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VeThor Token  


VTHO Price:
$6.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$81.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VTHO today is $0.00308 USD.

The lowest VTHO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00308, and the exact current price of one VTHO crypto coin is $0.00308046.

The all-time high VTHO coin price was $0.042.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VTHO with market cap of BTC and how the supply of VTHO affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for VeThor Token crypto currency is #VTHO.

VeThor Token is 5.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for VeThor Token is $81,582,790.

VeThor Token is ranked #379 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #VTHO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for VeThor Token is $6,496,898.


The circulating supply of VTHO is 26,483,950,216 coins, which is 68% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, VeThor Token has a large supply of coins, 1,204 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


VTHO is a token on the Vechain blockchain.


VTHO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Vechain and AWorld Join Forces To Calculate Carbon Footprints and Reward Virtuous Actions

Recently, we announced the launch of a vechain Challenge on AWorld, a sustainability gamification platform in support of the UN’s ACTNOW program. AWorld allows users to log and record their sustainability-related activities, form global teams and generate collective action for all manner of environmental topics. Following the go-live of our Challenge, users can record information about their daily habits in an immutable manner, generating digital certificates in the form of NFTs that authenticate and preserve information. With AWorld, we’re helping showcase the power of Web3 for sustainability, integrating blockchain tools directly onto a Web2 platform, generating VechainThor wallets for their userbase and creating an opportunity to directly engage with our technologies for sustainability causes. — Vechain, AWorld and the Nitto ATP Finals — Serving Up Sustainability. — We’ve other exciting developments surrounding our collaboration, too, kicking off at the Nitto ATP Finals 2023 — the prestigious men’s tennis tournament taking place at the Pala Alpitour in Turin between November 12 to 19. Inside the Fan Village, visitors can experience AWorld’s Carbon Footprint Station, hosted at the vechain booth. They can answer a few simple questions to calculate their CO2 emissions and receive advice on how to reduce their personal impact in terms of nutrition, mobility, transportation, consumption, and mo...

VechainThor & Biological Fuel Cells - Cutting Edge Biotech To Transform Sustainability Landscape…

VechainThor & Biological Fuel Cells - Cutting Edge Biotech To Transform Sustainability Landscape; Editorial By Steering Committee Member Professor Qi Ge - The following is an editorial by vechain Steering Committee member, Lecturer, physicist and 2D Materials researcher, Professor Qi Ge. Prof. Ge’s pioneering research is unlocking the exciting world of 2D materials that, in combination with the VechainThor blockchain, are offering new ways to transform technology, global infrastructure and address common challenges we face in our transition to a truly sustainable economy. _________________________________________________________________ Sustainable solutions will undoubtedly dominate our technology in the near future. Electricity generated from renewable sources (such as wind, tidal waves, solar power, geothermal, etc.) which do not consume mineral resources; electric and hydrogen vehicles, which do not emit greenhouse gases; more efficient computers, appliances, and other utilities, which reduce the overall energy consumptions. But more and more often we can hear the questions on how green actually are our green technologies. Hydrogen production by the electrolysis of water needs new catalysts — causing a boost in extraction of certain elements (like platinum) from the Earth’s crust. Electric cars require lithium batteries — meaning increase in consumption of this element as well. Battery manufacturing ...

Vechain’s Coinbase Learn Campaign Goes Live — 750k -1 Million KYC Users To Be Educated and…

Vechain’s Coinbase Learn Campaign Goes Live — 750k -1 Million KYC Users To Be Educated and Onboarded To VechainThor - Exciting news, VeFam! We’re pleased to share that our enterprise-grade blockchain, VechainThor, is now featured in Coinbase’s Learn program designed exclusively for their 100M+ global users. The launch of the campaign comes after the listing of our native tokens, VET and VTHO, earlier this year. With the campaign live, we’re able to educate and inspire a new wave of users about our blockchain ecosystem, adoption successes, sustainability-initiatives and builder focus as a layer one blockchain platform. Access the campaign (mobile only) here! — The World Learns About Vechain. — Our Learn Campaign is multi-pronged, comprising both simple and advanced tasks. Users can participate in either program, or both, earning up $12 in VET rewards. The two programs consist of the following: Simple Learn two educational quizzes, each of which rewards users with $1 in VET if they answer each set of questions correctly., Advanced Learn users must download and interact with VeWorld, after which they can go on to explore decentralised applications in the vechain ecosystem. Users earn $10 for completion of this program., In addition, VeWorld mobile just finished integrating Coinbase Pay, allowing users to buy and receive VET directly in their VeWorld mobile wallet, and receive Coinbase Quest payouts...

Recap: Sunny Lu and BCG’s Fireside Chat at Money20/20 – Crypto Innovation, Tokenomics and…

Recap: Sunny Lu and BCG’s Fireside Chat at Money20/20 – Crypto Innovation, Tokenomics and Sustainability - Under the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip, Sunny Lu, Co-Founder and CEO of vechain, met Boston Consulting Group (BCG) at Money 20/20. During the event, the duo discussed vechain’s mission, values, and the sustainability challenges being tackled with a Web3 approach, through tokenization and blockchain. The pair delved into the concept of “X to Earn”, a core tenet of vechain’s strategy plan to build green, tokenized sustainability ecosystems. Our relationship with BCG continues to grow, with the top management consultant showing a keen appetite in helping vechain push the fore of enterprise blockchain adoption for sustainability. — Money 20/20 – A Hub For Web3 Innovators. — Sunny Lu, a crypto pioneer, began the session recounting his journey into the world of blockchain. His initial encounter with Bitcoin in 2013 sparked intrigue, which led to more in-depth exploration of the crypto-verse. He found himself venturing into mining and pool operation before too long, and Ethereum’s smart contract platform not long after that. He discussed how his experiences led to a firm belief in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and its ability to vastly enhance enterprise capabilities, particularly in the realm of information sharing and data management. One of the central themes of t...

Announcing The Vechain x Venum Brazil Partnership— Taking Blockchain Mainstream With MMA Apparel…

Announcing The Vechain x Venum Brazil Partnership— Taking Blockchain Mainstream With MMA Apparel Integration - Venum Brazil, who recently opened a flagship store in Sao Paulo, unveiled a unique, co-branded apparel collection incorporating vechain’s NFC, NFT, and blockchain technologies. This exciting venture not only emphasizes the viability and value-add of our tech for global brands and commercial usage, but highlights the significance of our global marketing partnership with the UFC and its ability to open doors and extend our reach. — A Fusion of Fighting, Fashion and Technology. — Venum Brazil’s technical integration is a snippet of a digital-driven future, where the physical and digital realms blend seamlessly — a concept neatly captured by the portmanteau “phygital”. Venum Brazil’s embracing of blockchain is a step towards a digitisation trend that promises to open up entirely new commercial avenues for global brands, and represents a paradigm shift for commerce at-large. The bespoke apparel collection, inspired by MMA legends, is symbolic of Venum Brazil’s recognition of excellence, both of celebrated MMA figureheads and a pioneering spirit that has seen the company emerge as a leading global proprietor of sportswear. — Vechain’s Blockchain Integration. — Each item in the collection leverages the core attributes of blockchain to guarantee authenticity and provenance, while...

Vechain & Boston Consulting Group Announce Movelo, FiTag, and PropelPixel as Hackathon Winners at…

Vechain & Boston Consulting Group Announce Movelo, FiTag, and PropelPixel as Hackathon Winners at Harvard University - The following is a copy of the press release published following the completion of the successful vechain/Boston Consulting Group x EasyA hackathon. Video and image content will follow in the coming weeks. ________________________________________________________________ Winners of the hackathon, hosted in partnership with EasyA and BCG, were awarded a portion of $46,000 and commended for their achievements in developing decentralized applications focused on sustainable growth Boston, USA — October 10th, 2023 — Vechain, a leading enterprise-grade L1 public blockchain, has announced the winners of its sustainability-themed hackathon — a 36-hour-long event hosted at Harvard University in partnership with Web3 educational mobile app, EasyA, and global consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Vechain track winner: Movelo, a move-to-earn application that offers companies the opportunity to sponsor and reward users for sustainable transportation choices such as walking, biking, or ride-sharing., BCG track winner: FiTag, a project that delivers a new shopping experience for luxury brands, enabling supply chain transparency through blockchain and NFC tags, digital twins, loyalty-program NFTs, and AR shopping., ‘Shark Tank’ Pitchathon track winner: PropelPixel, an eco-friendly travel s...

Vechain Foundation Tech Update Series — October 2023

Vechain Foundation Tech Update Series — October 2023 - In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, vechain’s approach to real-world adoption continues to garner growing interest. The teams at our European Technology Centre are working hard adapting and evolving the best technical solutions from across the crypto-sphere to provide the best toolset possible for enterprises and developers. Meanwhile, we continue to push ahead developing innovative tools of our own, such as VORJ, our no-code, no-cost Web3 as a Service digital asset platform. In a recent video interview with Cheeky Crypto, CTO Antonio Senatore goes into great depths about a day in the life of the man running vechain’s new Technology Centre. Check it out! If you missed our last tech update, catch up here. Let’s dive into the meat of the proverbial sandwich and see what the team at vechain have been up to! — Services - — VORJ — Web3-as-a-Service Platform Updates. — Last update we introduced: IFPS integration for NFTs, Tokenized vaults via ERC-4626, New ERC-721 NFT creation flows, Roles Based Access Controls (RBAC), And work continues at a rapid pace! Since then we’ve been working on: — World of V Direct NFT Marketplace Integration. — With a direct integration with World of V, a leading marketplace on the VechainThor blockchain, users can now create, deploy, mint and list their collection all through...

Vechain Financial Report — Q2 2023

Vechain Financial Report — Q2 2023 - Dearest VeFam, We are delighted to present vechain’s financial report and ecosystem updates for the second quarter of 2023. This report provides a comprehensive overview of our financial performance, activities, and strategic developments during the period. As of June 30, 2023, our total treasury value stands at $311,363,588.15, reflecting a combination of stablecoins, plus BTC/ETH/VET holdings. The value of our treasury reflects our commitment to managing our resources effectively and responsibly. During the second quarter of 2023, vechain incurred total expenses of $19,503,661.12. These expenses encompass a variety of categories and obligations, including ecosystem development, PR & marketing, technology operations and infrastructure, and legal and finance. Each expenditure plays a vital role in advancing our mission and supporting our ecosystem’s growth. — Noteworthy Highlights:. — Our commitment to fostering blockchain adoption and innovation remains unwavering, and we continually take great strides in achieving our goals here. Below, we share an overview of this quarter's significant ecosystem developments and partnerships: VORJ (Web3-as-a-Service): Our VORJ platform continues to simplify and democratise blockchain technology, making it accessible to businesses and developers, thereby broadening the scope of blockchain applications. Thor Mainnet Node Clu...

Announcing VeWorld Mobile — The Ultimate Self Custody Vechain Wallet

Announcing VeWorld Mobile — The Ultimate Self Custody Vechain Wallet - Since opening our Technology Centre in Ireland, we’ve been laser-focused on building the most versatile and powerful blockchain toolkits in the market. As we know, every user journey in the crypto-verse begins with one critical piece of infrastructure — the wallet. A key objective of ours has been building a feature-rich wallet with all the features needed to meet the needs of the modern-day crypto users. As such, our developers have been working diligently, day and night, to build and deliver a superior vechain wallet. Today marks the culmination of those efforts. It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce the official launch of our new mobile wallet — VeWorld. If you’re itching to download VeWorld and have a look around, then visit VeWorld’s new landing page and download for iOS and Android. If you want to learn more about features and what to expect next, then keep on reading! — Why VeWorld?. — In the world of crypto, we understand security and self-custody are critical. We built VeWorld as a completely decentralised solution that empowers users by generating private keys locally on their device of choice. You hold the keys, you make the rules - no middleman, no risk. Whether via mnemonic phrases or Ledger hardware wallet, our team has ensured importing your digital assets is a simple and intuitive p...

The Vechain x EasyA Harvard Hackathon: Professional Devs To Build A New Wave of Applications on…

The Vechain x EasyA Harvard Hackathon: Professional Devs To Build A New Wave of Applications on VechainThor - Today, we’re excited to share that we at vechain, in collaboration with EasyA, are gearing up for a landmark hackathon hosted in Harvard University’s brand new Science and Engineering Complex. This announcement comes on the heels of the highly successful #60DaysofVeChain in-app campaign, welcoming participation from over 9,150+ developers worldwide (so far). The Harvard hackathon, featuring workshops, keynote talks from vechain leaders and Boston Consulting Group, and a prize pool of $30,000, aims to spur innovation on the VechainThor blockchain by bringing together some of the brightest minds in the blockchain world for a competitive build-fest! — An Impressive Venue For Impressive Minds - The event will take place at Harvard’s brand new Science and Engineering Complex, a $1.2 billion, 500,000 square foot hub dedicated to fostering innovation and interdisciplinary research. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as the backdrop for 36 hours of intense coding, brainstorming, and collaboration, providing an environment that is as innovative as the ideas that will emerge from the hackathon. The hackathon is set to welcome inputs from 200 of the world’s best developers, handpicked from top companies such as Meta, Google, and Coinbase, as well as elite academic institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, ...


Dohrnii DAO Crypto Giveaway: Ready to Win $100K in Bitcoin?

    Do you want to win $100,000 in BTC? Yes, that's right – Dohrnii DAO has recently announced a major crypto giveaway! In celebration of the DHN token launch, and the promise to give back to their community, they're offering this unique opportunity to whoever buys DHN from June 6 to August 7, and stakes for a minimum of 6 months. 'We know the crypto space is full of opportunities, which is why we want to encourage its massive adoption through DHN. Dohrnii's utility token aims to empower people in crypto through education. That's what this 100K giveaway is all about: a life-changing incentive to empower you on your journey to financial freedom', explained Dadvan Yousuf, Dohrnii's CEO. A total of $100,000 USD is up for grabs. This unique opportunity gives DHN token holders and stakers the chance to be awarded a grand prize in BTC. The initiative is proof of the strong belief in the crypto industry that has already changed the lives of millions of people. How to Participate Buy a minimum of 500 DHN. Stake at least 500 DHN for a minimum of 6 months on the Dohrnii wallet. Send proof of your staking to the @DohrniiGiveaway Telegram. Like and Retweet the giveaway official tweet. Step-by-step to buy and stake DHN Buy the DHN token You will need to have the DHN token on the VeChain network For that you have 2 options: a) Buy DHN on Vexchange DEX You will need the VET coin and VTHO – you can buy them from any centralized exchange. You will need a Sync wallet, the o... read More

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