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WHALE Price:
$894.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$12.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WHALE today is $1.36 USD.

The lowest WHALE price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.36, and the exact current price of one WHALE crypto coin is $1.35945.

The all-time high WHALE coin price was $51.32.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of WHALE with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for WHALE crypto currency is also #WHALE.

WHALE is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for WHALE is $12,177,452.

WHALE is ranking upwards to #527 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #WHALE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for WHALE is $894,159.


The circulating supply of WHALE is 8,957,654 coins, which is 90% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of WHALE is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


WHALE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


WHALE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 5 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #WHALE, and you can view them on our WHALE disambiguation page.



Bitcoin Whale Selling Pressure Continues As BTC Dips Under $20k

    On-chain data shows Bitcoin whales have continued to put selling pressure on the market as the price of the crypto now drops below $20k. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Has Spiked Up To High Values As pointed out by a post from CryptoQuant, the exchange inflows that followed the US CPI release lead to the price crashing 10% in only a couple of hours. The 'exchange whale ratio' is an indicator that measures the ratio between the sum of the top 10 Bitcoin transactions to exchanges, to the total exchange inflows. Since the ten largest transfers to exchanges are usually from the whales, this metric's value tells us how much of the total inflows are coming from these humungous holders. When the value of the ratio is high, it means whales are making up for a large part of the total transactions to exchanges. Such a trend can be a sign of dumping from this cohort. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio (EMA 7) over the year 2022 so far: The value of the metric seems to have been quite high in recent days | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the 7-day exponential moving average of the Bitcoin whale ratio has been elevated recently. This shows that a big part of the recent activity on exchanges has been coming from these holders. Another indicator, the Spent Output Value Bands, tells us what the individual contributions to the inflows are from the different holder groups in the market. read More

On-Chain Data Shows Bitcoin Whale Dumping Behind Dip Below $19k

    On-chain data shows the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio spiked up just before the crypto's plunge below the $19k level. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Breached 90% Right Before The Price Dip As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the whale activity on exchanges has been raised recently. The 'exchange whale ratio' is an indicator that measures the ratio between the top ten inflow transactions to exchanges and the total exchange inflows. The ten biggest transfers are assumed to be from the whales, so that the metric tells us what part of the total number of coins moving into exchanges is coming from these humungous holders. When the value of this indicator is high, it means a large part of the inflows is coming from whales right now. Such a trend can be a sign of dumping from this cohort and can therefore be bearish for the price. On the other hand, low values of the ratio can suggest whales are making up a healthy part of the transactions to exchanges at the moment. This kind of trend can either be bullish or neutral for the crypto's value. Historically, the metric has usually had values above 0.85 during bear markets or fake bulls, while it has generally remained below this threshold during bull runs. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio over the last couple of months: The value of the metric seems to have been elevated recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio surged up... read More

Whale Spends 10,000 BTC Worth $203M, Bitcoins Stem From the Infamous 201...

    In two days' time, bitcoin's price dropped to fresh August lows as it dipped below the $20K per unit region for the first time since mid-July. During that time, two addresses created on December 19, 2013 sent 10,000 bitcoin worth $203 million to unknown wallets after sitting idle for close to nine years. Onchain data shows the 10,000 coins moved this week originally came from the Mt Gox breach that occurred on June 19, 2011. Whale That Once Held 134,000 Bitcoin From the 2011 Mt Gox Hack Spends the Last 10,000 This Week A 2013 whale moved approximately 10,001.514 BTC on Sunday, August 28, and on Monday, August 29, 2022. The funds stemmed from two addresses (1,& 2) created eight years and eight months ago on December 19, 2013. The 10,001 bitcoin transaction was caught by the blockchain parser, a tool that often catches so-called 'sleeping bitcoins' moving after sitting idle in addresses for years. Some of the sleeping bitcoins caught by blockchain parsers are BTC block subsidies mined in 2011, 2010, and 2009. The 2013 bitcoins were sent in two batches of 5,000 BTC per transaction, and then split into multiple smaller transactions. For instance, one address was split into multiple fractions of 47.98 BTC, and one single transfer for 200.99 BTC. The '14RKF' address that sent the 5,000 BTC came from a wallet 18JPr that once held 24,404.50 BTC. The 24K BTC from wallet 18JPr was originally received on November 24, 2012. Some of the wallets that received fractions of 47... read More

USDC Whale Holdings Percentage Hits A Two-Year Low

    The continuous price fluctuations in the crypto market considerably impact the Circle's stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC). The recent performance of its whales' addresses is making a more southern move. USD Coin records a drop of almost a two-year low in its primary wallet addresses. According to data from Glassnode, a crypto analytics company, USD Coin metrics are becoming less impressive. For example, the stablecoin had recent sell-offs and drops that cut down its market cap. A report on the second-largest stablecoin by market cap revealed that the US Treasury Department's sanction on Tornado Cash is a contributory factor against USDC's performance. Not only did the sanction create a loophole for the drop of USDC capitalization, but it also impacted that of Tether, its top competitor. Following the sanction of Tornado Cash, Circle, the parent the developer of USD Coin, froze about 75,000 USDC tokens. The coins were held by some addresses connected to Tornado Cash. This action brought a reduction in USDC's market cap. But Tether got an opposite performance on its part. As a result, USDT markets witnessed an increase of about $2 million a few days after the US Treasury sanction. Many commentators in the industry are comparing the growth and decline of market caps for USDT and USDC. The majority opines that investors made a shift from USDC to USDT. However, data from on-chain analytics providers indicated a massive sell-off over the past two weeks. Also, Glassnode data confirmed th... read More

Ripple Sells Millions Worth of XRP: Whale Alert

    Popular crypto platform WhaleAlert that tracks down large movements of cryptocurrencies has spotted several substantial transactions that carried nearly 767 million XRP tokens. Two of these transfers carried more than an eye-popping 280 million XRP each. Ripple sells 50 million XRP Ripple fintech giant was spotted shifting 50,000,000 XRP worth $18,877,056. This chunk of crypto was sent to the company's alternative wallet, RL18-VN. This address is used for converting XRP into fiat, as well as for moving XRP outside the company – to crypto exchanges and financial institutions who are among Ripple's clients. Aside from that, RL18-VN is also used to send XRP to the company's liquidity corridors (ODL platforms). Aside from that, RL18-VN is also used to send XRP to the company's liquidity corridors (ODL platforms). 50,000,000 #XRP (18,877,055 USD) transferred from Ripple to unknown wallet — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) August 17, 2022 716.7 million XRP shifted by major exchanges The rest of the aforementioned gigantic amount of XRP was wired between several large global crypto exchanges – Bittrex, Bitstamp, BitGo and Bitso. Two massive single lumps of XRP were sent between anonymous wallets. One of them carried 286,122,720 XRP, and the other one moved 279,622,820 worth $106,641,340 and $105,723,950, respectively. The total amount of XRP transferred is equal to $180,770,321. 279,622,811 #XRP (105,723,951 USD)... read More

Shiba Inu Trends Upwards Through Strong Whale Accumulations

    This year's crypto winter has created one of the most devastating effects in the crypto space in history. But there appears to be a resettling phase for the industry with the recent outplay of events. Moreover, following the special report of the CPI for July and other factors, the crypto space is seeing an encouraging relief and hope. The crypto space is making a positive impact as the performance of some cryptocurrencies takes a gradual up climb. Among the outstanding performing crypto assets is the meme coin, Shiba Inu (SHIB). The coin has not just staged its comeback but has taken a higher banner with its price rally. The price of Shiba Inu has gained significant value within the past 24 hours. The upward climb has the SHIB hitting $0.00001766 in its intraday trading performance. SHIB has gained more momentum l Source: SHIBUSDT on This excellent price stance from SHIB has gradually taken the token to the top in the past few days. The trend is supported by the massive and substantial accumulation of some prominent whales for the assets. Saantiment, an on-chain data analytics firm, provides reports on the progressive advancement of Shiba Inu. It revealed that the meme coin has been skyrocketing during the weekend. Its movement led to amassing up to 34% in value within the past 24 hours despite some tokens still maintaining a flat trend. Santiment explained that the SHIB price rally is linked to the backing from substantial whale accumulations of the coins. ... read More

Spending $276M in Ether — Colossal Ethereum Whale That Participate...

    After three years of dormancy, a massive ethereum whale that participated in the project's first token sale, also known as the Genesis initial coin offering (ICO), spent 145,000 ether worth just over $276 million using today's ethereum exchange rates.Mega Ethereum Whale Distributes 145,000 Ether to 9 Different Addresses On August 14, 2022, onchain data indicates that a whale who participated in the Ethereum Genesis ICO has moved 145,000 ETH to various addresses. The funds were worth $276 million using current ETH exchange rates. It was the first time the Genesis ICO participant spent coins since 2019, back when 5,000 ETH exited the whale's wallet. At the time of writing, the address currently holds 0.‍1177 ETH worth $22,4 after it emptied the 145,000 ether. The transfers on Sunday were sent in multiple batches of 5,000 ETH, 10,000 ETH, and 20,000 ETH increments. The whale ended the transfers with a final 10,000 ETH transfer sent at 12:18 a.m. (UTC). The wallet owner also transferred 918.89 canto utility token (CANTO) after sending the final 10,000 ether from the wallet. Statistics show that the address currently has $26,770 worth of ERC20 tokens in the wallet as well. Most of the ERC20 token value ($26,439) is held in omisego (OMG). The address also has an Enjin-crafted 'Protocol of Quick Response' non-fungible token (NFT) worth 0.02 ETH or $38. Before sending out the 145,000 ETH, the whale also sent 5,000 ETH on July 31, 2019, when ether was exchanging hands for $220... read More

Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Exchange Whale Ratio Is Trending Up

    On-chain data shows the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio has been going up recently, something that may be bearish for the price of the crypto. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Has Been Going Up In Recent Weeks As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the current BTC whale ratio value suggests whales are still selling large amounts. The 'exchange whale ratio' is an indicator that measures the ratio between the sum of the top ten Bitcoin transactions to exchanges and the total exchange inflows. In simpler terms, what this metric tells is how much of the total inflows to exchanges is contributed by the whales (the ten largest transactions are assumed to be from whales). When the value of the ratio is high, it means the whales are making up for a large part of the inflows right now. This could be either neutral or bullish for BTC's price. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio over the last couple of years: Looks like the value of the indicator has been going up recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio has been rising up in recent weeks. The increase seems to have started around when the coin dropped below the $20k support. read More

Record 574 Million XRP Moved, 270 Million Shifted by Anon Whale in Singl...

    Whale Alert crypto tracker has detected six large transactions, carrying Ripple-affiliated XRP tokens, over the past two days. One of them was a mind-blowing one as it moved 270 million tokens in one lump. Nearly half of the total amount was withdrawn from the Bitstamp exchange, according to data shared by Whale Alert in the tweets. 574 million XRP transfers spotted According to the aforementioned crypto tracking service popular with the community, a total amount of 573.7 million XRP tokens was transacted—a sum that constitutes $178,004,318 in fiat. A total of 269,850,200 XRP was moved in a single transfer worth $88,195,018 between two anonymous wallets. 269,850,200 #XRP (88,195,018 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) June 29, 2022 The rest of the sum was split in pieces that contained from 90 million to 40 million XRP. Between these biggest and smallest amounts, there were also lumps carrying 60,000,000 and 70,000,000 tokens. Image via Twitter   Bitstamp moves XRP to BitGo Whale Alert tagged wallets where the crypto sent was labeled 'unknown.' However, the XRP-focused Bithomp website revealed that 244 million XRP were shifted to the custodial service BitGo. This platform, which was acquired by Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital last year, has Ripple Labs among its customers, where Ripple holds part of their XRP stash. ... read More

Bitcoin Whale Presence On Derivatives Still High, More Volatility Ahead?

    Over the past month, the crypto has lost 27% in value. The below chart shows the trend in the price of the coin over the last five days. The value of the crypto seems to have surged up over the last couple of days | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView After hitting a low of below $18k a week ago, Bitcoin has been trying to recover. read More

Bitcoin Recovery Slows Down As Whale Inflows Remain Elevated

    The latest recovery rally in the price of Bitcoin has now slowed down as on-chain data shows signs of dumping from whales. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Continues To Be At High Values As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, BTC whales are sending their coins to exchanges at the moment. The 'exchange whale ratio' is an indicator that measures the ratio between the sum of the top ten transactions to exchanges and the total Bitcoin exchange inflows. In simpler terms, this metric tells us how the whale transactions (that is, the ten biggest transfers) compare with the total amount going into exchanges. If the value of this ratio is high, it means whales are making up for a large part of the inflows right now. This can be a hint that whales are dumping at the moment. Bitcoin attempted a recovery rally over the last few days after hitting the low below $18k, but the run has now slowed down as the value of the coin now looks to be moving sideways. This halt in the move may possibly be because of selling from whales that the exchange whale ratio is signaling right now. BTC Price At the time of writing, Bitcoin's price floats around $20.7k, down 2% in the last seven days. read More

Solend Whale Moves $25M to Another Platform Despite Canceled Plans to Se...

    Solend - a DeFi lending protocol built upon the Solana blockchain - attempted to take over a whale account that supposedly could put the protocol in trouble due to its colossal size of collateral at risk of being liquidated. After the crypto community fired at the DAO behind Solend approving such a proposal, the organization soon launched a second proposal that aimed to overwrite the first one and got it approved with 99% support from the voters. Hours later, the whale moved some of their funds to mitigate the risks. A Threat of Massive Liquidation In a Twitter thread on Sunday, Solend requested authorization from the DAO to 'temporarily take over the whale's account so the liquidation can be executed OTC and avoid pushing Solana to its limits.' Meanwhile, it promised that once the whale's position of SOL is not at immediate risk of being liquidated, the emergency power would be revoked accordingly. The announcement came on the platform, noticing the whale who had deposited 5.7 million SOL - making up more than 95% of Solend's liquidity - to take out a loan worth $108 million USDC and USDT. Under this circumstance, if SOL drops from the current price to $22.3, up to 20% of its position could be liquidated. As a result, it may cause a liquidity crisis in the protocol, further deepening the asset's plunge as fear reigns in the Solana community. Solend attributed its unusual measure to the issue's urgency and inability to contact the whale directly. When the proposal was passed ... read More

ETH Dips Below $1000 on Uniswap as a Whale Market Dumps to Repay Debts

    Over the past couple of days, the cryptocurrency market saw extreme turbulence and massive volatility. During the turmoil, a whale liquidated a massive amount of ETH, pushing its price on Uniswap down to 941 USDC before it recovered. An ETH whale liquidated a massive amount of wrapped Ethereum (WETH) on Uniswap, driving its price down to 941 USDC. The transaction can be tracked on Ethereum's explorer: Source: etherscan   Also visible in the transaction is that the whale used some of the funds to repay loans. At the time of this writing, the price has returned to where the broader market trades at slightly below $1,300. ETH is down 11.2% on the day and almost 30% on the week. Data from Coinglass reveals that there were over $170 million liquidated ETH positions in the past 24 hours alone. Meanwhile, the broader market is only $50 billion away from dropping below $1 trillion in total capitalization. The past day saw over $500 million in total liquidations, and Bitcoin bears are also having a field day, pushing its price below what we saw back in December 2020 when BTC was trading at $25K. read More

XRP: How Ripple's IPO speculation is triggering whale activity on ...

    The ever-lasting lawsuit between the U.S regulators (SEC) and Ripple directly or indirectly has affected XRP holders over the years. Especially after December 2020 when the lawsuit commenced. One of the main reasons why XRP barely has crossed the $1 mark. At press time, XRP remained under the $0.4 mark with a fresh 2.5% correction. But that didn’t quite stop holders to join the party. Supporting through hell  Defendant (Ripple) has been on an offensive streak while battling out the American regulatory watchdogs (SEC). Even the XRP enthusiasts have maintained a positive narrative hoping to win this battle. This time is no different. Santiment, an analytical firm in a 26 May tweet highlighted the heavy buying spree from dominant buyers. XRP network whales holding between 1 million and 10 million XRP saw a 2.4% rise in their holdings in just 11 days. These dominant buyers hold their highest percentage of the asset’s supply in two months. Source: Santiment The data provider wrote: “XRP Network whales holding between 1M and 10M $XRP have collectively been accumulating, and now hold their highest percentage of the asset’s supply in two months. This is the most active tier of non-exchange holders, and currently hold 6.12% of all $XRP”. Given the current enthusiasm, even the volume metric witnessed a hike as shown in the graph below. This signified that investors ... read More

Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Whale Ratio Continues To Stay At High Value

    The ratio's value usually remains in this region during bull runs. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio (72-hour MA) over the past couple of months: It looks like the indicator has been at a high value recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio has a value of about 0.89 right now, above the 0.85 threshold. According to the quant in the post, values above 0.90 may be considered the 'very high risk' zone. read More

Half Billion XRP Moved from FTX and Other Top Exchanges: Whale Alert

    Whale Alert tracking bot has spotted several large transfers of Ripple-affiliated XRP token conducted over the past 24 hours, totalling more than half a billion coins. The single largest lumps transferred here totalled 120 million XRP each. One of those 120 million chunks was moved from the FTX exchange. 530 million XRP shoveled The above-mentioned platform that tracks large cryptocurrency transfers has detected nine massive transactions of XRP made between crypto exchanges and, from them, to anonymous wallets. A total 120,000,000 XRP were shifted from the FTX exchange to an address marked by Whale Alert as unknown. A similar amount of coins was moved internally within South Korean exchange Bithumb. The rest of the transfers ranged between 50,000,000 and 40 million XRP. The tracker counted five transfers of 50 million and two of roughly 40 million XRP tokens conducted by such trading platforms as Binance, Bitso, Bittrex, BitGo, etc. 120,000,000 #XRP (51,367,300 USD) transferred from #FTX to unknown wallet — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) May 16, 2022   Related 376 Billion SHIB Bought by Whale as Shiba Is Back on Top 10 Most-Traded Tokens List   XRP adoption expands to Japan and Africa As covered by U.Today earlier, SBI Motor Japan, a subsidiary of financial heavyweight SBI Group based in Japan, has started to accept payments in the two top cryptocurrencies: ... read More

Bitcoin Whale Breaks 8 Year Long Silence With $30 Million Worth Of BTC T...

    After an eight-year dormancy, a Bitcoin (BTC) Whale unexpectedly moved $30 million worth of BTC. On November 20th, 2013, the exact address received 1,000 BTC worth $567,600 at the time, Blockchair reported.  The Bitcoin remained dormant in one wallet until it was moved as part of a much larger block that sent nearly 2,100 BTC to two other addresses. That's more than 53 times the original price from 2013, when Bitcoin was only $567. The transaction only cost 0.0016 BTC in fees, which is about $47.15 at the time it was executed. During the last eight years, the inactive whale wallet received trace amounts of Bitcoin 23 times, and it appears that those amounts were for dusting attacks.  What are dusting attacks? These involve hackers and scammers sending minuscule amounts of Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) to break wallets' privacy. BTC is trading at $29,353 after recovering from $27,000 | Source: BTC/USD price chart from The advanced blockchain tracker, Whale Alert, traced the transaction and reported on Twitter as:  A dormant address containing 1,000 #BTC (30,395,186 USD) has just been activated after 8.5 years (worth 468,643 USD in 2013)! Blockchair also identified another wallet that has remained dormant since 2012 and finally transferred 500 BTC on Thursday. The first deposit of one Bitcoin was made back on 5th April 2012.  The wallet then added another 499 BTC on June 3rd of the same year. The Bitcoin price at that time was only $5.... read More

Ethereum Whale Transactions Hit 4-Month High

    Ethereum whales have registered a sharp uptick in activity in the past few days, making nearly 2,600 transactions worth over $1 million each yesterday alone. This is the highest number of such transaction activities in a day since January. #Ethereum's whales have been extremely active today, firing off 2,596 transactions valued at $1M or more. This is the highest day of whale transactions since January, and something to monitor if $ETH drops below $2k for the first time since last July. — Santiment (@santimentfeed) May 11, 2022 The company noted that this increase in activity came amid the market-wide retracement that sent shockwaves among the entire crypto space. Ethereum, for one, stood at $3,000 until May 5 before it suddenly plummeted by $300 in minutes. The situation only worsened in the following days, and ETH found itself fighting to stay above $2,000. This psychological support line finally gave in yesterday and ether dumped to $1,700. This became its lowest price since last April. However, ETH reacted well to this drop and now trades around $2,100. Ethereum Whales' Recent Behavior According to Santiment, an Ethereum investor is regarded as a whale after attaining $1 million or more. “For many assets, these would be addresses with $100k or more. For Bitcoin and Ethereum, due to the incomparable market cap levels, whales are typically more defined as anywhere between $1M or more, to $10M or more (dependi... read More

Ethereum Whale Transactions Climb As Correlation With S&P 500 Continues

    Over time, the crypto market has maintained a close relationship with the stock market. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, rose in lockstep with U.S. stocks for the first time in February. As a result, the token's 40-day correlation coefficient with the S&P 500 reached 0.65. Despite the brake anxious investors have put on price activity in the past week, the Ethereum (ETH) price is poised to rise over the weekend. Although trading volume has increased over the last week, and thus should have resulted in more consistent fluctuations, price responsiveness has been affected by geopolitical news, earnings, and stock market whipsaws. Ethereum Price Witnesses Turbulence The price of Ethereum has had a grueling week for investors and traders, with large swings in response to earnings, geopolitical events, and investors turning from risk-on to risk-off like a light switch. But with volatility comes opportunity, and as all of these events wind down towards the weekend, bulls will have the playground to themselves and can drive the price up to $3,500 if they pick the right entry levels. Expect the RSI to rise over 50 again, with lots of room before trading into overbought territory. According to statistics from Santiment, a crypto market behavior analysis tool, Ethereum has a strong (+ve) correlation with the S&P 500 index. Following a 1.8 percent drop in the S&P 500 index's figures, the price of ETH increased by 3%. Source: Santiment The tweet from April 29th ad... read More

Whale Watching: A Deep Dive Into the Portfolios of the World's Lar...

    While there's a number of bitcoin whales that often get caught by blockchain parsers and written about in media reports, ethereum whales get a lot less attention. According to statistics in 2022, there are a lot more ethereum whales than holders with large sums of bitcoin. In fact, while the top 100 richest bitcoin addresses control 14.08% of the circulating supply, the top 100 richest ethereum addresses hold 39.81% of all the ether today.Data Shows Ethereum Still Has a Large Concentration of Whales in 2022 Ethereum, the second-largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization, has an overall USD valuation of around $348 billion. Ethereum's market cap represents 18.3% of the $1.89 trillion crypto economy's net value. While the leading crypto asset has been around for close to seven years, 100 addresses command 39.81% of the current ether in circulation. However, after subtracting the Ethereum 2.0 Contract address, which holds 10.06% of the current ether in circulation, 99 wealthy addresses own 29.75%. From the top five richest ethereum addresses alone, 5.17% of the ETH supply is controlled by the Wrapped Ether contract, 1.78% of the ETH supply is held by the trading platform Kraken, and 1.68% is held by Binance. Many of the 100 richest ethereum addresses are centralized exchange platforms and decentralized finance (defi) protocol reserves. This includes exchanges and protocols such as Bitfinex, Okex, FTX, Polkadot Multi-Sig, Arbitrum's bridge, and Lido. After the 57th l... read More

SHIB Soars 10% As Whale Buys 219 Billion Tokens

    BlueWhale0073, an Ethereum investor, continues to invest in Shiba Inu, purchasing 219 billion meme tokens. The whale also made a purchase of 50 billion SHIB on 20th April. His most recent acquisition of the canine cryptocurrency is almost 5x bigger than the one made last week. WhaleStats has confirmed that an impressive amount of SHIB (219,332,229,787) equivalent to $5,454,792 was sent to the whale's wallet. The whale has bought over 2 trillion Shiba Inu between April 10 and April 23.  However, the transaction page shows that the whale has already sold most of his SHIB tokens, leaving him with less than one billion Shiba Inu — 906808367.54 worth $22,010. As per the wallet page, 90% of its inflowing and outgoing cryptocurrency comes from SHIB. BlueWhale0073 is not the only Ethereum whale investing in Shiba Inu; other whales have been buying up the meme coin recently. For example, on April 25th, whale “Bombur” acquired 52 billion SHIB worth $1,178,967. Following Dogecoin, SHIB Also Increased by 10% The Shiba Inu rose 10.09% on Monday following a massive surge in Dogecoin. DOGE had skyrocketed after reports that Twitter had accepted Elon Musk's bid to buy the social media giant. The news of Elon Musk's purchase on Twitter saw Dogecoin spike over 13% in minutes. After these pumps, the billionaire had officially confirmed it, prompting money to pour into Dogecoin. The price of Dogecoin has continued to rise in value, with the past 24 hours showing an increas... read More

More Correction Soon? Bitcoin Whale Ratio Remains Elevated

    On-chain data shows Bitcoin whale ratio still has a high value right now, suggesting that more downside could be coming for the crypto soon. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Has Stayed At Elevated Values Recently As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the BTC exchange whale ratio has remained at high values recently. The 'exchange whale ratio' is defined as the sum of the top 10 Bitcoin transactions to exchanges divided by the total inflows. In simpler terms, this indicator tells us the relative size of the whale transactions (that is, the ten largest transactions) compared to the total amount of coins moving into exchanges. When the value of this ratio spikes up, it means whales now account for a high percentage of the total exchange inflows. Sustained such trend can be bullish for the crypto's price. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio (SMA 30) over the last few years: Looks like the value of the indicator has been high recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio (SMA 30) is at a high value right now. read More

Data: Bitcoin Top 10 Whale Inflows Form Historic Bear Signal

    On-chain data shows the top 10 Bitcoin whale inflows are forming a historic bear signal right now, something that could spell trouble for the new rally. Bitcoin Top 10 Exchange Inflows (Whales) Form A Peak Recently As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the BTC top ten exchange inflows have showed a bearish formation recently. The 'all exchanges inflow' is an indicator that measures the total amount of Bitcoin entering wallets of all exchanges during a specific period. Investors usually deposit their BTC to exchanges for selling purposes. The New York Times Keeps Printing Lies About Bitcoin Mining Now, the top ten whale inflows seem to be forming a similar peak again. If the pattern holds true, then this could be a bearish signal for the price of the coin. However, it's also worth noting that the metric hasn't yet formed a full turn yet, so it could still continue to go up or move sideways and the signal won't go off. BTC Price Yesterday, Bitcoin's price finally gained some strong momentum and broke past the $45k barrier. Now, the price is above $47k, a level that the coin hasn't visited since the very start of the year. At the time of writing, the coin is trading around $47.2k, up 15% in the last seven days. read More

Ethereum Whale Buys $89 Million Worth of Shiba Inu (SHIB)

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) has long been one of the most popular memecoins on the market, and it has attracted the interest of retailers from all over the world. However, it appears that whale Ethereum addresses are also interested in the cryptocurrency. Data from the popular resource tracking large transactions recorded a large Ethereum whale buying a massive number of Shiba Inu (SHIB). The address in question is ranked number 216 in terms of total assets, and it bought a whopping 3.7 trillion of the cryptocurrency, currently worth around $89 million. Looking at this whale's overall asset distribution reveals that his portfolio consists of 31.39% SHIB 59.62% ETH, and the rest is spread amongst other cryptocurrencies such as USDT and Chainlink (LINK). At the time of this writing, the price has failed to react positively and trades predominantly flat on the day. It's also worth noting that the hype behind what was once the cryptocurrency that shocked the world seems to be fading across the board. CryptoPotato reported during the weekend that Shiba Inu NFTs - The Shiboshis - are also down about 70% since their all-time high from last year. read More

Mega Awakening — Whale Transfers 429 'Sleeping Bitcoin&rsquo...

    After tapping a 24-hour high at $42,592 per unit, the price of bitcoin lost the gains it gathered on Wednesday, sliding more than 5% during Thursday morning's trading sessions. Meanwhile, as crypto prices fluctuated, an odd bitcoin transaction from 2010 was transferred at 1:45 a.m. (UTC) moving 429 bitcoin worth $16.8 million.Large Sum of 'Sleeping Bitcoin' Transferred After More Than 11 Years of Slumber Crypto prices have been shaky during the last few days amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict and increased pessimism toward the global economy's future. After falling to the $38,300 range two days ago, bitcoin's price rebounded on Wednesday, jumping to a high of $42,592 per unit. However, the bullish sentiment did not last too long and BTC's value moved back into the $38K territory on Thursday. While the market has been volatile, an old-school whale from 2010 decided to transfer a large sum of bitcoins. The transfer, stemming from the bitcoin address '17QBW,' was approximately 489.091 BTC. The large transaction was caught by the blockchain parser when it was processed at block height 726,641 at 1:45 a.m. (UTC) on March 10. The 429 BTC worth $16.8 million originally derived from a transaction processed 11 years and four months ago, on October 28, 2010. The transaction derived from a sender that held 1,000 bitcoin that were moved from one address to another address on October 20, 2010. The original address that the 1,000 BTC came from processed a number (5,111 bitcoin)... read More

Third-Largesst Bitcoin Whale Buys BTC Worth $28 Million at $38.4K

    The third-largest Bitcoin whale, whom CryptoPotato has been tracking for quite some time, has added another $28 million worth of BTC in the past couple of days. The third-largest Bitcoin whale remains an unknown entity that hasn't been identified. Although some speculate that it might be a cold wallet for an exchange, its activity doesn't support this thesis. The entity has demonstrated a clear long-term trend of accumulation and strategic buy-the-dip moves that are not typical of an exchange's cold wallet. Now, it appears that the whale is at it once again, buying a total of 730 BTC in the last two days at an average price of around $38.4K. The first purchase was worth around $12 million, and it took place yesterday at a price of $38,200 - the whale added 318 BTC. Today, the entity bought another 412 BTC for almost $16 million at an average price of $38.5K. It's worth noting that since then, the price surged and is currently trading at around $42K, which means that the whale is already well in profits on his last buy. In total, the address has a balance of a whopping $5.3 billion, holding 126,341 BTC in total. read More

Accumulation: Bitcoin Whale Addresses Reach 10-Month High

    Large bitcoin investors, more specifically such holding at least 100 and 1,000 coins in a single wallet, have started accumulating once again in massive portions. At the same time, the so-called accumulation wallets - meaning those who were active lately but have not spent any BTC - charted a new all-time high. Bitcoin Whales on Buying Spree It's safe to conclude that there's a lot of uncertainty in today's financial world. While humanity was about to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as a health hazard and had changed its focus to fighting the growing inflation, Russia's leader decided to launch a 'special military operation' against Ukraine. Somewhat expectedly, Europe's first war since WW2 caused substantial price disruptions in the crypto markets. Initially, bitcoin plummeted hard before it bounced off and even charted new gains surging towards $45,000. The latest price increase came following the steep sanctions that the West imposed on Russia because of its aggression, most of which are related to its economy, causing the ruble to crumble. At the same time, Glassnode data showed that the number of BTC addresses containing over 100 and more than 1,000 coins skyrocketed in a short period of time. Keeping in mind the financial sanctions against Russia and that crypto exchanges refused to ban the accounts of Russian-based customers, many speculated that some of these increases of large bitcoin wallets could come from the world's largest country by landmass or at le... read More

Glassnode: Ethereum Whale Supply Last Active 7 Years Ago Hit New ATH

    While small-scale investors continue to flood into Ethereum, the supply of ETH that was last active 7 years ago remains unsold. Ethereum Whales Wallets Remain Inactive According to statistics from the Glassnode data aggregator, small-scale investors are actively acquiring Ethereum, the second largest crypto on the market, while 7.6 million ETH that were last active in 2015-2017 remain unsold. The holders of Ethereum supply who last moved their crypto five and seven years ago, i.e. Ether's price has dropped by 24% this year, and critical overhead resistances lie ahead. High network transaction costs have been Ethereum's most pressing issue, and investors are growing concerned that this will continue to be an issue even after the network's long-awaited enhancements are implemented. ETH/USD trades at $2.9k. read More

Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Exchange Whale Ratio Spikes Up

    On-chain data shows the Bitcoin exchange whale ratio has spiked up recently, a signal that shows dumping may be going on in the market. Bitcoin Exchange Whale Ratio Surges Up As Price Declines As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the BTC exchange whale ratio has risen to very high values recently. The 'exchange whale ratio' is an indicator that measures the ratio between the sum of the top 10 transactions to exchanges and the total amount of Bitcoin moving into exchanges. In simpler terms, this metric tells us what part of the total exchange inflows the ten largest transactions make up for. Usually, these large transactions belong to the whales. In such a scenario, the outlook of the price of Bitcoin will be bearish at least in the short term. BTC Price At the time of writing, Bitcoin's price floats around $42.2k, down 1% in the last seven days. Over the past month, the crypto has lost 1% in value. The below chart shows the trend in the price of BTC over the last five days. BTC's price seems to have sunk down over the last few days | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView A few days ago, Bitcoin's price had climbed up beyond the $45k mark, but the recovery didn't last too long. read More

Stablecoin Whale Domination — Tether Addresses Valued at $1M Own M...

    As the market capitalization of the stablecoin tether nears $80 billion, with its current $77.9 billion valuation, data from onchain researchers at Santiment indicates that tether addresses valued at $1 million own more than 80% of the entire supply.Tether's Whales Command More Than 80% of the Supply The U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin has grown exponentially during the last few years and according to today's metrics there's 77.9 billion tether (USDT) in circulation today. Tether is the most dominant stablecoin out of all the stablecoins in existence in terms of market capitalization. USDT's market capitalization of $77.9 billion further represents 3.79% of the $2 trillion crypto economy. Furthermore, recent data from Santiment shows that USDT's concentration of larger holders valued at $1 own more than 80% of the entire supply. 'Tether's addresses valued at $1M are on the cusp of returning to owning 80%+ of $USDT's supply for the first time in 3 weeks,' Santiment tweeted. 'Generally, whale stablecoin addresses increasing their buying power is a good prospect for crypto's long-term future.' At the time of writing, Santiment's metrics show USDT addresses valued at $1 million command 80.13% of the 77,922,851,073 tether supply in circulation. Into the Block indicates that the concentration of large tether (USDT) holders today is 46%. The Ethereum-based USDT rich list stemming from shows there are 4.4 million ETH addresses holding tether. The top ten USDT holders own ... read More

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