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Wrapped Bitcoin  


WBTC Price:
$0.6 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:

Wrapped Bitcoin is ranked #22 out of all coins. The code for Wrapped Bitcoin is #WBTC.
Wrapped Bitcoin is 3.3 years old, and there is a very large volume of trading today on #WBTC.
For this period, the price of Wrapped Bitcoin/#WBTC is down by a whopping 26%.
The lowest WBTC price for this period was $26,443.99,
and the highest was $39,996.44.

Wrapped Bitcoin (#WBTC) News:

May 26, 4:18 pm

Polygon-built prediction market protocol SX Network integrates Celer cBr...
SX Network, a prediction market protocol built on Polygon, today announced the implementation of the Celer cBridge on SX Network. Users can now bridge tokens into SX Network through cBridge. Celer enables the seamless bridging of assets between EVM-compatible blockchains and ERC-20 tokens. Users will be able to bridge USDC, WETH, DAI, USDT, WBTC, and more via the cBridge between Ethereum and SX Network quickly, securely, and with low transaction costs. Users can also now bridge MATIC and WMATIC between Polygon and SX Network. The first stage of this integration will incorporate the mint and burn bridge model. The Celer liquidity pool model, which includes full Polygon token bridging, will be rolled out in a future release once a proposal is passed through the Celer Network governance process. This integration is the first step in the shared aligned vision of the two teams 'as SX Network, the first Polygon Edge Network, is poised to scale its ecosystem in becoming a key platform for prediction markets, DeFi and NFT applications, and we're delighted to seamlessly connect SX Network and its burgeoning ecosystem to the greater blockchain community,' said Dr. Mo Dong, Celer's Co-Founder...

April 30, 10:30 pm

Philipp Plein Expects Company Customers to Make More Crypto Payments
Renowned fashion designer – Philipp Plein – predicted that more clients will employ cryptocurrencies when purchasing the company's products this year. He envisioned digital assets to account for between $15.8 million to $21 million of the firm's 2022 revenue. Crypto to Become a Key Player at Philipp Plein One of the leading fashion comp...

April 28, 9:30 pm

Whale Watching: A Deep Dive Into the Portfolios of the World's Largest E...
While there's a number of bitcoin whales that often get caught by blockchain parsers and written about in media reports, ethereum whales get a lot less attention. According to statistics in 2022, there are a lot more ethereum whales than holders with large sums of bitcoin. In fact, while the top 100 richest bitcoin addresses control 14.08% of the c...

March 25, 3:26 pm

How XRP Was Added To Multichain To Connect With EVM Blockchains
The cryptocurrency powering the XRP Ledger (XRPL), XRP, will be accessible via other blockchains. According to an official post, Multichain has added support for the XRPL to connect it with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM compliant blockchains. Formerly known as Anyswap, and later rebranded as Multichain, this cross-chain bridge all...

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