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WOM Token  


WOM Price:
$28.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WOM today is $0.027 USD.

The lowest WOM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.027, and the current live price for one WOM coin is $0.02686.

The all-time high WOM coin price was $0.60.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of WOM with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for WOM Token crypto currency is #WOM.

WOM Token is 4 years old.


The current market capitalization for WOM Token is $2,686,181.

WOM Token is ranking downwards to #1215 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #WOM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for WOM Token is $28,727.


The circulating supply of WOM is 100,007,450 coins, which is 10% of the total coin supply.


WOM is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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We’re Proud To Play Our Part Helping Web3 Grow

This week Safary published its Web3 Growth Technology Landscape 2023 mapping the leading tools around the world helping web3 projects to reach, build, communicate with, incentivize and better understand their communities. We are proud to say that both the WOM Protocol and BULLZ made it onto the 160+ list of talented growth marketing teams supporting the web3 ecosystem. Firstly, hats off to Safary for taking the time and effort to curate all of these companies into one comprehensive map. Secondly, can we take a moment to talk about the sheer power this cohort has as a collective? Looking at this landscape there’s no question that the Web3 Growth Technology Stack is well and truly stacked. Let’s start with the Community tools. Here companies including @Safaryclub, @jumperstweeting and @myosin_xyz, are helping projects understand customer segments, in order to drive growth and mass adoption. Then there are the Messaging tools that bring features, such as web3 notifications and wallet messaging, including @NotifiNetwork, @trypearlxyz, @DispatchXYZ, @ethstatus, @xmtp_, @pushprotocol, @0x_hashmail, @commdotapp and @consoledao. Next, come the Discovery platforms and engines for communities in web3. These include @withsmoothie, @trutsxyz, @PymeID, @thedapplist, @thirdwavelabs and @Playgrid_io After this Community Automation tools, including @twofivedev, @commsor, @w3w_ai, @0xMysterious, @shield_xyz, @zilly_social, @unjumblexyz, @...

Why We’re Replacing Traditional Ads With A More Human Touch

Advertisers have been playing a game of cat and mouse with consumers for too long. If anything, the past few years of living through a pandemic — and the resulting impact this has had on people’s screen-time and ad exposure — has not helped this dynamic: Digital ad growth rose significantly in 2021 as brands funnelled $189 billion into targeting increasingly digitally active consumers., In the same year six in ten 18–24 year-olds in the US used ad blockers while on desktop., So why should brands pour billions into digital advertising, when only 40 per cent of US GenZ consumers on desktop will even see it? At a time when budgets are shrinking to fight inflation this is of course the billion dollar question. The rapid emergence of AI tools and the speed at which low-cost content can now be produced could of course be one answer. New tools that are either free or available as pro upgrades with monthly subscriptions, such as, and, make it easier than ever to produce marketing content. From blogs, podcasts and videos, through to social media posts, all of these could be key to scaling content creation to reach and engage young consumers. As machine-generated content increases, however, so will the need to counterbalance this with content that reaches people on a more relatable and human level. This will become especially true for GenZ, where authenticity is highly valued — af...

What We’ve Learned From Two Years Of WOM Protocol Being Integrated Into YEAY

One of the advantages of being a living, breathing web3 project is that you actually have the benefit of hindsight. Thanks to the early decision to integrate the WOM Token into the YEAY app as a first adopter, we have now amassed two years of testing time to see what happens when you introduce a native cryptocurrency to a community of non-crypto natives. In the case of YEAY, the WOM Token was integrated as a mechanism for earning rewards for recommending products using short-form video, and as a means of supplying brands with scalable user-generated marketing campaigns. At the same time we wanted to see what would happen when we integrated the WOM Token into platforms targeted more directly at the crypto crowd, which is why we launched the WOM Authenticator — an app built for anyone looking to earn incremental amounts of tokens by peer-reviewing recommendation content — as well as the BULLZ product range, giving a more crypto-savvy audience the chance to create-to-earn by recommending their favorite web3 projects. Having multiple apps in the wild has helped us observe how two different segments, web2 creators and web3 create-to-earners, react to participating in the WOM Ecosystem and ultimately which direction to take to keep driving network growth and token adoption. We’re excited to say that in terms of user adoption and strength of use case there is one segment that stands out as the clear winner — the w...

Content Creators: The Ultimate Marketers for Web3 Projects

The rise of web3 has been driven by the growing interest in the concept of decentralization and the benefits it can offer. While focusing on the product side, technological developments and even the trading of tokens, it can be a struggle for web3 projects to effectively build a community and gain user adoption. All web3 projects need cost-effective and authentic ways to reach and engage with their target audiences. This is exactly what user-generated content can provide, especially in terms of storytelling, spreading awareness and educating audiences. Content creators will be the accelerators of web3 adoption. Platforms such as BULLZ, are designed to give web3 projects support in content creation to ultimately spread awareness, educate and onboard non-crypto natives. Through the newly launched BULLZ Campaign Manager any web3 project can request content from not only established influencers of all community sizes, but also regular creators, providing projects with the chance to generate a multi-purpose content marketing approach, along with the flexibility to customize their campaigns depending on the project’s goals and budget. These are just some of the key ways that web3 projects can work with influencers and creators on BULLZ: — Onboarding. — By working with regular creators who are looking to earn small amounts of crypto as a side hustle, web3 projects have a highly affordable way to onboard users onto the...

WOM Protocol Development Update: Q4 2022

With the year slowly coming to a close we’ve spent the final months moving the needle ever closer towards our goal — bringing user-generated-marketing to brands and web3 projects. To that effect we have been busy adding to and refining our suite of MarTech products that enable easy collaborations between creators and brands. This has been complemented by business development efforts to onboard strategic partnerships and brands into the ecosystem, with seven new strategic, integration and marketing partnerships established over the past few months, including IDO platform, Enjinstarter, MixPay and Mixin Network, and DOEX Exchange. — BULLZ Web App - BULLZ hit a major milestone in December with the release of the web version of the platform. This scaling of our multi-platform strategy enables BULLZ to keep increasing web3 accessibility for content creators, by providing the choice to create and share content on any device. The aim is to keep refining our toolkits targeted at the creator economy to foster easy collaboration — and exposure — for web3 projects. — MixPay Integration - In November WOM announced a partnership with MixPay, a decentralized web3 cross-chain payment protocol built on the Mixin Network. This partnership has since enabled the integration of MixPay into multiple products across all wallets, including the WOM Authenticator, BULLZ Campaign Manager and BULLZ Web App. — Cha...

WOM’s Latest Authenticator Payments Update Explained

WOM Protocol has just made a major improvement to the way that Authenticator payments are distributed on its self-developed apps. It’s great news for Authenticators, and another stride towards bringing the marketing world accessible and authentic word-of-mouth content without compromising consumer trust — WOM’s core mission. I’m An Authenticator, How Will This Change Affect Me? Before taking a closer look at the latest changes, let’s recap how WOM Protocol has distributed payments to Authenticators thus far. The WOM Protocol beta version went live with an early iteration of a reward mechanism, which would become more sophisticated and stronger as we listened and learned from the community. Authenticators have always received 33 per cent of the daily WOM Protocol rewards distributed to contributors in the WOM Ecosystem such as creators, Authenticators, and platforms. This percentage for Authenticators has not changed. The way in which these payments are distributed to Authenticators, however, has been given an upgrade. WOM Authenticators are crowdsourced members of the WOM community, who validate the honesty and authenticity of product recommendation content that has been submitted for review. They have always been the gate-keepers of quality recommendation videos. They have also earned greater rewards for prioritizing potentially high-performing content. Until now the more engagement the content an Authentica...

Build Like Crypto-Natives, Think Like Consumers: Advice For Web3 Projects As The Bear Cycle Bites

Two years ago investors took bold chances on blockchain projects. Then the deepening bear cycle saw cryptocurrencies lose $2 trillion in value since 2021’s peak and investors became more cautious. Now, after a year characterized by market struggles, not to mention the seismic shake caused by the collapse of FTX, many both on the investment and development sides of the web3 ecosystem, believe 2023 is the year to continue funding and growing the space. In a recent address to the Future of Crypto Summit, Mastercard’s director of startup engagement, Grace Berkery, called current venture funding in crypto and web3 an opportunity, while also a good time to reset, giving a call-to-arms for funds and projects to maintain the web3 momentum: “Right now, people should put their heads down and build. You will be better off in the long term.” This sentiment is echoed by CVP NoLimit Holdings founder, Gin Chao, who also believes now is the time to continue building web3 investment portfolios. He argues that the current crypto winter appears to follow the same cycle we have seen repeated every 18–24 months (the last of which proved to be another successful investment period) and that we can expect spring to follow, though it might take a little longer this time given the current macro environment. Investors are continuing to put skin in the web3 game and Double Down, a $30 million VC fund from ex-Bain investor, Magdalena Kala, whi...

Seasonal Advice For Allocating Marketing Spend In 2023

Tis the season to make predictions that help marketing professionals plan next year’s budgets. After an anything but predictable year, however, no amount of trend forecasts will turn marketers into fortune tellers, and yet at a time when CFOs and senior finance leaders are reducing budgets to fight inflation marketers are still expected to magically make smaller budgets go further. Marketers must release their inner sleuths, collecting clues to reveal the tactics and technologies that can best weather the economic downturn and still bring results amidst shifting market conditions, rising inflation, economic volatility and weakened consumer purchasing power. Well good tidings we bring, because the clues do fit together and they all point to upper-funnel brand marketing becoming a critical investment next year. Marketing tactics that build awareness, trust and perceived value segue well from web2 to web3 (the vision for the next iteration of the internet), where building strong brands and communities is critical. All the puzzle pieces show that now is the time for the marketing community to start shifting collective mindset away from purely transactional to more interpersonal and engaged customer relationships, as brands prepare to adapt to major technological shifts in digital marketing and as web3 becomes increasingly more mainstream in the years to come. Invest In Brand Marketing In Analytics Partners’ “The Marketer...

WOM Protocol Development Update: Q1-Q3 2022

As we watch the season pull up its own stakes, we acknowledge that we have not published a development update the entire year! As is our habit, we have been completely immersed in our product development to bring the next generation of Web3 Martech solutions to you. We are in constant communication with our users, creators, customers, and the rest of our community as we continue to develop and refine our products. This year has seen numerous updates, changes, and new products, in addition to other other project and company milestones and events. Among the non-dev milestones is the listing of the WOM Token on the MEXC Global exchange and the first edition of SUPERVERSE, the largest consumer-oriented Web3 summit connecting creators, entrepreneurs, and artists. Seriously, if you haven’t seen SUPERVERSE yet, check out the Dubai event and stay tuned for future editions! — The BULLZ Campaign Manager + Influencer Collaborations - The biggest product launch in this edition of the Development Update is the BULLZ Campaign Manager with the related creator Collaboration feature launched in the BULLZ app. With the BULLZ Campaign Manager, Web3 brands can collaborate with creators and influencers to create content, spur excitement, and boost awareness of their brands. Brands create Collaborations, define the parameters, and push the Collaboration live. Creators are notified in the BULLZ app and can choose to participate in the Colla...

WOM Protocol Roadmap: 2022 and Beyond

As we close out this eventful and exciting year, we’re looking forward with anticipation to the coming year and the next phases of the WOM Protocol. The development roadmap is chock-a-block with new features, upgrades, and expansions including support for expanded content types and AI integration. Check out the highlights below: — Phase 3a: - Promotion Channel, Advertising Channel, Upgrade affiliate linking facilitate new Channels, AI for fraud detection, YAAAS beta + mobile app launch, — Promotion & Advertising Channels - The Promotion and Advertising Channels will build on the current Channel Viewer to offer additional outlets for advertisers to promote authentic word-of-mouth recommendations about their products. When a platform implements a Promotion Channel, they specify which products they wish to show in the channel–similar to the Product Viewer but with the ability to display multiple specific products. An advertiser may then use the Campaign Manager to promote one of the products in the Promotion Channel to show recommendations for that specific product more frequently. The affiliate links remain controlled by the Promotion Channel owner. The Advertising Channel is configured using topics or hashtags. Therefore an Advertising Channel could feature multiple products (#BTC, #WOM), multiple brands (#nike, #adidas), and/or multiple categories or interests (#running, #crypto). Video recommendations...

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