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WAVES Price:
$22.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WAVES today is $2.61 USD.

The lowest WAVES price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.61, and the current live price for one WAVES coin is $2.61488.

The all-time high WAVES coin price was $62.08.

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The code for Waves is also #WAVES.

Waves is 7.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Waves is $261,488,008.

Waves is ranking upwards to #205 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #WAVES.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Waves is $22,711,822.


The circulating supply of WAVES is 100,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


WAVES is the native coin for the Waves blockchain.

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WAVES is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 30 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #WAVES, and you can view them on our WAVES disambiguation page.



Waves Ducks Roadmap

Prepare Your Beaks - How is it going, duckies? It’s been a while since we shared our plans on the game’s development. The time has come. As all of the DIP-7.1 changes are being developed, tested and implemented, the team continues to look ahead and toss ideas around. The project is just now taking its desired shape, so there is still a lot of work and changes to be made. Here is a Roadmap that includes all future changes planned for 2023, which will be later presented as DIPs. — Pet Development - A new functionality will be added that turns any pet into a ‘duckanoid’ (duck + humanoid — clever, right?). Duckanoids are the new full-fledged characters of the duck metaverse. How it will work: For existing pets, we will create their ‘duckanoid’ variants., New pets will be created as two entities at once: as pets and as characters., Each duckanoid will have its own parameters: the ‘duckanoid’ tag, rarity, and its own genes. It is possible that they will have new in-game parameters, but this is up for discussion at this point. Pets will not have generations., Turning a pet into a duckanoid would be similar to the original hatching, when the price of creation goes up depending on demand., All duckanoids are initially sterile, and certainly not capable of laying eggs.., Their new genes will have their own cards in Duck Wars., As for the use of duckanoids in Duck Hunt and other activities on the platfo...

Waves Ducks 2022 Recap

2022 will go down in history as a year that has decided to put the entire crypto industry to test. What a ride it was! Not every blockchain and project out there is left standing, and quite a few crypto enthusiasts have lost a sizeable chunk of their enthusiasm. But against all odds, and thanks to our devoted community, we had a wonderful year that showed us the path forward. Let us take you back and remind you that 2022 was a genuinely good year to play Waves Ducks. — On The Hunt - Our development team has been working day and night to roll out updates, fix bugs, plan out ambitious roadmaps, release DIPs, brainstorm for new mechanics and the expansion of the existing ones. Their hard work has paid off and resulted in a whole new game mode that took it to the streets. We are talking about Waves Duck Hunt. This augmented reality mode is the true highlight of the year. While seamlessly blending with the core game elements, Duck Hunt turned the game upside down and made it not only more profitable, but also immeasurably more fun to play. Waves Duck Hunt introduced a new token and an entirely new way to grow your NFT duckies. You’ve been exploring the streets of your cities in search golden eggs, and together walked almost 1.000.000 kilometers! And with the recent release of a full-fledged mobile app for iOS and Android, it seems like the number will be going up even faster. This year, we had three DIPs, each switchi...

Waves Duck Hunt iOS and Android App Is Now Available

Waves Ducks has already ‘made waves’ being one of the world’s top 10 NFT games with over $20+ million in marketplace sales and a record NFT sale worth over $1 million — and with the launch of the Waves Duck Hunt mobile app, these WAVES ain’t stopping anytime soon. Now available for iOS and Android, Waves Duck Hunt is an augmented reality mobile game that allows players to use their phone’s camera as an AR viewfinder to search for and collect rewards in the form of tokens, NFT items and even one-of-a-kind NFT ducks hidden in their local neighborhoods. As the primary token in the Waves Ducks metaverse, EGG can be earned through trading NFTs, growing your duck, and playing the battle, race and farm game modes. Not only can users earn tokens, but also NFT duck accessories and the NFT ducks themselves — which can be bred with each other to create stronger specimens! With several game modes suitable for both passive investors and those who want to capitalize on active play, there is something for everyone in Waves Ducks Hunt. — An EGG-citing Way to Develop Health and Wealth - Gaming has long held the stigma of being an unhealthy and unprofitable pastime, but with the launch of the new Waves Duck Hunt mobile app, gamers have a chance to develop both their health and wealth at the same time. Finding the motivation to get outside, and take a proactive approach to stay active everyday can be difficult for...


Intro: Waves Duck Hunt is getting closer to the state we originally intended. Recharge, rope, levelling system, virtual locations, improved GPS and much more — some of this is already in the game, and some will become available with the release of the app. The app itself is going through the final stages of store review, and soon you’ll be able to download it to your device. Therefore, we would like to present the first DIP with voting. The main goals of DIP-7 are: To add new duck rental mechanics for Duck Hunt, and later for any game on the platform, To attract new players, To increase the investment potential of Duck Hunt, To increase engagement for both gamers and investors, To lower the entry threshold for new users, Below you can learn more about the changes we propose to achieve the designated goals. — Rental Ducks - After DIP-6, we made the duck acquisition mechanics more complicated, which greatly increased the entry threshold for new players. And if it weren’t for the low EGG price, it would be almost impossible for new users to start playing. Also, Duck Hunt has underdeveloped investment mechanics, so the game mainly attracts gamers. In this regard, we propose to add a new mechanic — rental ducks. Here’s how it works: Any user owning a duck will be able to send it to the common pool of rental ducks., When sending a duck to the rental pool, the owner chooses the period for which the ...

Waves Founder, Sasha Ivanov Statement on Alameda Insolvency

I am today making a statement to the Waves community to put to rest questions about the position held by Alameda Research on Vires Finance. As the creator of Vires Finance and an advisor to it’s decentralized community, I feel it is necessary to make this statement given the actions and wrongdoings of Alameda Research and my unfortunate role in this whole mess. This statement is to tell the users of affected by the insolvency of both FTX and Alameda, that I and the Waves ecosystem stands behind you. We intend to do what we can to help users have their funds returned. Recent allegations have suggested that: Alameda Research was engaged in profiteering with FTX user funds and has subsequently filed for bankruptcy., There was a backdoor found in FTX accounts procedure that allowed a transfer of 10 billion in users’ assets directly to Alameda to go unnoticed., Between $453m — $659m of assets have left FTX user accounts in the last 24 hours ‘“under suspicious circumstances.”, Alameda Research currently has $90,359,718.855452 held in the USDN vesting contract on Vires Finance awaiting repayment. This puts the Vires Finance team in a peculiar position; these vested funds may actually be FTX user funds, and could help to repay those users affected by what is being called the worst collapse in crypto history. I have been clear for many months on the blatant market manipulation and anti-crypto actions of Alameda Researc...

Waves Ducks Roadmap 2022

Aren’t you duckies hungry for some news? Thought so. While our team is hard at work preparing both baby duck and mama duck-size updates to the game, we decided to hype you up with a good old roadmap. It works every time, and now it’s not special. Just kidding, it is very special. So, we’ve got quite a plan for the end of 2022, and you must be wagging your little yellow tails in anticipation. Just calm your beaks and let’s get to it! — October 2022 - The Waves Ducks Hunt app release. It’s coming and it’s closer than you think. Just hold on for a little bit, we know that playing through mobile browser is a pain, and you’ve been real champs about it, so the suffering will end soon. The app will simultaneously be available on iOS and Android. Brace yourselves to experience Waves Ducks Hunt like it’s meant to be! Marketing campaign. Prepare to be swarmed with ducky content associated with the app’s release. Hey, we can’t do anything about it; it’s marketing; that’s how it works, one savage world we live in. But seriously, it will be your opportunity to shine as a community. Spread the word with us and we will be thankful. Great deal, huh? Cosmetic items giveaway. Now this is where the fluff gets real. The first 10,000 users who log in through the app will get a free hat for their NFT ducks so that they could hunt some eggs in style. Hats + Ducks = ❤️ — November 2022 - Socials integration...

Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL

Waves Protocol is today announcing its partnership with token bridge protocol, Allbridge. The partnership will see the integration of Waves with all of Allbridge’s 15 supported blockchains, including Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. The integration will launch on September 22nd with an incentivized multi-asset pools campaign on the Waves-based AMM platform, Swop.Fi. The first coins supported will be USDT and USDC stablecoins from Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Allbridge is a bridging protocol with more than $6b in asset transfers and TVL — at the time of writing — of over $74m. Waves-based projects like, Pluto, and Waves Exchange all offer some of the largest annual percentage yields (APYs) on stablecoins in DeFi. The partnership aims to increase access to Waves-based projects for investors on other chains seeking larger returns on their stable assets. This exciting partnership serves both Allbridge users looking for good returns on their stablecoins and Waves users who want to see additional liquidity brought into the ecosystem. About Waves Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. Waves technology stack can benefit any use case that demands security and decentralization — open finance, personal identification, gamin...

Waves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL

otoWaves Protocol’s partnership with Allbridge opens the doors to $74m in TVL - Waves Protocol is today announcing its partnership with token bridge protocol, Allbridge. The partnership will see the integration of Waves with all of Allbridge’s 15 supported blockchains, including Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. The integration will launch on September 22nd with an incentivized multi-asset pools campaign on the Waves-based AMM platform, Swop.Fi. The first coins supported will be USDT and USDC stablecoins from Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Allbridge is a bridging protocol with more than $6b in asset transfers and TVL — at the time of writing — of over $74m. Waves-based projects like, Pluto, and Waves Exchange all offer some of the largest annual percentage yields (APYs) on stablecoins in DeFi. The partnership aims to increase access to Waves-based projects for investors on other chains seeking larger returns on their stable assets. This exciting partnership serves both Allbridge users looking for good returns on their stablecoins and Waves users who want to see additional liquidity brought into the ecosystem. About Waves Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. Waves technology stack can benefit any use case that demands...

Community Quack AMA #1: Recap

The focus of this AMA was to review community ideas concerning the development of Waves Ducks. Inal, together with Bram (Mr. BlackTurtle) had a lot of ideas that have been shared through a special form. In the time of the AMA, they were able to go through 30 of them. So here are all the ideas and questions that have been anwsered. Community Idea 1: In-game sounds and music for Duck Wars. Inal’s comment: We are currently implementing dynamic backgrounds and sound is something that certainly can be added in the future. However, we first need to find the resources for that. If sounds or music were to be implemented, we would definitely make it optional. Community idea 2: Weekly lottery to increase EGG buy pressure, which involves buyng 1 EGG every week for a chance to get 10 EGGs. Inal’s comment: We already have community raffles from time to time on social networks. If they were to be held more often, the community would be oversaturated. We can use this particular raffle idea, but not as frequently. Community idea 3: Permanent Telegram referral bot with small rewards. There used to be one and it brought a lot of users in a very short time. Inal’s comment: Bots are great for outreach, but they are easily exploited with fake accounts. At the moment, our team has no solution to that, but your ideas are welcome. Community idea 4: New item, Nest Warmer. It would increase farming yield but would only allow to claim EGG afte...

Using the Waves Ecosystem as a Waves Ducks Player

Not many people know this, but there’s a lot of functionality across different projects on Waves, capable of elevating your experience as a Waves Ducks player and bringing in extra coin with virtually no effort. Allow us to show you around the opportunities scattered all over the ecosystem and possibly, encourage you to become a part of the global Waves community. — Waves Exchange - Waves Exchange is the ecosystem’s own DEX serving as a starting point for crypto traders and investors alike. The best thing of all is that if you play Waves Ducks, you already have a WX account, and all that is left is just logging in. Here’s what you can do: Buying crypto. As the primary feature of any exchange, this one allows you to purchase a variety of tokens, including EGG. And with the help of AdvCash, it has become even easier, since you can pay directly with a bank card., Spot trading. When purchased, you can bring your EGG to spot trading and sell it to other users for a range of cryptocurrencies. There is always high liquidity and top speed when it comes to fulfilling orders., Liquidity mining. At Waves Exchange, it is possible to make your crypto work by providing liquidity to dozens of pools, such as the EGG/USDN pool, where the APY can go as high as 153%, provided that you have some WX tokens on hand. By providing liquidity to the pools, you will be getting a share of the platform fees passively. Go to this page if you ...


Disney's Vintage Mickey Makes Waves in NFT World After Copyright Expiry

    Mickey Mouse, the iconic mascot of the Walt Disney Company, has broken free from the shackles of copyright and made a splash in the world of NFTs. The earlier version of Mickey - featured in the 1928 short film 'Steamboat Willie' - recently entered the public domain, marking a historic moment in the realm of intellectual property. On January 1st, 2024, the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse became available to the public as its copyright expired after nearly a century. United States law limits copyright protection to 95 years. OpenSea Erupts with Vintage Mickey NFT Craze Prominent NFT marketplace OpenSea witnessed a surge in trading volume related to the vintage Mickey Mouse. Topping the 24-hour trending list was the NFT collection titled 'Steamboat Willie Public Domain 2024.' Following closely were two more collections, 'Steamboat Willie' and 'Steamboat Willie’s Riverboat,' securing the second and third spots, respectively. Distinctions exist between the 1928 rendition of Mickey Mouse and the contemporary company mascot. In the 'Steamboat Willie' version, Mickey does not wear the gloves and oversized shoes characteristic of the present-day iteration. Additionally, his eyes are portrayed as small black ovals without pupils, differing from the current depiction. A Disney spokesperson informed CNN that the entertainment behemoth will continue safeguarding its rights over modern versions of Mickey Mouse and other copyrighted works. The company also highlighted its co... read More

Pullix (PLX), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Optimism (OP) Creating Waves in the ...

    The DeFi market is once again buzzing with excitement as three prominent tokens, Pullix (PLX), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Optimism (OP), take center stage. While SHIB and OP are already established DeFi coins, PLX is a Stage 5 presale star that has already raised $2.3M. Pullix (PLX): What You Need to Know Pullix (PLX) has been a rising presale star, capturing the spotlight with its innovative approach to DeFi. With a hybrid exchange that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized platforms, Pullix is redefining online trading. On this platform, you will find a high leverage starting at 1000:1, deep liquidity, and low trading fees. While significant exchanges like Coinbase or Binance only offer crypto trading, this unique platform enables the trade of cryptocurrencies and all asset classes. This promises to improve convenience for all parties involved. Traders may tap into the Forex market, which a 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey stated saw a daily volume of $6.6T. The PLX native token is the main currency users will use on the platform while earning various benefits if they hold it. Perks such as reduced trading fees, access to specific asset classes, and more are obtained by holding the PLX token. But, what makes it stand out is its “Trade-to-Earn” model, which brings PLX stakers a percentage of Pullix’s daily revenue. This passive income capability is why over 5 million PLX tokens have already been sold in Stage 5. One PLX token costs ... read More

Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Waves Goodbye to Grayscale in $200 Million Exit

    ARK Invest - the institutional asset management firm led by Cathie Wood - made a significant move by liquidating all of its remaining holdings in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), totaling $200 million. In the previous month, GBTC stood as the largest holding in ARK's Next Generation Internet ETF. However, the asset management firm has now completely exited this position. The adjustment in the portfolio comes ahead of the anticipated decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) next month regarding the approval of trading spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. Bitcoin Futures ETF: 'Temporary Parking Spot' for ARK? Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas revealed that ARK Invest used half of the proceeds, approximately $100 million, to invest in the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO). However, the analyst speculated that this move is a temporary one, serving as a strategic pause while the Florida-based fund manager seeks a more liquidity-rich portfolio. According to Balchunas, ARK appears to be using the futures Bitcoin ETF as a 'temporary parking spot' while preparing to launch its own spot Bitcoin ETF next year, pending approval from the SEC. Today ARK sold its entire remaining $GBTC position (it was ARKW's biggest holding only a month ago) and used half the money $100m-ish to buy $BITO, likely as liq transition tool to keep beta to btc while it legs into $ARKW or $ARKB. End of an era. h/t @DilksJay @funwithnumberz — Eric Balc... read More

Top Altcoins Poised To Make Waves This Week: Crypto Analyst

    Miles Deutscher, a crypto analyst, recently shared insights on altcoins that are catching his attention for the upcoming week. In a post on X, he starts by noting the market's recent cool-off, suggesting this phase is creating new opportunities for savvy investors. Deutscher also emphasizes the importance of staying informed and ready to capitalize on these shifts. Top Altcoins To Watch This Week Injective (INJ) According to Deutscher, Injective (INJ) is experiencing a lull in hype, but this should not undermine its strong performance throughout the year. He believes that if the bullish momentum continues, INJ could reach its local highs in the $19's. 'Monitoring closely, as it runs hard when it runs,' Deutscher states, highlighting the potential for rapid gains. At press time, INJ was trading at $15.88 after being rejected at the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level of $17.13. Pyth Network (PYTH) Deutscher points out that PYTH is in an interesting position with attributes favored by the market: it's a new, shiny coin with a low float and perpetual contracts. However, competition from other Solana tokens, like Jupiter and JITO, may temporarily divert attention. For those already holding PYTH, Deutscher advises to hold but not to add more unless the price drops. SuperFarm (SUPER) SUPER is part of the trending gaming narrative and has been gaining attention from significant creators and influencers. Despite its volatile funding, Deutscher sees potential for a FOMO-driven price i... read More

Chainlink (LINK) Rides Bullish Waves With 42% Gains In The Week, Is $15 ...

    LINK recorded impressive gains in the past week, with an over 43% seven-day price increase. However, the token’s price has slightly retraced in the last 24 hours, likely due to buyers taking profit after an aggressive accumulation phase for LINK tokens.  Chainlink’s notable uptick could be due to the ongoing bullish waves in the broader crypto market. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, recorded a significant uptick, surging to nearly $35,000, the highest in over a year.  Bitcoin's performance triggered a wave of optimism across the crypto market, causing most coins, including LINK, to soar. Moreover, Chainlink’s CCIP has recorded additional adoption and likely consolidated on LINK’s price gains.  But how far can the ongoing bullish momentum take LINK? Can it conquer prevailing resistance to reach $15? Let’s find out!  LINK Shows Signs Of Retracement, Is $15 Possible? LINK is in an uptrend after breaching the $6.99 support level as buyers re-entered the market and forced a rally to the $11.9 resistance level.  LINK’s rally began last week when it surged from $7.42 on October 16 to $10.41 on October 23. While the rally has stalled, the latest strides show that buyers are intent on facilitating further rallies to retest the $11.9 resistance A move above this level would empower LINK to target $15. Moreover, the higher high candlesticks on the chart imply that LINK will likely consolidate on its rally in the coming ... read More

BIS and Central Banks Make Waves with Successful CBDC Test in Project Ma...

    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the central banks of France, Singapore, and Switzerland just recently announced the successful completion of a new CBDC initiative called Project Mariana. This project tested cross-border trading and settlement of wholesale central bank digital currencies (wCBDCs) between financial institutions. BIS and Central Banks Collaborate on CBDC Test As per reports, the novel project leverages the concepts of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology on a public blockchain, possibly bringing a new dawn in the digital currency world. This new collaboration between BIS Innovation Hub centers in Switzerland, Singapore, and the Eurosystem, together with Banque de France, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and Swiss National Bank, has successfully validated the trading and settlement of hypothetical euro, Singapore dollar, and Swiss franc wCBDCs. During the process, discussions were held regarding crucial aspects, such as establishing a standardized technical token and creating bridges to facilitate seamless wCBDC transfers. Furthermore, the consortium of central banks delved into the Automated Market Maker (AMM) concept, enabling automatic pricing and execution of spot FX transactions. The inclusion of DeFi technology, like automated market makers, could pave the way for a new generation of financial market infrastructures. Project Mariana's architecture balances central banks' domestic need for oversight and the interest of financial instituti... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Rides On Bullish Waves As Shibarium Launch Nears, Buy N...

    This cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu dog-inspired logo, has garnered significant attention in the crypto community. As the highly anticipated Shibarium launch draws near, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is riding on bullish momentum.  In terms of the 7 days price gain, the meme coin is outperforming other notable assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, and Dogecoin (DOGE), representing less than 1% price increase. Investors and enthusiasts are now considering whether to buy in as the project's new development unfolds.  SHIB Price Gains Momentum As Shibarium Nears A recent examination of on-chain data by IntoTheBlock exposed a remarkable rise in transactions related to SHIB ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, demonstrating an astounding surge of 300% over the last month. After Shibarium is launched, more people could want to invest in the $SHIB token, as it might create a new wave of excitement. Technical Indicators Signal Bullish Momentum As the Shibarium launch nears, the coin experienced bullish sentiment evident in the 4-green candles on the daily chart. According to the chart, SHIB/USDT has approached the upper Bollinger Bands indicator, suggesting a high bullish pressure.  The upper Bollinger Band is a resistance level, indicating that the coin's price might be challenging to sustain further upward movement without a pullback. A breach of the upper Bollinger Band could signal a continuation of the uptrend, but if the price fails to break through and starts ... read More

VC Darling Crypto Sui Makes Waves With Market Debut, Price Sinks 37% Fro...

    A buzz has been generated around a new layer one (L1) proof-of-stake blockchain initiative named Sui, following the network's mainnet debut on May 3, 2023. The native token SUI has been listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges, drawing attention to the project. On the same day the network launched, SUI peaked at $2.16 per unit, but has since dropped by 37% from its record high.Mysten Labs Launches Sui Mainnet, Draws Attention with Delegated PoS Blockchain and Move Programming Language As established cryptocurrencies continue to compete for dominance, a fresh wave of digital assets has emerged in the crypto sphere. Among them is SUI, a new digital currency whose network went live on Wednesday. The founders of SUI hail from Mysten Labs, and like Aptos, its founders stem from Facebook's crypto project. SUI operates on a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) blockchain, utilizing the Move programming language. At present, there are 528,273,718 SUI in circulation, with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 slated for the future. Presently, the network has 2,122 nodes and 100 total validators. Validation is provided via a Byzantine Consistent Broadcast. “Sui is a distributed ledger that stores a collection of programmable objects, each with a globally unique ID,” explains the Sui network documentation. “Every object is owned by a single address, and each address can own an arbitrary number of objects. The ledger is updated via a transaction sent by a particular address. ... read More

Elizabeth Warren Explains Her 'Anti-Crypto Army' Stance; Waves of Democr...

    Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, has recently launched a political campaign against cryptocurrencies as she seeks a third term in office in 2024. In a recent interview on 'Meet the Press Reports' with NBC's Chuck Todd, Warren likened buying bitcoin to 'buying air.' Despite her stated distrust of banks, Warren told the show host that as far as central bank digital currency (CBDC) is concerned, she thinks 'it's time for us to move in that direction.'Warren Compares Buying Bitcoin to 'Buying Air,' Says It's Time to Move in the CBDC Direction The Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, has been vocal about her skepticism of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), citing risks and negative environmental impacts associated with bitcoin mining. Moreover, Warren recently attributed the liquidation of Silvergate Bank to 'crypto risk.' During a recent interview with Chuck Todd on 'Meet the Press Reports,' Warren reiterated her distaste for bitcoin. 'If I buy bitcoin, what am I buying? Are you buying air?' Senator Warren asked. 'With bitcoin, there's no underlying asset that backs it up, it's simply a matter of belief,' she told Chuck Todd during the interview. When Todd asked if bitcoin could be compared to a painting, she rejected the comparison, stating that with a painting, she could physically possess it and throw darts at it. 'Instead of bitcoin, we should be discussing digital currency,' Warren suggested, noting that digital currency ... read More

Ride With BitKeep and Seize the Opportunity as Arbitrum Argonaut Makes W...

    PRESS RELEASE. How to participate in the Arbitrum ecosystem as Layer 2 continues gaining traction? The Ethereum's Layer 2 (L2) players have been performing exceptionally well to date, with impressive TVLs in the ecosystems of Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism as the market rebounds. Among these, Arbitrum has the largest TVL, accounting for almost 50% of L2 markets and 3% of the entire Ethereum mainnet. Arbitrum has consistently demonstrated strong operational capabilities with technical upgrades: the launch of dual mainnets – Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One and the debut of a brand new programming language, Stylus. The release of Odyssey's weekly event has also generated significant attention to the ecosystem. Meanwhile, in the long run, as suggested by Vitalik, ZK Rollups might likely have more technical breakthroughs than Optimism Rollups and will become the leading L2 solution. Many crypto investors and enthusiasts are highly concerned with how to make good use of Arbitrum and benefit from the development of Layer 2. As one of the world's leading and Asia's largest multi-chain crypto wallets, BitKeep integrated multiple blockchains and provided each ecosystem with resources and traffic exposure, such as DApp ecosystem aggregation, on-chain asset exchange, data analysis, NFT trading, and more. On March 1st, BitKeep launched an Arbitrum monthly campaign, Arbitrum Argonaut, to introduce the complete Arbitrum ecosystem to all crypto enthusiasts. By airdropping Arbitrum Fut... read More

WAVES Gets Dragged Down By USDN, Despite Pumping Investor Distribution

    There is enormous negative sentiment surrounding USDN. And with USDN continuously falling off its track, it’s also pulling WAVES down. WAVES is the native token of the Waves blockchain. According to CoinMarketCap, the token is up by 0.23% or trading at $1.57 as of this writing. There is very little improvement with its current figures. Token up by 0.23% or trading at $1.57 USDN extremely volatile Crypto down by 45% in the past couple of weeks Waves blockchain confirmed the plunge of the Neutrino USD (USDN) stablecoin but insisted that the USDN, while built on top of the ecosystem, is completely detached from WAVES.  Nevertheless, as the value of USDN declined, it seems to be pulling WAVES further down as well. Stablecoins are digital currencies whose value is anchored to that of a stable value asset, such as a fiat currency or a commodity price. The excessive volatility of Bitcoin (BTC) and other major cryptocurrencies has made crypto investments less appropriate for everyday transactions; stablecoins try to address this problem by providing a more 'stable' alternative. WAVES Down By 99% Off Its April 2022 ATH Blockchain founder Sasha Ivanov has urged different crypto exchanges on Wednesday to cut off the futures markets that are connected to the crypto as she insists that it’s doing more harm than good. The crypto exchanges included Kraken, Bybit, Binance, and OKX. Ivanov on a Twitter post said: “They are a breeding ground for FUD and makin... read More

Waves Founder Unveils New 'Undepeggable' Stablecoin Amidst USDN Crisis

    Waves blockchain platform founder, Sasha Ivanov, announced plans to launch a new stablecoin as Waves-backed Neutrino Dollar (USDN) failed to secure its peg. As per the Twitter update, Ivanov vowed that the new stablecoin would be 'undepeggable.' The Waves founder also revealed that there will be a 'USDN situation resolution plan set in motion before' but provided no details with regard to the timeline. 'It’s just it’s time to create a protocol more attuned to the current market conditions. It will be easier to stabilize usdn first and launch the new protocol after. So guys pls save your breath, waves is not going to zero lol.' The nature of the upcoming stablecoin has also not been revealed. The announcement comes after USDN, the algorithmic stablecoin backed by the Waves blockchain ecosystem, de-pegged from the dollar several times earlier this year. According to data from CoinGecko, USDN is currently trading at $0.51 after registering a fresh decline. This prompted top South Korean exchanges to issue a warning against the WAVES token, which also came under the scanner for fluctuation in its value. The Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA), which consists of the five major crypto exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, and Gopax) in South Korea, launched an investigation against the platform. Shortly thereafter, Waves assured that it was cooperating with the investigation to alleviate 'serious and obviously damaging misunderstandings' of the relationsh... read More

Waves Breaks Silence Over DAXA Investigation, USDN Stablecoin Fails to R...

    It has been a tough year for algorithmic stablecoins. Historically, these pegged tokens have failed to maintain a grip on $1, especially under extreme selling pressure. But the Terra collapse has been disastrous, and the ripple effects have had a decisive impact on the rest of the market. Seven months later, another algorithmic stablecoin is having trouble maintaining its dollar peg. In fact, this is the fifth time that Waves-backed Neutrino Dollar (USDN), currently trading at $0.84, de-pegged from the dollar. South Korean exchanges have issued a warning that this has impacted the Waves token, which has come under the scanner for apparent fluctuation in its value. Waves Address FUD In the latest post, Waves maintained that USDN is a separate project that uses WAVES as collateral and is not 'intrinsically' linked to the native token. 'USDN is a separate project built on Waves blockchain that uses WAVES as collateral; it is not intrinsically linked to WAVES token. There is only one way in which USDN can directly affect WAVES price - through redeeming WAVES from the contract and selling WAVES on the market.' It all started when the Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA), which consists of the five major crypto exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, and Gopax) in South Korea, cautioned users against investing in WAVES citing high volatility caused by USDN de-pegging. One DAXA platform - Upbit - announced that the platform is looking to suspend the WAVES/KRW and WAVES/BTC ... read More

Bitcoin Shorts Hit Two-Year Record As The FTX Collapse Makes Waves, Coin...

    As bad news regarding FTX's bankruptcy keep appearing in crypto (and mainstream) media, investors have rushed to bet against bitcoin and the crypto market, with bear positions hitting two-year highs. According to the 'Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report' from European cryptocurrency investment firm CoinShares, a bearish sentiment took hold of the crypto market during the last week to such an extent that short positions accounted for 75% of all trades in the market. This means that the vast majority of institutional investors are betting heavily on the fall of BTC and other cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, which registered the highest amount of shorts ($14M). 1/ What is the crypto market sentiment this week? A deeply negative one with the largest inflows into short-investments on record. Our Head of Research @jbutterfill shares his latest insights. All the data can be found in our weekly report: — CoinShares (@CoinSharesCo) November 21, 2022 Bitcoin (BTC) Shorts Increased by More Than 10% James Butterfill, Head of Research at CoinShares, said that last week's BTC short inflows reached $18.4M, representing an increase of more than 10% week on week. The difference between long and short BTC positions was $4.3M, which according to the report, shows that there is still a lot of uncertainty in the market about the future of the BTC price. BTC long and short positions, Source: CoinShares In terms of total assets under manage... read More

Can WAVES Flow Back From Its Low Ebb And Reclaim $4.6?

    The month of September for WAVES didn’t look good as the coin registered a sharp downward pattern. The market is looking bearish as WAVES slipped below the key $4.6 level. Crypto market looking bearish for WAVES  WAVES key support retests the $4.3 zone OBV shows a weakening in selling volume Bitcoin, the king of crypto, climbed to $19.8K, forcing the retreat of the bears and allowing the bulls to recharge. In the event that Bitcoin nosedives lower than $19K, this could inevitably pull the other cryptocurrencies down with it. On the other hand, WAVES has shown some improvement as it dashes above the $4 zone in the last two days.   Waves is a multi-purpose blockchain platform which supports different types of use cases including decentralized applications and smart contracts. The blockchain platform's native token is WAVES, an uncapped supply coin used for payments such as block rewards. $4.3 Revisited As Key Resistance Zone Based on the 4-hour chart, WAVES was able to recover and jump to the $4.3 level following its recent correction. In the next days, WAVES price is seen to bounce back in the $4.5-$4.6 range. A couple of days ago, the key support found at $4.3 have been revisited as a key resistance zone. .com Earlier, its price has once again dropped below the $4 range. On the 1-hour chart, it retreated once again or back to the $4.3 level following its latest setback. The price on the higher timeframes is seen to be massively bearish than bulli... read More

TA- Waves Protocol Looks Trapped In A Cage, Can Price Break Above $6?

    The Waves protocol (WAVES) price has remained in a channel against Tether (USDT) as it attempts to break out of this trend. Despite the recent shift in the market trend, Waves protocol (WAVES) has shown little to no significant movement, as many altcoins rallied and produced double-digit gains. (Binance data) The Weekly Chart Analysis For WAVES Protocol (WAVES) Weekly WAVES Price Chart Analysis | Source: WAVESUSDT On According to the chart, WAVES hit a weekly low of $4.2, then bounced back to $5. Considering its all-time high of more than $60, this isn't much of a movement. The weekly candle for WAVES closed with a bearish sentiment, while the new week's candle appears bullish for price recovery. The price has struggled to gain traction as it attempts to break out of the $4-$6.3 price range. If the weekly chart of WAVES maintains this structure, it could quickly return to its low of $4, acting as support. read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES, NEAR Hit Multi-Week Lows on Saturday

    NEAR fell to a one-month low to start the weekend, as prices moved below their long-term support point. WAVES was also lower during Saturday's session, falling by as much as 14%. Overall, crypto markets are down nearly 5% as of writing. Near Protocol (NEAR) NEAR was one of the most notable movers to start the weekend, as prices fell by over 10% on Saturday. Following a peak of $5.03 on Friday, NEAR/USD has so far slipped to an intraday low of $4.38 in today's session This drop saw prices fall by nearly 13%, and comes as the global crypto market cap is down 4.8% as of writing. Saturday's decline came as NEAR broke out of its support point at $4.45, on its way to its lowest point since May 11. The 14-day RSI is now also firmly oversold, and is trading at 30.62, which is a two-week low, whilst also acting as a floor. Should this floor be broken, then we may see NEAR move below that one-month low of $3.57, and instead hit an 11-month bottom. WAVES WAVES was also down by double digits on Saturday, as it hit a lower low for the tenth consecutive session. As of writing, WAVES/USD hit an intraday low of $6.30 to start the weekend, which is $1.17 below yesterday's high. Looking at the chart, today's move has pushed WAVES closer to its long-term support of $4.40, which is a level that hasn't been hit since May 30. Overall, prices are down over 15% as of writing, and are trading at their lowest point in almost two weeks. Despite the weakening of the RSI as a result of the sell-off, t... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up Over 120% in the Last Week, XLM Moves Towards 3...

    WAVES was once again higher on Friday, with prices now gaining by over 120% in the last seven days. While WAVES soared, XLM also had a stellar showing, as it moved closer to a three-week high on Friday. WAVES While crypto markets have been either falling or consolidating over the past week, WAVES has continued to surge, climbing by over 120% in that time. On Friday, prices rose for a seventh consecutive session, hitting an intraday peak of $10.47 in the process. This move comes as prices marginally passed resistance at $10.45, nearing their highest level since May 11 as a result. Looking at the chart, the 14-day RSI also broke out of its own ceiling, as it moved past the 43 level earlier in the day. As a result of this rise in momentum, the moving averages of 10 and 25 days now look set for an upwards cross, which could see prices climb even further. As of writing, gains in WAVES have somewhat eased since hitting earlier resistance, and the asset is currently trading at $10.08, which is still 5.32% higher than yesterday's top. Stellar (XLM) XLM was also trading higher on Friday, as prices moved closer to a multi-week peak heading into the weekend. Following a low of $0.1378 on Thursday, XLM/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.1504 earlier in today's session. This climb has pushed prices closer to Tuesday's peak of $0.1537, which is the most XLM has traded at since May 8. Friday's gain has also come just as the 10-day and 25-day moving averages have crossed upwards, which i... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Nearly 60% Higher, as AXS Surges Close to 25% in T...

    WAVES prices surged by almost 60% on Tuesday, leading gainers in crypto markets during today's session. This move took prices to a 20-day high, and came as AXS also rallied, climbing by over 25% earlier in the day. WAVES WAVES was one of Tuesday's biggest gainers, as prices rose by nearly 60% earlier in today's trading session. Following recent lows, and a bottom of $6.00 to start the week, WAVES/USD rose to an intraday peak of $10.15 today. Tuesday's surge comes after prices continued to rise from last week's floor of $3.86, which was WAVES' lowest level since January 2021. From trading at support, WAVES now looks set to hit resistance which is at $12.30, and has not been reached since May 11. Despite gains fading throughout the session, prices are still currently trading at their highest point since this date, and as of writing sit at $8.69. The 14-day RSI is hovering at a two-month high, and is slightly below its own ceiling at 53.80, which must be broken for WAVES bulls to reach the $12 mark. Axie Infinity (AXS) Although there were multiple tokens to climb by over 20% on Tuesday, as crypto bulls maintain recent sentiment, it was AXS that was the second biggest mover. The token, which derives from blockchain gaming ecosystem Axie Infinity, rose to an intraday peak of $27.82 on Tuesday. This surge comes as it was announced that game developer, Sky Mavis, had revealed its first round of games to be hosted on the Axie Infinity blockchain. Looking at the chart, today's gai... read More

Biggest Movers: DOT, ADA, SHIB Down More Than 10%, as WAVES Rallies on M...

    Monday's downturn in crypto markets sent several tokens lower, with cardano, polkadot and shiba inu all falling by over 15%. Despite this, there were some notable exceptions which rose to start the week, WAVES being one of them. WAVES WAVES was trading in the green on Monday, as prices rose by as much as 9% during the first trading day of the week. Following yesterday's low of $12.65, WAVES/USD rallied on Monday, hitting an intraday peak of $14.54 in the process. Today's surge saw price move away from the long-term support level of $12.40, which is an area it has hovered around for the last ten days. Like most cryptos, WAVES has been trading lower for the past few sessions, with today's rise ending a streak of two successive days of declines. Looking at the chart, history shows us that bulls traditionally re-enter at the price range, as seen on February 28, which was when the last upswing began. Although prices are still oversold, the RSI is currently hovering under resistance of 38, which will need to be broken if a bullish run were to continue. Shiba Inu (SHIB) The world's second largest memecoin was also trading lower to start the week, as SHIB fell by over 20% on Monday. SHIB slipped to an intraday bottom of $0.00001492 earlier in today's session, following a top of $0.00001885 less than 24-hours prior. Today's low, which is the lowest level SHI/USD has traded since last October, comes following five straight sessions of declines. Traders are likely looking to conf... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Drops 17% as NEAR, SOL, and AVAX Also Take Double-...

    WAVES dropped by as much as 17% in today's session, as crypto markets as a whole traded mostly in the red. SOL and NEAR were two notable tokens to fall in today's session, with AVAX also falling by double digits today. WAVES WAVES dropped for a second consecutive session, as prices moved towards the long-term support level on Friday. Following yesterday's false breakout of the $16.70 resistance level, WAVES/USD slipped to an intraday low of $12.90 earlier in the day. This drop sees prices over 17% lower than Thursday's peak, and now on the verge of hitting a floor of $11.50. It was only two days ago we spoke about WAVES being one of the biggest bullish movers, after it rose from this support, however it appears as if the tables have once again turned. Looking at the chart, this decline came as the price strength failed to break out of the resistance of 40.10 on the 14-day RSI. Should we hit this support point, you might see some bulls attempt to re-enter, in a similar fashion as to what occurred on Wednesday. Avalanche (AVAX) Although SOL fell to a one-month low today, with NEAR also dropping by over 15%, AVAX was Friday's second-biggest mover. The world's thirteenth-largest cryptocurrency fell to an intraday low of $55.42, following yesterday's peak at $64.16. This drop saw prices hit their lowest point in over four months, when prices fell below $55 back on January 23. Looking at the chart, prices marginally broke out of support at $56.50 today, however like four month... read More

Biggest Movers: Tron Climbs to 5-Month High, With WAVES up 15%

    Tron (TRX) rallied to a five-month high earlier in today's session, as bulls continued to feed off recent news of the USDD stablecoin. While TRX climbed to multi-month highs, WAVES moved away from a two-month low today, as prices surged by as much as 15%. Tron (TRX) May the 4th was definitely with Tron on Wednesday, as TRX was one of the most notable gainers in today's session, with prices surging to a five-month high. Following a low of $0.07003 during Tuesday's session, TRX/USD raced to a high of $0.08134, breaking out of a key resistance level in the process. The move saw the ceiling of $0.07600 broken, which resulted in TRX hitting its highest level since Christmas day last year. Although earlier gains have since eased, which is likely as a result of bulls liquidating positions, prices are still marginally above the resistance. As of writing this, TRX is now trading at $0.07688, which is close to 7% higher than yesterday's bottom. The 14-day RSI is now tracking at 66.11, which is the most price strength it has hit since April 2, 2022, and is close to yet another ceiling of 67.54, and another potential reason as to why earlier gains have eased. WAVES While TRX was the most notable gainer on Wednesday, WAVES was easily the biggest, with prices climbing by as much as 15%. WAVE/USD rose to an intraday high of $14.45 earlier today, as prices rebounded from their lowest level in the last two months. Tuesday saw WAVES hit a bottom of $11.89, which is just above its floor of $... read More

Biggest Movers: DOGE up on Twitter News, WAVES Deep in the Red

    DOGE rallied on Monday, as traders reacted to the news that Elon Musk was possibly nearing a takeover of Twitter. While DOGE surged, AXS and WAVES were also big movers, however they were mainly in the red, as recent losses extended. Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE was trading higher to start the week, as markets reacted to the news that Elon Musk's bid to acquire Twitter was being considered by the board. Musk previously stated that he could see DOGE used as a payment or tipping method on the platform, should his attempts to acquire the social media company succeed. Following the news, DOGE/USD rose to a peak of $0.1412 in today's session, which is over 5% higher than Sunday's low of $0.1239. Monday's surge in price comes after a false breakout of the $0.1310 support level, which then sent prices to their lowest level since March 22. Today's rally, which appears as if it could be a bullish engulfing pattern, put an end to a six day losing streak for DOGE. In addition to this, momentum seems to also be climbing, with the 14-day RSI rising above the 50 level for the first time in over a week. Should this trend continue, the next obvious target will be the long-term resistance point of $0.1500. WAVES WAVES, on the other hand, was predominantly in the red today, as it extended a recent losing streak that has sent prices down to multi-week lows. Since peaking above $64 to start the month, WAVES has mainly moved lower in April, and today fell to a bottom of $15.98. Today's intraday low... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES, GMT, and EOS Among Big Gainers on Easter Weekend

    Following recent declines in price, WAVES climbed higher to start the weekend, as crypto markets moved marginally higher. Some of the biggest contributors to the gains were EOS and GMT, which both rose by over 6%. EOS EOS rose for a second consecutive session to start the weekend, as prices raced to their highest level in over ten days. After trading at a low of $2.34 on Friday, EOS/USD raced to an intraday peak of $2.52 during Saturday's session. This is the most EOS has hit since April 7, and comes after prices moved away from the long-term support level to start the week. As seen from the chart, this floor was at the $2.20 point, which prices hit following two weeks of declines, which commenced at a top of $3.17. Since this drop, which also saw the 14-day RSI hit a multi-month low of 36.34, price strength has climbed, and now hovers below a ceiling of 52. Should this resistance point be broken, we could see bulls look to push price towards the $2.65 level. WAVES WAVES was also up on Saturday, as traders appear to have finally found a floor, following a recent bearish run. Similar to EOS, prices of WAVES have been battling a red wave since March 29, which is when the recent bear run in crypto markets began. This run has seen WAVES drop to a bottom of $20 on Thursday, which is its lowest point in over five weeks, and an area where bulls typically re-enter. As of writing, WAVE/USD has risen to a high of $22.89 in today's session, after beginning the day tracking closer to ... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES Falls to 1-Month Low, BCH Over 10% Higher on Wedne...

    WAVES fell to a one-month low during Wednesday's trading session, as prices dropped for a second consecutive session. This came as BCH rallied by over 10% on hump-day, hitting a five-day high in the process. Overall, the crypto market cap is 1.17% higher as of writing. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) As crypto prices slowly began to rise on Wednesday, BCH was easily one of the day's biggest gainers. Following a low of $295.20 on Tuesday, BCH/USD rose to an intraday high of $332.87 during today's session. This is the highest level BCH has traded at within the last week, and comes despite its value trading over 4% lower within the same period. Recent momentum in the market has seen prices decline, with BCH trading lower for the last seven out of ten sessions. However, following two consecutive days of gains, BCH is now trading at resistance of $335, with the RSI also hovering below its own ceiling. This level would be the 50.4 point, which has historically been an area of uncertainty, and birthed several bearish runs. Despite this, bulls could be looking to breach this ceiling, and target the $360 area. WAVES WAVES fell by as much as 11% during today's session, however losses somewhat eased as bulls returned to crypto markets this afternoon. Following a run which has seen it drop for ten of the last twelve sessions, WAVES has now fallen to its lowest level since March. As of writing, WAVES/USD hit an intraday low of $20.48, which is its lowest point since March 7, and comes as its recen... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Over 10%, as RUNE, WAVES Down Nearly 20%

    Global crypto markets were trading nearly 6% lower as of writing this, with SOL one of the biggest crypto's to fall during the session. While falling by over 12% on the day, RUNE and WAVES fell by as much as 20% on Thursday. WAVES WAVES was easily one of the biggest gainers in March, as it rose from a low of $10, climbing to a now record high of $64. Since then, WAVES has been in free-fall, falling for six consecutive sessions, and is now trading at a two-week low below $30. As of writing this, WAVES/USD dropped to an intraday low of $27.43 during Wednesday's session, which is its lowest point since March 17. Today's drop means that prices are now almost 50% lower than at the same point last week, and comes as traders continue to dump the token following recent record highs. Looking at the chart, today's fall moved past support at $30, and looks to be in search of a durable floor, which could come at $24. Price strength is also within the oversold territory, relatively speaking, with the 14-day RSI tracking at 40.5, which is the lowest point since February 22. Despite this, we may still see further falls in WAVES, with the long-term floor of the RSI indicator located around the 21 level. Should bears look to weaken this even further, we may soon be tracking below $20. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was another big mover towards the end of last month that has so far struggled for bullish momentum in April. Following a peak of $13.21 just under a week ago, RUNE/USD fell to a bottom ... read More

Waves Stablecoin USDN Tumbles 10%, Founder Accuses Alameda of Price Mani...

    Neutrino, the algorithmic price-stable assetization protocol, serves as an accessible DeFi toolkit. It was built on top of the Waves blockchain and had managed to almost double its market cap in less than a month. However, the protocol's stablecoin project - USDN - de-pegged after sliding down to a low of $0.83 and losing 15% over the past 24-hours. WAVES, the token backing the stablecoin, recorded an even worse decline - by more than 20%. The founder of Waves Protocol, Sasha Ivanov, accused Alameda Research of manipulating the price and shorting. He also claimed that the address indicating borrowing and selling activity of the dollar-pegged token is linked to the SBF-backed cryptocurrency trading firm. BS Conspiracy Theory? Following the latest crash, Ivanov contended that someone reached out to him via Vires Finance to borrow one million WAVES tokens, a request he claimed to have turned down, citing company policy and also assuming that this could be used for shorting. Upon further research, Ivanov asserted that the address behind this was linked to Alameda Research. SBF dismissed the entire fiasco and tweeted, obv bullshit conspiracy theory — SBF (@SBF_FTX) April 3, 2022 Many in the crypto realm have called out the Waves project for being a Ponzi scheme. Some speculated that its recent highs were attained by borrowing USDC stablecoin to purchase its native token, artificially inflating the price of WAVES. Twitter user 0xHamZ recently alleged its initial appreciatio... read More

Biggest Movers: ZIL Rallies to 11-Month High, as SOL and WAVES Extend Re...

    Solana extended recent gains, as it continued to cement its place as the world's sixth-largest cryptocurrency. ZIL also rose on Thursday, following yesterday's 50% increase in its value. All of this came as WAVES jumped by as much as 15% during the session. Zilliqa (ZIL) Although solana (SOL) was higher for a third straight session, hitting a multi-month high in the process, it was zilliqa (ZIL) which was once again the day's biggest gainer. Today's surge saw ZIL/USD climb to an intraday high of $0.218 during Thursday's session, which is its highest point since last May. Following the breakout of the $0.1090 resistance, ZIL has rallied to reach a streak of higher highs throughout the course of the week. Price strength continues to be overbought as a result of these gains, with the 14-day RSI now tracking at 91.51. This is the highest point this indicator has hit on record, which shows that there could only realistically be one direction long-term from this point. As seen from today's candlestick, the wick fell from its earlier highs and now trades at $0.1844, which is likely a result of profit-taking. WAVES The price of waves (WAVES) rose for a fourth consecutive session on Thursday, hitting a new all-time high in the process. Following yesterday's high of $60.03, WAVES/USD climbed to an intraday high of $62.36 during today's trading session. This move came following earlier lows of $49.68, with WAVES prices trading nearly 13% higher than this, as of writing. In addition... read More

Bitcoin Maintains $47K, WAVES Soars 70% Weekly (Market Watch)

    After a few days of consecutive price gains, bitcoin retraced slightly and calmed around $47,000. Most altcoins have also stalled since yesterday, with a few exceptions. Waves is among those with an 11% daily increase and 70% weekly jump. Bitcoin Remains Above $47K It’s safe to say that the past several days went quite well for the primary cryptocurrency. It all started on March 25 when the asset dipped below $44,000 but quickly reversed its trajectory. In the following hours, it added nearly $2,000 of value and spiked above $45,000 for the first time in weeks. It couldn’t maintain that level and retraced shortly after but went back on the offensive on March 28, as CryptoPotato reported. This time, the asset broke above $45,000 decisively and kept climbing to an intraday high of just under $48,000. On the next day, it briefly surpassed that level to mark its highest price point since January 2. Since then, BTC started retracing and even dipped to $46,500 hours ago. Nevertheless, it trades around $1,000 higher now, and its market cap stands at $900 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Waves Soars Weekly The altcoins charted impressive gains in the past few days as well. Ethereum broke above $3,000 last week and kept climbing to mark multi-month highs of its own. It even went north of $3,400 yesterday, but it has retraced to that particular level as of now. Binance Coin stands above $435 after another minor daily increase. Most other larger-cap alts are slightly in ... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up 50% on Tuesday, as RUNE and LUNA Move Higher

    WAVES was undoubtedly Tuesday's biggest gainer, climbing by as much as 50% during the session. Gains in WAVES came as well, as LUNA once again overtook SOL as the world's eighth-largest cryptocurrency. RUNE was also a big mover today. WAVES WAVES was easily the biggest gainer during Tuesday's trading session, as it rose to a new all-time high. This was the second consecutive session in which WAVES rallied, further cementing itself as the world's 32nd largest crypto. Today's peak saw WAVES/USD surge to an all-time high of $53.81, following a low around $31.9 in Monday's session. Looking at the chart, these recent highs have come as prices moved beyond recent resistance of $33.71, which was in place for roughly ten days. Another ceiling which was broken was that of the 14-day RSI, where price strength rose past the resistance of 80.75, and now tracks at 89.38. It is clear that prices are currently overbought, however, while tracking at these levels in the past, we still saw further highs. This will likely create uncertainty for those looking to take positions going forward. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE rose on Tuesday, following two days of declines, with prices gaining by as much as 20% during the session. Following a low of $10.00 to begin the week, RUNE/USD climbed to a peak of $12.82 today, breaking out of its $11.09 resistance in the process. Tuesday's move has now pushed RUNE to its highest level since November 26, as bulls continue to target the all-time high. This would be ... read More

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