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V Systems  


VSYS Price:
$809.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VSYS today is $0.00129 USD.

For this period, the price of V Systems/#VSYS is down by 98%, based on starting price of $0.082 and ending price of $0.00129.

The lowest VSYS price for this period was $0.000906, the highest was $0.253, and the current live price for one VSYS coin is $0.00129477.

The all-time high VSYS coin price was $0.27.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VSYS with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for V Systems crypto currency is #VSYS.

V Systems is 5 years old.


The current market capitalization for V Systems is $3,962,695.

V Systems is ranked #723 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #VSYS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for V Systems is $809,793.


The circulating supply of VSYS is 3,060,535,179 coins, which is 59% of the maximum coin supply.


VSYS is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 9 crypto exchanges.

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Coded Solutions Proud to Present at Shenzhen Science and Technology Association

We at Coded Solutions were honoured to be invited to make a presentation at the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association’s visit to Cyberport yesterday on April 13. We shared details of our latest innovation in Web3 technologies and blockchain-based solutions, as well as an overview of Hong Kong’s progress in emerging tech development. It was a privilege to showcase our work and share insights with the distinguished group of executives from Shenzhen. Hong Kong has established itself as a leading global financial and innovation hub. The potential to leverage blockchain and crypto technologies to transform industries and societies is enormous. Coded Solutions aims to collaborate with stakeholders across Hong Kong and Greater China to realize this potential through practical, real-world solutions. Coded Solutions looks forward to future partnerships and progress in developing Web3 in Hong Kong and beyond. Stay Connected Twitter: YouTube: Github: Links for VSYS coin Coinmarketcap: Coingecko: Other Useful Links VSYS Official Website: Supernode Ranklist: VSYS Blockchain Explorer: Coded Solutions Proud to Present at Shenzhen Science and Technology Association was originally published in V Systems on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation ...

Coded Solution Spearheads Web 3.0

Coded Solution Spearheads Web 3.0 Innovation at the Inaugural Hong Kong Web 3.0 Association Ceremony - Hong Kong, April 14, 2023 — Coded Solution took center stage at the historic inauguration of the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Association on April 11, 2023, showcasing its groundbreaking innovations to an audience of top government officials and industry executives. As a key technology partner and member of the Industry Application Committee, Coded Solution is well-positioned to help shape the future of Web 3.0 in Hong Kong and beyond. The Hong Kong Web 3.0 Association was established in response to the central government and the Hong Kong SAR government’s call to promote the ecological construction of the “third-generation Internet” in Hong Kong’s new digital world. The Association aims to drive technological transformation and industrial upgrading, advance industrial standard-setting, and provide strategies and suggestions for the future development of the industry. Coded Solution’s participation in the inauguration ceremony marks a significant milestone for the company, reflecting its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 ecosystem. The event also provided an excellent platform for Coded Solution to showcase its cutting-edge solutions to high-level government officials and executives, including Mr. Lee Ka-chao, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR. We are excited to be a...

Monthly Digest — March 2023

Monthly Digest — March 2023 - Blockchain Dev Updates Backend Multi-container sub-function: deployment support, which can satisfy users to allocate resources to each container in resource-unit units., Multi-container sub-function: logs support, support can specify the log view of different containers in the same user service., Sub-function of multi-container: status support, support can specify the status view of different containers in the same user service., Multi-container sub-function: upgrade support, support to specify the image change of different containers in the same user service., Multi-container sub-function: OOM notice support, support can specify the OOM record of the container level in the same user service., Refactor and test the code for updating user images in v-kube-service., Microk8s dbctl test result document added experiment result description., Create a config map, a config map contains multiple configuration files. How to use config map when designing a pod with multiple containers, and mount each corresponding configuration file in the configmap to the container volume., Users can view the config content used by the deployment service through the user service secret, and modify the config file content when restarting or updating the image., Verify the content of the config file used by the user (only json and yaml configuration files are supported), and check whether the mounted address is...

Coded Solution and Eminence Awarded HKCMCL Grant for Virtual Asset Management Project

We are excited to announce that Coded Solution and Eminence Asset Management (Asia) Limited has successfully passed the selection process and was awarded a grant by the Hong Kong Government’s Cyberport Management Company Limited (HKCMCL) for our proposed “Virtual Asset Management and STO Portal” project. After a highly competitive application process, our proposal was selected as one of the top-tier submissions for the HKCMCL Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant Program 2022. The grant will enable us to develop a virtual asset management and security token offering portal platform to help traditional asset managers tap into new opportunities in the virtual asset market. “We are honoured to receive this grant from HKCMCL in recognition of our project’s potential and innovation,” said Yuen Khai Goh, CEO of Coded Solution. “We aim to provide much-needed infrastructure for the emerging digital assets space.” The PoC Grant Program aims to support and encourage development of innovative and impactful digital solutions in Hong Kong. As one of the selected grantees this year, we look forward to working with HKCMCL to bring our Virtual Asset Management and STO Portal to life and contribute to the growth of Hong Kong’s virtual asset and fintech sectors. About Eminence Asset Management (Asia) Limited Eminence Asset Management (Asia) Limited, a corporation licensed to carry out Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities...

Monthly Digest — February 2023

Monthly Digest — February 2023 - Blockchain Dev Updates Backend 1.Documentation of vkube service-related service option concepts. 2.vcloud/vkube service-related repo for release and document writing. 3.Refactor the upload template on the merchant side, add the bulkwrite operation of service type and category, so that the system can complete the addition and deletion of a table data with one request. 4.Add corresponding unit tests to the upload template module on the merchant side, and generate mocks related to database and communication. 5.Integration test for the upload template module on the refactored platform side. 6.Refactor the function code of check region ports. 7.Write a function to get a single pod and pod-list. 8.Support for new large functions is being carried out to support users to manage multiple containers in one user service, and the modification of deployment is currently in progress. 9.MongoDB Atlas backup data script optimization and improvement, backup command plus — archive option, speed up backup speed. 10.Research on the microk8s cluster data backup command microk8s dbctl to see what level of backup this tool can support. Frontend 1.Update vcloud-cli version interface new field adaptation, update related text, add update method reminder. 2.Update the mainnet platform address of vcloud-cli to verify availability. 3.The vcloud-cli version is updated to 0.2.0 and tested, packaged and re...

VSYS Roadmap 2023

The year 2023 would be a huge step forward for the virtual economy. We believe that as Web3.0 technology continues to revolutionize the way businesses operate, all industries will eventually use it to decentralize their operations. In 2022, the market was both fruitful and volatile, and we are witnessing significant technological progress as well as some risk. Despite the risk, the potential rewards of investing in innovations were too appealing to pass up, and businesses were generally more willing to take risks in order to capitalize on the enormous growth opportunities. V SYSTEMS aspires to be the infrastructure for the digitization of the real economy. The year 2023 provides us with an excellent opportunity to make significant progress toward this goal. Web3.0, NFT, and next-generation DeFi will all be keywords in our roadmap in 2023. We will concentrate our efforts in the following areas: Introducing easy to use web3.0 applications to onboard users onto our platform, making integration as frictionless and seamless as possible., Developing Zero-knowledge Tools for blockchain development in order to attract organic developer following., Empowering businesses to take a step forward and move towards web3.0, Investigating and researching new use cases for our technology, such as NFTs, tokenization, and DeFi applications., Providing more NFT-based products and services., Focusing on blockchain interoperability and scalabilit...

Monthly Digest — January 2023

Monthly Digest — January 2023 - Blockchain Dev Updates VCloud Backend 1.Create, delete, and update service category and service type through templates, and use batch operation to complete the addition, deletion, and modification of the same table with one communication connection. This saves MongoDB’s bandwidth usage. 2.For the business code of the upload template, add unit tests separately based on the business logic modules of provider, service category and service type. 3.Determine whether the provider information needs to be updated on the database, and modify the verification mechanism when the provider is created. 4.Complete the cli version update prompt, and add a field minimal supported version to realize the function of cli exit under the minimum supported version. 5.Same as merchant, v-kube-service abstracts communication with other terminals into rpc communication. 6.Change all related price types, change price discount, increase precision handling 7.Complete the deployment of mainnet event-trigger, and the migration of merchant and platform mainnet. 8.Test the vcloud and vkube service in the mainnet state, especially the use of usdv token on the mainnet. 9.Complete the function of proxy user domain to its own container service, as well as joint debugging with the frontend, deployment and online. 10.Upgrade Vkube backend to use https hosting instead. 11.Create Lark robot and add service health monito...

Annoucement for the collaboration between Updoot Media and Coded Solution

We are excited to share another collaboration achievement! Mr. KW Justin Leung & Ms. Livia Yau, Co-founders of Updoot Media, and Mr. Yuen Khai Goh, CEO of Coded Solution Limited, signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at fostering collaborations between the two organizations and bringing innovations of blockchain technology to the entertainment industry. This partnership will enable both parties to unlock business potentials by implementing an easy-to-use web3 platform for fans to create, vote, and interact with their idols in a decentralized way. This collaboration also intends to establish a mutually beneficial partnership between Updoot Media and Coded Solution by encouraging cooperation and discussion around the latest blockchain and digital marketing development. This collaboration will help to facilitate mutual understanding in the related landscapes, also opportunities to work in a collaborative effort to build a global fan platform partnership program in the APAC region. We believe this synergy will create more activities, mutually complementary, with huge potential to build upon each other’s impact. About UPDOOT Media Updoot is a web 3 Entertainment Fintech platform bridging the gap between fans, artists, producers, and investors all in one place. The aim is to address issues and solve problems for all entities involved in the production process, and to enable users to participate in Entertainment proposa...

Monthly Digest — December 2022

Monthly Digest — December 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates VCloud Backend 1. Add exchange rate to the platform to store different payment methods, and the exchange rate corresponding to usd, as well as the corresponding unity, which is managed by the platform and provides a query API for this exchange rate. 2. Send the payment transaction in the event trigger to the merchant, get the supported payment method and the corresponding exchange rate from the platform, and judge whether the payment amount is sufficient. 3. The user service query results are sorted and returned in a certain order to achieve a certain degree of user friendliness. 4. The query interface about the latest version of cli is being written, and when there is a new version of cli, it can tell the user that there is a new version update. 5. Refactor the delete merchant info api: skip the query and directly delete all the service type and category information of the supplier, add unit tests related to delete provider info, and change the db access to batch operations. 6. Refactored part of the code for uploading the template function on the platform side: remove the multi-coroutine and loop query and write to the database, and change the single operation to batch operation. Update existing services, delete services removed from template. 7. Refactor v-kube-service to use the private key to decrypt the encrypted secret and request hash. After obtaining th...

Monthly Digest — November 2022

Monthly Digest — November 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates Vcloud-CLI & Vkube website 1. Add exception capture in the main loop of Logic to avoid returning to the upper menu when an error is reported. 2. Optimize Show Address related code, reuse wallet_service.accounts data. 3. Refactor the backup wallet module. Remove the old backup methods in the show address, recover wallet, and generate address functions, and add new backup methods in the wallet service submenu. 4. Change GlobalState to singleton mode, initialize it in main logic, and adjust how all sub-services call GlobalState accordingly. 5. Wallet_data is changed to initialize uniformly when cli is started, and add the front Unlock page (including Unlock and Restore options). 6. Remove overpay protection related methods, allow to create orders when the balance is insufficient. 7. Add a pre-check when Token payment is made, and throw an exception when the balance is insufficient. 8. Optimize User Serive sub-function, optimize text, add user confirmation process. 9. Complement and improve the vcloud-cli documentation and the documentation update of the vkube website. 10. Added the option to choose token payment, which is in the testing stage. VCloud Backend 1. V-kube-service fixes bug: the coroutine that listens to the pod log stream is not closed after the client disconnects. 2. V-kube-service, for the case where kubeConfig is empty, read the default in clu...

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