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WCFG Price   

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Wrapped Centrifuge  


WCFG Price:
$319.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$14.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WCFG today is $0.28 USD.

The lowest WCFG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.276, and the current live price for one WCFG coin is $0.27634.

The all-time high WCFG coin price was $3.86.

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The code for Wrapped Centrifuge crypto currency is #WCFG.

Wrapped Centrifuge is 1.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Wrapped Centrifuge is $14,270,810.

Wrapped Centrifuge is ranking upwards to #499, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #WCFG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Wrapped Centrifuge is $319,107.


The circulating supply of WCFG is 51,642,399 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


WCFG is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


WCFG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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AIR/aUSD Listing and Liquidity Incentive Program Launching on Karura Swap

48-hour bootstrap provisioning period expected live on July 13 We’ve been busy building on our experimental Kusama network, Altair. Now that the XCM channel between Altair and Karura is finally open, it’s time to move forward and list AIR/aUSD on Karura Swap! The AIR/aUSD bootstrapping period will start at block 2266477 (est. 7/13/2022 13:00 UTC) and will last for 48 hours. If liquidity targets are met, AIR/aUSD will be tradable on Karura Swap shortly after the end of the bootstrapping period. Listing AIR/aUSD on Karura Swap is the first step to ensure people can trade AIR on a DEX natively on Kusama, increasing token availability and community involvement in the ecosystem. Further pairs will be added subject to community discussion. — Incentive Program & Loyalty Bonus - To incentivize users to provide liquidity to the upcoming AIR/aUSD pool, Altair has allocated a total of 1,000,000 AIR and 2,000 KAR. The 1,000,000 AIR will be distributed as follows: 100,000 AIR will be distributed to the participants of the bootstrapping period (first 48 hours), while 900,000 AIR will be distributed over a 30 day period. Total Incentives: 1,000,000 AIR + 2,000 KAR Bootstrap Duration (approx. 48 hours): from block 2266477 to 2278819 Incentive Duration (30 day period): from block 2278819 to 2470133 Loyalty Bonus Percentage: 50% Claiming rewards before the end of the 30 day incentive period will void the loyalty bonus, whic...

Introducing Centrifuge Connectors

A hybrid cross-chain solution launching in partnership with Ava Labs, Moonbeam, and Nomad to bring the trillion-dollar Real-World Asset (RWA) market on-chain. — UPDATE (Aug. 2, 2022): Yesterday, an exploit attack on Nomad drained a significant amount of funds from the protocol. This attack did not impact Centrifuge Connectors and we continue to believe in the value of a cross-chain future for DeFi. We look forward to continued partnerships with leading bridges to drive resilient innovation and security. — Why is a cross-chain strategy important? - We believe in the multi-chain future of DeFi — a world where investors and borrowers can access liquidity from any protocol they want without the limitation of third-party integrations. Centrifuge Connectors is a step forward in making that future a reality. And we aren’t the only ones who believe in multi-chain. Ava Labs (the primary developers of the Avalanche blockchain), along with Moonbeam, and Nomad, share a joint vision for this future, and we’re happy to announce them as the inaugural partners for our cross-chain solution — Centrifuge Connectors.“Today, we’re announcing Centrifuge Connectors, a hybrid cross-chain solution that combines the speed and efficiency of a bridge with the native experience of a protocol fork.We’re excited to pioneer this novel concept with Avalanche, Moonbeam, and Nomad as our inaugural partners — and are th...

11 Reasons Why Businesses Will Love “Real World Asset Pools on Centrifuge Chain”

10 Reasons Why Businesses Will Love “Real World Asset Pools on Centrifuge Chain” - — We’re taking Real-World Assets to the next level in DeFi. Again. - The goal of Centrifuge is to create infrastructure that will make DeFi the best place to borrow and lend money against real world assets (RWAs). That’s why we’re launching and scaling RWA pools on Centrifuge Chain. This is a key component of our recently laid-out roadmap. This is a complete rewrite of our core product, going from “Tinlake on Ethereum” to “Pools on Centrifuge Chain.” Let’s take a look at why the “Pools” are the go-to choice for businesses who want to securitize their assets in DeFi. — 1: Lower transaction fees - High transaction fees are painful. We’ve heard you, and we’re doing something about it. With Pools on Centrifuge Chain, you can access significantly lower, more stable costs compared to the Ethereum mainnet. The integration with Centrifuge’s chain offers up to 90% lower transaction fees. — 2: Multiple tranches - Centrifuge was the first to implement tranching investment structure on chain. With Pools, you will be able to create multiple tranches to serve different types of investors. Tranches support different interest-rate models and are extremely flexible. Additional tranches can be added to active pools. — 3: Launching pools faster - Pool issuers can create pools that fit their business model...

Understanding Liquidity Management For Investors And Issuers

An Update on Redemption Requests on Tinlake. — — TL;DR. — Strong Investor demand for redemptions has reduced available pool liquidity., Redemption demand is correlated with recent market conditions., In some pools, new redemption requests will be fulfilled once the underlying assets mature (or additional investments are made)., Some Issuers will not be able to finance new assets until redemptions are fulfilled., Locked redemption requests will continue to accrue interest but will not continue to earn CFG rewards. Locked redemption orders can be canceled at any time., In response to these shifting market conditions, the Centrifuge and Tinlake ecosystems continue to fully operate as designed., Due to the recent market conditions, redemption requests have increased in some of Tinlake’s revolving pools. Until investors add more liquidity, this leaves repayments from Issuers as the main source of incoming liquidity. In pools where assets have not yet reached maturity, redemption requests will be fulfilled once additional liquidity becomes available. — How epoch-based investments/redemptions work in Tinlake. — In times of no available liquidity in a pool, locked redemption requests remain locked until liquidity becomes available. This happens two ways: 1) The issuer receives repayment of an asset 2) More liquidity is added to the pool by new and/or existing investors For Tinlake’s Revolving ...

Pools on Centrifuge: A FAQ for Issuers

Pools on Centrifuge: An FAQ for Issuers - Common Questions From Issuers Real-World Asset loan issuers (“Issuers”) and capital investors are the lifeblood of Tinlake — and soon, Pools on Centrifuge Chain. They work in tandem to build a robust borrowing and lending DeFi ecosystem that brings Real-World Assets (RWAs) on-chain. Today, we’re focusing on Issuers and how to become one. We’ll explore how pools work, the asset life-cycle and rewards. — What is an Issuer? - Let’s review what an Issuer is. An Issuer performs risk assessments on end-borrowers, creates and manages loan portfolios, and secures assets on our platform. The loans extended by these Issuers are funded by Centrifuge’s capital investors. Since Tinlake’s inception in 2020, we have onboarded 20 pools encompassing 12 different Issuers, some of whom have had multiple funding series. — Tinlake and the Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP) - — How do I apply to be an Issuer?. — Every prospective Issuer starts with a Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP), the first step in our decentralized, public-facing process designed to evaluate and onboard RWAs to Centrifuge. Today, the POP process is composed of three stages: Proposal: POPs are publicly submitted for community discussion and voting through the Centrifuge Forum., Assessment: POPs enter private due diligence and are risk assessed, legally reviewed, and structured by qualified th...

What Happens in an Asset Default on Tinlake?

Today we’re going to explore a common question about Tinlake and Real World Asset (RWA) financing: what happens when a borrower defaults on a loan? Unlike fully crypto-native (and typically overcollateralized) lending, RWAs can’t be instantly liquidated via the blockchain alone. So how does Tinlake handle a default? What happens in this case — both on-chain and off-chain? As is the case in traditional finance, we should expect defaults to happen sooner or later. In fact, in most asset pools, a reasonable percentage is expected to be written off — and this expectation is built into Tinlake’s infrastructure. — Junior and Senior : TIN and DROP - Let’s start with Tinlake’s two tranche model. On Tinlake, RWA pools have a junior and senior tranche — with separate tokens for each. TIN tokens represent an investment in the junior tranche, and DROP tokens an investment in the senior tranche. In the event of a default, the junior tranche (TIN) takes losses first — and earns a higher, variable yield. The senior tranche (DROP) is protected by the junior tranche as a result — and it earns a lower, fixed yield. The DROP and TIN yields should reflect the risk taken on by investors. Depending on what percentage of the pool the junior tranche is (a.k.a. TIN Buffer) and the amount of the default, a default could affect only TIN returns or affect both TIN and DROP returns negatively. In the case...

The Centrifuge Parachain is Live!

Here’s what’s coming next: token utility, integrations, and how to claim your CFG. — The Centrifuge Parachain is live! So, what’s next? If you haven’t had a read yet, check out Lucas’s post on our Real World DeFi Roadmap. In short, we are focused on CFG utility and growing liquidity in Centrifuge with integrations across the Polkadot ecosystem. Crowdloan claims go live next week. Read on to learn more about how to claim your CFG from the crowdloan and how to start putting it to work in the Centrifuge ecosystem! — CFG Token Utility Proposal - 👉 Head over to the governance forum and check out the new proposal to add additional functionality to CFG. This proposal asks the community to consider adding 2 new functionalities to CFG to improve the protocol and support more growth in the long-term. — 1. Turn on fees:. — With the new pools, borrowers could pay protocol fees that would go into the on-chain treasury. — 2. Staking to launch pools:. — As new pools go live, token holders could indicate trustworthy pools by staking to them. To incentivize that only quality pools launch on Centrifuge: the stake could be slashed, but also could earn part of the transaction fees of the pool it is staked to. These changes can have a positive impact on the protocol’s future growth potential, and CFG holders’ participation in that growth, by creating a link between CFG and the growing use...

The Strategic Framework for Scaling Centrifuge

How any organization or person can create value for Centrifuge. — The History - Since 2017, Centrifuge has been building the credit infrastructure for the decentralized debt ecosystem that will create a more fair financial future for all. In that time, Centrifuge has emerged as the leader in RWAs (Real World Assets), merging the industries of DeFi and TradFi, and outlining the Protocol’s Roadmap to execute its vision. From Day 1, Centrifuge was designed to be a DAO, with the core team operating as a Self Managed Organization (SMO). The SMO has allowed each contributor to be most effective, to give the project the greatest creative flexibility, and to allow for a smooth transformation into a DAO — when the time was right. Within the past 18 months, the core contributor team has grown from 10 to 40+. This has seen the beginnings of our DAO take shape, including the spin out of DeFi Capital Markets and the creation of k/factory to support the core team members in their continued efforts to grow and develop Centrifuge. In the midst of all this change, the opportunity has emerged to articulate the Strategic Framework for scaling Centrifuge as the DAO decentralizes over time. — The Framework - This framework has been created to allow any organization or person to understand how they can join, contribute to, and create value for Centrifuge. As the decentralization of Centrifuge continues, the core team is focu...

Real World DeFi with Centrifuge: Our Protocol Roadmap

Key enhancements for investors, borrowers, and community members to solidify Centrifuge as a DeFi pioneer. — With the launch of our parachain underway, I wanted to share key themes and ideas about the future functionality of Centrifuge and the utility of CFG. The last couple of months have been extremely busy for our engineers as we’ve been simultaneously preparing for the parachain launch, growing Tinlake on Ethereum and building Pools for Altair and Centrifuge (which will eventually replace Tinlake on Ethereum). But enough of where we are. Let’s talk about what’s next. Our number one focus is to scale Real World Assets and turn DeFi into the best infrastructure to borrow and lend money against these assets. To deliver on this goal, we believe the Centrifuge community should focus on four main themes: In the following paragraphs I will go into more detail on the different ongoing projects and ideas we have for the protocol addressing these key themes. — 1: Launch and scale Real World Asset pools on Centrifuge Chain - Over the last nine months, we built Centrifuge Pools from scratch on our chain. This version will ultimately replace the Tinlake smart contracts on Ethereum, and it incorporates several improvements: Scalability: Pools on Centrifuge Chain will use the purpose-built and highly efficient runtime on Centrifuge Chain. This will eliminate the costly transaction fees of Ethereum mainnet., Multip...

Centrifuge Q&A with Polkaswap

Dropping some Centrifuge alpha for 2022. — Centrifuge joined the Polkaswap Community Collective for a Q&A in their Twitter Spaces. Read on to learn more about the big changes coming to Centrifuge in 2022 and beyond 👇 Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your past life/professional experiences, story with blockchain, and how you ended up at Centrifuge. Hey! I am Cassidy and I work on Token Design and Research at Centrifuge, and we are the same team behind Altair. I have a foundation in economics and international finance and also worked as a consultant for the Federal Reserve. At the time I could see that the financial system really needed to change, but it didn’t feel possible to do that from within the existing system. That is why I first tried to start my own project, and later worked with many teams to design their token economics. That’s how I met Centrifuge — and immediately became passionate about the team’s mission. Let’s start at the beginning so everyone can follow. It is your mission to unlock economic opportunity for all, and to allow everyone access to financing without using a third party or intermediary. Which problem did the founders identify and how does Centrifuge offer a solution, or which need in the market will Centrifuge fill and how will you do that? We all know how important finance is in powering the world around us. But the Centrifuge founders saw how inacc...

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