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VRA Price:
$9.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$54.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VRA today is $0.00547 USD.

The lowest VRA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00547, and the exact current price of one VRA crypto coin is $0.00547144.

The all-time high VRA coin price was $0.09.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VRA with market cap of BTC and how the supply of VRA affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Verasity crypto currency is #VRA.

Verasity is 5.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Verasity is $54,721,920.

Verasity is ranking downwards to #440 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #VRA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Verasity is $9,570,800.


The circulating supply of VRA is 10,001,381,139 coins, which is 97% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, Verasity has a large supply of coins, 455 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


VRA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


VRA is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 17 crypto exchanges.

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Verasity Q3 2023 Report

Another quarter has come to an end, and we’re now a third of the way through 2023! Already an explosive year for Verasity so far, every roadmap item and major milestone we’ve reached brings us one step closer to achieving our commercial goals, and placing us in the strongest position for new growth and opportunities. Before we get started, you may want to recap on Q2 2023 to see how we’ve evolved into Q3. A full roadmap deep-dive for Q2 can be found here, or you can listen to our Twitter Space where we explore everything that happened in Q2 2023 here. This quarterly report includes the tokenomics consultation and its conclusion with the burning of the Warchest and proposal for PoV tokens, which occurred right at the end of Q3. Here, we’re going to explore our roadmap items in more detail, before discovering how our tokenomics consultation shaped Q3, and how its conclusion will shape Verasity and $VRA through 2024 and beyond. — 1. Q3 2023 Roadmap Items - Each quarter, we publish roadmap items as a guideline for our developmental progress and product roll-out. While each roadmap item is not a ‘set-in-stone’ deadline, they do represent an important insight into how our product team is building out and improving on the VeraViews adstack and other product verticals. You may have noticed that our roadmap items now focus more on continuous improvements rather than shipping entire product verticals. This is becaus...

Verasity Tokenomics — Community Consultation and Next Steps

Verasity Tokenomics — Community Consultation and Next Steps - The Verasity tokenomics community consultation is now closed. Running from August 4th to the 29th of September, the consultation was one of the biggest of its kind in blockchain — open to over 500,000 VRA holders and community members, with thousands of responses. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation, and for the detailed suggestions given. In addition to the multiple choice selections, we had hundreds of unique responses from both new and veteran token holders, which have not only helped shape the decisions we will share below, but also given us an important insight into what matters to you, the Verasian community. We firmly believe that this update directly addresses the concerns raised in the consultation and represents the vast majority of VRA token holders wishes. So, without further ado, let’s discover how Verasity’s tokenomics will change according to your valued feedback. — Warchest Tokens - It was clear from our consultation that our corporate Warchest tokens, 10 billion VRA in total, represented a significant ‘overhang’ to our tokenomics, with many token holders wondering if and when these tokens would enter circulation. These tokens did not enter circulation, however it was still clearly a cause for concern to our token holders, and your feedback overwhelmingly reflected this. As a result...

Verasity (VRA) Burns 50% of its Maximum Supply Following Landmark Community Consultation

This article was distributed as a press release London, Oct 2, 2023 — Verasity, ticker symbol $VRA, has burned 50% of its maximum supply today following one of the largest community consultations in crypto history — with further plans to move 90 billion tokens, currently reserved for data circulation, to a new blockchain. Open to over 500,000 community members and token holders, Verasity’s community consultation marks an inflection point for the project, which has transformed its position in the market through a strong focus on commercial adoption and transparent communications. Following the consultation, the decision was taken to burn 10 billion $VRA tokens, originally minted as part of a strategic reserve wallet held for future business use. Today’s burn effectively caps $VRA’s circulating supply at just ~10 billion. Verasity no longer required the 10 billion strategic reserve tokens following the commercial success of its anti-bot advertising technology offering, powered by its patented blockchain technology, ‘Proof of View’. The company announced at the beginning of the year that its solution was already in use by clients, with business development continuing throughout 2023. Verasity can now expand operations and scale using revenue generated from its technology. Circulating $VRA, which now numbers just ~10 billion, will retain its utility within the VeraViews advertising ecosystem as a payment op...

VeraViews Integrates Alkimi Exchange’s Decentralised Ad Exchange for Publisher Monetisation

This article was originally distributed as a press release. London, August 22nd, 2023 — VeraViews, an open ledger advertising ecosystem built using patented ‘Proof of View’ (PoV) fraud identification technology, has integrated Alkimi Exchange’s decentralised ad exchange to offer increased monetisation opportunities for publishers within the VeraViews platform, and deliver new audiences and publishers to Alkimi Exchange advertisers. Alkimi Exchange is a decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges, with the mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users. Alkimi Exchange is a custom layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, specifically for advertising. Ad exchanges are automated platforms where advertisers can bid on and purchase ad impressions in real-time from publishers, enabling more efficient and targeted digital advertising transactions. Ad exchanges facilitate a dynamic and competitive marketplace for buying and selling online advertising inventory, essential for enabling VeraView’s publishing partners to monetise their websites effectively. Ben Putley, CEO & Co-Founder Alkimi, says:“We at Alkimi Exchange and VeraViews are excited to announce our partnership, bridging the gap between advertising technology and cryptocurrency. By uniting our strengths, we’re pioneering an innovative synergy that will offer unparalleled effici...

Introducing the Verasity Elites Club!

We can’t thank our community enough for all the love and hard work you’ve poured into our mission. From educating newcomers, to keeping scams at bay, and energising our social media — you’ve been the backbone of our journey. That’s why we’re rolling out the red carpet for some of our most exemplary community members with the launch of the Verasity Elites Club! This initiative is our way of spotlighting those who’ve consistently supported Verasity and made our ecosystem a great place to be. To kick things off, we’re nominating 10 outstanding members from our Discord community! While we’re starting with Discord, our vision for the Elites Club extends beyond to multiple channels. We aim to recognize members from all our platforms, ensuring dedication across our community is acknowledged and celebrated. Read on to learn more about what the Elites Club is all about and how you can be a part of it! — What Does it Mean to Be An Elite? - Being a member of the Verasity Elites Club is about more than just having a title or being frequently active on social media. It’s about embodying the values and principles that Verasity stands for. When we talk about being Elite, we’re referring to those who step up as guiding lights for newcomers, making sure they don’t feel lost but instead feel welcomed and valued in our ecosystem. It’s about taking the time to mentor, to share knowledge, and to be a source...

VeraCard Campaign — Win an Exclusive Branded Secrid Wallet!

VeraCard Campaign — Win an Exclusive Branded Secrid Wallet! - PLEASE NOTE: This competition has now been extended, with the opportunity to win 50 GBP card credit, after clearing VeraCard UK waiting lists! Read more here. Following the successful launch of VeraCard in the UK, Verasity community members have already started to receive delivery of their cards! To celebrate the launch, we’ve created an exclusive accessory for your shiny new card, the VeraCard-branded SECRID wallet, expertly crafted by leading Dutch wallet makers! But this isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about giving your VeraCard the top-tier protection it deserves through unparalleled RFID protection and a sleek design. Want to win one? Simply be among the first 250 people to top-up £250 onto their VeraCard from your VeraWallet account, share a VeraCard post tagging @Verasitytech and @damex_io on X / Twitter (e.g. “I just topped up my #VeraCard using $VRA! #GetVeraCard @Verasitytech @damex_io), and submit your proof on our Discord’s ticket-support system. All eligible entrants will be entered into a raffle set for September 01, 2023, where we’ll choose 25 lucky winners at random from successful entries! Read on to learn more about how to participate. — How to Participate - This competition is currently for UK residents only. Similar competitions will run as we roll out the VeraCard to new jurisdictions, so if you’re not in the UK ...

The VeraCard is Here — Get Yours Now!

The VeraCard is Here — Get Yours Now! - The VeraCard is now ready to order and actively shipping for UK residents! VeraCard is a Visa debit card that was introduced in our partnership with DAMEX. Verasity is one of the first altcoins listed on DAMEX, and the first token to have its own branded card. With the VeraCard, Verasity community members can now pay in stores and online using GBP in just a few taps, by loading $VRA into the DAMEX app. The VeraCard is a real, physical debit card with an associated digital banking account; and in conjunction with the features of the DAMEX app it can be used just like a regular card — for shopping online and offline, convenient token exchange to other crypto’s through the DAMEX app, seamless GBP offramp and onramp, and convenient P2P transfers with rapid settlement times. In this short article, we’re going to walk you through the steps required to get your VeraCard, from registration, to card activation. Let’s get started! — Registration & KYC - If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register for the VeraCard and download the DAMEX app before you can receive your VeraCard. You should signup for both DAMEX and VeraWallet using the same email, so we can seamlessly link your accounts and enable our one-click transfer functionality. Make sure you don’t sign-up to DAMEX and order a non-Verasity branded card before you sign-up through the VeraCard landing p...

Verasity Q2 2023 Report

Already halfway through the year, it’s time for another quarterly update from the Verasity team as we reflect on our recent roadmap! Before we get started, you may want to recap on Q1 2023 to see how we’ve evolved into Q2. A full roadmap deep-dive for Q1 can be found here, or you can listen to our Twitter Space where we explore everything that happened in Q1 2023 here. In this article, we’re going to take a look back at the roadmap developments that defined Q2 2023. We’ll also discover the huge number of major milestones reached this quarter which are additional to our roadmap, and explore what they mean for Verasity going forward. Let’s start by reviewing our roadmap items for Q2, and how we’ve met and exceeded them. — Q2 2023 Roadmap Items - — 1. VeraViews — Dynamically updated Ads.txt & Statistics Back-end. — VeraViews has now added functionality that allows publishers to automatically and dynamically update their Ads.txt within our campaign management suite. This ensures that publishers are only accessing the best quality of adverts available to them as their campaigns run, massively increasing functionality for the VeraViews adstack. We also shipped the VeraViews Knowledge Base in early Q2, making it easier than ever for publishers to onboard to our ad stack. Ads.txt is a simple, flexible and secure method for publishers to declare who is authorised to sell their inventory. It...

Tech Deep Dive: VeraWallet Security Features

VeraWallet is a simple and secure wallet to earn, buy, store and stake VRA, trusted by over 300,000 active users. But did you know that it’s also one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets in the industry, with five years of continuous operation? In light of recent exploits in the crypto space, the Verasity team is pleased to share our security strategies and features with our VeraWallet users. We deploy a combination of sophisticated security features, backed and audited by our expert developer team, to ensure user funds are secure at all times. In this article, we’re going to review these security features in greater detail. We’ll start by discovering how we monitor and identify threats, before taking a closer look at how we prevent attacks, block stolen funds, and finally we’ll explore how you can stay safe in our ecosystem. — Continuous Threat Monitoring - The first step in VeraWallet’s security protocols is threat monitoring. To ensure a high level of security, VeraWallet constantly monitors a wide variety of factors to detect any suspicious activity happening within user wallets. While the exact details of these factors are intentionally kept undisclosed to prevent bad actors from finding ways to exploit the system and bypass security measures, they involve detection methods for suspicious activity such as activity analysis, frequency capping, blacklist matching, and more. When our automated system s...

Verasity Launches on Zealy!

Verasity has officially launched on Zealy (previously Crew³), an innovative community-building platform for Web3 projects! Zealy will enable us to expand our reach to a wider audience and attract new members to our community, social media channels, and VRA. Through frequent events and reach-tailored Quests, everyone can get involved and help contribute to our collective growth and success. With Zealy, members can participate in Quests and compete for top spots on the leaderboard every Sprint. Scaling up the leaderboard translates to rewards including VRA tokens, merchandise, and more. And what better way to start than by launching with a Sprint, featuring a $1,000 prize pool in VRA! The first Sprint is currently underway and will continue until April 27th, 2023: 1st place: $350 VRA, 2nd place: $200 VRA, 3rd place: $100 VRA, 4th — 10th place: $50 VRA, All winners must have a VeraWallet account to claim rewards. Read on to learn more about Verasity on Zealy, and the meanings behind the terms “Sprints” and “Quests”. — What exactly is a Sprint?. — It’s a defined period of time during which members of our community can undertake Quests and accumulate XP for each successful completion. The number of Quests you finish directly impacts your ranking on the leaderboard, with top performers receiving rewards at the end of the Sprint. Think of it as a marathon, where each step counts, and the grand...


Expert Trader Identifies 6 High-Potential Altcoins To Watch

    In its latest update on October 18, renowned crypto analyst Rekt Capital has highlighted six altcoins that have caught his attention, showing potential for the remainder of 2023, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Dogecoin (DOGE), Woo Network (WOO), Verasity (VRA), Stellar (XLM), and Injective (INJ). Mixed Signals For Dogecoin Rekt Capital's analysis suggests a crucial moment for the Ocean Protocol. Whether the current price deviation will result in a downside wick below the red channel placed at $0.2763 or if the price will close below it weekly.  While a downside wick followed by a recovery could lead to a move toward the Channel Top at $0.3247, a weekly close below the Channel Bottom would necessitate keen observation for price rejection as new resistance. On the other hand, Rekt Capital notes that Dogecoin has been meandering at the bottom of its channel at $0.058890. However, recent price developments indicate that the potential bullish divergence in its 1-week chart is likely no longer valid.  The lower low has shifted from support to resistance, confirmed by price action and a breakdown in the RSI's trendline. Although a scenario of DOGE reclaiming its lower low remains possible, Rekt believes that a more definitive reaction is needed to confirm a potential fake breakdown. Injective Dominates The Altcoins Market Woo Network has experienced a relatively subdued quarter compared to the first half of 2023. Despite the uncertain macro outlook, WOO Network remains confiden... read More

Ripple (XRP) Top Trending Crypto Asset After Recent Victory: Here Are th...

    TL;DR XRP is the top trending cryptocurrency following Ripple's court victory against the SEC, with its price peaking at $0.55. Lesser-known cryptocurrencies Raydium (RAY) and Verosity (VRA) take the second and third spots, with significant price increases. While some analysts see potential for an XRP rally, it has shown brief gains after the court decision and requires factors like mass adoption and market liquidity to sustain a rally. XRP Leads the Pack According to the crypto behavior platform Santiment, Ripple's native token - XRP - has become the most trending digital asset after the company's consecutive court victory against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) secured on October 3. Its price spiked to almost $0.55 following the judge's dismissal of the regulator's wish to appeal the first loss suffered in July.  Second and third place belongs to cryptocurrencies that are rarely in the spotlight, but recently, their prices started booming. Namely, those are Raydium (RAY) and Verosity (VRA). The former is up over 9% on a weekly basis (per CoinGecko), while the latter has skyrocketed by a whopping 62% for the same period. Avalanche (AVAX) and Rollbit Coin (RLB) round up the top 5 trending digital assets, while GALA, AMB, SUSHI, ETH, and FTT are at the bottom of the list. Interestingly, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization - Bitcoin (BTC) - has not found a spot on the ranking. Is XRP Poised for a Rally? Some crypto an... read More

ProBit Global Continues to Empower Emerging Crypto Projects With Success...

    PRESS RELEASE. ProBit Global, a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange, looks forward to continued success in launching exciting and promising crypto projects through its IEO platform, while providing its users with unparalleled profit opportunities. ProBit Global remains buoyant on Initial Exchange Offerings While the past few years have seen significant challenges in the cryptocurrency IEO space, ProBit Global has shown no signs of slowing down as the exchange aims to offer its customers and users outstanding value when it comes to budding blockchain-based projects. Since 2019, ProBit Global has built a wealth of experience in creating and tailoring Initial Exchange Offerings, successfully running over 400 rounds of IEO. For clients looking to launch their blockchain projects, ProBit Global's proven record of IEO fundraising can provide the impetus needed to reach their development goals. For users on the ProBit Global exchange, IEOs continue to offer affordable entry points into exciting blockchain projects, along with early access to crypto tokens boasting huge upside potential. Building a trusted IEO platform Despite recent downturns in market activity, ProBit Global has managed to retain its position as a leading crypto IEO platform. Clients and users can be confident that the exchange's experienced team adheres to stringent regulatory practices. Users can rest assured that IEO projects are thoroughly vetted, with a wide range of checks required before projects are successfull... read More

US Intellectual Property Office Grants Full Patent Approval for Rewarded...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 23rd November 2022] Verasity, an open-ledger ecosystem designed to provide rewarded video services and prevent advertising fraud, announced today that it has received full patent approval for its rewarded video system and method in the United States (with international priority). The patent approval represents Verasity’s most significant milestone in protecting and licensing its rewarded video technology to date. Rewarded video is any type of incentivised viewing that provides rewards to users for watching a video. The rewarded video format is particularly popular in mobile gaming, where users may receive in-game credits, items, currency, or even traditional cash as a reward for watching video content or ads displayed within an app. All of these types of rewarded video would now fall under Verasity’s patent, entitled ‘System and Method for Reward Video Viewing’, and for which license fees will be due. Within the Verasity ecosystem, rewarded video is made available through a feature named Watch & Earn. Comprising a rewarded viewing video distribution module and a video player, Watch & Earn can present video content to a user and provide the viewer with marketplace credit based on the value of the video or advertisement they watch. However, Verasity’s awarded patent more broadly covers any video in any digital format for which a reward is granted to the viewer - opening up a whole host of new business and li... read More

Verasity's Native Token Lists on, Opening new Avenues f...

    The native token of Verasity, $VRA, was listed on today March 9, 2022. This marks the token’s availability on five of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges that have a combined daily trading volume of over $13 billion. It includes, Huobi, KuCoin,, and Bithumb. The $VRA token is available for trading against all major fiat currencies, besides cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Cronos (CRO), and Ethereum (ETH). The news about the listing comes after Verasity secured exclusive hosting rights of Axie Infinity's GalAxie Cup 2022, and that, too, for the second time in a row. Talking about the progress that Verasity has made in terms of increasing adoption of its native token, $VRA, RJ Mark, CEO of Verasity, said: “Once again, we prove that we are relentlessly pursuing real-world adoption for $VRA and integration with the leading exchanges and service providers in the blockchain industry.' He further added, 'we are pleased to have passed’s exacting due diligence standards, and we are looking forward to welcoming a new wave of $VRA supporters who join us from the community.” What is Based in Singapore, is one of the major exchanges in the global crypto industry today, with over ten million users and counting. Not only by the user base, but is also among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of daily trading volume, which was over $3.9 billion at the time o... read More

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