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VeThor Token  


VTHO Price:
$3.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$30.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VTHO today is $0.00114 USD.

The lowest VTHO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00114, and the current live price for one VTHO coin is $0.00113636.

The all-time high VTHO coin price was $0.042.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VTHO with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of VTHO at different market capitalizations.


The code for VeThor Token crypto currency is #VTHO.

VeThor Token is 5.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for VeThor Token is $30,095,349.

VeThor Token is ranking downwards to #363 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #VTHO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for VeThor Token is $3,120,211.


The circulating supply of VTHO is 26,483,950,216 coins, which is 68% of the maximum coin supply.

VeThor Token has a relatively large supply of coins, 218 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


VTHO is a token on the Vechain blockchain.


VTHO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #VTHO trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #VTHO purchase.



Announcing The Launch Of VORJ, Vechain’s ‘Web3-as-a-Service’ Platform — Blockchain Made Easy

Announcing The Launch Of VORJ, Vechain’s ‘Web3-as-a-Service’ Platform — Blockchain Made Easy - Since launch, Vechain’s focus has been building technologies that solve obstacles impeding mass adoption of blockchain technology. Today, one of the most important pieces of technology in this mission officially launches — VORJ. With it, vechain launches a platform that almost entirely abstracts the blockchain development process away, opening up Web3 building to the masses, regardless of technical expertise. VORJ is a no-code Web3-as-a-Service platform that enables anyone to create, deploy and interact with smart contracts on the VechainThor blockchain — you no longer need to understand solidity to get involved. Head to VORJ, create a free account to start deploying digital assets on the VechainThor blockchain! — A New Era of Web3. — The ethos of VORJ is simple: Make blockchain easy. VORJ combines the familiar Web2 user experience with the ability to create Web3 digital assets from just a few clicks. Users don’t even need to manage crypto assets to pay for transaction costs as fees are handled by VORJ itself, eliminating a key barrier to entry. As the VechainThor blockchain is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, VORJ offers secure and battle tested OpenZeppelin smart contracts, considered the industry standard. The VORJ beta release currently offers the creation of fungible ERC-20 co...

SafeTech Labs Deploys Thor Mainnet Node Clusters In Europe, United States, Supporting Developers…

SafeTech Labs Deploys Thor Mainnet Node Clusters In Europe, United States, Supporting Developers And The VechainThor Blockchain - Vechain’s mission is building robust foundational blockchain infrastructure and driving Web3 adoption throughout the global economy. Achieving this demands a resilient network with reliable accessibility for developers and enterprises building decentralised solutions. Today, we’re pleased to share we’ve joined forces with talented collaborators, SafeTech Labs, to deploy mainnet node clusters across Europe and the United States, increasing the resilience and robustness of the VechainThor public blockchain. Only by embracing the spirit of Web3 and decentralising infrastructure building can blockchains truly thrive. Safe Infrastructure SafeTech Labs, the company behind and the newly spun up Thor mainnet nodes, are experts in the development and management of blockchain-related technologies and consultation. They specialise in Web3 API Gateway, blockchain & Dapp development, designing hardware infrastructure, and security engineering to power the digital transformation of business processes. Safe Tech Labs deployed three sets of Thor node clusters in Europe and the US, increasing the diversity of mainnet access points for developers and increasing reliability of other infrastructure, such as vechain’s VeWorld Web Wallet, providing users additional nodes in case of connectivi...

Fee Delegation Added To The VeWorld Wallet, Eliminating User Transaction Fees — Onboarding The…

Fee Delegation Added To The VeWorld Wallet, Eliminating User Transaction Fees — Onboarding The Next Billion - Vechain continues to pioneer development of ground-breaking technologies that overcome the obstacles of blockchain adoption. One of our most powerful features — fee delegation — has allowed leading global enterprises to use the VechainThor public blockchain without paying transaction fees or managing crypto assets directly. This incredibly innovative feature has opened many doors for vechain and continues to place us at the centre of real-world business blockchain development. Today, we’re excited to share we’ve implemented fee delegation in our official Web Wallet — VeWorld — eliminating the need for users to manage their own transaction fees and opening the doors to mass adoption. — Breaking Down Adoption Barriers. — With VeWorld, our mission was making blockchain as simple as possible. With this update, we’ve unlocked powerful capabilities for developers, marketplaces, DApp users and ultimately, members of the public who simply wish to use blockchain applications without the traditional pitfalls. In the current paradigm, users must navigate crypto exchanges, purchase tokens and send them to their personal wallets, all the while taking care to select the correct networks, public addresses and so on. For many, this hurdle is problematic, presenting a key challenge for ...

Vechain Dev Tool Update — Electi Consulting and Vechain Deploy Ethereum Tools To Expedite Web3…

Vechain Dev Tool Update — Electi Consulting and Vechain Deploy Ethereum Tools To Expedite Web3 Adoption - Vechain is dedicated to building the optimal real-world-ready blockchain environment and enabling full-scale adoption of web3 technologies. Our imminent web3-as-a-service platform, VORJ, offers builders one of the most versatile blockchain tool suites on the market, and caters for users with little-to-no experience building blockchain solutions. To ensure the greatest level of interoperability, we’ve been adapting popular tools to align with standards published by the world’s biggest public blockchain, Ethereum. In September 2022, vechain and Electi Consulting entered into a strategic partnership to advance this goal. Electi Consulting is a leading technology consultant consisting of a motivated team of professionals with deep cryptography and blockchain experience. With them, we’re deploying some of Ethereum’s most powerful tools as well as revamping vechain’s developer documentation. The first result of our collaboration went live on Friday 24 March in the form of a Hardhat plugin and library. — Vechain-Compatible Hardhat Launch. — Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that helps coders and developers test, compile, deploy and debug DApps. Its launch marks an important step towards increasing the ease of building on the world’s leading enterprise-grade public blockchain. Whether...

VeChainStats Launches Carbon Calculator, Bolstering Vechain’s Role In The Digital-Sustainable…

VeChainStats Launches Carbon Calculator, Bolstering Vechain’s Role In The Digital-Sustainable Revolution Reliably tracking carbon emissions has proven to be an incredibly difficult task — one of the key challenges is harmonising each contributing factor for a given emission value. With the advent of blockchains, humanity finally has the power unite and synthesise these data in a transparent and secure manner. VeChainStats recently launched their carbon calculation tool, developed in consultation with globally renowned consultation and certification experts, DNV. The carbon calculator allows users and enterprises to calculate the emissions of their blockchain-based activities, offering a robust base from which to build carbon calculating methodologies to track upstream and downstream emissions. With the launch of this new tool, vechain takes a major step towards its future as the global platform of sustainability objectives. Check it out here! — New Times, New Tools. — VeChainStats’ carbon calculator considers 34 variables, including emissions data from Cloud providers, their premises, local geographies and factors such as how many Authority Masternodes nodes are run in local instances. Future iterations of the calculator will be become dynamic, based on real-time values as recording capabilities become more advanced. The tool allows vechain to quantify the lifetime emissions of the VechainThor blockcha...

Vechain Completes Integration With DappRadar — Opening Up The VechainThor Ecosystem

In keeping with our promise to continue supporting and expanding the vechain ecosystem, we’re excited to share that, as of today, vechain has been formally integrated with DappRadar, the world’s largest global Dapp store and cross-chain Dapp community. Users can now submit their vechain-based Dapps and expand cross-chain visibility to a platform with roughly 1.5 million monthly users. — Expanded Horizons - Integration with DappRadar provides the vechain community an opportunity to gain visibility on one of the most popular global repositories for decentralised applications. DappRadar has long been the home of the global Dapp community, featuring almost all major blockchain platforms and their ecosystems. With this integration, we’re raising the profile of vechain as a leading layer 1 blockchain with the tools and technologies to help everyone build their dreams. To submit your Dapp, head to this link and follow the instructions. To view DappRadar’s publication on the launch, see this link. — VeFam Levelled Up - We’re kicking off 2023 on a fierce trajectory, with a rich technical roadmap including powerful new tech features such as the VeWorld web wallet, VORJ and plenty more designed to empower and enrich our community and we’re far from finished. Our support and community talent will play a key role in driving vechain to a prosperous future as we head into a turning point for global adoption of blo...

The HiVe — Legendary Speakers Share VeChain Innovations, Plus Epic VeFam Afterparty

The HiVe — Legendary Speakers Share VeChain Innovations, Plus Epic VeFam Afterparty - Recently we unveiled ‘The HiVe’, a Web3 and sustainability-focused summit built to showcase how VeChain is advancing global sustainability goals using blockchain technology. Taking place on March 4th, Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort, the free-to-attend event will present ground-breaking developments and hear from global leaders helping advance sustainability objectives using web3 technology. Following the day, we’ll head off to an epic night of partying courtesy of the UFC, alongside the VeChain community and fellow attendees. Sounds too good to miss, right? Grab your free limited tickets below — Applications are closing soon! — Legendary Speakers To Share Blockchain Innovations. — Joining us to share their contributions to the VeChain ecosystem are two Physics Nobel Prize winners, Professor Sir Andre Geim FRS and Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov FRS, famous for their work in the field of graphene, a 21st century wonder material. Their research with VeChain is advancing carbon capture and tokenization of carbon emissions. In addition, we’re excited to welcome Vinay Shandal, Boston Consulting Group’s Head of Climate and Sustainability Practice for North America who joins us to unveil our new whitepaper, and dive in to a ready-for-market incentivised ecosystem model built for many kinds of...

Announcing the Launch of VeChain’s New Official Fully Decentralised Crypto Wallet — VeWorld!

Announcing the Launch of VeChain’s New Official Fully Decentralised Crypto Wallet — VeWorld! - 2023 is proving to be an exciting year for the VeChain Foundation. We’ve many tech developments in the pipeline, including a near-term deployment of some ground-breaking tools that promise to lower barriers to entry and elevate the VeChainThor ecosystem even further. Our mission has always been ‘taking the blockchain out of blockchain’, and the newest addition to our tech suite is no exception. As we all know, the first step on any blockchain journey begins with a wallet and we’ve been toiling away to deliver one of the best in the industry. Today, we’re excited to announce ‘VeWorld’ is finally here! — Welcome to VeWorld. — VeWorld is the Foundation’s new fully decentralised self-custody wallet — aptly named due to its role as the gateway to the world of VeChain. This new wallet introduces many quality of life upgrades for the VeChain ecosystem, with an extensive roadmap of features in the pipeline. VeWorld initially launches as a web wallet and will be iteratively upgraded on a bi-weekly cadence by a dedicated team of Foundation developers. Mobile and desktop versions of the wallet will launch in Q3, allowing users to download a version that suits them best. Head to to download a copy! At launch, VeWorld allows users to perform a variety of crypto-related actions, such as c...

Announcing The Imminent Launch Of Voting For The 2023 VeChain Foundation Steering Committee…

Announcing The Imminent Launch Of Voting For The 2023 VeChain Foundation Steering Committee Elections - Decentralised decision making is a cornerstone of web3. When we kicked off the 2023 Steering Committee elections, we wanted to ensure all eligible community members and professionals had the ability to freely run for a spot in the new Steering Committee and help us establish a more decentralised governance structure at the heart of the VeChain Foundation. We’re incredibly impressed by the calibre of participants and grateful to everyone who put their name forward. Through a series of Twitter Spaces, we’ve heard from a variety of candidates who have shared their thoughts about the future of VeChain and the Steering Committee. This event offered a key opportunity to bring in expertise and experience of individuals from across different industries who share a common goal of helping VeChain grow and succeed even further. These elections also mark a step towards helping us evolve a DAO-like governance structure for the Foundation, with choices and direction ultimately decided by eligible voting stakeholders. — Power to the People. — The recent election process has been met with great enthusiasm from the community. In addition to the current Steering Committee members and VeChain employees, there have been 10 external candidates from different industries who have been willing to contribute their time, effort and...

Announcing The Winning Order of the VeChain Anthem Contest!

It’s been amazing watching our creative community create top-notch content for the #VeChainAnthemContest — a massive thank you for all who took part and made this contest so epic. Before we present our winners, we wanted to share a reminder of what’s up for grabs: 1 x Diamond: $20,000, 1 x Platinum: $10,000, 1 x Gold: $7,000, 1 x Silver: $3,000, 6 x Bronze: $1,000, 4x Honourable mentions: $500, — VeChain Anthem Contest Finalists - We won’t keep you in suspense any longer — let’s find out the order of our finalists! Diamond: ‘ VeChain Soldiers’ by Airworthy & DJ Burnz Platinum: ‘VeChain Anthem ‘by Rick Douma & Danique Bras Gold: ‘VeChain Anthem Rap’ by SongGuy Silver: ‘Stacking VET’ by Illuminaticongo Bronze: ‘Validation Stays Key’ by Prince Neeta, ‘VeChain Revolution’ by Aelios, ‘VeChain Warriors’ by Adam Barakhat, ‘Verify’ by Mindy Song, ‘Illumination’ by WaZa, ‘Changing the Game’ by Febsu, A massive congratulations to all our winners who each take home a cash prize. Please reach out to the VeChain Foundation’s Official Twitter to begin claiming your prize! — Honourable Mentions - With so much talent, we added a few more prizes to the pool — the following nominations also take home a $500 VeUSD prize: Best Vocal: ‘Hodling On’ by JGats, Most Creative Script: ‘GEЯꓨ’ by Gergisgood, Most Humorous: ‘What would S...


Dohrnii DAO Crypto Giveaway: Ready to Win $100K in Bitcoin?

    Do you want to win $100,000 in BTC? Yes, that's right – Dohrnii DAO has recently announced a major crypto giveaway! In celebration of the DHN token launch, and the promise to give back to their community, they're offering this unique opportunity to whoever buys DHN from June 6 to August 7, and stakes for a minimum of 6 months. 'We know the crypto space is full of opportunities, which is why we want to encourage its massive adoption through DHN. Dohrnii's utility token aims to empower people in crypto through education. That's what this 100K giveaway is all about: a life-changing incentive to empower you on your journey to financial freedom', explained Dadvan Yousuf, Dohrnii's CEO. A total of $100,000 USD is up for grabs. This unique opportunity gives DHN token holders and stakers the chance to be awarded a grand prize in BTC. The initiative is proof of the strong belief in the crypto industry that has already changed the lives of millions of people. How to Participate Buy a minimum of 500 DHN. Stake at least 500 DHN for a minimum of 6 months on the Dohrnii wallet. Send proof of your staking to the @DohrniiGiveaway Telegram. Like and Retweet the giveaway official tweet. Step-by-step to buy and stake DHN Buy the DHN token You will need to have the DHN token on the VeChain network For that you have 2 options: a) Buy DHN on Vexchange DEX You will need the VET coin and VTHO – you can buy them from any centralized exchange. You will need a Sync wallet, the o... read More

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