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V Systems  


VSYS Price:
$562.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VSYS today is $0.00109 USD.

The lowest VSYS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00109, and the exact current price of one VSYS crypto coin is $0.00109122.

The all-time high VSYS coin price was $0.27.

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The code for V Systems crypto currency is #VSYS.

V Systems is 3.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for V Systems is $3,011,649.

V Systems is ranking upwards to #724 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #VSYS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for V Systems is $562,722.


The circulating supply of VSYS is 2,759,903,040 coins, which is 53% of the maximum coin supply.


VSYS is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 10 crypto exchanges.

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Annoucement for the collaboration between Updoot Media and Coded Solution

We are excited to share another collaboration achievement! Mr. KW Justin Leung & Ms. Livia Yau, Co-founders of Updoot Media, and Mr. Yuen Khai Goh, CEO of Coded Solution Limited, signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at fostering collaborations between the two organizations and bringing innovations of blockchain technology to the entertainment industry. This partnership will enable both parties to unlock business potentials by implementing an easy-to-use web3 platform for fans to create, vote, and interact with their idols in a decentralized way. This collaboration also intends to establish a mutually beneficial partnership between Updoot Media and Coded Solution by encouraging cooperation and discussion around the latest blockchain and digital marketing development. This collaboration will help to facilitate mutual understanding in the related landscapes, also opportunities to work in a collaborative effort to build a global fan platform partnership program in the APAC region. We believe this synergy will create more activities, mutually complementary, with huge potential to build upon each other’s impact. About UPDOOT Media Updoot is a web 3 Entertainment Fintech platform bridging the gap between fans, artists, producers, and investors all in one place. The aim is to address issues and solve problems for all entities involved in the production process, and to enable users to participate in Entertainment proposa...

Monthly Digest — December 2022

Monthly Digest — December 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates VCloud Backend 1. Add exchange rate to the platform to store different payment methods, and the exchange rate corresponding to usd, as well as the corresponding unity, which is managed by the platform and provides a query API for this exchange rate. 2. Send the payment transaction in the event trigger to the merchant, get the supported payment method and the corresponding exchange rate from the platform, and judge whether the payment amount is sufficient. 3. The user service query results are sorted and returned in a certain order to achieve a certain degree of user friendliness. 4. The query interface about the latest version of cli is being written, and when there is a new version of cli, it can tell the user that there is a new version update. 5. Refactor the delete merchant info api: skip the query and directly delete all the service type and category information of the supplier, add unit tests related to delete provider info, and change the db access to batch operations. 6. Refactored part of the code for uploading the template function on the platform side: remove the multi-coroutine and loop query and write to the database, and change the single operation to batch operation. Update existing services, delete services removed from template. 7. Refactor v-kube-service to use the private key to decrypt the encrypted secret and request hash. After obtaining th...

Monthly Digest — November 2022

Monthly Digest — November 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates Vcloud-CLI & Vkube website 1. Add exception capture in the main loop of Logic to avoid returning to the upper menu when an error is reported. 2. Optimize Show Address related code, reuse wallet_service.accounts data. 3. Refactor the backup wallet module. Remove the old backup methods in the show address, recover wallet, and generate address functions, and add new backup methods in the wallet service submenu. 4. Change GlobalState to singleton mode, initialize it in main logic, and adjust how all sub-services call GlobalState accordingly. 5. Wallet_data is changed to initialize uniformly when cli is started, and add the front Unlock page (including Unlock and Restore options). 6. Remove overpay protection related methods, allow to create orders when the balance is insufficient. 7. Add a pre-check when Token payment is made, and throw an exception when the balance is insufficient. 8. Optimize User Serive sub-function, optimize text, add user confirmation process. 9. Complement and improve the vcloud-cli documentation and the documentation update of the vkube website. 10. Added the option to choose token payment, which is in the testing stage. VCloud Backend 1. V-kube-service fixes bug: the coroutine that listens to the pod log stream is not closed after the client disconnects. 2. V-kube-service, for the case where kubeConfig is empty, read the default in clu...

Monthly Digest — October 2022

Monthly Digest — October 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates V SYSTEMS Mainnet 1. Research and Development for Tendermint based chain with IBC Protocol 2. Create a proposal of creating Tendermint-based side chains that will relay and talk to the main VSYS chain 3. Brief all backend developers with Tendermint based stack and potential changes 4. Running a Tendermint Node locally and find out resources required to run the node VCloud-cli 1. Optimize the WalletService module, move it to the unified state in global_state, so that each sub-service can be called, and remove the redundant wallet service in each sub-service 2. Adapt to WalletService changes, optimize the global_state setting password and decryption method, and keep the wallet service status updated synchronously 3. Fixed the issue of unlocking the wallet after resetting the password in some cases 4. Reconstructed the entry position of reading and writing wallet file, optimized the update and saving method of wallet data, and avoided redundant wallet.dat file reading and writing operations 5. Fixed the problem that the wallet index selection was out of bounds, which resulted in the account subscript out-of-bounds error in some cases, optimized the order of password and nonce settings, and limited the index selection range according to the current number of accounts 6. Fixed the issue that the wallet address index was inconsistent after adding a new wallet addr...

Monthly Digest — September 2022

Monthly Digest — September 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates Explorer 1.Completed API Backend and migration to MariaDB. 2.Completed API of Transaction of blocks and search and tokens. 3.NFT indexer implementation and API for NFT support on explorer. VCloud Backend 1.Use the interface to refactor the platform conn function of the merchant side and generate mock methods based on the interface for unit testing. Refactor the injection structure of wire so that platform conn can be reused as a sub-element of business layer. 2.Group the user services that need to be started by different service type ids, and use the lua script of each service type to start multiple user services, and finally send the startup feedback of all user services to the platform server to update the user service status. 3.Refactor the lua virtual machine, assemble the lua vm instance in the business layer, and avoid repeatedly creating the instance when calling the script. Use map to get the result of running a lua script. 4.lua state ensures high concurrency safety. Recreate public variables every time the script is executed. 5.Study the registration optimization of lua vm libs golang func, initialize lua state and use compiled lua byte to register libs. 6.The user checks the lua script for syntax errors before registering the service type. 7.Optimize the communication between the components v-kube-service and marchant, and add the option of signa...

Monthly Digest — July 2022

Monthly Digest — July 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates - Platform, merchant and vkube backend complete the splitting and refactoring of order and user service functions, as well as the writing of related documents; - Completed integration tests for order and user service refactoring and bug fixes - The front end has completed the adaptation of the split and refactoring of the order and service functions, as well as the support of some surrounding functions; - Improve the shopping cart function: use local file cache, add batch creation order method, optimize table style, add total price display, add delete function - Optimized the market service: the user input is changed to use index for menu selection instead of directly inputting the id, and an option is added to allow users to quickly return to the top-level main menu - Optimized order service: add options for quick payment and quick query details on the form page - Adjusted the display of the order service and user service table, reconstructed the user service table using the general table component, and adapted the situation that a single order contains multiple services. At the same time, the problem is that some important information is folded when the screen is narrow is optimized. - Improve the refund function: the refund entry is migrated from the order service to the user service, the new interface is adapted, and the prompt information for confirming the r...

MOU inked between Mojodomo and V Systems to strengthen collaboration

Mr. Dennis Shi, CEO of Mojodomo, and Mr. Yuen Khai Goh, CEO of V Systems signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to foster and strengthen collaborations between the two organizations and to bring in innovations using blockchain technology within their ecosystems. This partnership will enable both parties to unlock business potentials by integrating digital vouchers onto a secure and scalable layer one blockchain infrastructure. By implementing an easy-to-use platform for the retailer and consumers to create, distribute, and redeem tokenized coupons, the two parties will be able to work on building a larger ecosystem around digital vouchers and loyalty points, including cross-chain interoperability, decentralized exchange, payment solutions, and ESG fields. This memorandum also intends to establish a mutually beneficial partnership between Mojodomo and V Systems by encouraging cooperation and discussion around the latest blockchain and digital marketing development. This collaboration will help to facilitate mutual understanding in the related landscapes, also opportunities to explore into other markets including Southeast Asia. The synergies will create more activities, mutually complementary with huge potential to build upon each other’s impact. About Mojodomo Mojodomo is an equal parts incentive marketing platform and fintech voucher solution. We cracked the code to voucher waste and unlocked game-changing levels of i...

Monthly Digest — June 2022

Monthly Digest — June 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates 1.The input of env parameters when adding deploy to vcloud cli and web pages can make it easier to pass parameters and deal with the possible need to manually pass in the clearing of private information. 2. The vkube backend completes the ingress proxy function and enters the testing phase. The backend part can immediately support the hosting of multiple web pages on a single host through ingress. 3. The platform and merchant backend have initially completed the split and refactoring of order and service, and the code is being reviewed and modified. 4. The cli and webpage are adapting to purchase multiple services with one payment, adding functions similar to shopping carts, and supporting its surrounding functions (such as refunds after bulk purchases). 5. Refactoring the order page on the web page and adding a user service page to improve the user experience and make the interface clearer. Titan Wallet What is Titan Wallet: Titan Wallet is the next generation of VSYS wallet, fully deved by our inhouse team. The goal of Titan Wallet is to create a wallet that will succeed the Walk Wallet in terms of functionality, make it become the primary hot wallet used in the network. The most interesting part of Titan Wallet is that it is fully optimized for google chrome and mobile version, which is the basic support for DeFi Apps and NFT collect and trades on different mark...

Announcement on the Launch of GoldZip on APPMC

After working with CGSE on the new venture over the past year, on 6 June, 2022, Mr Brian Fung, CEO of Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange, and Mr YK Goh, CEO of V Systems together announced the launch of GoldZIP at the Hybrid Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (APPMC) in Singapore Mr. Fung announced in his keynote presentation: “I’m delighted to announce right here at this conference, the launch of GoldZIP. I cannot think of a better occasion to announce the first execution of our gold smart contract, which is the minting of our first GoldZIP token.” This is an exciting innovation not just in the traditional gold market, but also in the blockchain and fintech field. The end-to-end solution of GoldZIP built on V Systems technology represents an innovative way for people to hold gold without hassles and high fees. We will see a strong growth for physical assets backed tokenization solutions and Goldzip will have enormous potential to grow as it represents safer, cheaper, and easier gold ownership when people are looking for safe havens in a more and more turbulent market. Each GoldZIP token is equivalent to one gram of gold with 99.9% fineness, and each eligible gold bar has a minimum weight of one kilogram and minimum fineness of 999.9 parts per 1000. The minimum transaction size is 0.000001, and a transaction fee will be charged to the sender with a minimum transaction fee of 0.000001 GoldZIP token. And the gas fee ...

Monthly Digest — May 2022

Monthly Digest — May 2022 - Blockchain Dev Updates 1. vkube adds a notice model, removes the scheme of storing notices in kubernetes, adds notice crud operations, and increases the bucket data structure of the vkube-event-collector component, which can complete the delayed access to vkube and reduce the pressure of frequent access to vkube. 2. Add the container restart interface, you can manually control whether to automatically restart the container terminated by a special event. 3. The cli and the web page are adapted accordingly and improve the notice function modified by vkube, which can be filtered according to serviceID and other operations. 4. Web page cache merchant host optimization. 5. The cli optimizes the text and payment process. 6. Improve the logic of container status and use of restart. 7. Increase token payment, front-end and back-end adaptation. 8. The concepts of order and service are split, and the feasibility plan is discussed. Now the order on the platform side is being reconstructed. New version of the plugin wallet 1. Complete the Send NFT function of the plugin wallet. 2. Complete the Firefox-compatible function of the plug-in wallet and publish it to the Firefox app store. 3. Release a new upgraded version of the old plugin wallet on chrome. 4. Add a new version of the transaction confirmation information pop-up UI. 5. Add the selection logic of the seed on the Create Account page. 6...

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