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Wootrade Network  


WOO Price:
$42.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WOO today is $0.22 USD.

The lowest WOO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.216, and the current live price for one WOO coin is $0.21636.

The all-time high WOO coin price was $1.78.

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The code for Wootrade Network is #WOO.

Wootrade Network is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Wootrade Network is $354,742,744.

Wootrade Network is ranked #113 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #WOO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Wootrade Network is $42,182,404.


The circulating supply of WOO is 1,639,628,553 coins, which is 55% of the maximum coin supply.


WOO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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WOO Ventures to drop tokens to WOO X and WOOFi stakers

WOO X and WOOFi users who were staking 1800 WOO or more at the time of a snapshot taken on the 10th of January 2023 have been entered into a token giveaway. — As part of plans to wind down WOO Ventures, WOO Network will be distributing a series of tokens to WOOFi and WOO X stakers. These tokens are the result of a number of investments made by WOO Ventures in early-stage projects, and they include: 133,333 QRDO (Qredo), 5,000,000 ERP (Entropyfi), 625,000 LUNR (LunarCrush), 50,000 STRP (Strips Finance), 2,394,636 DERI (Deri Protocol), 1,428,571 CLH (ClearDAO), 484,214 DODO (DODO DEX), WOO Network will distribute the tokens in two phases with DODO being dropped to WOO X stakers in phase one on the 10th of February. The remaining tokens of QRDO, ERP, LUNR, STRP, DERI, and CLH will go to WOOFi stakers in phase two on the 24th of February, with WOO X stakers having the option to opt-in by connecting their DeFi wallet to their WOO X accounts. — How will distribution work for phase one?. — Everyone who was staking 1800 WOO or more on WOO X at the time of a snapshot taken on the 10th of January 00:00 UTC 2023 will receive an equal distribution of DODO. In total, 4,413 WOO X accounts are eligible, and they will each be given 109.7 DODO. The other tokens acquired by WOO Ventures are either not supported by WOO X, or their USD value is too low such that a recipient would be unable to execute a withdrawal or sell...

WOO Network launches a WOOFi DEX trading challenge

Get Meteor Wallet and trade $100 or more on WOOFi DEX to be entered into a giveaway of $4,000!. — — Meteor has landed on WOOFi DEX. — It’s even easier to get started on WOOFi DEX now that Meteor Wallet has been integrated, and we’re celebrating in style — with $4,000 of rewards! We’ll take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way from downloading Meteor to connecting to WOOFi DEX, and even making your first trade. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the prizes up for grabs: - 20 lucky traders who use Meteor to trade ≥$100 on WOOFi DEX each get $150 of WOO - 10 lucky people who retweet our announcement tweet and follow us and Meteor on Twitter each get $50 of NEAR - 5 best pieces of feedback about WOOFi DEX left in the WOOFi product-feedback channel of the WOO Network Discord each get $100 of NEAR The competition starts now and runs until the 15th of February at 15:00 UTC. The 35 total winners will be announced within 7 days of the competition’s end and the rewards distributed in the following 14 days thereafter. Ready to take on the WOOFi DEX trading challenge? Let’s get started! — Step 1 — Get Meteor Wallet. — Start by heading over to the Meteor website and choosing whether you would like the extension or web experience of the wallet — we recommend the web version as you can get a free named wallet account (not available on the extension wallet yet)...

WOO Network partners with KTG to maximize traders’ performance

In a bid to enhance the trading experience on WOO X and provide users with solid market insights, WOO Network has partnered with Kronos Trading Group (KTG), a proprietary trading firm with a team of 30 experienced traders specializing in the crypto asset markets. KTG practices short-term discretionary trading based on price action to generate profits, applying different strategies depending on each trader’s personality and trading style. An entirely separate operating entity from market-making firm Kronos Research, traders at KTG use professional trading tools such as Quantower, Tiger Trade, and Cscalp. The team at KTG trades on leading centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance and WOO X. “Our partnership means working closely with the team at WOO X as they build an even more robust trading platform, as our team shares our experience with top exchanges. KTG will also be more visible on the WOO Network website with the regular publishing of our insights such as on macroeconomic trends, crypto-related news, and particular assets that we’re watching closely,” said Marek Chajecki, founder of KTG. “Traders are even more demanding these days, they are constantly seeking an edge to outperform the market. Seeking alpha requires a combination of skill, experience, and time-sensitive access to information and resources. KTG’s insights from trading on other top platforms will be valuable to our goal of providing WOO X tr...

Understanding WOO Network: Q4 2022 Report

Themes, statistics, and analysis from the fourth quarter of 2022. — — Introduction. — Continuing on the same trajectory as Q3, Q4 was a tumultuous period for cryptoassets as many service providers proved to have poor risk management, weak governance and in some instances malicious intentions. One major theme of Q4 was contagion, as weak financial conditions spread like wildfire across many service providers. These ripples propagated outwards from FTX entering bankruptcy, with platforms like Gemini Earn and BlockFi halting withdrawals. Even companies who exercised prudent risk management have felt the weight of the bear market, with many announcing rounds of layoffs, which has offered opportunities for WOO Network to expand through hiring top talent and capturing more volume market share. On a macro scale, central banks have continued implementing their contractionary policies through raising rates further. Fortunately for cryptoasset markets, a weaker dollar and softer than expected CPI print in December provided some reprieve. While significant uncertainty looms ahead, many market commentators have called for peak inflation and now remain fixated on unemployment data. Provided domestic labor markets do not soften significantly and the global economy doesn’t enter a deep recession, risk markets like cryptoassets may be poised to rebound in 2023. Despite the significant headwinds throughout Q4, the indust...

WOO tokenomics revamp: The first chapter

WOO Network is making a series of improvements to the WOO tokenomics to increase utility and transparency for the community. — — Summary:. — Over the first half of 2023, WOO Network will roll out a series of improvements to WOO tokenomics. The first part will focus on addressing existing issues while making the token distribution more transparent, WOO Network will burn over 705 million WOO tokens, about 24% of the max supply, as WOO Ventures, WOO DAO, and the insurance fund are wound down., All burning mechanisms will be stopped going forward, while a large portion of remaining ecosystem tokens will be placed into time-locked vesting contracts for more complete transparency and clarity around token supply., — Continuous optimization and improvement. — The collapse of token ecosystems such as LUNA and FTT has demonstrated the importance of having a resilient ecosystem, free from factors that would impact the token value, especially in adverse conditions. These events have provided opportunities to learn, adapt, and elevate the WOO ecosystem to blue-chip status with the WOO token at its core. Several other factors, such as recent actions from regulators and feedback from the community, further motivate adjusting how WOO will be utilized by current and potential future token holders. — Winding down WOO Ventures:. — WOO Ventures was conceived to invest in projects that bring value to ...

sPMM v2: the next chapter for WOOFi

New Supercharger vaults, improved price execution, and greater yields are all coming — on every chain.. — — Fasten your seatbelts — sPMM v2 is imminent. — 2023 has barely begun and WOOFi has already put its foot to the floor, aiming to complete its full migration to sPMM v2 by the 11th of January. This mega upgrade will see WOOFi kick into high gear with halved gas costs, enhanced pricing, all-new Supercharger vaults, and bolstered yields across every single chain. sPMM v2 has already taken effect on Arbitrum and Optimism, processing >$50M volume with less than $1M TVL in just two months. Now WOOFi is going to go vroom and accelerate the expansion of sPMM v2 to BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom as we list more assets in sPMM liquidity pools, and enable everyone to feel the benefits. In addition, we have created the WOOFi dev docs center to make it easier for developers to find the information they need. — Supercharger vaults are getting souped up. — Supercharger vaults have become the flagship product of WOOFi Earn, occupying a gap in the market for investors who seek hassle-free, single-sided passive yield. sPMM v2 is set to crank up their voltage, increasing the bonus monthly rewards for depositors from 100,000 to 150,000 WOO as we boost TVL, deepen liquidity, and hone price execution. As WOO emissions increase, so too will the size of WOOFi’s buybacks (in November ...

Crypto market outlook: How players will win in 2023

The year 2022 was by far the most eventful year for the crypto market. The industry that has been struggling for years to get mass adoption took back-to-back beatings from multiple crashes caused by hacks, poor risk management, and fraud by many of the industry’s largest players. Alongside the crashes within the crypto market, Bitcoin’s value went down by nearly 80% from its all-time high in 2021 because of poor macroeconomic conditions namely, the continuing war in Ukraine, the Fed’s successive rate hikes, all-time high global inflation, volatile energy markets and strength in the U.S. dollar. To be sure, Bitcoin price touched $15,000 levels in 2022 from an all-time high of nearly $70,000 in 2021. The invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 disrupted exports for commodities including oil and gas that pushed up inflation to levels not seen in decades. To fight the high inflation, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate 7 times to its highest level in 15 years, while the US dollar’s value strengthened throughout the year. To top it all, uncertainties came to the social media site Twitter as it got acquired by Elon Musk. The developments in Twitter are important as it is the go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts. For example, FUD was amplified by speculators on Twitter around FTX’s sudden downfall in November that snowballed from the Binance founder’s tweet about the anomalies that were going on with A...

Crypto Outlook: Macro Trends to Watch in 2023

Jack Tan, Co-founder of crypto trading platform WOO Network, joins CoinDesk’s “All About Bitcoin” to discuss his reading of bitcoin’s stagnant price following the implosion of crypto exchange FTX. Plus, his outlook on crypto markets and macro trends in 2023.I’m looking at the world as a trader so I try to match the narrative to price action. One thing I noticed is the 2-year rate already flattening out…. so while Fed Chair Powell keeps reiterating 5.1–5.2% for the Fed funds rate, the 2-year Treasury has fallen from 4.7% to 4.2%. The 2-year rate has been a leading indicator for what the Fed does and it seems they are often playing catch up. Interestingly, the BTC and ETH have held up well vs ALTs and vs tech stocks like TESLA, which makes me think that perhaps the factors linking gold and bitcoin are coming into play. Watch the full interview below. — CoinDesk on Twitter: "LIVE: @krakenfx to end operations in Japan, a closer look at Built on Bitcoin's 2023 outlook and more.@WOOnetwork's Jack Tan and CoinDesk's @FrederickMunawa join "All About Bitcoin": / Twitter" - LIVE: @krakenfx to end operations in Japan, a closer look at Built on Bitcoin's 2023 outlook and more.@WOOnetwork's Jack Tan and CoinDesk's @FrederickMunawa join "All About Bitcoin": — Stay tuned for all of WOO Network’s exciting developments!. — Socials:

WOOFi launches exclusive competition for BAB token holders

Mint BAB token and try WOOFi to be entered into a lottery of 5,000 xWOO!. — WOOFi is excited to partner with Binance to add further utility to the BAB token with a fun lottery-style contest! Over the next 2 weeks, BAB token holders are encouraged to try WOOFi’s swap, stake, and earn products to share in 5,000 xWOO rewards. The more features you try, the higher your chances of winning — simple. WOOFi is a one-stop shop with the best prices, yields, and tools to satisfy your multi-chain needs. Fun fact: BNB Chain was the first-ever chain that WOOFi supported! — About BAB token. — Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens are non-transferable tokens built on BNB Chain and available to any Binance user who verifies their identity. Once claimed, the holder can use these tokens to access exclusive perks and earn rewards, just like in our WOOFi lottery! Follow these simple steps to secure yours. — How to win the WOOFi lottery. — You have just 2 weeks to try our all-in-one dApp WOOFi. The more features of WOOFi you try, the more lottery tickets you can claim in our Galxe campaign, and the higher your chance of being 1 of 10 lucky people each taking home 500 xWOO! You can claim up to a maximum of 5 tickets, and here’s how to get them: Ticket 1 — Make a swap on BNB Chain with WOOFi ($5 or more volume), Ticket 2 — Make a cross-chain swap to or from BNB Chain with WOOFi ($5 or more volum...

WOOFi is now live on Arbitrum

WOOFi evolves with sPMM V2 and pushes further into the Ethereum ecosystem following the integration of its fifth chain — Arbitrum. — — Non-stop innovation. — It began 12 months ago with a vision — to bridge WOO network’s deep, institutional-grade liquidity into DeFi and create a one-stop shop with the best prices, yields, and tools for on-chain traders. Since then, WOOFi has evolved without limit achieving $1.9B total trading volume, buying back 1.8M WOO, and transforming from what was once a mere swap protocol supporting a single chain into an all-in-one dApp supporting intra-chain and cross-chain trades, WOO staking, and institutional yield across 5 separate networks. — Introducing sPMM V2. — If you thought WOOFi had already reached peak efficiency — think again. It’s time for you to meet sPMM V2 — the next evolution of WOOFi which is leaner, meaner, and more streamlined in every sense of the word. sPMM V2 will debut on Arbitrum and deploy to other chains gradually. Some of the major improvements include: 50% more efficient on gas costs — As the Dex landscape becomes increasingly competitive, any additional cost in a trade matters. WOOFi has always thrived during bouts of volatility due to its low slippage, but this enhancement will enable WOOFi to thrive permanently — not just when the market is frothy., Streamlined swap logic and integration — Sw...


Woo Network (WOO) Surges 20% as Project Announces Major Coin Burn

    Woo Network is a DeFi liquidity provider for institutional platforms and has attracted equity investments from backers like Binance. Revamped Tokenomics for Woo The Woo Network tokenomics revamp involves a series of improvements to its token distribution, the team announced on Monday, (January 10, 2023). These improvements are part of efforts to address issues regarding the current token distribution. Woo’s token revamp will begin with a planned burn of 705 million WOO tokens, currently worth $127 million. Token burning in crypto is when coins are destroyed by sending them to a burn address, forever removing them from circulation. The planned burn will see 24% of the WOO token supply destroyed. The tokens to be burned will come from the allocations given to WOO Ventures, WOO DAO, and the project’s insurance fund, according to the announcement. Woo’s statement revealed 147,417,657 tokens from WOO Ventures, 259,136,204 tokens from WOO DAO, and 298,697,900 from the WOO insurance fund are part of the coin burn process. Also, the project will wind down these affected segments following the token burn. WOO Ventures was supposed to be the investment arm of the project, but the announcement cited “a number of challenges” as being the reason for discontinuing the endeavor. Following the token burn, Woo Network says it will embark on initiatives to improve the utility of its native token. The token burn announcement spurred a significant uptick in price ac... read More

Mizar Announces Non-Custodial Bot Trading on WOO X

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Mizar brings forward a cryptocurrency trading platform that manages, optimizes, and automates trade in a way that doesn’t require users to spend countless hours staring at charts. Now, the company is proud to announce its new non-custodial bot trading feature available on WOO X. Mizar partnered with WOO Network back in April, and the main goal of the collaboration was to provide both tools and strategies for the WOO X exchange. With Mizar, users are able to connect their API keys from the WOO X platform and start automating their trading and partake in copy-trading strategies without having to give up the custody of their tokens. The non-custodial bot trading allows users to quickly and easily automate their trades with various bots that allow for dollar cost averaging and other smart strategies. It also allows for copy trading for the WOO X community. Users can develop their very own trading bots and even share it with the community. While most of the bot trading platforms impose some kind of fixed fee structure, Mizar’s users pay fees based on trading volume. Depending on their STAR level, users can reduce fees up to 95%. Coupled with free trading on WOO X, users can trade at very low costs. The WOO X exchange is essentially a zero-fee trading venue for those traders who want to take advantage of quick and seamless trade execution and high liquidity. It’s the flagship product of WOO Network in the field of CeFi, and... read More

DeFi protocol TrueFi launches first non-stablecoin portfolio, with loans...

    TrustToken, the stablecoin platform and creator of unsecured lending protocol TrueFi, today announced a new collaboration with WOO X, a zero-fee digital asset trading platform incubated by Kronos Research, a crypto asset quant company, and market maker. WOO X will use TrueFi to support its institutional services by issuing loans to its clients through the protocol. TrueFi will be WOO X's lending protocol of choice for uncollateralized loans to its institutional clients in its native WOO token. Moreover, this creates TrueFi's first non-stablecoin portfolio. WOO DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization working to foster the growth of the WOO Network, will provide the tokens for the loans, with all yields returning to the WOO DAO. Financial institutions trading on the WOO X platform have been verified through KYC measures, and the loan principal will only be released into their WOO X wallets. Due to TrueFi's protocol technology, this type of transparency will show WOO token holders where DAO funds are moving. 'Uncollateralized on-chain lending is the most capital-efficient credit a financial institution can get. Our first non-stablecoin portfolios are further testimony for how versatile TrueFi lending can be, supporting any digital assets at all-Bitcoin, Ether, and other top coins are also very much a possibility.' - Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken This uncollateralized lending program follows an update of WOO X's staking program, which now allows clients to stake 600,000 W... read More

WOO X crypto exchange launches 20 perpetual swaps with zero-fees

    WOO Network, a crypto exchange liquidity ecosystem, announced today that its exchange WOO X has rolled out the initial launch of WOO futures, including 20 popular crypto-assets, with more being added. The futures are in the form of perpetual swaps (perps) which are contracts that never expire, making them ideal for the 24/7 world of cryptocurrency. Benefits of futures on WOO X Effortless - Traders can access charts and order-entry modules for spot and perps all from WOO X’s customizable interface. Cross-margin collateral means that any eligible asset can be used as collateral, giving traders fewer restrictions when trading with leverage. For risk management, traders can use Vaults and Subaccount features to isolate assets from being used as collateral. Trades can customize their workspaces to easily track all their positions, both spot, and futures Free - A zero-fee trading experience, WOO X futures will use the same staking tiers and fee structure as spot trading, meaning that users who stake 1800 WOO will be entitled to zero maker and taker fees when manually trading perps. Staking for zero fees is the same, regardless of whether you trade spot or futures Size - Unlike spot markets, perps can’t be aggregated easily, as each source will have unique parameters, such as funding rates. WOO Network tackled this by integrating various sources into a liquidity pool that can be accessed directly from WOO X or as a liquidity source for institutional client... read More

Binance Backs WOO Network With A $12 Million Strategic Investment

    Binance is the largest exchange platform in trading volume within the crypto industry. Through its user-friendly interface, the exchange has over 20 million users. In addition, the platform supports several cryptocurrencies that would boost an investor’s portfolio. In its move to enhanced performance and services to customers, Binance has a strategic investment of $12 million through its venture capital arm. The investment is in a liquidity platform, WOO Network. This liquidity platform connects users to exchanges, DeFi networks, and other institutions. Binance Labs, which kicked off in 2017, has committed relationships through early-stage investments in several companies. Also, Binance took part in bigger fundraising rounds like the $10 million Series C fundraising round for Figment, a crypto staking company. Thoma Bravo was in the lead of this fundraising project. Through a press release, Binance Labs Investment Director Peter Huo put forth his reactions to the company's investment. First, he acknowledged WOO Network’s remarkable impact on the entire crypto ecosystem using its features and functionality. Also, he mentioned the Network provision of zero-fee trading through on-chain and off-chain and deep liquidity. Furthermore, Huo expressed his company’s excitement through its long-lasting relationship expansion. The Binance Director commented that the company uses the investment to explore its collaborations further. Binance Invests in WOO Due To Impressive Growth WO... read More

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