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WAVES Price:
$18.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WAVES today is $3.91 USD.

The lowest WAVES price for this period was $0, the highest was $3.91, and the exact current price of one WAVES crypto coin is $3.91059.

The all-time high WAVES coin price was $62.08.

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The code for Waves is also #WAVES.

Waves is 6.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Waves is $391,058,950.

Waves is ranked #90 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #WAVES.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Waves is $18,946,414.


The circulating supply of WAVES is 100,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


WAVES is the native coin for the Ethereum blockchain.

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WAVES is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 35 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #WAVES, and you can view them on our WAVES disambiguation page.



Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL

Waves Protocol is today announcing its partnership with token bridge protocol, Allbridge. The partnership will see the integration of Waves with all of Allbridge’s 15 supported blockchains, including Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. The integration will launch on September 22nd with an incentivized multi-asset pools campaign on the Waves-based AMM platform, Swop.Fi. The first coins supported will be USDT and USDC stablecoins from Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Allbridge is a bridging protocol with more than $6b in asset transfers and TVL — at the time of writing — of over $74m. Waves-based projects like, Pluto, and Waves Exchange all offer some of the largest annual percentage yields (APYs) on stablecoins in DeFi. The partnership aims to increase access to Waves-based projects for investors on other chains seeking larger returns on their stable assets. This exciting partnership serves both Allbridge users looking for good returns on their stablecoins and Waves users who want to see additional liquidity brought into the ecosystem. About Waves Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. Waves technology stack can benefit any use case that demands security and decentralization — open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data, and many others. For more on Waves, please visit About Allbridge Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between different networks. It is a bridge between both EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains. Allbridge’s mission is to make the blockchain world borderless by providing a tool to move assets freely between various blockchains. For more on Allbridge, please visit Read Waves News channel Follow Waves Twitter Watch Waves Youtube Subscribe to Waves Subreddit Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL

otoWaves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL - Waves Protocol is today announcing its partnership with token bridge protocol, Allbridge. The partnership will see the integration of Waves with all of Allbridge’s 15 supported blockchains, including Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. The integration will launch on September 22nd with an incentivized multi-asset pools campaign on the Waves-based AMM platform, Swop.Fi. The first coins supported will be USDT and USDC stablecoins from Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Allbridge is a bridging protocol with more than $6b in asset transfers and TVL — at the time of writing — of over $74m. Waves-based projects like, Pluto, and Waves Exchange all offer some of the largest annual percentage yields (APYs) on stablecoins in DeFi. The partnership aims to increase access to Waves-based projects for investors on other chains seeking larger returns on their stable assets. This exciting partnership serves both Allbridge users looking for good returns on their stablecoins and Waves users who want to see additional liquidity brought into the ecosystem. About Waves Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. Waves technology stack can benefit any use case that demands security and decentralization — open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data, and many others. For more on Waves, please visit About Allbridge Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between different networks. It is a bridge between both EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains. Allbridge’s mission is to make the blockchain world borderless by providing a tool to move assets freely between various blockchains. For more on Allbridge, please visit Read Waves News channel Follow Waves Twitter Watch Waves Youtube Subscribe to Waves Subreddit Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Community Quack AMA #1: Recap

The focus of this AMA was to review community ideas concerning the development of Waves Ducks. Inal, together with Bram (Mr. BlackTurtle) had a lot of ideas that have been shared through a special form. In the time of the AMA, they were able to go through 30 of them. So here are all the ideas and questions that have been anwsered. Community Idea 1: In-game sounds and music for Duck Wars. Inal’s comment: We are currently implementing dynamic backgrounds and sound is something that certainly can be added in the future. However, we first need to find the resources for that. If sounds or music were to be implemented, we would definitely make it optional. Community idea 2: Weekly lottery to increase EGG buy pressure, which involves buyng 1 EGG every week for a chance to get 10 EGGs. Inal’s comment: We already have community raffles from time to time on social networks. If they were to be held more often, the community would be oversaturated. We can use this particular raffle idea, but not as frequently. Community idea 3: Permanent Telegram referral bot with small rewards. There used to be one and it brought a lot of users in a very short time. Inal’s comment: Bots are great for outreach, but they are easily exploited with fake accounts. At the moment, our team has no solution to that, but your ideas are welcome. Community idea 4: New item, Nest Warmer. It would increase farming yield but would only allow to claim EGG after some period of time. This item can be upgradable like mantles, with the yield multiplier and lock-up period also increasing. Bram’s comment: It can overcomplicate some aspects of farming, especially the yield callculation, but a more straightforward solution acheving the same goal might be interesting. For the same budget and effort, we can develop several features that are more interesting and more used. Inal’s comment: It’s hard to implement since the farming smart contract is very complex by itself. Adding another mechanic will be costly in terms of time and resources and there’s no guarantee that it will be used by a lot of players. It can even be harmful, since the daily EGG distribution is capped at 100, and if someone significantly increases their yield, other players will be getting less. Community idea 5: Farming reset which will allow to trim inactive users who still get rewards but don’t collect them due to abandoning the game or losing access to their accounts. This will leave only active players in farming. Inal’s comment: Resetting personal farms is not something we are going to do. Community idea 6: An option to choose vEGG as a farming reward with increased rates, like x1.2 in vEGG compared to regular EGG. Bram’s comment: Users don’t seem to be interested in vEGG right now, but this idea might be useful with other circumstances in effect. Inal’s comment: It will likely confuse newcomers. Community idea 7: Remove the G, H, I, K genes and start with the L, M, N, O genes in the incubator to make it worth for players getting new ducks through Waves Ducks Hunt. Inal’s comment: I love the idea, and there seems to be no downsides to that. We will likely do that when the Waves Ducks Hunt app is released. Bram’s comment: It would be OK to replace a couple of genes from the incubator, but not 4 at once. Otherwise, I support the idea. Community idea 8: Reintroduction of duckling feed limit tied to Duck Wars. Inal’s comment: Unfortunately, there are too many bots in Duck Wars, and unless the problem is somehow resolved, feed limit is not going back. Community idea 9: EGG listed on more exchanges. Inal’s comment: There were several listing negotiations started about a year ago, but they have been paused, and now we’re trying to list EGG again. EGG’s main market is on Waves, so listing native tokens on other exchanges is hard. It can be done via ERC20 or BEP20 versions of the token, but there’s no liquidity or use cases for them. Another problem is that play to earn is not something the exchanges are open to at the moment due to a generally negative experience with such projects. We will be trying to list EGG on other platforms regardless. Community idea 10: Introduce a system to let duck owners who buy a special hunt pass rent out ducks with attached quests for others to fulfill. The duck owner gets SPICE passively, while the duck users get vEGG to upgrade their skill trees for completing the quest. Inal’s comment: This is good for sharing experience with your friends or relatives and spreading the word about the game. Similar scholarship mechanics are quite successful in other games, and we will consider implementing something like that in the future. But it should be as simple as possible. Bram’s comment: The passive earning for Waves Ducks Hunt is already there, at least partially with the introduction of virtual locations, but maximizing rewards by being slightly more active as a duck owner is an interesting idea nonetheless. Community idea 11: Adding AR puzzles to Waves Ducks Hunt, where instead of showing the outright location of reward, there would be some kind of route leading to a bigger prize if you can meet all the conditions. Inal’s comment: Brilliant idea! We actually had internal discussions on something similar. The exact vision is to be figured out, so feel free to share ideas about the appropriate riddles or tasks. Our main goal is to make such a system fun and not too complicated. Community idea 12: There should be a mechanism where you can place your ducks as a loan and receive USDN with a cap on the number of ducks and earnings per month. Inal’s comment: There’s a major problem of determining the duck’s market price, since it can be manipulated. It’s almost impossible to implement in a secure way, because NFT prices are too volatile. Community idea 13: Timer for the marketplace auction. Inal’s comment: Honestly, I don’t see much value in that, especially since 95% of users prefer buying out to bidding Community idea 14: Some eggs in Waves Ducks Hunt spawn farther away than the maximum distance and sometimes in unreachable spots. How about increasing the egg opening range? Inal’s comment: This issue has already been addressed and eggs should be spawning correctly now. As for opening distance, earlier we introduced the rope feature that will let you draw eggs closer if they’re out of reach, but it is not free to use. Community idea 15: Random rewards for opening 5 eggs in a set amount of time. These can range from small amounts of SPICE tokens to genesis ducks. Inal’s comment: The core game is about getting random rewards from golden eggs, and we will be expanding the reward pool, so there’s no point in doing something like that. Community idea 16: Set market fee to 20% for timed auctions and add a deposit fee for selling a duck. If a duck is not sold in time, deposits are lost. Inal’s comment: Why would anyone want to put the duck for sale if we were to implement this? I see no point. Besides, when you put your duck up for sale, you miss out on farming rewards, which in some sense works as a fee. Community idea 17: Add a bonus to farming for the collected EGGs. If an account has collected more than 10 eggs per day, then the bonus is 2%, and if more than 50 eggs, the bonus is 5%. Inal’s comment: Our future leveling system does practically the same, so there’s no point in implementing 2 similar systems. Community idea 18: F2P players get a free customizable duckling. Instead of SPICE, they get vEGG in golden eggs. They can buy cosmetic items with vEGG and improve their skill tree. If they want to get SPICE instead of vEGG, they have to buy an NFT duck and use its capacity. Additionally, if they want a cosmetic item but they dont want to do anything for it, they should be able to buy that item with EGG. Inal’s comment: Currently, there is no way to play Waves Ducks Hunt absolutely for free, so implementing this would mean changing core mechanics 180 degree. But I agree that there should be ways to play just for fun, not for money, maybe some guild on guild activity, we are working on it. Community idea 19: Customizable player icon on the map, with different styles purchased for vEGGs. Inal’s comment: I like that idea but it’s up to our designers to decide, whether it will fit the current visual style of the game. Community idea 20: Reward multiplier that increases as more players aggregate in the same area, up to 10 players and x1.5 rewards. Inal’s comment: This opens up more exploit opportunities by incentivizing people to create additional accounts on multiple devices. Bram’s comment: I agree, it is very risky. Community idea 21: Inside golden eggs, you can also find Legend Books divided in parts. Each Legend Book part has a little fragment of Waves Ducks lore. Once you collect all fragments of a Legend Book, it will give you a rare cosmetic item/card for battles/other reward. Inal’s comment: This is actually a nice idea, we will seriously think about adding that. Community idea 22: An option to play completely for free. Accessibility features: quick access button for the farm owners that leads to the farm screen, and an “invite friends” button. Inal’s comment: You can play the game for free, but you won’t be getting any rewards unless you get a duck. As for the invite button, there’s no incentive to use it without a referral program. Bram’s comment: I think we should make it easier and more rewarding to invite friends into the game. Community idea 23: Temporary costumes in golden eggs that give you special skills according to the class they represent: Ninja: For X time, you get a chance for x2 reward when opening a golden egg, Sniper: For X time, you can open golden eggs from x2 distance, Magician: You are able to stop the timer for X golden eggs, Berserk: X eggs of other players will appear simultaneously around you with the same timer, Graffity artist: you can paint X other players’ eggs into golden eggs (it ensures you get 100% of the reward), Tracker: During X time, you will be seeing what is inside of your golden eggs, Inal’s comment: I love this type of abilities that give you temporary bonuses. It might take some time to implement, but it sounds very interesting. Bram’s comment: I think it is better to give players a choice when they upgrade their skill trees. They might choose one skill tree and the others will be locked, which wil effectively introduce classes with their own strengths and limitations. Community idea 24: I have read about future ranking. Could be cool if instead of wallet address, you could pay a little to change it for a customizable name. Also you could pay to show your customizable duck beside your name. Maybe also background color on ranking, a flag and even customizable moves and sounds for your duckling showed in ranking. Example: when someone clicks on your customized duckling in the ranking, it will do a dance in front of your flag, a celebration, a move or make a sound like a horn, a monkey, a horse, whatever. All that available with EGG and vEGG. Inal’s comment: We thought about adding Twitter handles that would be clickable and would lead to players’ Twitter accounts. As for special moves and sounds, those are unlikely to be added. But name customization and integration with Twitter, down to choosing one of your ducks as PFP, is something we’re considering. Community idea 25: introduce a weekly vote to choose a new Duck Wars background from the community. The community offers background ideas, and whoever wins according to the voting results, gets their background implemented as well as some goodies, maybe vEGG. Dasha’s comment: We can easily start doing that, the question is, whether our designers will be able to draw those backgrounds quick enough. We will probably try this next week. Community idea 26: Add some lore behind ducks as characters. Inal’s comment: We’ve had some ideas on the ducks lore tied to Duck Wars, but it requires some changes in the mechanics. Adding lore to the game as it is now doesn’t make a lot of sense. Community ideas on the implementation with the current mechanics are welcome. Community idea 27: Divide the map into 1 sq. km plots and auction them off for USDN. To participe in the auction, you must have 5 EGGs in the wallet. All the received USDN must be spent on the Waves Ducks developement. Each land owner can customize their plot with pixel art or put their favorite duck and other features to be visible for everyone. Then, all players can buy and sell those lands on the market for EGG with 5% fees. Inal’s comment: We can use this idea in Waves Ducks Hunt, maybe have an ability to set some restrictions or rules by the land owner to somehow interact with other players who hunt there. Bram’s comment: I like the idea, sounds fun and interesting. We could also add it to the AR mode, so that you could see who owns this land or some other info. Community idea 28: Add a roadmap somewhere on the main page with dates to motivate new players. Inal’s comment: Great idea, we will definitely do that. Community idea 29: Adjust your marketing strategy. The events in New-York, Korea and Madrid have failed. Inal’s comment: That’s not true, we have received a lot of positive feedback and quite a few new users who stll play. Also tested some things out. These events were offline and they are over, so now we’re focusing more on online marketing anyway. Community idea 29: Show us statistics and info: How many new players joined since the Waves Ducks Hunt launch? Since the NY event? Korea? I dont know what would be worse, if you have no stats or if you dont show them because they are heavily negative. Inal’s comment: We have statistics, and they’re not negative. I don’t think that we have to publish them after every event or marketing activity. Maybe we can add some numbers into the weekly report once a month or so. And we cannot disclose everything, because the competition is watching. There are tons of neat new mechanics in store for our players, so we will keep you posted on all the Waves Ducks Hunt updates. Join our community on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned! Community Quack AMA #1: Recap was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Using the Waves Ecosystem as a Waves Ducks Player

Not many people know this, but there’s a lot of functionality across different projects on Waves, capable of elevating your experience as a Waves Ducks player and bringing in extra coin with virtually no effort. Allow us to show you around the opportunities scattered all over the ecosystem and possibly, encourage you to become a part of the global Waves community. — Waves Exchange - Waves Exchange is the ecosystem’s own DEX serving as a starting point for crypto traders and investors alike. The best thing of all is that if you play Waves Ducks, you already have a WX account, and all that is left is just logging in. Here’s what you can do: Buying crypto. As the primary feature of any exchange, this one allows you to purchase a variety of tokens, including EGG. And with the help of AdvCash, it has become even easier, since you can pay directly with a bank card., Spot trading. When purchased, you can bring your EGG to spot trading and sell it to other users for a range of cryptocurrencies. There is always high liquidity and top speed when it comes to fulfilling orders., Liquidity mining. At Waves Exchange, it is possible to make your crypto work by providing liquidity to dozens of pools, such as the EGG/USDN pool, where the APY can go as high as 153%, provided that you have some WX tokens on hand. By providing liquidity to the pools, you will be getting a share of the platform fees passively. Go to this page if you want to learn more about liquidity pools., Pools voting. If you have the WX token, you can take part in the votings, which can potentially increase the liquidity mining profitability in the pools. More on the voting rules here., — - is a service allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies instantly, while providing solid investment opportunities: Liquidity pools. Invest in one of the pools, becoming its liquidity provider. Liquidity is used to exchange cryptocurrency for other users. The liquidity provider’s income is made up of several parts: exchange fees (60% distributed as rewards), Income from Neutrino staking and WAVES leasing, and rewards for SWOP farming. Among the pools, there are several options for EGG owners: EGG-WAVES, RACE-EGG, EGG-USDN. You can check the current pool APYs here., SWOP governance token staking. SWOP staking rewards come from 35% of exchange fees in all pools, which are converted to SWOP. A new batch of rewards becomes available approximately once an hour. The maximum number of SWOPs to be issued is 6,000,000 tokens., Besides earning opportunities, you can instantly exchange EGG for other tokens without placing sell orders on the exchange. Just go to this page and choose the currencies you wish to swap. — Keeper Wallet - Keeper is a very useful browser extension that lets you connect to many services and dApps on Waves. It also takes care of user security, as it stores your private keys locally, so there’s no way to lose access to your account if you have the keys. Check your balance. In Keeper Wallet, you can see all your assets, including EGG tokens and keep track of your transaction history. Keeper also allows you to use EGG for transaction fees., Transfer and swap crypto. Keeper has a built-in swap functionality with a routing service that lets you choose the most optimal exchange route out of several options., View, send and receive NFTs. If you have NFT ducks, you can browse your collection, open your NFTs on the Waves Duck website, and manage NFTs directly from the Keeper UI., Refer to the official documentation for more details. — Tsunami - Tsunami allows you to trade on margin with EGG and most importantly, gives an exclusive opportunity to hedge your risks! Profit/loss from a trading operation depends on leverage. So, how does this work? Let’s say you have 100 USDN, and you wish to buy EGG as you are certain its price will grow and you will be able to sell it later for profit. Buying 5 EGGs at 20 USDN each now and selling them at $25 will net you a profit of 25 USDN. With Tsunami, you can multiply this amount with the same 100 USDN at the cost of increasing risks in case the price goes down. If you buy EGG with 3x leverage, this means that you buy $300 worth of EGG for the same 100 USDT. If the EGG price goes up by $5, you will be able to collect 75 USDT as profit (minus the fee). However, if the price goes down and the momentary loss is greater than $100, your entire position will be liquidated. High risk, high reward. — Puzzle Swap - Puzzle Swap offers unique investing opportunities with its Mega pools. Unlike regular pools containing only 2 assets, Mega pools can hold up to 10! Users can also create custom pools with their own rules and attract liquidity there. Waves Ducks players will feel right at home, since many of the Mega pools feature collective farm share tokens, which can be found only on Puzzle Swap. Just like with other pools, you can provide liquidity to mega pools and receive passive income based on the transactions performed within. Go to this page and search by the Waves Ducks category to see all the pools involving EGG or Collective Farm tokens. Puzzle Swap includes an instant swap service which is by far the best place in the entire ecosystem to buy or sell Collective Farm tokens as well as many other coins. And don’t forget to make use of the Puzzle NFT marketplace, where you can trade ducks or a bunch of other NFT collections. There are tons of neat new mechanics in store for our players, so we will keep you posted on all the Waves Ducks Hunt updates. Join our community on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned! Using the Waves Ecosystem as a Waves Ducks Player was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Waves Community Call: August 22, 2022

On August 22, Jon Poole, Waves Head of Community unveiled the launch of the Ambassador Program DAO. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are cutting edge social technology, and Waves’ Ambassador Program DAO is leading the way with its streamlined and sophisticated architecture and gamified mechanics. Read on for a summary of the key takeaways shared during the livestream. — What is the Ambassador Program DAO? - A system for motivating, activating, engaging and incentivising community members to support Waves project needs and directives, A one size fits all, part-time, fun, volunteer program where the community gets paid to help Waves scale and grow by doing what they were already doing, There are five promotional tiers Waves Ambassador’s can progress through. Here’s a sneak peak of the perks each one offers:, Tier 1: Surfer Access to earn through Ambassador Rewards program, Tier 2: Free Diver Onboard new ambassadors, participate in community AMAs, Tier 3: Dive Master Join all hands, attend events, design community campaigns, Tier 4: Aquanauts Organize regional events, competitions, eligible for part-time contracts with Waves, Tier 5: Poseidon/Amphitrite (Ambassador King/Queen) Get featured on the website and blog, Members complete tasks to move up tiers, the higher the tier, the more perks, rewards and opportunities become available, High-performing Ambassadors gain access to full-time Waves careers, — Why is Waves Launching an Ambassador Program? - ✔️ Reduces redundant costs and eliminates middleman agencies by tapping into community skill sets: Marketing, Business Development, Translation, Events, Development, Design, Content, PR, ✔️ Turn passive community members into active supporters ✔️ Activate large volumes of the community to help market, defend and operate Waves and Waves ecosystem projects ✔️ A community of willing volunteers to help produce any task big and small ✔️ Unite the Waves Communities ✔️ Provide a pathway to community leadership for top members ✔️ Create the structure — technology and processes — to create lasting, incentivized relationships with any community members and influencers — Waves Ambassador Program DAO Roadmap - Sept 1, 2022 — v1: Task & Rewards System KPIs for bounties, Basket of tokens allocated for incentives (WAVES, EGG, SPICE, etc.), Tasks that need to be claimed and completed released, Monthly Ambassador town hall meetings begin, Q1 2023 — v2: Automation & Tooling Launch of the Ambassador DAO landing page, rewards portal and ticketing hub, Q4 2024 — v3: Decentralization & DAO Waves Ambassador DAO launch, Smart contract automation implemented making payment fast, streamlined and transparent, — How can you get involved? - ✔️ What do you want to see bounties and rewards for? ✔️ What events do you want to see and attend? ✔️ Departments that will need help with tasks include: Marketing, Business Development (BD), Operations, Translation, Events, Community, Upcoming Waves Ambassador AMAs, ✔️ WX Exchange, Neutrino, Waves Ducks,, Vires Finance, Tsunami.Exchange, Puzzle Swap, Pluto, Waves Enterprise ✔️ Over 355 ambassador submissions already in Check out the full video of the community call here: Read Waves News channel Follow Waves Twitter Watch Waves Youtube Subscribe to Waves Subreddit Waves Community Call: August 22, 2022 was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Waves Ducks Hunt: a Hunter’s Path

What does it mean to be a hunter? Collecting trophies and showing them off? To an extent, but still, hunters belong in the wilds. Nothing beats the thrill one experiences when tracking down their prey, when holding breath to observe it through the sights, when a single flick of a finger could bring you glory and… jackpot. Well, hunters, we can finally and rightfully call you that. The test release of Waves Ducks Hunt revealed to us the true essence of the community. You’ve been doing what you were always meant to: going out there and hunting. Now, with the official launch, big updates are coming to the game’s mechanics, and those are more life-changing than you might think. So, how will the hunter’s life change in the light of these updates? Let us say, there will be more hunting action, which will alter the way you play the main game as well. While the DIP-6 has already uncovered most of our plans, there are some details worth mentioning separately. — New reward system - The first thing you will notice is that there are no longer EGG token rewards when you crack open the golden eggs. From now on, the majority of rewards will come in the form of the new token, SPICE. With SPICE, you can grow a duckling into an NFT duck. Waves Ducks Hunt is being launched worldwide, and besides SPICE, there will be 8 country-specific jackpot ducks (USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Japan, Philippines and South Korea). Players can also get one special NFT from the famous AR artist, Zoe Winters which can be caught regardless of your location. Now, this is the important part. You cannot claim your rewards until you purchase an NFT duck with the AR glasses artefact. However, you will still be able to hunt for golden eggs and claim all the rewards later. Those who already had a duck with AR glasses during the test will have to purchase the AR glasses artefact again, but are compensated with 0.1 EGG. — New ducklings - There are now two types of ducklings in the game. Both can be grown with the SPICE token. It takes 100 SPICE to fully raise a duckling. Genesis duckling. You can get this type of duckling in the Incubator for 1 EGG. Genesis ducklings can only grow into Genesis NFT ducks. Note that it will have a feed limit tied to your Duck Wars activity. Breeding duckling. This duckling is a result of breeding of two NFT ducks. Breeding also costs 1 EGG. This duckling will be one generation above the highest-generation parent and comes without any feed limits. — Duck rarity and capacity - The duck’s rarity will determine how many eggs it will lay, the egg spawning distance, and the amount of rewards. Each NFT duck in Waves Ducks Hunt will have a new parameter called Capacity. Capacity shows how many golden eggs a duck can lay and already laid. Capacity is permanently lost upon laying an egg, however, it can be expanded and thus replenished for a fee. The capacity of the ducks that have been laying golden eggs during the beta is reset. For user convenience, capacity will be visible to everyone on the duck’s page. Pay attention when buying NFT ducks on Marketplace: a duck with spent capacity will not lay any golden eggs, unless you pay for the additional capacity. This attribute will be implemented shortly after the release. — Golden egg spawn changes - Another major change is related to how ducks lay their golden eggs. Previously, ducks have only been laying eggs around their owners. While this still holds true, each egg will now have 5 additional spawn points which will be appearing around other players all over the world. The more often you play, the more likely a golden egg will spawn around you. In this way, even if you don’t own a duck to lay eggs for you or there is not a single duck owner in your area, you will still be able to find and open eggs. A golden egg opened in any of its 6 locations disappears from the map. Since walking is such an essential part of the game, we decided to amp this aspect up and increase the golden egg spawn radius from 150m-3500m to 500m-7000m around the player. It will increase the distance you’ll have to walk to get to an egg but at the same time, it will enhance your chances of stealing other player’s eggs. — New game flow - By implementing all these changes, we want to introduce a novel dynamic making the game accessible and rewarding for everyone. All you need is to play consistently to see golden eggs spawn all around you. As a new Waves Ducks Hunt player, you will have two options: either purchase an NFT duck with AR glasses right away and enjoy rewards from the very start, or take your time and look around while playing normally and getting rewards you will be able to claim later. After 7 days, you won’t be able to open any more golden eggs unless you purchase a duck with AR glasses. Let’s say you’ve been playing Waves Ducks Hunt for some time as an F2P player and suddenly, lady luck has smiled upon you, and you’ve got yourself one of the jackpot ducks. That’s when you might decide that it’s worth it to buy the required NFT. All your rewards accumulated up to this point will be safely stored. Some features of Waves Ducks Hunt, such as skills, the leveling system and the Capacity attribute are yet to be added to the game, and will be implemented within the following weeks. Players will also be able to recharge thier ducks’ capacity for a fee. The number of available golden eggs gets slightly increased with every recharge, compared to the initial value. There are tons of neat new mechanics in store for our players, so we will keep you posted on all the Waves Ducks Hunt updates. Join our community on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned! Waves Ducks Hunt: a Hunter’s Path was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Just Ask: An Interview with Jon Poole, the New Head of Community at Waves

With the evolution of Waves being at full speed, its community is destined to play a pivotal role in this process. For this reason, we are particularly excited about Jon Poole joining our team as the head of community and bringing an entire tsunami of new ideas, new mindsets, and new ways of interacting with the ecosystem users. To dispense a bit of our excitement among all of you, we made an interview with Jon that will give you an idea of what you’re in for. The Waves community is about to transform into a massive family open to everyone sharing our love for Web 3 values. Read on to learn how Jon is going to help us with that.Tell us about your background. What is your path to community management and the appeal of this job for you? - I actually started out getting into blockchain, as many of us do, as an investor. I was lured by this wild west of finance, this new opportunity. At the time, I was going through some personal changes where I was looking to move industry. I wanted to use my new skills in technology, and I wanted to get to the point where I could be a Digital Nomad. I was seeing individuals out there, who set themselves free and live this new decentralized life. So I started looking and investing in blockchain. I co-invested with a VC because a family member of mine was a GP there. And what we recognized as a VC, was that we could take our skills and increase our allocation if we actually offered services to these projects that made sense for them in a decentralized business model. I decided, and this is kind of where the coincidence came, that I need to protect our investment because they didn’t really have any of the things that we recognized were very popular in blockchain at the moment. Joining the team at Oasis really checked off a lot of boxes for me at the time. I fell in love with their mission statement and I really enjoyed what they allowed me to do, which was to found and grow a community from scratch. There I discovered I really loved community building. I started out just moderating the community while I built the framework, going to conferences, meeting individuals, manning the booth, answering questions, and just really putting myself out there on the front line of getting to know the type of people that were interested in the technology that we were affiliated with. I had the understanding that the community itself is the lifeblood of decentralized business, and that’s where the real value is. So, delving deeper into my community career, moderating, getting into community management, and becoming a community lead, I actually got into BD as it naturally integrates with the community. The reason is that as decentralized business platforms move forward, the frontline individuals that work for a project, network state, whatever it is, they’re the people that receive the most feedback in real-time. It became very paramount for me to become a part of BD. I understood the value of receiving feedback from the community in all different areas, and business development is one of those areas. As I grew into the community side and became the head of community at Oasis, It really became apparent to me that I really liked community as a career and community building in general. I’m very passionate about it, it’s something that comes very naturally and something that I feel is rewarding.In light of your new role as the Waves Ecosystem’s head of community, how do you think it’s different from Oasis? - I was with Oasis for four years, but at the time of my founding the community had no product, no ecosystem built out. So I was able to build a community around the future and the promise of the platform. But when I look at Waves, I see that this ecosystem has a lot of products. It already has a game, it has its bridge, and it has a lot of micro-communities that haven’t been harnessed into one global community. As I see it now, Waves could really use an ambassador program. This is something that we did very well at Oasis. I built that program to be up to around 550 members over the course of two years and it was actually a talent resource pool for Oasis to be able to hire and recruit from within: BD, marketing, developer relations, and an NFT group. When I chose to leave the project and come over to Waves, it was really exciting for the marketing team because this is something that they felt the ecosystem was missing, an ambassador program to globally access what community truly is in the future of decentralized business platforms.What do you see as strengths of the Waves community? - One of the biggest strengths of the Waves community that I see is that they like to build within and support from within and get closer to the team. This is something Waves Ducks is a perfect example of. They really have taken this community aspect of what they are, what they enjoy, and they’re growing it together. Another strength is a thriving and tested ecosystem. Even though there were some incidents recently like the USDN depeg and the Vires withdrawal throttle, which we will address and be transparent about with the community. But that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the attention that was received by individuals within the ecosystem and the industry, who had the ability to do that type of manipulation. And that’s saying something because there are hundreds of DeFi ecosystems out there that have not gotten the benefit of even having whales and investors pouring that much TVL into their DeFi ecosystems. One of the strengths that I’m really excited about is the community’s passion. I’ve already met numerous passionate members within the community who I’ve been just chatting with for hours about the fun that they have playing Waves Ducks, what they did at the NFT.NYC conference, how they want to get involved with the ecosystem, why they want to get involved with Waves over other ecosystems. The simplicity, the low fees, all these compliments that these members choose to give. They’re not paid, They’re not incentivized, yet. These guys just do it because they love Waves.Do you think there are some universal characteristics shared by the communities of various projects on Waves? - Absolutely. Obviously, everybody’s here because they love the Waves ecosystem and either they want to make money or they want to participate in an engaging way where they feel like there’s an exchange of value. The first is the entrepreneurs. You see these in every project and I think it’s something that’s very commonly lost when you’re dealing with community management, that most people are either trying to free their lives through work, part-time or full-time. Whatever they’re doing with their business minds, they come with the mentality of achieving, they’re driven, motivated individuals that are willing to take risks in a new industry. Then you have those who choose to spend their free time participating and engaging in your social media platforms, who don’t benefit financially from doing that. We can combine these two groups together with an incentivized ambassador program, where they’ll be able to access all the different projects from one hub. We are going to gamify working through the ecosystem. Harnessing this core group of supporters, the different ecosystem departments, like business development, marketing, developer relations, and product will be empowered by those people willing to give in order to receive. So you get a transparent, fair win-win solution, which lends towards the DAO governance model as well. Another common denominator is simply the mindset of people that are willing to take a risk in the blockchain industry and have chosen Waves as the ecosystem that they want to be a part of. So those are the three things that the communities on Waves have in common, and we’re going to harness and wrap them into a unified global program. Not to mention the integration with launchpad, with our accelerator that’s upcoming as well. When you’re talking about startups in your ecosystem, having a community that’s already primed and ready to supercharge a project that’s coming out is such a superpower as well.Which GEOs would you like to bring into the Waves community? - So far I’ve met over a dozen community managers that are stationed around the world. We already have representatives for the Latin American community, we’ve got someone ready in Africa, we have community managers who speak Arab, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Syrian, and Japanese and we’re looking to grow and expand around the world! The translation division that’ll open up for the ambassador program will be a lot more about outreach, a lot more about philanthropy. Very much like missionaries spreading themselves around the world and translating languages. This is something that we’re going to do in our ecosystem to help people understand blockchain and especially with Wave School coming up. The Spanish community is really important because there are 20 countries that officially speak Spanish, so that’s a really good GEO that we can dig into. Then there’s Africa. Nigeria is absolutely amazing and there’re so many entrepreneurs that are trying to change their lives there. Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking community is another great one that I’d like to bring in. I’m half Chinese, so I love outreach in China. Previously with Oasis, we had partnerships with the BSN network and with Conflux, the two state-sponsored chains in China. In working with them I’ve gotten to know that China’s doing things really different when it comes to blockchain. But their idea of expansion and making blockchain available to developers is there and there’s a thriving blockchain community as well. And I really appreciate the hard-working entrepreneurs in that region that I’ve had success with in the past. And of course, North America, since I’m Canadian. It is a huge playground for me. So there are obviously a lot of links to America and with Waves labs now being in Miami, this is one of our focuses. I’m excited about growing North America and helping us have a more global reputation and to attract more community members from around the world.What do you think is the future of blockchain-based communities and how can they shape businesses? - I think with blockchain, what we’re going to see is the evolution of social technology. We’re going to see network states really take form and community management is a new industry that will be powered by decentralized business models. It’s very different from marketing. Web2 and traditional enterprise businesses have built an industry around marketing. They are telling us what we want to do and what we want to like and buy. This is based on analytics, and statistics and the internet itself is built around systems that were never designed for how we’re using them today. They’re not secure. They’re being manipulated in ways that make us feel like we’re having choices, and we’re living free lives, but we’re not. People need to be aware of the way it’s being used, the way that we forfeit it, and the way that we’re being manipulated into what we perceive and like. Instead of telling us what we want to do, the community has the ability to tell the businesses making the product, business development and marketing how we’ll respond. As a business, you can actually look at what your outcome is, and what you want your outcome to be. And for the first time in history you can just ask thousands of people on your network in real-time “What does this do for you?” And you can incentivize it so people don’t feel like it’s not fair that they’re giving this information to you. This is a whole new industry based on inclusion that’s evolving because of where we’re taking decentralized businesses. Blockchain itself helped evolve social media because it gave the average person the ability to get involved in ways that they could never get involved in before. Communities are bound to push social technologies and network states to a level that I honestly don’t believe traditional marketing people even understand. I think there are a lot of opportunities there, and we’re going to see a lot of change with the emphasis on the community industry as we push network states and social technology. At Waves we’re going to do it in a way where we offer it to our ecosystem and then potentially transcend our network and offer it outside our network expanding our ecosystem.What kind of activities do you want to introduce to the Waves community? - One of my specialties is obviously the engagement, AMAs. Those are always fun and when we have the accelerator, I’m sure we’ll do hackathons and fun things like that. I love pitch nights and community engagement activities where people are excited about what’s upcoming in the Waves ecosystem. Monthly town halls for the ambassadors are another one. So they get to know what’s going on and work with the community team. We’ll do quarterly community town halls. That’s obviously what we should do to just have transparency and let people know what’s upcoming. Something that’s really worth being excited about is the ambassador program. I want the community to understand that this time around what will really be different is the framework. When I talk about the ambassador program, this is an event and activity in itself. This is something that people can spend their free time on and earn while contributing to the Ecosystem. We’re also going to incorporate new tools like reward portals to automate the reward system. It will encompass the onboarding process, getting traction in different regions and having competitions around referral competitions, internal leaderboards with promotional tiers for the ambassador program — it’s an entire system. So I’m really excited about what the ambassador program is going to bring. I’m clearly passionate about it. It’s something that I spend most of my time on.What do you think is the main driving force that motivates the Waves community and would you like to change something about it? - What I really see right now, and it’s quite refreshing, is a mindset of the belief that this ecosystem will provide solutions for them in a fair way. They truly believe in what Sasha has provided within this ecosystem year after year. Having a strong leader is really something that I commend. The one who’s willing to voice his opinion and not be afraid of public criticism and not afraid of committing to what he says he’s going to do and then following it up. Rather than using political smoke and mirrors, we have leadership within the Waves community that actually puts themselves out there in terms of failure not being an option. Right now within the larger community, our members have to choose which micro-community to spend their time in. Is it Neutrino? Is it Vires? Is it Waves Ducks? There’s no real one-stop shop for the community to feel like a part of a family. If you look at it like a family, I want to have those monthly family get-togethers or weekly dinners or whatever it is that keeps a family close. I think that’s a mindset that I really want to push forward in Waves, to create a professional community that attracts mass adoption through other businesses, and through other individuals wanting to participate because it really is an environment that they want to be a part of. Read Waves News channel Follow Waves Twitter Watch Waves Youtube Subscribe to Waves Subreddit Just Ask: An Interview with Jon Poole, the New Head of Community at Waves was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Dip 6: Spice It Up

Intro Mid-June 2022, we launched an open beta for a new game mechanic, Waves Ducks Hunt. This is an AR game, where the players are rewarded for their activity in the real world. Over the past 6 weeks, players have already travelled more than 1 million kilometers (that’s 25+ times around the Equator!), discovered over 14,000 golden eggs and spent over 50,000 hours (!) in the game. The beta test results are extremely satisfying in terms of engagement, so now we propose to integrate Waves Ducks Hunt mechanics more deeply into the existing ones. The key goals we are pursuing with the DIP-6 offering are:Increasing player engagementBringing new players to the game. Currently, there are lots of barriers for new playersImproving the game’s tokenomics, so that new active players could earn by gaming, while investors would be getting the maximum profit from owning a duckBring back the value to ducks, which already number more than 30,000. A duck is a unique digital item that should be valuable in its own right Continue reading to learn about the changes we propose to achieve the designated goals.SPICE For a more predictable effect on the game’s existing economy, we propose to introduce a new token, SPICE. It will serve as a reward for opening the golden eggs in Waves Ducks Hunt. SPICE will have a limited issue of 1,000,000 tokens. The emission rate will depend on player activity and the number of ducks taking part in Waves Ducks Hunt. SPICE will be given as a reward for opening each golden egg, but the exact amount of SPICE from a single egg will depend on several factors:Player activityThe attributes of the duck which laid the eggs, namely the date of duck’s birth (the younger the duck, the more fertile it is) and Hunt Power, a new stat exclusive for Waves Ducks Hunt. Hunt Power is calculated as follows: Hunt Power = (1 / (\sqrt{number of duckswithsamegenes})) * 100 This formula is similar to the duck rarity formula, with one exception — the calculation does not include the generation of the duck, only its unique set of genes. Therefore, ducks with a truly unique set of genes, regardless of the generation, will have the maximum Hunting Power and, consequently, the highest yield.Changes to mechanics To properly implement SPICE into the game, we also suggest modifying the existing game mechanics as follows: 1. Revamped Incubator To increase the rarity of ducks and their uniqueness, we propose changing the incubator mechanics so that the cost of hatching is always 1 $EGG. As a result of hatching, you will receive a duckling, which must be raised with the SPICE token. You will need to spend exactly 100 SPICE to raise one duckling (1 SPICE = 1% of growth). There will be a feeding limit of 2x the amount earned in Waves Ducks Hunt. The existing ducklings will also be switched to the SPICE token, but to avoid any exploits, we will have to introduce a restriction. Only the current duckling owners at the time of this article being published will be able to feed them. We strongly advise against buying those ducklings to raise them — it would simply be impossible. So, a fully-grown NFT duck can only be obtained by raising it from a duckling. 2. Updated breeding mechanics Duck breeding will also be changed for a better utilization of SPICE and EGG tokens. You will need to pay $1 EGG to start breeding. The breeding will result in a duckling, which also needs to be raised with SPICE tokens (100 tokens for full growth). The difference from the incubator is that instead of a Genesis duck, you will get a duck of another generation. There’s also no feeding limit for such ducklings. In other words, the mechanics of the game become closer to real life:You can only get a duckling from an eggA duckling needs to be fed to mature into a duckA duckling can grow into a Genesis duck or another generation, depending on whether it had parents or notGame economy The most important question for many players is, “What is the yield on the duck?” The model assumes a return of 30% to 380% APY for the duck, based on player activity and the uniqueness of the duck. However, given that the price of the SPICE token is still unknown and the price discovery phase is yet to come, the APY calculation is based on the number of ducks you can hatch and grow for the egg hunting rewards. If the price of SPICE increases, the yield could be many times greater.Changes to Waves Ducks Hunt Based on the results of the Waves Ducks Hunt testing, we also made the decision to change some of the game’s parameters:Golden eggs will be spawning in a radius of 500m to 7km from the player. The range also depends on the characteristics of the duck, such as uniqueness, age, number of genes, and achievements.Each duck lays from 10 to 500 eggs in the span of 14 days. A player will be able to open up to 35 eggs from one duck per day. The maximum reward for opening an egg is 0.1 SPICE. Additionally, the game introduces a leveling system, which will allow active players to get the most out of the game and maximize their results.Leveling system Permanent system with a certain number of levels that players can achieve. We suggest adding abilities for players that will improve as they level up. For now, there are three abilities: 1. “Magnetism” ability, which will spawn eggs closer to the player 2. “Additional Hatching” ability, which will let players hatch more eggs per day without new ducks 3. “Stealing” ability, which will increase the chance of stealing someone’s egg Each skill has its own initial value: 1. Magnetism — 0 metres 2. Hatching — The way it is now, that depends on the ducks (X) 3. Stealing — 30% Leveling mechanics The mechanics are simple. There will be 30 levels in total 1. A player starts at lvl 0. 2. To level up, they need to hatch a certain number of eggs. 3. To get to level 1, they have to hatch 10 Eggs and pay for the update using SPICE token. After that, to get to level 2, they have to hatch 20 more Eggs, and so on. 4. After every level up, players receive upgrade points, for which they upgrade skills on the skill tree. 5. Skills are divided into 4 tiers. The higher the tier, the better the skill upgrade within. 6. Every tier has 3 upgrades for each ability. Except for tier 1, it has only 1 upgrade for each ability. 7. In total there will be 30 levels and 30 ability upgrades. Skill Tree Calculations: So, to get to the maximum level, the player will have to hatch 4650 golden eggs in total. With fully upgraded abilities, eggs will spawn 1500m closer to the player (but not less than 100m), they will have +30 Eggs per day to open, and the stealing success chance of 80%.Beta Testing Period Is Over With the publication of this document, we are wrapping up the beta test of Waves Ducks Hunt. Until the game’s release, we are closing access to the game. The rewards for the test period will be paid in vEGG to all players by August 4, after recalculations. After the end of the test period, the Capacity and other parameters of all ducks will be reset.Outro With the introduction of the SPICE token and changes to the game mechanics, we expect to achieve all of the goals outlined earlier: increasing player engagement, making the economy more balanced, and attracting new players. When successfully implemented, it should spark a new wave of excitement for the $EGG token and ducks. Remember to join the Waves Ducks group and subscribe to the Waves Duck’s Twitter! DIP 6: SPICE IT UP was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Ducks make Waves in the USA

Permissionless — Consensus — NFT.NYC Spring and summer 2022 have already proven to be the hottest seasons on record. Despite the bear market, there was no lack of passion and excitement burning for the creatives building in the now and for the future of blockchain technology. NFTs are not going away. In fact, they are only in the beginning iterations of what they will be and are yet to become. Already busy igniting bright sparks this year, the Waves’ team has attended several important crypto conferences, expanding our reach and presence in the US market. In May, we began our journey in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida at Permissionless, a well-attended conference, and the first big event for the Waves Labs team. Two weeks later, we flocked to the vibrant city of Austin, Texas to participate at Consensus and host several private events. Soon after, we joined the throngs and much anticipated crypto events of NFT.NYC. While each conference is a unique experience with its own personality and participants, the overarching takeaway was the pleasure of connecting with a wide variety of people building together in the crypto world. Whether sharing our vision via speaking engagements, networking at sponsored events, or hosting private sattelite events, each was an opportunity to introduce our blockchain protocol and launch the Waves Ducks Hunt AR Game, an important milestone. It certainly seems almost everyone likes to play games, so we upped the fun factor by placing hundreds of rubber ducks around the events for participants to hunt. Waves Ducks’ team members were present to onboard and help players get started on the quest. The hunt for the ducks earned players chances to enter a raffle and receive one of our specially designed and rare playable ‘jackpot’ NFT ducks. The Duck hunt culminated in a special launch at our NFT.NYC events, for our new augmented reality game, Waves Ducks Hunt. Attendees were able to log into the game in New York and play to earn special rewards. Introducing Waves Ducks NFTs and launching the AR game helped us gain many new insights and receive valuable feedback from a seasoned and well informed community. Overall, we were a part of thrilling interactions, gained valuable partners, and onboarded many new users to our platform.Permissionless (May 17–19, 2022) During Permissionless, Coleman Maher, Head of Ecosystem at Waves Labs, held an insightful talk on the Metaverse stage about NFTs and our ecosystem project, Waves Ducks. Other highlights of the conference included co-hosting a Mansion Members’ event with Ankr, a Web3 multichain infrastructure provider. It was also a golden opportunity for the entire Waves Labs’ team to meet for the first time since the US arm was established in 2021. Through the process of onboarding players to Waves Ducks, the team confirmed gamification brings promising results when combined with profitable opportunities and top-notch blockchain security. The Permissionless raffle included 500 NFT ducks and 5 unique jackpots valued up to $5000 each. Raffle participants numbered 250, and 6 lucky winners took home valuable NFTs with the capacity to generate additional income. As for the exclusive 100% rarity jackpots, they remained unclaimed during the conference. Better duck next time! — See the video recap of Permissionless. — (June 9–12, 2022) Our next stop was Austin, Texas. Once again, Coleman was the star of the show, ducked out in his Waves Duck drip.Coleman Maher, Head of Ecosystem at Waves Labs In Austin, we hosted two satellite events in collaboration with Trippy Labs, a Web3 Studio, NFT incubator, and IRL producer of crypto events. On June 11th, over 1000 guests mingled and networked throughout the day, first for a ‘Luncheon and Fireside Chat,’ followed by a ‘Dinner and Afterhours Gathering,’ at a gorgeous Austin estate. Hidden around the property were 700 ducks, and one of our winners, Sam Clark, found and scanned 680 of them, earning him the most chances to win a valuable NFT! At the fireside chat, Coleman Maher was joined on stage by Swan Sit, former Nike Marketing Head and Web3 Queen of Clubhouse with 3.5M followers, to discuss the future and various use cases of NFTs. You can see photos from our Consensus event here.Invitation for our Consensus satellite event At Consensus, the NFT Duck hunters amazed us with their phenomenal luck. Using the same pool of NFT ducks, 530 participants pulled 4 out of the 5 jackpot ducks, a true statistical wonder! Congratulations to those lucky ducks!NFT.NYC (June 20–23, 2022) The Big Apple was our final destination on the American tour. NFT.NYC touted over 15,000 registered attendees, however, the conference was not nearly as fun or engaging as the numerous side events … including ours. See for yourself…Our guests at the private panel discussion during Waves Duck Hunt AR Game Launch on June 23rd. More and more it has become apparent the main conference is the best excuse for Web3 startups to organize and attend satellite events.. True crypto and seasoned enthusiasts prefer to network in closed circles with an approved RSVP as a sign of IYKYK. We also call them “GMIs”, GMI for “gonna make it”. Waves Ducks traveled thousands of miles to launch the Waves Ducks AR Game at NFTSEA Block Party, potentially the largest satellite gathering for the core NFT community and Web3 thought leaders featuring outdoor music and cutting edge art installations at The Seaport in New York City. It was an event that set Twitter on fire with positive reviews and a call for more events of this caliber by the community. During the full day and evening gathering at NFTSEA on June 20th, our US team was busy onboarding players to the Waves Ducks Hunt AR Game, while also distributing over 2000 pieces of stylish swag to the NFT community. Because the NFTSEA event was also the premiere site of our new Waves Ducks Hunt AR Game, we launched it in ‘special mode,’ allowing everyone to try it and hunt for golden eggs and unlock special prizes. Hidden throughout Manhattan were 1000 virtual golden eggs. Some of the eggs contained tokens and others NFT ducks. Additionally, Waves Ducks commissioned a unique NFT duck by the famous Web3 artist, Zoe Winters, only available to hunt and find during NFT.NYC. On June 22nd and 23rd, we held panel discussions, a Waves VIP Dinner, and exclusive After Party at our own satellite venue in Manhattan in collaboration with Trippy Labs. Our panels evolved around:A Multichain Future — L1s and the Internet of BlockchainsSurviving a Bear Market — What to Do and Not to DoHow NFTs Empower Gamers and Creators Some of the notable guests in attendance represented Meta (formerly Facebook), PwC, EY, Paypal, Faze Clan, Opensea, Coinbase, Robinhood, Pantera, Moonpay, and Consensys to learn about Waves and engage in the Waves Ducks Hunt AR Game.Waves Ducks’ swag Lastly, Waves Ducks AR Game launch was announced on one of the massive Times Square’ billboards for all to see. Take a look at the photos from the NFT.NYC Waves Duck Hunt AR Game launch here. Did you happen to attend any of our US events? If so, we value your feedback. Please take a moment to answer the survey questions here. As a token of our appreciation, you will earn 5 Waves’ tokens worth $25 at the time of writing. If you would like to learn more about Waves Ducks Hunt, check out this article. Remember to join the Waves Ducks group and subscribe to the Waves Duck’s Twitter! Ducks make Waves in the USA was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Top yield farming opportunities using USDN in the WAVES ecosystem

The best opportunities for users to utilize USDN At the end of May, we launched our Revival Plan setting the stage for the next era of DeFi. These past few months in the crypto space have tested every protocol, team, and user, and has been a true testament to the resiliency of the Waves community. Waves has proven to be able to withstand some of the toughest market conditions we’ve faced in Web3’s entire lifespan, and the future has never been brighter for where the protocol is headed. The teams building here on Waves are together one of the strongest groups across the entire crypto ecosystem, and with that comes a host of yield farming options for users to utilize their USDN. With that being said, let’s dive into the best ways you can start utilizing USDN today!Exploring the Waves Ecosystem Below we’ve highlighted 4 of the top protocols in our ecosystem and the yield farming opportunities each of them currently offers.1. Neutrino Protocol Neutrino enables the creation of stablecoins that are pegged to real-world assets or other cryptocurrencies, and is the home of the native Waves algorithmic stablecoin, USDN. — Single-sided stake USDN and earn up to 15% APY. — Neutrino’s single-side staking offering is perfect for users looking to avoid impermanent loss and market volatility. The yield from Neutrino is generated by leveraging the staking reward system from the Waves Monetary policy and LPoS consensus algorithm. Compared to other DeFi yield products that generate yield through borrowing, Neutrino’s use of the Waves monetary policy generates this yield without the liquidation risk. The platform is extremely accessible, as you can stake USDN directly on Waves.Exchange or centralized exchanges like KuCoin. The easiest way for users to stake their USDN on Neutrino can be found here.Waves Exchange Waves.Exchange is a unique application users can download that acts as the trading hub for any token in the Waves ecosystem. Compared to traditional DEXs, Waves.Exchange was built with the end user in mind creating an intuitive interface for the masses. The platform boasts the third largest TVL in the Waves ecosystem and is one of the most popular places for users to stake USDN. — Top USDN Opportunities on Waves Exchange. — There are several core offerings that can be broken into 5 buckets, each with varying levels of risk attached. Liquidity Pools Users can provide liquidity paired with USDN and earn up to ~100.64% APY paid out in WX tokens. The platform allows users to increase their rewards up to 3x by locking their earned WX tokens to receive gWX which represents their locked amount. The longer your locked balance is held, the higher multiplier you receive. The reward from the liquidity pools depends on the amount of profit the individual pool is receiving. Waves.Exchange LPs each have a base vAPY (variable APY) which represents the number of pool tokens liquidity providers receive when they decide to withdraw. The more profit the pool brings in, the higher the base vAPY. Lambo Pools Lambo is an algorithmic trading strategy where users can earn up to ~63.7% APY on USDN with a guaranteed maximum drawdown of 10%. This pool is further out on the risk curve because of the usage of a trading strategy versus distributing yield to stakers via the traditional DEX model of paying out a portion of trading fees. Because of this, DeFi users should know the risk of this specific pool compared to a single-side staking contract. If you’re interested in learning more, Waves.Exchange offers complete transparency on funds and the smart contracts they use to generate the yield from. Single-sided staking Waves.Exchange offers two ways to single-side stake: Neutrino Staking and Neutrino Pools. Neutrino Staking are pools for assets created from the Neutrino Protocol. Users can earn rewards up to 6% depending on the token. For USDN, the APY currently offered is ~0.12%. A more lucrative option are the Neutrino Pools. When one deposits USDN, the stablecoin plays a key role in the insurance part of the Neutrino Pool as secondary asset collateral. This ensures stability of the pool, which in turn creates a positive flywheel for DeFi users to earn rewards. DeFi users can earn rewards up to 26% on USDN in the Neutrino Pools which are distributed is a more traditional DEX interface that offers a wide array of cryptocurrencies and farming opportunities. The platform also operates a protocol launchpad where users can allocate USDN into new project launches. One call out before diving into farming opportunities is the ‘First Harvest Rule’ has implemented. Instead of launching pools and allowing anyone to deploy capital, SWOP holders can utilize their tokens to vote for the pool’s weight. The tokens are then locked for the first week called the ‘First Harvest’. During this period, only users who voted for the pools are able to allocate their tokens to the pools giving them access to lucrative APY before the general public. The APY reward is generated through trading fees, Neutrino staking, and borrowing and lending. — Top USDN Farms on — has some of the highest APY farms in the Waves ecosystem with some exceeding ~1000% APY. Some of the top USDN SWOP farms that stood out to us are below: Stable PoolsUSDC-USDN — 21.62% APYUSDT-USDN — 47.46% APY LPsVIRES_USDT_LP-USDN — 366.58% APYNGNT-USDN — 1000% APYPuzzle Swap Puzzle Swap is an innovative DEX that allows users to customize and gain exposure to multiple tokens in one liquidity pool. They also have a built-in mechanism called ‘Fair Routing’ which is a routing service between custom pools and other AMM exchanges on Waves. This allows the creation of these custom pools and minimizes overall expenses for users. Like traditional AMMs, the pool rewards are generated through fees associated with trading, lending, and borrowing. — Top USDN pools on Puzzle Swap. — Once you are connected to the dApp, you can view the Puzzle Mega Pools that are available to deposit USDN into through the top tabs. The pools are broken into two categories: community and Puzzle Swap team. Community Pools There are a few community generated stable pools that stand out from the pack. The first we want to highlight is the ‘USD 4pool’. For users not wanting to deal with market volatility, the 4pool is equally weighted with USDN, DAI, USDC, and USDT. The pool is currently giving 4.74% APY, and is a great choice for users who are more risk averse. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the ‘Ultimate Neutrino PuzzlePediaPool’. This is currently the most lucrative community generated pool offering 14.39% APY and is 20% USDN. The other 80% is equally distributed between 3 non-pegged tokens and Neutrino EUR. Puzzle Swap Pools While the Puzzle Swap team is currently only offering 3 stablecoin pools, all of them are viable opportunities for DeFi users. The ‘Warm Winter Pool’ is an LP composed of 6 assets with a 50/50 allocation of stablecoins to non-pegged tokens. Although the pool is still susceptible to impermanent loss due to market volatility, the 50/50 split makes this pool a viable option for USDN holders. Another pool that is even more heavily allocated to USDN and stablecoins is the ‘Vires USD Pool’. This farm consists of 60% VIRES-USDT and VIRES-USDN LP tokens and 40% USDN. Because they use the stable-paired LP tokens, this gives a heavier weight toward USDN and decreases the risk factor from price movement on VIRES. On top of this, they are currently offering a whopping 174% APY.Get started Earning USDN Rewards Today Waves is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in crypto, and new opportunities for users to deploy their USDN are emerging every day. USDN has proven its resiliency to even the harshest market environments, and the team at Waves is continuing to improve upon and ensure the stability of the stablecoin. The yield farming opportunities on WAVES are some of the best opportunities in the entire space for DeFi users looking to put their capital to work. To keep up with new developments and more opportunities, make sure to join the community and follow us on Twitter! The Top yield farming opportunities using USDN in the WAVES ecosystem was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Can WAVES Flow Back From Its Low Ebb And Reclaim $4.6?

    The month of September for WAVES didn’t look good as the coin registered a sharp downward pattern. The market is looking bearish as WAVES slipped below the key $4.6 level. Crypto market looking bearish for WAVES  WAVES key support retests the $4.3 zone OBV shows a weakening in selling volume Bitcoin, the king of crypto, climbed to $19.8K, forcing the retreat of the bears and allowing the bulls to recharge. In the event that Bitcoin nosedives lower than $19K, this could inevitably pull the other cryptocurrencies down with it. On the other hand, WAVES has shown some improvement as it dashes above the $4 zone in the last two days.   Waves is a multi-purpose blockchain platform which supports different types of use cases including decentralized applications and smart contracts. The blockchain platform's native token is WAVES, an uncapped supply coin used for payments such as block rewards. $4.3 Revisited As Key Resistance Zone Based on the 4-hour chart, WAVES was able to recover and jump to the $4.3 level following its recent correction. In the next days, WAVES price is seen to bounce back in the $4.5-$4.6 range. A couple of days ago, the key support found at $4.3 have been revisited as a key resistance zone. .com Earlier, its price has once again dropped below the $4 range. On the 1-hour chart, it retreated once again or back to the $4.3 level following its latest setback. The price on the higher timeframes is seen to be massively bearish than bulli... read More

TA- Waves Protocol Looks Trapped In A Cage, Can Price Break Above $6?

    The Waves protocol (WAVES) price has remained in a channel against Tether (USDT) as it attempts to break out of this trend. Despite the recent shift in the market trend, Waves protocol (WAVES) has shown little to no significant movement, as many altcoins rallied and produced double-digit gains. (Binance data) The Weekly Chart Analysis For WAVES Protocol (WAVES) Weekly WAVES Price Chart Analysis | Source: WAVESUSDT On According to the chart, WAVES hit a weekly low of $4.2, then bounced back to $5. Considering its all-time high of more than $60, this isn't much of a movement. The weekly candle for WAVES closed with a bearish sentiment, while the new week's candle appears bullish for price recovery. The price has struggled to gain traction as it attempts to break out of the $4-$6.3 price range. If the weekly chart of WAVES maintains this structure, it could quickly return to its low of $4, acting as support. read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES, NEAR Hit Multi-Week Lows on Saturday

    NEAR fell to a one-month low to start the weekend, as prices moved below their long-term support point. WAVES was also lower during Saturday's session, falling by as much as 14%. Overall, crypto markets are down nearly 5% as of writing. Near Protocol (NEAR) NEAR was one of the most notable movers to start the weekend, as prices fell by over 10% on Saturday. Following a peak of $5.03 on Friday, NEAR/USD has so far slipped to an intraday low of $4.38 in today's session This drop saw prices fall by nearly 13%, and comes as the global crypto market cap is down 4.8% as of writing. Saturday's decline came as NEAR broke out of its support point at $4.45, on its way to its lowest point since May 11. The 14-day RSI is now also firmly oversold, and is trading at 30.62, which is a two-week low, whilst also acting as a floor. Should this floor be broken, then we may see NEAR move below that one-month low of $3.57, and instead hit an 11-month bottom. WAVES WAVES was also down by double digits on Saturday, as it hit a lower low for the tenth consecutive session. As of writing, WAVES/USD hit an intraday low of $6.30 to start the weekend, which is $1.17 below yesterday's high. Looking at the chart, today's move has pushed WAVES closer to its long-term support of $4.40, which is a level that hasn't been hit since May 30. Overall, prices are down over 15% as of writing, and are trading at their lowest point in almost two weeks. Despite the weakening of the RSI as a result of the sell-off, t... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up Over 120% in the Last Week, XLM Moves Towards 3...

    WAVES was once again higher on Friday, with prices now gaining by over 120% in the last seven days. While WAVES soared, XLM also had a stellar showing, as it moved closer to a three-week high on Friday. WAVES While crypto markets have been either falling or consolidating over the past week, WAVES has continued to surge, climbing by over 120% in that time. On Friday, prices rose for a seventh consecutive session, hitting an intraday peak of $10.47 in the process. This move comes as prices marginally passed resistance at $10.45, nearing their highest level since May 11 as a result. Looking at the chart, the 14-day RSI also broke out of its own ceiling, as it moved past the 43 level earlier in the day. As a result of this rise in momentum, the moving averages of 10 and 25 days now look set for an upwards cross, which could see prices climb even further. As of writing, gains in WAVES have somewhat eased since hitting earlier resistance, and the asset is currently trading at $10.08, which is still 5.32% higher than yesterday's top. Stellar (XLM) XLM was also trading higher on Friday, as prices moved closer to a multi-week peak heading into the weekend. Following a low of $0.1378 on Thursday, XLM/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.1504 earlier in today's session. This climb has pushed prices closer to Tuesday's peak of $0.1537, which is the most XLM has traded at since May 8. Friday's gain has also come just as the 10-day and 25-day moving averages have crossed upwards, which i... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Nearly 60% Higher, as AXS Surges Close to 25% in T...

    WAVES prices surged by almost 60% on Tuesday, leading gainers in crypto markets during today's session. This move took prices to a 20-day high, and came as AXS also rallied, climbing by over 25% earlier in the day. WAVES WAVES was one of Tuesday's biggest gainers, as prices rose by nearly 60% earlier in today's trading session. Following recent lows, and a bottom of $6.00 to start the week, WAVES/USD rose to an intraday peak of $10.15 today. Tuesday's surge comes after prices continued to rise from last week's floor of $3.86, which was WAVES' lowest level since January 2021. From trading at support, WAVES now looks set to hit resistance which is at $12.30, and has not been reached since May 11. Despite gains fading throughout the session, prices are still currently trading at their highest point since this date, and as of writing sit at $8.69. The 14-day RSI is hovering at a two-month high, and is slightly below its own ceiling at 53.80, which must be broken for WAVES bulls to reach the $12 mark. Axie Infinity (AXS) Although there were multiple tokens to climb by over 20% on Tuesday, as crypto bulls maintain recent sentiment, it was AXS that was the second biggest mover. The token, which derives from blockchain gaming ecosystem Axie Infinity, rose to an intraday peak of $27.82 on Tuesday. This surge comes as it was announced that game developer, Sky Mavis, had revealed its first round of games to be hosted on the Axie Infinity blockchain. Looking at the chart, today's gai... read More

Biggest Movers: DOT, ADA, SHIB Down More Than 10%, as WAVES Rallies on M...

    Monday's downturn in crypto markets sent several tokens lower, with cardano, polkadot and shiba inu all falling by over 15%. Despite this, there were some notable exceptions which rose to start the week, WAVES being one of them. WAVES WAVES was trading in the green on Monday, as prices rose by as much as 9% during the first trading day of the week. Following yesterday's low of $12.65, WAVES/USD rallied on Monday, hitting an intraday peak of $14.54 in the process. Today's surge saw price move away from the long-term support level of $12.40, which is an area it has hovered around for the last ten days. Like most cryptos, WAVES has been trading lower for the past few sessions, with today's rise ending a streak of two successive days of declines. Looking at the chart, history shows us that bulls traditionally re-enter at the price range, as seen on February 28, which was when the last upswing began. Although prices are still oversold, the RSI is currently hovering under resistance of 38, which will need to be broken if a bullish run were to continue. Shiba Inu (SHIB) The world's second largest memecoin was also trading lower to start the week, as SHIB fell by over 20% on Monday. SHIB slipped to an intraday bottom of $0.00001492 earlier in today's session, following a top of $0.00001885 less than 24-hours prior. Today's low, which is the lowest level SHI/USD has traded since last October, comes following five straight sessions of declines. Traders are likely looking to conf... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Drops 17% as NEAR, SOL, and AVAX Also Take Double-...

    WAVES dropped by as much as 17% in today's session, as crypto markets as a whole traded mostly in the red. SOL and NEAR were two notable tokens to fall in today's session, with AVAX also falling by double digits today. WAVES WAVES dropped for a second consecutive session, as prices moved towards the long-term support level on Friday. Following yesterday's false breakout of the $16.70 resistance level, WAVES/USD slipped to an intraday low of $12.90 earlier in the day. This drop sees prices over 17% lower than Thursday's peak, and now on the verge of hitting a floor of $11.50. It was only two days ago we spoke about WAVES being one of the biggest bullish movers, after it rose from this support, however it appears as if the tables have once again turned. Looking at the chart, this decline came as the price strength failed to break out of the resistance of 40.10 on the 14-day RSI. Should we hit this support point, you might see some bulls attempt to re-enter, in a similar fashion as to what occurred on Wednesday. Avalanche (AVAX) Although SOL fell to a one-month low today, with NEAR also dropping by over 15%, AVAX was Friday's second-biggest mover. The world's thirteenth-largest cryptocurrency fell to an intraday low of $55.42, following yesterday's peak at $64.16. This drop saw prices hit their lowest point in over four months, when prices fell below $55 back on January 23. Looking at the chart, prices marginally broke out of support at $56.50 today, however like four month... read More

Biggest Movers: Tron Climbs to 5-Month High, With WAVES up 15%

    Tron (TRX) rallied to a five-month high earlier in today's session, as bulls continued to feed off recent news of the USDD stablecoin. While TRX climbed to multi-month highs, WAVES moved away from a two-month low today, as prices surged by as much as 15%. Tron (TRX) May the 4th was definitely with Tron on Wednesday, as TRX was one of the most notable gainers in today's session, with prices surging to a five-month high. Following a low of $0.07003 during Tuesday's session, TRX/USD raced to a high of $0.08134, breaking out of a key resistance level in the process. The move saw the ceiling of $0.07600 broken, which resulted in TRX hitting its highest level since Christmas day last year. Although earlier gains have since eased, which is likely as a result of bulls liquidating positions, prices are still marginally above the resistance. As of writing this, TRX is now trading at $0.07688, which is close to 7% higher than yesterday's bottom. The 14-day RSI is now tracking at 66.11, which is the most price strength it has hit since April 2, 2022, and is close to yet another ceiling of 67.54, and another potential reason as to why earlier gains have eased. WAVES While TRX was the most notable gainer on Wednesday, WAVES was easily the biggest, with prices climbing by as much as 15%. WAVE/USD rose to an intraday high of $14.45 earlier today, as prices rebounded from their lowest level in the last two months. Tuesday saw WAVES hit a bottom of $11.89, which is just above its floor of $... read More

Biggest Movers: DOGE up on Twitter News, WAVES Deep in the Red

    DOGE rallied on Monday, as traders reacted to the news that Elon Musk was possibly nearing a takeover of Twitter. While DOGE surged, AXS and WAVES were also big movers, however they were mainly in the red, as recent losses extended. Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE was trading higher to start the week, as markets reacted to the news that Elon Musk's bid to acquire Twitter was being considered by the board. Musk previously stated that he could see DOGE used as a payment or tipping method on the platform, should his attempts to acquire the social media company succeed. Following the news, DOGE/USD rose to a peak of $0.1412 in today's session, which is over 5% higher than Sunday's low of $0.1239. Monday's surge in price comes after a false breakout of the $0.1310 support level, which then sent prices to their lowest level since March 22. Today's rally, which appears as if it could be a bullish engulfing pattern, put an end to a six day losing streak for DOGE. In addition to this, momentum seems to also be climbing, with the 14-day RSI rising above the 50 level for the first time in over a week. Should this trend continue, the next obvious target will be the long-term resistance point of $0.1500. WAVES WAVES, on the other hand, was predominantly in the red today, as it extended a recent losing streak that has sent prices down to multi-week lows. Since peaking above $64 to start the month, WAVES has mainly moved lower in April, and today fell to a bottom of $15.98. Today's intraday low... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES, GMT, and EOS Among Big Gainers on Easter Weekend

    Following recent declines in price, WAVES climbed higher to start the weekend, as crypto markets moved marginally higher. Some of the biggest contributors to the gains were EOS and GMT, which both rose by over 6%. EOS EOS rose for a second consecutive session to start the weekend, as prices raced to their highest level in over ten days. After trading at a low of $2.34 on Friday, EOS/USD raced to an intraday peak of $2.52 during Saturday's session. This is the most EOS has hit since April 7, and comes after prices moved away from the long-term support level to start the week. As seen from the chart, this floor was at the $2.20 point, which prices hit following two weeks of declines, which commenced at a top of $3.17. Since this drop, which also saw the 14-day RSI hit a multi-month low of 36.34, price strength has climbed, and now hovers below a ceiling of 52. Should this resistance point be broken, we could see bulls look to push price towards the $2.65 level. WAVES WAVES was also up on Saturday, as traders appear to have finally found a floor, following a recent bearish run. Similar to EOS, prices of WAVES have been battling a red wave since March 29, which is when the recent bear run in crypto markets began. This run has seen WAVES drop to a bottom of $20 on Thursday, which is its lowest point in over five weeks, and an area where bulls typically re-enter. As of writing, WAVE/USD has risen to a high of $22.89 in today's session, after beginning the day tracking closer to ... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Falls to 1-Month Low, BCH Over 10% Higher on Wedne...

    WAVES fell to a one-month low during Wednesday's trading session, as prices dropped for a second consecutive session. This came as BCH rallied by over 10% on hump-day, hitting a five-day high in the process. Overall, the crypto market cap is 1.17% higher as of writing. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) As crypto prices slowly began to rise on Wednesday, BCH was easily one of the day's biggest gainers. Following a low of $295.20 on Tuesday, BCH/USD rose to an intraday high of $332.87 during today's session. This is the highest level BCH has traded at within the last week, and comes despite its value trading over 4% lower within the same period. Recent momentum in the market has seen prices decline, with BCH trading lower for the last seven out of ten sessions. However, following two consecutive days of gains, BCH is now trading at resistance of $335, with the RSI also hovering below its own ceiling. This level would be the 50.4 point, which has historically been an area of uncertainty, and birthed several bearish runs. Despite this, bulls could be looking to breach this ceiling, and target the $360 area. WAVES WAVES fell by as much as 11% during today's session, however losses somewhat eased as bulls returned to crypto markets this afternoon. Following a run which has seen it drop for ten of the last twelve sessions, WAVES has now fallen to its lowest level since March. As of writing, WAVES/USD hit an intraday low of $20.48, which is its lowest point since March 7, and comes as its recen... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Over 10%, as RUNE, WAVES Down Nearly 20%

    Global crypto markets were trading nearly 6% lower as of writing this, with SOL one of the biggest crypto's to fall during the session. While falling by over 12% on the day, RUNE and WAVES fell by as much as 20% on Thursday. WAVES WAVES was easily one of the biggest gainers in March, as it rose from a low of $10, climbing to a now record high of $64. Since then, WAVES has been in free-fall, falling for six consecutive sessions, and is now trading at a two-week low below $30. As of writing this, WAVES/USD dropped to an intraday low of $27.43 during Wednesday's session, which is its lowest point since March 17. Today's drop means that prices are now almost 50% lower than at the same point last week, and comes as traders continue to dump the token following recent record highs. Looking at the chart, today's fall moved past support at $30, and looks to be in search of a durable floor, which could come at $24. Price strength is also within the oversold territory, relatively speaking, with the 14-day RSI tracking at 40.5, which is the lowest point since February 22. Despite this, we may still see further falls in WAVES, with the long-term floor of the RSI indicator located around the 21 level. Should bears look to weaken this even further, we may soon be tracking below $20. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was another big mover towards the end of last month that has so far struggled for bullish momentum in April. Following a peak of $13.21 just under a week ago, RUNE/USD fell to a bottom ... read More

Waves Stablecoin USDN Tumbles 10%, Founder Accuses Alameda of Price Mani...

    Neutrino, the algorithmic price-stable assetization protocol, serves as an accessible DeFi toolkit. It was built on top of the Waves blockchain and had managed to almost double its market cap in less than a month. However, the protocol's stablecoin project - USDN - de-pegged after sliding down to a low of $0.83 and losing 15% over the past 24-hours. WAVES, the token backing the stablecoin, recorded an even worse decline - by more than 20%. The founder of Waves Protocol, Sasha Ivanov, accused Alameda Research of manipulating the price and shorting. He also claimed that the address indicating borrowing and selling activity of the dollar-pegged token is linked to the SBF-backed cryptocurrency trading firm. BS Conspiracy Theory? Following the latest crash, Ivanov contended that someone reached out to him via Vires Finance to borrow one million WAVES tokens, a request he claimed to have turned down, citing company policy and also assuming that this could be used for shorting. Upon further research, Ivanov asserted that the address behind this was linked to Alameda Research. SBF dismissed the entire fiasco and tweeted, obv bullshit conspiracy theory — SBF (@SBF_FTX) April 3, 2022 Many in the crypto realm have called out the Waves project for being a Ponzi scheme. Some speculated that its recent highs were attained by borrowing USDC stablecoin to purchase its native token, artificially inflating the price of WAVES. Twitter user 0xHamZ recently alleged its initial appreciatio... read More

Biggest Movers: ZIL Rallies to 11-Month High, as SOL and WAVES Extend Re...

    Solana extended recent gains, as it continued to cement its place as the world's sixth-largest cryptocurrency. ZIL also rose on Thursday, following yesterday's 50% increase in its value. All of this came as WAVES jumped by as much as 15% during the session. Zilliqa (ZIL) Although solana (SOL) was higher for a third straight session, hitting a multi-month high in the process, it was zilliqa (ZIL) which was once again the day's biggest gainer. Today's surge saw ZIL/USD climb to an intraday high of $0.218 during Thursday's session, which is its highest point since last May. Following the breakout of the $0.1090 resistance, ZIL has rallied to reach a streak of higher highs throughout the course of the week. Price strength continues to be overbought as a result of these gains, with the 14-day RSI now tracking at 91.51. This is the highest point this indicator has hit on record, which shows that there could only realistically be one direction long-term from this point. As seen from today's candlestick, the wick fell from its earlier highs and now trades at $0.1844, which is likely a result of profit-taking. WAVES The price of waves (WAVES) rose for a fourth consecutive session on Thursday, hitting a new all-time high in the process. Following yesterday's high of $60.03, WAVES/USD climbed to an intraday high of $62.36 during today's trading session. This move came following earlier lows of $49.68, with WAVES prices trading nearly 13% higher than this, as of writing. In addition... read More

Bitcoin Maintains $47K, WAVES Soars 70% Weekly (Market Watch)

    After a few days of consecutive price gains, bitcoin retraced slightly and calmed around $47,000. Most altcoins have also stalled since yesterday, with a few exceptions. Waves is among those with an 11% daily increase and 70% weekly jump. Bitcoin Remains Above $47K It’s safe to say that the past several days went quite well for the primary cryptocurrency. It all started on March 25 when the asset dipped below $44,000 but quickly reversed its trajectory. In the following hours, it added nearly $2,000 of value and spiked above $45,000 for the first time in weeks. It couldn’t maintain that level and retraced shortly after but went back on the offensive on March 28, as CryptoPotato reported. This time, the asset broke above $45,000 decisively and kept climbing to an intraday high of just under $48,000. On the next day, it briefly surpassed that level to mark its highest price point since January 2. Since then, BTC started retracing and even dipped to $46,500 hours ago. Nevertheless, it trades around $1,000 higher now, and its market cap stands at $900 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Waves Soars Weekly The altcoins charted impressive gains in the past few days as well. Ethereum broke above $3,000 last week and kept climbing to mark multi-month highs of its own. It even went north of $3,400 yesterday, but it has retraced to that particular level as of now. Binance Coin stands above $435 after another minor daily increase. Most other larger-cap alts are slightly in ... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up 50% on Tuesday, as RUNE and LUNA Move Higher

    WAVES was undoubtedly Tuesday's biggest gainer, climbing by as much as 50% during the session. Gains in WAVES came as well, as LUNA once again overtook SOL as the world's eighth-largest cryptocurrency. RUNE was also a big mover today. WAVES WAVES was easily the biggest gainer during Tuesday's trading session, as it rose to a new all-time high. This was the second consecutive session in which WAVES rallied, further cementing itself as the world's 32nd largest crypto. Today's peak saw WAVES/USD surge to an all-time high of $53.81, following a low around $31.9 in Monday's session. Looking at the chart, these recent highs have come as prices moved beyond recent resistance of $33.71, which was in place for roughly ten days. Another ceiling which was broken was that of the 14-day RSI, where price strength rose past the resistance of 80.75, and now tracks at 89.38. It is clear that prices are currently overbought, however, while tracking at these levels in the past, we still saw further highs. This will likely create uncertainty for those looking to take positions going forward. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE rose on Tuesday, following two days of declines, with prices gaining by as much as 20% during the session. Following a low of $10.00 to begin the week, RUNE/USD climbed to a peak of $12.82 today, breaking out of its $11.09 resistance in the process. Tuesday's move has now pushed RUNE to its highest level since November 26, as bulls continue to target the all-time high. This would be ... read More

Biggest Movers: SAND Surges on HSBC Partnership — MKR, WAVES Both ...

    SAND was higher on Wednesday, as it was announced that HSBC was set to enter the Metaverse via The Sandbox. While up nearly 10% on the news, MKR and WAVES were also some of today's leading gainers. The Sandbox (SAND) On Wednesday, it was confirmed that The Sandbox and the British financial institution HSBC agreed to a partnership that would see the bank enter the metaverse. The news saw the project's native token SAND surge in today's session, climbing by over 9% as of writing this, moving away from its recent support level in the process. Following its rally from support of $2.65, SAND/USD hit an intraday high of $3.01, which is its highest level since March 9. This move came as the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) rose past its ceiling of 42.5, which took place for the first time since the end of February. Now tracking at 45.4, the RSI is approaching yet another resistance point, this time at 46.25, a level which hasn't been in almost four weeks. Should this happen, the first price target will be the $3.15 level, which has acted as resistance in the past. WAVES Although SAND/USD was today's biggest gainer, WAVES was a close second, with MKR flanking in third place. WAVES once again broke past recent resistance of $29.10, on its way to its highest level since October 27, when price peaked at $33.86. As of writing this, WAVES/USD rose to an intraday high of $30.98, which is over 8% higher than yesterday's low of $26.06. WAVES lost momentum following today's breakou... read More

Ukranian-Origin Crypto Waves Registers 2X Price Performance in Two Weeks

    The war between Ukraine and Russia started just two weeks ago, and the markets were quick to react: Generally speaking, outside the commodities market, the nervousness among investors has become evident, and the world's largest stock indices have fallen at an accelerated pace. Cryptocurrencies also rushed up a downtrend that has not stopped so far this year. International events have only encouraged the cryptocurrency bears after double-digit declines in a brief period of time. But every rule has its exception. Waves Goes To The Moon in Red Times Waves, a proof-of-stake blockchain focused on providing infrastructure for dapps and smart contracts with fast confirmation times, has surged an impressive 97% over the past two weeks, going from $11.2 on February 28, 2022, to a peak of $24.45 on March 8, 2022. From there, it has corrected a bit to the $22.06 registered at the time of publishing this article on March 9, 2022. Price of Waves. Weekly candelsticks. Source: Tradingview Waves had great popularity during 2017 when it reached the top 20 of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. However, after the infamous crypto-winter, the token failed to regain its former glories, and with the rise of competitors like Solana, Polkadot, or Matic, it started to lose prominence, falling to as low as number 76 earlier this year. The recovery of the last few weeks boosted the token to 48th place in the global ranking. An Ukranian Crypto There is no miraculous reason to explai... read More

Waves Reaches 2X Price Performance in Two Weeks

    The war between Ukraine and Russia started just two weeks ago, and the markets were quick to react: Generally speaking, outside the commodities market, the nervousness among investors has become evident, and the world's largest stock indices have fallen at an accelerated pace. Cryptocurrencies also rushed up a downtrend that has not stopped so far this year. International events have only encouraged the cryptocurrency bears after double-digit declines in a brief period of time. But every rule has its exception. Waves Goes To The Moon in Red Times Waves, a proof-of-stake blockchain focused on providing infrastructure for dapps and smart contracts with fast confirmation times, has surged an impressive 97% over the past two weeks, going from $11.2 on February 28, 2022, to a peak of $24.45 on March 8, 2022. From there, it has corrected a bit to the $22.06 registered at the time of publishing this article on March 9, 2022. Price of Waves. Weekly candlesticks. Source: Tradingview Waves had great popularity during 2017 when it reached the top 20 of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. However, after the infamous crypto-winter, the token failed to regain its former glories, and with the rise of competitors like Solana, Polkadot, or Matic, it started to lose prominence, falling to as low as number 76 earlier this year. The recovery of the last few weeks boosted the token to 48th place in the global ranking. An Ukranian Crypto There is no miraculous reason to explai... read More

Crypto Markets Rebound $60B Since Yesterday's Bottom: WAVES Soars ...

    After several consecutive days of freefalls, bitcoin bounced off and added a few thousand dollars. Most altcoins are slightly in the green as well, with Waves and Theta being the most substantial gainers following double-digit increases. Bitcoin Eyes $39K The past week or so was quite bearish for the primary cryptocurrency after the asset failed to overcome $45,000 on March 2. In the days that followed, BTC was gradually losing value before it tanked below $40,000 on Friday evening. The situation worsened during the weekend as bitcoin consolidated around $39,000. It tried its hand at $40,000 on Sunday but was quickly stopped in its tracks. This led to more price drops, with the latest one coming yesterday. This time, BTC slumped to just over $37,000, which became its lowest price point since February 28. Since then, though, the bulls arrived at the scene and pushed bitcoin north. As of now, the asset stands close to $39,000 after a near 2% daily recovery. Nevertheless, its market capitalization is still below $750 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView WAVES With a Massive Surge The altcoins also suffered in the past several days, but most have seen minor gains today. Ethereum is up by 1.5% and sits close to $2,600 after bouncing off of $2,500 yesterday. However, the second-largest crypto is still down by more than $400 in a week. BNB Chain has increased by a similar percentage and stands near $385. Terra, Solana, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, and MATIC are also slightly in the green. I... read More

Technical Analysis: WAVES Almost 20% Higher to Start the Week, as FLOW A...

    WAVES was once again trading higher, as cryptocurrency markets marginally climbed to start the week. Although the weekend's red wave has not fully faded, FLOW was also able to move higher on Monday. WAVES WAVES rose for a second consecutive session to start the week, breaking out of its long-term resistance level in the process. Today's move in WAVES/USD saw prices break through its long-term resistance level of $19.55, rising to a 3-month high in the process. As of writing this, WAVES is up 17.2%, and rose to an intraday high of $21.86, which is its highest level since December 4. This move pushed WAVES closer to another ceiling of $23.00, with the 14-day RSI continuing to hover above overbought territory. After tracking at 72 yesterday, price strength currently sits at 78.4, which is its highest since August, when crypto markets were climbing to record highs. Although we could be looking at further marginal gains, it may be hard for some to believe this run will continue throughout the week. FLOW Although it didn't climb by nearly as much as WAVES, FLOW did rebound to start the week, following yesterday's drop in price. FLOW/USD rallied from its support level of $5.45 on Monday, to hit an intraday high of $5.91 earlier in today's session. This came as the floor within the 14-day RSI of 41.30 held firm, creating the foundation for bulls to re-enter the market today. Looking at the chart, this indicator now tracks at the 45.06 level, and comes as the moving averages o... read More

Technical Analysis: ANC Captures Friday's Largest Gains, as WAVES ...

    Anchor protocol and WAVES were some of Friday's biggest gainers, as crypto markets mainly traded lower at the end of the week. At the time of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap has dropped over 4%, with GALA and MKR, the day's biggest decliners. WAVES WAVES extended its recent streak on Friday, as the world's 47th largest cryptocurrency rose for a sixth consecutive session. Today's rally in WAVES/USD came as prices rose to their highest level since December 17, breaking beyond resistance of $19.72. The price of WAVES rose to an intraday high of $20.87 on Friday, following a low of $17.95 less than 24-hours ago. As of writing this, WAVES traded 4.07% higher, as the 14-day RSI rose to its highest level since January 31. This rise in price strength has also seen the RSI move to its highest point since last August, when it traded above the 80 level. This may be bad news for bulls, however, as with prices now clearly overbought, whilst trading at resistance, bears are likely to be nearby. Anchor protocol (ANC) Friday's biggest gainer in the crypto top 100 was undoubtedly anchor protocol (ANC), which rose to a new all-time high, following recent gains. Anchor protocol was up for a fourth successive session, following its breakout from the long-term resistance point of $4.05. This latest move occurred when the 14-day RSI failed to break its floor of 69, and instead rose to a now record level of 83. As of writing, ANC/USD is up almost 24%, hitting an intraday high o... read More

Technical Analysis: AVAX, WAVES and Near Trade Over 20% Higher on Tuesda...

    AVAX, NEAR and WAVES were undoubtedly some of the biggest gainers on Tuesday, as crypto markets were over 14% higher as of writing. LUNA was also higher, and climbed by as much as 22% in today's market session. WAVES WAVES was easily the biggest gainer during Tuesday's trading session, as it rose by as much as 46% on the day. Today's rally in WAVES/USD saw prices climb to their highest level since December 17, hitting the long-term resistance point of $19.60 in the process. This surge comes as the ceiling of $12.60 was broken during yesterday's session, with gains extending throughout the course of today. As of writing this, WAVES rose to an intraday high of $19.67, which comes less than 24-hours after trading at a low of $12.63. Looking at the chart, you can see that profit-takers immediately began closing their positions once WAVES had reached resistance. Price strength has also climbed by its most on record, with the 14-day RSI currently tracking above 75. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Although AVAX was up by as much as 20% on Tuesday, gains in the cryptocurrency faded as bullish pressure slightly subsided. However, NEAR, which was trading above 20% earlier today, continued to do so as of writing this, as Tuesday's session matured. As of writing, NEAR/USD rose to a high of $11.53 today, following an intraday low of $9.10 to start the week. This bullish pressure has seen NEAR rise for two consecutive sessions, moving away from its support point of $8.11. Last week saw price... read More

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