoin investors’ average buy-in price to determine that the asset likely won’t descend under $30,000 ever again. Bitcoin’s New Floor is $30k In a post to X on Tuesday, Woo shared a “Bitcoin Cost Basis Density Map” – a contour chart tracking bitcoin’s supply based on the price that long-term investors paid for their coins. The line chart shows a dense grey band reflecting the price around which much of the bitcoin supply moved at the time, reflecting “strong agreed value” according to Woo. Bitcoin Cost Basis Density Map. Source: @woonomic Since Bitcoin’s inception, the analyst claims that the band has operated as infallible price support that is never retested under three specific conditions. These conditions include strong bands of agreed price, emergence from a bear market, and another Bitcoin “halving” coming just around the corner. That’s the situation bitcoin is in today: not only has the asset risen 130% since the infamous collapse of FTX last year, but the next halving – a cyclical event that cuts the issuance rate of new BTC in half – is due for April 2024. Woo’s chart shows that such bands have formed under the relevant conditions 8 times in Bitcoin’s history, and have always propped up Bi... read More

Woo Network (WOO) Surges 20% as Project Announces Major Coin Burn

    Woo Network is a DeFi liquidity provider for institutional platforms and has attracted equity investments from backers like Binance. Revamped Tokenomics for Woo The Woo Network tokenomics revamp involves a series of improvements to its token distribution, the team announced on Monday, (January 10, 2023). These improvements are part of efforts to address issues regarding the current token distribution. Woo’s token revamp will begin with a planned burn of 705 million WOO tokens, currently worth $127 million. Token burning in crypto is when coins are destroyed by sending them to a burn address, forever removing them from circulation. The planned burn will see 24% of the WOO token supply destroyed. The tokens to be burned will come from the allocations given to WOO Ventures, WOO DAO, and the project’s insurance fund, according to the announcement. Woo’s statement revealed 147,417,657 tokens from WOO Ventures, 259,136,204 tokens from WOO DAO, and 298,697,900 from the WOO insurance fund are part of the coin burn process. Also, the project will wind down these affected segments following the token burn. WOO Ventures was supposed to be the investment arm of the project, but the announcement cited “a number of challenges” as being the reason for discontinuing the endeavor. Following the token burn, Woo Network says it will embark on initiatives to improve the utility of its native token. The token burn announcement spurred a significant uptick in price ac... read More

Mizar Announces Non-Custodial Bot Trading on WOO X

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Mizar brings forward a cryptocurrency trading platform that manages, optimizes, and automates trade in a way that doesn’t require users to spend countless hours staring at charts. Now, the company is proud to announce its new non-custodial bot trading feature available on WOO X. Mizar partnered with WOO Network back in April, and the main goal of the collaboration was to provide both tools and strategies for the WOO X exchange. With Mizar, users are able to connect their API keys from the WOO X platform and start automating their trading and partake in copy-trading strategies without having to give up the custody of their tokens. The non-custodial bot trading allows users to quickly and easily automate their trades with various bots that allow for dollar cost averaging and other smart strategies. It also allows for copy trading for the WOO X community. Users can develop their very own trading bots and even share it with the community. While most of the bot trading platforms impose some kind of fixed fee structure, Mizar’s users pay fees based on trading volume. Depending on their STAR level, users can reduce fees up to 95%. Coupled with free trading on WOO X, users can trade at very low costs. The WOO X exchange is essentially a zero-fee trading venue for those traders who want to take advantage of quick and seamless trade execution and high liquidity. It’s the flagship product of WOO Network in the field of CeFi, and... read More

DeFi protocol TrueFi launches first non-stablecoin portfolio, with loans...

    TrustToken, the stablecoin platform and creator of unsecured lending protocol TrueFi, today announced a new collaboration with WOO X, a zero-fee digital asset trading platform incubated by Kronos Research, a crypto asset quant company, and market maker. WOO X will use TrueFi to support its institutional services by issuing loans to its clients through the protocol. TrueFi will be WOO X's lending protocol of choice for uncollateralized loans to its institutional clients in its native WOO token. Moreover, this creates TrueFi's first non-stablecoin portfolio. WOO DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization working to foster the growth of the WOO Network, will provide the tokens for the loans, with all yields returning to the WOO DAO. Financial institutions trading on the WOO X platform have been verified through KYC measures, and the loan principal will only be released into their WOO X wallets. Due to TrueFi's protocol technology, this type of transparency will show WOO token holders where DAO funds are moving. 'Uncollateralized on-chain lending is the most capital-efficient credit a financial institution can get. Our first non-stablecoin portfolios are further testimony for how versatile TrueFi lending can be, supporting any digital assets at all-Bitcoin, Ether, and other top coins are also very much a possibility.' - Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken This uncollateralized lending program follows an update of WOO X's staking program, which now allows clients to stake 600,000 W... read More

WOO X crypto exchange launches 20 perpetual swaps with zero-fees

    WOO Network, a crypto exchange liquidity ecosystem, announced today that its exchange WOO X has rolled out the initial launch of WOO futures, including 20 popular crypto-assets, with more being added. The futures are in the form of perpetual swaps (perps) which are contracts that never expire, making them ideal for the 24/7 world of cryptocurrency. Benefits of futures on WOO X Effortless - Traders can access charts and order-entry modules for spot and perps all from WOO X’s customizable interface. Cross-margin collateral means that any eligible asset can be used as collateral, giving traders fewer restrictions when trading with leverage. For risk management, traders can use Vaults and Subaccount features to isolate assets from being used as collateral. Trades can customize their workspaces to easily track all their positions, both spot, and futures Free - A zero-fee trading experience, WOO X futures will use the same staking tiers and fee structure as spot trading, meaning that users who stake 1800 WOO will be entitled to zero maker and taker fees when manually trading perps. Staking for zero fees is the same, regardless of whether you trade spot or futures Size - Unlike spot markets, perps can’t be aggregated easily, as each source will have unique parameters, such as funding rates. WOO Network tackled this by integrating various sources into a liquidity pool that can be accessed directly from WOO X or as a liquidity source for institutional client... read More

Binance Backs WOO Network With A $12 Million Strategic Investment

    Binance is the largest exchange platform in trading volume within the crypto industry. Through its user-friendly interface, the exchange has over 20 million users. In addition, the platform supports several cryptocurrencies that would boost an investor’s portfolio. In its move to enhanced performance and services to customers, Binance has a strategic investment of $12 million through its venture capital arm. The investment is in a liquidity platform, WOO Network. This liquidity platform connects users to exchanges, DeFi networks, and other institutions. Binance Labs, which kicked off in 2017, has committed relationships through early-stage investments in several companies. Also, Binance took part in bigger fundraising rounds like the $10 million Series C fundraising round for Figment, a crypto staking company. Thoma Bravo was in the lead of this fundraising project. Through a press release, Binance Labs Investment Director Peter Huo put forth his reactions to the company's investment. First, he acknowledged WOO Network’s remarkable impact on the entire crypto ecosystem using its features and functionality. Also, he mentioned the Network provision of zero-fee trading through on-chain and off-chain and deep liquidity. Furthermore, Huo expressed his company’s excitement through its long-lasting relationship expansion. The Binance Director commented that the company uses the investment to explore its collaborations further. Binance Invests in WOO Due To Impressive Growth WO... read More

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