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WATCH Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$107.0 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #WATCH today is $0.011 USD.

The lowest WATCH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.011, and the current live price for one WATCH coin is $0.01092.

The all-time high WATCH coin price was $2.02.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of WATCH with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Yieldwatch crypto currency is #WATCH.

Yieldwatch is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Yieldwatch is $107,019.

Yieldwatch is ranking downwards to #1417 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #WATCH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Yieldwatch is $1.00.


The circulating supply of WATCH is 9,800,000 coins, which is 49% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Yieldwatch coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


WATCH is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the WATCH Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


WATCH has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #WATCH trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #WATCH purchase.



Fantom Opera now live on yieldwatch

Update: New L1, PRO/FREE adjustments, value added Features & Token BurnFantom Opera Tracking now live! We are delighted to welcome the Fantom ecosystem and its most popular projects to the yieldwatch family. Alongside a major farming community, there is nearly $10B Total value locked so it was the next logical step to extend into Fantom Opera.Track your yield on FTM Opera Starting today, you can track your performance onSpookySwapSpiritSwapSushiSwapBeefy FinanceGeist FinanceTomb FinanceYearn FinanceReaper FarmScreamIron Bank with additional relevant platforms to follow subsequently. The $WATCH token on Fantom Opera is available to purchase on SpookySwap here. Of course you can also bridge it over from BSC via our friends at Bridging is free from BSC to FTM and only 0.1% from FTM back to BSC.The conditions for PRO access remain unchanged: $1 in $WATCH tokens lets you monitor $200 portfolio value. Fore more details regarding pricing, please check the original article here. As usual, your staked $WATCH or the LP tokens in our partner farms/yield aggregators count for PRO access:Earn $WATCH on Moonpot.comFarm $BANANA on ApeswapFarm $BSW on BiswapFarm $WINGS on JetSwapFarm $MDX on Mdex.comAdjustments for Free/Pro-Users — Polygon/Fantom now available for Free Users. — We closely observed the liquidity flow from BSC to other Layer 1 solutions in the last months. Going forward, Free users wi...


Stake $WATCH to earn $WATCH & win $WATCH + $POTS. — Dear Yieldwatch Community, We are excited to announce a new single-asset staking opportunity for $WATCH with our partners at Starting now, you are able to stake your $WATCH and earn more $WATCH 🏖️ In addition, you have the chance to win one of the main prizes in the monthly lottery draw. Our friends at will donate an additional 1250 $POTS to the first prize pool, thank you Ziggy Moonpot 🚀$WATCH tokens staked on do also count towards the PRO access! ($1 in WATCH ≙ $200 tracking value) Moonpot is a win-win prize game on Binance Smart Chain that rewards everyone who takes part. Deposit crypto in one of Moonpot savings pots and you are automatically entering a prize draw. Moonpot prizes can be worth tens of thousands of dollars (paid in crypto). Even if you don’t win the Moonpot prize, your deposit will always get bigger thanks to the interest paid on your assets. Think of Moonpot as a crypto savings account that also enters you into a monthly big-money prize game. Moonpot is here to help as many people as possible. See your assets safely growing while having fun doing so. DeFi and Moonpot offer an alternative to banks — a world where savers are rewarded with growth rather than punished by inflation. The guys at Moonpot are determined to build a future where saving is enjoyable, profitable, and ...

$WATCH on Polygon is live — Farm with WATCH-MATIC on ApeSwap

$WATCH on Polygon is live — Farm with WATCH-MATIC on ApeSwap — Polygon is now fully integrated into yieldwatch, accelerating user adoption & reach! 🚀. — The $WATCH token just went live on the Polygon Network, enabling Polygon users to fully track their portfolios using yieldwatch PRO without the need to switch blockchains. During our opinion poll, we’ve noticed a strong demand for Polygon and hence decided to go ahead with the support & integration! Yieldwatch PRO users will be able to fully track their Polygon yield farms & LP positions on!Why Polygon? Polygon is a protocol framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem. We’re happy to finally have our token available on the Polygon Network to offer many thousands of users the chance to track their LP & yield farms in great detail within an easy to handle dashboard! With our token being live on Polygon we have the chance to increase our user base significantly by supporting well-known & reliable projects. The aim is to expand & make sure to be the go-to dashboard for all yield farmers & defi enthusiasts that want to observe and observe their agriculture undertaking. This integration is a major move forward for us as we are included in one of the biggest networks in crypto that provides us w...

Polygon (Matic) Tracking is now live on

Today we are proud to announce our highly-anticipated launch on Polygon!The launch is separated into 2 Phases 🔥➡ PHASE 1 (live) We start off with 6 initial partner projects that will be supported from this moment on! Access is available exclusively for yieldwatch PRO users which means you need to have sufficient WATCH tokens ($1 in WATCH value ≙ $200 tracking value) in your wallet or in LP’s in order to access these farms. Once you are logged in as PRO, you can choose between Binance Smart Chain & Polygon (Matic).➡ PHASE 2 (ETA 2–3 weeks) This Phase rings the bell for the launch of our WATCH token on the Polygon Network. We will be adding more quality projects on Polygon and make sure to provide sufficient liquidity for our users. Starting from this phase, users will need to have WATCH tokens on the Polygon network in order to track their polygon farms & LP’s.Which platforms are supported? At launch, we will support tracking functionality for our 6 launch partners, well-known and trusted projects that have been around on Binance Smart Chain for months. We will support tracking of all farms/pools/vaults and token staking. All this with the usual yieldwatch perks of calculating your impermanent loss, your staking rewards, and your trading fees. Track your Polygon yield at:Beefy.FinanceApeSwapWault FinanceJetSwap FinanceSushiSwapCream.Finance After the initial launch phase, the next batch will include...

yieldwatch Community Update July 2021 — Multi-Chain, New Partners & Features

yieldwatch Community Update July 2021 — Multi-Chain, New Partners & Features — It’s been a while since we gave you an overview of our development progress, the milestones we have reached, and our plans for the short-term future.. — Since our launch in January, has grown to be the go-to dashboard for yield farmers on Binance Smart Chain. We have integrated new platforms, introduced new features, and built out a community of as many as 70,000 daily unique users with the number of $WATCH token holders exceeding 24k wallets. As the $WATCH token is a ground-up utility token to access the full potential of our dashboard, we will make sure to focus on building out by adding more features & benefits for our PRO users in the future! With this update, we would like to give newcomers a brief introduction to the PRO access and share some recent and upcoming developments.Polygon/Matic Implementation…coming soon After countless requests from our community and our partner projects, we have started to integrate Polygon/Matic as our first cross-chain venture. For the official launch, we will choose a few selected projects that can be tracked on right from the beginning. After the initial phase, we have plans to bridge the $WATCH token to the Polygon network as well. Our partner projects will make sure that moving your WATCH to Polygon is worth your while :D We expec...

New Integration partnership — Wault.Finance

New Integration partnership — Wault.Finance 🤗We are very pleased to announce our latest partnership with Wault Finance, a well-known project in the BSC ecosystem! The yieldwatch team completed integrating with all their pools & farms! 🧑‍🌾 Wault is joining the yieldwatch family with more than 500m TVL as a respected player, trusted within numerous BSC & ETH communities. Enjoy tracking your positions!Partnership scope Our partnership includes the complete implementation of all Farms/Pools, Locked Staking as well as Vaults! Users can now enjoy tracking their Wault positions on yieldwatch! Part of our new collaboration is a WATCH — BNB farm on Wault.Finance. Watch out for the Wault Finance announcement regarding the exact starting time of the farm! 🔥 It will be having has a fantastic APR and rewards in WEX tokens! Your LP’s will count towards PRO access on! 🌴 You are able to stake your WEX for more WATCH as well, here!Farming with WATCH? 👀 As already mentioned above, Wault will be offering the following to both of our communities:WATCH/BNB farm with a 1X multiplier for 3 months. Make sure your LPs are ready & wait for the announcement!WATCH pool (Stake $WEX, earn $WATCH) with a total of 90,000 $WATCH to be distributed over a period of 2 months!As always, staked WATCH LP tokens will count towards your PRO access! With PRO access on YW, you’re having a...

Apes on the Beach! — yieldwatch has integrated ApeSwap

Apes on the Beach! — yieldwatch has integrated ApeSwap 🐵 — Today we are proud and excited to announce our official partnership with ApeSwap! Welcome to the yieldwatch family, apes!. — ApeSwap, currently the second biggest AMM on Binance Smart Chain, has seen explosive growth during the last weeks and currently sits around $500m TVL. Liquidity on the DEX is constantly growing exceeding $350m with a whopping 130m in daily trading volume. These numbers & the fact seeing a very dedicated team with lots of ambitions played a big role for us to integrate ApeSwap. DappRadar has ApeSwap ranked in the Top 3 DApps on BSC.Partnership scope Part of our deal is a WATCH — BNB pool on with a fantastic APR that counts towards PRO access on! 🌴 Our partnership also includes the complete implementation of all Farms/Pools as well as the ApeZone! Users can now enjoy tracking ApeSwap Farms & Pools on yieldwatch! Obie Dobo, the Ape King of the Jungle (and grandfather of CZ Binance) is just as excited as we are :)“yieldwatch truly has an incredible product and feature set. Having ApeSwap integrated will provide great exposure and meet a request from lots of Monkeys in the Jungle. We are very excited for this”Farming with WATCH? 👀 As already mentioned above & to sweeten the partnership for fellow $WATCH holders, ApeSwap will be offering the following to...

Yieldwatch partners with Band Protocol for decentralized price oracles

Yieldwatch has integrated Band Protocol oracles. Yieldwatch is officially partnering with Band Protocol to integrate decentralized price feeds for all our fiat currencies as a first collaboration step! With well over 80,000 daily average users (DAU), yieldwatch is the go-to Dashboard for yield farmers & lenders on Binance Smart Chain offering a wide array of PRO features for example detailed Liquidity Pool & Impermanent loss stats for serious farmers that benefit from having an edge on the market as well as the option to choose between 16 different fiat currencies! Since the beginning, we made it our mission to collaborate with as many decentralized protocols as possible to further empower an open financial ecosystem especially with our devotion to Binance Smart Chain. Having this said we’re super excited to announce the full integration of decentralized price oracles from Band Protocol powering our global base of fiat currencies! Bandchain is the most trusted & biggest oracle solution on Binance Smart Chain used by various projects securing more than $8B in smart contracts.Usage of Band price feeds Within our Dashboard we’re making use of decentralized Band price feeds for the following fiat currencies: ‘EUR’, ‘THB’, ‘CHF’, ‘GBP’, ‘RMB’, ‘JPY’, ‘AUD’, ‘RUB’, ‘BRL’, ‘SGD’, ‘HKD’, ‘KRW’, ‘CAD’, ‘IDR’, ‘TRY’, ‘TWD’ Expect to see more fiat currenci... partners with

Dear WATCH family! Today we are proud to announce our official partnership with, welcome to the beach 🏖🚀 At the time of writing, is the Top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on CoinGecko by Daily Trading Volume. Currently, the TVL on (BSC) exceeds 2.2b USD with a daily trading volume of more than 2.6b USD. We are excited to work together with one of the biggest DEX worldwide.Scope of our collaboration Our partnership with includes the full implementation of all LP farms as well as the boardroom and trading rewards into the yieldwatch dashboard. We will also be adding additional farms that go live on MDEX in the future. You can start monitoring your MDEX positions (BSC) right now on With PRO access on YW, you’re having a significant edge in tracking your agriculture undertaking! 🧑‍🌾 What are you waiting for?! We will use our co-operation to further strengthen the BSC ecosystem and its adaption in the future. — New $WATCH liquidity pool! EARN MDX with WATCH/BUSD LP. — $WATCH token holders will be happy to hear, that is launching a WATCH/BUSD farm in the coming days. Please stay tuned for an announcement!WATCH/BUSD LP will count towards your PRO access We would like to say thanks to the MDEX team & everyone involved for their professional handling & fruitful discussions and look forward to our cooperation with in the future...

Official partnership with HyperJump

Dear yieldwatch community, it’s time to put on your space suits…there are no bikinis in space! 🏖️👨🏼‍🚀 Our friends at HyperJump have been integrated into yieldwatch since the earliest days when some of them used to hang out on the streets and in traphouses. Long-time BSC users probably know what that means ;) As good things take time and patience, we are finally happy to announce our official partnership that will benefit both projects in the long run.Why HyperJump? HyperJump is one of the OG DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain. Many BSC projects, new and old are beginning to offer their farming tokens as rewards with liquidity pointed to HyperSwap (the AMM in the HyperJump ecosystem). Why? They’ve laid out multiple reasons:Full 0.3% trade fees to liquidity providersDedicated nodes for reliable, up-to-date analyticsFree ChartEx integration for all pairs. Users will be able to chart the WATCH token live.Free Token Listing. No copy and paste of contract addresses required, your token can be listed on the default drop-down menu. Easy peezy.Helmed by a team of BSC Enthusiasts who believe that we grow by helping and encouraging each other. The Hyper Crew is here to help so we all grow together.What’s the partnership about? We have been helping and supporting each other in our efforts to strengthen and improve the usability of the BSC ecosystem for quite some time now. This doesn’t end here. Starting ...


Huge Move Incoming for SHIB? 3 Things to Watch This Week (Shiba Inu Pric...

    Shib's price has been consolidating for the past two weeks and market participants are wondering how long this will last. Key Support levels: $0.0000070, $0.0000064Key Resistance levels: $0.0000075, $0.00000801. Consolidation in Progress The support at $0.0000070 has been holding well so far in September and allowed the price to mode sideways in a tight range between the key levels. This has been ongoing since 11 September and places SHIB in a consolidation phase. Chart by TradingView 2. When will Volatility Return? Whenever SHIB's price consolidates for a while, this usually has an abrupt and violent end that brings a lot of volatility back to it. The current levels in this range will likely not manage to contain SHIB once that happens. With a test of the key support likely, this could be a trigger for that. Chart by TradingView 3. Bullish Cross Loses Momentum The daily MACD made a bullish cross in mid-September, but buyers lost momentum somewhat and did not manage to break the resistance at $0.0000075. Since then, the MACD histogram has been making lower highs, which can be interpreted as slightly bearish. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for SHIB is neutral. Short-Term Prediction for SHIB Price Shiba Inu could soon re-test the key support. As long as it holds, the consolidation continues. However, if the price breaks away from this range expect attention to return to SHIB very fast. The post Huge Move Incoming for SHIB? 3 Things to Watch This Week (Shiba Inu Price Analys... read More

Will Dogecoin Bounce Back To $0.07? Here's What To Watch For

    Dogecoin (DOGE) has been ensnared in a prolonged period of stagnation, hinting at the ongoing battle between the bulls and bears for market control. This extended phase of inactivity has been persistent for over a month, signifying a short-term consolidation stage. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous cryptocurrency market, DOGE enthusiasts and investors are eagerly seeking cues for the coin's next move. A meticulous examination of the daily chart in a price analysis unravels two distinctive patterns that have been shaping DOGE's price trajectory. There is a range formation with defined limits at $0.068 and $0.056, anchoring the coin's recent price movements. In addition, an ominous descending resistance trendline looms large, presenting an additional hurdle for DOGE's potential ascent. Bearish Dogecoin Impediments And Crucial Thresholds In light of the recent downturn in the broader crypto market, DOGE is currently grappling with formidable supply pressure around the $0.063 mark. The persistence of the descending trendline is emboldening sellers, increasing the likelihood of a retest of the enduring support at $0.059. Should this crucial level be breached, validated by a daily candle close, it could potentially intensify bearish sentiments, setting the stage for a 5.5% downturn toward the $0.056 level. However, amidst this challenging terrain, the $0.059 support level converges with an ascending trendline, generating a region of heightened significance. Should the buyers se... read More

BTC Wobbly at $27K After FOMC Meeting, IMX Skyrockets 30% Daily: Market ...

    After several consecutive days of charting new local peaks, bitcoin has finally calmed at around $27,000, which is rather surprising given the US Fed's latest meeting that took place yesterday. Most altcoins are with minor losses today, with Toncoin and Litecoin dropping the most. In the case of the former, the decline is by 6%. BTC Calms at $27K The primary cryptocurrency started gaining traction last week after the Monday crash and spiked to above $26,500 by the middle of it. It kept climbing gradually and shot up above $27,000 by Saturday. It failed to maintain its run during the weekend and retraced to $26,500 by Sunday. However, the bulls stepped up once more at the start of the business week and pushed the asset above $27,000 on several occasions. This culminated in a jump to $27,500 on Tuesday, which became BTC's highest price point in 20 days. Nevertheless, the asset once again ran out of juice and fell back by about $500. More volatility was expected yesterday when the US Federal Reserve announced a slight change in its monetary policy by not raising the interest rates. That was not the case, though, and bitcoin has remained relatively flat at $27,000. Its market capitalization has retraced slightly to $525 billion, but its dominance over the alts has risen to 49.3% on CMC. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView IMX Steals the Show Most altcoins are also slightly in the red on a 24-hour scale. Ethereum and Binance Coin have both retraced by just over 1% and trade at $1,620 and ... read More

SOL Major Breakout and Up 10% Weekly: Three Things to Watch Before $22 (...

    Solana's price has escaped the downtrend and turned green. Key Support levels: $19Key Resistance levels: $20, $221. Breakout in Progress The price is just under $20 at the time of this post which represents a major resistance. If SOL can break above, then the path is clear to the next target at $22. The bias is bullish on this price action. Chart by TradingView. 2. Bullish Momentum Increasing With the downtrend over, Solana can look forward to a sustained relief rally. This is contingent on the price breaking above $20. There is good support at $19 which can also act as a defense line should sellers attempt to stop this bullish momentum. Chart by TradingView. 3. Daily MACD Expanding The last three days saw the daily MACD make higher highs at an accelerated pace in line with the price. If this momentum continues, then Solana could end the week closing in green with double digits. It already booked a 10% gain in the past seven days at the time of this post. Chart by TradingView. Bias The bias for SOL is bullish. Short-Term Prediction for SOL Price Solana has picked up some solid bullish momentum lately. With the price currently on the edge of $20, buyers could eye the resistance at $22 next. Watch these two levels in the coming days as they are decisive for where SOL will go next. The post SOL Major Breakout and Up 10% Weekly: Three Things to Watch Before $22 (Solana Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Solana & Toncoin Among Biggest Crypto Gainers, 3 Other Coins to Watch Th...

    The crypto market is experiencing a rebound, with Solana (SOL) and Toncoin (TON) leading the charge. Both tokens are up significantly in the past week, providing welcome relief for investors. This article takes a closer look at Solana and Toncoin's recent price movements before highlighting three other coins that investors may wish to monitor this week. Solana & Toncoin Soar as Crypto Market Bounces Back First up is Solana, a token many believe could rival Ethereum due to its scalability and efficiency. With its rapidly growing ecosystem, Solana has garnered significant attention from developers and investors – yet this attention hasn’t translated into consistent upside momentum. However, things look like they are about to change, with SOL’s value soaring 13% in the past seven days. At the time of writing, SOL hovers just below the $20 level, where price struggled during the first week of September. Notably, SOL trading volume has increased by over 90% in the past 24 hours – indicating that the investment community is taking a keen interest in its recent momentum. Toncoin has also been showcasing positive momentum, with the token’s value rising by 50% since last Monday. This upward trajectory has pushed TON’s value to around $2.40 – a level that hasn’t been seen since March. TON has closed in the green during three of the past four weeks and looks likely to continue that positive trajectory this week. The token’s recent r... read More

Shiba Inu Gearing Up For A 60% Surge? Key Indicators To Watch

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to be in a pivotal make-or-break moment. As described in our last in-depth price analysis of SHIB, two chart patterns on the 1-week chart could continue to determine the future of SHIB price, and their outlooks could not be more different. We are talking about a bullish triple bottom that points to a possible end of SHIB's two-year downtrend and a descending triangle that has been formed for over 13 months, indicating a bearish trend. Shiba Inu Price Analysis: Update At the moment, the bulls seem to have the upper hand. SHIB was trading at $0.00000741 at press time and managed a weekly close above the crucial support line of $0.00000715 on Sunday evening. With this, SHIB may have fended off the bears' attack for now and is targeting a rise towards the descending triangle resistance line. The possibility of a validation of the triple bottom, a bullish chart pattern, thus remains. The chart pattern is characterized by three lows at roughly the same level, bouncing off a support level and culminating in a breakout above resistance. However, the bulls remain vulnerable. If the SHIB price falls below the $0.00000715 support level, it could confirm the descending triangle and potentially push SHIB towards its year-to-date low of $0.000006. A break of this level could plunge SHIB into uncharted waters and make a new all-time low a grim possibility. On the way up, key resistances include $0.00000880 (23.6% Fibonacci), the descending triangle trendline at a... read More

Watch Out: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Scams Running Rampant

    The popular memecoin Shiba Inu and its advancements are among the most intriguing topics for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. However, these people should keep in mind that the space is full of fraudsters who might use the coin's logo or mention some of the developments to con victims. Here is what individuals should be utterly cautious about.  Beware of NFTs Offering SHIB Rewards The pseudonymous X (Twitter) user 'Shib Informer' issued a warning to Shiba Inu investors to watch out for suspicious non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that offer SHIB rewards, saying this is purely a scam. If you receive a #NFT offering a #SHIB reward for connecting to a site, ignore it! It is a scam. Be safe, #Shibarmy — SHIB INFORMER (@ShibInformer) September 16, 2023 They added that those following the instructions and running the code posted by the bad actors will see their wallets drained. Subsequently, 'Shib Informer' said some fraudsters make it look like prominent individuals such as Elon Musk are involved in mysterious offerings. Nonetheless, they advised that people should observe the 'small details' and always 'check twice' before engaging with such projects. Previous Warnings That SHIB Investors Should Take Into Account The Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dharyiahas also alerted the community about malicious projects containing SHIB's logo or its recently launched layer-2 scaling solution. He opined that wrongdoers 'unethically' include the aforemention... read More

Bitcoin Volatility Incoming? 3 Things to Watch This Week

    The week is shaping up as an important one for the month of September, as there are major developments scheduled to take place in the coming days. From inflation numbers to interest rates, let's dive deeper into the three things you need to watch this week. Monday There's an important hearing in the case between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Binance today. Let's provide a bit of a backstory. Recently, the Commission claimed that Binance has failed to provide sufficient documentation regarding the case, despite having previously agreed to expedited discovery. BAM - the organization that's responsible for Binance's US branch, has submitted some 220 documents, but the SEC alleges that many of them consist of 'unintelligible' screenshots. Moreover, both the SEC and Binance filed a joint protective order that's designed to designate sensitive information as confidential. The hearing that's supposed to focus on that protective order is scheduled for today at 13:00 ET. Tuesday Inflation data tends to have an impact on Bitcoin's price but it's almost always more of a news-related influence. Last week, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics published the updated numbers for its Consumer Price Index (the metric that's largely used to gauge inflation in the country), but this week's, it's time for the European Union to do so as well. The EU is supposed to publish the following numbers on Tuesday - September 19th at 12:00 PM CET: Inflation Rate YoY Final Inflation... read More

Bitcoin Eyes $27K, Chainlink Emerges as Today's Top Performer: Market Wa...

    Bitcoin tried its hand at taking down $27,000 once again earlier today but failed in its tracks, at least for now. While TONCOIN has slipped by more than 3% over the same period, Chainlink's native token has soared by about 6%. BTC's New Attempt Last Monday was a seriously volatile trading day in which BTC first dropped by a grand to a two-month low at under $25,000, but positive news coming from another application for a spot ETF sent it north quickly. As such, the cryptocurrency reclaimed $26,000 and aimed even higher. The rest of the business week was slightly more positive, with bitcoin gradually increasing its USD value. This culminated on Saturday morning when it pumped to $26,900 for the first time in over two weeks. As it happened during the previous attempts to overcome that level, though, the bears came out and halted the initiative. BTC retraced by a few hundred dollars almost immediately and spent the rest of the weekend at around $26,500. Another minor push came earlier today when BTC tapped $26,800 but once again failed to continue upwards. As of now, it still stands below $27,000. Its market cap is inches above $520 billion, and its dominance over the alts is at slightly over 49%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView LINK Pops Up Most larger-cap alts are relatively calm today. Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana, Tron, Polygon, and Litecoin have charted minor gains, while Ripple, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Shiba Inu have charted insignificant losses. TONCOIN has dropped the most... read More

Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $7? Expert Lays Down Critical Levels to Watch

    XRP's price has been on a rollercoaster throughout the past few months, which is mostly because of the case between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The price skyrocketed to almost $1, more or less doubling in value, in a day after Judge Analisa Torres ruled partially in favor of the company, stating that secondary sales of XRP do not constitute investment contracts. This has given fuel to many analysts and market observers to come up with optimistic XRP price predictions. Some of them are even rather outrageous. That said, the latest one sees XRP reaching $7. According to EGRAG CRYPTO, the Monthly time frame chart provides some insightful hints, 'but it's those rock-solid candle bodies that really define market structure.' Source: X Since June lows and XRP has been chugging along the tracks, and guess what? The train has officially left the station and is on its way to Valhalla! The expert outlined that $0.40 to $0.33 remains a possibility but just in the sense of being a 'pit stop.' According to him, the next big challenge will be at $0.80 and then at $1.3. What is more, 'it might just reach those targets in a single candle.' The prognosis outlines a bullish scenario where the main target would be '$2.8 and $5.5, maybe even stretching up to $6-7. These are some serious moonshot goals for XRP.' A potential time frame for this prediction wasn't provided.e The post Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $7? Expert Lays Down Critical Levels to Watch appeare... read More

3 Critical Ripple (XRP) Stats to Watch Beyond the Price

    Ripple's XRP has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for the past three years, and most of it probably came from the importance of the company's case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In fact, as CryptoPotato recently reported, the cryptocurrency ranked very high in a list that tracks the performance of various coins in terms of social engagements. XRP ranked third, following only Bitcoin and Ethereum. And while a lot of the attention goes toward XRP's price, there are other important metrics to keep tabs on. If you're interested in finding out how XRP might perform in the next bull market, though, take a look at our most recent video: With that out of the way, let's have a look at some of the most important on-chain metrics to keep in mind. XRP's Rich List XRP's rich list shows the top addresses holding the most XRP. Data from xrpscan reveals that numbers one and two are held by Ripple themselves, which is to be expected. All other exchanges (except for one) from the top 10 are exchange addresses. They represent the number of XRP their users hold on their platforms. Number 10, however, holds around 650 million XRP and is not labeled on xrpscan. Source: XRPScan Number of Transactions Executed The second important metric that should be kept under consideration is the number of executed transactions. In essence, all blockchain networks are designed to carry out transactions, and their health and current condition can be deduced from the num... read More

SOL Price Prediction: Solana At Make-Or-Break Moment, Key Levels To Watc...

    Solana is eyeing a fresh increase above the $19.00 resistance against the US Dollar. SOL price must settle above $19 and $20 to start a fresh increase. SOL price is attempting a bullish breakout above the $19 resistance against the US Dollar. The price is now trading below $20 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $18.80 on the 4-hour chart of the SOL/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair could gain bullish momentum if it settles above the trend line and $20. Solana Price Eyes Bullish Breakout In the past few days, Solana’s price extended its decline below the $22 support. SOL even traded below the $20 level to move further into a bearish zone. Finally, it tested the $17.40 zone. A low was formed near $17.37 and the price is now attempting a fresh increase, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There was a move above the $18.50 resistance zone. The price even spiked above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $20.60 swing high to the $17.37 low. However, the bears are protecting a close above the $19 resistance. There is also a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $18.80 on the 4-hour chart of the SOL/USD pair. Solana is now trading below $20 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). On the upside, immediate resistance is near the $19.00 level. The first major resistance is near the $19.40 level or the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). It is close to the 61.... read More

Here Are Two Critical Levels to Watch as XRP Tumbles Below $0.48 (Ripple...

    After a period of relatively subdued price movements in Ripple, hovering above and near the critical support zone represented by the 200-day moving average, sellers have finally pushed the price below this crucial indicator, signalling a clear bearish outlook for Ripple's trajectory. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed examination of the daily chart reveals a multi-week consolidation phase that unfolded after the rapid rebound above the 200-day MA in mid-August. Ripple's price exhibited slight volatility throughout this consolidation period, remaining near the 200-day MA, at approximately $0.51. However, the scales tipped in favor of sellers as supply outpaced demand, leading to a surge in selling pressure and, consequently, a drop below the 200-day MA. This MA is typically considered a significant level of either support or resistance, and its breach underscores the prevalence of bearish sentiment in the market, with the potential for further downward movement. While a modest upward retracement, creating a pullback towards the broken MA, remains a possibility, the overall outlook for Ripple is bearish, with the next likely destination being the critical support zone at $0.42. Therefore, the forthcoming price action is of utmost importance, as it could potentially determine the path ahead for Ripple. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Shifting our focus to the 4-hour chart, a well-defined multi-month downtrend becomes evident, characterized by Ripple's c... read More

Bitcoin Flirts With $26K, These 2 Altcoins Skyrocketed Today: Market Wat...

    Bitcoin's price has shown some signs of revival following the price dump on Monday and even tapped a two-week high above $26,500 earlier. From the altcoin side of things, XLM has plummeted the most, while TONCOIN, COMP, and RLB have jumped by double digits. BTC's $26K Endeavor After last week's unsuccessful attempt to overcome $26,000 decisively, bitcoin had lost almost all of its momentum and traded below that level for days, including the stagnant weekend. That changed on Monday evening when the cryptocurrency plummeted by about a grand and marked a two-month low at under $25,000. Nevertheless, the bulls intercepted the move and didn't allow any further declines. Just the opposite, they pushed the asset north, and BTC jumped past $26,000 the next day. Furthermore, bitcoin went to a two-week high at just over $26,500 yesterday evening. However, it has failed to remain there and has lost about $500 since then. As a result, the asset now trades just inches below $26,000. Its market cap has defended the $500 billion mark, while its dominance over the alts is all the way up to 49%. The metric has added nearly 1% within the past few days. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView RLB, TON on a Roll Most altcoins also faced increased volatility within the past day but are relatively calm compared to 24 hours ago. On the one hand, ETH, BNB, TRX, MATIC, and LTC have posted minor gains, while on the other, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, DOT, and SHIB are slightly in the red. Stellar's native cryptocurrency ... read More

5 Upcoming Developments to Watch For as Shiba Inu Gears for Advancement

    Shibarium's Marketing Strategist going by the name LUCIE (on X/Twitter), shared some major developments surrounding Shiba Inu that are about to see the light of day in the future.  They clarified that the key points are focused on the advancement of the memecoin's ecosystem instead of promising a 'wild moon.' According to LUCIE, the upcoming developments include Bone contract renouncing, the launch of Shibaswap 2.0, progress regarding the TREAT token, more attention on the decentralized financial payment network Shibahub, and opening arms to the Metaverse. The Marketing Strategist did not provide an exact timeline for the completion of those milestones, summarizing 'when it's ready.' 'Yes, it won't happen overnight. It takes time, and if we don't come together and spread positive vibes, progress will be slow,' they added. LUCIE outlined that these are steps in the development journey, and 'no price pumping' is involved. The Shiba Inu team is also not promising a 'wild moon.' Instead, its goal is to develop a technology that is separate from the cryptocurrency market.  'Yes, any asset can moon, but no one guarantees anything. Developing with confidence and a positive community will attract more investors. So think about it,' LUCIE concluded. The latest (and most significant) development of Shiba Inu is, by all means, the launch of the layer-2 scaling solution Shibarium. It went live approximately two weeks ago and aims at elevating the memecoin ab... read More

Almost $200 Million Liquidated Amid Bitcoin's Rollercoaster: Market Watc...

    Bitcoin's price finally made a few volatile moves that resulted in dumping to a new two-month low before recovering all losses in hours. Most altcoins went through something similar, but quite a few of them are still in the red on a daily scale, including ETH, XRP, DOGE, LEON, and many others. BTC's Dump and Pump Bitcoin's price was quite sluggish for about a week, which it spent trading in a tight range just below $26,000. The only exception came last Friday morning when it pumped to a multi-day high of $26,400. However, that was short-lived, and the bears pushed it south once more to its previous trading ground. The weekend was expectedly uneventful, but the landscape was prompted to change amid speculations about upcoming sell-offs from FTX. Such a change indeed transpired yesterday evening when BTC slumped by about a grand to a two-month low of just under $25,000. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency bounced off rather quickly and neared $26,000 once again minutes ago. As of now, the asset remains inches below that level. Its market cap has reclaimed the $500 billion mark, while its dominance over the alts has soared to 49% as most alts have underperformed. The enhanced volatility has harmed over-leveraged traders, as the total amount of liquidations has skyrocketed to nearly $200 million on a daily scale, according to CoinGlass. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Alts Still in Red The alternative coins followed BTC on its way down, and even though they have recovered most of the lo... read More

Watch Out For These Massive Token Unlocks This Week

    According to CryptoRank Platform, the cryptocurrency market is about to witness seven substantial token unlocks this week. The first is scheduled for September 12, when the blockchain platform Aptos will release $24.8 million worth of APT into circulation. Events of this type could impact market liquidity and trading volume, thus spurring a price decline for the assets. The biggest such development will happen on September 16, with BitDAO unlocking over 172 million BIT tokens. Calculated at current rates, this amount equals more than $70 million. Other notable unlocks include $53.5 million worth of APE on September 17 and $36 million in UNI coming on the following day. Top 7 Token Unlocks of the Upcoming Week The following tokens with the largest unlock amount will be unlocked next week: - $BIT ($73.4M) - $APE ($53.5M) - $UNI ($36M) - $TRIBL ($35.9M) - $FIL ($27.8M) - $APT ($24.8M) - $SEI ($15.7M) — CryptoRank Platform (@CryptoRank_io) September 9, 2023 While token unlocks are typically considered bearish events as they represent the increase in circulating supply, this is not always the case. As CryptoPotato reported, the cryptocurrency platform Avalanche unlocked 9.54 million AVAX coins at the end of August. Unlike some expectations, the asset's valuation went up in the following days, reaching nearly $11. Almost the same thing was observed in May this year after Avalanche's previous token unlock. AVAX plunged slightly in the hours after... read More

Solana (SOL) Nosedives 8% Weekly, Ripple (XRP) Drifts Below $0.5: Market...

    Bitcoin tried its hand at taking down $26,000 hours ago but was stopped in its tracks, as with a few previous attempts. The altcoins are once again in the red, with XRP, SOL, and TONCOIN dumping the most from the larger-cap ones. XRP, SOL Nosedive The alternative coins have seen better days, and the past 24 hours have also worsened their state. Ethereum and Binance Coin lead with another 1% down for both. As a result, ETH is close to breaking below $1,600, and BNB remains just inches above $210. Ripple and TONCOIN have declined the most on a daily scale, with losses exceeding 3%. Consequently, XRP has further dropped below $0.5, while TON is down to $1.7. Solana is among the poorest performers on a weekly scale, having lost nearly 10% of value. This comes amid speculations that FTX will start disposing of its SOL tokens soon. Dogecoin, Cardano, Tron, Polkadot, Polygon, Litecoin, and Shiba Inu are also in the red from the larger-cap alts, albeit in a more modest fashion for some. Arbitrum's native token has plummeted by 6% and is down to $0.8. The total crypto market cap has seen another $10 billion gone in a day and is down to $1.030 trillion on CMC. Cryptocurrency Market Overview. Source: Quantify Crypto BTC Fails at $26K Bitcoin has also been quite uneventful in terms of price actions lately. This came after last week's $3,000 dump that brought it down to an 11-week low at $25,350. The following days were quite sluggish, with BTC standing below $26,000. The only notable pri... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Loses $26K Again, Stellar (XLM) Defies Market Sentiment: W...

    Bitcoin spiked to a multi-day high above $26,400 yesterday, but that was short-lived, and the asset has returned to a familiar sight at under $26,000. The altcoins are also slightly in the red today, with BNB, ADA, and SOL retracing by over 1%. BTC Fails at $26K Bitcoin's price performance has been anything but impressive for the past 10 days or so, ever since it shot up by $2,000 and then dumped by almost $3,000 days later after Grayscale's win over the SEC. The subsequent violent rejection pushed the asset to an 11-week low of $25,350. The bulls finally stepped up at that point and helped bitcoin recover some ground by the time last weekend had arrived. As such, BTC stood calmly at under $26,000. The following days, including most of the business week, went by uneventfully, with the cryptocurrency stuck at the same spot. It finally made a move upwards yesterday when it pumped to a multi-day high at over $26,400. However, that turned out to be a false breakout, and BTC has lost all the momentum, trading below $26,000 once again now. Its market cap is still just inches above $500 billion, and its dominance over the alts is back down to 48.3%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XLM in Green Most alternative coins have mimicked BTC's performance as of late, with minor gains yesterday and subsequent retracements today. Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron, Polkadot, Polygon, and Shiba Inu have all declined by up to 1%. More losses come from the likes of Binance Coin, Cardano, Litecoin, and... read More

Dogecoin Poised for a 150% Surge? Key Price Levels to Watch

    The price trajectory of Dogecoin has been significantly influenced by Elon Musk's tweets about the meme coin in recent weeks and months. Notably, Dogecoin ascended past the $0.1589 mark in November 2022, following Musk's acquisition of Twitter. Since then, however, DOGE has been on a pronounced downtrend. The anticipation of Musk introducing Dogecoin as a payment method on Twitter remains palpable within the DOGE community. However, outside this sentiment is not shared, underscored by the stark decline in DOGE trading volume, suggesting a diminished presence of speculators and traders. If Musk does integrate DOGE on Twitter, the price reaction is likely to be swift. But what is a good entry price? Monthly Chart DOGE/USD While many older altcoins are plumbing new lows, Dogecoin exhibits a more resilient sideways accumulation pattern on its monthly chart. This chart reveals that the $0.0480 mark is pivotal for Dogecoin. Should DOGE maintain its stance above this price, it could present a viable opportunity for long-term spot investors. This price level is especially interesting as it coincides with the 100-week EMA at $0.04886. However, it's imperative to acknowledge the inherent unpredictability associated with Dogecoin's long-term trajectory, given its meme coin status. Weekly Chart Dogecoin The 1-month chart delineates a clear downtrend. DOGE could fall towards the lower trendline at $0.0480 before another run towards the upper trendline at $0.075. Remarkably, the 30-month... read More

Bitcoin Price Pushes Above $26K, This Cohort of BTC Investors Reach ATH:...

    After days of trading sideways below the $26,000 mark, bitcoin has finally made a move and has pumped above that line. Most altcoins are also slightly in the green, with SOL and CRO adding the most value from the larger-cap ones. BTC Above $26K After last week's enhanced volatility that saw pumps and dumps worth over $2,000 in days, the primary cryptocurrency settled below $26,000 by Friday. The weekend was expectedly uneventful, with little to no actual price movements. The start of the business week didn't bring any fireworks either, with BTC trading in a tight range between $25,600 and $26,000. A bit more volatility came on Wednesday when BTC slipped to $25,400 and pushed toward $26,000 almost immediately after. However, it failed to reclaim that level and went back down again. The past 24 hours brought a new attempt from the bears, which has been more successful for now. Bitcoin jumped to a multi-day peak at $26,400 earlier today, and trades above $26,00 as of now as well, despite losing some ground. Its market cap has increased to $510 billion, while its dominance over the alts has risen by 0.3% to 48.5% on CMC. At the same time, Glassnode informed that a certain cohort of investors, those holding 10 or more BTC, have reached a new all-time high. Addresses Holding 10+ BTC. Source: Glassnode Alts' Relief Most alternative coins are also slightly in the green on a daily scale. ETH and BNB are up by just under 1% and trade at $1,650 and $217, respectively. Similar gains are ... read More

Bitcoin Can't Top $26K, BTC Addresses in Loss at 7-Month High: Market Wa...

    Bitcoin faced some volatility yesterday, which included a $600 pump and dump, but overall has calmed below $26,000 once again. The alternative coins are also displaying untypical stability, with little to no movements from the likes of ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, and others. BTC Addresses in Loss Soar The primary cryptocurrency went through a volatile rollercoaster over a week ago when it skyrocketed by more than two grand in hours following Grayscale's win over the SEC. However, it lost all momentum within the next few days and dumped to even lower levels at $25,350. It managed to recover some of the losses and came inches away from $26,000 by the time the weekend had arrived. Since then, not much has happened with its price movements, aside from a brief dip to $25,400 yesterday, followed by an uptick that was stopped at $26,000. As of now, the asset remains stuck at around $25,700, with its market cap sitting uncertainly at just over $500 billion and its dominance over the alts at 48.2%. According to data from Glassnode, though, the number of BTC addresses in loss has started to climb again and has registered a 7-month peak. BTC Addresses in Loss. Source: Glassnode Alts Sit Quietly Most larger-cap alts have failed to produce significant price movements over the past day as well. On the one hand, assets like ETH, BNB, TRX, DOT, MATIC, and LTC trade with minor gains, while on the other, alts like XRP, ADA, DOGE, and SOL have charted slight losses. The most notable gainer from the top... read More

Is a Relief Rally Next for ADA? Three Key Things to Watch (Cardano Price...

    With support found, ADA is giving some signs of hope a reversal is possible. Key Support levels: $0.25Key Resistance levels: $0.281. Price Holds Above Key Support Cardano managed to consolidate above the support at $0.25 for almost a month. If buyers continue to show interest at this level, then the price could attempt to escape and challenge the resistance at $0.28. Chart by TradingView. 2. Is a Relief Rally Possible? The price action indicates a decisive move is likely approaching. If bulls manage to hold ADA above the key support, then a rally would become likely. This scenario depends largely on the overall market and is contingent on BTC holding above its support at $25k. Chart by TradingView. 3. Bullish Daily MACD Surprisingly, the daily MACD for Cardano turned bullish in late August and has managed to defend this trend since. This is another reason why buyers appear to have control of the price at this time. Chart by TradingView. Bias The bias for ADA is neutral. Short-Term Prediction for ADA Price While it is too early to say where ADA will go next, as long the price holds above 25 cents, this cryptocurrency has a good chance at a relief rally. The post Is a Relief Rally Next for ADA? Three Key Things to Watch (Cardano Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Recovery Rally or Another Crash for SHIB? 3 Things to Watch This Week (S...

    SHIB has found some support, but will it last? Key Support levels: $0.0000075Key Resistance levels: $0.00000831. Support Under Pressure After a significant drop during this past week, SHIB's price seems to have found some relief on the $0.0000075 support. Buyers appear to be interested here, but it is too early to determine if they are strong enough to stop this bearish price action. Chart by TradingView. 2. Downtrend Still Intact This meme coin could not break above the key resistance at $0.0000083 and was pushed lower soon after. In the process, SHIB made new lows not seen since July. As a result, bears still dominate the chart and have kept the downtrend intact. Chart by TradingView. 3. MACD Hints at a Bullish Divergence While the trend remains bearish, the daily MACD histogram shows a bullish divergence with higher lows while the price made new lows. This could eventually allow Shiba Inu to stop the downtrend and attempt a reversal. Chart by TradingView. Bias The bias for SHIB is bearish. Short-Term Prediction for SHIB Price The support at $0.0000075 appears to hold for now. If, for any reason, it will fall, then the next key levels to watch are found at $0.0000070 and $0.0000064. The post Recovery Rally or Another Crash for SHIB? 3 Things to Watch This Week (Shiba Inu Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

This Could Be The Metric To Watch For A Bitcoin Bounce: Santiment

    On-chain data from Santiment suggests that the stablecoin whale supply could be the metric to watch for the likelihood of a Bitcoin bounce. Whale Supply Of Stablecoins Could Hold Key To Bitcoin Rebound In a recent post on X, the on-chain analytics firm Santiment discussed the percentage of the total stablecoin supply that the whales in the sector are holding right now. The 'whales' here refer to entities that are carrying at least $5 million worth of stablecoins in their addresses. Naturally, all stablecoins that are in circulation are included in this metric, regardless of their market caps. 'A tried and true method for predicting where crypto heads next is analyzing big wallets to see the ratio of stablecoins they hold,' explains the analytics firm. Here is a chart that displays the data for the holdings of these humongous investors: The reason that the stablecoin supply of this cohort may be relevant for the rest of the cryptocurrency sector is that it provides a look into the buying power available to these whales. Generally, these holders use stables to store their capital away from the volatility of coins like Bitcoin, but once they feel that the time is right to jump back in, they deploy these fiat-tied tokens back into the other coins, providing a bullish boost to their prices. This can be seen working in action in the chart as well. Back in May-June, these investors had been accumulating, and once their supply had hit a peak and they had started distributing inst... read More

Stellar (XLM) Explodes 10% Daily, Bitcoin (BTC) Stalls at $26K: Market W...

    Despite the massive volatility BTC faced for several days last week, the cryptocurrency has stalled once again at a familiar price level of around $26,000. Most altcoins also sit quietly today, aside from Rocket Pool, Synthetix, and Stellar, all of which are up by double digits. BTC Back at $26K The primary cryptocurrency had traded sideways at around $26,000 for a long time until last Tuesday when Grayscale's legal win over the US Securities and Exchange Commission rattled all cages. Bitcoin, fueled by the potential of turning GBTC into a spot BTC ETF, skyrocketed by over two grand in hours and charted a multi-week peak above $28,000. While the community was preparing to see the SEC crumble, the agency made a somewhat expected move and delayed the decision on all spot BTC ETF applications for another 45 days. This, alongside the declining hype over Grayscale's victory, led to a massive price retracement. Bitcoin plummeted by nearly $3,000 in the span of two days and dumped to an 11-week low of $25,350. Nevertheless, it managed to bounce off, recover several hundred dollars, and has since traded at around $26,000, as it did seven days ago. Its market capitalization has settled at $505 billion, and so has its dominance over the alts at 48.4%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView XLM on the Rise Most altcoins have painted insignificant gains over the past 24 hours. Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, Tron, TONCOIN, Polkadot, Polygon, and Litecoin are also slightly in the gr... read More

DYDX Is Up By 11% In A Week, But Investors Must Watch Out For This Event

    DYDX, the native token of a decentralized exchange (DEX) with the same name, has been on a good run in the past few days. According to CoinGecko data, the cryptocurrency’s price jumped by 10.7% in the past week, reflecting a positive performance after an unfavorable start to August. However, there has been rising concern that this spurt of bullish momentum may be short-lived. And the upcoming token unlock event is the primary source of this skepticism. dYdX To Unlock $13.8 Million Worth Of Token In Single Event Token unlock events are not a strange phenomenon in the cryptocurrency space, as many blockchain networks and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have a portion of their token supply locked - to be released periodically. DYDX is one of those tokens with a locked supply and its next token unlock event is happening on Tuesday, August 29. In the latest iteration, the decentralized exchange will unlock $13.82 million worth of its native token to be distributed to its community treasury and rewards for liquidity providers and traders, according to data from Token Unlocks. The token tracking dashboard shows that the DEX will release 6.52 million DYDX tokens, which accounts for 3.76% of the token’s current circulating supply.  Breaking this figure down, 2.49 million tokens - equivalent to $5.279 million at the current market price  - will be allocated to the community treasury, which funds contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, ... read More

These Alts Have Dumped the Most Weekly While BTC Stalls at $26K: Weekend...

    Bitcoin's price performance over the past 24 hours is hardly surprising given the lower trading volumes during the weekends, and the asset has not moved an inch from its $26,000 level. The altcoins are also highly stagnant on a daily scale, but some have posted notable losses since last Sunday. BTC Boring at $26K Bitcoin was in a similar situation last week - meaning it had stalled for weeks at around $29,000 - before a sudden price dump took it south by over $3,000 to chart a two-month low. It tried to recover some of the losses but eventually settled at $26,000. The previous weekend was uneventful, and the asset stood quietly at around that line again. Nothing really changed at the start of the business week, and BTC failed to make a move. It finally did on Wednesday when it dipped by over $500. However, the bulls quickly intercepted the move and pushed the cryptocurrency north. This Thursday brought a more notable price increase that drove bitcoin all the way up to $26,800. Nevertheless, BTC failed there and returned to $26,000, where it has been stuck for the past 48 hours. As a result, its market capitalization has remained at under $510 billion, and its dominance over the alts is just shy of 48.5%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView The Weekly Losses Although they are more volatile by nature, the alternative coins have also been quite sluggish in their price movements over the past few days and the weekend has not changed that. Aside from TONCOIN, which is up by over 3% today,... read More

XRP Price At Make-Or-Break Moment, Key Levels To Watch

    The XRP price is facing an extremely crucial juncture, which could become a make-or-break moment for the cryptocurrency. After the XRP token managed to rally almost 100% after the summary judgment in the case between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there is almost nothing left of the gains just 43 days after the ruling, NewsBTC reported. However, this is far from the worst. The recent price decline has brought XRP to key support levels that must be held at all costs to avoid another deep fall. At the same time, there is hope due to the formation of an extremely rare golden cross on the 1-week chart. Golden Cross: A Beacon For XRP Bulls? As of August 25, 2023, XRP stands at $0.5115. The weekly chart reveals the much-discussed golden cross, a phenomenon where a short-term moving average surpasses a long-term one, often hinting at a shift from a bearish to a bullish trend. In XRP's case, the 50-week EMA has moved above the 200-week EMA. This movement is typically seen as a harbinger of an impending upward trajectory. However, the tokens price is teetering just above the 200-week EMA, pegged at $0.5083. A weekly close below this figure could spell trouble. Not only would it undermine this crucial indicator, but it might also negate the golden cross's significance. Moreover, the uptrend line (black), which has been intact since early January, could be jeopardized if XRP dips below the $0.50 mark on a weekly basis. Given this backdrop, the golden ... read More

Bitcoin Neared $27K But These Altcoins Are Outperforming BTC: Market Wat...

    After days and days of trading sideways without any movements upwards, bitcoin finally went on the offensive in the past 24 hours and came close to $27,000. Nevertheless, the primary cryptocurrency has been outperformed by the likes of SOL, ADA, TON, MKR, and more. BTC Closing Down to $27K? After last week's massacre that brought bitcoin from about $29,000 to $25,300 (a two-month low) within a single day, the asset started to show enhanced signs of stagnation. The next several days, including the typically less volatile weekend, were quite boring, with BTC standing at around $26,000. The only more notable move came yesterday when bitcoin fell by over $500 but recovered the losses almost immediately. As such, it had calmed at around $26,000 before the bulls stepped on the gas pedal and pushed it north by $800. This resulted in a 6-day high of $26,800. As of now, BTC has lost some steam, but it's still over 1% up on the day. Its market cap has neared $515 billion, and its dominance over the alts is close to 48.5%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Alts See Green (Finally) The altcoins suffered just as badly and even worse when BTC plummeted last week, and they failed to produce any substantial gains in the following days. The landscape today seems more positive, with green dominating the charts. Ethereum is close to $1,700 after a 1.7% increase, BNB has tapped $220 following a 2.5% jump, while XRP has maintained $0.5 after a 1.5% pump. Cardano, Solana, and TONCOIN have performed even... read More

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