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WIN Price:
$18.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$93.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WIN today is $0.0000936 USD.

The lowest WIN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000936, and the exact current price of one WIN crypto coin is $0.00009358.

The all-time high WIN coin price was $0.00297.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of WIN with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of WIN at different market capitalizations.


The code for WINkLink crypto currency is #WIN.

WINkLink is 5 years old.


The current market capitalization for WINkLink is $92,993,581.

WINkLink is ranking downwards to #314 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #WIN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for WINkLink is $18,715,754.


The circulating supply of WIN is 993,701,859,243 coins, which is 99% of the maximum coin supply.

WINkLink has a relatively large supply of coins, 8,175 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


WIN is a token on the Tron blockchain.


WIN is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #WIN, and you can view them on our WIN disambiguation page.



Evolution of WINkLink 2021

In retrospect, WINkLink has been working on Oracle and Gamefi continuously. Let’s review what WINkLink has achieved in 2021: April 26:WINk acquires JustLink, the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle WINkLink goes live May 7:$WIN live on PancakeSwap Syrup Pools: stake $CAKE to earn $WIN& stake WIN-BNB to earn $CAKE May 19:TronLink, SunSwap, Poloniex, PoloniDEX, BitTorrent, uTorrent, and TronGrid joined WINkLink supernodes May 20:$WIN listed on Tokocrypto June 5:$WIN listed on BiBox. Zethyr Finance integrates WINkLink as its local oracle June 11:WIN-TRX LP live on JustSwap July 14:WINkLink Website V2.0 Released July 25:H.E. Justin Sun announced APENFT and WINkLink officially enter Gamefi and NFTfi August 4:The farms for $WIN changed to BUSD pairs on Pancake August 16:$WIN holders have exceeded 750K August 19:WINkLink website added VRF Solution August 20:$WIN listed on LATOKEN August 26:$WIN listed on Bitvavo September 13:WINkLink’s new roadmap is out September 29:$WIN holders have now reached 770K October 8:$WIN is added in cryptocom’s DeFi Wallet( BEP20) October 11:Buyback and Burn: A total of 150,000,000 $WIN has been burned October 16:APENFT added $NFT airdrop to $WIN holders October 25:WINkLink and APENFT launched first Gamefi product WINNFTHORSE October27:$WIN holders have now reached 780K October 29:WINkLink has surpassed 50K followers November 11: $WIN listed on BKEX Novembe...

Announcement on WIN API update

Dear WIN community users: Recently, we updated #WIN API function on CoinMarketCap. As we noticed that #WIN data management and update speed were relatively slow because some of the API functions had not been upgraded. Please rest assured, the reason why circulating supply of #WIN seems to increase sharply is because the previous data has not been updated in time. After the API functions update, #WIN data on @CoinMarketCap and other platforms have been updated and synchronised in real-time. Thanks for your patience and understanding. CoinMarketCap, as a popular data source for the global digital currency price index, is also one of the most valuable crypto asset price tracking websites for WINkLink users. We will continue to maintain close cooperation with CoinMarketCap to provide #WIN community users with more timely and accurate data information. Know more about WINkLink and its related stats on CoinMarketCap: WINkLink price today, WIN to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap WINkLink December 4th, 2021

“Six-Token Carnival Third AMA” with APENFT in the Poloniex’s Community

Here are the important contents captured from AMA with APENFT in the Poloniex Community on September 15, 2021: 1) What’s WINKLink (WIN)? What’s the role of WIN in the WINkLink ecosystem and on the platform itself? The first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle WINkLink fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space,provides reliable, unpredictable, and verifiable random numbers, and fully restores trust and improves user experience by tapping into data, events, and payment systems, etc. from the real world. The WINk team completed the acquisition of on April 26, 2021and rebranded it as WINkLink. WIN is the governance token of the WINkLink oracle network. WIN, is the link and pricing tool between WINkLink linkage between different application scenarios and ecology, listed on Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bithumb, HitBTC, WazirX, and many other well-known international exchanges. ==================== 2) Could you shed light on the advantages and features of WINkLink Oracle? Features that WINkLink has to offer as an oracle service: WINkLink uses smart contracts to pay oracle nodes, which then provide price feeds for the contracts. In this way, both decentralization and user engagement can be ensured. Second, WINkLink has chosen TRON MainNet to deploy its contacts. Supported by the fast transaction processing, high throughput, and stable block production on the TRON network, WINkLink will be immune to...

WINkLink, The First TRON Ecosystem Comprehensive Oracle

Linking the Real and the Virtual What is WINkLink? WINkLink, the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle, fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space, will be able to provide reliable, unpredictable and verifiable random numbers, and fully restore trust and improve user experience by tapping into data, events, and payment systems etc. from the real world. About Oracles Smart contracts running on the blockchains are often unable to communicate directly with external systems. Today, we can solve this problem by introducing the WINkLink Oracle, which provides connectivity for smart contracts to the world off the blockchain. However, most current oracles are centralized services which brings the risk of a single point of failure for smart contracts, when it comes to using oracle services, making the decentralized nature of smart contracts meaningless. The WINkLink oracle project provides a bridge between smart contracts and external data “off the blockchain” with reliability and security. About WINkLink Depending on how you want to participate in the WINkLink ecosystem, you can choose from the following: ● Deployment of WINkLink contract ● Using the WINkLink Pricing Service in the DApp ● Learn more about the WINkLink implementation Details about deployment documentation/ pricing services/ architecture are available in the Help Center on — How to Use WINkLink Oracle?. — ●U...

The First TRON Ecosystem Comprehensive Oracle WINkLink Goes Live, Ushering Into a New Era of On and…

The First TRON Ecosystem Comprehensive Oracle WINkLink Goes Live, Ushering Into a New Era of On and Offline Integration The WINk team recently announced that it has completed its acquisition of This move marks the launch of the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle, which will be hosted on The deal gives a strong impetus to TRON-hosted projects and ushers TRON into a new era of on and offline integration. WINkLink oracle service fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space by feeding reliable, timely, transparent and tamper-proof data to any sophisticated blockchain-powered smart contracts. WIN, a TRON-based TRC20 token, will be the governance token of the WINkLink oracle network. Built on its extensive experience in blockchain gaming, the WINk team finds that blockchain-based decentralized games need secure and reliable random numbers. In traditional practice, random numbers are generated in a centralized manner, and their value is dependent on the physical state of a specific machine. Random numbers on blockchains need to be distributed, yet verifiable random functions can barely integrate with certainty-driven blockchains. It is not only a major issue for blockchain games but also an industry-wide crux that needs to be tackled for projects working with smart contract calling. With the team’s research efforts, in a few years, WINkLink oracle service will be able to provide reli...


Ripple v SEC Lawsuit: One Year Anniversary Since the Company's Biggest P...

    TL;DR Ripple's partial court victory a year ago, where certain XRP sales were not deemed securities, boosted the asset's price. The ongoing trial continues with disputes over penalties. XRP rose 23% in the past week, likely due to speculation that the lawsuit may soon conclude. One Year Passed by Despite the numerous developments in the past several months, the legal spat between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) remains ongoing. It all started in December 2020 when the regulator sued the company and some of its executives, accusing them of conducting an unregistered securities offering via XRP sales.  Ripple achieved a significant court victory almost exactly a year ago (on July 13) when Judge Torres ruled that its programmatic sales to secondary trading platforms do not constitute offers of investment contracts. The decision fueled a massive rally for XRP, whose price shot by over 70% in a matter of hours, surpassing the $0.80 mark.  Shortly after, the magistrates dismissed the SEC's intention to appeal the ruling, while CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen were cleared of all charges brought by the agency.  According to some industry participants, those triumphs (yet partial ones) gave Ripple the upper hand in the battle. That said, a resolution in favor of the company could trigger massive volatility and a potential uptick in XRP's price (similar to what was witnessed after the previous victories). The lawsui... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Ethereum (ETH): Which Will Win Q3 2024?

    The world's number one and two leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, daily transaction volume, and crypto exchange volume have almost perfectly tied for ROI from Jan. 1 through the middle of June. For comparison, the S&P 500 Index notched up nearly 15% over that same period. But that's more than the broad stock market benchmark usually makes in an entire year. So even during an unusually good two quarters for U.S. stocks, Bitcoin and Ethereum delivered investors four times more ROI. In other words, Bitcoin broke the government's investment planning tool. Again. The average annualized ROI for Bitcoin and Ethereum price performance since Jan. 1 is aces. The top two cryptocurrencies are pacing for a +116% year. That's a return so high that the compound interest calculator tool on does not even allow users to enter interest rates above 100%. By the way— if you enter $100 a month into the calculator for 15 years at an estimated interest rate of 15% (above average for the S&P 500), with a daily compounding frequency, you end up with $68,815 in 15 years for capitalizing your country's economy with a total of $18,100 in contributions. If you do the same exercise with Bitcoin or Ethereum profits, and just enter 99% for the interest rate - the result is a little different (more like a bajillion dollars). Question is which cryptocurrency will outdo the other in Q3, or will Bitcoin and Ethereum come remarkably close again to earning the same amount of prof... read More

Big Win for Ripple (XRP)? CEO Clarifies Recent Woes in the California La...

    The ongoing legal disputes that Ripple is having with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission have been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry for quite a while. The case is currently in its last stage, but it's not the only one that the company has to face. Ripple's Legal Woes in California In addition to the case against the SEC, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, is also involved in a civil lawsuit regarding a securities claim based on statements he made earlier in 2017. The statements in question are: “I’m long XRP, I’m very, very long XRP as a percentage of my personal balance sheet. . . . . [I am] not long on some of the other [digital] assets, because it is not clear to me what’s the real utility, what problem are they really solving . . . if you’re solving a real problem if it’s a scaled problem, then I think you have a huge opportunity to continue to grow that. We have been really fortunate obviously, I remain very, very, very long XRP, there is an expression in the industry HODL, instead of hold, it’s HODL . . . I’m on the HODL side.” The judge in the case dismissed allegations that suggest Ripple violated federal securities law, with the head of the company's legal efforts noting: The CA judge dismissed all allegations suggesting that Ripple violated federal securities law. The NY ruling that XRP is not a security stands undisturbed. One state law claim, based on a 2017 statement, is going t... read More

Donald Trump Warns of Stock Market Crash and Great Depression if He Does...

    Former U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. could face a stock market crash worse than that of 1929 and a Great Depression if he doesn't win the upcoming presidential election. He stressed that the U.S. economy is 'terrible' and inflation over the past three years 'has totally destroyed the buying power of the consumer.'Trump's Market Crash and Depression Warnings Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has sounded the alarm regarding the U.S. economy if he doesn't win the presidential election this year. The former U.S. president posted on his social media platform Truth Social on Friday: 'The economy is terrible & inflation, which by some accounts is more than 30% over the last three years, has totally destroyed the buying power of the consumer. The only thing that is keeping the economy 'alive' is the fumes of what we accomplished during the Trump administration.' Trump added: 'The stock market is only high because people, & institutions, believe & expect me to win the presidential election of 2024.' He warned: If I don't win, it is my prediction that we will have a stock market 'crash' worse than that of 1929 - a Great Depression. Official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data show a 17% price increase since President Joe Biden took office. However, an alternative inflation measure, applying the same methodology used in the 1980s, estimates this figure to be roughly double, exceeding 30%. Trump's path to the 2024 Republican nomination faces ... read More

No More Hype: XRP Loses All Gains Against BTC Since Ripple Lawsuit Win

    Five months after Ripple’s resounding legal triumph over U.S. regulators, the company’s cryptocurrency has shed virtually all of its former gains against its digital competitors. The XRP/BTC price ratio has returned to its level from prior to July 13, after which XRP rallied against the market’s leading crypto asset by ~80% within a week. Back To Reality For XRP In mid-July, U.S. district Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP sales on the secondary market did not constitute securities transactions, nor did the asset itself meet the legal threshold of an investment contract. The victory invited a slew of exchanges including Coinbase, Gemini, and others – which aren’t licensed to list securities – to re-enable trading for the asset after nearly three years since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Ripple for issuing unregistered securities. Nevertheless, fading hype for XRP coupled with waves of bullish news around Bitcoin (BTC) has brought the price ration between each coin to one of its lowest levels this year, at just 0.00001516 BTC as of Friday. XRP/BTC completely retraced all of the gains from @Ripple winning their case against the SEC#rekt — Pledditor (@Pledditor) December 8, 2023 In fact, Bitcoin’s dominance over rivals has grown throughout the year. According to TradingView, it now comprises 53.9% of the total crypto market cap, versus 42% as of January 1. Bitcoin’s success de... read More

AI Network's Runo NFT Sellouts Mark Big Win for Decentralized AI

    [PRESS RELEASE - Seoul, South Korea, November 30th, 2023] Asia’s largest decentralized AI ecosystem continues its push toward the democratization of AI. AI Network, Asia’s largest decentralized AI ecosystem, has achieved three straight sellouts in under three minutes of its recent Runo NFT drops. Runo NFTs entitle holders to provide GPU resources to AI Network’s decentralized AI ecosystem in exchange for daily $AIN token rewards. The success of the drops has demonstrated the growing interest in the decentralization and AI Network’s commitment to keeping AI open for everyone. The most recent sellout was a Runo NFT collaboration with conversational AI startup TUNiB. The GPU resources provided by the Runo NFT buyers will help the startup further develop pre-trained large language models (LLMs) and increase the quality of chatbots. The drop prior to TUNiB, a collaboration with digital fashion community VIIM, aimed to develop and improve fashion AI models that can transform the digital fashion experience for consumers. 'We are thrilled at the overwhelming response to our Runo NFTs,” said Minhyun Kim, CEO at AI Network. “It signifies the beginnings of a shift away from the big centralized players and their boardroom intrigue towards a decentralized ecosystem that empowers everyone to participate in the democratization of AI. This achievement only inspires us to work harder and innovate further, as we continue our mission to make AI accessible to ... read More

US Government Remains Hostile Toward Crypto Despite Ripple's SEC Win, Sa...

    Ripple’s CEO says the U.S. government is still hostile toward crypto despite the cryptocurrency firm’s victory against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 'Until that changes, the banks in the United States are not going to engage meaningfully,' he warned, adding: 'I don’t think the window has passed for the U.S. to be a leader. But I think every day that goes by, these other markets, they want the entrepreneurs there, they want growth.'U.S. Government's Crypto Stance Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse discussed the U.S. government's crypto stance at the DC Fintech Week conference on Wednesday. Ripple recently won several legal battles against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Emphasizing that certain U.S. banks are still cautious about embracing cryptocurrencies even after Ripple's legal victory against the SEC, Garlinghouse said: They’re like, ‘Look, even though you won the case, the United States government is still hostile towards crypto, the OCC [Office of the Comptroller of the Currency] is hostile towards crypto.’ And until that changes, the banks in the United States are not going to engage meaningfully. The Ripple executive asserted that the SEC's stance on cryptocurrencies, particularly Chair Gary Gensler's view of crypto as the 'Wild West,' is influenced more by a political agenda than well-defined regulatory policies. He underscored that this approach is hindering the crypto industry's advancement in th... read More

Another Huge Win for Ripple (XRP) as Georgia's National Bank Selects it ...

    In a November 2 announcement, the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) revealed it had selected Ripple as its official technology partner for the Digital Lari (GEL) pilot project. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in exploring blockchain technology and its applications in the realm of national digital currencies. Ripple Selected as NBG's Digital Lari Partner Ripple emerged victorious in a rigorous selection process that involved nine shortlisted companies. These companies were carefully assessed for their capabilities to support the pilot project, and Ripple's technical excellence and the expertise of its team ultimately secured its position as the technology partner of choice. In NBG's announcement, Natia Turnava expressed satisfaction with the selection, stating, 'We were pleased to select Ripple as the official technology partner for our Digital Lari (GEL) pilot project following a thorough review of all shortlisted parties.' James Wallis highlighted the innovative nature of the partnership as the NBG pioneers blockchain technology to digitize its economy, stating that Ripple's CBDC Platform is set to drive transformative progress in public sector blockchain use. This collaboration demonstrates a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the empowerment of entities through secure and transparent blockchain transactions. Ripple's CBDC Solution Ripple's CBDC solution, the Ripple CBDC Platform, is designed to provide a holistic end-to-end solution for central b... read More

Bitcoin Taps $30K Twice, Ripple (XRP) Scores Major Win v. SEC, and More:...

    It's been one hell of a week. Bitcoin's price is up by a whopping 10% throughout it, and the entire market is painted in green. Ripple's streak of wins against the US Securities and Exchange Commission continues. There's a lot to unpack, so let's dive in! First things first, after a relatively boring weekend where nothing much happened, it was all engines go on Monday. And yet, the reason will astound you. A report came out that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission had approved BlackRock's proposal for a spot Bitcoin ETF. As one would expect, the price instantly skyrocketed, pushing above $30K on Binance. But suddenly, it started crashing just as quickly as it went up. It turned out that the report was fake. BlackRock denied the claims and said that the Commission is still reviewing their application. If this doesn't grind your gears, there's more! Today, Bitcoin's price took a sudden leg upward and increased toward $30K once again. This had apparently caught short sellers off-guard, as there are more than $100 million worth of liquidated short positions (24h), at the time of this writing. We also got a major update on the case between Ripple and the SEC. As you might know, this is a lawsuit that's been looming over Ripple and its XRP for years now. Well, this week, the Commission dropped all of its charges against the company's executives - Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen. Some see this as a sign of surrender, while others say it's too early to expect the ... read More

Is The Ripple v. SEC War Over Following This Major Win for XRP Bulls?

    TL;DR Ripple achieved its third win against the SEC, clearing its top executives of charges. The legal battle continues with a significant trial set for April next year. After the verdict, XRP's price jumped to $0.53, reflecting bullish sentiments. Was That the End of the Ripple/SEC Battle? Earlier this week, the cryptocurrency community cheered after Ripple secured another landmark victory against its big enemy - the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Specifically, the company’s CEO – Brad Garlinghouse – and Executive Chairman – Chris Larsen - were cleared of all charges brought by the regulator. This marked Ripple's third win in a row against the watchdog. The SEC took the first punch in mid-July when Federal Judge Torres ruled that the firm's programmatic XRP sales from years ago did not constitute an offer of investment contracts. America's securities regulator was unpleased with the court decision and formally appealed it. However, the magistrates rejected those intentions at the beginning of the month. Despite Ripple's winning streak, the lawsuit between the two entities is far from being entirely resolved. Ripple and the SEC are scheduled to face each other on a grand trial in April next year. The legal process should determine the outcome of the lengthy dispute and possibly affect the entire cryptocurrency industry. A decisive win in favor of Ripple could infuse much enthusiasm in the spa... read More

XRP Jumps 4% Following Another Ripple Win Against SEC, BTC Stalls Above ...

    Bitcoin's price performance has stalled once again as the asset remains stuck in a tight range at around $27,500. Most altcoins are also calmer today, aside from Ripple's native token, following the latest court victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. BTC Calms at $27.5K Bitcoin pumped to $27,000 at the end of September, and the general expectations for October were that it will be a positive month, given the past decade's performance. And its start didn't disappoint as BTC skyrocketed on October 1 and 2 by over a grand and a half. The rally took the cryptocurrency to a six-week peak at around $28,600. However, the bulls failed to keep the momentum going, and the asset started losing value rather rapidly. The following day or so was not all that positive, and bitcoin retraced back down to $27,500. The past 24 hours have been quite uneventful as the asset has remained stuck at the same level with little-to-no movements in either direction. As such, its market capitalization has remained glued to the $535 billion mark. Its dominance over the altcoins is also at the same spot as yesterday - 49.4%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XRP Up 4% Most altcoins have charted minor losses today. Ethereum and Binance Coin are down by just over a percent to $1,644 and $212, respectively. Dogecoin, Toncoin, and Polkadot have seen similar decreases. More losses, though, come from the likes of Solana, Cardano, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. In the case of BCH, the drop is around 5%,... read More

SEC Files Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Coinbase Suit, XRP Lawyer Ups ...

    In a predictable move, the SEC filed a motion to oppose Coinbase’s motion to dismiss the case on Oct. 3. “It’s more of the same old same old,” said the exchange's chief legal officer, Paul Grewal. The SEC sued Coinbase in June, a day after it went after Binance. It accused the firm of selling unregistered securities and providing an unregistered staking service. However, Grewal said that the agency has no grounds for these claims as crypto assets have not been legally deemed as securities by Congress. “Over and over again the SEC makes sweeping claims of what the law is/must be without any legal citation.” The @SECgov just filed its opposition to our motion to dismiss their case against @Coinbase. It’s more of the same old same old. But don’t just take my word for it – take a look for yourself. 1/7 — paulgrewal.eth (@iampaulgrewal) October 3, 2023 A Predictable Response Coinbase filed a motion to dismiss the complaint on August 4, arguing that the Commission had violated due process and abused its discretion. The SEC’s response was predictable as it reiterated the same old arguments that crypto assets are securities, similar to company stocks. Grewal said: “The assets we list on our platform are not securities and are not within the SEC’s jurisdiction. Court decisions over the past several months have made that plain.” He added that under the SEC’s claims, &ldqu... read More

Another Massive Win for Ripple (XRP): Judge Torres Dismissed SEC's Appea...

    TL;DR XRP surged 5% after a judge dismissed the SEC's appeal in its case against Ripple, ruling in Ripple's favor in July. The SEC failed to prove substantial differences of opinion, leading to the dismissal. The legal battle continues with a trial set for April 2024, and Ripple has spent over $200 million in legal expenses. Ripple Scores Another W In July, the SEC filed an interlocutory appeal against Judge Torres’ decision, stating that there was substantial ground for differences of opinion on the current matter. In an Oct. 3 brief ruling, Judge Torres denied the SEC’s motion, claiming the agency had failed to meet its burden of proof — in other words, the SEC couldn’t prove there were controlling questions of law with respect to substantial grounds for differences of opinions on the subject. Crypto Twitter rapidly shared the news, celebrating another win for Ripple. Meanwhile, XRP hopped on a 5% rally, which is trading at $0.53 at the time of writing, according to data from CoinGecko. Source: CoinGecko However, don’t count your eggs before they hatch; the fact that Ripple has managed to stay afloat doesn’t mean an outright loss for the SEC. Most likely, the commissioner will try to appeal the case again. Further, the Judge set April 16, 2024, as the trial date in which other pending issues will be addressed. The legal battle between Ripple and the SEC case has been the largest so far in crypto history, starting in late 2020. Most of ... read More

We Asked ChatGPT: Will Ripple (XRP) Win the Case Against the SEC?

    Ripple's ongoing legal dispute with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is undoubtedly one of the most important lawsuits for the cryptocurrency industry, and it's gone through some serious developments. Its outcome is likely to have an impact on the industry as it could shape the country's stance towards cryptocurrencies, setting an important precedent. But as of now, that seems far off into the future. In any case, we decided to ask the popular AI-based chatbot - ChatGPT - if it thinks that Ripple can win the case. Ripple v. SEC So Far The most important and relatively recent development in the case was the ruling of the presiding judge, Analisa Torres, in July. It determined secondary sales of XRP do not constitute investment contracts. Essentially, this means that the court doesn't think XRP sold on secondary markets is a security. This had an immediate impact on the price, which almost doubled in a day. You can find out more details in our short video on the matter here: More recently, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has formally appealed the decision, while Ripple opposed the appeal. The case is turning into one of the company's largest expenses, with CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently saying that the legal bill reached $200 million. ChatGPT: Can Ripple Win? The popular AI-based chatbot outlined multiple considerations to keep in mind when assessing the potential outcomes of the case between Ripple and the SEC. It said that legal prece... read More

US Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley: China Preparing for War and Xi Ji...

    U.S. presidential candidate Nikki Haley has warned that China is preparing for war and Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to win. “China is an existential threat. It has spent half a century plotting to defeat us,” she stressed, cautioning that China is “building a massive cutting edge military, capable of threatening America and dominating Asia and beyond.”Nikki Haley Warns of China's Preparation for War U.S. presidential hopeful and former governor of the state of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, warned in a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on her economic policy Friday that China is preparing for war. 'Strength and pride are essential to our national survival, especially in the face of Communist China,' she began, elaborating: China is an existential threat. It has spent half a century plotting to defeat us. 'It's taken our manufacturing jobs. It's taken our trade secrets. Now, it's taking control of critical industries — from medicines to advanced technology. In record time, China has gone from an economically backward country to the second biggest economy on earth,' the Republican presidential candidate continued. 'It has every intention of being the first. And the Communist Party’s motives are clear. They’re building a massive, cutting-edge military, capable of threatening America and dominating Asia and beyond,” she cautioned. Haley additionally said: “In some respects, China’s military is alre... read More

Biggest Movers: SHIB Bears Snap 3-Day Win Streak, TON Profit Takers Swoo...

    Shiba inu bears ended a three-day bull run on Thursday, as a red wave swept over cryptocurrency markets. Today’s drop comes as the global crypto market cap fell by as much as 1.50%. Toncoin also slipped, as profit takers moved to secure recent gains.Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba inu (SHIB) moved lower during today’s session, as bears ended a three-day winning streak. After peaking at $0.000007527 on Wednesday, SHIB/USD slipped to a bottom of $0.00000725 earlier in the day. The decline came as bulls were unable to move beyond a ceiling at $0.00000755, giving way to downward pressure in the process. From the chart, it appears that the shift in momentum came after the relative strength index (RSI) failed to break a key ceiling. The index was unable to penetrate a resistance level of 43.00, and is now tracking at a reading of 40.09. Should price continue to fall in coming days, the landing spot could likely be a point of support at $0.00000710. Toncoin (TON) Toncoin (TON) fell by as much as 7% on Thursday, after recently climbing to its highest point in nine months. TON/USD dropped to a low of $2.31 earlier in the day, after peaking at $2.49 less than 24 hours ago. The drop came as toncoin bulls seemingly opted to secure gains, following a recent surge to its strongest point since late-January. After tracking deep in the overbought region in the past few days, toncoin’s RSI is now sitting at 65.19. It appears that the next support point for price strength could be a... read More

Will Ripple (XRP) Win Against the SEC? Popular Trader is Betting on It

    The popular cryptocurrency analyst, going by the name 'KALEO' on X (Twitter), is optimistic that the price of Ripple's native token - XRP - will soar in the near future. The forecast is based on the outcome of the lawsuit between the crypto firm and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 'I'm Long XRP' KALEO took it to X to outline that XRP's valuation has recently found 'solid support' after considerably dropping to its pre-July levels. Recall that the token skyrocketed by over 70% two months ago when a US Judge ruled that Ripple's sale of XRP did not constitute an offer of investment contracts. Somewhat expectedly, the SEC was not pleased with the court's decision and formally appealed it at the beginning of September. KALEO, though, thinks that the watchdog's request will hit a dead end, which will eventually prompt a price increase for XRP. I’m long $XRP. The USD chart has found solid support after completely retracing to the pre July SEC news levels, while the BTC pair is on the verge of a HTF breakout. Considering the SEC’s track record this year in cases against crypto, I’m buying the blood and taking the bet… — K A L E O (@CryptoKaleo) September 19, 2023 How High Can XRP Go? Ripple's native asset has been among the best performers over the past week, experiencing an almost 7% jump (per CoinGecko's data). While its current level stands at over $0.50, some experts and analysts... read More

How Grayscale's Win Will Reshape the Crypto Industry According to Expert...

    A few days ago, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled in favor of digital asset management company Grayscale Investments in its lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The court ordered the agency to review its rejection of Grayscale's application to turn its flagship Grayscale Bitcoin Trust fund (GBTC) into a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This caused an uproar in the community as crypto assets, including bitcoin (BTC), surged with glee, and GBTC narrowed its discount to less than 20%. Grayscale sued the SEC in June 2022 after the agency rejected its application filed in October 2021 despite multiple delays. The Commission had claimed that the asset manager failed to disclose how it would prevent market manipulation but approved multiple futures ETFs of a similar nature. However, the court said the SEC's arguments were insufficient, insisting that the agency's reasons for favoring futures ETFs over spot products were unreasonable. What Crypto Experts Are Saying Yamina Sara Chekroun, an experienced corporate attorney and the head of Legal U.S. of Ramp, told CryptoPotato in a statement that the court's decision be applauded as a positive step towards the potential for a spot ETF in the future, although the SEC could still file an appeal. Chekroun said the SEC's power to regulate the crypto space is 'slowly being chipped away,' as seen in its case against Ripple Labs and XRP. Arguments about Congress not granting the Commissio... read More

Bitcoin Slides Back to $26K as Euphoria From Grayscale's Win Fades: Sant...

    Bitcoin (BTC) has slid back to the $26,000 price level, where it was before a U.S. court ruled in favor of digital asset management company Grayscale Investments in its lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Crypto analytics firm Santiment noted that on-chain data shows that the digital asset has retraced its steps after plenty of push and pull by news of the Grayscale win. BTC Declines After Grayscale Win On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit overturned the SEC’s rejection to review Grayscale’s application to turn its flagship fund into a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The ruling ordered the securities regulator to vacate its decision to reject the asset manager’s application. Recall that Grayscale filed an application with the SEC to turn its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust fund (GBTC) into a spot Bitcoin ETF in October 2021. After multiple delays, the SEC rejected the application in June 2022 because the company failed to disclose how it would prevent market manipulation practices. Shortly after the rejection, Grayscale sued the agency. While ruling in favor of Grayscale, the court lambasted the Commission’s unreasonable justification for favoring futures ETFs over spot products. The SEC was also blasted for failing to provide adequate evidence for its claims. As Grayscale’s CEO announced the court’s decision on X, the news positively impacted BTC, pushing its price by more than $2,000 in hou... read More

Bitcoin Erases All Gains Following Grayscale's Win, Drops to Weekly Low ...

    Bitcoin's rally above $28,000 following Grayscale's win over the SEC was short-lived as the asset has lost all gains by dumping below $26,000. Most altcoins are also deep in the red, with DOT, MATIC, LTC, and BCH plummeting by more than 5% overnight. BTC Dumps Hard After days of trading sideways at around $26,000, bitcoin finally made a move on Tuesday following a positive development in Grayscale's legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As a US Judge sided with the crypto asset manager, BTC exploded by over two grand in hours and charted a multi-week high above $28,000. However, that rally was short-lived. BTC started to lose value almost immediately after its local peak and had retraced by $1,000 by yesterday morning. The worst was yet to come, though. The cryptocurrency went through another leg down late last night when it slumped by approximately $1,500 in an hour or so and fell to a weekly low of $25,700 (on Bitstamp). Despite recovering a few hundred dollars since then, bitcoin is still inches below $26,000 and is about 5% down on the day. Its market cap has plunged to $505 billion and its dominance over the alts is back down to 48.4%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Alts Deep in Red The alternative coins have mimicked BTC's performance as of late, with notable price gains mid-week and similar declines in the past 24 hours. Ethereum exceeded $1,750 during its rally upwards but has retraced back down to $1,650 as of now. Over the past 24 hours, Binance ... read More

Presidential Candidate Ramaswamy Says Grayscale's Win 'Clears a Path to ...

    The American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who is one of the US Presidential nominees of the Republican Party, thinks Grayscale's court victory against the SEC is positive news that could keep Bitcoin and blockchain innovation within the States rather than see it relocate abroad. The 38-year-old businessman has presented himself as a proponent of the primary cryptocurrency and a critic of the possible launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in America.  Praising Grayscale's Triumph Ramaswamy is another individual who highlighted this week's court decision that ruled that the SEC was wrong to refute Grayscale's ambitions to convert its Bitcoin Trust into a spot BTC ETF.  The US Presidential candidate described the lawsuit's outcome as a development that 'clears a path to keep Bitcoin and blockchain innovation in the US instead of overseas.'  He also thinks the 'shadow government' in Washington, DC, is 'out of control,' whereas the federal courts 'are our only remaining line of defense against the unlawful rogue behaviors of 3-letter government agencies.' Vivek Ramaswamy, Source: Politico Subsequently, Ramaswamy suggested that Grayscale's discontent with the SEC should have never emerged as a tribunal battle, vowing to void federal regulations that 'fail the Supreme Court’s test in West Virginia vs. EPA' should he win the Presidential elections.  His comments came as a quote to Kathryn Haun's tweet, which labeled the court decision ... read More

Here's What You Need to Know About Grayscale's Win Over SEC

    The SEC has been instructed by the US Court of Appeals to review its decision on Grayscale Investment's request to transform GBTC into a Bitcoin ETF. The victory is no less than a milestone, and markets have also reacted positively to the ruling. This is the second major setback for the financial regulator, whose boss has been hell-bent on pursuing enforcement action against the crypto industry while failing to offer meaningful regulatory clarity. Will Gary Gensler and SEC Accept Defeat? The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has spent a decade denying spot Bitcoin ETF proposals under the reasoning that it is 'designed to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices.' But this era has now come to an end, according to prominent lawyer and Variant Fund advisor Jake Chervinsky, who said that the ruling is very rare for a federal circuit court to find that an agency has violated the APA by acting 'arbitrarily and capriciously.' He further went on to add that the DC Circuit just delivered a 'huge embarrassment' for the SEC. But there's a catch. A much-anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF hasn't launched yet. The court has not ordered the SEC to approve Grayscale's ETF proposal. Chervinsky explained that the ruling only determined that the SEC's analysis of the 'fraud and manipulation' issue was wrong. 1/ Grayscale's victory over the SEC is *massive.* It's very rare for a federal circuit court to find that an agency has violated the APA by acting arbitrarily and caprici... read More

Warren Davidson Reiterates Call for Gary Gensler's Removal After Graysca...

    US Representative Warren Davidson continues to push for Gary Gensler's removal as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following Grayscale's recent win in court against the agency. Industry stakeholders and the broader crypto community believe Gensler and the SEC's regulation by enforcement approach towards the crypto industry caused more harm than good to retail investors. Rep. Davidson Bent on Gensler's Ousting Rep. Warren Davidson continues to pan the leadership of the SEC in relation to crypto, stating that the court ruling in favor of Grayscale further proves that Gensler's actions are 'arbitrary and capricious,' citing words from the ruling. More evidence that Gary Gensler’s actions at the SEC are arbitrary and capricious. #FireGaryGensler — Warren Davidson (@WarrenDavidson) August 29, 2023 As previously reported by CryptoPotato, Grayscale won its lawsuit against the SEC in court, which granted the firm's petition for the Commission to review its application to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). In April, Davidson, the politician, said he would introduce legislation to remove Gensler as SEC chair and replace the chairmanship role with that of an executive director as a way 'to correct a long series of abuses.' The Chairman of the US House Committee on Financial Services, Patrick McHenry of the Republican party, also reacted to Graysc... read More

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Jumps Above $28,000, as Market...

    Bitcoin climbed over the $28,000 level late on Tuesday, as markets reacted to the news that Grayscale had won its battle with the SEC. The ruling over the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission boosted crypto prices across the board, with bulls returning to action. Ethereum also surged, moving above $1,700. Bitcoin Bitcoin moved back over the $28,000 level during the last several hours, following Grayscale's court win over the Securities and Exchanges Commission. After trading at a low of $25,998.08 earlier in the day, BTC/USD peaked at $28,089.34 late on Tuesday. This pushed the world's largest cryptocurrency to its highest point since August 17, when price was on the cusp on $29,000. Bitcoin chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": "100%", "height": "400", "symbol": "BITSTAMP:BTCUSD", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "light", "style": "1", "locale": "en", "toolbar_bg": "#F1F3F6", "enable_publishing": false, "container_id": "tradingview_1247e" } ); Earlier gains have since fallen, as traders have seemingly captured profits, with bitcoin now trading at $27,353.52. From the chart, this comes as the relative strength index (RSI), reached a ceiling of 53.00, before falling lower. As of writing this, the index is now tracking at 48.52. Ethereum In addition to bitcoin, ethereum (ETH) bulls made an appearance over the past 24-hours, pushing price above $1,700 in the process. ETH/USD rose to an intraday high of $1,742.64 during T... read More

Bitcoin Insider Trading Suspicions Take Root Following Grayscale Win, Wh...

    Crypto asset manager Grayscale recently won against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court, propelling gains in the price of Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. According to the case details, a US appeals court ruled on Tuesday, August 292r, that the SEC was wrong to reject an application from Grayscale to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into a spot Bitcoin ETF. In the hours following the decision, Bitcoin jumped from $26,500 to test the $28,000 resistance zone. On-chain data has shown that the amount of BTC available for trading on crypto exchanges increased noticeably just before the verdict. This has sparked some rumors of insider trading, hinting that some investors knew about the Grayscale win beforehand and looked to capitalize on the oncoming Bitcoin price spike. A Surge In Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Crypto trading expert Ali Martinez took to social media platform X to share a Santiment chart data detailing the spike in exchange supply. According to on-chain data, around 30,000 BTC was sent to crypto exchanges in the hours before the ruling, raising questions of market manipulation. This would take the exchange supply of BTC at the time from 1.13 million to 1.16 million. Signs of #Bitcoin manipulation? Check this out! Just before #Grayscale legal victory against @SECGov, around 30,000 #BTC were sent to #crypto exchanges — boosting exchange supply from 1.13 million to 1.16 million $BTC. — Ali (@ali_charts) August 29... read More

Renowned Economist Explains Why Grayscale's Win Is Not Good For Bitcoin ...

    One of the major highlights of Grayscale’s victory over the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was its positive effect on Bitcoin’s price. However, renowned economist Peter Schiff has explained why Grayscale’s win may not be good for Bitcoin in the long run.  A GBTC ETF ‘Bearish’ For Bitcoin Schiff tweeted that the GBTC fund becoming a spot ETF (Exchange-traded Fund) is “actually bearish” for the flagship cryptocurrency as he said this move could potentially increase Bitcoin’s “tradable supply.” If approved, investors in the GBTC fund will now be able to redeem their Bitcoin, which Schiff has highlighted is bad for Bitcoin’s price and the market as GBTC will have to sell BTC into the market, thereby increasing the tradable supply.  Schiff’s concern probably stems from the fact that GBTC reportedly owns over 3% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply, so a sell-off due to redemptions could significantly impact the market, causing Bitcoin’s price to reduce. However, other X (formerly Twitter) users quickly pointed out that other ETF applications will likely be approved alongside Grayscale’s application. As such, there will be enough demand to balance out the increase in supply that could result from Grayscale’s redemptions.  Grayscale had applied to the SEC to convert its GBTC fund into a Spot Bitcoin ETF. However, the regulator rejected the application, leading Gray... read More

BTC Tapped 2-Week High But These Alts Gained the Most After Grayscale's ...

    Following days and days of sluggish price performance, bitcoin finally went on the offensive yesterday, gaining more than $2,000 in hours following another crypto win over the SEC in US courts. The altcoins have also turned green today, with TONCOIN and BCH stealing the show by posting 15% increases. BTC Soared Past $28K It's safe to say that the landscape around the primary cryptocurrency was quite boring for days. After last Thursday's unsuccessful attempt to overcome $27,000, the asset had returned to $26,000 and didn't move from there until Tuesday. This is, though, when the situation changed when a US judge ruled in favor of Grayscale in its legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the agency's refusal to review the former's spot Bitcoin ETF application. This had an immense impact on BTC's price, which jumped by over two grand in hours, leaving millions in shorts liquidated in its path. Bitcoin tapped $28,200 to mark its highest price tag in almost two weeks. Although it has lost more than $500 since that local peak, BTC is still over 5% up on the day. Its market cap has increased to above $530 billion, and its dominance over the alts shot up to 49% on CMC. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Alts Turn Green As it typically happens when BTC heads in either direction fast, so do most altcoins. However, some have performed much better than others. Such is the case with BCH and TONCOIN. Both assets have soared by around 15% in a day to $220 and $1.73, resp... read More

Grayscale's Win Breathes Life Into Litecoin, Post-Halving Rally On?

    In a refreshing ruling on August 29, the United States District of Columbia Court of Appeals said the stringent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was, after all, wrong in denying Grayscale to convert their over-the-counter (OTC) Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).  The regulator had previously barred the conversion of the GBTC to an ETF, citing an alleged absence of measures to prevent price manipulation, forcing Grayscale to sue. Before this ruling, the presiding judge said SEC needed to elaborate on why they denied Grayscale's application. Litecoin Rebounds Following today's court statement, Bitcoin prices soared, and the aftermath of this pump has positively impacted Litecoin. As it is, BTC is up roughly 10%, sharply rebounding from around $25,800 support recorded last week. Meanwhile, LTC, the bitcoin 'silver,' is up 7% when writing, aiming to reverse losses of August 17.  Litecoin is changing hands at around $70, with a noticeable increment in trading volumes. Typically, in crypto trading, a spike in volumes, regardless of trend direction, can point to engagement and provide a 'hint' of traders' sentiment. With rising volumes and expanding prices, it could suggest that bulls are positioning themselves for even more gains in the sessions ahead. Meanwhile, sharp losses with increasing volumes may mean bears are unloading, and prices may drop. Post-Halving Rally On? The expansion in LTC trading volumes, as visible in... read More

Here's Who Predicted Grayscale's Win Over SEC in Bitcoin ETF Legal Battl...

    Though many doubted their odds, Grayscale has defeated the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court, bringing the U.S. market one step closer to approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF. Going into its lawsuit, certain legal and market experts saw Grayscale’s victory as quite likely: Here are just a few of them Why Grayscale’s Victory Was Assured Back in June, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Legal Analyst Elliot Z. Stein afforded Grayscale a 70% chance of winning its lawsuit against the SEC. “The SEC and Chair Gary Gensler may be bracing for a loss and looking to preemptively soften it or make it meaningless by approving spot Bitcoin ETF application before or around the same time as a court decision,” the analyst wrote in a research note at the time. Grayscale’s lawsuit specifically accused the SEC of arbitrary and capricious treatment of its filing to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin fund into a spot ETF. Grayscale claimed that the agency’s approval of “similar” Bitcoin futures ETFs was proof of a double standard. During oral arguments in March, judges overseeing the case appeared to agree with Grayscale, pressing the SEC for having no decent explanation for why Grayscale was wrong. After the relevant hearings, Stein boosted Grayscale’s victory odds from 40% to 70%. Bloomberg’s ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balcunas also sided with Stein on the matter. Since at least June, they’ve maintained that a Grayscale ... read More

Institutional XRP Holdings Rise Rapidly Following Ripple's Win Over SEC

    Now that Ripple has prevailed over the SEC in court, major players are eager to get their hands on XRP. According to recent data, institutions have been getting their hands on the cryptocurrency at a steady rate, as reflected in the digital asset fund flows report.  Institutional XRP Holdings Rise Rapidly In the days following Ripple’s partial victory in the SEC lawsuit, XRP volumes and prices rose dramatically as crypto traders rushed to the cryptocurrency in anticipation of a continued bull run. However, price metrics from Coinmarketcap show that the euphoria has subsided, with XRP now down 13.39% in a monthly time frame. On-chain data has also shown whales dumping the token to take profits, increasing the selling pressure on the token. On the other hand, the tide is turning for the once embattled crypto among institutional investors as inflows into XRP digital asset funds are increasing steadily. According to the weekly report on the digital asset fund flows by CoinShares, XRP saw $0.5 million in inflows last week.  Over the past 16 weeks, XRP has seen consistent inflows into crypto investment funds, making up 12% of all digital assets under management. In total, XRP’s assets under management have risen 127% since the beginning of the year, outpacing the growth of other popular altcoins like Polygon and Cardano. Investor Attitude Toward Crypto Funds Is Growing Crypto funds, in general, have seen a shift to positive sentiment from investors. In the ... read More

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