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VITE Price:
$980.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VITE today is $0.016 USD.

The lowest VITE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.016, and the exact current price of one VITE crypto coin is $0.01615.

The all-time high VITE coin price was $0.87.

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The code for VITE crypto currency is also #VITE.

VITE is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for VITE is $16,808,069.

VITE is ranking downwards to #542 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #VITE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for VITE is $980,186.


The circulating supply of VITE is 1,040,857,170 coins, which is 104% of the maximum coin supply.


VITE is the native coin for the Ethereum blockchain.

View the full list of Ethereum blockchain tokens, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

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VITE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Vite Leadership Update

Dear Vite Fleet: We are writing to inform you that Luke Kim, who was previously Chief Marketing Officer of Vite, will become the new CEO. Charles Liu and Richard Yan will step down from their positions and become advisors to the project. These changes are effective immediately. Many community members remember Luke from the early days of Vite. He represented the project at many high profile events. He was instrumental in forming strategic partnerships including a first-of-its-kind city token economy with the Mayor’s Office of Syracuse in the US. He brought this model to the West Africa Monetary Zone, Seychelles Stock Exchange, City of Berkeley, State of Rhode Island, UNICEF, EU Horizon 2020, South Africa Reserve Bank, and the Dutch Consulate through advisory work and requests for proposals. In addition to his contributions at Vite, Luke led marketing for various products and crypto-assets including Dtravel. He was a founding team member at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. He currently helps with sourcing, selection, and hosting the accelerator’s podcast. He is also a partner at a Web3 public relations agency, Truth Cartel, which served 40+ clients successfully. Luke is enthusiastic about decentralized autonomous organizations and he is a member of RaidGuild. Over the past few years, Vite built a strong ecosystem with a suite of products made by a vibrant community of Vuilders. To complement the project’s robust fundamenta...

Richard’s ETH Denver Takeaways

A Letter to the Vite Fleet from Vite Labs COO Richard Yan Dear #ViteFleet, As you all know I attended ETH Denver two weeks ago. It’s been a fascinating experience and I would like to share some of my thoughts and findings with you all. — EVM compatibility is a HUGE DEAL.. — When we talk about EVM compatibility, very few people actually care about HOW the EVM compatibility is achieved. Many chains are taking the shortcut of forking Ethereum. That’s not what we are doing here at Vite. We have decided to go the hard way, but a technically more legitimate way. Instead of simply forking the EVM, we are modifying the compiler so that Solidity code can be compiled into bytecode that runs on the Vite virtual machine. Right now we already have a test version (v 0.8.0) of Solidity++. Soon that will be deployed on the Vite mainnet. It is our hope that the next version (v 0.8.1) will achieve our vision fully. If and when that happens, apps written in Solidity can be easily ported to run on Vite. And that means two things:All apps on Ethereum can be easily ported to run on Vite.We will be able to tap into a much larger network of devs to build on our ecosystem. Again, it is our vision that this will happen, which we are doing tests for right now. — Vite network’s zero-fee feature really stands out.. — To most people I have encountered, a zero-fee chain and our concept of Quota are brand new. And these ...

Charles Liu: 2021 Year-end Reflections

Dear #ViteFleet, As we approach the end of this year, I want to take the time to wish you an enjoyable and peaceful holiday. In this letter, I will review what Vite is about (for our many newcomers to the #ViteFleet this year), summarize Vite’s tremendous progress in 2021, and share some thoughts on our exciting road ahead. — What is Vite - From day one, Vite’s mission is to build infrastructure that powers the world’s decentralized economy. To expand this a little bit: We want to make a performant, robust, and trustless blockchain that supports a variety of web3 applications where users control their assets, data and digital goods in general. Our main products consist of a chain, a DEX, and a bridge: The Vite chain is a zero-fee and lightning-fast blockchain made possible with smart contracts on DAGs. The Vite app is one place where users interact with the chain., On top of the Vite chain, we created an order-book decentralized exchange, ViteX, that simultaneously rivals top traditional exchanges in performance, and delivers the security guarantee unavailable to centralized platforms. ViteX now provides a daily stress test to the underlying chain and is a constant testament to the robustness of that infrastructure., To make sure ViteX can facilitate trustless transfers for digital assets on non-Vite chains, we started a project to create cross-chain bridges, aptly named “ViteBridge.” Eventually, these bri...

Proposing an NFT stack on Vite

A simple approach. — Intro Many Vite community builders have inquired about ways to develop a Vite-based platform that enables minting, auction, and trading of NFTs. This document outlines one approach that seems sensible to the Vite Labs team. Note this is a VERY simple approach. For instance, this doesn’t take into consideration the “approval” function as outlined in Ethereum’s EIP-1155 (allowing another operator to manage one’s tokens). As such, there may be many other approaches, and we encourage community builders to explore them. In case you’re unaware, Vite Labs is hosting a hackathon, and building an NFT platform is one of the bounties. As of publishing time, there is still time to participate!Proposed Stack — Basics. — Each set of NFTs (e.g., CryptoPunks) is represented by a smart contract. Creation of a new NFT set requires deployment of a new contract. Minting of each new item (e.g., Punk #1234) requires a call to a function in this contract. The contract stores a mapping between owner addresses and some meta data for the NFT item. The meta data may include the name, description, and an IPFS link of the item. — Storage. — IPFS is being used to provide decentralized storage for the NFT item. See more information about IPFS here (to be clear, this document also covers minting NFT on Ethereum, which isn’t relevant here). — Transfer. — The owner of an NFT item...

Vite Labs Inaugural Hackathon — Up to 1M VITE in Rewards!

Vite Labs Inaugural Hackathon — Up to 1M VITE in Rewards! Come build on the Vite network! Vite Labs is a proud sponsor of Gitcoin’s Grants Round 10 Hackathon and will be giving away rewards up to 1 million VITE. Vite is the world’s first working DAG-based smart contract platform. We designed and built the Vite mainnet from the ground up to enable lightning-fast transactions with zero fees. To accommodate the asynchronous structure of Vite, we created the programming language Solidity++ based on the original Solidity. Vite uses Hierarchical Delegated Proof of Stake (HDPoS) as the consensus protocol and a Snapshot Chain to ensure network security. In addition, we have piloted a unique Quota system that facilitates free transactions as well as provides an extra layer of security. Within the Vite ecosystem, we have built a decentralized exchange ViteX, the first of its kind based on DAG. This hackathon is an open invitation to blockchain developers around the world to reimagine the future of the Vite ecosystem.Hackathon Duration Jun 16, 2021 — Jul 7, 2021Reasons to Build on ViteUnique and differentiated platform based on DAG that enables free and fast payments and smart contract transactions.Existing products to build on (e.g., ViteX)Dev support/Tooling.A passionate and growing community.An opportunity to join Vite full-time.Prizes — Open task:. — Participants can define their own tasks. We broad...

ViteBridge: Announcing New ERC-20 VITE Token

Announcing New ERC-20 VITE Token — An initial step of our Vite 2.0 gameplan. — We are pleased to announce the release of a new VITE ERC-20 token, as outlined in initial steps of our Vite 2.0 gameplan. This move will expand the liquidity of the VITE asset. This is also in line with our general strategy of giving assets on the Vite chain greater access to the broader blockchain ecosystem, such as that for Ethereum. For the sake of convenience, we will call this new token V2E in this document. Here is V2E’s token contract on Ethereum. As you know, there is another VITE ERC-20 token circulating in the market. We will call it V1E. V1E will be replaced by V2E, because the latter will be the new official VITE asset issued on Ethereum. Note that the total supply of VITE will not increase. The mapping between V1E and V2E is 1:1, and the mapping between V2E and native VITE is also 1:1. If V2E increases in circulating supply, the native VITE will decrease in circulating supply (via lockups). Below you will see instructions for how to do two-way swap between V2E and native VITE, and how to convert from V1E to V2E.Swap between V2E and native VITE We will upgrade our Web App to allow this swap at March 30, 2021, 12:00 (UTC+8). Again, note that the total supply of all VITE assets remains the same. Here are the instructions for swapping between V2E and native VITE, via the Web App: How to make VITE conversion between new E...

Vite Bi-Weekly Report

Dec 16–31, 2020. — Project Updates — Vite App. — Vite iOS App v3.9.0 (supporting native BTC wallet) is in the final testing stage and will be released soon. In this release, users can use the same mnemonic phrase to store BTC, ETH, and Vite, all in the Vite app.Vite Android App v3.8.0 (new Asset tab) has been released last week. We have received many feedbacks including good reviews as well as bug reports. In the next version, we will focus on code refactoring, product experience improvement, and comprehensive security testing.Recent Milestones — Vite Labs CEO Charles Liu Releases Letter to the Vite Community. — On December 30th, Charles wrote plans for Vite 2.0 in the year 2021. With this future upgrade, the Vite network will become more decentralized, open, and transparent. A (Technical) Letter to the Community from Vite Labs CEO Charles Liu — Vite App Version 3.8.0 Released on Android. — On December 23rd, Vite App Version 3.8.0 was released on Android, with a key improvement: Asset View. This upgrade further streamlines the user experience and makes the trading experience on Vite app on par with centralized exchanges. Download the latest version of the Vite App on Android here: Vite wallet — Vite Developer Committee Seeks Feature/Project Requests from the Community. — On December 30th, the Vite Developer Committee (VDC) released its inaugural feature/project reque...

A (Technical) Letter to the Community from Vite Labs CEO Charles Liu

Looking forward to 2021. — Dear Vite Community: The Vite team was established in June 2018. Over the last two years, we delivered a number of high-quality products and services, and successfully created a high-performance, zero-fee public chain. The Vite chain now powers many real-world applications such as decentralized exchanges and payment, and has accumulated a wide range of global users. Does this mean that it’s “mission accomplished” for Vite? On the contrary, and in my humble opinion, our work is just getting started. We have long-term goals, and we are excited about the work ahead of us.Vite 2.0 If we call our work up to this point Vite 1.0, then we are now officially entering our next phase, Vite 2.0. Vite 1.0 focused on solving the contradiction between the efficiency and cost of blockchain; Vite 2.0 will focus on how to make Vite a more decentralized platform.Decentralization The core value of blockchain technology lies in decentralization. The essence of decentralization is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:Trustlessness — People’s trust does not need to be built based on human nature and law but based on mathematics and code. This new type of trust relationship will not be shaken by individuals, groups, or governments doing evil. The cost of trust is also lower.Competition — To maximize commercial profit, traditional business organizations instinctively pursue monopol...

ViteX Campaign for Ringing in 2021!

ViteX Campaign (80,000 VITE) for Ringing in 2021! In celebration of the new year, Vite Labs will be giving away a total of 80,000 VITE as a present to the entire Vite community!Rules For two weeks, users who have mined VX through trading-as-mining, market-making-as-mining, referral-as-mining, or staking-as-mining on ViteX are eligible for receiving our giveaway. To be eligible, you must also follow our social media accounts (We will send a Google form to verify this at the end of the campaign): and retweet the original tweet announcement for this campaign — Campaign period. — From December 28, 12:00 to January 10, 12:00 (UTC+8) — Trade as Mining. — Total giveaway: 16,000 VITE (equally shared by all eligible addresses)Eligibility: Traded at least once during the campaign period — Market-Making as Mining. — Total giveaway: 16,000 VITE (equally shared by all eligible addresses)Eligibility: Mined at least 100 VX through market-making during the campaign period — Referral as Mining. — Total giveaway: 8,000 VITE (equally shared by all eligible addresses)Eligibility: Invited at least one new user with referral code during the campaign periodThe new user must complete a trade before the end of the campaign period — Staking as Mining. — Total giveaway: 40,000 VITE (equally shared by all eligible addres...

Vite Biweekly Report

Vite Bi-weekly Report - — Dec 1–15, 2020. — — Project Updates - — Vite App. — Vite iOS App v3.9.0 (supporting native BTC wallet) is in the final testing stage and will be released in 2 weeks. In this release, users can use the same mnemonic phrase to store BTC, ETH, and Vite, all in the Vite app., Vite Android App v3.8.0 (new Asset layout) will be released next week. A new “Asset” tab is introduced to improve digital assets management., — Community Development. — A new iOS widget has been developed by a community member named Moe. The tool will check full node status on an iOS device. Moe is also a Vite Developer Committee member. The source code and documentation can be found here: to preview — Recent Milestones - — Vite Developer Committee List Announced. — On December 3rd, global developers from the Vite community convened for a kickoff meeting of the Vite Developer Committee. The video meeting focused on questions regarding the formation of the Vite Developer Committee, the election of its members, and funding allocation for developers. After the meeting, the Vite community can review the meeting’s contents, developer profiles, and vote to elect members of the first developer committee. List for non-China members of the committee:  — @vitelabs Replay of the kickoff meeting: Vite Developer Committee Formation ...

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